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It still looks pretty cookie cutter lame from the poses and overall look of the pic. I did try my best with a short amount of time to make it as good as I could get. Sorry, there are many other better fanart but I had to try, y'know? It didn't take me very long to do... like... a couple of days? Usually happens when I get interrupted from doing art by family and such.

I did so horrible on Cry's... entire being in this pic... it just looks so awkward. :/

For the portal I did some lighting effects for the rim of it and I used two colors and liquefied it. (Always copy the layer if you like what you did in it) Then after seeing how it looked... went back to liquefy and smudged it though that to make it look like it was crawling on the girls' arms. 

The two light tendrils (the blue and green wiggly things) are their connections to each other. You know, when the game ends, you feel like the connection is broken kinda thing.

As if it doesn't speak for itself, Cry is reaching out to his three lovely besties, screaming 'Don't go!' 

The reason I drew this was because of the LAST bit of the video. Where Elizabeth was in front of the portal and as a truck is coming towards her? And yet it closes before it does? I find that since she looks at it almost hoping it would open again then appear to be upset and leaves in tears? Then you got Dave dressed up as Cry, lowering his head almost as if in shame. I don't know the actual story behind that scene for Elizabeth (I never saw Bioshock Infinite) but the way it was set up...

It touched my heart because to me it signified that the games was over and both sides (Ellie, Elizabeth, Clem and Cry) are upset that their time together is over... thus.. this! Depending on how you look at it, the portal is taking the girls back to their respective worlds, and they're trying to reach out to him to as he tries to grab their hands... Or the portal throws Cry out of their worlds once his time is over and he's trying to get back in. 

I don't care what anyone else says, Cry sang very well despite his lack in confidence in singing. He put effort into it, worked hard with BoyinaBand to make this the best they could make it. And that hard work paid off.

Don't sell yourself too short on your singing, Cry. You did extremely well and you had fun! That's what counts!

And BoyinaBand... thank you so much for coming up with this and letting Cry to participate. :3 You have one hell of a killer voice and keep that up! (plus, love your hair) xD


Cry belongs to himself - :iconcryaotic:

Ellie, Elizabeth and Clementine belong to their respective companies

Limelight belongs to BoyinaBand and I guess, Cry too? XD

Art by me :iconevilvixen05:
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FINALLY! After ONE week! I have finally completed this awesome drawing done by :iconms-wabbit:

THIS is the battle between Virus and Cry in Cyber Space. Two go in, one comes out in this epic battle to the death. I don't know what :iconms-wabbit: thought of when she drew this other than two sexy guys trying to kill each other. But in my head, this is a fight in which obviously Virus tries to overtake Cry and steal his mind and body but the battle takes place on Cry's network. As the two duel, the network takes critical damage and begins to fail, data and information exploding from the crumbling data towers as Virus' infection spreads to dangerous levels.

Cry is in Cyber Space via a virtual helmet and sends his own mind inside to do battle but now that the network is crashing, Cry must escape or else the link between his mind and body will be broken and he will remain trapped in Cyber Space! His body will then go into a comatose state and eventually die. Virus knows this and is trying to stall Cry for as long as possible, steal his link and bypass him to his body. 

OMG, you wouldn't believe how much fun I had with this in coloring!  So many ideas, and I learned many new things with working on this! I thank you, Ms-wabbit for letting me color this and I hope I made you proud with this coloring!

I hope and thank you all that enjoy this! 


Music - The Computer Takeover -… and  Vortex Infinitum (robo-ky's theme)

Program: PhotoShop CS5

Tablet: I don't know. o.o

Lineart/base color - 6 hours

Full color session - 1 week

Date received - 4/17/14  - Date finished - 4/24/14 at 1:10am

Virus!Cry - by whomever made him (you rock!)

Cryaotic - himself :iconcryaotic:… - Original sketch by :iconms-wabbit:

Colored by me :iconevilvixen05:

I allow the downloads of this in case you guys want it on your desktops or whatever. BUT please if you share this on tumblr and the like, let me know and link me so I can see and give credit to :iconms-wabbit: and myself for it, alright? :meow:

--[EDIT 1]--

Wow! Like WOW, I only uploaded this pic at around 2am in this morning and already this pic is exploding! My messages keep stacking every time I pop in to see what's new on dA! 

Far too many and too fast to say thanks to everyone... so I'll do it here. 

I thank everyone that faved this! :3 It makes me happy, that just coloring and all the time and effort I put into it wasn't for nothing. But this still wouldn't have happened without Ms-wabbit allowing me to color her art piece. :3 So be sure to pop onto her page and let her know how awesome she is! 

My biggest shock so far besides the numbers, numbers are just numbers anyway, was the fact :iconkiwa007: and :iconruuruu-chan: faved this. BOTH OF THEM.

Now, I'm not gonna brag about it like this --> :iconlaughingplz: 'They faved my art and not yours' 

I'm more like freaking out --> 'OMG they know I exist!' :iconscaredplz:

They're normal people like you and me, but still, they're pretty big names in the Cry Art fanbase and are of the staff of the upcoming Crynime (so psyched to see it!) so to see that they both liked it was a shock to me. I am honestly surprised that they liked the coloring that much which to say the least, my coloring is rough around the edges. But I am really happy they enjoyed it.

Hell, I'm friggin' happy everyone and those two and especially :iconms-wabbit: love it! 

I didn't color this for any reasons of attention, or money or points. I did this as a gift to ms-wabbit, and probably inspired her and others to take on something new. And I just wanted to see her art colored even if by someone else. Just to see how it would look and I took it as a challenge to myself. To see what I can do and learn to better myself and make what's happening in ms-wabbit's art come to 'life' as they say. 

And thanks :iconthelegendoflink:

--[EDIT 2]--

Just tried to soften the shading a bit... :worry: Though I don't think I made any noticeable adjustments aside from Virus' hair having less strands to kinda match Cry's.
sigh Oh well, I was hoping I did soften shading but it doesn't look any different does it? 
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A/N: Another dossier time! :D This time its for the still fairly new concept, Echo!Cry. Echo!Cry is the concept created and designed by Tunaniverse. Not much is really known about Echo but I'll give my two cents what it is to me. :3

Enjoy! :D


Name: Echo!Cry

Aka: Alternate Cry

Age: fairly young  as recently created (though is the same age as Cry by looks)

Height: Aprox the same height as Cry

Weight: Aprox the same as Cry's weight or lighter

Hair: Deep brown, almost black hair

Eyes: Unknown

Clothing: The exact same clothing Cry wears. Green hoodie, jeans and converse shoes, all with a difference of it being shadowed in black and looks dingy in color. His mask, however, is completely black with the exception of the eyes of the mask. They are an eerie stark white.

