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Obistu FAQ

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 20, 2012, 6:32 PM

I was ridiculously shocked at how well Littlebit was recieved, but I suppose she is an anime doll and is supaa kawaiiiii~~~ But still, I was pretty damned surprised. 500 faves overnight? x.x I haven't had that kind of reception in yonks! And so many lovely comments! So thankyou!!

I thought I'd link where I got her and some stuff about her kind. This focuses on the 21-23 bodies and the 11-23cm heads (these heads are all the same size).

-This is the best FAQ I have found, so read this before you read mine :)
-This is also a great video and contains a lot of information about Obitsu, and a cute review.
-This is a great body compariosn

Where do I buy an Obitsu?
I bought her from Mimiwoo, I'd have bought her someone else but after everything else I bought with her the obscene markup ended up being the same as shipping from Parabox or The Junky spot (who offer the Obitsu at a much cheaper price, but after shipping to Australia it ends up being pretty expensive x.x So i recommend doing a price check before ordering from MW, Junky spot is the safest bet if you live in the US for sure. Mimiwoo will also ship by EMS for another $10 or so if you ask.

How do I paint an Obitsu?
I printed off my own decals (sdrcrow has a great tutorial here, to give you an idea of what they are) which I found here. I print them off in black and white using a laser printer, with decal paper I found on eBay (make sure you buy laser or inkjet paper, depending on what printer you have, and if you have an inkjet you'll need to use an acrylic spray to make the ink waterproof, I use Mr. Super Clear spray, or Mircrosol which is a paint-on application).

I then paint on the details using the decal as a stencil. I find that a lot more fun, I have more control over the end appearence and am not stuck to how the decal looks. Plus I only had a B&W printer at that stage and had no choice XD

I only use the eyes, I find it too hard to stick the small/thin details on lol. Then I paint the rest on. I use acrylic paints and chalk pastels for blushing :)

Where do I find wigs?
If you bought a bald obitsu head you will need to buy a wig! I find they fit 4-5 wigs great, but the 3-4 wigs also fit just as well. I buy all my wigs from the ebay store Mimiwoo that I linked above (she also has a store here and if you click on her links 'Obitsu' and then '1/6th wigs' or click, all of the wigs there fit the 11-23cm heads. You can find those sized wigs all around the internet too, Facets by Maria sells them in several of those sizes too, and those wigs (made by Monique Wigs) are great quality, and the 'synthetic mohair' wigs are beautiful and soft. I highly recommend them!

What clothes fit Obitsus?
The smaller Obitsu (21-23) fit Blythe clothing okay, but pants are a bit big and a bit too wide. They fit Monster High clothes, but I've found only the hard plastic body fits those. As for shoes they fit most 1/6th shoes pretty well - Blythe, Momoko etc.

I got Littlebit's sweater dress, and quite a lot of my other doll clothes, from Cool Cat on eBay.. The Blythe shoes they sell also fit the Obitsu dolls. The info above is also relevant for the Jerry Berry dolls who are on an Obitsu 21cm body.

I got Littlebit's jumper from Cool cat on eBay.

If you have any other questions, let me know :3


I just bought another sub, I think that was one of the many reasons I didn't post so many pics, it's just not as fun being here without one IMO.

Anyway, I'm off to paint some more of my Obitsu girls, hopefully they'll turn out as sweet as LB. Thanks again guys! <3

I prefer that you would ask before you use my photos please. I tend to say yes every time, so don't be afraid to ask ♪(┌・。・)┌

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 18, 2011, 4:59 AM
Hello fellow friends, watchers and everyone else who stumbles upon this...


Today is the 4th Advent, in not even 6 (for some people 7) days is Christmas Eve. Because I won't be at home from Christmas until the 29th or even 30th of December I decided to put up a nice Feature of Christmas Art. Today I had my Mum, her boyfriend and his father over for dinner. We had fried trout filets, boiled potatoes and cucumber sald and a nice apple-vanilla-cinnamon junket as Dessert. I wanted to do something for them - they always support me so much and the father of my mum's boyfriend invites us for dinner so often and he just won't let me pay when we go to a restaurant. So yeah - this is the only chance I have to invite all of them for dinner...and it was so nice even though a lot of work - I guess I will do it again :D I think somewhere around next year - maybe in April before Easter Sunday or something like that...maybe earlier..I don't know yet ^^ I'm pretty spontaneous when it comes to such things...depends on the money I have left each month...

