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This one is for you ~rainbowchick214, I hope you enjoy~

It had now been three months since Ivan moved you into his place.  This wasn't really a problem, since his house is big and quite a few others live in it as well.  The baltics for instance. Yeah, to be honest it was the baltics that were the problem.

Well, not Estonia or Latvia really at all. You thought them to be quite sweet. But Lithuania... He was different. Maybe it was because he was the oldest of the baltics, but there was something so strange about him. You couldn't put your finger on it.

He was always the one who served you, did chores for you and all the while when you said he didn't have to do everything for you, he replied by saying he didn't mind doing things for you. To be honest he warmed you from the inside, he was the one your heart fluttered if you saw him. You knew, you just knew you were falling for the gentle Lithuanian.

On the other hand though you had Russia and while you did still have some lingering feelings for him, they were nothing compared to the feelings you had for Lithuania. Only thing is, you can't really waltz up to Russia and say: "Sorry, but I'm afraid I love your subordinate more than you, laters!"

Are you kidding me, he'd probably kill Lithuania along with you. You had to find a way to tell him you didn't have the same romantic feelings he obviously had for you. He hadn't made a move on you yet, but you knew that soon he would.

Suddenly you had a brainwave. You sat bolt upright on the bed you were lying on. Checking the clock, you made sure of it. It was only a matter of time before Russia came home. You smiled, you had quite a few things to do...


Ivan came home at the same time as always. "I'm home~" Instead of the usual flustered baltics greeting him, you came out of the living room, wearing a pretty dress and looking more stunning than usual. He kissed your cheek a little too enthusiastically, but then again, the point of the dress was to make him enthusiastic.

"Say, Ivan dear," you knew he liked being called by his human name," do you fancy playing a game of chess with me?"  He raised his eyebrows, still eyeing up your body. "And to make it more fun," you smiled deviously," the loser has to do whatever the winner says.Ok?"

You led him into the living room and sat him down in his favourite chair. "Hmmm, comfy." Ivan said. You placed the chessboard in between the two of you. "Now remember, the loser has to obey the winner no matter what it is." He was confused but smiled," Shall we swear on something then?"

"Okay, what will you swear on then?" You thought he'd swear on his scarf or something, but no. He leant over and brushed his lips against yours. "I swear on the right to kiss you." He smiled sweetly.  You blushed, not expecting your first kiss to be taken by him. "I-I swear on my head." "Well, that's a bit boring, but okay. Let's start shall we?"


You were beating him, he only had a few pawns, a knight and of course the king left. You on the other hand were swooping all over the board, picking off his pieces easily.  You finalized your strategy and grinning said:"Checkmate." as you placed your bishop on the board.
He scowled, crossing his arms. "So now you do as I say, because I win." Your grin widened, your plan so far gone perfectly. "Okay, what do you want me to do?"

"I want, no, I order you to accept this." He looked confused. "And I order you not to do anything to him." His eyes widened," Sunflower, do you mean-" "I LOVE LITHUANIA!!" You couldn't possibly keep it in any longer. He sat back stunned. "I'm sorry, I'm very flattered you love me, but now I know that I don't love you anymore, I can't stay here anymore."

He got up and left the room, not saying anything. You felt sorry for him, but happy as well. You'd finally got it off your chest. You got up as well, you'd have to pack your stuff. As you left the room you bumped into Lithuania. He blushed and scurried off before you could say anything. You sighed and scratched your head. You went upstairs to pack your things.


You finally finished packing your things. You wiped the sweat off your forehead. You'd leave first thing in the morning. Suddenly your door banged open.  As you turned the smell of alcohol hit your nose. Your head reeled and you saw Russia stumble into your room. Drunk out of his skull.

Crap. He came towards you and fell on top of you. "Russia..." "Not Russia, call me Ivan." He slurred his words and you did your best not to collapse under his weight.  You pulled him towards and lay him down. Unfortunately he had other plans. He'd kept hold of your wrist and pulled you on top of him. "How much did you drink?" You tried to distract him so you could get free from his grasp."I just had the one glass, LITHUANIA can testify for me." He breathed heavily and the stench of vodka rolled over your face. He definitely had had more than one glass.

He somehow managed to get on top of you. "Russia!" He glared into your (e/c) eyes. "Why? Why him? He's just some weakling; he doesn't even come close to compare with mother Russia."  He grasped your hands and pulled them above your head. "He can't do anything! He wouldn't eve-" His sentence was stopped as something smashed into his head.  He collapsed onto your body, completely KO.  

You looked to see Lithuania standing above him Russia's water faucet pipe. He'd hit him on the head very hard. Lithuania trembled all over, terrified that the Russian would get up and kill him. When he didn't, Lithuania relaxed somewhat. He pulled the Russian off of you and pulled you in a tight hug.

"Are you okay?" His gentle voice whispered into your ear. You blushed and nodded into his chest. "He only had one glass?!" Lithuania looked his feet," Well yeah, only thing is, he kept filling it up again." You face palmed yourself.

Lithuania took your hand"Okay then, shall we go then?" You blinked in surprise. "Do you-" "Yeah, I heard you talking to Russia earlier." He turned beet red, " and the truth is,  I've liked you alot for quite a long ti-" Your lips pressed against his. You smiled sweetly at his face. It had, even though it wasn't possible, turned even redder. "So you're leaving with me?" He nodded and smiled at you. "Well let's go then Lithuania!" "_____, can you call me Toris?" You kissed him again and grinned. Picking up your bag, you left while the Russian was still out cold. Let's see how long it took before Russia found you and your lover~
Okay~ This one is for ~rainbowchick214. I hope you enjoy

I'm sorry Ivan, I love you, I really do!! I'll never hurt you again I promise~
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Okay next request done! Another swimming one I'm afraid this one is for kitkittykats, I hope you enjoy!

This is my longest one yet!!

Also thank you all for the favs and the watches, I try to thank everyone in turn, but sometimes there's just too many of them! Thank you to all who are patiently waiting for their requests as well.

Shihagami signing off~

The waves lapped on your feet and you slid into the pool. You let yourself float for a while, closing your eyes and letting your (h/c) hair loose in the water. Your face warmed with the sun and you smiled. Today's gonna be another great workout, you thought to yourself.

