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    "Sarone, let it go!" screamed Terri as she looked on nervously, her beautifully tanned skin turning a shocking shade of white as the giant anaconda broke the black water's surface. For some unknown reason, it was hissing louder than any snake could — though perhaps science was irrelevant in the heart of the jungle, where nature was cruel and only the tough survive to see the light of the next dawn. "It'll break the line!"
    "No, we can capture this snake," he replied in earnest, his throbbing biceps threatening to rip the material of his shirt as he strained the keep the erratic reptile under control. Suddenly the tail of the anaconda lassoed around his ankles and sent the crazed snake-hunter plummeting to the wooden deck of the barge. Free from the line, the anaconda vanished under the water, striking fear in to the hearts of all those present. Everyone was waiting anxiously as Sarone picked himself up, dusting wooden splinters and shavings from his plain, black shirt.
    There were fireflies dancing across the river, hopping from one side of the bank to the other, illuminating the night. However, what may seem beautiful and mesmeric to some — was poisonous to others. Danny shouted at the top of his lungs. "Yo man, that snake's dope!"
    "Good show," joined Westridge as he fell to the deck, scrambling around to retrieve his glasses. He had a strong accent which displayed his heritage rather clearly, and to most it sounded pretentious and borderline royal. Just as everyone inquired as to the whereabouts of the elusive water boa, the anaconda surged from the surface, sending a tsunami of cold, bone-numbing water onto the documentary narrator. Falling back in shock, the anaconda began to analyse the situation — it discovered that it was spoilt for choice. Terri gasped, feeling a large gulp race down her throat as she suddenly darted in to the cabin. As she did so, the anaconda followed her heat signature and rushed to pursue her. It couldn't resist a moving target, after all. The glass window was smashed in to a thousand pieces as the anaconda emitted a loud, powerful, heart-shattering hiss, flickering its black forked-tongue towards the helpless woman as she pinned herself to a tall, wooden beam. Before the anaconda could lash out at her, Sarone appeared from the hallway and fired a pink-ruffled tranquilliser dart in to the serpent's exposed maw. Enraged, the anaconda thrashed its sinuous body from side to side, demanding freedom from the effects of the tranquillising agent coursing through its system. 
    Frightened, Terri sought the protection of Mila, the navigator charged with guiding the team through the network of river passageways and minor tributaries. She was a beautiful woman, baltic in ethnicity and had a stunning, curvaceous body to match. Her hair was rich and silky, a dark brown with streaks of gold, flowing past her shoulders and ending at the small of her back. Dressed in her bra and beige shorts with sandals protecting her dainty feet, she pleaded for her girlfriend, Terri, to come towards the stairs. As the biologist obliged, a smile spread across her pretty face. However, this was destroyed as soon as the sweeping tail of the anaconda sent a deck chair flying towards her, pushing her in to the cool, brackish water. Sensing that another prey item was within its grasp, the anaconda bobbed its shovel-like head out and dove straight beneath the surface, departing the now soaked, wooden deck. 
    Struggling to keep herself above the water, Terri was in dier straits. Following her heart, Mila jumped in, wrapping her muscular arms around her armpits and hauling her towards the boat edge. She didn't have long, for the anaconda sliced through the water like a torpedo, homing in on its potential victims. Danny held his hand out as Mila pushed Terri upwards, allowing her drenched, glistening body to be well out of harm's way. As she was pulled out of the water, she called out for the baltic woman, desperate to embrace her. 
    Mila groaned as she kicked her feet, narrowly avoiding the anaconda's agape maw as she was lifted onto the deck. Just as she regained her footing, the anaconda lunged from the water, looked at her for the briefest of seconds, and then ambushed her. The jaws wrapped around her gorgeous face sideways, taking her completely off-guard as she was forced backwards slightly. In a continuation of the same movement, the anaconda used her momentum to begin spinning her round like a table top, applying her strong, muscular, soaked coils to Mila's soft, impressive form. Her physique aided the monstrous reptile in wrapping around her body, actually tickling her cute tummy with its wet, amber belly scales. Keeping her jaws locked firmly in her cheeks, the anaconda spun her round and round, refusing to stop. Mila felt as if she were on a carousel, the air being squeezed from her lungs as each coil fastened tight immediately, not allowing her the luxury of inhaling. Her silky brown hair, once matted and slapped wetly against her tender neck, flew wildly in the air as her arms were pinned to her sides as though they were frail twigs. She could smell the foul, putrid breath as it smothered her nostrils, hear the guttural hissing of the anaconda as she enjoyed subduing her latest victim and the drenched, slippery yet tough coils crushing her lithe form. 
    Terri wailed. "No, Mila!" 
    Sarone placed his crossbow down as he watched the anaconda have its way with the crew's navigator, accepting that there was nothing to be done. He felt a smile threaten the ends of his cracked, oily lips as he stood still. There was something highly alluring about what was becoming of the baltic woman, her dier situation enhanced by Terri's screams of utmost terror. 
    As the anaconda finished, several chunky coils cocooned her prey from shoulder to ankle, and with a dart of her mighty head, tightened them all at once, forcing a puff of air to vacate Mila's petite lungs. Should she try to breathe, the coils would instinctively enclose like a well-oiled vice, preventing her from gathering oxygen...oxygen, that seemed so precious at this exact moment in time. Terri reached her hand out as the anaconda hissed aggressively, defending her prey as she swung herself around, warning the threats to stay away, squeezing Mila tighter in the process. The navigator's splendidly unique eyes widened with fear as another gasp left her, leaving her with nothing but emptiness. In a moment of sheer desperation, Terri grabbed the rifle and pointed it towards the anaconda's scaly, bulbous head. 
    "No, she's supposed to be DEAD!" exclaimed the snake-hunter as he grabbed her matted, curly hair and threw her against the wall. It was in that moment that Mila's fate was sealed for good, for the pole she was painfully bound to snapped in half, sending her and her captor plunging in to the muddy depths of the river, creating a stunning display of unadulterated chaos. Terri was held back by another crew member as she watched the anaconda wrap another fat, green and black coil around Mila's slender shoulders, forcing her under the surface. All that remained of her existence were a few bubbles that rose to the surface. 
    About half an hour later, when everyone was still mourning the demise of their beloved navigator, something unseen swum beneath the boat. The anaconda continued to follow the crew as they journeyed through the unknown depths of the Amazonian abyss. Mila's stunned expression was frozen as she stretched the scales of the serpent's belly, her feminine shape defined perfectly as the tight, inescapable confines held her in place. She was still alive — albeit barely — but all she could do now was contemplate her impending fate from within the anaconda's constricting belly. 

