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Hello everyone,

My new book is out and you can get your copy at your local Barnes & Nobles store or
The book contains 20 of my models that many people have been asking diagrams for.

The title of the book is "Extreme Origami" by Won Park

As always, thank you guys for all your support.
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Sherlock Holmes Week 2012

(all through the week, there will be Share the Sherlock Love. For more information, see here: love-sherlock-holmes.deviantar…

STARTING NOW: A chain-story. Since we are technically a BBC Sherlock fan group (or ended up that way) I'm going to ask that we keep it BBC. That means Sherlock and John, not Holmes and Watson. Also, for the sake of everyone, keep it relatively slash free. So no sex or anything. They can hug, but anything over that line is a bit much. Here's how this works:…
It's been STARTED! To All those involved: THERE IS A NEW FOLDER FOR THE CHAIN STORY. PLEASE SUBMIT THEM IN ORDER. If the person before you has not submitted yet, do not put yours in!!!!!!!Please!

:bulletblack:30 July—This will be Sherlock Holmes quiz day. The journal on that day will feature links to different Holmesian quizzes-whether it’s Sherlock, RDJ, or the original Canon, you can test your knowledge of Sherlock Holmes. Also, anyone willing to make a quiz—drop me a comment or a note, and I’ll include yours on the list. Make then as challenging and as fun as you want!

:bulletblue:31 July-- Fashion ‘Contest’ there will be a folder open up until then for any submissions. If anyone wants to donate prizes, feel free. These can be: Canon Holmes, your own Holmes, BBC Sherlock, Your own modern Sherlock Holmes. (In other words, you can think up clothing designs for any of the already-existing Holmes, or design clothes for how you see Sherlock Holmes).

:bulletblack:1 August—

:bulletblue:2 August--An internet trail. It will start with a clue here and lead through some of the best Sherlock and Sherlock Holmes sites/fan things on the web. (Subject to change, I will need help with it, so if you want to volunteer). Will only be up for this day.

:bulletblack:3 August—

:bulletblue:4 August--ends the chain-story. The full story will be posted here and featured in the group journal.

:bulletblack:5 August—This is to get in any submissions of how you see any future Sherlock Holmes. Whether it’s one year from now, or another 100 years, how do you see Sherlock Holmes in the future? The folder will be open until then for your submissions.

Still missing a few activities, so PLEASE if you have any ideas, let e know ASAP so we can get started!!!!!

Also, our contest voting is going on through 16 July, so please vote if you have not yet! Here's the link to the entries:…
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Please note- This has finished for 2012, although I'm hoping we can do it all again in 2013- making it bigger, more successful, and better organised than before!!
Needed to get your attention :D Well, this is pretty urgent:

As you may know, Sherlock Holmes week is coming from 30th July to 5th August.
We need to show how much we LOVE SHERLOCK HOLMES.

Share the Sherlock love

- People can ask another Deviant to Draw a Sherlock Holmes related picture for free.
- They can also comment on this journal to ask another random willing Deviant to do the drawing. You can do fan fiction as well!!!
- Your talents don't matter!! Even if you are not the best at drawing, we want you to take part!!
- Any requests allowed, as long as they are to do with Sherlock holmes, and do not need a warning.
- There is a stamp for people who are willing to take requests!
Share the Sherlock Love by Tigzzz
- Send the information to as many people as possible, try to get EVERYONE involved.
- Finished pictures should be uploaded during Sherlock Holmes week.- There is a folder at :iconlove-sherlock-holmes: called Share the Sherlock Love for you to submit them to!!
- On the last day, a HUGE collage will be posted with everyone's artwork in.

Make sure to spread the word.

EDIT- You are welcome to put this in your Journals etc, so make sure to spread the word!!

Also, you can submit works that you have done before, but it should be ones that you have done as a free request, so that it goes with the idea of sharing the Sherlock Love :D.

