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Hello dear
Today when checking my notifications on deviantart I found the following comment: (I think this kind of outrageous comments)

How to get allot of attention in Deviant Art:

1#-Be bi-sexual
2#-have a sexy body
3#-take pictures of yourself nude
4#-take picture 2 girls kissing each other
5#- act cute in the comment section
6#-Have allot of tattoos

this is my answer:

Learn to see things from another perspective:

1#- I'm not bisexual
2#-the body is art
3#-I take nude photos for where you see vulgarity I see art
4#-two girls kissing is the sexiest out there. hey what's wrong with that? There are sexual tendencies and they respect them.
5#I'm friendly with everyone because I am an educated woman
6#-I do not care what you think about my tattoos, I do it to capture memories in my skin that you like best

My work art is about free speech and my images are not all naked, I am part of a community of girls and I promote the photos, we are models with different stereotypes of beauty, sorry if you do not like just do not look, Shippingfree bad time for you and for me.Nobody is saying that support it but if it respects I also respect your work. 

Finally I want to say that I've seen your gallery does something great you should keep doing, you have a good day.

ok, post when I find that has blocked the comment so I can not tell you that, that most cowardly way to criticize a person,I know I just lock me and not you I hope you can help me and see that this.

(excuse my English I do not speak very well)

indictment by DKMsg

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  • Reading: Doodle articles
*Disclaimer* not my own written work just a collection of notes from many sources.* Last Edit: 8/23/2014

Many of us doodle and you may not realize it but doodles will actually tell you a lot about your personality and mood. The size, position as well as what the object(s) of focus of will lead you to some key clues. There are many different shapes, designs and colors of doodles, just as there are different dream scenarios, but there are some that are quite common and, as such, more easily interpreted. 

Size and Placement

Large doodles that take most of your page, you are likely to be attracted to nature. Moreover, you might also have a reserved personality, but would want to socialize.
Small doodles on a  corner of the paper suggest that the person is neat and organized in his/her ways. Because the drawing is placed on a side of the page, it shows that a person does not like wastage and prefers everything in its proper place. Those that use the center of the page may be extrovert and in need of attention. This is a common trait in those who work in areas where they need to get used to public speaking (barristers, public relations executives, lecturers, etc). Using the center of the page may also indicate the need for personal space.
Doodles at the top of the page show confidence, and an abundance of ideas. If the doodle is right next to the title, or heading on a page it can indicate that the scribbler thinks they have something more important to say than what is on the paper.
The left hand side of the page is the most common place to find doodles. These can indicate feelings of nostalgia for the past.
Using the right hand side of the page is not as common and may be seen more often in left-handers. It can indicate an urge to express oneself, or communicate hidden thoughts.

Objects and Things

So what do you doodle?
Doodling and sex?
Dr Burns observes that "a preoccupation with sexuality usually shows up in figures whose genital areas are emphasized
and heavily shaded or in the repeated use of classic sexual symbols such as snakes, candles, or darts striking a target".  

Animal doodlers are usually sensitive to living creatures. What sort of animal they doodle speaks volumes as to the mood of the doodler and, often, the type of person they'd like to be. Doodles of weak, passive or small animals indicate slowness, a lack of self-confidence, and more introverted tendencies. Doodles of aggressive animals represent feelings of assertiveness. Doodles of fun-loving animals indicate a playful doodler, of slow animals a more plodding, contemplative personality, etc.
  • Elephants -The elephant is powerful and dominant and can show inner strength that can overcome any obstacle. Those who draw elephants in any form are likely to be cheerful, a bit mischievous and fun to be around.

Arrows indicate feelings of ambitiousness, drive, and motivation. These people are aggressively ambitious.

Chains can indicate feelings of restriction, particularly in a relationship or in a job. Restrictions can also refer to a person's attitudes and beliefs that don't allow them to do as they wish. Drawing a person in chains can show a feeling of being very stressed.