You stayed like this for a while, simply enjoying feeling the sunlight on your body. Your rest was disturbed however, by suddenly being dunked underwater by three pairs of hands. You struggled and they raised you out of the water and on top of the three boys' heads.

You squirmed trying your best to get free, not that you weren't enjoying yourself. The boys let go of you at the same time and you dropped into their arms. They all grinned like idiots and you were giggling your head off.

Hearing the whistle signalling the start of training, you shoved them off and quickly got out of the pool. You made your way to the shower and completely doused yourself. You felt the boys follow you. Sensing him stand behind you, you looked over your shoulder and up at him (you were the smallest on the team by far). You caught his green eyes with your own and grinned at him. "Toni, could you... please..," you teased him, looking up from under your lashes and parting your lips slightly, "...tie up my hair for me?" You gave him your sweetest smile and when he nodded, blushing slightly, you gave him a hair band.

He carefully grasped all of your hair and tried to tie it together when you felt his hands let go. You turned in time to see Gilbert and Francis chuck him in the water laughing. The two turned to you and Gilbert ruffled your hair which made you scrunch up your face.

Francis took your hands in his and spinned you so that your back was facing him. He started combing his fingers through your hair expertly and quickly slipped the band over it, securing it in place. Spinning you again, he clasped you against his chest and rested his chin on your head.

"So ma chérie, another good training session today, oui?~" You nodded and was released from his grasp. You walked over to the starting block and pulled on the goggles Gil threw you. You nodded at him in gratitude and your training mood washed over you. Your expression turned blank and you concentrated hard on your breathing.

You dived in, slicing the water swiftly with your dive and swimming underwater as far and as fast as you could. When you finally found the need to breathe again you slowly paddled up, letting your ears get used to the slight pressure-change.

You arched back, breaking the water's surface and earning a loud applause from your audience AKA the rest of the swim team (being basically the BTT and the supervisor) You grinned at them: "So how many?" They cheered loudly. "4! That's a new record!" They clapped again and you mimicked little bows for them in the water.

"So boss, what're we gonna do today?" The BTT gathered round the supervisor and asked. Stretching their muscles and pulling poses they asked: "Distance?" "Endurance?" "Speed?"
"I'm afraid we've got something a bit different today. We've been asked to help a student who, due to some circumstances has never had the opportunity to learn how to swim." The boys sniggered and looked round when they heard the door open.

The boy standing in the doorway was slightly built and had pretty eyes. His brown hair was strapped down by the goggles he was wearing. Trembling slightly he walked into the room and surveyed us. "'ey, I know 'im!" Francis pointed at him and laughed," He's zaht nerd who sits reading his book all zhe time!"

The three of them broke down in giggles and boy's face soured. He pouted, "Teach, do I really have to do this with these jerks?"  "Lovino, we've been over this. If you can't swim even a little bit, I'm afraid you're going to be held back a year." Lovino paled and muttered at his feet.

You swam over to the side and looked up at him. "Don't worry. I know these jerks can be total arses, but hey that means we get to laugh at them right?" You smiled at him, trying to be nice. He blushed slightly, sitting on the ground in front of you and held out his hand. "Lovino Vargas." You took his shaking hand and squeezed and shook it. "____ ____, pleasure Lovino."

You propped your head on your hand. "So, can you swim at all? Or do you just sink?" He looked away, pouting again. "I can float," he mumbled. "Okay, then you won't mind me doing this." He looked at you in surprise and pulled on his hand so that he tumbled into the water next to you.

He jumped up and spluttered loudly. "What the hell!!"  He quickly got out and started cussing at you in Italian. You were taken aback, you wouldn't have done it if you knew he would react this badly. Antonio scruffed his hair up and Francis patted his back. "Kesesese, dude, don't get your pants in a twist! It vas just a bit of fun!"

He sighed and looked at the floor. "Just don't do that again..." he mumbled. Gilbert pretended to cock his ear. "Vhat's that? Do it again?" The three boys picked up a squirming Lovino and threw him in the pool on a count of three.

You couldn't help yourself but laugh at the disgruntled Italian as he got out of the water and sat on the side, glancing over his shoulder.

You laughed again and sat next to him. "Teach, what does he need to learn?" "Breaststroke at the very least, crawl if it's possible."

You nodded, "Okay, Lovi, we'll start with breaststroke then, alright?" He grumbled, but sighed in agreement. "Yay!" You slid back into the water and gestured that he had to come in as well. He did so gingerly and slowly but surely made his way to the shallowest end of the pool.

The BTT glared at him. "Teach, so does the chica teach him or do we?" Toni put his hand on his hip, keeping a close eye on the banter between you and Lovino.

"Well, you guys would probably just drown him, so he couldn't even dream of touching her. So I'm going to let her take care of him." They started to protest, but were cut off by the supervisor again. "As for the three of you, we'll be doing endurance butterfly kicks." They looked at each other and groaned.
Back to Lovino and you!

"Pull your stomach muscles in, erm, pull 'em up. Come on! As if there's an invisible string attached to them and it's pulling you up." You poked his stomach which made him loosen them and thus sink into the water again. "You almost had it! Come on, again!"

He wiped the hair out of his eyes. "You know you're a slave driver woman?!" You placed your hands on your hips. "As long as you can swim a length by this afternoon, I don't care what you think. And if you can't float properly, you can't do anything." You sighed, he'd said he could float, heh, yeah, right! With his feet on the ground maybe!

He growled at you and tried again. He.. did he just get it on the first try?! Yeah, yes he did! You glomped him. "Lovi, you got it! See you can do it you put your mind to it!" You smiled at him, his face tomato-red. "H-hands off woman!" You released him, still grinning at him.

"Okay, breaststroke next!"

The three exhausted boys looked over at you, not that you noticed. They pouted in unison, you looked like you were having the time of your life. Gilbert growled and Francis shared a look that spoke murder with Antonio. He cracked his knuckles, they had a plan to humiliate him....

You watched Lovi swim towards you, his head sticking out of the water. You giggled; he kinda reminded you of a tortoise. "It's okay Lovi! Take a deep breath and exhale through your nose when you put your head underwater okay?" He grunted in response and tried it. Immediately he sped up and reached your side of the pool easily.