Ok, I don't want to bore you with my private blah blah anymore - heads up for the Feature. Again I was trying to feature more unknown artworks (thought they might still be very popular until this is out :D) - but I at least tried. That of course does not mean, that there are no well known or elite pieces in here - I think I made a good mix ^^

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year - and that all your big or small wishes and dreams come true :love:




Leichenengel's Christmas Feature


Christmas Art Feature 2011

EDIT: Finally removed a thumb that led to stolen stock ^^
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How to create my square Brush

Tue Nov 5, 2013, 2:22 AM

By popular demand, here is ..NOT my square brush, but how to create it yourself! :D

And EP 09 of the character tutorial this week WWwwWWEeeEEEEEEEEE!

Nothing too advanced, but hopefully helpful to some of you bros :0

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Seriously, you guys are the best--I just want to bear hug you all and somehow payback every unearned pennie.

I want to let you know that I have more than I need now to take care of the major things-- I've sent a print to the artshow already and I should be able to go to the doctor by the end of next week.  As strange as it sounds, please allow me to earn whatever else money I could use--I will still open up commissions and hopefully earn enough to make a trip to California for the Korra Artshow thats well into March (so I have a good amount of time, I just have to handle the work).

If it means anything at all, take all my thanks.  Keep being the amazing people that you are; this includes those who shared their hard earned money with me as well as those who shared their words of support.  I will brag about you guys to everyone I know lol, your support means so much, you have no idea.  It just makes me want to work harder and do better and be better.  The only way I know how to give back to you guys is to give you more art, more music, more inspiration.  I want to do more youtube videos; I want to share what I know with GIMP--I don't know what else there is that I can do other than what I'm already doing but I will try and do more :iconlazycryplz:  Once again, thanks guys for helping.

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OH MY GOSH thank you T3T

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 28, 2013, 11:05 PM
Banner made by AimaiLeafy
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Oh my Gosh...

I know, this is very, very random, but I have to say it!

Thank you, everyone, for over 100,000 hits on my beloved Pokeshipping-Animation! ;___;

It really means a lot to me, because it is my first one and it has my complete heart in it. It was always a dream of mine to make something like this. So - seriously... Thank you so much for being so kind. ♥


The ultimate Ask-FAITH-Tumblr! - List of questions by dA people

Explanation signs:
number xxx: = the blog-entry your question has when it will come online at FAITH-Tumblr
:bulletgreen: = Online on FAITH-Tumblr
:bulletred: = planed
Black text = a link; click to see answer

:bulletgreen: 005 - eeveelovestory5
:bulletgreen: 017 - SpiderZed
:bulletred: 018 - Ronin201
:bulletred: 019 - streetgals9000
:bulletred: 020 - jonasdarkrai
:bulletred: 021 - TintjeMadelintje101
:bulletred: 024 - MotoNeko