*Note: He seems to be very unstable in appearance, his body, mask... everything wavers and moves as if made of smoke or a collection of ink or water. What exactly is he made of?

Personality: Its very unclear of what his personality is, but he seems to be very hostile and yet excited toward Cryaotic. Like he's eager to get to him and speak with him? Or something more? He looks at the gamer with both malice and admiration, which seems to confuse and anger Echo. More so when Cry ignores him or doesn't notice, which infuriates and hurts Echo. When left alone, he murmurs to himself, pacing back and forth across the room like a caged tiger, staring at fanart of Cry. Echo himself is very unstable in seeming to be confused of what to do as he both stares at the art in awe and then seconds later tears it apart, screaming chaotically. Then sobs and begs at the scraps of paper.

*Note: Echo is an effective name for this one. Whenever he speaks, his voice has this echo effect, like many other voices are trying to speak at the same time. Deep and throaty to rough and harsh and even light and feminine. Why is that?

Weapons: Unknown

Fighting Style: Unknown

Strengths: Unknown

Weaknesses: Unknown

Relations: Cry – Target. Virus – Target. Mad – Target.

Fears: Unknown

Backstory: There really is no information on this at all. But whatever information was gathered from tests... found very... interesting results.  

Echo!Cry is in fact that... an echo. An echo of so many voices of fans, all vying for attention, to be heard; as well as the echo of so many ideas and none of them seem to agree with one or the other. Positive and negative feelings toward the gamer pooled into one being. From whatever dna was pulled from Echo, resulted in an exact match to YouTuber Cryaotic. As if... all the ideas, voices, feelings had rushed and overtook the gamer of an alternate timeline or universe, and he never fought back. Perhaps even welcomed them? Whatever had been left of Cry was eradicated and all that is left is merely his image... even his face had been erased, leaving nothing but a black hole underneath the mask.

His hostility toward Cry seems to be a drive from the voices he hears, sees and answers back. As if those fans' desires are his own now, and he is willing to put Cry through what he did... to become what the fans want. And he seems to be confused and angry at why Cryoatic has refused to be what they wish, what they want him to be. He is neither Mad nor Virus, nor Fem!Cry or Trapland... Cry is nothing like them and refuses to be so and it just seems to set Echo off at why he is still himself and finds it wrong.

Echo's reactions to both Virus and Mad seems to be of excitement and jealously, as well again, rage at why they had not had Cry be what the fans' wish. Both Mad and Virus do not understand this and Echo becomes hostile towards them. However, whenever he is given something from either of the three, Echo is extremely happy... so happy he absorbs the item and seems to stabilize for a short period and seems content... until he becomes unstable again and is agitated when the item is gone.

So many questions are raised about him. What does he exactly want with them? To be what the fans wish? Or perhaps he's far too unstable to be without something of theirs? Like the voices, ideas and such are like parasites and have drained too much of him to stay stable and perhaps looking for a new body himself?

Its very unclear what his intentions are. But it is very clear he will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants... what the fans' want.

And he wants all three versions of Cry.
This thing is subject to change based on what info I can find that fits or changes how I think of Echo. Since its still fairly new, this is purely guesswork on my part and what I think of him from what I've seen in artwork. 

Anyway hope you enjoy what little I have! :)

Cry belongs to himself :iconcryaotic:
Echo!Cry concept created and belongs to :icontunaniverse:
Echo!Art piece belongs to :iconfriendsofold:
Still inspired by :iconramsaybolt0n:

Themes? - I couldn't really choose what kind of music would fit Echo... so for right now, I went for some creepy music or something that could signify shadows and darkness. Yeah... this will change when I get a better feel at Echo.

Neverending Nightmare

Neverending Nightmare2


If none of those work for you, here Open Up Instrumental this works for both Mad and Echo. Weird. xD
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'..One and two and three and four, Four and three and two and one, Four and three, Whatta Mask!'

This pic was inspired by several songs... though mostly is first came about when I listened to Whatta Mask

Why Whatta Mask? Because of the music and lyrics. Think about it. It counts to 4 then backwards to 1. To me it fits Cry rather well.

We have Cryatoic (Cry), Mad!Cry, Virus!Cry and the Cry's real self...

We see Cry up front because its who we imagine and hear everyday when he makes videos... Mad!Cry (fanmade) is a 'what if he cracks' self, the horror games he plays and the stress finally get to him and he goes insane. Virus!Cry (also fanmade) represents his influence on the net, infecting everyone with his voice and deep thinking and humor, but what if his influence corrupted and it comes back for him? To snatch away his life and make him be who the world (or at least the obsessed fans) want him to be? And finally we have his real self...the man behind the mask (who shall not be named since its his pet peeve)... but he's shadowed out because we never see his face, don't know who he really is and represents his privacy, wishing to be out of sight but watches us from the shadows.

The lyrics give the order. 1. Cry, 2, Mad!Cry, 3. Virus!Cry and finally 4. his real self. (Virus and Mad can be switched around depending on preference) But its the order we constantly see a lot, but very few think of 4, 3, 2, 1. Whatta Mask! means (to me) is that no matter the order, we will never know who or how Cry truly is and that's how he likes it and we must respect it. Thus wears the mask so you don't see him, but he sees you as you are.

Whatta Mask by Cyberpunkers - Cry

Monster w/ Growl by Skillet - Mad!Cry/Cry

Back to the Mad (or at least the insaneish park of the song) (I forgot what artist) - Mad!Cry

I'm Still Here by Johnny Rzeznik - Cry's real self (because this man is strong to stand firm under all the demands and fussing around him by his life and fans. People forget that he's just as human as you and me.)

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Music - Divine Madness - Virus!Cry (because he scares the holy shit out of me. He can appear calm, talking to you then just glitches behind you to attack if provoked)

MegaManX 5 Opening Theme - Cry/Mad!/Virus!/real self (because I can totally see them in some theme opening sequence)

This took about... 3 days to make. Well 3 1/2 days.