You applauded him. "You got it!" You high-fived him and gave him a big hug. "Thank you bella." He gave you an awkward sort of grin and hugged you back, doing a little victory dance.

Suddenly he was ripped away from your arms and you stared into Gil's crimson eyes. "Say chica, you think he's ready for a race?" You looked past Gilbert to see Antonio holding Lovino in a choke-hold, arm around his neck. Lovi spluttered and you glared at the three. Francis stroked your face and Gil hugged you. "Say, ma chérie, ve don't vant you ruining zhat jolie face of yours do ve?"

You raised your eyebrow. "Hands off the merchandise, Fran, Gil." You struggled out of their hold and went over to release Lovi as well. "You okay?" He nodded, holding his neck lightly.
"So, a match?" They nodded. "You feel up to it, Lovi?" He grumbled.

"What are the stakes, you massive jerks?" Their eyes widened at the insult and Gil stroked his chin. "Vhat say ve do zhis? Whoever vins gets a hot kiss from zhe vone and only ___! Kesesesesese~"

You blushed and looked at the ground. Lovi stretched his arms and said: "Count me in," in a certain voice. "Hey, I haven't agreed to this!" But the boys merely made their way to the starting blocks. All of them apart from Lovino of course, winked at you and blew you a kiss. You sighed, but a devilish plan began brewing in your head.

The supervisor stood at the side. "Alright, on your marks, get set, go!" You squealed loudly as you pretended to fall to the ground. You wiped away a tear from the corner of your eye and squirmed in fake pain. Francis, Antonio and Gilbert immediately came to your aid, whilst Lovino just dived into the water, getting a really big head start on the others.

They surrounded you and picked you up carefully, asking if you were okay and everything. They stopped when Lovino cleared his throat loudly and got their attention. They turned to see him at the other side of the pool, swinging his legs in the water.

They shuddered, knowing what you'd done and glared at you. Then they picked you up and tossed you in the water like a sack of potatoes. "Zhat's vhat you get!" they shouted loudly, their different accents mingling. You giggled and got back out, only to be attacked by their tickling hands.

You were taken away from them and looked at the owner of the strong hands holding you. "Well hi there, Mr. Winner." You giggled again breathlessly as he flushed red. " I guess I'm your prize then, so you get to kiss me." He stooped down and kissed you on the cheek lightly.
Gilbert and Antonio glared daggers at him and Francis muttered under his breath: "Pussy."

He grinned at Francis: "Still a pussy now, Francypants?" Lovino dipped you down tango-style and your lips melted against his. You licked his bottom lip and he was about to open his mouth when you both felt your feet lift off the ground and crashed against the icy water (for the so maniest time that day).
"Get a room, you two!" Francis whined, shaking his golden locks about. You laughed with Lovino and hugged him in the water. You nuzzled his face with your own and smiled. He kissed you again, laughing like an idiot. The supervisor stared at you. Well well well, the swimmer and the geek, who'd have thought?
This one is for :iconkitkittykats:, i hope you enjoy.

Oh yeah I added some BTT, I hope you don't mind ^^
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this has a story...
a few days ago ~PavSys posted one of his deviations...
as usual, I was checking and I couldn't but adore it...
and instantly words started filling my mouth...
the poem written was created because of this pic...
i asked john's ~PavSys permission to use the pic, he accepted...
I hope i didn't ruin the pic for him...
but it's just another side of it...
the side in the twisted mirror...
by the way, the model's jen...
and the original pic is in here: [link]
do visit ~PavSys he is a really good photographer...
he is the first person to visit my devart profile by the way :)

Mirror Mirror on the wall
standing still and seeing all
tell me how did my heart break
and how come my reflection’s fake?
how come i can never smile
or even giggle for a while?
how come i see him and he
does not care for what i see?
Mirror Mirror, don’t be shy
tell me the truth, do not lie…
will we ever be as one,
or will satan’s wishes be done?

Once again forgive the graphic lack of taste...
I am more of a writer than a graphic designer :$
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Here's a suggestion:

Stop treating sex and nudity as taboo or risqué and accept it as a normal and natural part of who we are as a species. Let's put away the old ideologies of shame and ignorance and progress ourselves by showing a level of maturity about these mundane and common facts. Society needs to stop acting like a adolescent (i.e. thinking with one's genitalia) regarding the subjects of nudity and sex. Clothes service a vital purpose in our lives -protection from the elements, our environment, breast shag, and the sight of obese and elderly body-types; economic growth and marketing; social statements; the discrete transport of weapons, explosives, and contraband; etc.- but the lack thereof should not be cause for alarm or disgust (in most cases). Maturity in dealing with these natural traits should be a hallmark of our sentient and cognitive existence. Reason drives us to advance beyond our current lackluster approach and reach a state where such trivial things no longer matter.

I double-dare you. :)
I made a dAforum post: Nudity and Sex: Deal with it! It was so good I had to make it into a deviation. Feel free to comment on both posts. I would have placed this deviation under the category of Satire but it just uses satire rather than being in a satirical format. So I chose Editorial, which is a more apt description.


Alright, since many have taken this the wrong way, I'll explain a few things here. Firstly, I decided to place this in the Satire category. It is more obvious to me now that such is a better place for this. Secondly, as you might have guessed from the category change, this is a Satirical work that is mean to draw attention to the errors in logic for those who are pro-censorship. And just to note, Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal was a major inspiration for this work.

And to make things even more clear:

1. Sarcasm. The references to elderly persons and the others was meant to be facetious.
2. Audience. If I were to aim this little diatribe at a particular group, I might would focus on those who are not mature, regardless of age. This is why I use the childish quip, "I double-dare you."
3. Intent. This was never meant to be take seriously. However, it was still designed to state a point.
4. Message. To clear away the debris and expose the meaning behind this, I tell you this: sex and nudity are just facts of life.
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A true Story

I was the first to see the wolf.  I noticed him even before he saw us.  But I think perhaps I am getting ahead of myself; let's start from the beginning.  