Share the Sherlock Love

If you know that you are participating, comment here so that we can put your icon in this journal to tell everyone that they can request art from you!!
:iconmariapereira: :icondudalen: :iconearlofchutney: :iconkakusho: :icontomboyprincess: :iconthe-coffee-queen: :iconravengreyson1165: :iconjuwewright: :iconairaly: :iconfreakyfangirl97: :iconlogicinwonderland: :iconfemke1717: :iconkatesmile: :iconriddleblack246: :iconbosshossbones: :icondaintymendax: :iconsupersparticle: :iconlike-a-british-guy: :iconthe-improbable-ive: :iconemilyisdabest: :iconwingedavenger: :iconzoffoli: :iconstarbreese: :iconrowlingson39: :icontigzzz: :iconnuttydounuts14: :iconhawkflyer667: :iconnekorory: :iconkatesmile: :iconsaitouuryuuji: :iconravengreyson1165: :iconquestionablewhimsy: :iconwaiting4th3nd: :iconmy-lonely-angel: :iconseptemberbug: :iconsaitouuryuuji: :iconblack-rose-117: :iconquestionablewhimsy: :iconmonsunwind: :iconmerisha: :iconbleach-it-white: :iconhanphuong92: :icon9thshadeofblue: :iconcyrilgamergirl: :iconspam6467: :iconhimitsutsubasa: :iconpunkinmeg: :iconassasincylenia: :iconbearicle: :iconfuwapanda13: :iconbloodfire09: :icontantantanuki: :iconlademence-de-la-vie: :iconstarlightwhispers: :iconlil-apple-guy: :iconlaurenafenete: :iconligechan: :iconminty-nutmeg: :iconniizuma-eiji-sama: :iconzoffoli: :icondansamillion:

PLUS!! Check out what other groups are doing for Sherlock Holmes week!!!

Take part in the Summertime Sherlockmas at :icondetectiveholmes:

Join in with the Chain story at :iconsherlockholics:
As well as their other Sherlock Holmes Week activities here!!

On facebook, help to save Undershaw, the Home of Arthur Conan Doyle!! Join their group Save Undershaw
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Raffle Winner!

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 16, 2014, 10:38 AM

[Edit 6/27] Here's the finished drawing of their OC

Raffle Prize by Arbitrary-Means

[Edit 6/26] WINNER
:iconmayuralover: please send me a note with your request :)

thanks to everyone that participated in the raffle c:

[Edit] I'm going to pick a winner on Thursday so you've only got a couple days to enter the raffle if you haven't already!

lololol so thanks to minikitty1516 for pointing out that nobody caught my kiriban xD actually last night I checked and was still a few hundred away so ... idk

I feel sorta bad for just letting this awkwardly disappear without any winner so I'll just hold a raffle. I really didn't want to hold a raffle this early but yeah
Favorite this journal and I'll use to pick a winner you must be a watcher and if you're the winner then go ahead and request a free drawing, same rules as below apply

I'll probably pick a winner near the end of the week. It gives more people a chance to enter and gives me a chance to finish some personal projects xD

oh my gosh guys in the past few weeks I've gotten such a rapid increase of exposure like I can hardly keep up with all the messages. So I figured why not host another kiriban?

What's a Kiriban?
For those who don't know, a Kiriban is when I choose a certain number of pageviews, in this case 11,111, and whoever is my 11,111st page viewer omg what is grammar takes a screenshot to show me proof that they were the person who caught the Kiriban. If you're the one that catches the kiriban then I will make a free drawing for you at your request ^v^

Why Another Kiriban?
Actually I had a 4,444 kiriban in April and I thought it was fun and back then I thought "hmmm maybe I'll hold another kiriban for 11,111. That'll probably take around 6 months" haha nope, it's been like 2. But it's summer so I have time, and breaching the 5 digit benchmark feels pretty amazing. Also, I have a thing for repeating digits xD
Last time I announced it when I was about 300 views away but then it got caught in like 2 days, so now I'm announcing it a bit early. Right now I'm a little less than 2,000 page views away so more opportunities for everyone right?


