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Katniss stop laughing! Rue is dying!

JK i found this picture so I don't own it, i guess its a blooper thing while they were filming.

my first reaction was, "Why are you laughing?" then I saw Amandla laughing and Never mind.

again dont own the picture just diserved 2 be here
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"There's only one way to go home." I tell Ralts.

"Walking?" she asks.

"No, flying." Latios says.

"Flying? I don't know." she whimpers. If she's going to be with us, we fly a lot. She'll need to be less afraid of flying.

"We promise, neither of us would drop you, at any moment." I say cheerfully bending my neck down to her.

"If you say so." Ralts says getting ehr grip on my neck and hauling herself upright. I lift it up and turn to Latios. We exchange nods and take off the ground. I feel the grip on my neck tighten. She must be still terrified. I steady my flight on the wind currents. Now I'm just letting the wind carry me, I forgot how peaceful it is, having the wind do the flting for me, have it just carry me across the sky. Latios catches up to me and I point down to the river below. He nods and flies around to my othe side.

I'm diving towards the river until we're both just above the clear water. We center ourselves into the middle and dip our hands down, creating four glistening waves behind us. The Remoraid from the river begin jumping out of the water behind the waves. Has to be up to a dozen. I feel the grip actually let go. I just look back to see what she's doing. Surprisingly, she has arms spread out and she's whooping with joy. Now I know she's not afraid, so we pull up and travel a couple more feet when we spot the den, where we live.

"We're here!" I call up to her. We both dive towards the gorund and pull up as we approach. I bend my neck down again to let her off. behind the dense vines was our home. It may not be much but we've been living here for as long as we could remember. We pull back the vines to let her through, then we both follow in.

"Suicune?" Latios calls out. I slam my face into my palm. You don't scream her name out in front of Ralts, not even knowing who she was. Now sjhe might even be more terrified, she's surrounded by two bird legends and a ice legendary. At least it's not us she's afraid of.

"I don't think she's here." I sarcastically say giving Latios a small punch to the arm.

"Whose Suicune?" asks Ralts.

"She's, uh, our guardian. She looks after us now." I answer.

"Oh, she isn't here?" she asks again.

"Doesn't seem like it." Latios answers. Just then we hear footprints coming throught he vines. That could be her. It is.

"Oh, your home early." she says.

"We were kinda in a rush to come home." I stammer.

"Why?" she asks.

"We, met someone, and they don't really have anywhere to go.. We were wondering if she could stay with us. If that's ok." Latios nervously says.

"Sure, who is it?" she asks kinda cheerfull. Guess not to make us nervous to ask. We both move to one side pushing Ralts out to meet her. Her legs are weighed down, because she's barely moving. Suicune seems confused at the sight of her. But yes, there was a survivor from the explosion, and we found her. Suicune gives us a smile and nods her head to us.

"Your in!" I exclaim.

"Thank you!" she says. We lead Ralts into a cave where there are two straw beds. This is our room.

"You'll sleep in here with us. Since it's late already, we should have dinner then go to sleep. I'm sure Suicune will have like a matress we stole from the humans." Latios tells her.

"You guys steal from humans?" she asks.

"They steal our food, resources and they take us away from our own homes. Pokemon die if they're taken away from here." we have to take back what they steal from us before they leave and take what they caught with them." I exclaim.

"That's why Latias and I play a game called Trash the Humans, to take back what they stolen from us and dump the rest of their supplies into the ocean. They'll have no choice but to leave. The supplies that belong to any residents. We send it back to an rund-downed building where we track down where the owners are and return to them." Latios says.

"Personally I don't approve all the time ont his game." Suicune says walking in.

"I know, but they steal from us. We just have to take back whats ours!" I say in defence.

"Anyway, I came in to tell you it's dinner time. Witht he food we have, I managed to find some apples and oran berries." she says sadly.

"Not oran berries again, I'd be surprised if I can digest it." Latios complains. Ralts tugs on my wings,

"What's wrong?" she asks in a whisper.