It was April 2001, and my beautiful wife and I had driven over 700km (435 miles) to spend the night at the home of my father's sister, Jeanne-Berthe, in the town of Saint-Quentin, New Brunswick.  

My employer, in a brief moment of insanity, had seen fit to allow me the choice of a Ford Mustang as my company fleet vehicle.  I had been driving it for almost six months by then, enough to have learned to respect its loose, tail-happy road handling characteristics, and even to embrace them as somewhat endearing.  Armed with four new Blizzak ice tires and the confidence of a recently completed advanced driving class, the snow covered rural highways were my playground.  

We left Saint-Quentin early Sunday morning, heading for Halifax to visit my cousin.  We could have taken the safe route, back along the well traveled National Highway 2, or through Campbellton and then down though Bathurst, but I prefer driving when there are no other cars around (other drivers scare me far more than bad roads!) and wanted to take the back roads.

My wife is a bit of an adrenalin junkie, so convincing her that we should take the dirt logging road locally known as "chemin des resources" was an easy sell, although we hid the plan from my aunt who all but forbade it.  Since the road mainly saw heavy logging trucks (which wouldn't be on the road on Sundays), it was well packed and practically an ice rink, a great opportunity to test out the Blizzaks!

We tore down the road, unaware of any speed limits, for if there were any signs, they were buried under mountainous snow drifts and well hidden from us.  The Mustang seemed to be enjoying itself, growling happily as we oversteered around corners and roared up and down innumerable hills.  My wife, strapped tightly into a well contoured bucket seat that only occasionally called for her to grab the "oh sh*t" handle conveniently hung near the top of her window, was laughing and egging me on.  We had the road entirely to ourselves, and sang along with Billy Joel as he lamented his job playing the piano in a bar.

We were a few minutes past the Mount Carleton entrance for the Provincial Park that is its namesake, rounding sweeping corners with the nose practically to the snowbank as I steered with the throttle, and we came upon a long, straight, level stretch of road.  Seeing a Bullett opportunity, I accelerated; McQueen would have been proud, as we straightened out and apexed the last corner in the far lane.  I gently coaxed the Mustang back, momentum and a depressed gas pedal causing the speedometer needle to leap as we fishtailed into our proper place.  I could easily see for more than a kilometre, and atop the right bank noticed what I thought to be a large dog.  As we approached, it climbed down from the two and a half metre snowbank and out into the road, trotting slowly as if it didn't have a concern in the world.

The Mustang came equipped with standard antilock brakes, but anyone who has learned to drive in black ice conditions will confirm that while ABS is great in snow, it will not help you on sheer ice.  That was the situation we were in, the morning sun had melted the surface of the ice just enough to leave a smooth finish.  Threshold braking the Mustang would have probably stopped us faster, but the car had been hugging the road quite well (I blame the Blizzaks) and I mistakenly thought we were on a good packed snow surface, so I floored the brake pedal and threw myself into the arms of Ford technology.  Needless to say, we didn't stop, or even slow down very much, though to Ford's credit we did keep going in a relatively straight line.  The ABS was pumping like a jackhammer, the noise akin to an automatic weapon, as we skated down the road.  By the time we reached the wolf he had climbed part-way up the snowbank, putting his eyes at the same level as mine.  As we passed, the car shuddering noisily from the pumping brakes, we locked eyes and both turned our heads.  The look in his sky blue eyes was uncanny, and I defy anyone who claims that wolves aren't sentient to observe one in similar circumstances.  I still, to this day, believe that that wolf looked at me with an expression that clearly proclaimed: "You're such an idiot!"  

We eventually came to a stop, maybe thirty meters away, and the wolf was still on the snowbank, his head twisted around, looking at us over his shoulder as if we were creatures from another world.  My wife and I both burst out of the car and faced the wolf, who suddenly seemed to decide that getting up that morning had been a bad idea, or perhaps he simply couldn't remember if he had shut off the gas before leaving.  I know that humans are supposed to be programmed to be afraid of wolves, but this one was comparatively small and seemed disinclined to eat us; as well, neither my wife nor I can lay claims to great wisdom when it comes to wild animals.  In any case, he trotted back across the road and, with a quick glance towards us at the top of the snowbank, disappeared back the way he had come.  Neither of us was fast enough to take a picture, but subsequent research taught us that it was a Grey Wolf, and likely only a few months old, as their eyes rarely remain blue into adulthood.

My wife and I took a moment to hug, exclaim to each other how amazing its eyes were, and wonder aloud if it might come back.  Eventually the cold got the better of us, and we retreated to the relative warmth of the Mustang, but not before my wife took a picture of me displaying how big the wolf had been.  Actually, that is a lie; I was really telling her how much I love her.  I'm pretty sure the wolf has forgotten the incident by now, but rest assured that I never will.  And my wife carried that picture around in her wallet for years, until my son was born and still does to this day save for a brief period where her wallet had no room for photos

My first and only encounter with a wolf in the wild. Also my first non-fiction Deviation, I hope you enjoy it.
Critique Requested.

Edit: My wife told me, after reading this, that she still has that picture in her wallet. I fixed the text, and I'm going to borrow it and scan it. She also said I spent too much time talking about the car. Comments are welcome, I promise I won't tell. :-)
Edit 2: Fixed the date, it was actually 2001. I hate it when I get dates wrong :blush:
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I look at your face, and the once black and white picture
suddenly gets colored with the richest palette a soul can see
I try to realise how beautiful you look
and how beautiful the world looks because of you

I listen to you calling my name, and the once sad melody
suddenly becomes the happiest harmony a spirit can hear
I try to understand how happy you sound
and how you replaced those wails with laughters

I feel your hand, and the once freezing flesh of mine
suddenly starts warming up by the flames of your essence
I try to comprehend how alive you feel
and how you were able to revive a once baren core

I'm afraid of this happiness I feel
I'm afraid of you
but how I miss you
how I long to hold you in my arms
how I long to play with your hair
while you're resting your head on my lap...

I love you...
I'm not afraid to say it anymore...
I love you...
I love you...
I love you...
I'm free at last...
and I love you...
I am not afraid anymore...
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(Alfred's POV) 
"How many times do I need to tell you that you are not allowed to have girlfriend?!" The company president yelled at me. Thanks to that bloody website, he found it out. 