-I need screenshot proof that you caught the Kiriban. If you have difficulties getting the screenshot then you can use it's really easy and pretty much gives your screenshot its own web address that you can link me.

-You can request one human character, colored full-body or half-body, whatever your preference

-OR you can request a colored half-body or full-body animal.
last time I broke my own rules and drew a cat for the person who caught my kiriban. This time I'll allow you to request an animal instead of the human character if you so choose BUT it has to be a real animal that actually exists warning: I don't often draw animals so be careful if you choose this route

-OR you can request a full, colored landscape.
once again warning: I've only done one landscape study so far, so no quality guarantees. But I got good feedback on the landscape so I'll put it up as an option

-It can't be 18+, erotic, or anthro (just not my thing)

But really guys, I'm truly thankful to have the pleasure to know you all
Hosting this kiriban is my own little way of repaying the kindness I've been so lucky to receive from each of you.
Thank you to the watchers that have stuck by me over the months/years and thank you to all the new watchers that have suddenly flooded my inbox, prepare yourselves for the madness that is my life xD
I'm always working to improve and it's reassuring to know that there are people that want to watch my growth along with me. I don't want to let you guys down :)

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i'll announce the winners in a few hours!

Your comments are all so sweet and kind, even if I'm a reallyyy slow replier, I read all of them and they make me really happyfskfjsdkjf :iconaaah-plz:

Honestly I wanted to do it sooner but I was busy so I couldn't-- but now is the perfect time to do it ; v ;


Prizes :
- 1st winner will win one colored halfbody without background of their oc :

- And 2nd and 3rd winners will win one colored headshot/bust up without background of their oc :

Please note that they will be a little more sketchy than those samples-- or otherwise there would be fewer winners (it's already such a little number--) :iconlazepoolplz:


Rules :
- Favorite this journal so I can have track of your entry~
- Comment and I'll give you a number (or two, if you follow the steps below).
- (Optional) Make a journal or a poll about this raffle and provide me with the link in your comment (this will give you one more entry).

You'll need to be a watcher since this is a raffle to thank my watchers hehehhh!
New watchers are welcome! BUT only watch me if you like my art please, not because of the raffle q v q

I'll pick the winners with!



If you have any questions, feel free to ask! EVEN IF THIS IS ABOUT WHAT TYPE OF THING I DRINK
Thank you again for the support!! ; v ; //HUGS EVERYONE
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  • Listening to: Crazytown
50 :points: drawn in a few days or so, just fav this journal (so I know you are actively watching me ^^; ) and yeah.

Mainly as a thankyou again because I'm at 487 watchers and so close to half a thousand :la:
Best of luck my friends!

Winner is FluffyFeah :iconfluffyfeah:
Congrats :D
yeh by explosivelight
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TMNT International Day of Tolerance is TOMORROW!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 12, 2014, 12:20 AM
Skin by TMNT-Raph-fan

Hey, everyone! So I decided to create a project dedicated to the TMNT fandom I like to call: International Day of Tolerance. 

I'm sick and tired of people bullying each other on here, tumblr, etc all because you don't agree. Whether you like (or don't like) T-cest, Capril, Apritello, other ships, AUs, turtle tots, etc...we all need to get along and accept each other's differences.

That's why on June 13th, 2014 I'd like to declare a day of tolerance for everyone in the TMNT fandom. That means I'd like everyone to reach out to people/things in the fandom you don't necessarily interact with and spread the love we all deserve and need as mutual fans of TMNT.




ANYTHING YOU WANT AS LONG AS IT'S POSITIVE. It can be anything from drawing art for a ship you aren't into, writing a fanfic with supporting OCs in the community, writing a journal to promote the day or just giving positive feedback to the art in the different TMNT groups or even just admiring art and fiction in silent content. It's whatever makes you both happy and comfortable.


