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New Monk class unveiled at BlizzCon09 :D

His moves look imba. This is the Crippling Wave move.

Edit: How cool, the official Diablo twitter [link] mentioned me :D
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edit 13/02/08: Thanks for the dd! I actually have an ipod now. On my second actually, because the first broke from poor care taking on my part :X


My brother has an ipod. My dad has an ipod (got it today in fact,). Me? I don't get an ipod. No dancing in vector for me. Oh how wrong the world is! :crying:

:wow: I like this one. The idea of it has been in my head all week. I usually never like my own art, (you all agree that you can always find something not to like on your own stuff, even if no one else sees it) and even though there's a few things that bug me...I love the dancing! :rofl: I made shorter version, which is uninterrupted dancing, set it tiled as my wallpaper (animations work as wallpapers you know) and listened to music. It's fun looking for songs that have the right beat. I'll enter than pure dancing version in a sec. (edit: here it is: [link] )

anyways, if you're lacking in those deductive skills, this is an emote dancing like those crazy ipod commercials. One of friends walks up and turns the lights on (or something....he gets rid of the ipod stuff anyways) and it takes Mr. Pink a minute to realize. He shakes his head at the hopelessness of it all and walks off, and Mr. Pink just stares off at him for a sec, then, always the unfazed one, goes back to dancing.

The one thing that bugs me is the ipod itself, when the dude is dancing. It's fine as long as you realize its not supposed to move strictly with him all the time, but rather the wires of the headphones are loose and he can move a bit with the ipod staying in place. You do have to pretend that he swings it around when he turns though, it would interrupt the whole thing if I had him pick it up and move it with him.

Anyways, this version is 128 frames, the looped one is a mere 75 (mere if you compare it to the other anyways, maybe I'll shorten it futher)
this animation was made on Ulead Gif Animator 5.
if you type in :ipod:, it's not going to show up! I can't believe there's still people leave "comments" that are nothing but:


:ohmygod: well, at least there's less than before. I tell you for your own sake, since I laugh at the people who do that, then invite my friends over to laugh at you too.

(edit: I changed a tiny thing with the blushing part so it looks smoother)
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