"Lately we've been low on food supplies. The fact is that more and more humans come near and we can't leave to find any until they leave. We have to activate this trap that senses humans neaby and rolls a bolder in fron of the entrance. Leaving the escape hatch hidden in the kitchen." I explain.

After we finished the dinner and we're in our beds, the trap activates and the bolder rolls into the entrance. I pull the hatch next to Latios's bed that releases a small window opening. I peer out, they're literally campinf right out the entrance!

"You gotta to be kidding." I whisper.

"What is it?" Latios asks in a whisper." I explain that the humans are passed out in front of our entrance. Noting smells worse then sweaty humans. It's going to be a long night. I sigh.
Chapter Title: Home
Ch. 2

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The night almost seemed to carry on, I had to ignore the obnoxious snoring that came around outside. Hoping it would stop, I burry my head into the straw. As dawn approached, I could hear the Doduo calling as the sun rose. I heard a small scream from the humans outside.

"Hurry, get everything and move out!" screamed one.

"Right!" said the others. As they gathered their belongings they quickly took off away from here. Latios woke up from the commotion, his loud ghasp awoke Ralts.

"Are they still there?" asks Latios.

"They just left." I answer with a sheer smile.

"That's good news," says Ralts. Just then Suicune came in.

"Good morning you three," she greets us.

"Good Morning, do you have anything we need to do?" I ask her.

"No, but I ask, if you guys don't play your Trash the Humans game," she says giving us a stern look.

"Only if there's a pokemon within camp," says Latios.

"Yes, that's the only acception, but until then, you might want to start showing Ralts some areas of the Hidden Land." she finishes.

"Sounds good to us," I say. Suicune gives us another nod, allowing us to leave, now we can fly free and eat all the berries we want. There hasn't been much campsites around our home, which was good. Free flying seems great for our health, not sure about Ralts sadly.

I almost think we can land at an oran berry bush, when this flying fire-red sword goes hurling in the air and a pokemon leaps out and pelts it in our direction.

"Latias! Look out!" screeches Latios. I look up to see it, and dive to my side, Latios does it in the other direction. The pokemon races to the side of us, really well hidden, like a shadow, catches the sword and points it towards us. Now that he's holding still, it's a Blaziken.

"Who are you?" I ask angirly to him.

"Blaze, you?" he asks back. I growl hastily at him, hoping to make him back away. Latios joins in, Ralts remains petrified behind my neck. He doesnt back down. This kid has guts, that's good for him.

"I suppose you would mind telling us why you tried to kill us," says Latios.

"Not to kill, but injure you enough for me to win the battle." he says with a snicker.

"You think you could beat the both of us?" I snarl, hoping to leave Ralts out of this.

"Maybe not two, but one of you I can take down," he acts so confident, when we have a chance with our flying ability. "I choose against little red," his eyes seem to burn with anticpation. By little red, he means me.

"Well, Blaze, I accept your request. Latios, take Ralts for me." I say allowing Ralts to switch over to Latios. I let my arms flow out and get ready to fly. Blaze cracks his neck to both sides and has his sword ready for the kill. He tries to act like the tough guy, but he won't be killing me now or ever.

"FIRE PUNCH!" he says charging at me, with one fist in flames, the sword catching its flames and causing to burn to make it flare. Then I realized, he's in posesion of the Legendary Flame Sword. But not crowned pernament keeper, I could tel by looking at him, and his attitude. My hesitation gave me no time to dodge, the fist but the sword. I swing my neck back around and fly high into the sky. Nothing comes down yet, but my Hyper Beam comes flying fast as lightning with me flying just behind it. So he can't dodge me if he does with the beam.

"HYPER BEAM!" I say coming crashing down into Blaze. Blaze is pressed into the ground, but not knocked out. He gets back to his feet, but I see a bruise in his lower right leg. That might help to my advantage.

"FOCUS BLAST!" he fires a powerful blue aura that is focused on me. I have one move that could counter, but not get through to blast him.

"DRAGON PULSE!" I fire the royal-dragon blue color through the Focus Blast, I shoots straight through, and and explosion surrounds us in smog. But as it clears, I fire Mist Ball, hoping to finish him. He has no time to dodge because of his leg injury. I blasts him and he falls backwards, fainted.

