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Sadly my old gear no longer fits me and the only wearable clothe is my mother's drapes....Oh Odin I hope Pony of Iron does not find out.
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Ever since Dan Shechtmare's discovery, ponies like me were scrambling to find those aperiodic crystals in nature. I had discovered, on a field trip to the Crystal Empire, that the crystal ponies were made of quasicrystals, and was now basking in the limelight after publishing in Sparkle Chemistry. Standing at the gates of chrysocolla and carnelian, I drank my "Crystalaplex" potion; the name was an anagram of my own with the possessive S added, and if my calculations were correct would turn me into a crystal pony whenever I was inside the Empire's magical field emanating from the Heart. An invigorating lightness stirred inside me, and I walked forward.

The essence of another kind of pony swept through me. Purple bands appeared around my mane and tail, which themselves had collected into smoother shapes. Taken aback by the glare of futuristic (to normal ponies, at least) tourmaline houses, I brought my right hoof up - only to see the Fillydorov Spire, that white building with the Heart underneath, right through it. I knew the crystal ponies would love me, as I was now one of them. Before I could think of anything more, pure elation compelled me to rocket into the minty sky, and that was how I introduced myself to everypony down below.

Opacity is one of the most complicated areas of vectoring to master, as you have to do multiplications on numbers in (0,1] and consider the effects of different colours at the same time. Crystal ponies spam opacity like it was nothing: their eyes are opaque but the rest of their body lets a little light through (I set it to 90% alpha here). Their very translucency inspired me so much, I decided to crystallise Parcly Taxel, using parts of Hampshire's tutorial. The facet pattern was generated with help from the Voronoi Pattern extension in Inkscape (shape) and random numbers from (fill, ranging from 5% to 40% alpha white in 5% intervals). The eye reflections here are 7/5 rather than the usual 6/4, as a nod to the aromatic compound azulene and also to give her an exotic yet approachable feel.

Colour scheme | SVG source | Wallpaper | Cutie mark | Tumblr | Pixiv
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At long bloody last, here's my contribution for the Brony Thank You Fund Calendar! I can't even put into actual words how excited I am about all the incredible art that even more incredible friends of mine have contributed to the effort! I'm just honored (and more than a little lucky!) to be counted among their number!

If you can, please consider parting with $15 and $5 shipping to get your very own calendar! Proceeds go towards establishing an animation scholarship at the California University of Arts. A good cause, a calendar filled with lovely arty things- you can't lose! Check the linkage here and git you one!

And while you're busy clicking on things check out the brilliant, amazing, unbelievably awesome contributors to the calendar!







Toxic Mario- [link]
(OH COME ON! Only a set number of thumbnails? Bad form, Deviant Art!)

AutobotGirl- [link]

Other artists include John Joseco, Tsitra360, and my very own better half, Mr. Kitties!
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Chocolate Mint- CLOSED - OFFER 10 points or more! This will end 24 hours after the last highest offer.
Highest offer: 90:points: Adopted by =Pointless-meloetta. She now completely belongs to =Pointless-meloetta

Name: Chocolate Mint
Gender: Female
Species: Earth Pony

Why do I want to eat mint chocolate right now?? ;A; I will not reply to say if someone has offered higher, because I have a lot of work I ignored for a while... ;A;

Name your price above 10 points.
you will have the rights to this character and this image without the crappy water mark and full size, with the vector of the CM all containing a colour palette.

1. This is NOT first come first serve

2. Please comment on what you are willing to pay to adopt her.
3. I'll send you a note, it comes with this full size image clean file, as well as her cutie mark in as a vector like way.
4. No reselling! Feel free to gift them though.
5. Please link back your pictures~.
6. Minor changes are allowed. (Name, Cutie mark, Eye colour, Species, Gender, Mane hair style, Cutiemark etc.)
7. I do not mind what happens to the pony once adopted, feel free to do gore or R-18. It's what the owner wants to do with them.

Thanks for viewing this~
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Today is Tara Strong, one of my favorite Voice Actress' Birthday 2/12/13
Shes voiced a lot of Characters and Twilight Sparkle happens to be one of them

I'll put the vector link up later, I was tired when finishing this
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Is she not the cutest darn thing you have ever seen? I wish she was real so I could squish her cheeks. This was done by the wonderful :iconmelinaminotti: and I am so thrilled! Still working on drawing her myself but until that happens I am more than happy to have talented artists draw her for me!

Please do not use her without permission.
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I decided to do her since she had the most votes so far.

Andrea Libman is born on July 14, 1984 in Ontario, Canada. She was a child actress from the 90s to early 2000s. She didn't became famous until "Friendship is Magic" aired in 2010.

Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy from "Friendship is Magic"
Emmy from"Dragon Tales"
Sunshine from "Salty's Lighthouse
X-23 from "X-Men:Evolution"
Mileina Vashti from "Mobile Suit Gundam 00"

Enjoy! :)
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Rock N' Roll angels, bring thyn hard rock hallelujah!

okay, yeah, expect art of this guy. because holy crap he's become fun to draw.


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(C) Hasbro.
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:damphyr: Eevee Pony Adoptable

:pointr: You can Add more Accessories
:pointr: You can Add a Name by Your own
:pointr: You can Change the Cutiemark
:pointr: Do Not Resell!

:bulletwhite: Reserved for ~Ask-Hetalia-Russia. Since She still didn't reply my Offers, so i think i Reserved it first for Her. :iconthinkingplz:

And yes. this is an Filly Earth Pony.
If you want to Adopt it Please comment here. :)
And sent the Points at my Donation Pool please! :D


Pokemon Satoshi Tajiri
MLP FIM *fyre-flye
Design Me
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