Circles represent a need to find unity and peace. They can indicate someone who is struggling to draw everything together and make sense of it. It can also indicate a strong intuitive sense that things are coming together to form a whole, whether that refers to relationships, or life in general. Since they're made with round movements, circles indicate a more passive feeling than angles. They're associated with feeling sociable, talkative and friendly, with a desire to be flexible and loving.

Fluffy clouds may indicate a happy person who is apt to daydream a bit, but has a strong sense of freedom around them. Angry, stormy clouds can indicate depression, or difficulty in coping.

They indicate a desire to be constructive. If they're three-dimensional, they indicate the ability or an attempt to see all sides of an issue. Drawing cubes is also a common sign of feeling trapped and powerless to resolve a situation. Combined with round shapes and spirals cubes often signify that the doodler really would rather be somewhere else at that particular moment doing something at lot more interesting.
*Fun fact* SOMA cube was created by student Piet Hian from Denmark when he was doodling in one of his lectures?  Boxes and cubes are universally the most common doodles.

As for doodles that present masculinity, they consist of boxes, squares and other three- dimensional objects. Moreover, if you draw boxes, you are likely to have a practical, organized and methodical approach towards different things.

Dots exhibit anxiety and instability.

Indicates the feeling of having to listen too much to someone.

Eggs symbolize a new beginning. A new talent that you were not aware of may be emerging. Eggs can also show a need and a desire to settle down and build your own stable, safe nest.

Eyes often show the inner self of the person doodling them. Big eyes have outgoing personalities and small ones are reserved. Closed eyes may indicate a refusal to look inside oneself and sad, or happy laughing eyes can reflect how the person feels deep inside. They may be drawn by people who want to be attractive. Many drawn at once suggest that the person feels to be watched by someone. According to Robert Burns, people who doodle eyes are vigilant and in severe cases they may be paranoid and are observant.

The expression on a doodled face is often a good indication of the mood or character of the person who has drawn it. A nicely drawn, good-looking face suggests you see the good in others. If you sketch weird or ugly faces, you are probably mistrustful. Comic faces demonstrate a desire to be the center of attention. Child-like doodles of faces suggest neediness. Profiles indicate you're an introvert.

Flowers represent our feminine side, and a desire to see growth, nature, and reproduction. If flowers are in an arrangement, it denotes a sense of family and togetherness. McNichol writes that Jung believed dreams of flowers suggest a need to release emotion people feel unable to express openly. 
Drawing flowers as your doodles suggest femininity. This is the reason why usually girls are observed to draw flowers while they doodle. Moreover, drawing flowers also suggest that you might be becoming aware of your own personality and waiting to bloom.

Drawing things to eat or drink indicates a need for love, or a desire to be filled up–or thirst or hunger.

The doodler has love on the brain.

Houses or Buildings
These represent the doodler's attitude toward his or her home life. Houses definitely ought to have doors and windows which indicate that there's a way for the resident to see out and for others to see into him. A warm, inviting house–one that looks lived in, perhaps with smoke curling from the chimney–suggests the doodler has a happy and positive attitude toward his home life. Stark, unadorned or haphazard houses indicate uneasy associations with the doodler's home life. A house pictured on its own on top  of a hill suggests you're feeling isolated and lonely. 
Doodling houses and money?
According to Dr Burns, "if you find yourself doodling pictures of houses, you probably place a high value on shelter and security". Other symbols too are strong indications of things which an individual values most. For example, numbers and dollar signs indicate a preoccupation with money. Planes, cars, ships, and other vehicles may indicate a desire to travel, alter relationships, or change one's life. Houses in your drawings symbolize many things. If you draw a plain house that has no doors, windows, curtains or smoke coming out of the chimney, you are very likely to be gloomy about something in your life. You might feel lonely and would want to talk to someone at the moment.
On the other hand, if you have drawn a big house, with flowers and a garden around it, you are likely to be happy. Moreover, you might be materialistic; and like big houses, extravaganza and luxuries.
Some also draw tall and thin houses. These suggest a critical mind. These people do not show an open-minded approach towards different things.