Cry/his real self/Sup Guy belong to well himself - :iconcryaotic:

Mad/Virus belong... to whomever the hell made them (you guys rock for making them!)

Art by me! - :iconevilvixen05:

And thank you to everyone that like this and/or favorite. It means a lot to me. :3 I'm happy that you enjoyed this piece!
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--{EDIT 1}-- 

I'mm surprised to see how this piece exploded in less than two days! I can't possibly believe so many love this one so uch. And for that I would like to say:

Thank you so very much for all the love and favorites you guys are giving this. I'm happy that you all thought it was great! If it cheered you up or inspired, then I'm doubly happy.

:tighthug: I can't thank you all enough! 


YESH!!! Finally! I got it done! It took longer than my usual of two days work... mostly because I was set back a day having to redraw Virus' eye and reink the entire thing... Fun times. 

Anyway, this is the finished product of my experiment! Remember what I said about Echo? That he was once Cry but was overtaken by the fans when he let himself change according to their whims? Since he's host of The Fans, the collection of every fan in existence in his dimension or something... which have every concept idea with them... what if Echo utilized that? Turned their concept ideas into a weapon for himself? He can change into any version of Cry there ever was to fit what he needs to get done. o_o Scary thoughts. 

But the problem is, since Echo's thoughts and moods change according to The Fans, he can't stay stable in one form for too long... unless he draws in the essence of whatever form he needs to stay stable longer. For him to do this he needs to get a hold of his target and draw on their memories, their line of thinking, moods... soul... to keep up the form he wants. Kinda made him a bit of vampire in that regard... but he doesn't drink blood or anything, just the essence of the Cry he wants; granted yeah he has to bite them since holding onto them is a bit too OP but he has to do it again if it starts to falter and if he wants to keep that form. Like I said, he can't stay stable in any other form other than his own for very long. So even if he does bite someone once, how much he 'drains' plays on how long he stays in it. It's like a magic gauge, the longer he's in it, the more it drains and once he loses it, its lost until he bites them again. 

And since in our cute little interaction I made... Echo had bitten Virus... thus he has Virus' form. And Virus is not happy about it.

So there you go, my experiment! An idea of what could happen if Echo does utilize The Fans' thoughts and concepts into a weapon for himself. He really is... a one man army. O_o

Btw, Virus' eye isn't quite something I'm happy with but its still pretty good for what I wanted. Which btw he's scanning and locking onto Echo. 

Virus outfit by - :iconcastel-eown:

Virus!Cry - by the awesome person who created the concept on tumblr

Cry belongs to himself - :iconcryaotic:

Echo!Cry by :icontunaniverse:

Pegaus Device - Sylphstorm

How Pegaus Device fits into this? All of it does. xD In it, if you change the lyrics here and there, Echo is directly insulting Virus for being 'too weak' to change Cry into what the fans want. So he figures... "I'm going to kill you and let The Fans fix you to be a proper concept since you can't do it on your own." Though Virus bites back with his own insults toward Echo on how disappointed he's seen how such one that was once Cry bend so easily to another's will.

But I like the last of it more. xD

Echo: I don't even remember my past
         I don't remember who I used to be
         I don't even remember my friends of old
         I don't remember my destiny
         My mask is black and my coat is green 
         What I've become? I have no idea.
         I only know one simple thing
         The name they gave me: Echo!Cry
         You've proven to yourself and to all of us
         That you're not fit to live as you are, Virus
         You don't even deserve that broken mask you bear
         When you stand beside a legend, you don't even compare
         All of the failures help to fuel success
         In the bloody and demanding game of Chess
         And just because you've disappointed you'll pay the price
         Now accept your fate and die in the Fandom's Device
Virus: I don't even recognize your famous name
         When you hide it behind that mask of shame
         You don't even deserve the name you bear
         You used to be a legend with an honest air
         All of the failures help to fuel success
         In your bloody and unfair game of Chess
         And then you sit upon your throne and you roll your diamond dice
         And you send us all to die in your Fandom's Device

Yeah, yeah, I know I kinda butchered the rhythm of the song but hey, I'm not a song writer here. 

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Finally finished :iconruuruu-chan:'s Cry outline!

Here, I just have Cry sitting in relative peace in Cyber Space, either watching a live stream online, or listening to music viva that data ribbon in the air. Or he could just be there soaking up the technical mystique of Cyber Space with Sup. Sup is more interested in the tech fairies (they're like the help buttons and stuff); the fairies themselves aren't really bothering Cry or Sup, just kinda curious of their presence, thus a little group is gathered close to them.

I spent more time on the background than I did with Cry and Sup. Mostly because I had no idea what kind of background I wanted to use. I could've gone with a grassy place but I don't know, I wanted Cry to look like he's just enjoying the silence while at the same time thinking of music or making it up in his own head. So... I went with Cyber Space yet again for a background. I like how I did it this time around, This is pretty close to how I see it in my head of how it looks. Its just missing the circuitry/binary code on that glass platform Cry's sitting on. But I figured it was glowy enough so I didn't put it in there, but you could just imagine it there. ^^;

My only problem in doing this kind of background was the fact I was faced with multiple sources of light. My shading isn't there yet to handle it. So I asked for some help on my WIP of this and lo and behold, Ruu-Chan pops in with a suggestion of adding some highlights. And I got this. :3 Which is to say, I loved the idea and I thanked her a lot for the tip. The highlighting is a little off in some places but I'm learning, other than those flaws, I'm pretty damn happy with this.

I took the outlining as a challenge to myself to learn something new, especially shading. I did use Ruu's own picture of this Cry and Russ ~ Stargazing as a guide to help me with the shading. I couldn't copy it exactly, which is fine, since this is how I learn, eventually the shading of clothes and such will stick to my mind. I made a few adjustments here and there on the shading to accomdate the light source and make the shading eat more of the image so I had enough room for the soft highlighting from the other sources of light.

Anyway, I rambled on enough. :D Enjoy the pic! 

Thank you, :iconruuruu-chan: for the help. :3

Cry belongs to himself - :iconcryaotic:
outline by :iconruuruu-chan:
Color by me - :iconevilvixen05:
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Welp, this is final product. I tried some stuff on this to make it as creepy as possible and I think I nailed. xD I creeped out both my siblings when they looked at it. My brother even made the cross with his fingers.

