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200 g of rice flour
200 ml of hot water
100 ml water
2 1/2 tbsp soy sauce
70g sugar
1 tbsp corn starch

1.) Mix the rice flour and water together.
2.) Knead till dough is as tough as your earlobe.
3.) Fill a pan with water and heat up.
4.) Rip off bite sized pieces of the dough and steam them for 25 minutes
5.) Throw the balls into a bowl and mush together with a wetted wooden spoon.
6.) Knead the dough
7.) Roll out dough into a long stick shape.
8.) With a wetted knife, cut bite sized pieces off.
9.) roll the pieces into balls.
10.) wet skewers and apply an even amount of  dumplings to each.
11.) pour sauce over dumplings and enjoy.

1.) Mix all the ingredients in a sauce pan.
2.) Simmer till thickened.
3.) Pour over dangos.
yum, ever wanted some mitarashi dangos?

Well now you can make them!

follow the instructions above and enjoy the most popular dango in Japan!

Best part is, since the dumplings really don't have a taste, they can be dippe in things other than the mitarshi sauce! like:
melted chocolate
anything you're willing to try!
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2 chicken breasts, cut into about 3/4 inch pieces
1 negi, cut into about 3/4 inch pieces
Bamboo skewers (soaked in water to prevent burning)
For tare sauce (makes about 1/2 cup):
5 Tbsp soy sauce
5 Tbsp mirin
3 Tbsp sake
1 1/2 - 2 Tbsp of sugar *adjust the amount to your preference
A slice of ginger (optional)
Mix sugar, sake, mirin, and soy sauce in a sauce pan and stir well.
Put a slice of fresh ginger, if preferred.
Bring to a boil on high heat and turn down the heat to low and simmer until slightly thickened.
Stop the heat and set aside.
Thread chicken and negi on skewers alternatively.
Grill the skewered chicken and negi over hot coals until the surface of chicken turns white.
Brush the skewered chicken and negi with the sauce.
Grill until cooked through, brushing the sauce a couple of times.
How to make the Japanese appetizer Yakitori CHicken!

Recipe found here: [link]
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                Why do I do it? You wish to ask me? You want to know what compels me to do such things, things which you see as horrors and make me an abomination to what it means to be a human? The answer to that is quite simple my dears.
                        I am not human.
                        I am fear.
         I was created to perform these acts which you call so disgusting, and, what you will probably be the most horrifying thought to you, something that you may try to deny but is never-the-less true.
                        I may be the creature that brings the fears.
                But it is you, my dears, who set me loose.
                It is you that created me.

         I no doubt need to explain myself to you now. You are probably exclaiming "How can you be fear?" and "How could I have created you? I don't even know you!" but you do know me. You know me very well, all three of you. Since I can be the fear of many people, all people if I wanted. But I shall focus this little conversation on you three. You must feel so special, do you not? Well, you should, I let myself feel the barest minimum of pride in thinking that what I have to say is important.
                 I shall start with you, Adam.