Names and Initials
Doodling your name or initials is common for those who enjoy being the center of attention. Teenagers often doodle just their first name or the initial of their Christian name, indicating a desire to break away from the family and do their own thing. Doodling someone else's name, on the other hand, shows they are in your thoughts if it be romantically or because they are a presenting a problem you need to deal with.

Some people just draw lines. If these are drawn with a lot of pressure, they represent aggression and apprehension. The pressure is basically that decides your mood. The lighter the pressure, the more peace you have in your mind.

Doodling only profiles indicates that the doodler doesn't like the way he or she looks, or feels s/he can't draw well. In full-proportion drawings, not drawing hands indicates a feeling of being unable to do things; no feet indicates a feeling of not belonging or not having roots. The face is important: smiles are desirable, obviously, and frowns are not. Missing parts of the face indicate a person who feels fragmented, not whole, or faceless. Accentuating or drawing only eyes indicates a cautious, suspicious doodler. Doodles of ears usually mean that the doodler feels they have to listen too much to someone.
Children drawing: If the character is floating in the air it means that character has importance. Exceptionally large ears, unadorned by earrings, can indicate verbal abuse. Sometimes lines leading to the ears demonstrate the abusive tone frequently encountered. The mouth with a long slit will be drawn by and anxious, uncomfortable child, but no mouth at all may be a sign of there inability to communicate.Empty eyes may indicate a difficulty relating to the reality around them, they are blind to reality. Jagged teeth frequently indicate a tendency toward aggressive behavior, especially when coupled with other serrated graphic symbols such as spiked fingers, feet, ears, and hair.
* Fun Fact* Children draw out feelings they cant express.

Stars indicate a feeling of hopefulness, a looking forward or up to things, and optimism. People who draw clustered stars are irrepressibly romantic.

Spider Web
This can symbolize a feeling of being trapped or the desire to entice someone into a particular relationship or situation.

Transportation methods
Doodles of any form of transportation represent a desire to get away or to reach a goal. The faster the type of vehicle, the greater haste to make a point or speed away.

Triangles are the second most common universal doodles. They reveal a rational state of mind and a desire to see things come to a head.

Trees represent our egos and our ambitions, so take particular note of the health of the tree! Trees with leaves and fruit indicate that the doodler associates love, sex, and children together. Bare, drooping branches indicate depression and lack of fighting spirit. Rootless trees may indicate that the doodler feels him or herself to be without roots. 
A tree symbolizes a person or a thing from the past that you do not happen to forget. Moreover, you might fear insecurity and would want to be protected. This might be your feeling if your tree is standing alone. If surrounded by flowers, it indicates happiness and love for family.

Zigzags show discomfort in life that one might want to escape or are energetic and just desire to get on with things. If it has soft, flowing, curvy lines it suggest a romantic, female approach to things, patterns made up of lots of straight lines, indicate more aggressive masculine characteristics.


When people doodle it is generally with whatever they have at hand. Colors though will mean different things depending on cultural differences. So unless you know that the doodler had the whatever they wanted on hand it should mean to much, but the meaning is the same in artwork as well.

Red :bulletred:
Often represents power and can indicate anger or a need to impose authority, but is also a seasonal, festive color.
-China sees it as prosperity and joy.
*Fun Fact* Looking at red increases the heart rate.

Shows social communication and optimism. From a negative color meaning it is also a sign of pessimism and superficiality.

Is of the mind and the intellect. It is optimistic and cheerful. However it can also suggest impatience, criticism and cowardice.

Green :bulletgreen:
Suggesting well-being, balance and growth. It can mean both self-reliance as a positive and possessiveness as a negative, among many other meanings like envy, sickness, or money. Sea-green can also have connotations of water and the ocean.

Blue :bulletblue:
Indication of stability, strength, trust and peace. It can suggest loyalty and integrity as well as conservatism and frigidity. It can have connotations of water and the ocean. Dark blue is often chosen as a corporate color in the financial sector to indicate security.

