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My beautiful Sailor Moon Doll(by irwin) re-painted by the talented :iconengelmech:

<3 <3
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HONE (Afilar)
Specie: gato mounstruo demonio
Tiene una personalidad tranquila,
suele atacar a lo amenazante.
Le gusta comer los huesos de sus presas.
Caza fursonas de otros artistas (asi crea sus armas con trozos de fursona, por ejemplo, un cuerno de Antares, la mandibula de Neko, la capa de bree, pelo de mikel...) "momento lool, muchas artistas me van a matar xD"

Es un gato cazador, no te metas con el o tendras problemas purrr! >:3

PSD: Estuve de vacaciones en Ourense con mis primos y no tenia internet no podia dibujar porque tenia que pasar tiempo con mis primos lol.

ART and OC by ~Rekenkawai
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:damphyr: Sorry about the inactivity as of lately -sighs-  School has been busy.  I wanted to take some time to try and work on a bit of digital painting though.  I feel as though painting isn't a strong point of mine at all, and I'm still trying to work out what kind of brush settings that I like.  I haven't really found anything yet that make me like ... real happy. 

Any suggestions for what I could do to make my stuff better, brush settings, tutorials that you saw that helped you or anything like that would be greatly appreciated. 

~Heart Decora-Chan Rose 

Floating Kawaii Hearts and Stars Divider by Pastel-BunBunFloating Kawaii Hearts and Stars Divider by Pastel-BunBun

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Jesse © Decora-Chan 
Art ©Decora-Chan
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Inspired by friends :D
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LIKE my Akw-Art-Design Facebook Page: [link] :star:

< Lucy Heartfilia >

Background, Color, Lineart by :iconakw-art-design:

Made with SAI & PS

Fairy Tail Hiro Mashima
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We're all mad here WIP by Elyann-funeralhymn

Tools: paint tool sai, ps cs 5, wacom intuos 4 meduim

I love "Alice in Wonderland" since I'm teenager, I love the universe, Alice and the others characters. But this theme in drawing is so unoriginal and I feel lot (stupid) pressure and doesn't want to do my version of this book ...recently, I don't care anymore, I draw because I want !
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This is part of the project I mentioned in my journal that Paul,Ernest and I were working on. This is one of the members of the Four Swordsmen of the Apocalypse by the name of Famine. Paul coloured and drew this OC and I did some post editing in photoshop like colour touch ups and other things...anyways, here it is!BTW this drawing was done in an hour. An actual drawing is coming out soon including all four members.

Name-Bridget Laverly

Codename: Famine


Personality: Shy, serious in combat, easy going*, playful* *Among her friends

Strengths: The best swordsmanship skills in the group, silent movements, strategist, quick, light

Weakness: Not great with firearms, panics easily, TOO compliant


1.David Laverly: Father (deceased)
2.Lydia Laverly: Mother (deceased)
3.Clinton Laverly: Brother
4. War and Plague: Best friends
5. Death: Love interest

Weapons: Garotte, Welrod x2 (Assassin's pistol), two military standard swords, crossbow

Skills: Silent, quick, agile,excellent aim with ONLY crossbow and pistols

Specialities: Assassin, her stealth allows the group to execute covert ops easily

History: Born into a poor family, she helped her brother try to pay for their schooling and for hospital fees due to their mother having leukaemia (Age 5). While attending school, she would work. From hard work, she was able to stay in school and get high grades. At the age of 7, her father was killed in a factory explosion. After the incident, she decided it was time to take on odd jobs offered by the army like cooking or cleaning barracks. At the age of 10, she started to learn how to use weapons and she figured that if she learnt to fight, she would get paid more. At the age of 11, her mother dies and her brother leaves Britian for a better job in Canada. At the age of 12, she gains the rank of Staff Sgt. because she displayed her improvements in combat. At the age of 14, the army recognizes her skills and train her to be an assassin. At the age of 15, she has been placed in the Four Swordsmen of the Apocalypse and during her service in the group, falls in love with Graham Cresswell (Death). At the age of of 16, she begins to show her skills as an assassin and through her hard work work, she is promoted to Officer Cadet. At the age of 18, she has become worried because her brother stop sending letters a year ago but it appears he came back to Britain a year ago. In her military career, she has participated in 2 covert ops, 10 assassinations, and 4 skirmishes and currently holds the rank of Captain.

Hope you guys like the picture,and stay for the other 3 members coming soon,next is Death.
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I'mahave done Erza from Fairy Tail:la:
Line art::iconsilvase:
Time taken out of my life: 1 Day
Done in: Photoshop
I really like how it came out!:iconloveloveplz:
I tryed out some new things on it and lookie of what they have done!XD
Hope ya like it!:la:
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Done! It just took me a while to finish it, more than a week, but I have schoolwork that take most of the time and most of the eves I just sit and roleplays XD

Anyway, it's supposed to be my oc Lucifer as most of you that have watched me a long time should know, and this time I wanted to give him a younger look XD
The whole idea for him started after my harddrive broke, I was just so angry that I just had to draw something completely new and don't restart on some sketch that was finished on the harddrive! So here he is in more realism than last time a drew him! XD

Done in Daz studio 4(3D model program for help with poses~) and Painttool Sai with help of my wacom tablet.

Art and Lucifer ~MaiHiwa | Cecilia Hagman
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