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:holly: :rudolph: :santa: Merry Christmas, everyone! :santa: :rudolph: :holly:
From me and all the Paperpokés team!

Go ahead and download the Festive Pikachu now!!! :D [link]
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here we go
finally done :icontardboogieplz: :iconvictorydanceplz: :icondweebdanceplz:

man, this thing took just freaking long :faint:
when i imagine that the plan was, to build this in my three weeks vacation (last year :D ) and meanwhile a half year is gone since i started the boosterpack :D

ok, i had a few breaks, one with Renamon and a few others
so the pure building time was about two months
but also a long time :aww:

i have to say that i don't have any clue about Gundam Wing/00/Zero ore whatever which series is called
i know about the Gundams and love the mecha design (specially this one because of the wings) but never saw one part so don't bother about the name ;)

ah, big mechas with wings
i just love this shit :la:

even the sheets where not the best (they are very pixelized)
i'm totally pleased with the result
but during the building and right now i can say, it's definitely not a starter model
i had to modify a lot of stuff and quite every blue and grey edge is recolored to hide the folding lines
but all over is was pure fun :meow:
surely not my last Gundam model ;)
the next one is allready planned

what's left to say
ah right :)
you can download the sheets here
also i wanna refer you to my building process gallery
just if you may stuck ;)

-other shots-

and a little special one here ;)
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Bloggers, you can find a preview image here


This was done as a request by Charles Davenport from

Yeah, dunno what else to say about this; it's a full scale M24 grenade with removable charge. Don't take it to the airport.

UPDATE: Uhh, just noticed a few typos my sleep-deprived brain failed to pick up yesterday. I'll fix those and add a Splittering sleeve sometime within the week, hopefully.
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I guess that you may know which character is this one.

I build this model as a gift for a co-worker, printed on glossy paper.

Designer: Shunichi Machino [link]
Download: [link]
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I didn't like the way the version with the ridges turned out, so in the final version, the bow will have a simple, basic riser (handle).

I'll change a few more small things on the bow, and then I'll unfold it as the last part for my new LEGO Forestman papercraft minifig! ;o)

Stay tuned!
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Rock cannon took so long to assemble. So many tabs to cut out.:P
More Pictures
Kanade Tachibana:[link]
Hatsune Miku: [link]
Megurine Luka:[link]
Akita Neru:[link]
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a Xmas gift for a friend of mine, its 43 parts and i kinda got overlapping tabs here and there 
feel free to use for yourself :D just message me if you want the PDO file or even the 3-D OBJ. file 
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Mais um papercraft que customizei. Desta vez fiz o prelate do Shadow. Nos quadrinhos da Archie nas historias que envolve o arco do Silver (na serie Sonic Universe) ele vai para um universo paralelo onde Knuckles se tornou o Dark Enerjak que é o deus das tribos equidnas, quase dominou o mundo e a maioria das vitimas ele capturava para arrancar a alma deles (que eram chamados de cores) e implantava em avançados corpos roboticos que são chamados de prelates. Mas graças ao Silver e os guerreiros da liberdade daquele universo (liderados pela Jani-Ca que e a versão alternativa da Lara-Su que é a filha do Knucles com a Julie-Su) eles derrotaram o Dark Enerjak e salvaram aquele mundo da destruição total e o Silver volta a sua propria dimenção para tentar fazer com que o seu proprio futuro seja um lugar melhor para se viver.

A imagem da esquerda é o Prelate SD sem a pintura (que em breve vou enviar para ser postado no site da Sonic Gear para todo mundo baixar em montar) e a da direita e o prelate com a pintura. E em breve eu postarei mais alguns papercrafts.



Another papercraft I created. This time I did the prelate's Shadow. In the Archie comics in stories involving the arch of Silver (in series Sonic Universe) it goes to a parallel universe where Knuckles became the Dark Enerjak who is the god of the tribes echidnas, almost dominated the world and most of the victims he captured for tear their souls (who were called cores) and implanted in advanced robotic bodies that are called prelates. But thanks to the Silver and the freedom fighters of that universe (led by Jani-Ca and that alternative version of Lara-Su who is the daughter of Knucles with Julie-Su) they defeated the Dark Enerjak and that saved the world from total destruction and Silver returns to his own tire size to try to make your own future a better place to live.

The left image is the Prelate SD without painting (which I will soon send to be posted on the website of Sonic Gear for everyone in download form) and the right and the prelate with the painting. And soon I'll post some more papercrafts.
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This model was fun to make and looks really good. The hands were a little bit hard to make but that makes it more challenging :)

This model is designed by :iconstorml: and I did the testbuilding ^^ ( He is also testing the model)
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