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I really don't know if this was a good idea or not... I'm scared.

Edit: Tara Strong found it! Day has been made. [link]

Edit 2: Now she's looking for me? Dear sweet Celestia! Do her bidding! [link]

Background is by :iconjunglepony: [link]
Twilightlicious vector is by :icontygerbug: and was colored by :icondentist73548: [link]
Taralicious vector is by :iconlysok: [link]
Luna's vector is by :iconcubanator: [link]
The vectors are all edited by me
My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro
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Before anything else, I want to say this: I was so stupid while designing her mane. Really. But it was my first non-traced pony. Heh, I had no idea.

Since my Taralicious was so well received, I decided to sketch some poses with her while I was in school. I will try to make more of these in digital so you can see how her design would look like in more angles. I will need to do much more sketches to figure it out myself.

Pose based on BronyPalooza 2012: [link]

Also I saw few Taralicious ponies out there with my design! Thank you, guys!
And because of that, here is a PSD file with vector of her cutie mark so you don't have to trace it: [link]

My Little Pony :iconfyre-flye: HASBRO

Edit: In need of great wallpaper? Well, ~Barnacle84 didn't left you hanging: [link] ! Thanks!

This artwork has been given to Ami Havivy to help rise money to save Kiki, little girl with a brain tumor. If you are interested and you want to help, go here: [link]
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You can find the post on EQD here: [link]

SVG: [link]

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Original sketch by ~Metaldrakon
PSD: [link]
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With season 2 now come & gone, I thought it would be appropriate to have another group shot of the cast like the poster for Comic Con 2011, this time with characters that appeared in the second season. Its probably not the best arrangement of the characters, but with what I could find that would fit, I think it turned out pretty well.

Which brings me to one important fact;

ALL the character vectors shown as well as the background, were taken form the :iconmlp-vectorclub:, so credit goes to the fans who drew them, for I am not bothering to list every single name here.

I should however, give a special credit to :iconsibsy: for her OC that was featured in the season finale. Her appearance as a background character made me do quite the double-take. :D

Characters that are STILL missing however;
- Rarity's parents
- Nurse Redheart
- the Timberwolves
- the construction ponies
- The Big Lebowski cameo ponies

I'm quite sure I can't fit anymore characters in this piece, but if someone can do Rarity's parents looking shocked (as I plan to put them beside Crackle in the background in the next update), that would be awesome. So one of you fans get to it!


Plus, it was only a matter of time before Seth saw this :)
Featured in its own post on EQD! [link]
On! [link]
AND even on TV Tropes! (or was until the official poster was eventually released and replaced it :( ) [link]
My word, people are going to be peeved when this wallpaper is updated. :O

With that said, heres to the end of a great season, to a great cartoon! :clap:

(My Little Pony series belongs to Hasbro)
(Friendship is Magic belongs to :iconfyre-flye: and DHX Media Vancouver (Studios B))
(Pony font taken from the internet)
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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was created by :iconfyre-flye: Lauren Faust and is copyright of Hasbro.
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This is just a poster idea; a way of saying thanks to Lauren Faust and Studio B for making the series for two years. Also decided to do this because Lauren has left DHX and I decided to commemorate her in this picture. And to be honest, I don't know how long this took me. I started in August, but to which date remains a mystery. Oh and that city in the background, well, it's the Vancouver Skyline. It's just a quick setup!

4/9/13 - [link] to be able to see who's who.

Things to keep in mind:
- The screens say "clop", but this definition is "clapping".
- I originally wanted the entire background to be the DHX studio. I still have the Vancouver backdrop, however.
- Maryke Hendrikse and Trevor Devall are the only non-ponies in this picture.
- Lyra has fingers. Big shout out to Nayuki for designing the posters.
- ~omgwtflols and I helped designed Tim Stuby's OC.
- I regretted adding Michelle's Apple Bloom hat.
- Merriwether Williams is secretly Finn the Human.
- AKR is now an unofficial alicorn, unless vetoed by a certain writer, or anyone else.
- I am never adding blimp Twilight wings.
- I also wanted to substitute the crowded silhouettes for any famous Bronies / Pegasisters, but I didn't. And I don't plan on doing it.

:bulletred: Some of the crew members are left out out of the picture, but we still love them.
:bulletred: These characters are not offensive by any way, shape, or type.
:bulletred: Some of these characters and/or cutie marks may be outdated, customed, or redesigned. And I am sorry.

All vectors and cast and crew designs are copyrighted to their original creators.
The cast and crew are copyrighted to themselves.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is copyrighted to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
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Sometimes I can't help but feel a little strange about being a guy who likes My Little Pony. Is it just me?

Allow me to clarify something: No one loves being a brony more than I. I made this only to poke fun at myself(and maybe Big Macintosh). Most people got that this was a work of humor, but I've still had to repeat this a dozen times since I made it. I greatly appreciate so many people sharing their thoughts and opinions, but the misunderstandings have become a bit tiresome. ^^;

So please, view this drawing as I had entended - for everyone to have a laugh. =)
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:iconsilverrainclouds: *SilverRainclouds' OC Silver Rain and a frog.

Because I could.

And because Silver Rain is one of the best designed OC's I've seen.

Credit for the title goes to *SilverRainclouds.

Somewhat traced from MLP:FIM S1 E15

Silver Rains belongs to *SilverRainclouds so please ask permission from Silver before using this.

MLP:FiM is copyright Hasbro etc.
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I noticed a disturbing lack of Silver Spoon vectors here on DeviantArt, so hopefully this one will be useful to you all.

Vector .SVG Download: [link]

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