To be honest, I both love and hate the tendrils on this. I was going for a more digital approach, which for looks semi-solid. But I couldn't do that, that's like a level 13 skill and I'm barely scratching at level 5. XD; Though, my brother commented that it looked more like a viral Doc Oct... not exactly what I was hoping for... but I had to make do with what I have and know. :/ FML OTL

I didn't do much on the background (again, couldn't get it how I see it in my head) but also because there's enough going on that it really didn't need one. XD So I made a simple darkblue w/black cloud render background with an Onmi light. (I don't know I fiddled around in the Filter ->Lighting Effects and goofed around in it) I like it, almost looks stormy, which fits the situation. XD

I also did a shadow layer on Virus and erased a bit here and there (where the light hit) and added the blue highlight to give him that creepy, 'You're FUCKED' look. And tore up his clothing a bit to make it that he went through hell and got pushed too far.

But all in all.. I do love it. I tried out a bunch of different effects and ways to get it as I got it now and I am fucking proud I did this! And the pose and portions... kinda spot on.. no way in hell I can redraw this from scratch again. Which sucks. lol

Anyway, THIS is Virus' mutated form from the Sneak Peek. Memories of isolation, rage and terror just burst out like a dam and overloads him and shatters whatever sanity he had left. And this is what he becomes. Think of it as... Virus' viral code had an error, froze and corrupted and this is what we have. Fucking scary shit.


"I did everything you had asked of me... what you all have asked of me..." 
"I infected hundreds of thousands of computers in YOUR name! To protect YOUR identity!"
"Everything I did was what I was programmed to do and I was rewarded with deletion!"
"You deleted me, Cryaotic... You left me alone to rot in Cyber Space!"
"cOMe! YOuR DelETIon aWaITs!"


Cry belongs to himself Chey :iconcryaotic: lol

Virus!Cry to whomever made him

pose by :iconkate-fox:

Music for inspiration - New Divide by Linkin Park, Feral Virus theme -…

Quotes and Art by me :iconevilvixen05:
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A/N: Another attempt at writing Cry and others. I'm still not quite used to writing them, so if they're acting OOC (out of character) then I'm sorry. I'm still learning and pretty rusty in terms of writing fics and stuff.

Pairing: None

Rating: PG 13+(Better safe than sorry)

Enjoy and let me know what you think of it.


      The soft tapping of rapid finger movement on a keyboard sounded loud in the silence of the room full of equipment. It held several computer stations, a fridge, basic living utilities and a few cots scattered at one corner. But the most unusual piece of the room was the lone chair that sat by a wall of monitors; the chair itself resembled of one from a dentist's office and next to that was some hospital equipment. If nothing else, the room looked as if it belonged in a bunker or underground command center of some sci-fi movie. A group of people milled about that room as well, but kept silent as the typing continued to pound out a rhythm of irritation and suppressed fear, feelings the group knew all too well; yet didn't speak to the one at an active computer. They feared in saying the wrong thing would eventually shatter the person's fragile calm, if they could call his silent fuming a calm.

       Except one that finally decided to brave a question.

       "Are you sure about this?" Russ asked his friend, well aware that everyone else went still when the soft tapping stopped and a sigh hissed out the figure's teeth. "Look Cry, I understand the fact you want them gone but is - ?"

       "No, you don't Russ." Cry growled softly in warning, cutting the question short. "You don't get it."


       "I'm tired of it!" he hissed, slamming a fist against the desk and causing his friends around him to jump at the sound. "I'm sick and tired of this shit happening to me. You do have any idea of what it does to me?! To always be afraid to go to sleep? That the second I close my eyes to rest, I'll wake up again at some random little girl's house to see her and her parents filleted open like fish?!"

       He looked at each of his friends, The Late Night Crew, in the eyes, and watched their faces take on faint shades of green at the description. Snake narrowed his eyes while grimacing; Scott flinched and looked faintly sick as he shook his head in hopes of ridding the image from his mind's eye. Red winced and looked away in disgust of the scene which earned the masked gamer a warning glare from Russ. Even though the man himself wanted to take bottle of bleach and scrub the image from his mind.

       Cry sighed softly, rubbing his face under his mask. He shouldn't have done that, he knew but nerves and being tired made him more easily irritated. "I'm sorry, but I'm being serious. I see them... the victims' faces, hear their screams when I try to sleep... You know Mad loves tormenting me that way. His way of teasing me and showing me how helpless I am when he has control." he whispered faintly, "And that's true unless I do something about it."

       "We understand that, Cry. We always have that fear of when and where Mad will take over and we can't help." Scott replied, rubbing his head, "But this idea of yours? Don't you know this is just what he wants?"

       "What about Virus?" Snake asked, sitting on a counter top behind the group. His question more or less directed to Scott than to Cry.

       "Oh, yeah him. Isn't this what they want from you anyway?"

       "Don't get me started on him..." the YouTuber groaned, causing the computer chair to creak as he leaned back against it, "That viral asshole is going to be the death of my YouTube career if he doesn't stop his bullshit. You guys know he's there, lurking and waiting for me to get online so he can mind fuck me more. I'm terrified to be at my own damn computer and that's a problem since you guys know I am not a social person." He let his arms drop to his sides, fingertips barely touching the floor as he slouched in the chair and looked up at the ceiling. "And that's if he not busy fucking around online, frying someone's computer. At those times I'm grateful and I shouldn't feel that way of seeing someone suffer because I screwed up Virus' programming!"

       "Cry, you can't blame yourself on that anymore. Virus knows the truth now, he just doesn't want to forgive you and let it go." Red murmured, touching his shoulder then jerking her hand back as he growled.

       "That's because it WAS my fault he feels this way, but even then I'm not allowing him to take me over either. Right now, we're both beyond forgiveness and I want my life back, even it means deleting him. This is the only way I've thought of to settle this."

       "So offering your mind and body as a prize of a three way rumble is your solution this problem?" Russ asked incredulously, placing a hand on his head in agitation. This was completely wrong, why are they allowing their friend to do this to himself? There's a high chance that they could lose him in this fight. Why are they letting him?

       "Yes..." Cry sighed, "I don't have anything else worth gambling that would interest them anyway."