"A dream I had, a rather...strange one at that..."

Mila; Mila Kunis
Written by Amy Erin Blackshire
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This one is for you ~rainbowchick214, I hope you enjoy~

It had now been three months since Ivan moved you into his place.  This wasn't really a problem, since his house is big and quite a few others live in it as well.  The baltics for instance. Yeah, to be honest it was the baltics that were the problem.

Well, not Estonia or Latvia really at all. You thought them to be quite sweet. But Lithuania... He was different. Maybe it was because he was the oldest of the baltics, but there was something so strange about him. You couldn't put your finger on it.

He was always the one who served you, did chores for you and all the while when you said he didn't have to do everything for you, he replied by saying he didn't mind doing things for you. To be honest he warmed you from the inside, he was the one your heart fluttered if you saw him. You knew, you just knew you were falling for the gentle Lithuanian.

On the other hand though you had Russia and while you did still have some lingering feelings for him, they were nothing compared to the feelings you had for Lithuania. Only thing is, you can't really waltz up to Russia and say: "Sorry, but I'm afraid I love your subordinate more than you, laters!"

Are you kidding me, he'd probably kill Lithuania along with you. You had to find a way to tell him you didn't have the same romantic feelings he obviously had for you. He hadn't made a move on you yet, but you knew that soon he would.

Suddenly you had a brainwave. You sat bolt upright on the bed you were lying on. Checking the clock, you made sure of it. It was only a matter of time before Russia came home. You smiled, you had quite a few things to do...


Ivan came home at the same time as always. "I'm home~" Instead of the usual flustered baltics greeting him, you came out of the living room, wearing a pretty dress and looking more stunning than usual. He kissed your cheek a little too enthusiastically, but then again, the point of the dress was to make him enthusiastic.

"Say, Ivan dear," you knew he liked being called by his human name," do you fancy playing a game of chess with me?"  He raised his eyebrows, still eyeing up your body. "And to make it more fun," you smiled deviously," the loser has to do whatever the winner says.Ok?"

You led him into the living room and sat him down in his favourite chair. "Hmmm, comfy." Ivan said. You placed the chessboard in between the two of you. "Now remember, the loser has to obey the winner no matter what it is." He was confused but smiled," Shall we swear on something then?"

"Okay, what will you swear on then?" You thought he'd swear on his scarf or something, but no. He leant over and brushed his lips against yours. "I swear on the right to kiss you." He smiled sweetly.  You blushed, not expecting your first kiss to be taken by him. "I-I swear on my head." "Well, that's a bit boring, but okay. Let's start shall we?"


You were beating him, he only had a few pawns, a knight and of course the king left. You on the other hand were swooping all over the board, picking off his pieces easily.  You finalized your strategy and grinning said:"Checkmate." as you placed your bishop on the board.
He scowled, crossing his arms. "So now you do as I say, because I win." Your grin widened, your plan so far gone perfectly. "Okay, what do you want me to do?"

"I want, no, I order you to accept this." He looked confused. "And I order you not to do anything to him." His eyes widened," Sunflower, do you mean-" "I LOVE LITHUANIA!!" You couldn't possibly keep it in any longer. He sat back stunned. "I'm sorry, I'm very flattered you love me, but now I know that I don't love you anymore, I can't stay here anymore."

He got up and left the room, not saying anything. You felt sorry for him, but happy as well. You'd finally got it off your chest. You got up as well, you'd have to pack your stuff. As you left the room you bumped into Lithuania. He blushed and scurried off before you could say anything. You sighed and scratched your head. You went upstairs to pack your things.


You finally finished packing your things. You wiped the sweat off your forehead. You'd leave first thing in the morning. Suddenly your door banged open.  As you turned the smell of alcohol hit your nose. Your head reeled and you saw Russia stumble into your room. Drunk out of his skull.

Crap. He came towards you and fell on top of you. "Russia..." "Not Russia, call me Ivan." He slurred his words and you did your best not to collapse under his weight.  You pulled him towards and lay him down. Unfortunately he had other plans. He'd kept hold of your wrist and pulled you on top of him. "How much did you drink?" You tried to distract him so you could get free from his grasp."I just had the one glass, LITHUANIA can testify for me." He breathed heavily and the stench of vodka rolled over your face. He definitely had had more than one glass.

He somehow managed to get on top of you. "Russia!" He glared into your (e/c) eyes. "Why? Why him? He's just some weakling; he doesn't even come close to compare with mother Russia."  He grasped your hands and pulled them above your head. "He can't do anything! He wouldn't eve-" His sentence was stopped as something smashed into his head.  He collapsed onto your body, completely KO.  

You looked to see Lithuania standing above him Russia's water faucet pipe. He'd hit him on the head very hard. Lithuania trembled all over, terrified that the Russian would get up and kill him. When he didn't, Lithuania relaxed somewhat. He pulled the Russian off of you and pulled you in a tight hug.

"Are you okay?" His gentle voice whispered into your ear. You blushed and nodded into his chest. "He only had one glass?!" Lithuania looked his feet," Well yeah, only thing is, he kept filling it up again." You face palmed yourself.

Lithuania took your hand"Okay then, shall we go then?" You blinked in surprise. "Do you-" "Yeah, I heard you talking to Russia earlier." He turned beet red, " and the truth is,  I've liked you alot for quite a long ti-" Your lips pressed against his. You smiled sweetly at his face. It had, even though it wasn't possible, turned even redder. "So you're leaving with me?" He nodded and smiled at you. "Well let's go then Lithuania!" "_____, can you call me Toris?" You kissed him again and grinned. Picking up your bag, you left while the Russian was still out cold. Let's see how long it took before Russia found you and your lover~
Okay~ This one is for ~rainbowchick214. I hope you enjoy