                  Oh, do not shake like that Adam. I know, I know, you are out of your house right now aren't you? I took you out of your sanctuary. When did it become that my dear young friend? Do you not remember? I remember quite well Adam. You should too. It was a shocking accident was it not? Shocking, but you must realize it could have been a lot worse. You are shaking your head at me, is it because you do not want the other two to know about it? Do not be foolish my dear boy, there are no secrets here.
           It was a cold January evening was it not, Adam? Your family was planning to leave for a night at the theatre. You were only a boy of three- no, four. Yes, four was the number. You were all ready to set out and to see the play Midsummer Night's Dream.  Shakespeare is not the stuff for a toddler, but what do I know? No matter, the car never made it there did it? It barely made it out of the driveway before that drunk rammed into your parents' car. Do you remember the car spinning? Do you remember how loud you and your mother had screamed as your father desperately tried to keep things under control? I was beside you then.  I was unseen, but pounding within you; an all encompassing fear. No one was severely hurt in the end. Just a few bumps and bruises. Yet you were injured somewhere else weren't you Adam? Injured inside your mind. You looked outside the cracked car window and in your young mind you thought 'Out here is not safe. I was nice and warm and safe in my house, out here it is cold and dangerous. I will never leave my house again."
         But you did leave didn't you Adam? You had to, you had to go to school, and then later work, but you were always nervous, always afraid, especially when you had to go somewhere by car. That accident was engrained into your mind. It was the perfect thing to torture you about. Do not hate me for it. I was only doing what I was created to do. In the end, you grew up didn't you Adam? Ah, and you were clever as well. You made sure you got a job that did not include leaving the house you had bought for yourself with your hard earned money. A job that does not force you to dare step out into the world where cars and other monsters can jump out and try to wipe you out of existence. You have hidden yourself farther and farther into your little sanctuary, until now. Until I have forced you out, and now you have heard from the beginning, and you shall hear the other twos stories.
                    Yes, you are next, my lovely Stacy.
                 Do not be shy; there is not much to tell about you. The reason for me being around you is almost as much as a mystery to me as it is to everyone around you. The only thing that is perfectly clear however is that it came from your mind. No accident like our dear friend Adam here, instead I came from a little seed in your mind that grew into a grotesque flower. You always wanted to try your luck on the stage didn't you Stacy? You wanted to dance on stage like the great stars of your time. Yet when you set your foot onto the stage…I was there, either in the crowd, or perhaps right beside you on that stage. You sensed me, and in that moment became terrified. You would shake in total horror, all the faces in the crowd, and even some of the ones beside you on stage were no longer smiling in your mind, but leering, laughing at you. You could not stand that could you? You had to hide; you had to run, so you did. A pity, since I am sure you would have made a lovely little actress.
          Oh, do not cry young Stacy. You are trying your best to be braver aren't you? Are you not practicing whenever you can? Are you not performing in front of family and loved ones with relative ease? You agree don't you? But you still cry. You blame me for coming in whenever you try to widen your audience. Once again I say that you are blaming the wrong person. I am merely the creation it is you who have created this fear, it was not through traumatic events though was it? It was merely something in your mind that could not be changed. You just need to practice my dear, practice makes perfect does it not?
          There is only one more story to tell now, isn't there?
          I am talking about your story, Simon.
                  Poor, poor Simon.  What to say about you? You look away ashamed, you don't want me to say anything do you? Want me to shut my trap as the saying goes. But you see Simon, that's not fair now is it? You heard the others stories without them complaining that much, now it is your turn. So do not be a silly boy and whine. Oh, are you shaking? Do not do so my dear friend, your story and Adams is similar in a way. You both had a traumatic event early on in your life did you not? Yours of course did not involve cars though did it? Look, the others are curious now, so stay silent and let me talk for a while longer.
           It was a blazing hot July day was it not Simon? You were playing in the small child's pool that your mother had filled up for you, to stay cool. You were splashing away, having such a good time.  Your mother had gone in to get a glass of lemonade for the both of you, if I recall correctly. That was when you spotted it wasn't it? The spider's web; quite a pretty thing wasn't it? Do not deny it. It was glistening with water droplets that had been accidentally sprayed onto it when your father had earlier been watering the garden. There was something in the middle of the web was there not? You were too far away to really see it right my dear Simon? You had immediately thought to yourself that it was one of those big fat moths, which had unfortunately gotten trapped. "Poor thing," you had thought piteously, and decided to try to free it. A good deed, you thought it would be, freeing a moth. The hose was still on beside the pool. Sputtering out cold water, you had picked it up and started to spray the web, trying to get it to break. It was a child's logic that made you think it would work. That the web would just rip apart and not harm the insect you were suddenly hammering water onto. Yet it did not work, surprisingly, the web stayed firmly in place, but the insect you were trying to save started to wiggle about pathetically. Pity filled your heart again, and leaving the cool safety of your little pool you went over and decided to simply pull of the moth. Again, a child's logic is so amusing is it not? Yet when you got there, when you had your fingers just barely around the creature, you realized what it really was. A moth it was certainly not, but a large, brown, squirming, hideous spider. Your pity almost instantly turned into disgust and horror. A shrill shriek passed your lips as you jumped back in alarm. The spider was wiggling again, and seemed to be glaring at you. You rushed back to the pool as quickly as you could. Your mother soon came back with the lemonade. She had asked you what had happened did she not? You refused to speak of it though; you kept your gaze away from the horrible web. Shuddering at the very thought of it. You had both sipped the cool refreshing drink in silence, and in your mind you hoped that you would forget that horrible encounter.
       That was not to be was it Simon? To this the very sight of a spider, even the smallest and most pathetic of them all, fills you with revulsion. All of this because you had felt pity for a doomed imaginary moth, how sad don't you think?
       Do you all now realize how foolish your fears really are? Not only that, but your very lives are starting to be ruined because of this, because of me, but mainly because of yourselves. Adam, how many important meetings that could have improved your life, if you had actually left the house to go to them, did you ignore? Ten? Twenty? More then you dare realize? And Stacy, there is more to life then the stage. You know that, but being able to look eye to eye with a crowd is also important. Swallow that fear; swallow me up into the back of your mind. Can you not do that? Simon, my dear boy, you must realize that those wiggling horrible creatures will not hurt you, not all of them want revenge for you soaking them. They only hurt you if you let them. This is the advice that I am giving all of you, and you are best to take it.
       I can see the looks of confusion on your faces. I can see the questions forming on your lips. "Why?" You think "Why am I helping you try to get better? Aren't I fear? Won't I die if my fears die?" I smile at these questions. For you see my dears, you may somehow defeat me, how exactly I do not know nor really care. Since the fact of life is,  everyone is afraid of something, some more serious then others. You may try to rid of your fears, and many succeed with help. Despite this though, there will be a moment in your life when you feel shocked, alarmed, and afraid. In that moment I will be there, and there is nothing you can do about it. I am not just the bringer of fear, but the teacher. I tell you what is wrong with you, make it painfully obvious, but only you can decide to act in saving yourself. In that case, my dear three friends, I wish you the best of luck. But I do not wish you total success. After all; I would still like to be employed.
Have I posted this before? Oh well I'm posting it now aren't I?

I wrote this last year for my introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology Class. I was to choose a topic, and then do ways to sort of display/explain it. I chose Phobias. And who else would be better to explain Phobias then Marble Man?

So Marble Man is the narrator of this story, pointing out and slightly tormenting three different people with three different types of phobias. It was very fun to write. I just re-read it yesterday and edited a few things to make it look nicer.... in my mind.

I think the format for writing has become stupid and hard to work with again, oh well. Hopefully it will look alright.

I hope you guys like it.

Marble Man belongs to me.
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1 year ago!
On 25/02/2012
Our Beloved Mail-Mare, was censored, banished from pony-ville, stained, striped away from her daughter Dinky, banished from the show, killed-off!  

On Derpy’s Memorial-day I would like for you:
* To make two dozens of muffins, and give them to everyone you meet, especially the other bronies.
* And if you have one, put a Derpy hat on your head, and put on a gray shirt and pants.
* On Memorial-day,you must write a fan letter to (expressing how much you admire her and your wish to have her back) "(Equestria, Pony-Ville box 33779)". Derpy and send it in the mail.
* Keep one muffin, and before you go to bed, I want you to put a candle in the muffin and leave it outside for Derpy.
* At the time that the show is showne "where you live" can we have a Moment Of Silence

derp derrrrp, derp derp derp, derp, derrp, derp, derp...…

P.S. The 16/02 will B a day of selebrachon! Because that is the day that are dauther came-back!
Regardless of her clumsiness and her multiple mistakes, her fans love her and would kill to have her back.
Please tell all your brony-friends.

