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I was going to save this for later but I had a lot fun creating this pony goodness today

:roll: A little tribute to the creatives I know of who have made FIM what it is Truly utterly totally UNPUTDOWNABLE =D (not the exact Dash quote i wanted)

:iconfyre-flye: :iconsibsy: and Daniel Ingram :thumbsup: to you all.

I used :icontygerbug: design of pony dan as a reference for the pose [link]

I know there a ton more but I am not as involved in this amazing fandom as I would like to be :no:. Still I go on Equestria Daily every day now and getting updated on Bronyville ;) finally.

Keep them trolls and haters back bronies.

Itís not quite finished in my humble opinion but I think itís at a good enough standard to share it with the community.

until next deviation LATERS :peace:

Epic FTW:woohoo: or Do Not want :rage: you choose :mwahaha:

done all on photoshop CS3 using my Wacom tablet
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A gift for :iconsibsy:

Wildfire and Mandopony share warm cocoa together!
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Just Luna in a tennis outfit.
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YAY! 100%-Princess-Luna-ANIMATED-Comic!

:bulletgreen:EDIT 2:
●Featured in Equestria Daily, Saturday, June 16, 2012
●Corrected some grammatical errors (Thanks to ~Heretic-Sage for the current English and ~acvcritter for the Elizabethan English)

:bulletgreen:EDIT: Replaced with a smaller version (Still Big, 5.5MB). If for some reason you want the bigger 20 MB version, you can find it HERE .

Now. Remember my previous comic? That time I said: "This one took more (both time and work) of what I had thought when I first started it. I made more vectors and modifications to the existing ones in a single panel than my whole previous comic!"

Maybe that one was a Huge, Meta, Clever comic. THIS one, however, should be cataloged as a Film!:

●~Chalcedonian's "Luna Giggle" with eyes modified to look to the right.
●~Myythic's "Princess Luna"
●~90Sigma's "Shocked Princess Luna"
My own "Luna Philosophizing"
●The PEGASUS laptop is based on a real laptop. The most difficult part? The keys.
●The Wind OS Heaven Login Screen is a modified version of the Windows Server 2008 Login Screen, decorated with ~exe2001's "Cloud Shape 1", and Celestia's User Account picture has *BlackGryph0n's "Princess Celestia Cutie Mark"
●"Celestia's desktop" is a screenshot of my own desktop, and yes, that wallpapaer is my Elite Beat Agents Wallpaper; it doubles as "watermark" too (see my icon), and it is the one I'm currently using. I'm not (too) lazy! I made this comic!
●The "shorcut" to EQD icon is ~he4rtofcourage's "Chrome-poni"
●The Equestrian Day Cycle was made with, you already saw it, Stellarium (Not to be confused with Celestia, another astronomical program), and for the landscape, a mix of ~Kishmond's "At The Gala" and ~MLP-Vector-Collabs' "Group Background #1". The composite image can be downloaded here and the Landscape File as is used in Stellarium, here, with instructions.
My own "Princess Celestia's Room" and one of the reasons I spent so much time in this comic (the other was I was out of town, but that doesn't matter...)
●I had the idea of the Computer-Controlled Day during "Lesson Zero", where Twilight sees the sun moving as if it were a clock; In Stellarium, you can do the same by pressing "Ctrl + =". Then, the idea evolved from trolling Twilight to somepony breaking the mechanism (the laptop).
●The idea of a Gamer Luna has been addressed in other comics. Then I thought "Let's have Luna playing 'a game'" and then this comic was born.
●The Dialog. Or actually a Monologue, was a tricky part. Not only this is the most text-extensive comic I have made, but it was particularly difficult since I wanted Luna speak with Elizabethan English. YE SHALL TELL US IF SOMETHING ISN'T CORRECTLY SPELLED!.
●There are two "animations" in this comic: Celestia's Room and the Exterior View. I intended these were synchronized, so if it's 2:00pm inside the castle, in the outside the sun must be high in the sky. That was the easy part, since both animations are made of 24 frames, I just paired the respective frames from the inside with those from the outside.
●The shallow focus, as seen in "Put your hoof down" when Fluttershy locks herself inside her house, was both visual candy and a device to shift the attention from Luna to the computer between Panels 2 and 3.
●I realized that Celestia's Room needed more contrast: the dark room looks better than a well lit room. The shadows are just a black and white layer blended with "Overlay"; white for lights and black for shadows. Again GIMP 2.8's Layers Folders came in handy.
●The shadows in Celestia's Room were simulated in Google Sketchup, and this helped both the illumination of the room and the pairing with the Stellaruim time stamps.
●If you try Stellarium, you should make the same that Luna did; the arrow keys actually are for looking around. And you will know what causes several J J J J J J J presses by now...
●Since this is a GIF animation, I had to change manually to Indexed Mode in order to better manage the color loss. Floyd-Steinberg Dithering was used. A 40ms delay between frames and the "combine" method for the animation.

I really hope all of you found this comic worthy. It really was a pain in the flank...
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EDIT 11/14/2013:
Okay, maybe I should clear this up a bit.



Thank you. <3

Chromium version (.png):…

Icon downloads (.ico):
Google Chrome:…

There's a download link for the icon version of this up there. You don't have to convert it into an icon file yourself; I already did that for you. Click the link, get past dA's outgoing check thing, and the download should automatically start.

To change the program's icon, right click the program shortcut on your desktop, click "Properties", click "Change Icon...", browse to wherever did you save the downloaded icon, click Open, click OK, click OK again, and voila.
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OC for :iconneocortex1: requested by :iconluketheripper:.

SVG: [link]

Created with Ponyscape 0.4 :iconponyscape-vectors:

MLP:FiM © Lauren Faust and Hasbro
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Video Tutorial [link]
SVG [link]
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Yay! More Bonnie art.

So here's Bonnie Zacherle (original creator of MLP) seeing one Lauren Faust's newest art peice.

Lauren's OC is a little younger in this pic because I like to imagine that in the MLP universe, Bonnie is Lauren's art mentor, and she'll help her become a very famous artist one day.

I tried out some new brushes for this one. I wanted to go for a hand-drawn look, I think it looks pretty nice ^_^

Hmm, I think I'll call the Bonnie OC "Bonniecorn"

EDIT: Fixed some errors with the Bonnie OC, now it looks less weird!

MLP:FiM belongs to Hasbro and was created by Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
Lauren Faust OC created by Lauren Faust
Bonnie Zacherle OC created by me
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Fluttershy belongs to (c) Hasbro, Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye: Everything else belongs to (c) Blizzard Entertainment.

I did something very stupid, drawing the first frame modeled on [link] and did not ask for permission. Please visit [link], he has a lot of great art. Antik9797, I truly sorry.
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My new art
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