"Like I said, she's not my girlfriend!"  

"Not your girlfriend?! So what that news article means?! It's clear that you two are holding hands!"

"What's up with holding hands?!"

"One more, you two went to Florida right?! I heard you both stayed at your hotel?"

"We didn't do anything!" 

(Back to your POV)
The other band members couldn't do anything, the company president is a stubborn man, even you're stating the truth, he won't believe you. They watched Alfred get lectured, Ivan wanted to twist the company president's head. 

"Starting now, you're not allowed to see her until we finish the world tour got that?!"

"World Tour?! what the hell?! No one informed me about that!"

"Because you're in Florida, young man"  

World Tour can take 2 months or so, Alfred can't able to take it, for him, it is too hard to work without seeing you.  After that, He contacted you about it. 

"I see..." there was a hint of sadness in your voice. "Goodluck..." 

"Thanks... Don't worry! I'll call you!" 

"Yeah..." you were the one who hung up first. 

'Calling me is meaningless... I only don't want to hear his voice... I want to see him too...'

The World Tour had started, their first
stop was New York City, next is Paris. 
The band were staying at a hotel, resting for a while. The other band member noticed that Alfred didn't talk to anyone ever since their first stop, because the bloody company president even prohibited him from talking to you on the phone!!! But still, he was talking to you secretly. 

'This is why I don't like having a contract with a company' Alfred sighed. 

"Al, are you okay?" Francis asked. 

"Not really" he squinted and looked outside of the window. 

"Let me guess, thinking of __~?"

"What if I?"

"I'm so envy of you, Talking to the useless company president like that" 


"H-Hey! Are you angry because he didn't let you call __?"

"Of course I am! Want me to show you how angry am I?!"

"Looks interesting! Go ahead!" 

"Throw that vase there" Alfred pointed it, Francis threw it on the air and Alfred punched it hard, causing it to break into pieces. He left the room after that with a pissed face. 

"Woah? He's really that angry?"

"That guy likes that young DJ right?" Yao said. 

"Isn't it obvious?" Arthur said. 

"You know Angleterre, I think you should cut our contract with that company if you don't want to see your little brother like that" Francis suggested. 

"Don't worry, I'll do it. Let us just finish this bloody world tour" 

Alfred went to the rooftop to cool his head and dialed your phone number. 

"It's me, Alfred"
"Yeah, how are you?"
"Just fine, a little bit stressed"
"You should take a rest you know? You'll get a fever or something"
"I'm almost done sorting out some papers here"
"Yeah, the letters for me and love letters for my entertainment got mixed up so... I have to separate it!"
"What's the time there?"
"1:00 AM..."
"You just got home from work?" 
"Yep, I really want to sleep..."
"Works come first right?"
"Don't bring my words back can you?"
"Haha. Don't you miss me?"
"O-O-Of course I miss you!"
"I'll come home soon"
"I-If that day comes... C-Can we go out sometimes...?" you asked shyly. 
"Of course!"
damn you company president :icontableflipplz:

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The whole universe seemed to shift, twist and bend, even constant forces like gravity and atmospheric pressure rippling in fluctuation.  With a violent 'pop', and a static-like tingle across her flesh, Emephira finished manifesting, popping her ears and feeling the sensation of dry, freezing air stinging her bare skin.  Despite the inhospitable climate, before doing anything else she looked herself over anxiously; no matter how she knew the manifestation process was harmless, she had not yet quite grown fully comfortable with it, and the irrational fear that she might end up with her parts in the wrong places or something was foremost in mind.

Her smooth, healthy pink skin was suitably flawless and unharmed, nothing out of place from her dainty toes to the tips of her slender fingers, aside from the profusion of cold-induced goosebumps.  The immaculate white of her beautiful, feathered wings was similarly untouched.  Letting out a private little sign of relief, Emephira turned her attention to the surrounding area, since one could never be sure what was lurking around on a material plane.

Blue and white dominated the landscape.  Felarya was known for its dense, verdant jungles, but the plane was not bereft of other climates.  The ground was frozen solid, only sparse clumps of grass and shrubbery surviving in the brutal cold, leaves seemingly bleached white by the frost that clung to them.  Cruel winds howled across the icy landscape, whipping up tiny bits of ice into uneven sheets of frozen fog, obscuring vision.  A massive grouping of stones towered near to where she stood, icicles hanging from every perch.  The wind also sounded . . . wrong, somehow, and even the sky was strange; no sun was visible, and bizarre angular patterns of light could be seen in the dim illumination, giving the area an eerie, unearthly atmosphere . . . even for an entity comprised partly of energy as Emephira was.

Despite the strangeness it was rather strikingly beautiful, she had to admit, but for all the natural majesty, it was clearly a harsh, inhospitable land, in contrast to the gentle, ordered gardens from her home.  But she was not here for sightseeing in any case, and had a job to do.

Nothing dangerous seemed to be nearby, aside from the weather itself, which meant the first order of business was to get her defenses up.  Contrary to what many mortals believed, a Psycopomp (or angel of death, or soul-reaper, or whatever term they preferred) was neither intangible nor indestructible, and in fact rather low on the angelic (or demonic) chain of command.  Destruction on a foreign plane would (almost) never be lethal, but getting shunted back home to reform made it rather difficult to perform one's duties in a timely manner, not to mention being horribly embarrassing.  And this frozen tundra, while definitely no hell, looked like an easy place indeed to have one's physical form destroyed.

Emephira focused her senses, calling upon the spell that most in her line of work knew some variation of, weaving a magical field around her body which would protect her from the elements, and bend light, ensuring that she was (mostly) invisible to the living, and would appear as the culturally appropriate angel-of-death figure when observed by a soul.  Once done, she cinched the spell into place, feeling it settle comfortably against her body, a small sigh of relief escaping her as the cold was banished from her person.  The cost of sustaining the effect was a small strain, but trivial compared to the effort of simply maintaining her form on a foreign world.  But however new to the soul-collecting field she was, her training had included a great deal of practice in enduring extended sojourns into physical realms, so there was no immediate rush.