Then don't. I'm not your mom. I'm just a small fan wanting this TMNT family to get along. 


Kill them with kindness. Not everyone is going to get along. If someone wants to look like a major asshole, then let them. Just continue spreading the love like jam on toast and don't let any negativity get in the way of what makes you and others happy.


If you have any questions or concerns, let me know. I know this might be unrealistic, but I would like to try to spread more tolerance here in the fandom and community. I know I'll be participating by doing some art and stories on things I don't normally associate myself with, but feel free to do whatever you want to celebrate the day. It's summer, we all love TMNT,  and we're all equal. So CELEBRATE.


Sponsors: :iconsierrafaith: :iconcartoonartist: :iconsyizumakai:



  • Mood: Tired

Art Thief

Mon Apr 28, 2014, 7:10 PM
:iconwhiteshelledangel: has tons of traced tmnt pictures in their account (including at least one of my own). i suggest reporting any you know, or letting an artist know if you recognize their work (Sneefee is already aware).

this person doesn't care about giving credit or stealing, so just report what you can.

original Turtle stuff 3 by 10yrsy copy <da:thumb id="439942769"/>
original TMNT_Doomed_Thoughts by HearteaterC copy <da:thumb id="450015838"/>
original TMNT_Graffiti by HearteaterC copy <da:thumb id="445919311"/>
original Tmnt_TooHot by HearteaterC copy <da:thumb id="446228953"/>
original TMNT_MonsterRoach by HearteaterC copy <da:thumb id="433396624"/>
original shellshock -Raphael- by FREAKfreak copy <da:thumb id="449770381"/>
original DO-YA Donatello by FREAKfreak copy <da:thumb id="448644513"/>
original <da:thumb id="449711375"/> copy <da:thumb id="449823500"/>

there are more, but those are the ones i could find the sources for at the moment.
just a really quick note. 

i'm going to be taking this week to finish What I've Done. it's the smallest comic i have going and i just need to finish something already. i'm not even going to think about any of the other comics until this is done. (unless of course i owe you a drawing, then i'll still make time to work on that). 

after that, we'll see what happens. thanks guys :D

commissions: closed

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Watcher (Art and Point) Raffle! [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 9, 2014, 7:27 AM

---------------------E D I T-----------------------

And the Winners Are.... 

#73. :iconivanbookman:

#21. :iconconexionmanga:

#37. :iconfabtabulousrd:

Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1] Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1] Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1] 

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone for entering~ 

It was such a treat to read through everyone's comments
I tried to reply to ask many as I could!
Thank you. Thank you. 
From the bottom of my heart
Heart - Free 

700+ Watchers  Thank You Wall by Willowbranwen

I have just reached 700+ watchers! 

Artimist - Puppy Eyes / teary eyes Artimist - Puppy Eyes / teary eyes Artimist - Puppy Eyes / teary eyes 

I'm so happy. I never dreamed of reaching such a number. I've been a member of Deviantart for nearly four years now but only recently was I able to fully invest my time in my art. I graduated in June and received my Associates in Baking and Pastry Arts (finally). I work part time at an optometrist's office but my real passion is to draw. I've been working very hard to develop my style and improve my technique over time. I'm just so touched by this, you know? >< 
One of my greatest joys here on DA is holding contests, I love to hear back from people. So many here are just so kind~ I really enjoy reading about your preferences, experiences, your sweet words~ And thus to express my appreciation I have decided to hold this raffle 
Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3Kawaii Pastel Star Divider by miemie-chan3
To Enter
 1. Be a Watcher! (This is a raffle for Watchers lol)
 2. Fave this Journal (I will choose winners from this list)
That's it! 
Animated Rainbow Heart Divider by Gasara
I will choose 3 raffle winners~ 
>Each will get 200 pts and 1 Cell Shaded Chibi(*Must be your own OC) w/ a pokemon or pet of your choice~  
FREE :: Pink Bows Divider by Elliren