I hear him mumble, "Damn it," now I realize his secret, he's not the keeper of the Flame Sword, it was a decoy!

"You lied to us!" I yell at him.

"Figure that all on your own?" he asks still trying to be cool. Pathetic. Blaze doesn't say another word, he gets to his feet, and charges in the direction away from us, fast to blend in a shadow. Even with his injuries, he can run away that fast? Impressive.

"Are you alright Latias?" Ralts exclaims at my chin injury. I don't feel much pain, but it does hurt only a little.

"I'm fine, thanks for your concern," I say still trying to act like myself. I managed to pull it off, so we did feast on the oran berries that we came for. Just as finishing, I was feeling no pain at all.

Even though Blaze was a total jerk, I kind of hope he can heal with the damage he's taken. Wonder who he lives with. Blaze was running slower to get away from us, his leg injury slowed him down, but he had enough energy to reach his cave before collapsing in front of the entrance. A lucario comes out and helps him to his feet. Then a riolu comes running out and wraps her arms around his neck. He rests his tired head against her sholder, and hugs her back.

"I was worried about you Blaze!" the Riolu says with a small cry. The Lucario just stairs at them and walks back inside, with disapointment written on her face.

"I'm fine, just a rough day," he lies.

"Don't lie Blaze, your injured bad," she begins when Blaze sets her down. "Cario might be mad for your defeat, but I'll make sure you dont have to sleep outside." she says with a glimmer of joy. Blaze smiles at her, she reaches up to grab his hand, he grabs hers and they walk in.

"I'm sorry Cario, but Latias and Latios are stronger than they look," he apologizes.

"Just because of your injuries, your not getting any time off from training, Flarewhip is going to see you in a week. If your not prepared, she'll beat you til' there's nothing left," she says threatening him. Riolu stammers backwards in fear as Blaze sits down against the cold cave wall.

"I'm trying, I really am, I don't know how stronger I have to become-" Blaze begins.

"Riolu, can you run outside and fetch some oran berries?" she asks sweetly to her.

"Yes ma'm," she says running quickly outside to the nearest oran berry bush.

"You know, Riolu might not be able to hang around the home much longer if you fail." she points to me.

"You can't kick her out! She doesn't deserve that punishment for me." Blaze exclaims. Cario crosses her arms, and gives him a pointed stair,

"You'll be punished for now, I'll give Riolu the slip, but next time, you both will have to pay for your defeat,"

"Next time there won't be a defeat!" Blaze says standing up looking directly at Cario.

"I should hope so." Cario says, walking away. Riolu comes running back in, with an arm full of oran berries.

"Here you go Cario, where do you want them?" she asks.

"Just sit half of them by Blaze and set the rest on the side counter." she orders. Rioul runs over and give half of the berries to Blaze, runs over to the counter side and sets the rest. Then walks back over to Blaze and sits by him and rests her head against his side. He rubs her head and dozes off.
Title: The Flame Sword and Gem

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I know before u go nuts saying "wait she didnt die here!" well the movie is different from the book in some ways and the fact that the district 4 female tribute was allies w/ the careers never happened.

Katniss locked her eyes at her when she ran and picked up a backpack. She fled and went into the forest in safety. A few minutes after the bloodbath in the forest, Katniss hears her scream in the forest indicating her death from the hands of the careers.

Cato hit the District 4 female in the stomach with his baton, injuring her, and threw her into a supply crate, causing her to somersault. As in the pic.
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The island, hidden with in time and space. So large it would take a year to travel to the other side. Inhabited by only pokemon. Humans are forever banned. But that doesn't stop any from coming into the border and hurting us. My brother and I are suppose to be well hidden from them. But one of our games is to trash their campsite and dump all their hunting materials into the ocean. We've been told that our parents were killed during the week of our birth, possibly on the day we were crowned to be futeure protectors of the Hidden Land.

"Come on Latias! Suicune said we can't play today." my brother calls to my name flying to the sky. I follow behind him and we head away from the trashed campsite. I still wonder why he seems to be motivated about the commotion of us not being able to play Trash the Humans.