Intuition. It can mean idealism and structure as well as ritualistic and addictive.

Purple :bulletpurple:
Purple may represent sexual frustration or a need to appear unorthodox. It can be creative and individual, or immature and impractical. Imagination is the key word.
*Fun Fact* It is a favorite color of artists. Historically, purple has represented royalty, and in darker hues suggests magic and mystery.

Brown can suggest the earth and autumn. A preference for brown can indicate a conservative personality, even repression. Of course, in clothing and furnishings that depends on fashion, though trends can indicate the mood of the times.

It has a feminine energy; it is related to the moon and the ebb and flow of the tides - it is fluid, emotional, sensitive and mysterious.

Shows success, achievement and triumph. Associated with abundance and prosperity, luxury and quality, prestige and sophistication, value and elegance, It implies affluence, material wealth and extravagance.

Black and Gray
They indicate stability and strength
-Native American cultures black is the color of the life-giving earth.
-Western culture black is associated with darkness, evil and death.
*Fun Fact*Gray is sometimes called 'the color of sorrow' being considered the most depressing color with black coming in second.

It is complete and pure, the color of perfection. It shows purity, innocence, wholeness and completion.

Next time you doodle on a piece of paper be aware that you are telling the world what is going on deep inside your subconscious mind without meaning to do so. Take your doodles with you; don't leave them for someone else to interpret – because you just might be revealing all of your secrets

Want to feel good about doodling? Watch this TedTalk

Didn't realize my journal would become the 1st thing on Google so from now on I'll be adding future links to my sources.… (similar to what I have)… (not fully viewed yet)

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Finally, after months of conception, the first ever book featuring my doodles and illustrations is finally out!

The ultimate doodle coloring book. If you love the challenge of coloring black and white drawings or just admire and be inspired by the detailed art, this book is for you!

Now available for purchase on Amazon worldwide:

Here's a quick tour inside the…

More info and images here:…

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So I noticed that some people upload art that has been done in collaboration with another artist. How does something like that work? How do you collaborate on a piece of art when the other person is on the other side of the world? Or do these people all know each other in real life? (which I can't imagine...)
And how does it work, how do you decide witch part of the drawing you start or end, en where the other person can finish it off. A lot of  questions, I guess can only be answered by those of you who experienced it or by doing a collab.

Anyway.. this is kind of a way of calling out for me, I'd love to do a collaboration some time, but don't really know how it all works and who to ask for this, since everybody here is such a great artist in its own way :) 

So here I'd like to call out to find someone interested in doing a collaboration with me!
Anyone interested? :)
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Early spring sharing it's bounty hidden below winters' hibernating slumber. Now awakened with the breeze and the inhaling of blossoms over storms and showers.
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:iconfinhead4ever: posted Old Pepsi by finhead4ever which got me to thinking about all the good things we have lost.

Old school is the best school. I used to buy Coca-Cola in the 16 oz. returnable bottles. It was the best tasting Coke. The carp they sell today in cans and plastic tastes like cans and plastic. But then, that's what the generation of today wants. Lousy digital audio (no wonder we have so much really shitty and annoying music), grainy digital photography with odd looking areas where the digits don't resolve the detail properly, cheap crappy appliances, bland automobiles - the beat goes on. Worse yet, any thought of providing good customer service is completely gone now in modern retail. And no fins on cars. Remember the Thunderbird remake about 10 years ago? Made to look like a 1955-57 T-Bird - but No Fins! No wonder the car was a miserable failure, it looked terrible, no excitement. The original T-Bird was fun and sexy, easy to get in and out of. The remake was mostly bought by overweight real estate salespeople who have trouble getting in and out of the car.

I work in a winery tasting room and a high percentage of people who walk in have their heads down to text inane gibberish to people who don't care. They have no idea how stupid they look doing it. I see lots of those camera-on-a-stick things. Please shoot me if you ever see me with one of those - and not with a camera. A few days ago, a guy walks up to the wine bar alone, puts a big smile on his face and takes a selfie, walks out. Now he can pretend he was there to all his facebook friends who really don't give a damn about him, they're just friending everyone to get their stats up. Who cares if they are worth being friends with? Gee, how fun is all that?