Feel free to comment below. Tell me a bit about yourself. Where are you from? What's your favorite color? What kind of aspirations do you have?(^ 3^) 
Bear Emoji-33 (Sad) [V2] 
Winners will be chosen and announced in 3 days. 
Best of Luck to Everyone~ and Once again, Thank you! 
Bunny Emoji-09 (Cry) [V1] 

Also~ Please check out this fundraiser
my bff :iconredwaterheart: is hosting

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Contest time!!! LAST DAY -- ends 0:00 ET -CLOSED-

Journal Entry: Thu May 1, 2014, 11:53 AM
Thank you all for participating!!! It really means a lot to me that you did!!! The contest has ended and the judging will be soon to come!!! Thank you all for making this contest so much fun!!! <333 


:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletblue::bulletpurple: Hello! Welcome to the "All Fandoms Contest"! This contest will be focusing on, you guessed it, all Fandoms! :bulletred::bulletorange::bulletblue::bulletpurple: 

Here's how to enter! 

:bulletblue: just fave this journal, make another journal with a link to this one in it and in the comments say that 'you're in' with a link to your journal! Simple as that! It would also be useful that those who do enter are watching me; so they can get updates on the contest and such :) so if you want to watch me awesome if not I really don't mind :aww:

:bulletpink: this contest will be broken down into 8 categories: 
love and romance; draw your favorite couple doing something romantic or...lovey XD
action packed; self explanatory!  
horror and gore; blood blood glorious blood >8D and slenderman!
nature and outdoors; another self explanation! 
party time; PARTY WHOOP WHOOP 
crossovers; one fandom mixed with another, things could get freaky.... 
OCs; OCs...XD 
and mature content; for the sexual/more violent/strong language type stuff 

:bulletgreen: allows: literature, digital art, traditional art, pixels, animations. 

:bulletred: does not allow: anything offensive to another fandom. 

:bulletorange: "what do I have to do?" :bulletorange: 

Draw! Or write! Easy! Just draw a picture or write a fiction that goes into one of the categories! I will also allow deviations that has already been posted to deviantART to be entered in the contest. You can enter up to 8 entries; one entry per category. Choose any fandom you want :D 

And now the most important part, of course, the prizes! :party: 

First place prize will be 40 :points: + 15 faves + request from FlashyFashionFraud + feature from Beautiful-BASSY-Kat

Second place will get 25 :points: + 5 faves + sketch request from thefierydeath!

Third place will get 10 pts + 5 faves + a llama!

The judges for this contest will be: SierraFaith, FlashyFashionFraud, Otakukid1997Sie-Kat-Wagg-Cia, KarateCat211 and my friend Amanda from rl, she doesn't have a dA so I'll give her a potato :iconpotatoplz:

I'm giving this one two months, how's that? 

Contest ends July 1st 2014

when you're finished link me your entry(s) after you've posted 

So please join, and good luck! :hooray: 

:iconartistcandy1::iconcst1999::icondarksecrets3::icondezymax::iconmusicalangel188::iconbeautiful-bassy-kat::iconninjaturtlegirl::iconmidorinoodle::iconepicpenguin145::iconrarsome::iconipoxitye::iconlolbuddies::iconjustmobi::iconmsgeeknerd::iconcrystal-akari::iconmanyminimutant32::icontmntbyellsmyth: :iconrisenshinearsty::iconda-g-da: :iconanimeluvrforever::iconwildwolfspirit1::iconkadeox::iconninjaturtleicepelt::iconsailorchibitamaran::iconhorseluv1223::icon123raph::iconmissbutterfly11::iconkitteh---girl::icondarkness637::iconjoanie48::iconkatthephoenix::iconsoggykitten::iconfionarain::iconantrakha::iconlifelessq::iconzazuto::iconakison::iconham-and-sandwich-san::iconrirock2000::iconthetailchasersmanagr::iconnancyblackmor::iconderpymabelphinabella::iconakkym::iconsonadowfire::iconibandskipbeatlover:

:party: Entries so far: :ninja:

:bulletpink: Love & Romance: :bulletpink:
Two (Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru)You lay sandwiched between two red-headed devils on a lazy summer afternoon. Hikaru had his arms looped around your waist, your back to his chest. Kaoru's head rested by your collar bone as he lay on top of you. You didn't mind. This is what the three of you did almost every weekend when you had nothing to do. You loved staring up at your ceiling, trying to keep your breath in time with both brothers. You know that most girls at Ouran would kill to be where you are right now, after all, you were technically "in bed" with two of Ouran's most popular boys. But, you didn't see it that way. You had known the twins for almost a year now with your freshman year coming to a close. All you saw that day was three friends just laying there, enjoying the music the birds spoke to each other just outside the window.
"I love you guys" you sighed, almost as an afterthought. You knew you didn't have to explain what you meant because they simply nuzzled closer to you. You felt so connected to the two b
I Love You Like Sonnet 18     
       “So, you and Raven have been together for almost a full year now.”  Cyborg stated, watching the screen flash as he and Beast Boy played their video game.
      “Yeah, our anniversary’s in a month.” Beast Boy replied, not taking his eyes off the screen either.
      “Cool, cool, happy for ya two.” Cyborg said softly, shifting in his spot awkwardly before continuing.  “So, have you two, you know, slept together?”
       BB smiled proudly and said, “Nope.  Raven isn’t into it, and I respect that.”
       Cyborg just sat there nodding his head then stopped to look at BB quizzically, “So you’re okay with not getting intimate with her?”
       “I never said we didn’t get intimate.”  BB said with a small laugh, “A couple can

Kill you, or kiss you (BBRae style) by MissButterfly11

Kiss on the Cheek by CleoArrow
So Close (A TMNT Oneshot)They walked down the stairs quietly, neither of them making an attempt to start a conversation. April bit her lip nervously, not daring to look at Casey out of the corner of her eye. She knew he was doing this on purpose. He was quiet now because she had been silent earlier.
Once they reached the bottom of the stairs and started towards her locker she just couldn’t take it anymore and said, “Are you going to say something?”
“Are you?” he replied, glancing at her. She shrugged. “Why are you so quiet today, red?”
“I just...” she quickly recalled the turtles and felt a stab of regret at having left them behind like she did. She had been angry when she told them she never wanted to see them again, but when she decided to make an effort to go back Donnie hadn’t answered his T-Phone. When she saw them out at night and tried to get their attention they would go the other way. It seemed as if they were avoiding her now.
And that was a

Get off me, Onee-san! by Simo2802
Italy x Reader .:Ti Amo:. 1
September 19,  the day (Y/N)'s country had fallen, centuries ago, the day (Y/N) died in a war.
Italy sat at the worn out grave stone, deep in a forest. His usual jumpy, and hyper self had disappeared.
-flashback bought to you by the awesome Prussia-
"(Y/N)! Chibitalia!! We're are you?!" Hungary called, searching be hind the furniture. She heard giggling behind the window curtain and walked over to it. Whipping up the cream coloured curtains she yelled, "Found you!!" Looking down at the two little figures, she smiled in victory. "Awww... She found us..." (Y/N) sighed.
"Don't you have some chores to finish?" Hungary put her hands on her hips.
The two nodded and headed to the garden to sweep.
"Ti amo!" Italy said to (Y/N) smiling.
"What?" Said (Y/N) questioning what the young Italian had just said.
"I'll tell you when we're older and stronger!" Italy hugged her.
-1 year time skip bought to you by that Tamato-loving bastardo!-
(Y/N) walked into the main room were a messenger had just