"Have any idea where she is, Latios?" I ask him.

"Uh, no," he states. I slap my hand over my face. Why would he call me to go meet up with Suicune without being notifyed where to meet?

"Your crazy, why didn't you ask her when we left?" I ask again.

"Sorry, I just wanted to get out of the house." he moans.

"Excuses," I mumble. Luckily, a shot of Ice Beam shoots from the ground and into the sky. Catching our attention, we immediately know it's Suicune. As Latios begins to dive slower towards the ice beam, I fly ahead, in attempt to get on his nerves again. As I assumed, it was Suicune.

"Wondering why I asked you to come, correct?" she asks.

"Actually, after all these years, I just assume it's important," Latios answers. I look to him, and roll my eyes back to Suicune.

"Have either of you heard of the recent explosion?" she asks.

"Explosion?" I question with a tremble.

"It was caused by humans, what's worse is that it wiped out one of our population."

"WHAT!" we both exclaim.

"It was the evolution of Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir, and Gallade. No survivors were found, no footprints of escapes." Suicune ends with a frown. I don't want to hear another word. I take a a couple inches back. I could tell Suicune knows I don't want to be here. She gives us a nod, letting us go.

Finally, as soon as she turns around, I'm in the air flying away quickly. Latios is following as quick as he can behind. I can hear him calling me, telling me to slow down. I'm ignoring him just trying to get away. Then I feel the power of a Luster Purge  shoots me behind and I plummit.

Latios catches me on his back and slows his speed as we approach the ground again.

"What was that for?" I shreik at him in anger.

"You weren't listening, didn't have much of a choice." he replies.

"Yea, but it still hurt." I say rubbing the back of my neck. Just  as our argument is about to carry on, I hear the faint rustle of leaves and twigs snapping, just to the side of us.

"Did you hear that?" I ask him peering down at it.

"Yea," he says in a whisper. We walk to the side of it, trying to see the figure.

"Is someone there?" I ask in a calm voice.

"Go away!" it barks back. I realize it's a girl with the small sobs after.

"It's ok we're not going to hurt you." I say lowering my head down to the bush, Latios doing the same. Now our faces are just outside the mouth of the bush.

"Your not, going to attack me?" she saobs again.

"No," Latios answers.

"Ok," she nervously says taking steps out of the bush. We begin to scoot back to give her some space. What reveals a small pokemon, but it's a Ralts. Latios and I exchange looks then back at her.

"So there is a survivor." I say with a little bit of excitement. But she shows no sign. Knowing how young she is, she obviously had parents, and they were killed. "Did anyone else survive with you?" I ask. She shakes her head.

"Out of everyone, I survived, it's not fair though!" she says shreiking.

"That makes three of us," Latios says.

"Huh?" she says looking up at us.

"Our parents were killed by humans too." I say with a frown.

"Really? Ralts asks. We both nod.

"Also if you don't have anywhere else to go, your welcome to stay with us, and our protector." I say trying to cheer her up. Her spirit seems to be lifting up now. But she still seems scared, probably not knowing is the fact, we live with another legendary pokemon. Stronger than us.

"I don't know if you guys would want me living with you," she states sadly.

"Nonsense!" Latios says confidently.

"What do you say, will you come with us?" I say reaching out my hand, Latios does the same. Ralts take just a couple steps closer. We both give cheerfull smiles, and her hands connect with ours.
Title: The Last One
Chapter: 1
Season: 1

The Search for Paradise.

[Next] [link]
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I sit quietly, watching the Cornucopia, eyeing the four backpacks, marked with 2, 5, 11, and 12. I promised Cato I would keep my only eye for District 12 to come out. But she doesnt, inside the Cornucopia, darts the sly girl from District 5, snatches her bag and sprints towards the forest. Maybe she's the one Cato and I should be concerned about. Especially if she made it this far. Impressive. But I focus my attention back on the District 12 pack. I don't care if Thresh comes around and snatches his. Cato can handle him easily.