Here's another incomprehensible anomaly: Nice looking women who put their phones in their back pocket. The tighter the jeans, the more likely there is a phone stuffed in the back pocket. Makes their butts look like there is some sort of abnormal growth going on. I want to make business cards up to give to them saying "Your phone makes your butt look too big". They spend all their time trying to look good and then ruin the look.

My 'give a damn' meter is broken and I'm on a curmudgeonly streak today. So tired of today's low values. No one gives a damn any more. Just let me send my stupid tweet and take my selfie, look at me, I'm so fancy!
Give a damn by 10n3w01f
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A Very General Summery of Corvettes up to the C4.   (by Randy)

The 1953-82 is generally pretty easy to decide the year and most people can narrow it down to a few years…

However- There are a few years that can be tough to decide the year. The thing that you have to keep in mind is A LOT of Corvettes are changed from stock by the owner's and a lot of the year markers and emblems are gone or changed to suit the owner.

In Very General Corvette Terms:

The 1953-55 basically look alike. If you see one of these year Corvettes chances are that it will probably be a 1954.  There were 300 1953 Corvettes built and about 220 are currently accounted for. There were 700 1955 Corvettes produced. The 55 was the first year for the V-8 265 and the side emblem has a big “V” in “CheVrolet”. All but seven 1955 Corvettes are V-8 265 cid. (So there is your Corvette quest- find one of the seven 1955 Corvettes with a straight six-cylinder!)  There were 3,640 1954 Corvettes produced.  

It was/is very common for the 1953-55 Corvette taillight housings to crack or even break off. The 1956-60 Corvette taillight housings were recessed.

The single-headlight 1956 & 57 are identical cars, but the 57 was the first year for the 4-speed, fuel injection and the 283.

The quad-headlight 1958- 60 look pretty much the same, but the 58 has a fake louvered "washboard" hood and two chrome spears on the trunk. A lot of 58 owners removed the hood and the chrome spears to make the car look more like a 60 which was a much more desirable year to have back in the day.  The lines in the seats of the 58 & 60 run in the same vertical direction, but the 59 run side-to-side.  The 59 & 60 look pretty much the same and I always look at the seats to decide what year the car is.

The quad-headlight and boat-tail 1961 & 62 look a lot alike but the 61 has chrome all the way around the side coves with three chrome spears in the side coves- and the 62 has just molded side cove outlines in the fiberglass. The 61 has chrome headlight rings and most 62's have painted headlight rings. In short-the 62 has very little chrome on the side coves and painted headlight rings---However---A LOT of 62 owners’ install chrome headlight rings. The 62 is the first year for the 327 in a Corvette.

ALL 1953- 62 Corvettes are convertible cars with a solid rear axle and are called C1. No 1953-55 could be ordered with a hardtop, but aftermarket ones were available. The 1956-60 hardtops would fit each year between 1956-60, but the 61 & 62 hardtop would only fit the 61 & 62 due to the boat-tail body line in the center of the rear of the car.

The 1963-1982 Corvettes have independent rear suspension and have basically the same ladder-type frame. In fact, a 1982 Corvette body would fit a 1963 frame with very little effort. However, installing a 1963 body on a 1982 frame would take some modifications, because of the extra supports and gussets installed on later year Corvette frames.

The 1963- 67 is basically the same car.

The 1963 fastback is the only year to have the "split window". All factory 63's and 64's are small block 327 cars. The 63 Corvette has indents in the hood with fake grills in the indents. The 64 has the indents, but no fake grills. The 63 and 64 has “dished” gauges. The 63 has silver inside of the gauges and the 64 is black. The 65-67 gauges are flat.