       Russ growled at the near sound of defeat coming from his friend's mouth before grabbing the chair Cry sat on and spun it quickly to get him to face him directly. The sudden action he took and the motion of the chair startled the masked gamer, making him jolt in surprise. "Goddamnit, Cry we could lose you to those two! You know they can double team you!"

       "We're going to lose me anyway if I don't do this."

       "So you called us all here to watch you die on this suicide mission?!"

       "No. I called you all here to watch over me. I called you here because I trust you all with my life. To cheer me on, give me motivation and a goal to come out on top of this." Cry growled in warning, leveling an equal glare to Russ' disapproving scowl. "But if you don't like it or want to, then you can all go and I'll do this alone."

       Both friends stared at each other, neither one looked away from the other. Even from behind the poker faced mask, Russ  knew Cry's eyes didn't stray nor lose focus. Even if he couldn't see them, he knew those were the eyes of a man with really nothing to lose. And that was why they were letting him go on this crazy plan, he trusted them wholeheartedly to watch over his soon-to-be useless body. To watch him be in danger even though he knew clearly that they weren't going to enjoy it. He had no one else to turn to for this, no one beyond his small circle of friends knew of this or the problems he had.

       This was his most desperate hour and he needed his friends but was willing to do it alone if he had to.

       Russ sighed and straightened up as he let go of the chair. "We're not abandoning you to do this, but we're not going to enjoy it."

       Cry smiled gratefully behind his mask as he stood from the swivel chair and clamped his hand  over Russ' and squeezed it in the manner of male equivalent of a hug but of respect and friendship. "I know, I'm not going to enjoy it either, but I'm glad to know I won't have to face this alone entirely."

       "Oi! You're never alone in anything you know!" Minx declared as she hugged him with Red joining in, causing Russ to laugh at Cry's tense and yet embarrassed pose from being hugged by the two women. "Just do me a favor and hit them hard for me!"

       Red hugged him tightly, scared that this could very well be the last time she'll get to see her friend as he is now. "Just come back to us, okay? Late Nights with Russ, hell our lives won't be the same without you."

       "Damn straight." the British gamer quipped, "You've promised to play Prop Hunt with me, Ohm, D-Live and Necro next week!" Her own way of telling him to win or she'll be upset at the loss of a good friend. "Plus Pewds and Ken would drag your masked ass back from hell. You know they'll do it."

       Cry chuckled, his famous charming voice echoing in the room as he returned the hugs. "I'll try." His smile went slightly somber behind his mask at that fact. It was all he could really promise them, he was only human. He's was going up against his darker side and a virus he created, both very strong and determined to take his place by any means possible. The chances of him winning were slim, but he had to try. To be free and be somewhat normal again, to no longer fear himself or placing his friends in danger again, he had to win. He sighed, "Either I win, or one of them does. One way or another, this is going to be settled."
Welp, here it is. The prologue of a fic that a lot of people wanted from what I said on this picture that I'm using as a cover.…

Even :iconthelegendoflink: and Anti-Cry's creator :iconalivoir: wanted this. o_o

This entire fanfic is based off that amazing art and from what I had given my thoughts on it. So yeah. XD; I'm still working on Chapter 1, so forgive me if this is slow.

Reasons - I'm kinda tapped out from coloring. I got my own fanfic to write and I got like four versions of this to write. That's right. Four versions of this. Each one winning the fight. Since this is going to be mainly a huge fight fic, I gotta take my time on each fight and figure out how to go about it since this is my first time writing a fight scene. So I hope you understand my slowness of this fic.

So enjoy it please. :D

Chapter 1

Art - :iconthelegendoflink: 

Anti-Cry belongs to :iconalivoir:

Cry - :iconcryaotic:

Mad and Virus - whomever made them

Story by me - :iconevilvixen05:
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lol... this took me two days to finish! Wutever! dun care... okay i do. alot

But heyyyy! It turned out pretty fucking awesome. Thats Virus!Cry standing of a soundwave thing.... yep :3 having fun. because sometimes internet gets boring

And I have to study T^T so I'll be going 

Also Kiwa007 you're awesome for making this anime come true! Great job!

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A/N: So sorry for the mega delay on posting this! I had a good chunk of this written out before and wrote a little at a time when I had the time. (Mostly distracted by other things and kinda got lazy, sorry) But I wrote the rest of it yesterday and just finished it and am posting this now.. in the middle of the night. Go me. XD I'm still not quite used to writing the Late Night Crew, so if they're acting OOC (out of character) then I'm sorry. I'm still learning and pretty rusty in terms of writing fics and stuff.

Pairing: None

Rating: PG 13+(Better safe than sorry)



Chapter 1 - Enter the Mad

       Russ Money watched over the group as they set about making sure all the systems and equipment were good to go before they would even allow Cry to sit on that dentist chair. Scott and Snake were at one of the computers typing a message; well Scott was typing it and the mostly silent and gruff man glared at the computer as if it offended him in someway. Everyone easily knew why though. Red was checking the lone server that stood not far from the chair, and hooked to the wall of monitors so everyone could see 'CyberSpace' within it, but it truly wasn't CyberSpace at all, if anything it was just a portion solely created for this battle, also served to prevent Virus from escaping if things went sour for him. Minx and Krism were helping Cry into the chair where he would spend the entire time on. And none of them even wanted to think how long that would be.

       Once he was laying back as comfortably as he could possibly feel, Minx had the unfortunate job of strapping him snugly against it. She let out a soft whimper as she placed one of his wrists against the soft yet sturdy cuff and secured it as tightly as she could without cutting off the blood circulation to his hand. Before she moved away to secure his ankles, the British gamer jumped slightly as a hand gently rested on hers. The hand was bigger and didn't at all feel like Krism's, so she looked out of the corner of her eyes and traced the arm that connected to the hand. Green fabric. She twitched and looked at Cry who had turned to face her. His mask covered his expression but on some level she knew he was trying to give her a reassuring smile.

       "I'm scared too."

       "You don't have to do this," Minx pointed out as she gave his hand a friendly squeeze, hoping to talk him out of it. He chuckled and squeezed her hand back in reassurance, turning away from her.

       "I know but it'll never stop if I don't try, will it?"

       "I suppose it won't."

