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I had too much free time.


Why are the ponies 8-bit?
> Because I'm lazy to make animated vectors for the Mane 6.

Why aren't all other graphics 8-bit too?
> I couldn't find 8-bit Changelings and the background didn't look very good in 8-bit style.

Pony sprites by :icondesktop-pony-team:

Feel free to use this game on your personal website if you want to.

I hope you didn't forget to use the secret cheat code :iconderpy-plz:
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Made this months ago.
I don't normally upload animations I actually put effort into, for obvious reasons...
But I figured this has been sitting on my desktop long enough.

It doesn't do much. Just a bunch of loops.
Not really all that interesting, in my opinion.

Flash CS5
All custom vectors

MLP:FiM Hasbro
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An actual working timer. A bit buggy, but I think I'll manage to optimize code later.
Also I made an .apk file, but it wouldn't work on devices with armv6 processor and it needs AdobeAIR to work:
And .swf version that maybe will work on your mobile phone:
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Vectorized from S02E25.

Edit: So I converted it to a swf. Added some randomness, should be like 1 - 2 time blinking before the eye change but sometimes she just goes nuts and blinks like crazy. Maybe I need to update it again.
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Newest version (2.4) is here!

Yeah, it says "version 2.1" up there. I forgot to change that when I uploaded it, and then later I lost the original file. =
Includes props, flash assets from the show, scenery, and animation clips.
Animations are from various My Little Pony games at, all compiled here in a single flash file.

Resource Kit Version 2.2 for Flash8
Version 2.2 for CS5 (pony animations)
Version 2.2 for CS5 (other assets)

*Old animation clips are in these file, which are not included in version 2.3


~My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is property of Hasbro. I claim no ownership of anything here.
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Had the idea today to make :iconsibsy: some animated gift art for her birthday. :D
Sort comments by "Oldest First", or go one page past the last numbered page of comments on "Newest First" to see her response :B

So here is her OC Wildfire workin' away on her Scooby-roo. :D
Darn infinitely-threaded spark plugs =p

(ps: engines are haaaaaaard to draw x_x)

Wildfire designed by :iconsibsy:
ponies design from :iconmlpfimplz: belongs to :iconhasbroplz:
Car based on Sibsy's actual Subaru
music is "Low Rider", by War

On EqD: [link]

EDIT: fixed hair alignment, hoof alignment, added hourglass masks to the knee/ankle segments. :D

(putting this here so I don't lose it, the pageshout with Sibsy's reply, rapidly getting buried on her page- [link] )

On PB: [link]

On Tumblr: [link]
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Updated with Flash version for smoother framerate, sound (WARNING: MAY BE LOUD) and a few extra details/fixes. Clicking Hubble now mutes/unmutes. Gif can be found here: [link]


>Wake up next morning
>Over 1100 messages and featured on Equestria Daily
>MFW [link]

Thank you very much everypony! <3


Pony don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more ...

Now in YouTube format: [link]

The truck that they're riding in (AKA "Why is there a Twilight Sparkle cardboard cutout in the back?"): [link] I actually bought this even though I already had Applejack, just so I could do this animation. The sacrifices I make for you people! Plus I kinda wanted the truck ...

The original gif this was based on as if you hadn't seen it already: [link]

Flash/Gif animated by me, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Hasbro & Lauren Faust
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If you put her in front of a lava lamp, I like to think she'd do this for hours on end.

Now with audio! courtesy of ~ArtisticRender97 : :iconartisticrender97: who has done an amazing job of adding the much-needed dimension of sound! the music is Thomas Newman's Bubble Wrap! Also known as part of the Wall-E soundtrack.


***DERPY IS ALSO A SCREENSAVER***: Clicky for DropBox link (Windows installer)

Click for flat .SCR file

Mac version: [replacement coming soon! Sorry :(]

Mac version is rather temperamental (sorry, best I could do) but it coughs into life on my system, so hopefully it'll work for you.


Okay, so here's my latest animation snippet. Oh man, did it suck trying to cram this thing onto DeviantArt. Did you know you need permission to upload 'films'? Because I didn't until about an hour ago.

I am rubbish at Flash, which I've had to use as a stopgap, so, there are no fancy preloading bars or anything (if it runs like poop on your computer, I'm sorry, I will upload a YouTube mirror in a bit). EDIT: Here we go, YouTube mirror.

It's still a draft, so no sound and quite an 'unfinished' feel (and rubbish compression quality thanks to shoehorning it into a Flash container) but hey, it's been a couple of weeks now and I'm desperate to share something. :3

It's the intro scene of a much larger project which I'm working on. No ETA for that, but I hope it will be awesome... You know, when it's finished. In ten years. Pfft.

I'll be upping more experimental animations from time to time while I figure things out, if people are interested in seeing more snippets and bits and bobs.

*Screensaver is a slightly lower frame rate, higher res, no audio, few mistakes fixed while I was at it. Not amazing quality (free tool used to convert a freshly made SWF) but should look okay on 16:9 monitors and whatnot. Let me know what you think! (Should be virus free, I'm not responsible if your PC catches fire blah blah)

MLP (c) Hasbro and Lauren Faust, music is Thomas Newman's Bubble Wrap
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Little bit of practice with Flash Tweens.

This was made because of a comment someone made on the video [link]

Something along the lines of... I clicked expecting to see Twilight flipping pages of a book for 24 hours...

So here it is..

Once the page flips its just looping so easter eggs or nothin...

Some of the Twilight assets are from [link]

Background, book and such all me baby!

Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro | The Hub | DHX Media
Characters (C) :iconfyre-flye:
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"This is my jam!"
Pinkie Pie sure loves dancing.
*click the song name to toggle between songs

NEW: Now with Balloons, confetti, and parasprites!

Animation is from HERE (flash8 and higher):

See dancing Twilight Sparkle HERE!

For those of you looking for the SONG DOWNLOADS:

My Little Pony characters, names, and animation, are property of Hasbro.
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