P.S. The 16/02 will B a day of selebrachon! Because that is the day that are dauther came-back!
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I really hate you
Stop getting in my way
I've lost my patience
When are you gonna decay?

I want to throw you out
Just like my broken TV
If you'll come back once more
It shall be painful you'll see!

    (Name) hated the man before her. She knew of his lies..His dark despicable secrets and the ways he “played his games”. She certainly was gonna make sure that she would be his last victim that he tried using. Tonight though seemed like a good night. After all, she had been unfortunately paired with the crazy buffoon, and his hadn’t stopped his suspicious and uncomfortable antics.  Nontheless, (Name) tried very hard to watch the camera’s ((the old and static equese ones)) even though they only could hold so much power. She felt a pair of very familiar hands cover her eyes, and the scent coming from them was a dead giveaway.

   “Vincent” she seethed through her teeth “Hands Off” as she somewhat pushed him off. (Name) knew that a simple push wasn’t enough to deter Vincent away from where she worked..His personal space issues were one of the many reasons she hated the purple hued man.

I hope you die in a fire!

Hope you'll be stabbed in the heart, hope you'll get shot and expire!
Hope you'll be taken apart
Hope this is what you desire!

    (Name) sighed and slowly got up, making sure to check the camera’s momentarily before facing Vincent “Vincent..” (Name) mummered with an almost eerily soft tone “Do you know how much I hate you..and wish you were out of my life?” she then looked up to Vincent with her fiery (e/c) eyes “You bother the living heck out of me, never leave me alone…and you think it’s ok to use me for your own amusement” For a moment it seemed like a flash of pain was seen across his face, but (Name) just disregarded it. Vincent would never feel emotional or even any other kind of emotion other than crazy. (Name) then pushed Vincent from behind, outside and into the cold dark hallway.
I finally tried something different!!!

This isn't gonna be a happy fluffy fic for this Purple Toast loving man...Sorry ladies!! Kawaii Purple Guy Icon Ver 

I wrote this because I wanted to try out writing ANTI! tics but with the same emotional tones I usually use

Vincent (c) rebornica

Purple Guy belongs to Scott Cawthorn Free Scared Purple Guy Icon Free Evil Purple Guy Icon Free Purple Guy Icon 
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Chell heard a knock on the door. It was light, hesitant knocking, but knocking nevertheless. She was cautious on going to open it. What if it was someone she didn't know? What if it was that crazy Danni person? What if-

"Hello? Is anybody there? Are you going to open this door?"

All worries were cast aside as she heard that voice. However, she was still not going to open it. She wouldn't. No, she couldn't. The only thing that would happen is that he would talk to her and he would end up doing something stupid. It always happened, always.

"Please? Okay, I'm going to lay all my cards down and say that I didn't exactly want to come and knock on the door in the first place! But a girl came to me and said that I just HAD to talk to you. So, here I am." He said. "I mean, if you don't want to open the door, it's fine. Just give me a sign that there is someone there."

Chell walked cautiously towards the door and knocked on it.

"Great! So you are someone in there. Well, hi I'm Wheatley and I live next door now. Ummm... I suppose that I'll have to do all the neighbourly stuff like if you need anything just come and ask, I'm always here for you and what not. Things like that. If you do want to stop by and talk or whatever, I'm just next door." He said with a cheery voice.

I suppose it wouldn't hurt to open the door. All I would do is show him my hooded face. Yes, that's what I'll do. I'll put my hood up and open the door. I swiftly pulled my hood over my head and opened the door, keeping my head down.

"Oh! You're the girl from the coffee shop! Hello!" he said, holding out his hand for me to shake. I shook his hand with my sleeve coated one- not because I didn't like him, but because my hoodie was far too big for me. Sue had given it to me and she's a fair bit bigger than me. "Well, I live next door now and I guess I'll be seeing you around."

I nodded and under my hood I smiled. He let go of my hand and backed away from the door. "Well, I'll see you later then." He said and walked back into his own apartment. There was a mix of emotions running through my brain as I shut the door and thought about our conversation.

Joy, because he was here.

Confusion on how and why he was human.

Anger that he tried to kill her.

Betrayal when he tried to kill her.

Fear that he was going to do it again.

And mainly...

Sadness because he still didn't know it was her.

She had no idea what to do...

Over the next week or so, Chell and Wheatley were constantly meeting in hallways and other places. He would always try and seek conversation with her, asking her. It was one of these days that got her into her current situation.

Chell lined the books up on the shelf, checking that she had got them in order. Yes, books 1 to 6 were all in the right order. She sighed, walking over to a table of discarded books and picking them up. This was her job. Sorting books. Fun.

It was nothing like the adrenaline filled life of Aperture and in a way it was a comfort. However, she couldn't help but miss the life-threatening situations. They were somewhat enjoyable, if you squinted at the details.

She placed the books back on the shelves and sighed, this was the life. A down to earth, normal life of which she would not be put into a life-threatening situation ever again. She knew that.

Or, at least she thought it....

The bell on top of the door rang to show another customer had arrived. The was the sound of footsteps as the person walked up to the front desk. "Hello, I'm looking for a book called Moby Dick? You don't happen to have it in stock, do you?" It was him.

"Isle 3." The clerk droned, not happy with his job. Chell looked up. She was on isle 3. She wasn't to leave the isle unless permitted by the clerk at the front desk, and he would not let her out.