Then I see my chance, Katniss leaps from the bushes, loading an arrow, and heading towards the mouth of the golden horn. I take off after her. As soon as she's just a few inches away from the table, I reach for my best throwing knife and threw it at her head, it only misses by a few inches, now she releases her arrow to me. It gets lodged only in my leg. My heart begins to race and I quickly remove the arrow, while she's loading another. As soon as it's out she releases the next, this time aiming for my heart. I turn to the side, avoiding my death sentence and I charge at her.

We both go into a tumble, but very soon she's pinned under me, my knife is held up against her throat.

"Where's your boyfriend district twelve? Was this little pack carrying medicine for him?" I ask tauntingly waving her pack above her, just like she waved the aroow above all of us before we were attacked by tracker jackers.

"He's out there, right now, hunting Cato. PEETA!" she screeches at the top of her lungs, I drop the knife and jame my fist into her windpipe. She chokes on her voice. I raise my head up and look around. Could it be? Did he really make a full recovery? Is he really hunting Cato? No one appears, I turn back to Katniss.

"Liar! Cato knows where he cut him. Do you have him strapped to a tree? Trying to keep his heart going?" I see that you were going to help him-" I say in my sarcastic tone, which I'm known for. She's grunting, trying to get off thE ground and out from under me. I'm too strong for her to lift. "Forget it Tweleve, we're going to kill you, just like your pathetic little ally. That little girl, what was her name? Rue? Well, first Rue, and now you, We'll let nature take care of Loverboy. How does that sound?" I end pulling out a smaller knife and pointing it towards her throat.

She spits up blood and siliva into my face. I release the smaller knife to wipe it off. My eyes flush with rage. I pick up the knife again. "Now, where to start? Why don't we start ot the mouth, you won't have very much use of it anymore, unless you want to blow loverboy one last kiss." I'm just about to slice her muth open when a bigger force lifts me off of her and slams me into the side of the Cornucopia.

"What you do to that little girl? You kill her?" the voice roars at me, I realize, it's Thresh.

"No, no it wasn't me! Is was Marvel-" he cuts off my voice again.

"You said her name! I heard you! You cut her, just like you were gonna do to this girl!" he roars again. Now I'm losing it. I screech out to the top of my lungs,

"CATO! CATO!" I screech. I hear his reply, but very dim,

"Clove!" he must still be trying to hunt Thresh, but didn't realize I'm his next prey. Now I noticed the rock, the size of a loaf of bread. And it's aiming towards my head.

"YOU SAID HER NAME!" he makes one final roar and brings the rock down against my skull, and drops me. I reach up to feel a dent in my temple. Is this really happening? I'm going to die here? Maybe Cato could win for me. I hear the faint conversation of Thresh and Katniss. Maybe he'll kill her now. But insted I see him take off and Katniss in the other direction. I close my eyes for the last time.

The cannon fires, and now I greet death and enter the new world of darkness.
Here we have the feast in the Hunger games. I did this from Clove's point of view. I also added a little lines form the book, and movie. Based on memory. Also the few days I saw it on youtube until it was taken off. :(

Anyway, i dont know why everyone either cries or say "Clove NOO!" is because she and Cato would be a perfect couple or something. :shrug: I dont know really
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I send out my last telepathically sentence to everyone around me, even Mandibuzz, "I, have failed." going down in flames. Just when I feel a gentle tug on my wings, and I feel the flames catch fire.

I feel limp, my body must be dying right now I think. the smoke clears and the remaining area is smothered in ash.

"Braviary! Wake up! Wake up, Braviary! Please don't lay here, say something!" I hear Mandibuzz scream at me. I don't even feel the strength to say a word.

"Braviary!" I hear another, it's Unfezent's. He pleads for me to wake up, again I'm not moving. I feel someone tug on the feathers of my face, it could be the Zorua from before. Then, hearing footsteps come closer. I reconized them, it's Karen. She doesn't scream or yell at me to wake up, I can barely hear her kneel down and stroke the feathers on my head.

"Braviary..." she says with a sob. There's a bunch of sad bird sreeches. It's my flock, they're sad too. I'm barely alive while my friends are sobbing around me, and I can't do a thing. I want to say something, but I'm mute. I have to make some kind of sound, or movement, anything can work. My beak makes the slightest open and I release a small purr.