Characters and Question-numbers in total

001 - Pikachu
002 - Pikachu
003 - Ash
004 - Gary
005 - Misty
006 - Ash
007 - Gary
008 - Misty
009 - Kasu
010 - Ash
011 - Gary
012 - Gary
013 - Ash
014 - Ash
015 - Daisy
016 - Delia
017 - Misty
018 - Misty
019 - Misty
020 - Ash
021 - May
022 - Gary
023 - Gary
024 - Misty
025 - Ash, Gary, Misty
026 - Ash, Gary, Misty
027 - Misty
028 - Misty
029 - Misty
030 - Pikachu
031 - Team Rocket
032 - Dawn
033 - Dawn and May
034 - Team Rocket
035 - Pikachu
036 - Misty
037 - Team Rocket
038 - Gary
039 - Misty
040 - Ash
041 - Pikachu
042 - Pikachu
043 - Misty
044 - Ash
045 - Kasu, Caterpie
046 - Gary
047 - Ash, Pikachu, Gary
048 - Misty
049 - Ash, Misty
050 - Ash
051 - Misty
052 - Misty
053 - Misty, Pikachu, Gary
054 - Gary, Ash, Misty
055 - May, Drew
056 - Ash, Misty
057 - Gary
058 - Ash
059 - Gary
060 - Drew
061 - Ash, Misty, Gary
062 - Gary
063 - Pikachu
064 - James
065 - Misty
066 - May, Dawn
067 - Ash
068 - Ash, Misty
069 - Pikachu
070 - Ash, Misty
071 - Ash, Misty
072 - Ash
073 - ?
074 - Misty
075 - Misty
076 - Ash, Misty, Gary, Pikachu
077 - Kasu
078 - Ash
079 - Pikachu
080 - Misty, Ash
081 - Kasu
082 - Misty
083 - Misty, Ash
084 - Ash
085 - Misty
086 - Ash
087 - Ash
088 - Delia
089 - Misty
090 - Misty
091 - Daisy
092 - Misty
093 - Misty
094 - Misty
095 - Ash
096 - Ash
097 - Ash and Misty
098 - Delia
099 - Misty
100 - Misty
101 - Misty
102 - Misty
103 - Misty
104 - Misty
105 - Misty
106 - Ash and Misty
107 - ?
108 - Misty
109 - Daisy

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Doug TenNapel, independent comics creator, is an inspiration to me in many ways.  He has a fun, accessible art style that is dramatic and fresh.  His story telling is always askew in the best of ways.  I don't think I've read one of his graphic novels without having some smiles and a surprise or two along the way.  On top of that, he is outspoken about almost everything in his life.  (I think of him as the Rush Limbaugh of comics- oh man, that sounds really bad, but early Rush, not present day Rush, if that helps.)  I agree with most things he states on Facebook.  BUT- the thing I am most inspired about him is his drive (in the old days we would call that "work ethic").  The guy does NOT give up.  Because of that, he single-handedly will put out a new graphic novel a year.  While creating a webcomic.  While pitching new TV show development ideas in Hollywood.  While running a half marathon.  While working freelance jobs.  While raising tons of kids.  While serving his faith also.  SO, when a guy like that gets asked "how do I find the time to create my dream comic book idea"- you listen to the answer.  I do.  I saw a posting he put up on his blog and it inspired me to keep focus.  So much so, that I wanted to share it here.  This applies to anyone with a dream project/ job you want.  

Doug TenNapel On Comics

Question:  I've wanted to create a graphic novel using my own characters since I was 13. At 37 it's still on my someday/sometime list. Now, with 2 kids and one on the way, it seems extremely unlikely, but given your advice, I think I'll try to commit a small portion of time during the week and just get it started. Any advice on using small portions of time during your day to make progress on your story? I feel like it takes me a long time to warm up creatively.

Answer: Small increments are your friend. Commit to 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week for a year and you'll be a more prolific comic artist, piano player, or carpenter than most others who long to do the same. The key is in the longevity of your commitment, not in the amount of time you are committing. Set aside 20 minutes a day, preferably in the morning before work, and only work on your graphic novel. Do this for a year and you'll start seeing profound results.

The problem is that we aren't used to seeing our art as a craft or a skill that needs practice and discipline, not inspiration and feelings. On any given day my feelings come and go about my faith, my commitment to my marriage, my place in the world, my sanity, my desire to draw or not draw, my care about you as a person, but my values do not change. Try to find the values-shaped handles on your art, not your feelings. Tell me that you will commit to it, that you will simply do it regardless of how you feel about it and you'll accomplish a lot over time.

