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Seems like Apple Bloom found something funny :)

Part of a bigger picture, which hopefully will be finished soon. (I just wanted to upload something!)
Edit: Thank you so much for the EqD feature!:happybounce:
Man, I'm slow at noticing that stuff!

Lot of credit to :iconfyre-flye:
MLP Hasbro
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Sometimes I can't help but feel a little strange about being a guy who likes My Little Pony. Is it just me?

Allow me to clarify something: No one loves being a brony more than I. I made this only to poke fun at myself(and maybe Big Macintosh). Most people got that this was a work of humor, but I've still had to repeat this a dozen times since I made it. I greatly appreciate so many people sharing their thoughts and opinions, but the misunderstandings have become a bit tiresome. ^^;

So please, view this drawing as I had entended - for everyone to have a laugh. =)
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Requested by ~onemariobro
Hope you like it!

This was the absolute joy to draw!

I tried to go for a black line style because it looks much better on this type of scene.
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More Cutie Mark Chrusaders! this time, Applebloom

Tumblr version: [link]

You can see Sweetie Belle here

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no matter how hard you try...

you just can't seem to get your cutie marks, eh CMC? -hugs them-


original sketch by :iconurbanhawk: (coloured with permission)

mlp fim belongs to lauren faust and hasbro
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Believe in the Vinyl that believes in you.
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Apple Bloom (c) Hasbro
Sweetie Belle (c) Hasbro
Scootaloo (c) Hasbro
Cheerilee (c) Hasbro
Zecora (c) Hasbro
Big Macintosh (c) Hasbro
Granny Smith (c) Hasbro
Mrs. Smarty Pants (c) Hasbro
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro
(c) :iconfyre-flye:

During Twilight, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie's pursuit of finding their friends, the Cutie Mark Crusaders were making their attempts in fixing the whole age mess that Discord caused in Equestria. Their best bet was to go and see Zecora, so they embarked to the Everfree Forest in the hopes of meeting with her. To their surprise, the forest still remained in tact, most of it at least.

Apple Bloom: C'mon crusaders. We're almost there, I think.
Scootaloo: You said that five minutes ago.
Sweetie Belle: *carrying Cheerilee* I just hope that Zecora isn't a small foal either, or we'll have to look after two babies.
Apple Bloom: Look girls! *sees Zecora's home in sight*
Scootaloo: Finally, we're here.
Apple Bloom: *runs to the door and knocks* Zecora, are you there? *knocks again* Zecora?

The door opens and the crusaders are about to greet their friend, but instead somepony else answers. The pony that greets them is a green pony with a somewhat familiar hair style and bonnet.

???: Hello there.
Apple Bloom: Um... Hi, I was wonderin' if Zecora happens to be home right now.
???: You mean that nice lil' Zebra friend? She's home alright.
Sweetie Belle: Did you say little?
???: Sure did. Why don't y'all come and make yourselves at home.
Scootaloo: Thanks.
???: Aww, what a cute foal ya got there. Is she your lil' sister or somethin'?
Sweetie Belle: Uh... yeah. Her name's Cheerilee. Say hi Cheerilee.
Cheerilee: *looks at the mysterious green pony* Baba.
Sweetie Belle: She's still too young to start talking yet.
???: Hi to you too lil' filly.

The ponies go inside and notice a young foal playing with an all too familiar doll. Also, they saw their friend Zecora, but noticed that she too had undergone a change in age much like the mane six.

Zecora: Hello there fellow fillies, what brings you to my ocassion of festivities?
Apple Bloom: Zecora? Is that really you?
Zecora: Indeed, there is no other one but me? And who may I ask is the name of thee?
Apple Bloom: It's me Apple Bloom!
Sweetie Belle: And I'm Sweetie Belle.
Cheerilee: *crying*
Sweetie Belle: Oh no! Don't cry Cheerilee.
Scootaloo: I'm Scootaloo. *walks over to the cauldron with Zecora*
Apple Bloom: Ya don't remember us at all?
Zecora: I'm afraid not. Forgive me for not being the hope that you saught.

Apple Bloom walks away with disappointment and decides to talk with the mysterious green pony who is tending to the foal beside her.

???: Doin' alright?
Apple Bloom: *sigh* No.
???: Sorry to hear that.
Apple Bloom: ... How did you two come across Zecora?
???: Well, this lil' colt and I were at this farm all by ourselves while a bunch crazy stuff was goin' about. This lil' guy was chewing away at this here doll. I couldn't leave him, so I took him with me to see if I can find help. We got lost in the forest for a while, but then Zecora found us and let the two of us take refuge.
Apple Bloom: Wait a sec, you said a farm. Did that farm have a lot of apple trees?
???: That's right.
Apple Bloom: And this lil' foal here was at the farm too?*takes a closer look*
???: Yup.
????(red foal): *chewing on the doll*
Apple Bloom: It can't be! *notices who the foal resembles* Big Macintosh!?
Big Macintosh: *still chewing*
Apple Bloom: Then that means *looks back at the green pony* GRANNY!
Granny Smith: What!? Are you blind or somethin'? I'm no granny.
Apple Bloom: *heads back to Zecora* We've gotta make some kind of potion or what not that'll turn everypony back.
Scootaloo: But how, I don't think Zecora even remembers that stuff.
Apple Bloom: Hey Zecora, do you know anything about making an age potion?
Zecora: I can't say that I do, but how about instead I whip up a nice and tasty stew?
Scootaloo: I guess we're on our own then.
Apple Bloom: Looks like we'll have to make our own potion then.
Sweetie Belle: Uh, a little help you two. *trying to calm a crying Cheerilee*

With greater problems against them, the crusaders are on their own in creating a potion that will help remedy everypony's predicament.
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First attempt at drawing Octavia. I also did a lot of experimentation with this one.

Also I was inspired by :iconsosweetntasty: with the style :3

Also be sure to check out my tumblr blogs :3

My personal Tumblr: [link]

Ask Dat Caramel: [link]
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The end

Applebloom's cutie mark is an apple flower. Scootaloo's is a tire with a lightning bolt. Sweetie Belle's is a heart-shaped music note.

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