Karen picks me up so gently I could hardly feel any pain, she presses my chest against her ear, listening for my heartbeat. It's pumping, kinda slow but it is.

"He's alive! He's alive!" she exclaims. Mandibuzz and Unfezent look at eachother with disbelief on their face and look back at me crying tears of joy. Zorua gives a happy howl. The flock members fly up in circles cheering. My eyes remain closed, but I give a small smile. Hope they notice. There's another combersation around, but I can't her them, but I feel I'm starting to be carried by other bird pokemon, away from here, but where are we going, I wonder, and black out.

I feel the air become less tense, but a familiar sent of air freshener fills my room. I begin to stir. Slightly opening my eyes, I see four looking down at me. It's Mandibuzz and Unfezent.

"Hey guys," I weakly say.

"Glad to see your awake," Unfezent says.

"You don't know how bad you scared us," Mandibuzz says.

"Where am I?" I ask them.

"Home," Karen says, walking in the room.

"Karen, your alive too, what about Kyurem?" I ask them.

"We can say, he won't be eating anymore people or pokemon, ever again." Mandibuzz chuckles.

"Good," I whisper.

"Come on we need to get you out of bed." Unfezent says trying to push me out.

"Your insaine! I can get up." I say to him. I slide over to the edge, my leg sends a wave of pain up my spine and I fall back on the bed.

"Your leg was badly burned, so you might want to put less force." Karen says. Unfezent and Mandibuzz put one of my wings around their sholders helping me to my feet an walking out. I'm barely using that leg but at least I can still walk. We reach the door that opend to the what was my hometown, I know it's still ravaged by Kyurem. But as the door opens, it was just like before. My jaw drops.

"It's back!" I say.

"Yea, they rebuilt it all becasue of how you went to save everyone." Karen says.

Isn't that good. Then the whole flock comes down in front of the home. The local Ducklett that lives nextdoor flies on top of me and give me a big hug.

"Not Rufflet! Not Braviary! YOUR A HERO!" he exclaims. Then a couple of my other friends come and gives me hugs and congratulates me. I limp quickly into the flock, very excited to see them all. We're all sqwaking our hearts out, happy to see me. I give Unfezen and Mandibuz both long hugs. Then I turn to Karen, all three of us trot over to see her. But she turns to Mandibuzz and Unfezent with a sad smile. . She whispers something to them, but I can't hear what sh seems upset about. They both nod at her and turn up to me with blank expressions. Trying not to give something away. Karen comes back to me witht he same sad smile. She stokes the side of my face.

"Take care of them, Braviary, the hero." she whispers. Now I realize, she's releasing me to my flock. After she finishes stroking my face, she gives a frown and looks down. I know this is hard for her and she doesn't want this to be. But more than anything, she wants me to protect my flock and fly free now that I can. I walk a little closer and I rest my head on her sholder, giving her my final farewell. She wraps ehr arms gently, then a bit tighter, I hold her closer.

"I'll miss you my friend." she whispers. I look to her saide but hoping that this hug can go on. Until she finally lets go of my neck, I raise my head and we make eye contact.She gives a slow nod, so do I. I turn back to my flock and heads toward the cliffside of the town. I've been waiting so long to grant freedom, but that goodbye was harder than ever could imagine, I'll never forget her. I screech back to her. Also how we won back our freedom. I flap my wings and give my farewell calls.

"GOOD LUCK BRAVIARY!" she calls back. Now I turn back to the cliff and fly off, leading my flock too. Heading farther and Farther away from my homeland. Luckily I know the perfect place where my flock can be safe. The road there may be long, but to me now, wherever these guys are is home. Wherever we go, I'll find a way to get back. Over the ocean seems like a perfect paradise for all of us to live, where no one can hurt us, and no pokemon can attack us. I look down, I see Scolopede, the same one that was following me from before. This could be final farewells too. I screech to him. He looks up at me. I tilt my wings back and forth, just waving to him. His mouth is just hanging. Now just for fun

"Don't hold your mouth open! A Caterpie can walk in there and have babies!" I shout to him with a chuckle. He closes it but gives a pleasent smile to us.