Wedding dress (finished)Hey it's me, thought I'd called to say goodbye
Congratulations on your marriage, I'm very happy for you
I'm soon gonna be deported later, thought I'd let you know first
But there's something I want to tell you
Something I kept for a long time
Here we go!
Was it all just a dream?
Is everything what it seems?
I remember the day when you walked out of my life
The petals on the roses are, are falling down
The roses in the vase have died with the tears they drown
Thinking back to old times do you remember when we first met
We were so young back then, we would always play pretend
So here I am, I'm playing this game alone
I never thought I be on my own
This isn't how the story should really end
Cause you should be my lady!
You once told me, "We should just be friends."
So if you believe that you belong with him
Know that I, always will keep you in my heart
It's like a, fairy tale that you've been dreaming of
A princess walking down in her wedding dress (Dress)
Ah see you in that weddin

Ran And Shinichi by NancyBlackmor

:bulletorange: Horror and gore: (if the deviation has a mature filter on it it will automatically go to the mature content category) :bulletorange:
Because I'm A Sick Monster by manyminimutant32
Jeff by ibandskipbeatlover
InSaNiTY: Contest Entry for SierraFaith by NinjaTurtleIcepelt

:bulletgreen: Nature and outdoors: :bulletgreen:
Catch 'Em All by soggykitten 
One More Flower? ::CONTEST ENTRY:: by Serpenfire
Seasons in the TARDISMartha tipped her head back, sighing in delight as the gentle breeze wafted the aroma of wildflowers over her.  She ran her fingers through the grass surrounding, marveling in the rough and crumbly feel of the thick soil at her fingertips.  Her feet kicked lazily in the cool stream running through this vast, lush, and therapeutically beautiful meadow.  As she listened to a chorus of bugs around her she thought to herself, “the Doctor should get lost more often.”
Rose watched the waves crash among the rocks, taking in the salty scent of the foam swirling its way around her as she sat along the shore.  She listened to the birds calling to one another and the roar of the ocean before her; she almost forgot why she hadn’t been to the beach in ages.  As her Doctor sat down beside her the pain of memory flowed back to her like a raging tide, but was quickly overpowered by the elating sensation of new memories being made.  Her world was fine, no


:bulletpurple: Party time: :bulletpurple:
Masaomi x Reader The Party"Pleeeeeaaaasseeee!!!!!"
"But (naaaaaaammmeeee)"
"No Masaomi! I won't know anyone there besides you and it'll just be awkward"
"But I can't go without my best girl!!!"
"You're best girl huh?"
"You're full of shit Kida" you laugh
"But that's why you love me!~" Masaomi croons, grinning at you. You roll your eyes and sigh.
"Now, how could I say no to that face" you say.
"Yes!!! By the way, I fully intend on telling everyone there that I have laid you several times!" He says, sprinting away.
"Masaomi!!" You yell, running after him.
"I can see it now!" He yells to you while evading capture by dodging around the fountain in front of Raira Academy. Everyone there thinks you two would be a cute couple and although you'd never admit this to Masaomi, you think so too. He's just too much of an idiot to take a hint. "I'll be all, see that girl over there, yeah... These days she practically begs me to fuck her every time I see her... It gets kin

CelebrationEngland set his half-finished cup of tea on the table, his headache growing, as the seemingly endless box of fireworks continued to be emptied and lit.  Canada turned as England rose from his seat, they exchanged tired looks as another loud bang resounded through the night.
Canada sighed, “This celebration is getting on my last nerve.”
England nodded solemnly as “Party in the USA” blared for the umpteenth time that night, the two made silent plans to murder America before the next World Cup.