The ant is stupid. He has one millionth of your intelligence at best but moves one grain of sand until it is placed at its destination. Ants rework the whole world. The little termite can completely dismantle your house, not because of his passion, but because of his tedious, regular work at small, repeatable tasks. If you want to do something big, then the ant's way is one good way to try.
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I have something I'm working on but can't find the motivation!  RAWR.  Anyway, enjoy these examples of awesomeness! :D

Don't hurt me... by KannyMOs

170313 by Creature13 Daniel CRAIG by Sadness40 Jessie-Boy by nathie

Crystallize by gabrielleragusi Summer is finally going to sleep by gabrielleragusi

The Tempest Sycorax | Giuseppina Magazine, 12 by DymondStarr Steampunk Vampire by rsiphotography Red and Black Roses by rzgraphic

:bigthumb360226016: The Purple Spring by Le-Regard-des-Elfes

1006-1 by rajivpathak Spring Song by kosharik69 In progress by Amytea

The Light IV by trulsespedal

Wind by weroni Fester by kellymckernan

Royal Anguish CD cover by AlexandraVBach :bigthumb360333431:

ill-vision by agnes-cecile

wild spirit by AF-studios Delirium by Aegis-Illustration The Angel by EnchantedWhispersArt

Cyclist and Amish meet.img710 1 by harrietsfriend

Grimoire by MorriganArt :thumb360356113: :thumb360367433:

Jan and Alice as zombies by SiljaVich

Sounds Of Freedom by Ariel87 Drowning in Memories by BurakUlker Vianna by nine9nine9

pretty little monsters by siruphial

daily sketch  2198 by nosoart No Freedom by MirageMari Colourblind V2 by ChelseaHantken

Light Capsule by EdenaBlujul

The missing piece by scared-princess :thumb360570158: Balance by khellfinte

Reminiscence by IdaLarsenArt

La Dame et son Dragon by Kallaria The Moon Forest by Leafbreeze7 Totem by LuLebel

lili marleen by lora-zombie

TIME TO GO AWAY by MirellaSantana Lace Afternoon by vacuumslayer I am sailing stormy waters by iNeedChemicalX

Tomb Raider by oO-Monkey-Oo
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Well I keep finding myself explaining various plot points or origins every time I post a new selkie picture and corresponding vague blurb, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a central place where you can read up on the story, if you like.  The idea is that I'll update the story here when I upload a new illustration, and fill in major plot points which aren't getting covered in the picture, so check back if you're interested.  

BEFORE I START, I will answer once and for all this question: "Is this from Ondine/Secret of Roan Inish?"  Not really, this story is as similar to either of those as they are to each other: they are all from the same mythology, but this series is about characters who do not exist in another selkie retelling.  Here is some reading on basic selkie mythology:…;

1) Corresponding picture is "Selkie's Bath" The Selkie's Bath by toerning

A lonely fisherman in a vaguely Irish setting stumbles upon a beautiful bathing woman- and then sees her seal skin.  He takes the skin and hides it, thus binding the selkie to him.

2) Corresponding picture is "New Home" New Home by toerning

He takes her home, wrapped in a rough blanket.  She follows him, because she doesn't know what else to do-- she doesn't really understand what's happening.

3) Corresponding picture is "New Life" New Life by toerning

The selkie spends the whole night searching for her lost skin, so that she might return to the ocean.  The fisherman follows silently behind her, neither helping nor distracting her.  He is battling his own demons-- guilt over taking a creature from its habitat, and his overwhelming desire for this unearthly creature he doesn't even know.  
When she doesn't find the skin, she watches the sun rise, realizing she's not going anywhere.

4) Corresponding picture is "Selkie -- 4" Selkie -- 4 by toerning

Everybody's got to wear clothes, even girls who came from the water.  He roots around in his trunk for something suitable, as she delights in the curious fit and feel of clothing on her skin.  He is glad to see her smile.

5) Corresponding picture is "Selkie -- 5" Selkie -- 5 by toerning

An innocent and unintentional seduction.  One twilight, she is curious what the fisherman's beard feels like.  He struggles to remain respectful-- after all, he hardly knows this strange girl, and she doesn't know what she's doing.  

6) Corresponding picture is "Selkie -- 6" Selkie -- 6 by toerning

The selkie has been enjoying herself, but she's homesick.  She tries to return to the sea, only to find that she cannot.  The reality of her situation begins to sink in.