Chell quickly busied herself, sorting books and hiding her face. She couldn't let him see her. She was afraid that he'd try and murder her like last time. Or perhaps he'd say she was a traitor or some other horrid names.

Perhaps he was lying when he spoke to her in the coffee shop. Perhaps he didn't want her to get her freedom, that she deserved to stay in the facility.

Perhaps, if she had shown her face earlier, she wouldn't be in this mess....

"'Ello! I was wondering if you could help me!" His voice was smooth as he spoke. She knew that he was talking to her. When he didn't get a response, he continued. "I'm looking for a book called Moby Dick? Could you show me where it is?"

Chell stayed quiet, but moved around the isle to where the book was. She pulled it off the shelf and held it behind her. He didn't take the book. She knew he was there however, as he was shuffling around.

"You know, it's not polite to face the other way while giving someone something. Especially if you haven't even looked at them." He said. She knew he meant well, but why couldn't he just take the book and go? A hand rested on her shoulder. "Turn around" He said.

Well, she didn't really have a choice as he was pulling her around to face him.

"See? Isn't that..." He trailed of, staring at her face.

In the awkward moment of silence, she managed to study his face. His eyes were a bright blue; if they were any brighter they would have been inhuman. His scruffy tawny hair was slicked back, although it obviously didn't want to stay in place. He wore glasses, although they didn't make him look nerdy or anything like that. In fact they mad him look quite... Handsome.

"Ch-Ch... Chell." He finally managed to spit out her name. "Chell."
So this is part 4 to our Chelley adventure! Sorry for the delay to all who care! I've been here and there with my writing! I've got to get on with both this story and the next...

And THEN I have to get on with a sequel to another. But fear not, my dears, this will still be updated!
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Is…is this thing on? Oh, please let it be on, please don't let me be just rambling on to myself…again…

Right, responding to your message. Responding. Right now.

Well, um, first of all, don't cry. Please don't cry, luv. You, ah, mentioned you were crying at one point in your message, but, but! You only implied that you'd stopped, so, just throwing that out there, I'd really prefer it if you didn't cry. Especially if, though you didn't say that either, once again, I just sorta got the feeling…especially if it's because of me. I really couldn't stand the thought that you might have been crying because of me so, just saying, don't. No reason for it at all. I'm fine, and you've escaped, and everything's fine. Really.

…And that's a load of bull, right there, that is. Not the you crying part, because, seriously, don't do that, but the me being fine part. Because I'm not, really. I mean, I'm in space, for crying out loud! Not exactly the best situation, not the ideal place for me to be. Space. Which, now that I think of it, you asked about, so, um, let's…let's talk about space! Sure, let's do that…

Well, for starters, it's very big. You…you probably knew that, probably picked up on that a long time ago, but I'm not just being silly here, you really never do get over how big space is. I saw a picture, back when the scientists were still around, of the night sky. The stars looked so close you could almost touch them! But, up here, without the old atmosphere making them all twinkly and shimmery, they don't really. Stars look really, really far away…

By the time the light from a star reaches you, the star is already dead. Stars that are still alive are so far away, their light will not reach the spot where you are until long after your death.

Thanks for making my point, mate. They're not even there anymore. So…also empty. Very empty, up here. In space.


Yes, mate, we know! God…why did he have to reactivate now? Trying to make a deep, meaningful response to your letter, nice little recording, and of course he's going to come out of sleep mode right now. Absolutely had to, didn't he, couldn't wait another half-hour…

Anyway, like you said, shouldn't really be able to get lonely, with these blokes around, but the funny thing is, it happens sometimes. Not a lot, not a lot, don't worry, it's just that they aren't really too big on conversation. Just space. And facts. And I'm still not quite sure what makes ol' Rick tick, I mean, he says it's adventure, but I really can't tell; way he goes on seems more like it's explosions, or fighting, or girls… I don't understand it. Well, I sorta do, on the last one, but not really, I mean, what's so great about having loads of girls throwing themselves at your feet, eh? Seems like you'd spend an awful lot of time tripping over them, probably hurting them, though if they're stupid enough to actually throw themselves at your feet, then maybe a small bruise in roughly the shape of a foot will do them some good. Help get the message across: be more sensible about where you're throwing yourself. Or just plain be sensible, and don't throw yourself at all. Sensible, that's what I've always though one should look for in people. Always a good feature, that. Not one I've got too much of, but you, you've got buckets of it! Don't think I've ever met anyone as sensible as you.

Not…not really relevant, but, you know, just thought I'd put it out there. Cards on the table, all that.

Where was I? Oh, right, right, got it. Sorry for that, got a little sidetracked. It happens.

So, these fellows, not really big on conversation. Not like you. Not that you really participated in the conversation, but you were a great listener, and that's what mattered, really. No one ever listens to me, and you did, or at least you seemed like you did. If you were, in fact, bored out of your mind and just didn't bother to, erm, communicate that, then I'm sorry. Get a little carried away sometimes, little excited when I'm telling a story, and sometimes I don't pay enough attention to the person I'm actually talking to. So, ah, sorry about that, if it bothered you, because I swear, I wasn't trying to bore you. Just the opposite, in fact.

…Ah, let me review your letter for a minute. Can't really think of what to say next…

aah, ah, ah, SPACE! Aah…hehehehe…

Fact: cores who continue to obsess over space are inferior to those who don't.


Proven: the Space Sphere is deaf.