With a delicate little hop, Emephira propelled herself into the air, wings fighting with the violent winds for a few moments, before feeling out the best way to maneuver through them.  Working to achieve some altitude, she stretched out her senses, seeking the familiar feel of a soul attuned to positive energy.  The background 'noise' produced by the extremely magical nature of Felarya made it a bit hard to focus, but she soon picked out the signature of a rather powerful soul.  It was distant, and oddly 'fuzzy' compared to the ones who resided in her home, but still unmistakable.

Hopeful that she might get through her time in Felarya without an embarrassing 'death', she angled her wings, and made off towards the soul at a brisk pace.  The unpredictable winds made the going tough, but she was a strong, sure flyer, and that coupled with her invisibility allowed her to traverse the bleached tundra with little worry.


The first sign she was nearing her quarry was a trail of dark red, almost black splotches frozen onto the otherwise ghostly terrain.  Blood.  The angel swooped down, landing lightly next to the grim evidence, unsure how recent it was.  But even as she watched, the never-ending onslaught of wind-born frost gradually covered the dark spots with white; within an hour the evidence would be completely gone.  The body, at least, had to be close by.

The trail of blood made her course easy and clear, flying low over the frosted earth in search of the source.  After a time, she was lead to another of those strange rock formations, the frozen stone towering over her like some petrified god.  The trail circled the obelisk for a short ways, before leading to a great deal more blood, and a couple of bodies.  Not human, the corpses were of some snow-white reptilian animals, sporting sharp teeth and vicious talons.  Thier makeup was quite alien, but the large gaping holes in the bodies left little doubt regarding the cause of death.  Some sort of conflict had clearly taken place, but the angel hurried on, following the blood.

The trail soon lead to a wide opening in the pillar of stone.  Uneven, seemingly a natural occurrence of the way the stones piled together, but also quite deep, and Emephira had little interest in further sightseeing in this frozen wasteland, plunging ahead in her mission.

The still, dead air of the cave was somehow even more unsettling than the winds outside, and some strange illumination was further evidence of an intelligent being having passed through.  Thin plastic cylinders were wedged into cracks in the walls at even intervals, eerie green light emanating from them.  There was nothing magical about the strange light sources, however bizarre they looked, so the angel pressed on with growing trepidation.  The blood trail here was quite fresh, but Emephira no longer needed it, as she was close enough to feel out the soul clearly.  It wasn't exactly the most good or pure soul, she noted with a bit of disappointment . . . in fact, far from it.  But neither was it particularly corrupt; and by her assessment noticeably closer to light than dark, though definitely somewhere on the 'grey' spectrum.  Which only meant it was all the more important to bring home; a truly good soul would almost always find its way to Heaven (eventually), but borderline cases were fair game for both Heaven and Hell, and this one had a pretty strong aura, even if it was more gray than light.  The only problem being; the soul's body was still very much alive.

Reaching the end of the tunnel, Emephira spied the human in question; wrapped in layers of thick white and grey furs, face covered in a hood, it was impossible to even determine gender.  He or she was huddled up in a sitting position against the far wall, facing the entrance, holding some sort of large firearm over their knees.  A crude bandage was wrapped tightly around one leg, red soaking through and having pooled on the ground.  It also clearly had some kind of magical obfuscation, or else she would have know it was alive from the beginning.

Despite the unexpected turn, Emephira felt a surge of sympathy and concern for the being, but it was generally against the rules for a Psycopomp to interfere or be seen in any significant way, which was part of the reason she was out in this desolate wilderness.  New Psycopomps were often sent to places where screwing up and being discovered by the living was unlikely to have any serious repercussions.

Still invisible, Emephira found herself in the awkward position of standing around waiting for the human to die, since his/her prospects as a member of the living did not look all that good.  She withdrew to the cave entrance, trying to stay quiet as possible, not fully confident in her camouflage spell at such close quarters.  The pressure from the material plane trying to push her out was starting to grow uncomfortable too, and she found herself silently wishing the human would just hurry up and expire, while feeling rather guilty about the selfish desire.  Then, she felt a presence, quite close, seemingly pop into existence.

" . . . Huh?"  A new, female voice asked, from less than a dozen yards away.  Emephira whipped about, startled, eyes picking up a silhouette in the freezing expanse outside the cave, her other senses zeroing in on a unpleasantly negative aura, its owner unquestionably nonhuman.

"A demon!" she half-gasped, a shiver of revulsion running down her spine.

"Gha!  An angel!  I'm just a Psycopomp, don't-"  the demon squeaked in a surprisingly nonthreatening tone, breaking off mid-sentence.  She seemed frozen for a moment, hands raised defensively over her face, before relaxing a little, arms dropping to her sides.  She was as nude as Emephira, her skin a darkish blue color, and two long, slender horns curved from her crown of pitch black hair. She lacked any sort of wings, and a prehensile, barbed tail hung behind her, shifting and curling in nervous motions.  "Um.  Judging by that lame camouflage spell, I guess you're here for the same job I am.  I'm not in the mood for a fight, and there's really no reason to, so. . ."

"It's not lame . . ."  Emephira managed, at a loss for anything else to say.  The demon's suggestion was uncharacteristically reasonable though, and she couldn't think of any reason to argue.  "I guess you're right . . ."

"Good."  The demon paused a moment to put on her 'angel of death' spell, though she didn't seem to bother with any kind of invisibility or protection from the elements.  "Now just stay out of my way.  There's a soul in that cave there, and I don't want to stay here longer than I have to."

"What!?  No, no that one's mine.  It's more light than dark anyway, what do you want with it?"

The demon paused for a moment, as though concentrating, and then smirked.  "No, you're wrong.  It definitely leans to the corrupt side.  Now just move . . ."

Emephira set her jaw, retreating a little ways into the cave and spreading her wings, taking up a defensive stance.  "No.  You're just lying!  Go away and I won't have to hurt you."

"Ha!  Whatever.  Out of my way, love freak,"  the demon said without remorse, walking right up to Emephira and shoving her.  Never having dealt with any sort of physical confrontation before in her life, the angel squeaked and stumbled back.

"Ow!  Hey, at least put on some kind of protection or concealment-"

"There's nobody here but you, me, and the soul, and my great grandmother is an ice succubus, so this weather is nothing to me!"

