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He stands alone
Over in the corner,
Watching the others
As they only ignore him.

She stands alone
In the girls stall,
Tears in her eyes 
As she tries to calm down.

They stand alone,
Outside the crowd,
Watching the world
Go by without them.
Not my best piece, but this is what came to my mind.
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Intelligence is a burden
Wisdom's a chore
And I always overthink
Not sure what for

The worries that reside
In the human mind
Are only understood
By the human kind

The guilt and the lust
They hide from within
Underneath a fine layer
of thin brittle skin

That covers the bones
That wear and grow old
And a body that shudders
When exposed to the cold

The body that carries
The human mind
Only understood
By the human kind

The mind of a man
Is his greatest tool
Can choose to be loving
Or play as a fool

Still, he will become lonely
And he will lose some sleep
Will bottle himself up till
He breaks down to weep

For he still carries
That precious mind
That's only understood
By the human kind

Intelligence may be a burden
and wisdom a chore
But every human being...

...must discover what they're for...
For all my fellow humans out there, I feel for ya! :thumbsup:
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Nobody ever wants to be
That person that we sometimes see
The one who always hides their pain
The one who took two seats on the plane

The one that went and lost their mind
The one that always falls behind
The one who threw up during class
The one that always gets picked last

The one who went and tripped and fell
The one who never seems to be well
The one everybody reprimands
The one nobody understands

We've all had our moments
Don't deny what is true
We all know embarrassment
is nothing new

And you are wondering
What's expected from you....

Give compassion, my friend...

....It's all you can do.
Sorry for my lack of writing lately, I hate to say I've been low on inspiration. I guess sometimes you just have to wait for inspiration to come to you, this just came from living life and observation. I hope you like it. ^_^
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When I was little, people told me I could do anything I wanted,

But I grow up, and it seems that the rules change it with time.

Rules seemed to be following my steps wherever I go,

Until I knew it was time for a change.

Then I became an adventurer looking for treasures wherever I went,

But something was missing in this way of life.

It did not matter if I was in some kind of trouble,

I was able to get out of it easily.

Then I became aware that each treasure I found was not enough,

Each treasure that went through my hands was not important anymore.

I traveled around the world until there was not anything else to find,

Even my face shows the years I have been looking for that part of me that was missing.

Then, when I got back to where everything started,

I realized that I was not looking for a precious stone.

I only wanted a place where I could be me,

And I can say that it may not be a treasure for everyone,

But it's sure worth more than that.

After all this years I finally found it,

The place where I belong, my home.
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A listing of groups here on DA devoted to literature(including fan fiction), divided by poetry and prose.

EDIT: groups devoted to song lyrics also now listed.

I aim to help groups by giving them some publicity and also to help writers find groups that can help them spread their work about; if you know of any group not on the list, please tell me. And if you are a member of any group listed here and you want me to include something about it, like 'we have regular writing contests' then just say so and I'll include them.

I am a flawed being, so it is entirely possible that I have made a mistake with any one group's listing; if you notice that I have, please tell me.

I will be updating this, so check back often!

:iconwe-write-lyrics: :iconsong-writers-group:


:iconanother-poetry-group: :iconpoet-buddies: :iconpoems-galore: :iconliterature-4-life: :iconpoetryispurity: :iconpoetry-is-awesome: :icononlypoetry: :iconbleedingheartspoetry: :iconheart-of-poetry: :iconpoetryfeedsoursouls: :iconpoets-and-warriors: :iconpoetsduringthenight: :iconrhyme-and-reason: :iconink-x: :iconpoetryperfection: :iconbroken-hearted-poets: :iconpoetrys-renaissance: :iconfortheloveofpoetry: :iconsongofthepoets: :iconhammeredpoetry: :iconthepoetrylounge: :iconcritical-fame-poetry: :iconworld-wearywriters: :iconpoetizers: :iconbleeding-poets: :iconpoetry-to-the-masses::iconsky-writing: :iconliterarilyfucked: :iconchristianpoets: :iconpoets-of-the-heart: :iconemopoets: :iconpoeticalcondition:


:icongood-literature: :iconaph-fanfiction-club: :iconnovice-novelists: :iconsixwordstories: :iconshort-stories: :iconfantasyliterature: :iconscreamprompts: :iconourstories: :iconshortstackstories: :iconpokemon-literature: :iconhp-fanfic: :iconfictionwriters101: :iconhinabn-fanfiction: :iconchapterwriterz: :iconwordspill-central: :icona-dying-art: :iconhorror-stories: :iconapocalypse-writing: :iconfanfictionrehab: :iconslashfics: :iconfiction-time: :iconfiftywordfiction: :iconflashfictionlives: :iconimaginary-affair: :iconauthors-roundtable: :iconliterature-accepted:


:iconppplit: :iconteen-writers: :iconwriters4life: :iconinked-page: :iconwordflight: :iconhot-ink: :iconromanceforeveryone: :iconallaboutwriting: :iconexpose-lit: :icondeviantart-lit: :iconfotofriday: :iconlitlovers: :iconwe-write-fantasy: :iconeliteliterature: :iconwords-are-beautiful: :iconthereaderscatalogue: :iconliteratureforall: :iconwordssparkle: :iconcreative-pens: :iconwriters-hq: :iconyoungwritersunite: :iconbeautyinthepages: :iconthe-young-poets: :iconauthors-club: :iconinspiretheuninspired: :iconinspiring-words: :iconlive-write-now: :iconwriterart: :iconfantasyauthorsguild: :iconlove-literature: :iconmorbid-poets: <--they've got some nice writers' workshops :iconwrite-to-live: :icondevlit: :iconthe-free-pens: :iconliterary-perceptions: :iconwriting-4-life: :iconmonolith-verses: :iconthelifeofwords: :iconliterary-visions: :iconloveliterature: :icontalentedwritersguild: :iconwriters-central: :iconlovinghowyouwrite: :iconbeautiful-literature: :iconwritingisfreedom: :iconthe-writers-study: :iconthefreewriteproject: :iconliterature-league: :iconstory-tellers: :iconchristianwriter4life: :iconoriginalfiction::iconoutstandingwriters: :iconemotionscollide: :iconwrite-original: :iconpenpa: :iconlovers-in-lit: :iconvampwriters: :iconindependent-writer: :icondarkwrite: :iconchasingink: :iconworthywriters: :iconwritersociety: :iconliteraturekingdom: :iconmadwords: :iconfighttowrite: :icongothic-writing: :iconwriters-mug: :iconbrowsing-literature: :iconflashfictionlives: :iconsuturehq: :iconartistic-souls: :iconwriters-mug: :iconbrowsing-literature: :iconindependent-writer: :iconthesimulacrum: :iconwritten-love: :iconwriting-my-soul: :iconfancifulwriters: <--they take poetry, prose, and script writing, pretty cool! :iconlove-of-literature: :iconlivingliterature: :iconlitlovecommunity: :iconwishing-words:
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I've no talent for happiness
My smiles are frail at best
And though I try to remember
A time when I felt truly blessed
I can't 
And no matter how I try
There are always times 
When I can't help but cry,
Though even as they fall
I try to cradle the tears 
To see if I can find
Happiness beneath the fears
In these delicate crystals
Of hopeless memories...

But I've no talent for happiness
My heart never wholly mends
And though I dove so far
Dove until I reached the end
Of that vat of tears and miseries
I found only
More tears left to cry...

I've no talent for happiness
My soul cries endless seas
In which I try to drown
Myself and my memories,
But I think I once had it
The bliss you call happiness
And every now and then 
I feel it 
Rise to greet you
And attempt to shine 
From beneath my tears
So that you may know the truth
Of how you make me feel.

So I've no talent for happiness
My memories sometimes choke me
My hearts never wholly mends
My soul cries endless seas
And my smiles are frail at best
But I think I've finally found 
My one true true happiness 
In you.
So please stay with me
Till the day we can both smile with ease
And I can bring happiness back to you.
So yeah i wrote this XD. I know its rambly and doesn't use enough imagery but at the moment I think it sounds pretty nice ;P
Alright guys also I've been wanting to write lyrics for someone to sing. I would sing them myself but i SUCK, so if someone sings on youtube or something and you need a lyricist i am open for hire XD
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We are
in her hardwood apartment,
that we bought
because of the neighbors
and the windows
that light up
the dust on the floor.

She is kneeling
in front of
cardboard boxes,
sliding the knife
down the sides
with a paper sound.

And I am staring
into the empty rooms.

If she pushed
that boxcutter
into my lungs
the air would rush out
and say:

When you look at me
and bite your lip,
I see brown hair
and darker eyes.

And I would let her too
if it didn't
make such a mess
for the dust
and the neighbors
and the hardwood floor.
For the Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder contest held by #Penpa. The journal of which can be found here: [link]
This takes a different angle at the theme, describing how it feels to look for beauty that you may believe isn't there, and the emptiness that comes from it.
Comments and criticisms welcome as always :)
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The band spoke not to the masses,
but to those whose wrists wore slashes.
Their words lacked a semblance of formality,
but were meant for those with abnormality.
The message was for all those whose pain was immense;
it told them it was time to rise, Rise Against.

Rise Against the injustice and pain.
Defend the memory of the slain.
Stand for those who are helpless.
Always try to be selfless.
Work hard for better futures.
Treat the world's wounds with sutures.

Rise Against their pseudo-perfection.
With music, they gave us direction.
Do not let yourself be tame.
Do not give in to their game.
Fight back, but not with violence,
and do not live in silence.

Rise Against the corrupt regime.
They are not as strong as they seem.
Live only by your moral laws.
Stand up, stand out, embrace your flaws.
Arm-in-arm, we make a wall.
Together, we can stand tall.

Rise Against the fanatic;
those whose beliefs are static.
They fear our success, our progress,
and so it is us they oppress.
In time, my suffering brothers and sisters,
we rid ourselves of these emotional blisters.

The vision we seek is not a myth.
I quote now, the words of Tim McIlrath:
"We have a moral obligation," we do,
"to leave this world a better place," brand new,
"than the world that we've found." it's true.
A poem about the amazing band "Rise Against." I hope you all like it!

"We have a moral obligation to leave this world a better place than the world that we've found." - Tim McIlrath
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Your words left more marks
Then any battle wound
Ever could.

Your words caused
Me to question my place
In this world.

Those unforgivable words
Left imprints on your fingers
And rings around my neck.

Without a second thought,
I allowed your words wrap
Around my neck

And complete your task
Of murder.
My mind, already gone,

My body, yet to suffer.
I gasp, unable to terminate my life,
I'm sorry.

Yet, those rings,
Still locked inside the glass;
Reminding me of you.
This was written about two weeks ago but I couldn't bring myself to put it here until now.

about being suicidal 3 years ago. I have to think about it a lot now with counseling.
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all i can think is campfires
and the moon, you know?
all i can think is the moon
the moon and the wind like fingers in the trees

all i can think is i ran away this one time,
all alone on the beach with the crabs and the broken zipper
and the strange boy who lives in my head sometimes
and the acoustic guitar
and the wind in the trees like fingers


all i can think is i'm alone
and i'm alone like white light on rocks
and i'm alone like damp in lunar dust
in far-off craters

and all i can think is,
i'm something like a story for girls in scarves.
had a moment

i don't know

i haven't done most of those things
a grain of truth?
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