Oh, here we go! The, um, the core transfer. You apologized for it. You really shouldn't do that, luv, not your fault at all. I mean, sure, you pushed the button, but what happened after that? All me. Little ol' Wheatley doesn't handle power too well, as it turns out, went a little mad, granted, and you are not responsible for my actions. At all. I made my choices, albeit, pretty bad ones, and look where they landed me. Space. Still, better than being dead, which is almost certainly what would have happened, if you'd been able to pull me in. So it's a good thing She knocked me out of your hands, see? Because the other option was Her killing me, I guarantee it, and then you'd be blaming yourself for that, wouldn't you? Because you're selfless like that. Not what I said, I know, Back There, but it's the truth. In fact, if you want my real opinion, just take everything I said Back There and reverse it, turn it right around, and that's what I think of you. Really.

Just the negative stuff, mind! All the positive stuff, that's still true, all on its own, so just reverse the negative stuff, and there you go. All that other stuff, it's all lies. I know that, technically and all, I did mean it, at the time, but that doesn't change the fact that it's not true, and I know it, and therefore, by definition, it's a lie.

Aaaaand, now let me apologize for telling horrible, vicious lies, designed to hurt your feelings, because I feel really, really bad about that now…the whole mess, really, I regret the whole sordid thing…heh, not a word I get to use much, "sordid." Pretty sure it means "unpleasant," but in a more extreme sort of way. Seemed appropriate, under the circumstances. If I'm misusing it, just, ah, tell me in your next broadcast. Really looking forward to that, by the way, very happy that you mentioned that you would most likely do another one. So you can correct me then, when that happens. Assuming, of course, that you do get this, and the thing is on, and it's not just me, talking to myself, in space. Because, going to be straight with you, there's been a bit too much of that lately.

Star. Star. Star. Star. Star.

On the plus side, there is a very nice view from up here! You've got the Earth, nice little blue-white-green marble, all shimmery, and the moon, which is just far enough away to be sorta pretty, from this angle, at least, and way off in the distance you've got the sun, which isn't very warm at all, and it's really awfully bright, did not anticipate quite how bright it would be, so I haven't actually gotten a good look at it, and every so often, there's a comet. Meteors too, but they're really just big floating rocks, not all that interesting, unless they happen to be heading straight for you, of course. Seen a few of those, very exciting, probably not healthy, though, so I'm glad there haven't been too many.

If you are making a response to that radio message, the Fact Sphere would like you to pass on his regards to the test subject, for beating the odds, and surviving.

Yeah, tell the pretty lady congrats for us, won'tcha?

Space lady! Sent me to space! Space lady should have stayed in space, had fun…

…The fellows miss you.

Aaaand so do I. We, ah, we had some times down there, didn't we? Don't worry about the whole dropping thing, it didn't really hurt that much, and, hey accidents happen, right? What matters is that you picked me back up off that floor, and we kept going. Really, it's not like you knew how fast I was going to fall that first time…or that I was going to come out of that tube…

I did see that you were worried, when we got separated that second time, I'm not completely oblivious, and I'd like to, um, thank you. For worrying. About me. Because not a lot of people would do that, most people would just go "Oh, he's a robot, he'll be fine," or "He's been through worse," but you, you looked downright panicked, and I know that shouldn't make me feel good, but it does. So, once again, thanks. And not just for that. For carrying me, and putting up with me and just generally being everything anyone could ever want in a friend, and I'm so, so sorry for everything that I did to you, because you didn't deserve any of it, and I…


…I've got a little light blinking here telling me that I need to wrap it up and send the damn message before I run out of room on the voluntary recording chip and have to just start over. Oh well, at least we know it's working. There's one mystery solved. That's, ah, that's from when we first met, remember? I'm not sure if you could hear me at the time, there was a lot of slamming into large metal objects going on…

I wish we could go back to right then. I really do. I swear, I'd do everything differently, and we'd have escaped just fine, She'd never even have woken up, and…


Um, look, last few seconds here, so, just listen. You said that, if we ever met again, if you had the chance, you'd catch me. I guess what I've been trying to say is, while it's completely not necessary, while I'd completely understand it if you left me to rot in the middle of a field somewhere…I'd like that. That's all, really. Oh, and if our situations were reversed, I'd do the same for you.

Warnings: Post-game, spoilers, heavy suggestions of Chelley.

I DID IT! :iconyay:
Gods, Wheatley was hard to write for this. You'd think with all the angst I've been writing for them it'd be easier, but noooo, we have to stammer and ramble our way into corners. Thank gods for Fact and Space, that's all I can say. They've got about a page and a half of deleted dialog from this, because everytime I got stuck with Wheatley, I'd imagine him pausing, and they just shoved their way into the conversation. Monologue. Whatever.
Rick didn't say much at all, but then, I don't write him very well. And don't like him very much.
Fact's comments are mostly modified from the game, same for Space.

Sequel to: [link] of which I am immensely proud.

Inspirational music: Don't Wake Me by Skillet
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It had been a few months since GLaDOS had let Chell and Wheatley leave the Enrichment Center. After Chell had opened the portal to the moon, she had refused to let go of Wheatley, and GLaDOS had finally just pulled them both back in under the condition that Chell "get the moron out of here."

So she had. She had taken Wheatley back to her apartment—first she'd had to get an apartment, and that hadn't been easy given her lack of credentials, but she'd managed—and it had taken him a long while, but at last he'd stopped apologizing for what he'd done.

"All right!" he enthused. "Now that you've forgiven me, it's time for me to forgive you!"

Chell had raised her eyebrows at that. "Forgive me for what? For saving your life? Don't make me regret that."

"No no no no no," he said quickly. "For not catching me!"

She snorted. "Oh. Are you still going on about that? I did my best!" And there was a slight catch in her voice that betrayed her thoughts, betrayed that she thought the whole ordeal might have been avoided if she'd only just caught him.