"Aren't you a little short for a succubus?"

"Well . . . you know.  Technically my great aunt.  Twice removed.  By marriage.  But whatever!  I'm still from Acheron, so I don't mind the cold." The not-even-remotely-an-ice-succubus 'humphed', pushing past into the cave before Emephira could remember why it would be a bad idea.  A pair of yelps followed, and a new voice shouted something threatening.  The angel briefly considered just abandoning the whole thing right there; return home and let the demon and the dying human sort themselves out.  But no.  She had a job to do.

Creeping in, Emephira could see the human on its feet, pointing that gun at the rather shocked and embarrassed-looking demon, her disguise not tuned to work on the living.  The hood was back, revealing the human as female, she had dark, short hair, her face weathered and a bit rough, perhaps making her look older than she was, features hard and not at all friendly.  Her figure was impossible to tell under all her gear, but she was probably in pretty good shape given where she was trudging around.  Emephira had to remind herself this human wasn't having a good day either, with her impending death and all.

Emephira edged to the side of the standoff, staying away from where the weapon was pointed, before speaking in a clear, helpful voice.  "She's a demon.  She wants to take your soul back to hell; you should shoot her."  The human jumped a foot in the air in surprise, and then proceeded to point her weapon in Emephira's general direction, and fire.  The angel covered her head and cried out, the shot echoing violently in the confined space.  Having fallen into a sitting position, she had somehow also avoided being shot.  Invisibility has its benefits.

"No!  Please don't shoot me!"  After a moment of hesitation, she allowed the invisibility component of her concealment spell to fall away, exposing her natural form to a living human for the first time ever.  She tried a friendly smile.  "See?  I'm just here for your soul."  The reassuring statement did not have the desired effect, the human narrowing her eyes and tightening her grip on the weapon.

"My soul, huh?"  she growled.  "You'll have to rip it off my cold, lifeless corpse, you . . . whatever the hell you two are."

"That's pretty much the idea.  Though 'rip' isn't quite right. The soul comes loose pretty much by itself after death . . . without some serious necromantic intervention, anyway."  The demon said, somehow casual.  Maybe she didn't care as much about the embarrassment of getting blasted back home.  But the human looked ready to shoot, and her weapon was currently pointing that Emephira.

"Look, this is all getting completely out of hand!  You're not even supposed to see us until you're dead."  The flustered angel paused, watching as the human became even more suspicious and aggressive at her statement.   "Um!  No, that came out wrong!  We're not supposed to interfere with the living at all, but when you die of natural causes, we come.  But because of that concealment magic you're using, I thought you were already dead, and . . ."  Getting very close to crying in shame, the angel instead took a deep breath, and reordered her thoughts.  "I'm Emephira, and I'm supposed to guide good souls to heaven . . . without getting shot at or into fights with demons."

"Oh perfect!  We're doing introductions now?"  The demon rolled her eyes in disgust and sat down with a huff.  "Ugh, this can't really get any more botched, I guess.  I knew there was something off about this one, didn't think it'd be still alive though.  Well, I'm Calypsotie, and I live in hell.  It's nicer than you've probably heard."

"So you two are . . . what?  Manifestations of my good and evil impulses?"  The human backed away a bit, keeping her gun aimed at the air between angel and demon.

"Ha!  Sure, why not!?  Except she's useless and annoying, while I'm interesting and helpful,"  Calypsotie said, apparently amused by the premise.

"Not much point shooting a hallucination, I suppose,"  the human said, wincing as she returned to a sitting position, though her gun remained pointed in the general direction of the pair.

"No.  We're not hallucinations or anything, we're very real, and your soul's in very real danger so long as she's here!"

"Oh really?  Tell me; how can you be so sure little-miss-lovey isn't the danger?  She even admitted she wants your soul."  The demon smirked.

"You admitted you're from hell!"  Emephira turned to the human, who was looking rather annoyed by this point. "Please; she'll take your soul back to hell if she has her way.  I'm not sure I can beat her by myself . . . but if you just shoot her, when you die, it'll be just me."

"When I die?"

"Uhh, well . . . you know.  You're pretty hurt, and it's cold and dangerous out here . . . it seems pretty probable."  The angel tried to smile reassuringly.  "It's not the worst thing that can happen."

"For someone who claims to be 'good', she sure is advocating violence against me, and hoping you die."  Calypsotie interjected.

"It's not like that!"  The angel turned and pointed at Calypsotie accusingly.  "She's pure evil, and they'll feed you to a succubus in hell . . . or, or something else awful!"

"Oh, 'pure evil', am I?  Couldn't be 'partly evil', or even 'mostly evil', eh?  No no, surely not; we've only just met, but this angel can tell I'm comprised completely of  'evil'.  Whatever that even means."

Emephira was frustrated to the point her voice was growing a touch shrill.  "She's trying to confuse you!  But the fact is, she's from hell, and wants to take you back with her!"

"And?  Two thirds of what you 'people' say about my home is propaganda anyway.  Sure, hell might not be the nicest place for damned, but 'heaven' is worse.  Nothing but non-stop tentacle rape 24/7."  The demon was grinning ear-to-ear now.  

"Wh-what!?  That's a horrible lie!" Emephira, half-shouted, appalled.  "There are no tentacles at all!  Er, well, I mean, we don't arbitrarily bar chlaena from getting in, but they're certainly not allowed to-"

"Yeah.  Sure sure; stick with the party line.  Heaven is still a nasty place."

"Will you two shut up!"  the human growled through clenched teeth.  Emephira did not feel she was winning her over.

"She's lying." Emephira continued, but in a more subdued tone of voice.  "Heaven is wonderful; everything is always calm and peaceful; none of this running about and trying to kill each other than happens elsewhere.  . . . at least where I live."

"Ugh.  That sounds even worse.  I'd rather be eaten by a succubus and be done with it than spend an eternity bored out of my mind."  Calypsotie added with infuriating casualness.

"Noo!  That's not what I meant!  It's not boring or anything . . . just, not a constant brutal struggle for survival."

"Ha!  You wouldn't know 'brutal' if it came up and swallowed you in one gulp."  Calypsotie huffed with disdain, but the angel could only smile at the misstep.