7) Corresponding picture is "Selkie -- 7" Selkie -- 7 by toerning

Time has gone by.  The fisherman has been trying to keep her a secret, not quite knowing why.  But his friends are curious about how he's been spending all his time, so on a market day, they prepare to go into town.  The selkie puts her hair up special for the occasion.
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Mon Oct 14, 2013, 6:52 AM

Balaurul Toamnei by 00BlacKBerrY00To the Skies by ElixiateFreshness by elisamoriconi
:thumb253692293:parrots lovebirds by LatyshoffaAnd Michael you would fall... by mimeko
:thumb254098554:Bubble's by Anatis-OcellataDolphin by Ofride
Untitled by Clarae19Apples and Pears by aliaaearly fall by dlockett2
thinking of.... by intotoWanderer in Brennenburg by Aurasamain the rain by deejavufight485
young swan 2 by VincikMargaret in the sky by nini-poohFeel the Wind by lyllopop
Bird Queen by katiediazzTatami Room by Diesel74656
Shy by Hane-chanSteam locomotive Pm36-2 by czajkaSuburbia by gato-en-el-tejado
olavsoeka - Damned demise by SiljaVichPatience by DawnstarWPlaying a Melody by Salaidard
Psyche by NativusSea Patterns by SiluanSDS D MD-500's by hover-art
Gloom Gardens by Lithium-TearsAvalon  - notebook cover by Si3artBy night by Vasylissa
Punching In A dream by SiberianBrakesAstras by ShukriaThe garden of Chi by Tung-Monster
Some love for grandma by Sabinerichvictorian room by harusamemushroom Village by dragonflywatercolors
Little Red Riding Hood by Ilona-SRed Barn by tomtsam
Set Me Free by ShannonValentineeuphorbia garden by s0nix22Still by my Side by hanaishi-chan
Yellow by ShannonValentineStrawberries by jalex90Journey Of The Little People by vastarantakettu
pomegranate by ayjajaDark Village by htxJapanese Garden by spiderlady
Cloud Gate Watercolor by LamorienKazimierz Dolny by micorlThe City in Motion 4 by mikopol
Crystal Lake by LamorienOld Watermill by AelrounWinter Wonderland 1 of 4 by DarkRubyMoon
Fox by akreonAutumn on Fuji by kendravixieUnder Moonlight by Anamia
Blue winter2 by danuta50Bridge by guni03Red House by Sarifael
Winter Wonderland 2 of 4 by DarkRubyMoonpiney woods by niffer5150Pathway by LiquidFaeStudios
Boat by guni03a road by allix77Pink winter by danuta50

Journey at Sundown by pastelkathyEume by AranelitaBlue winter3 by danuta50
Winter by yelou"Breaking free" by masscreationVale of Arryn by crisurdiales
Pond by danuta50Cottage by AnamiaIndian countryside by Shashikanta
Die Ruhe Vor Dem Sturm by German-BloodRiver IV by ShashikantaBlue bird by thepoppy
:thumb243002869:Lighthouse by JakeRomanoAbsolution by PaintMyWorldRainbow
Rainy Day by Elen-RikutoMemories.. by Subhankar-debbarmaLotus Koi Pond by shirly90
watercolor trees 2 by Just-a-WitnessWarratte by CHOCOCHIYOKOBridal bouquet by yukosan2
love letter by yukosan2Chii-Chobits-Elda by nini-poohKasane Teto by tho-be
Hoa dang by huenjangAutumn by waterpiecesLove: BREATHE by J-Kalika
Web by TheeraShe must be very bored by FankaSlimakaHelp by Hane-chan
Sakura by AyayouGive Me Some Cake by UmmuVonNadiaArt Nouveau experimentation 2 by NoeSo
"Sharlin and Rei" by alcahopeMy Kingdom by Hanny-HoneymoonFishing Time by Vasylissa
Mother Dragon -SOLD- by Miruna-LaviniaAutumn is back by GwennolMermaid's Breakfast by MarkSheard
Lanterns night by Soji-chanSolovetsky monastery by MetttkoOne living thing by Jjiyo
Goldfish-ie by harusameXiuh sirenificada by NoriChamaSilent Serenity by Face-Reality
The Marsh of Rot by evuiBeckon by Lamorienundine by Lizavetaart
Water Color - 2 by naugthy-devil:thumb197872778:Biloba by Al-Asparagus
WHALE WALKING by NCEARTeh, hum? by sara-nmtthat is magic by Coramina
Sulfur Crested Cockattoo by Siluangoat by LatyshoffaWillow Tits by Zaronen
Two birds by sara-nmtAdieu l'ami... by chachahSpring is coming by Taiyo85
Bunch by shirly90Peacocks by NadineThomeEden by Bumble-a-Bee