Or at least, it would have betrayed her thoughts to anyone but Wheatley, who just kept right on talking. "Oh, well, I know you did, luv! And that's why I'm going to let you try to catch me again."

"…You sound like you're serious," Chell remarked after a brief pause. "When are you ever going to need to fall again? And I'll probably have a hard time catching you, so you might just wind up falling again. Doesn't sound pleasant."

"Well, it's not," Wheatley admitted. "But it's okay, because I know you can catch me! I'll just fall right off the top of that bookshelf over there and you…won't miss. Right?"

Chell was skeptical about the ability of any of Wheatley's plans to succeed. "I don't know about this, Wheatley."

"Don't worry!" he said, sounding as cheerful as ever. "It'll be fine, because I know you won't drop me a second time."

So with a sigh, she agreed. He was heavy, but somehow she managed to get him up onto the bookshelf, with the use of a stepladder. She just hoped he wouldn't fall on her head.

"All right!" he said. "I'm rolling off on the count of three. One…two…threecatchmecatchmecatchme!"

But Chell had dived off to the side when the sphere had started to fall, and he hit the ground with a loud thud. It wasn't that she didn't want to catch him, but she couldn't catch him. She hadn't realized just how large he was until he started falling towards her. Not only that, but he was made of metal. She was made of water and very-easily-crushable bones, and she was pretty sure she would break something if she tried catching him.

And she was going to explain that to him that when he hit the ground, but along with the thud was a sickening crunch, and Chell's heart lurched as Wheatley suddenly stopped talking. "Wheatley?"

There was no response, so biting her lip, she rushed over to him, rolling him over so she could look at his optic. It was no longer lit up. "Wheatley!"

She stayed next to him for almost ten minutes, pleading with him to wake up, but he didn't. And finally, she wrapped her arms around him, pressed her face against the top of his core, and began to cry.

It wasn't for another ten minutes that she heard his voice again. "ungh…Chell?"

"Wheatley!" she cried, wiping tears from her eyes as she let go of him to look at his lit-up optic. "I thought…I thought you might be…"

"You didn't catch me," he accused. "I really thought you would this time!"

"I know," she whispered. "I'm sorry."

"Well, it's all right," he said, his voice chipper once again. "We'll just have to try again! That way I can forgive you twice."

She laughed through the tears that still hadn't quite stopped. "No. No more falling, all right?"

He looked disappointed. "But then how am I supposed to forgive you? I mean, I don't think I properly can unless you catch me!"

"I can't catch you," she said. "I tried." He didn't seem to have noticed that she'd jumped out of the way, and she wasn't going to bring it up. "I'm not letting you fall again. You'll have to think of something else I can do to get you to forgive me."

He considered it for a moment, and then his optic brightened. "Oh! I know! That thing you were doing when I woke up. Could you do that some more? Because that was nice. I think I could forgive you if you did that just a bit more."

Chell blinked. "What? You mean this?" She reached her arms around him again, pulling him close.

"Yes!" he said. "Just like that."

"Okay," she said with a smile, pressing her cheek against the top of his core. "I can do that."
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Tonight we will show you the sad fate that some of this world carry. Children that God has abandoned, restlessly creeping out. Children that can't even carry the trembling limbs they were born with. Their shaking tongues even accidentally cry out. Their crowns of their head caress the dark clouds. They smile as they dream of their mother's embrace.


The Deformity.


Drop by and see him.

What was this place? She had never seen it before, and not heard of it until minutes ago. The odd children, but who seemed oh so charming and amazing, had given her the flyer.
"Dark wood circus"
Was it close?
She moved the branches of the trees out of her way so her eyes would spot some kind of light. She could only so follow the footsteps of the odd children, who seemed a bit older than her.
There was light ahead! The little girl ran as fast as her small feet would carry her and she soon stood still, her eyes wide with amazement.
The circus tent stood far above her small length. But what it could be compared to was the two people. Probably part of the cast, they had strange tall forms… But they seemed so jolly! It made her smile. They smiled at her in return as they towered next to the trees she had pushed herself through, before stepping aside, no, dancing aside to allow her to pass.
"Drop by and see him"
The little girl hesitated… What if her mother was worried? She hadn't told her that she was going to the circus. But then the two tall people bowed for her, gesturing at the circus.
How could she turn back now? This place was so beautiful. A smile lit up her face as she ran to the tent. But where was the entrance? She searched around, but found none. Instead she found a hole in the tent.
Perfect! She thought, and carefully peeked through it.