The 63 & 64 have two long indents that run horizontal just in front of the doors. A great deal of 63 and 64 owners install a big block hood because there is no hood clearance with the stock hood. The stock air filter is one inch tall. If you wonder why the “Split-Window” only lasted one year---sit in one and attempt to look through the rear-view mirror. (You might as well be looking through the rear-view mirror of a 71 fastback Mustang.)  

(I’m going to keep this very basic and try not to confuse you. The mid-year fastback Corvettes have different style indents in the fastback just behind the side windows, but I’m not going to go there with this writing.)  

The 1965 & 66 are very difficult to tell apart even for me at times especially if the car is a convertible and stock emblems have been removed or changed. I always hunt for the gas door emblem because most owners will leave those alone. You can Google those to see the difference between the two.

The 65 & 66 Corvettes have three vertical indents in the side of the car just in front of the doors.    

The 65 is the first year for big and small block Corvettes along with options like disc brakes, side pipes, etc.

The 65 & 66 Big Block hoods look a lot alike. The 65-67 small block hood is the same as each other and have no indents like the 64. The 67 big block cowl-induction looking hood is the most popular, but only 20 production 1967 L-88 Corvettes had working cowl-induction.

The 1963-66 Corvettes could be ordered with knock-off wheels. Each year wheel and/or center cone was a little different from year-to-year.  The HEAVY lug nut was thread directional with left and right hand threads so the forward direction of the car tightened the center three-eared lug nut. The very early 1963 Corvettes had two-eared lug nuts and if you have a set---happy retirement!    

The 67 is the ONLY mid-year Corvette to have a backup light above the license plate and the 67 has five (nearly) vertical side vents in front of the doors. The 67 is the only mid-year Corvette to have a hand emergency brake between the seats. Knock-off wheels were no longer available for the 67.

All convertible mid-year Corvettes came with a convertible top, but could be ordered with a much desired removable hardtop.  All 1963-67 hardtops will fit each year from 1963-67 providing the car is a convertible. ;D

All 1963-67 Corvettes are "Sting Ray" (two words) Corvettes and are either fastbacks or convertibles. These year cars are “mid-years” and C2.  

The C3’s 1968-1982- All 1968-82 Corvettes could be T-Tops but only 1968-75 Corvettes could be convertibles. The removable C3 hardtops would fit all year’s between1968-75. The 68-82 T-tops are interchangeable.

The 1968 & 69 Corvette looks pretty much the same but the 69 was a “Stingray” (one word) and the 68 is NOT a “Sting Ray” or a “Stingray”.  The 68 has a weird looking “push button” door assembly and the 69 has a door handle assembly that was used on the 69-82 Corvettes.

The 68 & 69’s have four vertical slots in the side of the car just in front of the doors. The 69 has a “Stingray” emblem above the slots and the 68 does not.  Some 68 owners install the emblem-- so look at the doors for better identification.

The 68 also has much smaller popup headlight doors so a set of 1969-82 will not fit the 68’s. At times, you might see a set of 68 headlights installed on a 69-82. It’s easy to tell--they have a HUGE gap all around the headlight doors. The 68’s were the last year for the 327 and the 69’s were the first year for the 350 small blocks. The 69 could be ordered with side pipes and the 68 could not be. The 69 was the last year (to date) that could be ordered with side pipes, but they will easily install on 69-82 Corvettes because the mounting slots remained in the frames of the C3’s.  

The 68 had a simulated wood grain large steering wheel closely related  the ones found on the mid-year Corvettes and the 69 Corvette had a much smaller steering wheel that was black with a silver strip ring on the outside of the steering wheel. The 69-75 Corvettes had the same steering wheel.    

The 68-72 Corvette T-Tops cars had a removable rear window and all 68-72 Corvettes had a windshield wiper door assembly that opened and closed for wiper operation.  The 68-72 Corvette hoods were interchangeable and most quickly went to a LT-1 or a big block hood.

The 1970-72 look pretty much identical. The 1970 (in the front of the car) have clear turn signal lenses and the 72 have amber ones. The 71 can have either. The 70-72 have a “checker board” side grills just in front of the doors.

