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An artist on Twitter made this LOGO for me, based on my DeviantArt name "Rick Kills Pencils" using the FONT from Breaking Bad. He looked up the chemical equivalent to my name using the PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEMENTS AND CHEMICALS [link]

I added my photo, drawing of Walter White, website URL and his credits. I'm now using it as my Twitter Profile Photo ( :D

Side note: When I joined DA, I wanted the name "Pencil Killer" because that's what people called me on but it was taken.
The meaning I wanted it to have was that I "USED" a lot of pencils, because I do. Now 2+ years later, it sounds a bit arrogant to me, but don't want to change it now, since everyone knows me by that name.
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so sexy........... LoL

got the pic from
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I use this on
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Feel free to change the breed etc ^^

1 - Cremello - ee aa CrCr - 75 :points:

2- Blue Roan Sabino (minimal) - EE aa nR nSb - 75 :points:

3- Silver Black Brindle  - Ee aa ZZ  sold to XxMiaCatxX 

4- Bay Tobiano - Ee AA TT sold to XxMiaCatxX 

Thanks to Schn3e  for the lovely lineart  (link below) 
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Thanks to XxMiaCatxX I am in a super good mood so here are some free horse adopts!!

From top left to right. All Mares. 

Horse 1: (Nightscape? o-o )
Black Splash
SOLD to XxMiaCatxX

Horse 2:
Extreme Bay Roan Tobiano (with bendOr spots)
SOLD to Beth-is-a-dolphin

Horse 3: (This horse is blind in her right eye)
Rose Grey with Bloody shoulder markings
SOLD to rescueagreyhound

Horse 4: 
Bay dun showing cobwebbing on face chimera (black)
Ee/Aa/nD (Ee/aa)
SOLD to MedussaMayhem
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yeah, I'm sick of the "Lets go and bomb the whole of the Middle East, then no terrorists!!"


Because noooo, there are absolutely no terrorists anywhere else.. sure -.-

No, I am not "Pro-ISIS/IS/Terrorism in general" but I am just bored of the media portraying what goes on in places such as the Gaza strip, Syria, Iraq etc as being either "full of terrorism" or that nobody from there can be trusted. Islam is not the only religion that has extremists. I dare say, there is more public fear internationally of the terrorists in the Middle East than there is of other extremists from other religions. Guys, this is a very bad misconception

The KKK  is still very much an awful and active organisation; yet it's almost been forgotten where I live now that other religions can be used as a more modern scapegoat for the world's problems. It even works in the government's favour as the more "alien" religions are, the easier it becomes for political  figures to  convincingly blame and spread rumours about  them simply because people are poorly informed about other religions or they don't want to know. It is far harder to blame religions closer to home because so many wouldn't want to hear their religious have any kind of faults and members with ill intentions.

Half of my family are indeed from the Middle East; either from Syria or Iraq and many are Muslims. I promise you, they do not believe in terrorism nor do they carry it out or support those who do.

For those who believe "Middle East = Land of terrorists-  just murder the whole darn lot of them", my words to you are simply, stop being so bloody naive. And for those who use religion as an excuse, I'm an atheist, so clearly it doesn't take a religious person to notice what's going on.

Enjoy this stamp, if  you don't agree with it, that's up to you, don't waste  your own time writing me a hate message - but I hope my reasoning helps  you understand my point of view. Use as  you like.

stamp template Deviant Stamp Template by stamp-album
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All stallies/geldings here, but you can change them to mares if you want to. 

From top left to right (couldn't label them, my tablet died -.-)

Horse 1:
Silver Mahogany Bay Splash
30 :points:
SOLD to XxMiaCatxX

Horse 2:
Grulla Blanket Leopard 
30 :points:

Horse 3: (He reminds me of a Tawney owl, so tempting to keep him XD)
Mulberry Grey Minimal Overo
30 :points:
SOLD to semper-n-aeternum

Horse 4:
Blue Roan Rabicano with Gustra plume
40 :points:
SOLD to XxMiaCatxX
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EDIT 09/12/14
Due to some issues, I haven't been able to open today's calender, so I'll do 2 tomorrow

Xmas Lights Divider - F2U! (Improved!) by Drache-Lehre

What are the prizes?

Here are a few:
:bulletblue: Slots to my horses
:bulletblue: drawings of your horses
:bulletblue: kaaring packages for your horses
:bulletblue: chibi Christmas Ponies
:bulletblue: Designs
:bulletblue: Points

Xmas Lights Divider - F2U! (Improved!) by Drache-Lehre

How does it work?

:bulletgreen: On each day, I have a little surprise in store for one lucky person.
:bulletgreen: This person will be selected by RNG.  
:bulletgreen: I will comment, feature that comment and anyone who replies to that comment will be entered into the RNG. 
:bulletgreen: The starting time for each day is 09:00 Central European Timeand the closing time for each day is 20:00 Central European Time. No comments will be counted after this time.
:bulletgreen: Once the RNG has been done, the prize will be revealed and the winner will be notified.
:bulletgreen: If the winner doesn't want the prize, the RNG will be repeated to find a new winner. 

Xmas Lights Divider - F2U! (Improved!) by Drache-Lehre


:bulletred: You may enter as many days as you like but only once per day
:bulletred: No sulking if you don't like the prize, just tell me (politely preferably) that you don't want it, and I'll give it to someone else. 
:bulletred: No Arguing about things - self explanatory.

Have fun y'all!! <3333

Xmas Lights Divider - F2U! (Improved!) by Drache-Lehre
Winners will be marked in bold

1st - Mikipup, Namsis, Beth-is-a-Dolphin, Doodeedoodah
2nd - MookieMew
3rd - Doodeedoodah, XxMiaCatxX, MurphyMooCow, MookieMew, Beth-is-a-dolphin
4th - MasqueradeFirefly, JashinIsAGod, MurphyMooCow, Enkue
5th - MasqueradeFirefly, Enkue
6th -  MasqueradeFirefly, XxMiaCatxX, Enkue
7th - MasqueradeFirefly, ErinHK, Enkue, Beth-is-a-Dolphin
8th - Enkue, XxMiaCatxX, MasqueradeFirefly, MurphyMooCow
9th -  Enkue, MasqueradeFirefly
10th - Enkue, MasqueradeFirefly, ThetaDonaldson
11th - MurphyMooCow, Enkue, XxMiaCatxX, MasqueradeFirefly
12th - Enkue, XxMiaCatxX, MasqueradeFirefly
13th - Enkue, XxMiaCatxX, MasqueradeFirefly
14th - bopsie, Enkue, XxMiaCatxX, MasqueradeFirefly
15th - Enkue, XxMiaCatxX, MasqueradeFirefly
16th - Enkue, XxMiaCatxX, MasqueradeFirefly
17th - Enkue, MasqueradeFirefly
18th -
19th - 
20th - 
21st - 
22nd -
23rd -
24th -

background stock by  Random-Acts-Stock
page divider by Drache-Lehre
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So this is my entry for the Face Your Monsters Contest! :) I chose to call the piece "Instincts" because that's all a zombie has left, no personality or memories: only instincts.

I love Alice in Wonderland, and I love zombies, so I made my own version of Alice as a zombie. :D

Makeup artist/Model: :iconleongeds:

Photographer: :iconstripedrat:
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