I'm sorry Ivan, I love you, I really do!! I'll never hurt you again I promise~
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    It was unusual, but she found herself developing quite a taste for humans. It amused her how they considered themselves the dominant species, yet were so easily defeated by the slightest application of pressure on their fragile bodies. She had grown to strangely enjoy binding them in her coils; watching them squirm and gasp futilely as she squeezed tighter, until at last their heads lolled back and they expired. And their arrogance was something she enjoyed crushing; they were the ones invading and destroying her home, yet she was the monster and pest; how odd. She did not love the older among them, for their shoulders were a nuisance she had been unable to overcome, but the smaller ones, hairless and devoid of muscle, were much better: she could wrap them up from head to toe, pin their arms and still have plenty of her prodigious body left over. She loved watching their eyes bulge, their faces contorted in breathless agony as her coils cracked their ribs, suffocating them. Truly, life was good for her.
    From the thickness of the rainforest came a most unlikely sight, a young British teenager by the name of Erica, dressed in a thin white top and black shorts, sporting a pair of adidas sandals as her lovely brown hair was tied back in a ponytail to counter the overwhelming heat of the early afternoon. Having made camp at the village, whose inhabitants greeted her with open arms, the young teenager decided to look for the monster dubbed 'Saruké' and document her existence in the name of science. She wasn't cruel, nor was she in favour of what people were doing to this magical environment, but she was unaware of the sheer might of the rumoured creature. It had been two weeks since the last of her prey had been reduced to nutrients by her stomach acid, and now she found herself hungering again. Having soaked up the glorious sun throughout the morning, she finally began to unwind her mound of coils, her long thick autumnal body slithering across the crisp forest floor, all forty feet of her perfectly hidden beneath the abyss of the undergrowth. Perhaps she would find another child to violently dissuade of their delusions of godhood. As she slithered from her resting place, the python was nearly startled to death when Erica came bounding from the depths of the rainforest and tripped over her thick, muscular body, sending part of the great reptile and the young teenager hurling in the air. 
    "Ooofttt!" Erica moaned loudly as she flared her eyes and landed on the soft mud with a loud thud. Old and decaying leaves covered her exposed arms as she found herself caked in dirt, adding to her frustration. Her eyes blazed with blind fury as she looked at the gigantic python she had tripped over recoil, preparing to strike as a loud, guttural hiss filled the chasm of the rainforest grove. The python was strikingly beautiful, patterned with yellow triangles and brown circles, her scales shimmering like the brightest of stars as her tongue flickered in and out of her mouth in hurried fashion, absorbing the scent of the meal to come.
    Erica leapt to her feet as she stood her ground, refusing to back down or sprint into the relative safety of the distance as the great python leered up, towering above the small human as she bore her impressive rows of re-curved teeth. A gulp travelled down her throat as she looked upon the slithering strands of warm, putrid saliva drop from the gaping maw. Little did she know that this was where she was destined to travel.
    Before she could even blink, the great and mighty python was upon her, biting into her shoulder and latching on like a leach before Erica gasped, feeling herself being pulled in circles, rapidly spinning around as sheets of titanic muscle wrapped around her impressive frame. Should she attempt to move, the coils entwining her would squeeze, forcing the precious oxygen from her already starved lungs. It was clear that the python was asserting her dominance over the young woman; grabbing her arrogance by the throat and snapping it clean in two. In a manner of seconds, she was cocooned in the more than welcoming embrace of the female python, as she looked her in the eyes, absorbing every spark of terror that flashed within them to enhance her own pleasure.
    She hissed again and again as the coils began to wind tighter, resulting in Erica forming a desperate expression before gulping once more. Slowly moving her head from side to side as she looked for anything…anyone, who could possibly aid her deteriorating situation. Reams of saliva hit her in the face like a wet flannel, a sure sign of what was shortly to come.
A few other pythons had gathered round to watch her demise, for this part of the rainforest swarmed with their presence. It was their kingdom, and theirs alone. However a pesky invader was more than welcome to join them for dinner. Soon the bands of muscle were beginning to take their toll on the young woman, grinding tightly over one another as the scales made a rough sound, passing one another with a gentle kiss. As Erica bobbed her head back and forth, the great python hissed deeply, lifting her mouth above the crown of her prey as she prepared for the most important and crucial part of the capture.
Up she came, opening her mouth incredibly wide as the horrid stench filled Erica’s nostrils. It was time to swallow this morsel whole without any interruptions whatsoever. The python’s sister was watching on intently, contemplating the success of her sibling before slithering off into the distance to cool off in a small, freshwater pool. Erica couldn’t believe it, here she was in the middle of a sweaty jungle, her clothes torn and tattered, sat in the tightening embrace of a monolithic snake, awaiting to be eaten. Her life had boiled down to this one moment, born for the sole purpose of being consumed and killed by this most ancient Queens of the eternal jungle.
    "Stop! Please! I…don't want to be eaten ALIVE!" pleaded Erica as she closed one eye, a strand of glob-like saliva hitting it as she gritted her pearly teeth together, grinding as the squeeze continued, keeping her trapped whilst the python moved to immobilise her hopes for freedom completely. It was over, her hopes and dreams…smashed as the light began to disappear. Sounds of heavy breathing and slopping could be heard as Erica’s head was taken in by the elastic jaws of the python, literally walking over her to bring her further inside. It was painful at first, but she soon adjusted and became used to it all.
Her heart thundered inside her chest, aching as it desperately tried pumping more oxygen around her crushed body. There was no chance of escape as long as the meaty coils were all around her, enveloping every square inch of her until there was nothing left.
    Soon, the tears flowed as the snake forced her eyes to droop. Erica gulped once more as the last sight of the outside world left her sight, leaving her lost in the steamy, hot dark of the python’s constricting throat. Her cheeks were pressed tightly to her face as she felt herself pulled further and further into the void of the python’s revolting body.
Moan as she would; groan as she dared, there was nothing Erica could do to match the might of her predator, her hopes finally dashed as she heard the python wrap its jaws around her petite shoulders. That was her final dream, for it had been long rumoured that snakes couldn’t get past the human shoulders, yet she had just been proven wrong. More saliva covered her neck and collarbones as she was forced further still, the inner-muscles of the python’s body working to contract against her flesh, bringing her closer and closer to her inevitable destination – the stomach. Here, she would await, lying still as the digestive fluids kicked up a gear, growing more acidic in order to break her organic matter down into nutritious material which would later be absorbed into the python’s major muscles and organs to prolong its own life.
    In a way she had started to accept her grisly fate, forming a serious expression as the python continued her business without worry. What a fortunate day for the old reptile, for dinner had been delivered to her doorstep right after basking in the sunshine for a few hours. Laziness, it seemed, had paid off for once. Erica, by this point, was groaning still, due only to the tightness of the throat constricting around her, squeezing her further and further like the helpless slab of sweet meat she now was.
Sunshine battered the snake’s smooth scales, warming the interior of its body as Erica coughed and sputtered, finding it increasingly hard to breathe in her organic prison. What could she do? The python had her right where she wanted her, trapped…in a scaly embrace, which would forever claim her soul. There was…no escape, for not even her muscular thighs and calves could put up a fight. They were bound by three coils, tightening as the python made her way past her ample breasts, the tip of her black, forked-tongue wrapping inexorably around each nipple and giving them a fair squeeze.
    Erica grumbled at this, her eyes narrowing as she realised that her predator was getting some personal satisfaction out of all this. Even her ribs were tasty; each single bone treated to a tantalising lick as the python marched ever onwards, claiming the young woman as her own. In a way, Erica was grateful, for there were worse ways to perish in this cruel world, and at least she was giving something back to nature  herself.
    It was incredibly hot inside the python’s body, the tightening muscles coating her fine figure in a layer of smelly, putrid saliva that eased her passage towards the stomach. Her groans could be heard from outside, a group of birds watching as her hourglass figure extended the scales of the great python. It was like flowing down a waterslide on holiday, except she was plunged into darkness and unable to truly appreciate the…pleasure of it all. If only my mother could see me now, Erica thought to herself as she felt another tsunami of constriction grip her, this time delivered to her womanhood, squeezing around her flaps and pushing up as she blushed darkly.
    Though it seemed that her killer was not only sadistic, but also predacious in the way she went about her foul business, enjoying every second of the long process that had already breached two hours. She felt herself growing wetter with each drifting second that floated by like a thin wisp of cloud, enjoying her demise more than she should. The brunette only regretted one thing, that she couldn’t move her arms to touch herself and satisfy her lusts one…final…time. However the python was merciless and continued on her merry way, swallowing well past her hips as a sucking sound penetrated Erica’s minute ears.