Two familiar faces turned to her. The little girl's eyes widened… They weren't wearing the big, puffy costume they wore on the market. All was revealed. She saw their shoulders and upper bodies, their necks… Which both were attached to one single body.
"One with two heads…" she rasped. But gasped as another figure moved… It was in a cage. But she could see nothing from here! She backed away from the peeking hole, and began her search for the entrance once again. This was dangerous. These people could be dangerous… But… She wanted to know more of them. How might they look? She smiled at her own curiosity as she dashed through the entrance which she finally found.
But she stopped immediately, and stared at the cast. The one with two heads stood near the cage, where she could faintly see the form…
Such a lovely dress she could see. It was probably made from the finest fabrics and the flower like details had been elegantly sewn onto the dress. No real pattern, only different flowers in different colours. Long hair followed the line of her back whilst a few strings fell around her, even touching the ground. She was so beautiful…
The girl's eyes gleamed at the sight, but a small chewing side behind her made the dreamy state pop like a bubble floating around in the air. She didn't want to let go of the sight, but oh, how curious she was! She turned, but quickly wished she hadn't.
Frozen arms. Feet. Necks, legs… All lay, blue from the cold they must have been stored in, on a plate on a table. On a chair sat a man in a straitjacket. His eyes were dazed as he quietly ate the contents of his meal; his blue hair fell a bit over his face. The girl could just stare at him.
"A beast who loves to eat things cold…" She made a small sound, a kind of high squeak as she stumbled away. But when she turned, the realized how close she was to the cage.
Now she had a better look at the what she thought was the most beautiful woman she'd seen…
Her legs. They were not those of a human. They were as blue as her hair and bent so strangely… She remembered the drawings in her colouring book. These were horse legs.
But the little girl couldn't say a word as she heard soft crying from the cage. The woman was covering her face, covering the tears.
"Why do you look at me like that…?" The Diva whispered in between sobs, and she removed her hands. A blindfold covered her eyes, but it was very wet from her salty tears. They were still running down her cheeks through the cloth.
"A deformed Diva…" The little girl managed to muster, as she continued to stare, but both in shock and amazement. Her voice… Her voice was so sweet, so beautiful, even when broken by sorrowful sobbing; this deformed diva had the most beautiful voice the little girl had ever heard.
Two hands were stretched in through the bars, and carefully slipped the blindfold off. The little girl saw the one with two heads once again… She could see clearly now, one was a girl, and the other head was a boy. The Diva looked up at the two, and gently gripped the bars with her slender hands. Her crying had finally stopped as the one with two heads looked at her, but she did only look at the boy. Gently he stretched out the one arm on his side and took some of her hair in his hand. He brought it up to his face and deeply inhaled her scent. His posture relaxed as he quietly spoke with a young voice.
"It's painful…" the voice only managed to rasp. "But it can't be helped. She said it." He nodded in the Diva's direction, who looked down at her hands instead.
Suddenly, the female half of the children turned to the little girl and gestured at the ceiling.
"It's fun! It's so fun!" She called in a sweet, cheering voice. "This circus is so fun!"
A spotlight which seemed to come from nowhere lit up the spot of them, the girl giggled, and the Diva raised her head again.
"I want to die!" She sang, she cried. "I want to die, get me out of here, please…!!" Her head sank again. "It is impossible here; for anyone to say or feel…" She murmured.
Get out. The little girl's mind only spoke this sentence as the entrance closed behind her.
The circus became dark.
Outside the silhouettes of the jolly, tall members of the cast danced around the circus. The area was otherwise empty. Only the soft circus music played to the dancing outside.

The body is distorted in order to bend to that twisted figure, to crawl on the illuminated street with paper lanterns.
Everyone knows the feeling of walking down the street.

This child has to cower alone.

I guess the shadows reach long.
But the friends that talk have their waists aligned;
You are later and before and by yourself

Oh, you're here, you're here!

Drop by and see him.

Drop by and see him.

Drop by, to the Dark Wood Circus.

It's fun.
Should I put this in a different category? I tried the fan art category... But that didn't say enough.

A prose completely based on the song "Dark Wood Circus". [link]
(Or you could listen to THIS [link] awesome version which was my inspiration for this prose)

I am very pleased with how this turned out actually. DWC is one of my favorite Vocaloid songs, it has a very unusual story which is thrilling yet fantastic.

The letters within italics are taken straight from the videos.

Dark Wood Circus and the Vocaloids do not belong to me, all credit for the original song goes to their rightful owners.
However, this prose is written by me. I hope you enjoyed reading it.
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"MIO!!" Loud stomps were suddenly heard throughout the room of the apartment as a young monochromatic woman, around her early twenties and late teens, stormed to a different room and slammed up the door.
Mio looked up from the magazine she was reading, a bit surprised, at her sister Vivian who was deep grey in the face from rage.
"Did you take my magazines again?!" Oh god, this again… Mio rolled her eyes and looked back at her magazine, which indeed did belong to her sister.
"It's not like you ever read them. They just sit on your floor and gather dust."
my collection!! You're not supposed to touch it!" Then she suddenly spotted what she was wearing. "Oh, my god. You're wearing my top too!?"
"It's too small for you, damnit!" Mio sat up on her bed, now ready to defend herself.
"So?! It's still mine!"
"Mom told you that the clothes that no longer fit on you will go on to me!"
"It still fits me, midget!!"
"Oh, of course it does. With that lovely view of your belly button and how it squeezes around your shoulders."
Vivian's face became even darker with anger as she snatched the magazine away from her younger sister. "FINE!! Now that you're wearing it I don't want it back in any case! And do NEVER touch my magazines again!"
Mio suddenly stood up, now her face was formed into rage as well. "For being the older sister you are such a fucking kid!! Get out of my room!" She suddenly pushed her towards the door, but Vivian pushed her in return.
"Oh really? Says the one who looks like she's a little twelve year old while being Seventeen!" This really annoyed Mio. She hated having her contradicting appearance pointed out.
"GET OUT!! God, I hate you so damn much Vivian!! Don't complain about me when you're the possessive bitch around here! Oh little miss perfect~ Sucking up to mom and dad and every teacher you have; you disgust me!"
Vivian stiffened for a moment, but she knew every comeback move.
"And you? It wouldn't hurt if you became a little nicer! You're always going around acting so coldly, you can't even trust anybody with knowing your name unless you've known them for a month!"
"Oh shut up, you're exaggerating! Just like always!" Finally Vivian was pushed out of the room.
"HEY!!" Their father suddenly shot into the room, he was panting and… They could see smoke coming from the door. At first they thought he would yell at them for fighting, but they saw something was wrong.
"Dad? What's—"
"There's no time for questions! There's a fire!"