       The British YouTuber sighed and went about to securing the rest of his limbs. She hated this, to see him do this and she knew damn well how obvious everyone else hated it. If only there was something more they could do to help him, then Cry wouldn't be risking his life on this suicide mission. She sighed and finished securing his legs before going around the chair to his free hand. As she grabbed his wrist to place into the cuff, Minx turned her head to glance at the others.

       Russ looked tired she noted, seeing him lean on rails to the small upstairs platform where it led to a fair sized kitchen. He had his arms on the railing, rubbing at the bridge of his nose wearily as he slightly leaned into Red's comforting hug. Minx's eyes then slid over to Scott and Snake as the two seemed to glare at the computer screen before them. Snake muttered something under his breath then slightly jumped when the other male thumped his arm with the back of his hand in slight retaliation without looking at him. She had to smirk at Snake's expression when he semi-glared at his friend then shrugged it off and muttered again. The British gamer was just looking over at Krism when she heard Cry mumble her name. She didn't turn, watching her love double check the server.


       "Hmm?" She kept her gaze on Krism, wanting to just forget the whole situation for a few seconds and just get lost in an almost dream like state as she watched her fuss over some random cable. She was sure Cry would understand that she needed this distraction for just a minute or two...

       The hand she held quickly slipped away then snatched at her wrist, gripping it tightly in one swift motion. Startled, Minx yipped at the painful grab, knowing Cry would never hurt her or any of them unless he was terrified or something was very wrong. She turned to see what it was and came face to face with Cry's mask...

       Only it wasn't his anymore.

       The mask was only a twisted parody of the poker faced one. Deep black scribbles circled the eyes chaotically; and the mouth -if it could be called that- was nothing more than a jagged, toothy smile that was scrawled in place by unsteady hands. What scared Minx more was the eyes surrounded by all the scribbles. They flashed bright red as Cry leered at her, making her shriek in shock. 'That's not Cry!' She reminded herself as the rest of the crew twisted in place to see what happened.

       Mad had paid a visit.

       "Why don't you turn those lovely eyes to me, Minxy?" The double purred darkly, the mask smiling wider as he tightened his grip on her wrist, making her yelp again in pain, "What's the matter, love? Don't see me and Cry as sexy anymore?"


       Mad chuckled as a barrel of a gun was pressed against his temple, keeping Minx trapped as she pulled on her arm to get free of his grasp. He wasn't the least shaken at the sight of the weapon as he turned and pressed the mask against the barrel, grinning up at Snake in the eyes. He knew it unnerved the man, to stare directly at him as his red eyes flashing with barely contained blood lust. "Hello there, friend. Come to play with me? You'll have to wait, Minxy seems to be in a kinky mood." He giggled as the British woman growled and jerked on her arm.

       "The hell I am, you bloody freak! I'll kill you if you don't let go!"

       "Ooh, is that a promise? I love you too, my bloody murderer."

       Snake growled and pressed the gun further against Mad's face. "Let her go. Or I'll give you another hole to breathe out of."

       Red gasped as she and the others gathered close. "Snake, you can't shoot him! You'll kill Cry too!"

       Russ was quick to put a hand on his friend's shoulder to get him to look at him and firmly told him to put the weapon down, but the man didn't waver. Instead, he kept his gaze and gun steady, even as that god awful stare creeped him out. He didn't want to yet he still saw Cry in Mad; still saw that innocent man trapped by possession but he kept himself steady. There was no way in hell he was going to let this madman win.

       "Snake, put the gun down."

       Mad stared at him, tilted his head almost innocently as if to study him then the mask's grin grew wider. He chuckled lightly then laughed. "You're actually serious in keeping that promise to him aren't you?"

       Scott looked confused. "Wait... what promise?"

       "Oh that's right, they never told you any of you, huh?"

       "They didn't need to know." Snake snapped as the insane counterpart of their friend continued laughing; completely ignoring the man's warning growl, Mad began to tease the group with the news.

       "Your cheeky chums here made a cute little pact! A bloody one at that. I'm pretty proud actually."

       "Shut up!"

       "What pact?"

       "A pretty good one! Say, did Cry ever request how he wanted to-?" Mad went on giggling, enjoying situation.

       "I promised Cry that I would kill him, if he couldn't regain control from Mad or if Mad hurt or attempted to hurt one of us!" Snake finally confessed, managing a flinch when the group gasped and Mad laughed again. The Late Night Crew looked at each other in horror, letting the information sink in. Had Cry gone to such extremes to protect them? Go as far as to ask one of his own friends to kill him if he lost total control in secret? They couldn't believe it, almost rejected the idea but then it was Cry. They knew the dangers he carried but perhaps they didn't really realize the full impact of what could happen and their masked friend had taken measures to ensure their safety. Whether they liked it or not, he would go beyond normal means to make sure he would end the threat. Or at least one of them.

       Of all things, Snake wanted nothing more than to fire his weapon then just fall right down and cry at the thought of taking a good friend's life to save him. He didn't want to, god he didn't want to think of it but Cry trusted him. Knew that Snake would take situation serious and not withdraw at such a request. And that was what Snake hated about himself, that he wouldn't back away and flinch. That he would indeed kill Cryaotic in order to quell one problem.

       Mad grinned at their distraction and took full advantage of it. With Minx's wrist still trapped in his grasp, the darker double yanked the woman over and nudged the mask aside a bit with his fist seconds before Minx practically fell on him. And with that done, Mad did the unthinkable in front of the entire Crew.

       He stole a harsh kiss from the British gamer, grinning as she pulled away and shrieked in embarrassment and disgust. It even caught Snake off guard enough to pull the gun back. He just jerked aside to avoiding firing the weapon and hitting Minx by accident, eyes wide to take in what Mad had done. It was exactly what the madman was going for; riling her up to peak her temper and watch her rage. He always found it attractive at how fast the Brit could go violent and actually enjoyed her laughter in those videos of Murder. He flashed Minx an insane grin as she aimed her fiery gaze at him and clenched her fists as she wrenched herself free of him.

       "Y-you! You did not seriously just kiss me!"

       "Ohhh.. I seriously did, my sexy Minx." He licked his lips and made a kissy face at her, smiling as she made a strangled sound that ended with a growl. "You have such a dark taste about you... Did you enjoy it?"

       "I'm going to fucking kill you!"