    As the terrible act went on, from the bowels of the jungle came another woman, tall and lithe and exotic as far as skin colour went. She was Alexis, a courageous woman who had gotten into trouble recently over pornography in magazines as she did covers from time to time. Now, lost in the emerald abyss, the young woman was travelling straight towards a most terrifying place, the mating ball where many pythons gathered to breed. Only the largest came here, and if they were exposed to the sight of Alexis, there raging hormones would take over and force them to act.
    Erica’s shining, impressive thighs were absorbed, leaving only her weakly kicking feet as her toes twitched from the unstoppable waves of pleasure ravaging her young, virgin self. That was another regret of hers, to have never tasted the meat of a man’s kit, yet here she was being taken from the world, her freedom placed in death’s dungeons for all time, never to taste the fresh air of escape. Therein lied the problem, for the python detected the sweet scent of another meal and continued swallowing Erica faster, her re-curved teeth smothered with the salty sweat of her prey’s body tickling her soles as her forked-tongue gave a last tickle before snapping shut, erasing the very evidence of her existence forever.
    Her thoughts were mixed as she entered the acidic stomach, ruminating on the events of her life, highlighting memories that spoke to her the most, above all others. Even though her life was unmistakably over, Erica couldn’t help but feel good about herself. She had been chosen, ahead of all others, to be this python’s meal, and she blushed at that realisation as the stomach closed, leaving her helpless and utterly trapped, awaiting the inevitable digestion that would turn her into luscious nutrients for the apex predator, Queen of the jungle. And so she quivered, both in fear and excitement as she heard a bubbling noise, a wave of digestive fluids swarming around her as the python retreated into the hole from whence she came, this time…with her unfortunate meal in tow.

    Meanwhile, Alexis was standing over the edge of a small cliff, her eyes wide with horror and puzzlement as she looked upon the sight of many snakes coiled around one another, hundreds of males wrapped around a single, humongous female. She was easily over fifty feet in length and rivalled the ancient titanaboas that once ruled this stretch of the jungle. Little did she realise that the end was nigh, for the impressively muscular and well-defined woman made one fatal error too many, and soon discovered that she was falling straight into the pit below.
    Women were foolish in that they didn’t realise their true purpose in this world, to be eaten by nature’s top predators. This was the fate of all of humanity, for their misplaced arrogance in believing they were top of the food chain was as false as the belief that they had a god. It was amusing as Alexis collapsed into the watery pool, sending a surge of muddy water into the air as she frantically treaded water, her shrill screams of terror echoing around the entire jungle as her eyes shot open, threatening to breach their sockets and slip out as she looked for a way out of this writhing doom.
Success! She managed to find a long, thick vine that was sticky to the touch, allowing her to grip on with her damp palms, pulling herself up and onto the rock face that was lined with ferns and moss. As she grinned to herself, confident in her ability to escape a most unpleasant of endings, a small rock was loosened by her left foot and sent plunging into the black abyss. For a moment she hung still, cupping her mouth with one hand as she tried to remain deathly silent, she could ill afford to earn the attention of one of these colossal serpents.
    Fortunately, nothing happened after about thirty-seconds, and soon Alexis was back on her way towards the summit of the pit, biting her bottom lip as she strained, gripping the thick, throbbing vine incredibly tightly. Freedom was so close, so near, just within her reach, tantalisingly close, practically begging for her to take it. However as soon as she touched a blade of grass, something wet and scaly wrapped itself around her mouth and pulled her down, ripping the vine from her hands as a muffled scream escaped her parted lips.
    The gigantic female had been disturbed by the falling rock hitting her head and went to investigate, discovering an easy meal well within her range and tastes. And so, with minimal effort, she wrapped her tail around Alexis and brought her into her mighty coils, swooping around her like they were tree stumps, binding her pitifully slim arms to her sides as though they were matchsticks, nothing more, nothing less. Should she scream and plead, the moss-covered coils of blackness would inch tighter, hugging her closer than any lover she had ever shared her womanhood with. On the odd occasion, she enjoyed all of her entrances explored, but that would never happen again as the males uncoiled from the female and watched her dominate this hapless human.
    In the depths of the jungle, Erica had since fallen asleep, claimed by a slumber from which she would never wake, killed by a smaller python. She would’ve counted herself lucky if she saw the size of the python that had captured Alexis and bound her swiftly in her meaty coils. Her cheeks turned purple as her nostrils were exposed to a horrid stench, that of serpentine love as the pool filled with the sperm of the males, almost causing her to vomit right there and then before another wave of constriction forced her to exhale. Her chest was literally on fire, her lungs burning to a crisp as the air was robbed from her, the massive head of the female python moving above her head as the end dawned.
    Emitting one final scream that threatened to tear the trees from their roots and deafen everything alive, Alexis watched with growing agony as she was swallowed whole, her eyes wild with fear as she was greeted by a piping hot throat lined with stinky saliva. Her legs were numb from the squeezing of the binding coils, and she was unable to see a number of males licking the interior of her vagina, tasting her sweet nectar as they hissed with ceaseless pleasure, absorbing the final memory of who and what she was, a porn-star.
    Her enormous breasts were flattened by the female python as she swallowed over them, gently biting the tip of one of her nipples as it became hard and rigid, her groans of utmost terror increasing as they could be heard from outside. There was something ultra alluring about the way in which her pride and glory was being cleansed by the devilish tongues of the males, as if they were mocking her defeat, adding to her boundless humility as she was swallowed further and further like the pathetic waste of space she was.
    Her thoughts turned dark as she was confronted with a horribly tight space, the throat muscles forcing her towards the enormous stomach where she would be broken down and destroyed for all time. She was coated in mud, leaves and snake saliva, her cheeks growing redder as the males teased her death, laughing at her as they found themselves growing more and more aroused, both by the female’s success and Alexis herself.
    "Help!" she pleaded, failing to move her arms that were stuck behind her smooth back, making her look more streamlined than she really was. Her impressive figure was easily viewable from the outside world, should one be walking past they would see a gorgeous woman succumbing to the might of a superior species. The last few coils dropped limply from her legs, splashing in the black, revolting water as Alexis came to accept her gruelling demise.
    Why me, why not that infernal Erica? Of all people, why me? She asked of herself as she entered the stomach for the first time, feeling the massive, lashing tongue of her predator ravish her womanhood for her own pleasure. The males had their turn. Her amber eyes widened with lust as she hissed with a deafening lust, motivating her to swallow more and more until young Alexis…vanished for all time.