"SEE YOU AROUND BRAVIARY!" he shouts back at us. I tilt my wings back and forth faster waving back to him.

"How much farther?" Unfezent complains.

"Oh hush Unfezent, it's coming into view.

"Huh?" Mandibuzz stairs.

"Do you see where the waves seem a bit twisted, If we dive in, we'll go to the perfect place where we'll be safe. I explain to everyone to dive into the twisted waves. They're all stairing back like I'm crazy. But I'll be the demonstration for them. Begining to descend into the waves, I'm teleported into the world of the perfect paradise. Mandibuzz, Unfezent, and the rest of the flock follow right in behind me

"Ws I right Unfezzent?" I ask him sarcastically.

"Heck yea you were. I'm not doubting you ever again." He says with his jaw dropping.

"What do you think Mandibuzz, is it perfect Paradise or what?" I ask her. She doesn't say anything, but she turns to me, I turn back, we both stair for a little bit. But she takes a couple steps closer to me. She gives me a small kiss on the beak. I kiss her back. I nearly see Unfezent faint with disbeleif. Some of flock members  decide to leave us in peace. But here, I'm safe. Here with Mandibuzz, I am at peace, and I think everyone else will be as well.

Freedom is our new home.
It's finally finished, the last chapter of the Hutning Kyurem saga. It took me awhile to think while work. But I think it came out great.

And I decided to have the same picture as last, because I dont want it to be a spoiler to anyone that's about to read it and think. "Oh he survived the explosion, that's nice." I'll make more pics of it so dont ask about it.
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Snap! The lifeless corspe falls to the ground. What used to be the district 3 male, is now a lifeless being. The whites of his eyes showing, nearly unbearable to look at. I turn away and see what remains of our supplies. That's why Cato killed him in the first place, he knows and so do I, that he was suppose to guard those supplies. He failed. The cannon fires and Cato rounds up any weapons from the rack that was under the shade and protection of our barriers.

Cato and Clove begin to walk away from the Cornucopia. There's no reason to stay here, no supplies, no campsite, and in my opinion, no allience. I think back to when I first left home, how my sickly brother's body was sprawled in the bed, chin covered in his coughed-up blood, breathing sounded like gasping. And in a blink of an eye, he was gone. Gone with the wind, leaving me alone to enter the games.

That's when I remember, the net trap I set up, maybe some poor tribute was stupid enough to fall for it. I hope it's Katniss, Cato will be pleased if I catch her. Maybe even better if I killed her. I think evil thoughts of how Katniss was eliminated from the arena. I stop in my footsteps.

"I'm going to go check on the net trap," I call out to Cato and Clove.

"Ok, we'll be moving ahead for now, just until they remove the rubble and body," Clove says. Cato doesn't say anything but turns away as Clove finishes. I go to my right and walk towards the trap, but in caution, other tributes may be awaiting for something to happen. The deep green grass turns into white flowers. They crumble as my feet walk over them.

"Katniss!" a voice calls over the hill, I run up to see something is sqirming under my trap, helplessly trying to break free. It's the girl from 11. I reconize her cause she's the youngest to be alive, but not for much longer.

My walking speeds up as I head down the hill. Her screams turn frantic as she catches a glimpse of me. "Katniss! Help! Katniss!" she calls over and over again. Now I'm standing over her and place my boot over her throat to prevent anymore. She chokes on her breath trying to squeeze more air out of her lungs. My spear clutched tightly and is raised at my shoulder. I'm about to finish and take off running, when Katniss comes running over the trunks and roots. I jab the spear into the girls stomach and look up. Katniss is now at the top with her loaded bow. That used to belong to Glimmer before the tracker jacker accident. Before I have anytime to react, her arrow flies and finds its home, deep in my neck. I stumble backwards and fall to the ground.

