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Another stuff to bring back on DA after it's been so long.

My very own Keroian OCs and I somewhat drew myself as one.

1. Me as a Keroian

2. Bringing back Darara: [link]

3. Bringing back Plusisi and Minini: [link]

4. A character I made before named Vijuju and only appeared here: [link]

5. Other characters I made before named Dululu and her baby sister, Benini. I haven't posted them on DA for so long.

6. One character I never made much and I never gave him a name. But now I did and he's known as Yusese.

Made up Keroian characters (c) Me

Keroian stuff (c) Keroro Gunso/St. Frog
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Lol lol i had to just try and make one of these icons haha

thought it was funny. and the 50x50 verion turned out so well :D

chadd shaking dat ass icon :P
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Well at first I wanted to create a chara for this group, then I didn't and then *Whispyy talked me into it. -7-;;

I love the way you don't have to draw a human. :'D Compleatly original character must be created by each and every one of the peole.

I will rp anywhere really, but it depends on when though. I am more active on the weekends, then on weekdays. .v.;
So feel free to rp with me~


[C] o d e n a m e :

[H] e i g h t :

[J] o b :
Sector Security

[S] e c t o r :
An abandoned mansion in somewhere in the dark, it looks like the gate for it has melted. Inside it wasn't so dark as it is outside, it had a bit of light, the place was clean, and huge steps where leading to the second floor in the same hall. 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, dining room, sports hall, and other rooms, but most of the things had some melted spots on them. So they hardly worked.

Also one more thing, his house tends to troll around, as in moving doors, or they can suddenly teleport somewhere away or slide off.

[W] e a p o n :
Poison Hands- He only uses hand combat attacks, sometimes, he makes a poison ball and blasts it to the enemy, but not very far..
So he wouldn't hurt his friends, his hands are wrapped in his scarf, which surprisingly doesn't melt.

[A] r c a n a :
XI - Strenth

[P] e r s o n a l i t y :
A psycho looking man, doesn't even look hugable, even though he all ways desires to hug someone, but only when his hands are tied with his scarf. It bothers Toxin a lot that his hands are all ways tied when around others, it makes his hands itchy for a while. And he hates the way that if he wants to help friends out, he hardly does it, afraid to hurt them.

True self- Only around good peopleand someone he could love. XD. He tends to be kind, caring, and loving. He tends to get short tempered, and talks sometimes unnecessary things, loving to laugh and joke with them all the time.
Also he loves to creep behind people. :dummy:

Social self- Around others, he likes to be creepy, and is also kind of cold hearted. People unknowingly sometimes don't realize he is kind if he does something nice, they are too busy creeping out by the way he looks like, instead of looking at his personality. Even though he tends to be Psycho, he does no harm to other people. If he sees someone he likes, he will be quite, if he sees someone he hates, he will glare at them none stop, and be sarcastic.

[L] i k e s :
✔ Poison
✔ Food
✔ Green
✔ Adventure
✔ Games

[D] i s l i k e s :
✖ Weaklings
✖ Idiots
✖ Being alone
✖ Hurting people
✖ Being left out

[O] t h e r :
+ He smiles a lot
+ Scarf moves along with his hands, and doesn't do anything
other will be added later~

All right that is it for now. :'D
Wish me luck~ :'D

If I won't get in, I will use him for some other stuff. eve

.// 3 Hours 48 Minutes
.// 87 Layers
.// Paint tool SAI + Wacom Intuos4 Tablet
.// Drawing and Character by ~waterlok | Marika
-App sheet :devaoathysyndrome:
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I finally finished it. After about 2 weeks and quitting on it a few times, I finally finished this thing. Now I just need to work on the audition.

Edit: Edited the arms because they were too out of proportion with its body. I don't know about you but it was throwing me off.

And now for a few things I may have left out or need to explain further.
Human's Past
The reason Human's past is unknown is because it is suffering from a sort of amnesic effect. It's only aware of its memory back to a certain point; anything before that is a blur.

Human's Body
Although Human is immensely strong, its physical body is not. About the only protected thing on its body is its torso, and even then it can't withstand heavy damage. Human's body is incredibly vulnerable to attack, and if it feels it gets too damaged, it will run away or hide.

Human's Mind/Emotion
Human's level of intelligence switches around a lot. At one moment it can be a critical thinker and planner, and the next it becomes a raging unresponsive machine.