    Amy made her way through the grimy, steamy waters of the Amazonian Rainforest, her exposed and rock-hard stomach glistening in the sunlight. A head of blond hair trickled down to her back, her small white top revealing part of her breasts becoming increasingly damp as the heat of the day overwhelmed her. Her muscular legs shone like white diamonds under the surface, a source of envy for any passing aquatic life form.
    Before long, the beautiful woman was struck by something sharp and hard, digging into her right shoulder and forcing her under the surface momentarily before dragging her out just as swiftly. Reeled in like a trout, her lithe form rotated through the brown, silty water as needle-like teeth refused to move from her flesh. A massive green anaconda had attacked her, far larger than any ever recorded in recent times. It was almost black, the width of its immeasurable body well over a foot as it hissed with vigorous anticipation. It had been a long time since a large prey item presented itself for possible ambush, and the female anaconda was desperately in need of sustenance.
    Rolled round and round like a fairground ride through the swamp, Amy moaned in disbelief, both at the sheer strength and dominating will of the reptile preying upon her. A coil clamped on her back, just missing the opportunity to pin her golden hair to her spine as it encircled just under her breasts, pushing them up as it instantly tightened and forced a puff of air to vacate her lungs. With the wind knocked out of her Amy was finished, for another coil swooped like a lasso around her impressive stomach, each cold scale rubbing against her abdominals and causing her to giggle in response. Such was her ticklish nature; the yellow-head couldn't resist the urge to laugh at the fat band of steel sliding past her belly. One scale even ventured inside her bellybutton for a moment, causing untold levels of unwanted pleasure to overcome her. Yet as she exhaled, the two coils wound ever tighter, like a sealing envelope protecting valuable contents for one person's eyes only, much like herself in a way.
    Her arms were pinned against her sides like matchsticks, held in place by a firm coil that threatened to rip her top from her chest. Nearing a small branch protruding from the water, the anaconda released Amy's shoulder and forced her back up against it, applying another coil that broke the surface of the water and entwined around her hips just as loving as the others. As it did so, Amy's legs also broke the water's surface, splashing violently as her head skyrocketed, an expression of pain sketching across her pretty face as she yelled. Now trapped within the tightening embrace of the serpent, the blonde couldn't move one inch, merely sitting in place as she welded her eyes shut.
    ''Mmmmmmmmm…….!'' Amy groaned quietly as she gritted her teeth and stared weakly at the anaconda with one eye open and the other closed. A ringing hissing sound filled the cavity of her ears as the massive coils rolled tighter, crunching the fragile foundations of the branch smothered in smelly, vile swamp water. Her feet kicked wildly under the surface, forcing the anaconda's hand as it licked the tip of her nose and wrapped it's largest coil around her giant, muscular thighs, pinning them in place without question. Water dripped from her brow as she 'smiled' at her attacker, its foul breath entering through the gaps of her teeth as her breasts sat atop the coil around her ribcage. Her heart was working overtime, trying without success to pump more oxygen around her body, oxygen…that wouldn't come. The constriction was merciless, crushing her like a grape under a vice as the sound of splintering wood caused her eyes to widen. The anaconda's head had since moved to the side of her face, licking her ear teasingly as the cracking sound increased in tempo.
    She couldn't tell if it was her body or the wood breaking, but she knew all too well that her life was about to end. More and more the sweaty coils tightened around her, the branch finally snapping in two as she rocked her head back, the coils bouncing up and then down in response. As she did so, the anaconda hissed and lunged forward, biting sideways across her cheeks and chin, smothering her face as it held her securely and then twirled her coils around, forcing Amy to turn to the side whilst her head remained straight, squeezing her ever tighter. There was not a shred of mercy in the anaconda, only desiring this girl as a meal to help it live that little bit longer. As she released her steel-like hold, Amy bobbed her head from side to side before dropping it in front of the coil around her ribcage, as if offering herself to the great and powerful reptile, Queen…of the Amazon.
    Before long, the anaconda opened its mouth incredibly wide, hissing even louder as drops of putrid, boiling saliva fell from it's mouth, descending slowly as Amy sat limply in it's scaly hug, seemingly devoid of life. It was time to swallow this human whole, the reams of saliva trickling onto the crown of her head as she faintly murmured something, wheezing from the exertions of trying to inhale. Precious oxygen wasn’t available on demand however; as the coils kept her trapped and secured, making sure she tried not to escape. The scorching heat of the day did little to prevent the anaconda straining the last ounces of its energy, trying desperately to take this most desirable prey items as a meal.
    Amy was the perfect size; both fat and muscular yet lean enough to easily slip a number of coils around her frame. Anacondas had no appreciation for beauty, nor did they have any sense of remorse, hence the feeding behaviour blessed upon the attractive blonde as she looked into the deep chasm of blackness. Combined was a pink and red muscular shade that told her of her coming fate, to be swallowed whole by this terrible yet impressive reptile.
Throughout the constriction process, the anaconda hadn’t stopped squeezing Amy, pulling her sheets of muscle closer and closer, forcing the air from her lungs and preventing the process of gaseous exchange through the alveoli essential to respiration. Without her heart pumping the gas around the body, she could no longer resist or fight her attacker and therefore submitted to its every desires. Though there was a slice of resistance when first striking her, the majority of the time the anaconda had the upper hand and thus…squeezed Amy close to the gates of heaven, ending her miserable life. Even though she was terrified and greatly wished for freedom, the lithe and fair-breasted blonde had accepted her fate, resigning herself to this reptile's need to feed.
    In actuality, Amy was urging the anaconda to finish her off, staring at the maw as it encroached her entire head, making a signature sucking sound as air escaped the throat and saliva slathered over her face. As the jaws literally walked over her, more of her disappeared into the body of the snake, for it would not stop until she was resting as nothing more than a large bulge in the chasms of digestive darkness. Furthermore, the absence of anyone around to possibly aid her deteriorating situation caused her to accept that she was nothing more than essence of nutrition waiting to be claimed. She made a sour expression as her eyes saw the last light of the world, only to fall into blackness as hot, warm saliva covered her entire face, the anaconda descending further and further.
    "Oh my…I'm…being swallowed alive!" Amy groaned with a hint of seductiveness as another squeeze came from the coils around her giant breasts. There was nothing she could do to explain why she was getting tremendous sexual satisfaction over the realisation of being consumed alive. In a way she considered herself fortunate, as she was certain that no human had ever experienced what she was about to undertake  the journey of a lifetime for sure. 