The 1973 has chrome rear bumpers as found on the 68-72 but a urethane rubber front bumper. The 73 is the only year for this combination. The side molding in front of the doors is just one big indent scoop. That lasted from 1973-82.  The wiper door just behind the hood is gone in 73 and all hoods from 73-82 are interchangeable; however, the 73-75 did have a small cowl induction hood and air cleaner system.  

The 1974 has front and back urethane rubber bumpers. But the 74 has a “split” in the rear bumper. The 74 was the last year for a big block option and the last of the leaded gasoline cars.  

The 1975-77 look a lot alike but the 76 has a GT Vega steering wheel. Many get changed over to the 75 or 77 Corvette wheel. Basically on these years-- you are looking at emblems and steering wheels.
You can Google each year to see the differences.  

The 1976-82 Corvettes have a steel floor pan and can rust out just as any Camaro, Chevelle or Mustang. Keep that in mind if you are considering buying one of these year Corvettes, because ALL Corvette T-tops leak! If an owner says that they don’t- they are full of B.S.

Again- All 1968-75 Corvettes could either be a T-top or a convertible. All 1969-76 Corvettes are “Stingrays”.  All 1976-82 Corvettes are T-top only cars.

The 1978 & 79 look a lot alike, the 78 was the 25th anniversary and has a big gaudy 25th nose emblem-the cars were the first years to have the big back window. A front and rear spoiler could be ordered, but the car did not come with them. The 78 Indy Pace Car is probably the most well known 78, but GM did offer and silver anniversary car too. Surprise-it’s silver!      

The 1980-82 look pretty much the same, but the 82’s have “Cross-Fire Injection” emblems on the side. These years you are pretty much looking at (Google) nose emblems. The 80-82 Corvettes have molded front and rear spoilers molded into the urethane bumpers. The 81 Corvette marks the great changeover in production from the St. Louis Plant to The Bowling Green, Kentucky Pant. The 81 was made in both places at the same time.      

ALL 1982 Corvettes were automatics.

All 1968-82 Corvettes are C3 Corvettes.  

The 1983 Corvette-- There were 42 or 43 used for testing, but the cars were never released to the public so the 1984 was the start of the C4 Corvettes. You can see the ONLY 83 Corvette at the Corvette Museum.

All Corvette bodies from 1953-82 were constructed from polyester fiberglass resin. So one could go to Wal Mart and buy resin, mat and cloth to repair a 53-82. However-the 84 Corvette bodies and up to modern era Corvettes were made from expensive and hard to work with epoxy resins which pretty much took simple body repairs out of the general Corvette owner's hands.

Corvettes made of Steel- The great car show/bar myth... Outside of a few prototypes, NO production Corvettes were ever steel or metal bodied.    

This is a VERY brief Corvette summery and I hope that this helps you better understand the Corvette basics. ;D                                  (by Randy)
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Now I know everyone has stuff they are going through. It's not easy but sometimes we need to pull ourselves up after falling. Some of us have friends, family, random strangers that just happen to be there for us. Others have no one. We think about ourselves and the ones we care about most for the reason we are human and nothing more. When I draw I think about these things and other struggling and wish that some day I could help them. 

Just some thoughts for the day.
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These realms of expression, prod and explore. I'll always be a child growing through the cosmos of experience. What is the way I can further express not just the day to day thoughts but also thoughts that exist in neither day  nor night? Those meditative realms of perfect abstractions, or imperfect loops of information. How many more ways. . .How to express these concepts into conventional and yet intriguing and inspiring realms. Let's explore and theorize! " Onweird " !

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I try to find the concealed reality to the fractal world.
I exclude the fixed idea and the cooped-up feeling of the three-dimensional world by using CG. It is a mandala of the Buddhism that begins to open the real existence of 4th Dimension.

I am birth of Japan and Japanese. I am looking forward to asking how people who have a different environment and the culture feel my work.
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