My eyes lay open as the pollen begins to seep through them, it doesn't matter anyway. I'm done for. I wanted District 1 to have a victor this year, I knew Glimmer couldn't make it too far, and I was right. So I had to aim for the victory. I promised my little brother I would win and bring him medicine when I returned. But since he's dead, and I'm dying, there's nothing I can do. I hear Katniss begin to sing a song to Rue, but it's blury. All I can hear is,
"Deep in the meadow,"
"Under the willow,"
My eyes close as my heart makes its final beat and I go into my last rest that I'll never reawake from. The gates of death open for me, and inside, I see the meadow, the willow tree, and someone sitting beneath it. It's my little brother. I'm with him at last.
first off, Marvel is mine and no one else can have him! I'll get u if u do!:chainsaw:

anyway Marvel's death scene of the Hunger Games a lot of people hat him but if u picture him better, u realize he has 2 do what he has 2 do to survive and go home alive.

play this song while u read it, [link]
ignore the sounds but the song is perfect for this

I :heart: U Marvel
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I done the edit to the original base the real credit goes to
here's the link to the base,[link]žion=&global=1&q=grovyle#/d2ibxe3

I give them full credit all I did was add the scars, white scarf, backround, and the yellow lights, like in the future

NOT FREE 2 USE! unless u give credit to :iconi-bases:
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Two wolves hold each of everyone back, waiting for the countdown to release us to our death. While we all wait, I look around to Peeta, the white wolf, like myself, that I wish to be an ally, but he wouldn't be too interested. By the way, he wouldn't believe me, not after I nearly attacked him. But we are the only white wolves here. We both have the bright yellow eyes to seem scary to others, and sharp fangs, but all the wolves have that. He looks back at me, he doesn't say anything, just shakes his head, maybe meaning not to go for any spears. Everyone waits in their wolf form as the clock counts down from 10,









I shut my eyes for the last time, maybe.


Both wolves vanish into plain sight, 11 wolves fly towards the spears, 10 humans do the same. I only see 2, the black-faced, and Rue turn straight around head towards the forest. I hesitate to move, but I see another grey wolf grab a spear in her jaws and reveals a small knife laying 10 feet away. No one seems to be looking so I dart towards it. I quickly grasps it's handle between my jaws and head in the same direction to hopefully go around the others.

Just as I think I'm free to run, the girl in black from the wolf pack that always survives, Clove, I think that's her name, but I named her Survivor in training; throws a spear in my direction, I duck but barely miss. Her eyes flush with anger and darts towards me. Instead of taking the spear, I sprint as fast as I can to the forest and don't stop. The growling and barking grows fainter as I run from the open meadow. Wondering who was dead and who is alive. The sight of evading death seems to excite me, only for a short moment. Until I slam into the black-faced wolf. She looks paniced, I'm only thinking how fast she ran to reach this far.

I don't want to kill her, so I shake my head at her, telling her to get out of here. She only nods back and runs off in the direction Rue ran. I wonder, are they allies? I forget it and do the same in the other direction. What has me nervous is Rue. Did she escape? Have any allies? Is she dead? Alive maybe? She's too young to be picked off from her pack to enter into a death sentence like this. Maybe, I could find her. Maybe even recrute her as an ally. I'm sure that Blackface and Rue and I don't want to kill anyone directly. That would lead us to our own deaths instead.

I sniff the air, hoping to find her trail. I don't catch the scent of anything but the black-face. I forgot, the knife, I have to take it with me. I grab it with my human hand and dart away from this area. Praying not to run into the Cato, or Clove. I'm not certain that Peeta wouldn't hope to be my ally, but maybe join Cato and Clove If I run into him, he could see me as a threat and kill me.

It's possible that everyone in here, that's alive sees me as a threat. Maybe not Rue or BlackFace. right now I search for a water source, and some meat. If I'm going to survive out here, I'll need the food and water to do so.

But still, the only thought running through my mine, is that I'm here to die.
This is my death sentence.
Also this was a youtube video that was related to the hunger games but in a wolf version, it was deleted. Also i have permission to post this on here i promise

Also Black-Face is FoxFace this is just a version they did if katniss couldnt use bow and arrow i dont get it or why most scenes were deleted but i didnt make the youtube video
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