Dedicated to :iconfetish-writer:

Written by Amy Erin Blackshire.
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Here's a suggestion:

Stop treating sex and nudity as taboo or risqué and accept it as a normal and natural part of who we are as a species. Let's put away the old ideologies of shame and ignorance and progress ourselves by showing a level of maturity about these mundane and common facts. Society needs to stop acting like a adolescent (i.e. thinking with one's genitalia) regarding the subjects of nudity and sex. Clothes service a vital purpose in our lives -protection from the elements, our environment, breast shag, and the sight of obese and elderly body-types; economic growth and marketing; social statements; the discrete transport of weapons, explosives, and contraband; etc.- but the lack thereof should not be cause for alarm or disgust (in most cases). Maturity in dealing with these natural traits should be a hallmark of our sentient and cognitive existence. Reason drives us to advance beyond our current lackluster approach and reach a state where such trivial things no longer matter.

I double-dare you. :)
I made a dAforum post: Nudity and Sex: Deal with it! It was so good I had to make it into a deviation. Feel free to comment on both posts. I would have placed this deviation under the category of Satire but it just uses satire rather than being in a satirical format. So I chose Editorial, which is a more apt description.


Alright, since many have taken this the wrong way, I'll explain a few things here. Firstly, I decided to place this in the Satire category. It is more obvious to me now that such is a better place for this. Secondly, as you might have guessed from the category change, this is a Satirical work that is mean to draw attention to the errors in logic for those who are pro-censorship. And just to note, Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal was a major inspiration for this work.

And to make things even more clear:

1. Sarcasm. The references to elderly persons and the others was meant to be facetious.
2. Audience. If I were to aim this little diatribe at a particular group, I might would focus on those who are not mature, regardless of age. This is why I use the childish quip, "I double-dare you."
3. Intent. This was never meant to be take seriously. However, it was still designed to state a point.
4. Message. To clear away the debris and expose the meaning behind this, I tell you this: sex and nudity are just facts of life.
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A muggy tropical night was at its end. The stars had already faded and darkness kept on dispersing with every moment giving way to the morning grayness. Kratos sped up his pace. He had to sneak into the barracks unnoticed before dawn and he still had a considerable distance to walk.

He was wondering if it wouldn't have been better to start running at that point when suddenly cold blinding white light exploded a few meters in front of him.

He stopped raising both arms and covering his face. The light shimmered rapidly then faded a bit, its hue turning warmer, and finally flashed with sharp blinding blaze again to shoot away lightning alike branchy rays earth and skywards.

Strong scent of ozone and sea water filled the air while a vague blurred shape solidified among the flashes and discharges. A few moments later, a human figure emerged from the light.

Kratos stared at the man with utter amazement. In front of him stood... his own self - ashenpale, with a bloodred tattoo running across his face and chest. Also visibly older.

"Who... what are you, spectre!" Kratos snapped frowning, his hand gripping the handle of a sword strapped to his belt.

The man hurridly raised opened palms in a universal gesture of peace.

"Relax and give me a chance to explain..."

"Don't come any further!"

"I have no hostile intentions."

"Time will show."

"I do realise it must seem suspicious but believe me I'm the last person whom you have any reasons not to trust."

"No offence, but you don't look like a human to me."

"And yet I am one. Just like yourself. Or even exactly like yourself. I am you."

"You're me?"

"Yes. I come from... err..."

The ashenpale one hesitated. He had practised this particular fragment of the conversation many times but despite all preparations he did get a bit confused when it came to delivering the speech in front of the the one it had been intended for. But then it wasn't everyday he lied to his own self thus risking an occurence of severe time paradox and inevitable destruction of the universe. Let alone, losing the chance of carring out the plan he wanted to fulfill.


"From a... parallel, err... y'know, a parallel reality."


"Yeah, exactly. How should I explain this to you..."

The ashenpale one pretended that he tries to collect his thoughts. It seemed that the most difficult part was already behind him. He managed to begin the conversation avoiding the fight. Now he just had to ensure the young one that it was all about the mentioned parallel realities and not time travel he had performed using the mirrors once guarded by the Sisters of Fate - the fact that had to remain concealed if his present was to be safe.

"Let's put it this way; time is like a string stretched through infinity. A string that's weaved from hundreds of smaller threads. Each of those threads is a complete, separate reality. Some of the realities are very similar, nearly identical, others differ visibly. There are also realities so radically different from everything you know that having found yourself in one of them you'd be sure you're dreaming. Apart from many various realities there are also methods... of travelling between them."

"What methods?"

"I cannot tell you. I've already said too much. This knowledge will be revealed to you in due time. Of course, if in this particular reality you are to know those things."

"Why should I believe you?"

"You don't have to."

"But you think I will."

"And you don't believe me?"

Kratos looked at the ashenpale one carefully. There was no way to deny that he appeared from nowhere in a storm of flashes and lightnings. He could also pass for his twin brother. The explanation sounded like a talk of a madman but despite high motivation he was unable to come up with a better one himself.

"Why do you look... the way you look?"

"That's not something particularly relevant but I shouldn't tell you anyway. It might have unpredictable consequences for your, hm... future."