       "Minx wait!" Red yelled out too late, realizing what Mad had planned.

       Minx snarled, balled her hand into a fist and fired it at Mad, blind with rage for just a split second. And in that same second, Mad smiled darkly and thrust control back to Cry -

       "Agh... Damnit Mad, you doing that makes me..." Cry grumbled dizzily, dazed from having control again so suddenly.

       -just before the fiery woman's fist hit him dead on, cracking and sending the mask flying off.

       "AWK!" The YouTuber screamed, his hand flying up to press where Minx's fist had slammed against. He writhed on the chair, twisting in place as the pain still coursed through his face and black dots danced at the edge of his vision. "WHAT THE FLYING FUCK!?"

       At hearing the masked gamer shriek then rage in pain, Minx's own anger vanished from shock before her hands flew up to cover her mouth, appalled by her own actions. “Oh my god...” she whispered in horror. “I can't believe I did that...” Mad had tricked her into giving acting out with her temper and knew full well that she would attack him but practically threw Cry under the Minx bus to take the hit. That was his plan, to make Cry suffer, if only for a little bit and he did so enjoy watching and creating pain on others. “Cry, I'm so sorry...! I-I-... oh hell... I knew- I knew what he was doing and I-!” The British woman babbled, flustered at what had just happened and stumbling over her words to explain; but stopped short when Cry held up his hand to get her to quiet down before pressing it back to the bruise on his cheek.

       “I... I think I got the idea...” He muttered, still rubbing his cheek gingerly and wincing as the pain continued to linger. He ran his tongue over his teeth as he worked his jaw to see if anything was broken. The pain sharpened at the movements but he didn't feel if anything was broken or chipped, so he deemed he was fine, if only bruised. He pressed his hand back against his cheek and grimaced, “Damn you hit hard, Minxy... What did he do this time to piss you off that much?”

       The group looked at each other then at him, lifting brows. “You... you don't know?”

       Cry shook his head, “No. Was it really that bad?” he asked, then his eyes went to Minx, who rubbed her wrist absently and noticed the forming bruises. He tensed at the sight, “I... Mad didn't hurt anyone.. did he?” He looked to Snake to question him and saw the gun drawn, his blue eyes widen more in fear at the conclusion that dawned on him. The other man blinked then cursed softly, having forgotten the weapon was in his hands and quickly went to holster it. “I did, didn't I? I hurt Minx.”

       MangaMinx thrust her arms behind her in vain attempt to hide her shaking hands and bruising, looking everywhere else but Cryaotic. The rest of the crew were silent for a bit, trying to piece together in what to say about the events that happened. The masked YouTuber took it as a silent confirmation that he had indeed hurt her and closed his eyes in shame, making a pained sound of guilt. He had felt Mad stirring before he took over, he tried to warn them... but failed. He could have done more, could have fought Mad's control that much more fiercely.

       “You see? This is why I need to do this. I'm too weak to even stop Mad now... I let him hurt someone...” he whispered almost painfully on the verge of tears.  “Oh Minx... I'm so sorry...”

       Snake sighed at the negativity practically drowning everyone in the room, listening to Cry murmur the same sentence over and over until he felt something was off. He almost... heard laughter, quiet and very faint but there. He listened more carefully to his friend's words, something nagged at him about the words. Then he caught on.

       “Wait, Cry... didn't you say that you didn't know what happened?”

       “Yeah, but I honestly don't want to know what he did to Minx... all I need to know is that he hurt her through me...”

       Scott frowned, also catching on. “But he didn't, Cry.”


       Minx blushed brightly in embarrassment, bringing her arms back into view as she rubbed her wrist, where the finger marked bruises were forming. “He... uh.. he didn't hurt me much, per-say.” Her face turned a deeper shade of red as Cry gazed at her, worry, anguish, caution and a very bit of hope warred in his eyes. “He... Mad... kissed me...”

       The brunet YouTuber tilted his head in confusion and suspicion, “He did what?” When she remained silent, he pressed his question. “Minx... what did he do to you, if he didn't hurt you?”

       “He kissed me...”

       Cry jerked his head back in both horror and shock, “What?!” Well there was something you don't see everyday.

       Krism looked upset but crossed her arms under her bust, scowling. “The jerk kissed my bebeh.”  

       “Are you fucking kidding me?!”

       “Nope. The bloody wanker caught my arm when I wasn't looking and kissed me.” Minx replied with a scowl, then looked concerned, “I didn't think he could shift control that fast... he never had done it before.”

       “But why would he-? I thought...”

       Snake frowned further and tapped his fingers on his arm from where he crossed them over his chest. “Don't you find it odd, Cry? You don't know what happened when Mad took over and yet we all know he enjoys letting you see everything to torment you. But he kept that away from you this time. He made you think it was worse than it was by letting you think he hurt Minx.”

       “Worse for me... you weren't the one that got kissed, Snake.”

       He only smirked briefly before going back to his serious self as realization dawned on the masked YouTuber. “It was a set up.”

       Cry let the information sink then gritted his teeth, ignoring the pain that shot from his cheek and exploded in anger. “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? MAD YOU SON OF-!” He raged before his voice dropped off and his right eye flashed red briefly, signifying Mad had taken partial control. The knife loving maniac laughed, smiling as he felt the pain pulse.

       “Aww, they found me out. Still it came out like I hoped, Cry nearly cried... hahahaha! Cry cried!” He licked his lips at Minx, grinning as both her and Krism bristled at the act. “A painful right hook, Minxy. Did it feel good to hurt him? Want to hit Cry again? Or you want to hit me? Oooh, I hope its me!”


       “Masochist freak!” Cry snapped at his darker twin, shoving his double aside for control, angry that he was tricked all for Mad to enjoy his torment. “What is wrong with you?!"

       "All of me is wrong with me! Ahahaha! I am called MAD for a reason! What did you expect me to be? Sane?" Mad crowed, grinning sharply at the Late Night Crew, who stepped back collectively. Now that their friend no longer had his mask, they could clearly see his face, or rather... Mad's face. And it wasn't a pretty sight to them. His eyes, a pastel shade of blue, were bright with nothing else but insanity. They were wide, his pupils were pinpricks against the mass of blue and devoid of any emotion but twisted glee of whatever happened to run through his mind. It was very unnerving and unsettling to see the two different shades of blue eyes on the YouTuber's face. What scared them most was it was paired with a sharp and maniacal grin. That was one thing that hardly changed on Mad's face... his smile. He always smiled.

