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i wanted to draw he in my style so here is it XD ...maybe cuz i saw too much simpsonsīs episodes xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDddddd

lisa (c) simpsons

art by me
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4 :iconbl-boot-camp:!! I decided to revamp my babiessss <w<
The revamp of this applicant was based on a very coolio Lithuanian basketball player called Jonas Valančiūnas, not very on appearance but on height and weight vwv 
IIIIIIII might revamp Andrei later, I have no idea hahahaha > 3 <


:bulletred: Full Name :bulletred:
Leonids Vilks

:bulletred: Age :bulletred:
17 y/o

:bulletred: Weight :bulletred: 
240 lbs (109kg)

:bulletred: Height :bulletred:
7'0'' (2.13m, he is indeed very tall fellow)

:bulletred: D.O.B :bulletred:

:bulletred: Gender :bulletred:

:bulletred: Orientation :bulletred:
Nah son

:bulletred: Personality :bulletred:
Unpredictable || Mentally Unstable || Rude || Noisy || Nosy || Compulsive Liar || Violent || Ironic

:bulletred: Likes/Dislikes :bulletred:
+ Techno, Eletronic, Dubstep and Hiphop
+ Basketball
+ Japanese culture, anime/manga and cosplay
+ Alpacas
+ Cats (Has one called Luna)
+ Being called "Leo", "Vil" and "LV"
+ Smoke
+ Deceased Mother
[Might add more later]

- Being mocked by his high height
- Nicknames to do with his high height
- Big Dogs (was bitten by dogs when he was younger, still has noticeable bite marks that he tends to hide)
- Being called "Nerd", "Noisy" or "Nosy"
- Father and Step-mother
- Being called by his name
- Drinking alcohol
- Losing at what he's good at
[Might add more later]

:bulletred: History :bulletred:
When Leo was younger he had a caring mother but a drunken father. When his father returned from work his mother would often hide him, afraid that he might have returned drunk and beat up her sweet child. Because of his father's gene of high height, he was frequently picked on by being taller then the other kids, he was constantly called 'Giraffe', 'Skyscraper' and 'Eiffel Tower'. With the irritation building up over days and day of constant mocking, he eventually bursted and started several violent fights with his school colleagues, resulting on suspensions. A few years later, he grew up and started to take interests in manga, anime and Japanese culture. A manga that he really enjoyed was about basketball, which later influenced him into joining the school's basketball team. Later, with his weak mother's death because of a collapsed lung, he became more rude towards his now clean from alcohol father and later on his opportunist and manipulative step-mother, quit the school's basketball team and joined a street basketball team weeks later where, when they won matches with other teams, they received money and respect. With this he met and became good friends with bad influences that made him do the things he does; insult his father, step-mother and teachers, being pulled and starting fights, smoke, pierce and tattoo his body and miss several days of school. His dad and step-mom tried to treat him with psychology, thinking that, like this, he could get a few things off his chest and become a better person. But, to their surprise, their plan didn't worked... Instead, he became more violent and irritated - his father still stores in his mind what Leo yell at him when he got out of the psychology office... "´Trying to change my way of being? Huh, old man? How about you concentrate into changing your fucking dick?? He bitch you call wife doesn't yell your name in months! But hey, let's think positive here... At least she yell something when she begged me to shove my dick up her ass!". This and his previous acts caused his dad to apply his son to the BL Boot Camp, they might put him straight there.

:bulletred: Reason for being at Bl Boot Camp :bulletred:
The scene he caused was the last straw for his father, he decided to put him in the BL Boot Camp right away after that incident.

:bulletred: Other:
~ Has one of his nipples pierced, he was dared by a friend of his.
~ Has a small tattoo on his rear with a basket ball, dedicated to his love with basketball and as a joke, since it was small no one would notice, right? (Nope)
~ Has a tattoo with the name of his mother near his heart ("Gaida").
~ Lithuanian, sight accent.
~ First act of rebellion was pierce his lips.
~ Very good at basketball, dunks and blocks easily.
~ Detests alcohol, hates because of his father.
~ Has a thing for uniforms (mainly maid and police like uniforms) and being squeezed/compressed (BDSM/Bondage kink ewe hehe) after seeing anime that portrayed the same (hentai, most likely)
~ Is afraid of relationships, he had a crazy girlfriend and seems to be scared of starting a romantic relationship since then (The relationship he had with the last girl he dated wasn't going too well so he broke up with her, saying that they could still be friends, she tried to kill herself by drinking bleach. She ended up in the hospital. Scared and worried that she might have died he called the hospital everyday to check on her. Happily, she recovered from the bleach incident but she was forced into a psychological treatment facility, where she still passes her days. He blames himself for everything that happened to her.)
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Lisa Simpson
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I was trying to work out which colour would work for my Lisa drawing, the colouring of the simspsons or the anime style of colouring.

So i quickly did this, just to compare colours

Let me know what you think

So PLEASE leave a comment
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Here is another simpsons drawing, this time little Lisa Simpson done in my style, a anime style so to speak XD I really like her hair, I hope the pose is alright.

Also I hope you like her in my style.

The Simpsons/Lisa Simpson owned by Matt Groening and his team.

Picture (C) Robert Anderson
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lisa simpson
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hi ~~
this is my first work
i like simpson, so i did them to real person%%
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Baby from :iconbl-boot-camp:
I WAS ACTUALLY GOING TO DRAW LEONIDS 4 REALS LIKE A SERIOUS THINGIE nsfw to be exact BUT MY BRAIN WAS LIKE "HELL NAH SON" SO I ENDED UP DOOdling leonids and here it is i am sorry this is the most lazy coloring/shading I ever done like wow how lazy am I today huh.

this doodle was actually a full body but once again my lazy brain punched me from the inside out and made me cut it by his legs, I wanted show that he tends to sit with his fricking legs wide open like a whore AKA sat like Tom Hiddleston in Thor and Avengers and pretty much every film even in real life would sit but I failed to do so have a bruised giant baby I don't even know anymore

Little, giant asshole called Leonids and doodly doodle > me
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Alright I confess: I LOVE the Simpsons okay! I love almost as much as I love anime it's been my favorite tv shows since I was 6 and that is a looong time. I absolutely love Their Yellow Album Cd they got so much good music on it.

So uhh yea I've been practicing at Lisa for about a week now and I thought ah what the hey I might as well upload it to Da. ^_^ If anyone you don't like the simpsons go jump in a lake! XD J/k

I drew her cause she's so easy to draw now ^^
and cause she's my favorite Simpsons Character next to Sideshow Bob and Homer XD

Enjoy ^_^

Lisa Simpson (c) Matt Groning
Pic(c) Me!!!!
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