"What do you mean?"

"Believe me, playing with time is a damn dangerous thing. A lot has happened in my life so far. A lot, really. And not less is surely going to happen in yours though I'm not sure to what extent the path of your fate will be similar to... mine. Regardless of that, everything must run as it was meant to. If I tell you too much, if you gain the knowledge of things you shouldn't have the knowledge of now, the final results may turn out to be catastrophic."

In silence that followed both men stood motionless like two twin statues looking at each other intensely and not saying a word. It took a long while before Kratos finally spoke:

"What do you want from me?"

"Well..." his ashenpale twin smiled somewhat affectedly. "Nothing special, really..."

"Are you trying to tell me that you have travelled from your reality to mine because of nothing special?"

The ashenpale one scrached his shaven head clearly embarassed.

"It's... complicated," he stated, deep lines of wrinkles cutting his forehead. "There is a certain issue... quite delicate one, I must admit..."

"Go on."

"Well... there's this woman that..."


"I mean she and I..." the ashenpale one drawn his palms close together and performed an undefined gesture.

"You're married?"

"Not exactly."

"Not exactly?"

"Yeah, not exactly. I mean, we aren't."


"The thing is that she agreed to... do something that's exteremely important to me and..."

"To do something?"

"Y'know... in bed," the ashenpale one rolled his eyes in a way typical for obscenly accosted virgins rather than warriors who Show No Mercy and Do Not Expect Mercy from Othes Either. "Nevermind the details."

"Hehheh. Ahem, I mean... go on."

"In return, she wants something for herself."

"Logical. But what it has to do with me?"

"One thing at a time. As I've already said, she consented but she wants something in return. And that's the problem because this happens to be something I cannot agree and will never agree for."

"So agree not and force her to do what you want."

"That's not so simple."

"What do you mean it's not? It is!"

"No, you see, it's really NOT."

Kratos winced deeply distasted. He found it hard to believe that he could possibly soften so much and get that eccentric in his old years. Even in some abstract parallel reality.

"You... love her?"

"Err, what?"

"So what's the problem?"

"The problem is that if I force her it will spoil everything."

"So get rid of her and find some other one who'll agree without making problems."

"If it was enough to do that I really wouldn't bother you. The trouble is that having walked this earth for 39 years I haven't met a female who'd accept this proposal. All of them have always declined. Always! She's the only one who hasn't."

"I see."

"I cannot waste this chance. It's very unlikely that I will ever have another one. On the other hand, the condition the woman demands to be fulfilled is unacceptable."

"A real dead point."


"I won't even think what could be that thing she wants..."

"A threesome."

"What? A threesome...? Just that? From what you've told me I was sure it was going to be at least..."

"You don't get it. She wants another man in our bed."

That left Kratos speechless.

"Disgusting, isn't it. A mere thought of it makes me feel like throwing up, too."

"But what this all has to do with me?"

"Well, how should I... tell you this..."

"I don't think I could manage to persuade her into changing her mind."

"You surely won't. I don't know how many times I myself have tried. I asked politely, threatened, resorted to manipulation and bribery even... all without any effect. The stubborn witch won't let go."

"She must have sensed how important it is to you."


"But what exactly do you expect from me? I don't feel attracted to men. Just like yourself."

"Well, as a matter of fact I do feel attracted to men."


"Yeah, very," the ashenpale one bared his teeth in a skewed lustful smirk. "But only to the dead ones from my list, hehheh."

"Oh, such men I've always found hot, too." Kratos smiled back in the identical way fully appreciating his own heavyish sense of humour.

"I'm sure you have. Anyway, myself sharing a woman with another man is not an option. Even if it was to be a one night stand. Or something less than that."

"I understand you perfectly."

"When we're finished, anyone can take her in any way they want. I don't give a damn."

"Sure, who would."

"...but as long as she's with me... I feel sick whenever I think that this other guy might for instance brush his body against mine while we'd be doing this..."

Kratos shuddered touched to the quick by this paralisingly disgusting vision.

"...or, worse even, touch my... with his... but I thought to myself that if YOU would agree..."


"You're a man yet at the same time you are also technically my own self so..."

"You want ME to go to bed with you and your woman...?"

"Well... yeah."

Having recovered from initial shock, Kratos quickly pulled himself together and analysed the situation.

Just like the overwhelming majority of ultramanly machos he had a definitely positive approach to sex experiments of all kinds - especially that the rigorous regulations of the Spartan army gave the soldiers who were under the age of 30 very few opportunities to fulfill their potential in that regard.

The concept of having sex with a female stranger in the presence of an older and unhealthily pale version of himself, although egzotic and somewhat perverse, was not unacceptable so despite total lack of experience with such erotic configurations he didn't oppose for long and accepted the untypical proposal.

In spite of time manipulation, no negative consequences nor any other visible effects of the whole adventure occured. Well, maybe with one little exception. From then on, classic two person sex did not satify Kratos anymore...
I dedicate this fic to all unreformably heterosexual Truly Masculine Men who – instead of giving in to pitiful metrosexual degeneration, getting domesticalised, enslaved in some office job and fattened with homemade dinners – stay archetypal and manly risking their lives in distant combat zones :fuzzydemon:

EXPLANATION: It's a widely known fact that the ancient Spartan army was not particularly heterosexual yet, exclusively for the purpose of this fic, a highly abstract and historically inaccurate assumption has been made that homosexualism was not a norm among the Spartan warriors.

Polish orginal here: [link]
Preview image done by me.
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A true Story

I was the first to see the wolf.  I noticed him even before he saw us.  But I think perhaps I am getting ahead of myself; let's start from the beginning.  

It was April 2001, and my beautiful wife and I had driven over 700km (435 miles) to spend the night at the home of my father's sister, Jeanne-Berthe, in the town of Saint-Quentin, New Brunswick.  

My employer, in a brief moment of insanity, had seen fit to allow me the choice of a Ford Mustang as my company fleet vehicle.  I had been driving it for almost six months by then, enough to have learned to respect its loose, tail-happy road handling characteristics, and even to embrace them as somewhat endearing.  Armed with four new Blizzak ice tires and the confidence of a recently completed advanced driving class, the snow covered rural highways were my playground.  

We left Saint-Quentin early Sunday morning, heading for Halifax to visit my cousin.  We could have taken the safe route, back along the well traveled National Highway 2, or through Campbellton and then down though Bathurst, but I prefer driving when there are no other cars around (other drivers scare me far more than bad roads!) and wanted to take the back roads.

