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Sherlock Holmes Week 2012

(all through the week, there will be Share the Sherlock Love. For more information, see here: love-sherlock-holmes.deviantar…)

STARTING NOW: A chain-story. Since we are technically a BBC Sherlock fan group (or ended up that way) I'm going to ask that we keep it BBC. That means Sherlock and John, not Holmes and Watson. Also, for the sake of everyone, keep it relatively slash free. So no sex or anything. They can hug, but anything over that line is a bit much. Here's how this works:…
It's been STARTED! To All those involved: THERE IS A NEW FOLDER FOR THE CHAIN STORY. PLEASE SUBMIT THEM IN ORDER. If the person before you has not submitted yet, do not put yours in!!!!!!!Please!

:bulletblack:30 July—This will be Sherlock Holmes quiz day. The journal on that day will feature links to different Holmesian quizzes-whether it’s Sherlock, RDJ, or the original Canon, you can test your knowledge of Sherlock Holmes. Also, anyone willing to make a quiz—drop me a comment or a note, and I’ll include yours on the list. Make then as challenging and as fun as you want!

:bulletblue:31 July-- Fashion ‘Contest’ there will be a folder open up until then for any submissions. If anyone wants to donate prizes, feel free. These can be: Canon Holmes, your own Holmes, BBC Sherlock, Your own modern Sherlock Holmes. (In other words, you can think up clothing designs for any of the already-existing Holmes, or design clothes for how you see Sherlock Holmes).

:bulletblack:1 August—

:bulletblue:2 August--An internet trail. It will start with a clue here and lead through some of the best Sherlock and Sherlock Holmes sites/fan things on the web. (Subject to change, I will need help with it, so if you want to volunteer). Will only be up for this day.

:bulletblack:3 August—

:bulletblue:4 August--ends the chain-story. The full story will be posted here and featured in the group journal.

:bulletblack:5 August—This is to get in any submissions of how you see any future Sherlock Holmes. Whether it’s one year from now, or another 100 years, how do you see Sherlock Holmes in the future? The folder will be open until then for your submissions.

Still missing a few activities, so PLEASE if you have any ideas, let e know ASAP so we can get started!!!!!

Also, our contest voting is going on through 16 July, so please vote if you have not yet! Here's the link to the entries:…
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*slow claps* 
Image by SierraFaith

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TMNT International Day of Tolerance is TOMORROW!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 12, 2014, 12:20 AM
Skin by TMNT-Raph-fan

Hey, everyone! So I decided to create a project dedicated to the TMNT fandom I like to call: International Day of Tolerance. 

I'm sick and tired of people bullying each other on here, tumblr, etc all because you don't agree. Whether you like (or don't like) T-cest, Capril, Apritello, other ships, AUs, turtle tots, etc...we all need to get along and accept each other's differences.

That's why on June 13th, 2014 I'd like to declare a day of tolerance for everyone in the TMNT fandom. That means I'd like everyone to reach out to people/things in the fandom you don't necessarily interact with and spread the love we all deserve and need as mutual fans of TMNT.




ANYTHING YOU WANT AS LONG AS IT'S POSITIVE. It can be anything from drawing art for a ship you aren't into, writing a fanfic with supporting OCs in the community, writing a journal to promote the day or just giving positive feedback to the art in the different TMNT groups or even just admiring art and fiction in silent content. It's whatever makes you both happy and comfortable.


Then don't. I'm not your mom. I'm just a small fan wanting this TMNT family to get along. 


Kill them with kindness. Not everyone is going to get along. If someone wants to look like a major asshole, then let them. Just continue spreading the love like jam on toast and don't let any negativity get in the way of what makes you and others happy.


If you have any questions or concerns, let me know. I know this might be unrealistic, but I would like to try to spread more tolerance here in the fandom and community. I know I'll be participating by doing some art and stories on things I don't normally associate myself with, but feel free to do whatever you want to celebrate the day. It's summer, we all love TMNT,  and we're all equal. So CELEBRATE.


Sponsors: :iconsierrafaith: :iconcartoonartist: :iconsyizumakai:



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Best Skype conversation ever!!!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 15, 2014, 9:23 PM
I wanna thank DragonTurtleKen for being amazing XD 

Image by SierraFaith

Image by SierraFaith

Image by SierraFaith

Image by SierraFaith

Image by SierraFaith

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Journal Skin By: Vampgirl31
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I love you guys 
you're the best 
you guys always make me smile 
even if I feel like throwing up or just dropping dead 
You're always there for me 
You're always there to cheer me up 
I love you all so much 
I'd die without you 
you're amazing 
I can't even 
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omg zenvi killed me

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 29, 2014, 2:28 PM

look at this ;A;
i woke up today to a box in the mail and :iconzenvi: sent me presenttttss
i feel so naughty, like i was supposed to wait till christmas or something with all the pretty wrappings

Untitled by PikapawsUntitled by Pikapaws


my ferret was really happy with her 'presents' too haha


No Preview

Commission Links

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WARNING: If you do not want to see spoilers, delete this message now...

Call me evil, but I have found a page that shows Manga previews of the raw Japanese!

AND OMG!!! What I saw was the reason I fell in love with this anime/manga in the first place!

Luckily the images are small so I will wait until the English comes out before I start colouring :P

Stay posted for the link to the English link in a few more days~

Website Link: animeprodestiny.forumcommunity…

So want to colour this last panel ^

I seriously thought Sebby was Snake at first when I saw this on FB XD ^

Is Sebastian using his powers to "wake" Ciel???
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QR Coding Your Dream Pokemon

Tue Mar 3, 2015, 7:48 AM

EDIT: They have patched this with a firmware update, so don't update your 3DS before you get the Pooks you want!

Do you like Pokemon? Have you spent many hours playing, wishing that you could have just the right one? Have you fought and lost the good fight against the RNG? Well, shut up and sit down because do I have news for you!

Links are in the video description, but if you really don't want to go look:
-Link to program
-Duncan's sample template for legal Gen 6 Pokemon

That's right folks, there's a way for the common man to easily create and inject Pokemon into your game! You can make anything your little heart desires! That shiny Sylveon that you always wanted - with completely legit PP-maxed moves, or with ridiculous broken things like Boomburst and Psystrike if you're a terrible person and think that's funny! Never waste time hatching for shinies again, only to get the wrong ability or IV spread!

The only caveat is that when you grab your Pokemon with this method, it will eat whatever is in the first slot of your first box, so make sure it's empty before trying this. In fact, Acerna and I have prepared a couple mystery QR codes if you want to test this out before making your own pooks:

Well, that's all for now folks! Hope you find this to be a convenient time-saver or otherwise just ridiculously funny!

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Etihw Journal Skin

Sun Apr 26, 2015, 2:27 PM
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Etihw from The Gray Garden Skin Journal.

Feel free to note me if you would like the code to this journal skin.

Created at

Character belongs to Mogeko.

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Look at my awesome ass shirt

Fri May 15, 2015, 10:33 AM
Image by SierraFaith

Its a nice shirt.

I also got a Free! shirt but I didn't take a picture...I'll take one next time I wear it |'D

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