       It was when he isn't smiling that people should fear most.

       When Mad stops smiling... it means that he didn't want to 'play' with you anymore. And victims tend disappear a lot faster when he isn't in a playful mood.

       "Aww, look at all of you so scared of me! Stop, you're making me blush!" the blood loving twin giggled, then his grin turned cat like as Cry grumbled at how he wanted to just break Mad's teeth if only to shut him up. "You all have something planned... Cry boy here is blocking me from it... so it has to be very vital if even I can't see it through him."

       "Yeah, like I'm gonna tell you what it is, you twisted fuck." Cry growled lowly as Mad looked at the cuffs and tugged on them, before setting his gaze on the wall of monitors. His pale eye swept over the room, his smile never wavering as he took in everything. Then did something that shocked the group a second time.

       He settled onto the chair, didn't yank or pull on the cuffs to free himself. Just closed his eyes and hummed softly. "I like this chair... remind me to get one for me use later. Unless... you plan on just killing Cry while he's helplessly strapped here?"

       "Of course not!" Red snapped, glaring at him even though Russ settled his hand on her shoulder, his body ready to restrain her if Mad riled her up enough to attack him herself. "We're not barbaric as you, just going around and killing people while they're defenseless!"

       Mad kept his eyes closed and let out a slow and dark laugh. "Red... such a pretty color, a lovely shade of blood... If you think that is barbaric then you honestly have no damn idea of what its really like." He chuckled, turning his head to focus his pale eye at her only. "No no no, sweetie... What I do is barbaric. They're only toys to me. I choose them, use them then break them in a way I please. I chase down my victims... I play with them, make them think they have a chance when they have none at all. It's so much fun to see them tremble as they hear my laughs and taunts as I follow them, watching them trip and stumble over each other in exhaustion." He kept giggling, smiling in memory of those he killed, "I enjoy torturing them, Red. Its like holding a slab of meat over a chained dog dying of starvation, just out of his reach. I dangle their lives and freedom of escape in front of them in the same fashion. I kill them slowly, drive them to near madness of my level. Make them wish death would be swift but I keep them alive for the sheer love of seeing them in pure agony. THAT way of killing is truly barbaric."
       "Monster." the woman whispered shakily, staring at Mad in horror. How could he speak of those things with a smile and feel nothing for those poor people? The answer was simple really. Mad has lost nearly all of his sanity, and whatever was left merely twisted his view of the world to be that of a game. No right or wrong, but purely fun on the expense of others.

       "Thank you Red, such a kind compliment!" He purred, smirking as Red turned pale at his description. Ignoring Russ's death glare for it, Mad focused his gaze at Scott, who had in the time wandered from the group and sat ridged at the computers. He turned away and closed his eyes, settling into the chair once more and drifting to let Cry take over enough to let him hear what is going on but still speak to the others. "But if you're not going to kill him, then all the more fun for me. I'd be disappointed if you killed him before I did, plus, gives me a chance to plan all my games out for each and every one of you. It'll be fun. But I'll leave you guys to it now, friends... Someone check on Scotty there, his posture suggests he saw something scary... ooh, I wonder what it is?"

       "That's 'who' it is, you knife wielding maniac." a corroded and warped voice griped from the speakers. The monitors on the wall displayed a swirl of data that reformed itself into another mirror image of Cryoatic. He glared at Mad from his only visible eye from his broken mask before looking to the Late Night Crew and smiled coldly, "I got the message, Cryaotic... Are you absolutely sure you want to go down this path?"

       Cry's right eye flashed red again briefly as Mad returned in interest. "Ah, a new game to play?" he asked eagerly. He was always up for a new game to play, he hoped it was a bloody one.

       The YouTuber snatched control back from his darker self before he expressed any further interest and ignored Virus for a moment, staring up at the ceiling of their command center. Everything was riding on this plan... he had to come out on top... or at least give these two pains in the ass hell before he let them take his body. He inhaled deeply... then exhaled, strengthening his resolve.


       "Then so be it."
Right then, Chapter one! (Fucking finally, I know.) In this one... obviously is when Mad drops by, (especially those that saw the Sneak Peek). He causes trouble, no shit, and shows just how craft he can be. i'm sorry, I do end up getting off track in this chapter, writing Mad is fun and I kinda got carried away with it but in the end, it makes up for an extra long chappy and got to explore how Mad thinks and plans... somewhat.

Anyway... Next Chapter is Virus' turn. Not sure how long that will be... so i may end up shifting to the actual beginning of the battle. And bring in Anti-Cry. I'm totally sure, I tend to write and make it up as I go. XD; Not a good idea, but then it happens. ^^;

Anyways, I hop you guys enjoy this chapter! I made you guys wait long enough for the first damn chapter. XD


Chapter 2 - coming soon

Art - :iconthelegendoflink:

Anti-Cry belongs to :iconalivoir:

Cry - :iconcryaotic:

Mad and Virus - whomever made them

Story by me - :iconevilvixen05:

---EDIT 1---

Welp, since I finished, posted and edited it a little bit in the middle of the night, while playing Pokemon Y and RPing... There were a lot of mistakes I decided to fix. Or at least the obvious ones I saw, now I'm not exactly top notch in punctuation, so please excuse me if there are those kinds of mistakes but didn't fix them. I didn't see and wouldn't mind having someone point them out to me in a note. :3 

But yeah, I even added a bit more to the chapter that came to me as I edited. 


Now... I WILL make it CLEAR that I'm not a shipping type. I only ship those that are natural or make sense. Like Cryenne and the like. I will tease at those ships but that's it. Ships like PewdieCry (lovers sense), Crycest, CinnamonCry and the like... no. I don't ship those. At least not in the way of lovey-dovey/horny as hell way. I will ship those as friendship and nothing above that. I can tease a little in those ships but never actually do anything of the sort. Its just me using it as a bit of a joke. xD

I don't hate them, they're just not my cup of tea, you know? I do like reading them that has reason or plot besides mindless fucking. 

Just don't ask me to write ship fics, I'm not comfortable doing any of the sort. I'm not really good a romance stuff. So... yeah. XD;
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