". . . So you're saying that life is pretty rough in hell, even for a demon?"

The blue-skinned demon looked a touch taken aback by the turn of conversation. "Er, not exactly, I just-"

"My.  I imagine it's got to be far, far worse on the poor souls you drag back there.  I wouldn't know, since I've been so sheltered by the tranquil luxuries of heaven.  Where I'm from.  Where I'll be taking her . . . if she just shoots you!"  She pointed at the demon for emphasis, hoping to see her form exploded by gunshot in the next moment.  No shot was fired, to her disappointment.

The human broke in before a slightly flustered Calypsotie could retort.  "Just to be honest; at this point, I'm either shooting you both, or neither.  Don't trust either of you freaky hallucinations as far as I could pole-vault with you.  This stupid little debate is kinda entertaining though, so if you wanna just keep going at it, be my guests."  Her voice was a tiny bit slurred, and her face pale, but she was holding up surprisingly well given the amount of blood-loss.

Emephira couldn't help but feel rather insulted, folding her arms over her chest, and wrapping her wings around herself in a manner her friends often referred to as her 'sulking mode'.  Calypsotie just rolled her eyes again, and said;  "Oh sure.  You're stranded and injured alone in this arctic wilderness, but we're the stupid ones.  At least this little twit is trying to perform a useful service for her people."

"Huh, at least the blue one's got some spine.  Kind of a bitch, though.  Not that I'm one to judge."

"Since I guess we're stuck here until you . . . er, stuck here for a while; why are you in Felarya, anyway?  It's not the most hospitable place, for humans especially."  Emephira asked, doing her very best not to look sulky.

The human paused for a second, as though considering her answer.  Finally she spoke:  "There's a plague going back on my homeworld.  Really nasty, necromantic stuff; people who die of it get back up the next day, and then shamble around trying to infect others.  Healers and doctors can't seem to do a damn thing about it.  I was on a team sent here to see if we could bring back some of that supposed healing mojo the soil here has.  Got ambushed by a bunch of those lizard things while we were trying to dig the frozen ground . . . and I ended up separated."

Emephira couldn't help but smile.  "Oh!  That's so noble!  Braving danger and risking everything to help your people."  She gave the demon a severe look.

"Ha.  Nah, I'm just a mercenary.  The police and regular army pretty much fell to pieces trying to evacuate civilians and keep the dead in check, but my group was smart enough to hole up where it was safe."

"Oh . . ."

"By the time what was left of the ruling body realized that we'd need to go off-world for a cure, they didn't have enough manpower for the expedition.  So they pretty much promised us the world in exchange for lending our support to this one mission.  Plus, if the world really did end, we'd die too."

"That's . . . somewhat less noble."

"That's what I said.  To be honest, I was actually thinking about ditching and seeing if I could make it here, but all this ice is worse than the damn zombies.  Not to mention those freaky snow lizards."

"Nothing wrong with some good old fashioned self-interest.  Keeps the universe running."  Calypsotie said with a little smile.

"I'm . . . oh damn . . ."  the human said, her voice sounding rather woozy.  She leaned back, resting her head against the uneven stone behind her, eyes closed and breathing hard.

"Sooo . . ."  Emephira said too the evil creature across from her, as the human slipped quietly into unconsciousness.

"First one to snag the soul when she dies gets it?"  Calypsotie suggested after a moment.  Despite her reservations, Emephira couldn't think of anything better.



Unconsciousness crawled away from Talmira like a carpet of beetles, bizarre dreams of little angels and devils dancing about and mocking one another blurring in her mind.  She could almost still hear them:  

"Even though I wasted my time here, I'm glad you're going to live . . . but remember: your soul is a pretty even split between light and dark right now.  But if you live a principled life upholding the ideals you believe in, when you do die, they won't want you in hell, and maybe we'll meet again!"  One seemed to say.

"I'm not that glad.  But here's a rebuttal anyway: maybe we're both just hallucinations brought on by blood loss, and this spiritual stuff is all garbage.  Instead of wasting your fleeting life doing 'good', wring as much enjoyment as you can out of it before the end, and the consequences be damned,"  the other replied, her voice seeming distant.  Then a third sound broke in; the familiar and welcome one of a snowmobile idling nearby.

Her eyes snapped open, full consciousness hitting her like a bucket of freezing water.  Her grip tightened on her weapon, and she half-expected the strange creatures to still be there . . . but not a trace of them remained.  Nearly dying could do odd things to the mind, she told herself.

Feeling too relieved to worry over her recent hallucinogenic episode, Talmira pushed herself to her feet and took a few steps toward the cave entrance, ignoring the searing pain in her leg.  She could already see someone wearing the same uniform as her, clearly silhouetted against the opening.

"Hey!  Mira!  Is that you?  You alive?"  The familiar, gravelly voice of her partner was music to her ears.  Seeing her injury, he didn't wait for a response, putting one of her arms of his shoulder and leading her out.  She didn't resist, but couldn't stop thinking about how vivid, how utterly real the devil and angel creatures had seemed.  It was only as she was being strapped into the snowmobile, a flask of some hot liquid shoved into her hands, that she noticed a footprint, mostly filled in by the perpetually falling snow, but still clear.  Human in shape and size, but bare.  

She didn't say anything or point it out as the vehicle roared to life and started speeding through the endless fields of white, but what she had seen kept playing through her mind.  Not a lot of people she knew went barefoot in this weather . . .

Maybe the occasional good deed wouldn't hurt after all.
My very nearly late submission for the 'Angels & Succubi' Felarya group contest. I can't believe I made it in time! :XD:

This is mostly a humor-based, dialog-focused piece, inspired by the idea of some souls being so close to the middle between good and evil than Heaven or Hell will take them.

There is very little information relating to Psycopomps in the wiki that I can find, so I made a ton of assumptions about them here. If any of that ends up conflicting with something later . . . I'll just consider this a silly alternate universe type thing. ;P

Edit: I was in such a hurry to get this up, I forgot to give credits. ^^;

So: TheQuantumMechanic & Anime-Junkie for their work on Heaven and Hell, Jaette-troll for Imoreith Tundra-related stuff, and of course Karbo for Felarya as a whole.
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