My wife is a bit of an adrenalin junkie, so convincing her that we should take the dirt logging road locally known as "chemin des resources" was an easy sell, although we hid the plan from my aunt who all but forbade it.  Since the road mainly saw heavy logging trucks (which wouldn't be on the road on Sundays), it was well packed and practically an ice rink, a great opportunity to test out the Blizzaks!

We tore down the road, unaware of any speed limits, for if there were any signs, they were buried under mountainous snow drifts and well hidden from us.  The Mustang seemed to be enjoying itself, growling happily as we oversteered around corners and roared up and down innumerable hills.  My wife, strapped tightly into a well contoured bucket seat that only occasionally called for her to grab the "oh sh*t" handle conveniently hung near the top of her window, was laughing and egging me on.  We had the road entirely to ourselves, and sang along with Billy Joel as he lamented his job playing the piano in a bar.

We were a few minutes past the Mount Carleton entrance for the Provincial Park that is its namesake, rounding sweeping corners with the nose practically to the snowbank as I steered with the throttle, and we came upon a long, straight, level stretch of road.  Seeing a Bullett opportunity, I accelerated; McQueen would have been proud, as we straightened out and apexed the last corner in the far lane.  I gently coaxed the Mustang back, momentum and a depressed gas pedal causing the speedometer needle to leap as we fishtailed into our proper place.  I could easily see for more than a kilometre, and atop the right bank noticed what I thought to be a large dog.  As we approached, it climbed down from the two and a half metre snowbank and out into the road, trotting slowly as if it didn't have a concern in the world.

The Mustang came equipped with standard antilock brakes, but anyone who has learned to drive in black ice conditions will confirm that while ABS is great in snow, it will not help you on sheer ice.  That was the situation we were in, the morning sun had melted the surface of the ice just enough to leave a smooth finish.  Threshold braking the Mustang would have probably stopped us faster, but the car had been hugging the road quite well (I blame the Blizzaks) and I mistakenly thought we were on a good packed snow surface, so I floored the brake pedal and threw myself into the arms of Ford technology.  Needless to say, we didn't stop, or even slow down very much, though to Ford's credit we did keep going in a relatively straight line.  The ABS was pumping like a jackhammer, the noise akin to an automatic weapon, as we skated down the road.  By the time we reached the wolf he had climbed part-way up the snowbank, putting his eyes at the same level as mine.  As we passed, the car shuddering noisily from the pumping brakes, we locked eyes and both turned our heads.  The look in his sky blue eyes was uncanny, and I defy anyone who claims that wolves aren't sentient to observe one in similar circumstances.  I still, to this day, believe that that wolf looked at me with an expression that clearly proclaimed: "You're such an idiot!"  

We eventually came to a stop, maybe thirty meters away, and the wolf was still on the snowbank, his head twisted around, looking at us over his shoulder as if we were creatures from another world.  My wife and I both burst out of the car and faced the wolf, who suddenly seemed to decide that getting up that morning had been a bad idea, or perhaps he simply couldn't remember if he had shut off the gas before leaving.  I know that humans are supposed to be programmed to be afraid of wolves, but this one was comparatively small and seemed disinclined to eat us; as well, neither my wife nor I can lay claims to great wisdom when it comes to wild animals.  In any case, he trotted back across the road and, with a quick glance towards us at the top of the snowbank, disappeared back the way he had come.  Neither of us was fast enough to take a picture, but subsequent research taught us that it was a Grey Wolf, and likely only a few months old, as their eyes rarely remain blue into adulthood.

My wife and I took a moment to hug, exclaim to each other how amazing its eyes were, and wonder aloud if it might come back.  Eventually the cold got the better of us, and we retreated to the relative warmth of the Mustang, but not before my wife took a picture of me displaying how big the wolf had been.  Actually, that is a lie; I was really telling her how much I love her.  I'm pretty sure the wolf has forgotten the incident by now, but rest assured that I never will.  And my wife carried that picture around in her wallet for years, until my son was born and still does to this day save for a brief period where her wallet had no room for photos

My first and only encounter with a wolf in the wild. Also my first non-fiction Deviation, I hope you enjoy it.
Critique Requested.

Edit: My wife told me, after reading this, that she still has that picture in her wallet. I fixed the text, and I'm going to borrow it and scan it. She also said I spent too much time talking about the car. Comments are welcome, I promise I won't tell. :-)
Edit 2: Fixed the date, it was actually 2001. I hate it when I get dates wrong :blush:
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Since I was incredibly pissed off about the recent incredibly stupid things said by Mark Millar and Todd McFarland (… ); I decided to write a story written as a counterpoint to their words. It is also against, in a way, one of the worst aspects of comic nerd culture: the sexism. Most of all, it's against the victim blaming done against rape victims in so many rape cases lately, for example the case in Steubenville, Ohio (which in part inspired the events of this story).

When a girl is raped by four football players and is the one blamed for it, Superboy steps up to defend her as the real victim even as their fellow students and even the principal is willing to give her rapists a pass. In the end, it's up to the Boy of Steel to make things right.

As Connor is presently attending McDuffie High in the New 52 (see recent Superboy issues), I decided to set the bulk of the action there. Mr. Levine is the guidance counselor there so he was brought in as well.

I say stop blaming the victims of rape for the crimes against them, stop abuse period, and stand against the rampant sexism going around.

Story by me

Superboy and related characters belong to DC Comics

Cover art taken from Adventure Comics, art by Francis Manapul

Edit 8/12/13: OVER 100 FAVES IN UNDER 8 HOURS! Thank you all! I don't know if you're faving for the story or the art I chose for the preview image (seriously, DA, you can't preview a PDF?); but either way I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Edit 8/13/13: ALMOST 1000 FAVES A BIT OVER 24 HOURS LATER Thank you all! I wish I could thank you on your pages; but DA will prevent me from doing so (since the site will think I'm spamming). And I can't keep up anyways! Plus it's on the front page of the site! Once again, thank you all!

Edit 8/14/13: Names and grammar fixed
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Have you ever heard a sound,
so beautiful that it hurts,
one that makes your heart and soul ache,
that has your body shaking with sobs,
and has you choking on something as simple as
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This is a piece of poetry which I submitted a few years ago. Thought I'd try this idea out, as it's been buzzing around my head for a few days. This is my first attempt at typography art/ visual poetry.

Original piece -

*EDIT: I've recreated this in vector as my bitmap version wasn't as big and crisp as I thought it was and I think it deserves to be as crisp and as clean as possible.*

I'm also now going to attempt to make this ready for prints - haven't done that before either!
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