:bulletblue: Crossovers: :bulletblue: 
My Dreams My Be Fake  But Their Real In My Hart, by 123raph
Turtles Meet Dolls by AnimeLuvrForever
C: Levi x Mephi Crossover by Darkness637
The Magic Trio Hogwarts style by AkiSon
A certain scientific InfamousAs the dust from the blast puffed up to the sky, Mikasa hacked and cough from the
"left overs" from the shattered bridge. There was a moment of silence as the wind carried
away the dust and smoke through the air. A silhouete fromed through the smoke and was
approching near. Mikasa charged up her energy and sended a big bolt of lightning towards
her target. The figure ducked and launched one of it's own lighting bolt projectile
towards Mikasa. Mikasa jumped out of the path of the bolt with a grunt. "How long
are you going to keep this up," the figure said. "I don't want to hurt you but
you just leaving me no choice." Mikasa, still injured, got back up on her two feet
facing the figure. The dust and smoke then cleared out from the bridge revealed her
target. "So, what is it? You still gonna fight me or what," The figure said as eletricity
surged through it's veins. The figure was a man. Not Japanese but, a foreigner. He
looked as if he was from either the U.S. or from Great Britain. He w

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” April O’Neil muttered to herself, as she pulled on what looked like purple go-go boots, in the bedroom of her best friend, Irma Langinstein.  
“You promised you would go with me this year.” Irma reminded her friend in a slightly annoyed voice, but quickly changed to a sing song tone as she continued, “This is going to be the best comic con ever, you’ll see!”  Irma was practically dancing as she fastened a dark blue cloak around her neck
“Still,” April said, making sure her hair extinctions were in place, “I can’t believe you chose these costumes.”
“What’s wrong with Star fire and Raven?” Irma asked putting her hands on her hips.  “You used to love ‘Teen Titians’, you nearly jumped through the roof when they made ‘Teen Titans Go’, and don’t you still have that Robin plushy?” Irma ranted on a

Cosplay Crossover (after coloring) by ibandskipbeatlover
Spirit and Tamaki by MsGeekNerd

:bulletyellow: OCs: :bulletyellow:
Reaper- Chapter 3Lucien swallowed and sat up, opening the door slowly. He walked out and stared for a moment at the now awake angel, who simply glared at him.
"Don't glare at me, I helped you..." Lucien mumbled.
"Whatever.." The angel mumbled. That was when the other angel, Lucien believed he'd said his name was Uti, spoke up.
"Be nice Akaten... He saved your damn life." Uti said sternly.
"Fine.. But only because your my friend Uti, will I say thanks.. So thank you." Akaten spoke stiffly. Lucien was a bit hurt. Sure he looked like Kyle, but they were nothing alike. A small part of his heart had been hoping maybe he had found a lover, but now it just ached. He shoved his feelings down, once again choosing to bottle everything up. He didn't think anyone wanted to hear it, so once again he shoved his feelings in a tightly corked bottle deep in his heart.
"Are you hungry?" He spoke, his voice now as stiff and toneless as Akaten's. Akaten stared at him a moment before nodding.
"I'm not picky, do whatever th
Kat: Chapter OneChapter One: Memories
   Kat remembered it well, it was a cooler day on Paradise Island, but things weren’t peaceful.  The Lunarwolves were attacking the Phoenixkin in a last ditch attempt to wipe them off the face of the planet.  She had already lost her mother to sickness, and she had just gotten word that her father died in battle.  She was only five when this happened.  Her mother was ten thousand years old when she died, and her father eleven thousand when he passed.  The only living blood relative she had left was her brother Isaac.  He had red-ish brown colored hair, and green eyes.  He was very brave.  “Bubba, what’s going on what’s happening?” Kat asked with all of her belongings in a trunk and bag.  “Well, we’re going to play a game of hide-and-seek, and I’m going to hide you where none of the wolves will be able to find you.” Isaac responded.  He took Kat to an o
Contest Entry- Oc by risenshinearsty
:bulletred: Mature content: :bulletred: 

Dream or Reality? by DarkSecrets3

Betrayal by musicalangel188
England is watching by Rarsome

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