"Hurry!! We have to get out of here!"
A woman's cry was heard through all the wood and stone, all set in great flames which made people scream in terror and run to any possible exit. From above a man's laughter was heard, mixed with his pained screams.
Mio recognized the booming voice from the mad fanatic who used to come and ramble about a religion she had never heard of. He had started all of this. And now she and her family were running for their lives, while he, and several other people perished in the powerful flames.
"Come on, run!" Her father's voice managed to shout between coughs, as he held his wife's hand. Right behind them, Mio and Vivian ran with a fast pace, both of them coughing and covering their mouths.
"AGH!!" Mio suddenly fell to the ground as several boards from the ceiling fell right behind her. She looked behind her and thanked the heavens for not having her feet stuck. But when she stood up to run again, she once again tripped. Shit; her tail!
In front of her, her sister stopped as she had heard the crash and her sister's cry.
"Get up, get up!!" she yelled at her as she tried to help her up.
"I can't! My tail!" Mio hissed and tried to pull herself away from the boards. Vivian quickly ran up to the burning wood, and hissed in pain as she lift it with all of her strength. "Go, go!!" Mio quickly stood up and grabbed her sister's hand to continue run out of the building. Their parents were already far ahead, obviously thinking they were both still behind them.
Vivian ran behind her sister, behind them the roof kept on collapsing, but suddenly fate seemed to smile at them, as the collapsing stopped for a brief moment and let them run ahead without worrying of getting killed under any piles.
But once again, it frowned.
The boards over them let out creaking sounds, and suddenly—CRACK!!
"MIO!!" Vivian suddenly pushed her sister, so she fell to the ground with a thud.
"What the hell are you do--?!" Mio stopped her yell as she saw what had fallen behind her. Boards, bricks, all perfectly piled up. But no sight of Vivian.
"Viv…?" Mio stood up. Her surroundings suddenly didn't matter, the crackling of the flames and the smoke just fell away from her consciousness.
"Mio!" but she was snapped back into reality as she heard her sister's voice. She hurried up to the boards and found a hole, which Vivian peeked through, obviously trying to move bricks and boards.
"Vivian!!" Mio called, now terrified. She saw how big the distance was between her and her sister. She started to grab the bricks and boards and tried to move them, but they were all piled up on each other and were too heavy to move, even less in time!
"Mio, stop it!" Vivian called from the other side.
"No!! I'm going to get you out of here or you'll burn to death!"
"It's impossible! Get out of here Mio, there isn't enough time!"
"NO!!" she continued to shove away the bricks, but tears betrayed her determination as she realized it was hopeless. She let out a shriek of fear as more boards fell next to her.
"Mio…" The hole was small, but Vivian stretched her arm through it and pushed Mio's hands away from the pile. "For once, listen to big sis. Get out of here."
But Mio grabbed onto her hand and held it tightly. "Vivian… I-I don't hate you! And I'm not leaving you here to die!" her crying had gone on to sobs, and she even tried to pull her sister through the hole, but the effort barely got the rest of her arm through.
More boards started to collapse, and Vivian pulled back her hand to look through the hole again. She smiled weakly at her sister.
"I don't hate you either. Now come on, go! Hurry Mio, I don't want you to die in here too!"
Mio pressed her hands against the stones, but soon shut her eyes tightly together as she turned around and kept on running to the exit. Behind her, she could hear her sister's screams as the flames scorched her skin, burning into her flesh. She wanted to turn around, do something, save her or let finish her off in a painless way. But she couldn't do anything now, because she also heard more boards collapse behind her, but finally, finally she was out. She practically threw herself outside. Painfully on the ground.
Mio turned her head to look at the building. The orange flames were everywhere, making the building fall apart.
"Mio!!" her mother ran forth and grabbed her daughter, pulling her away from the building.
"No… NO!!" Mio tried to struggle out of her grip, but her mother was strong. "Vivian… Viv is still in there!! She was screaming and burning!!" the tears were back, and hysterically, she cried and hugged her mother. "Viv… I-I couldn't save her! V-Vivian…!! VIVIAN!!"


Mio blinked a bit, as she snapped out from a memorial state. She found herself staring at a small photography in her hand. A picture in greyscale, of her beautiful sister Vivian and herself, with their arms around each others' shoulders and both of them with big grins on their faces. It looked like they had fun in the photo. In the background she could spot their tangled tails. Her heart shaped tail didn't have a crack back then. She traced the crack in her tail with the tip of her finger, sighing heavily.
She rubbed her forehead and gulped. She noticed herself cold sweating.
"Sorry Viv…" Mio put the photo on her nightstand and looked at it for a while, before she fell back on her bed and looked up at the ceiling. The moments were few when she thought of what had happened on that day, but it always saddened her.
Suddenly a knock was heard on her door, but she didn't have time to walk up and open it, until it was opened by the much uninvited guest.
"Thunder cloud!" A sweet voice called, before Mio found herself tightly hugged by the monochromatic girl in metal clothing.
"Viorry…" she angrily muttered while she was cuddled.
"Awww, extra grumpy today~?" Viorry cooed, but suddenly she let her go and her hand went for the paper on the nightstand. "Oh? Is that you, Thunder Cloud? How cute you look! But who's that next to you?"
"Don't touch it!!" Mio snatched the photo out of her hand and stood up from the bed, placing it in her pocket instead. Viorry looked a bit surprised at Mio, but soon grinned again and hugged her.
"Is it a secret~?"
Mio sighed and pushed Viorry away from her. "It's none of your business. I've gotta head to class."
Of course she was accompanied by Viorry all the way to the classroom.
A short story with Mio, about her and her sister... And of course, what happened to her.
Mio still regrets she couldn't save her, but is trying to understand that she couldn't have done anything.

And in the end we have her little friend stalker Viorry, who hasn't been accepted to the MCA group yet, but already knows who Mio is... And is really invading every inch of Mio's personal space xD

Mio belongs to me.
Viorry belongs to ~togpie222
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