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Hey guys! As what I've mentioned in my previous journal entry, I've changed my course and will be pursuing my dream to create props, prop replicas, and various costumes.

The biggest project I'm currently working on would be creating a life size display of Captain America's suit as seen in the 2011 film. Trying to get as close as I can to screen accuracy for this one. No room for cutting corners.

I won't be cosplaying Cap though. :)

Photo is from the Profiles in History auction

I fell in love with the design the moment I laid my eyes on it. I've come to appreciate the Captain America TFA costume on a whole new different level now that I've studied it very meticulously. I adore military clothing and fashion and upon closer inspection, almost all of the parts of the costume are in fact genuine army articles cobbled together in a different way to form Cap's uniform! I learned so much in watching the featurette on Blu-Ray. Amazing and very thoughtful design!

First up, here are photos of my progress with the shield. I had a local metalworker help me in making this out of aluminum. I dream that one day I could afford the machinery and tools for fabrication so i could do that all myself haha! Still so many imperfections I mean to correct but I'll get to that when I'm able to save up the funds to have a better one made.

Here's the shield, unpainted, polished, and cleaned up. The surface was sanded in a circular motion to give that look that it was spun. All ready for adding in some color!

Back of the shield. Here you can see all the imperfections from the press method. If I went with the better method, which is metal spinning, I'd get a really perfect shape all around. However that would cost a whole lot more.

I'll be selling this shield afterwards to be able to afford the more accurate fabricating services.

Brackets for the leather straps. Credit goes to RPF member Valor for sharing his designs to the community. Really huge help having a template available. Not movie accurate but it's still a nice design.

The spun rivets are a bit too large but I'm happy with how the star turned out.

With the shield all cleaned up of dirt and fingerprints, I began the tedious process of masking and painting.

This picture actually shows my third (and thankfully successful) attempt.

The whole endeavor of painting this movie shield without anodized paints turned out to be a huge pain! I ended up spending more time and money with the mistakes I've made in trying to get an accurate look. Bought so many wrong paints in the process. Repeated masking of the rings also gave me a lot of headaches. It was really important to get them as clean and lined up to the grooves as possible.

I tried painting the blue on this morning and it effed up. I ended up having to go out again to buy the correct paints. Spent a lof of time removing all the old paint as well. Thank goodness I had some help with that.

I was able to get the blue to a pretty decent color. As for the red, my first few tries turned out a bit on the magenta side. My solution to that was to first coat the parts with a clear orange paint and then go over it with the red. It turned out a whole lot better than I expected :)

These are what I used to get the anodized look without real anodizing and without the anodized spray paints (Duplicolor Metalcast). Because of the lack of availability of the ideal materials, it took me a while to figure out what paints to use to replicate the finish.

The red and blue colors actually look very metallic in person. Too bad the camera couldn't seem to capture it.

Really happy that my efforts paid off. All the time spent in correcting the colors was definitely worth it! I still want to get my hands on some anodized paint though as that would really change the overall impact of this piece.

I'd personally only go for the brand new and clean look only if this shield was done perfectly. With the perfect finish, all the imperfections can easily be seen. I'll be going for the battle damaged look for this one to conceal the uneven parts which were caused by the press method.

I'll be adding the leather straps soon enough. Quite hard to get a good grip without the proper handles haha!

That's it for part 1! If you guys have any questions just reply here or send me a personal message. Trying to be more active here on dA nowadays.

Thanks for viewing!


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