Human's process for distinguishing things as humans are complicated. Usually, Human will classify things as human if they physically look identical or similar to a human, or if they say that they were once human (such a cyborg).  If something that doesn't look human say that they aren't one, Human will believe them. If something appearing as human, or said they were once human, say that they aren't one, Human will have trouble believing them.

Even if something isn't human, Human will not hesitate to fight them if it has to. Though it gives off a much less hostile aura at first, at least until its anger kicks in.

Although Human has the delusion of being a human (And being the Superior Human on top of that), it in no way believes it is some kind of god. It knows that it is a mortal being, and, adding to its vulnerable body, will try to avoid as much damage as possible.

Human will not believe that it is not a human being. Anyone that tries to explain that to it in detail will just make Human angrier.

Human never refers to anyone by their actual name. It'll just call them something based on their appearance (Ex. "Tall Man" for Never because he was taller than Human).

I think I should also throw out there that even though Human hates humans and is rude to them, it rarely ever curses. It usually just yells and mocks them.

The only emotion Human really possesses is anger. It cannot be coerced to joy or sadness. It, in a metaphorical and literal stance, can only get more pissed off. However, Human is not in total control of its anger; there appears to be an unconscious controlling factor over Human. This factor and anger can consume Human's personality at the moment, taking full control of Human for unknown amounts of time. During this time Human becomes a less rational fighter and more of an feral beast. Human is vulnerable at this time for multiple reasons, including being easily tricked, unable to control where it wants to go, and running a high risk of overheating because it can't control itself.

When Human starts to run, it can go from 0 to 50mph in just a few seconds. Human has complete maneuverable control over its body even when running at max speed. Human can be considered vulnerable in this state, as any trip up or collision into any barrier can take a toll on its body. It also causes faster overheating.

Human can climb up almost any kind of surface, up to and including ice. Even if a wall has no gaps or ridges in it, Human is able to adhere to the surface and climb.

Human has heavy impact with its attacks. With enough effort with its attacks, it is possible for Human to go as far as to dent steel; however, this would take a toll on its body with overheating.

Human prefers to rely on physical combat the most. It will only use its moving/lifting strength in a last resort.

Even if Human can lift heavy things, there is a limit. Were something to be heavy enough, Human could overheat almost immediately, and be crushed under the weight. Human can also overheat just by trying to lift something because it's too heavy.

Human's Clock
Human's clock is always moving. It's just its speed that changes. However it is never really in sync with anything, it just moves in accordance to Human's energy usage.

Human's clock is able to slow down on its own without Human overheating. Going for long periods without combat or excessive energy wasting will allow the clock to slow down, eliminating the cool-down process.

When overheating, Human starts to become more dull and spaced out. It also becomes less hostile and angry. However if it has to fight, then it will, albeit more slowly and with less energy.

Things That Cause Human to Overheat Slower:

-Normal, human-like combat

-Normal, human-like running

-Lifting/pushing reasonable things


Things That Cause Human to Overheat Faster:

-Rapid physical combat

-Lifting/pushing things heavier than itself

-Running at higher speeds and/or excessively with no breaks

Human will occasionally try to play its ukulele.  However, due to its damage, it sounds horrible to others, but Human doesn't care.
And by horrible, I mean the sound produced is something beyond possible, even in the ukulele's current state. Why this happens is currently unknown.

I hope I'm not missing anything

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I'm still drawing this form: [link]

I thought about drawing something after looking around on computer and found interesting things. Like this: [link]

What's different with me in the pic is the curly bang has grown longer, curlier, and split in two. The hair is longer with two rubber bands tying it and the bottom of hair is all puffy.

Myself as a bat girl (c) Me
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A female turian I came up with a little while back
Her name is Petra Antius and i'm not quite sure what she does.
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ok so here's an alien i made up
i guess it's a Mass Effect fan character/species even though this is the only one of her species i've drawn?
i like her a lot

I actually created her after playing not even 5 minutes of Mass Effect 1 for the very first time. lol
not sure if akrean is her name or her race
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Characters that are :iconstrawberrystar123:s

They look so cute so I thought about drawing them

Daimana, Maketra, Stariana, Maritanya, Cottette, Honya (c) :iconstrawberrystar123:
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A drawing of a character I made up :3

Character (c) Me
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