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Similar Deviations
The customization of [link]

>>There is a bit change in shape and colors and it become a it different, so i changed the picture with the new one

- GN Buster Rifle
- GN Buster Gun
- GN Buster Sniper (Rifle + gun)
- GN Beam Saber x4 (2 in Buster Rifle, another 2 inside the arms)
- Shield Bits

- Twin Drive (one on the core, other on the back)
- Trans - Am
- Trial System
- GN Field/Face Burst
- Seraphic Mode

Comments and critiques are aaaaaallways welcomed ^_______^
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the successor of [link]

Seraphim Gundam with improved particle storage and armaments. The idea is the mixing of cherudim and seraphim. There are special modes of this Gundam:

- Full Burst Defense Mode: combination of shield bits and gn field

- Full Burst Attack Mode: concentrating particles on GN cannon and then release it

Comments and Critiques are always welcomed ^^

(has been customized into [link])
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It's a plane!!!
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1/35 scale

Resin action figure

-Limited production run of 25 pieces
-3 inches tall
-28 points of articulation
-Phased plasma rifle
-Product & colors may vary
-Contains small parts & functional sharp points, not suitable for children below 3 years old
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Astray Red Frame Nacht + Mass Loadout System

For something that was started as a quick little repaint it turned into a different beast altogether.

Initially this was just a straight up repaint nothing more, nothing less. But of course my brain couldn't let that be. And so with a bit more time than I had allotted, I now have the Mass Loadout System. The Red Frame Nacht is equipped to use the Strider Loadout, a forearm mounted sheath clamp and the Breaker Loadout, a backpack mounted particle cannon and beam rifle with quad launcher.

Model: 1/100 Red Frame
Manufacturer: Bandai
Scale: 1/100
Original: Gundam SEED
Release Date: Late Apr., 2004


M.S.G Weapon Unit 18 Free Style Bazooka [[link]

The Stand, [[link]


The beam Rifle was damage from a fall some time ago and the end of the barrel was lost. Replaced with a spare on from the MG strike. Barrel lengthened with 3.5mm steel bar.

Added an underslung launcher simile to the RX 78-2's Super Napalm and the Banshee Norn's Revolving Launcher. Made from a plastic pipe, origins unknown.

Forearm Mounted Sheath Clamp, made from styrene and a plastic straw

Mobility arm, attaches the cannon to the right hand beam saber holder. Made from a plastic straw and 3mm gunpla runners


Citadel Blood Red

Citadel Codex Grey

Gundam Marker Metallic Green

Tamiya Dark Grey

Tamiya Flat Black

Tamiya Chrome Silver

Tamiya Gun Metal
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A few months ago, "Cinnamon" broke an elbow, losing a forearm. So I started making modular replacements with Kotobukiya MSG Weapon units starting with the Gatling Gun and Dynamic Chainsaw but then I saw they released the Spiral Crusher.... So I got three.

I had to make some adjustments by replacing the polycap from the Spiral Crushers with ones from another Bandai kit that were a more compatible fit to the Beargguy's shoulder peg. I'm still working on this to improve the shoulder's motion range and also planning some paint work to make these two arms dedicated to Cinnamon.

Bandai 1/144 scale Gunpla Builders High Grade "Beargguy" and Kotobukiya MSG HW-02, Built by Me.
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「ZONE OF THE ENDERS」より、オービタルフレーム「アヌビス」です。







Finally finished!

This is a figure of ANUBIS from "ZONE OF THE ENDERS", "ANUBIS Z.O.E".
It's sculpted by Japanese popular figure artist, Maki Asai.
The other day, I luckily got it and colored.

I'm very weak in making solid objects, so it was very hard for me.
But I managed to finish it.

This time, I used color marker,"GUNDAM MARKER"for painting.
It's usually used for painting GUNDAM plastic model.
ANUBIS is Not GUNDAM, but I thought I can use it for painting her, so I did.

Anyway, Hope you like it!
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A HG(High Grade) "Zaku II" Gunpla I customized due to watching "Gundam Build Fighters" recently.

The concept for "Zaku II Raider Custom" is a high mobility flight type Zaku II specialized in bombing enemy bases with 'hit-and-run' tactic.

That's what the name "Raider" stands for. For bombing capability, several missle launchers were equipped on its backpack, right arm, and

side skirts. For high mobility and flying capability, additional boosters were attached to its legs and shoulders. For self protection and possible

close combats, melee weapons and guns of light weight were equipped as well.


- Machinegun (Mounted on the left arm)

- 3-tube Missle Launcher (One mounted on the right arm, and two equipped on the side skirts)

- 5-tube Missle Launcher (Two equipped to the backpack)

- Handguns (Two equipped in the holsters attached to the end of the side skirts)

- Knee Spikes (Equipped on the knees. Can be used for knee strikes)

- Heat Nata (Two mounted in the backpack)

It's my first time customizing a gunpla ever, and I think this one came out pretty well than I expected.

Oh, and for those who might be wondering, no fancy Gunpla techniques were applied into this. I simply had fun mixing some of my old HG

"Zaku II"s with the new "Zaku Amazing" and "Amazing Booster" Gunplas kits. :)

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A flight gone wrong.
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