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(Edit: Formerly named "Sleep Well Childe...", but I noticed that it doesn't show up in searches for "Dream Catcher", so I changed the name slightly. After all these years, deviantART, could you please give us longer titles, already!)

This was my favorite one from my Dreamcatcher phase about 10 years or so ago.

I made many of them, but this was special for a wonderful young lady by the name of Jennifer that I knew at a coffeehouse that my brother used to manage.

She later married him, just so she could become my sister-in-law!
he he ;)

It is a double ring Dream catcher, with a single web between them.
I had made many at the time, several with the double rings.

Brass rings, deerskin, artificial sinew, feathers, beads, and an amethyst chip woven into the web.
No glue, or other fasteners of any kind, were used.

The rings are about 14" in diameter, and I think it used to have a chinchilla tail woven into the top, but it might have been lost in one of the moves...

I have always really loved this one. :D

[Edit] I just noticed something... A couple of the beads on the two tassels on the right are higher then they should be. None of the beads are glued, they are held on by the knots.
No biggie though. I'm not gonna bother with another pic, and they are easily pulled back down. :)

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