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Journal Entry: Sun Dec 30, 2012, 8:15 AM
:iconblacksparklesplz: :icongreyheartplz: :iconblacksparklesplz: :icongreyheartplz: :iconblacksparklesplz: :icongreyheartplz: :iconblacksparklesplz:

:bulletpink: The deadline:  The 7. April

I'm holding a NEW CONTEST! :new: -CLOSED- :new:

:bulletblack: The contest is traditional, using photo references.
So traditional only, no digital media is allowed. All traditional media is accepted, including crafts. The work doesn't have to be in colour.  

:bulletblack: I have made a  folder in my gallery, where you can find the photos available as references  'Click here for the references' .

:bulletblack: Use one or more of these photos mentioned above as a reference for a drawing (or painting, anything goes as long as it's traditional) . You are allowed to use other references also, just as long atleast one reference is from me. The work doesn't need to be new. If you are already drawing or have drawn something using my photos, you can participate with that. I appreciate IMAGINATIVE use of the photos.
You can have two (2) entries in the contest.

:bulletblack: Add a link to this contest and/or my icon ( : iconjoannamoory : without the spaces) into the description of your work (artist's comments).
Also add a link or a thumb of the reference photo(s) or let me know otherwise which photos you have used.

:bulletblack: If you would like to donate PRIZES (points, features or other) let me know or you can donate on my donation pool (on my profile page)! The points from the donation pool will be shared between the winners (3 winners + 1 voters choice = 4 winners) .

:bulletblack:  The deadline: The 31. March. :new: The 7. April :new:
(After which there will be the voting for the voters' choice. )

:bulletblack: The entries will appear here=  'Contest entries' .

:bulletblack: Prizes (will be updated) =
:trophy: 1st place gets
-350 :points: from :iconpbird12:
-200 :points: from :icontalvienkeli:
-100 :points: from :iconzakkiya29:
-5 :points: from :iconblueivyviolet:
-A :+devwatch: from:iconan4i:
-A feature from :iconmarob0501:

:trophy: 2nd place gets
-200 :points: from :iconpbird12:
-100 :points: from :icontalvienkeli:
-50 :points: from :iconzakkiya29:
-A :+devwatch: from:iconan4i:
-A feature from :iconmarob0501:

:trophy: 3rd place gets
-150 :points: from :iconpbird12:
-50 :points: from :icontalvienkeli:
-25 :points: from :iconzakkiya29:
-A :+devwatch: from:iconan4i:
-A feature from :iconmarob0501:

:trophy: 4th place (which is the voters' choice) gets
-100 :points: from :iconpbird12:
-25 :points: from :icontalvienkeli:

:trophy: All winners get
-A feature from :iconblueivyviolet: :iconjoannamoory: :iconpbird12:  :iconzakkiya29: :iconyoungmoons: :icontalvienkeli: :iconkw-scott: :iconchibiharuka: :iconshirei-shou: :iconclu-art: :iconsquitopus: :iconwicked-illusion:
-The points from my donation pool, donated by anonymous deviants and :iconaudramblackburnsart: :iconkw-scott: :iconkarstenroth: :iconmankoneko: :iconmattman-loftus: :iconauxoadephagia: :iconpaul-shanghai: :iconregi458: :iconechostar08: :iconmiguel-santos: :iconsubramania: :iconsana24:

Also featured in
:iconanothercontestgroup: :iconcontest-office:

:bulletblack:  The winners of my previous contest: 'Contest Emilia Winners'.

:iconblacksparklesplz: :icongreyheartplz: :iconblacksparklesplz: :icongreyheartplz: :iconblacksparklesplz: :icongreyheartplz: :iconblacksparklesplz:

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I've been trying to organize my blog guys.  I'd like to keep this strictly a writing blog only, so I've been cleaning. :)
I've made both an art blog, and a blog strictly for my sweet Willow cat. :3

If you're interested, here are the blogs:

My new art blog:
Willow's Blog: ( Still under construction)

AnotherPassenger and I also started a Betta fish support blog:
So if you have Betta fish, or are interested in learning more about these beauties, do have a look see! :)


lower_casei have not read enough poetry
and i am not one to muse
or maybe think
but i do have
a question
i am one student in a freshman course
who wonders
why so many poets use only
lower case
is it artistic
is it sexy
to write as if
you do nothing but whisper
i want to be loud
i want
the survivors of death
to remember me
i will not mutter
like a fetus
perhaps there is
nothing to this
but there is value
in knowing how to yell
and in absolute
all consumingi don't like
you, and
writing about                                                 wanting
you, 'cause
the only
thing i can seem
to write about
is                                                             you
and your skin- I
don't want to write
about your skin, don't
want to have
to sa
Lullaby"I've been waiting my entire life to tell you that I'm dying and I figured I'd finally get it over with.
So here I am, carving forgive me
into my teeth, so every time that I speak
I can still say that I'm sorry.
More years have passed in the last than I care to remember
but I could never forget:
In eighth grade my chorus teacher always told me,
'Michael, you'll never be good enough.'
and it always excited me. It reminded me of my mother.
On the last day of school she smiled,
her teeth jagged like a train wreck,
she didn't say a word,
but I knew exactly what she meant.
In high school I fell in love with a roadside bomb waiting to be detonated by a passing glance.
Every time she blew up,
she'd pick the pieces of herself off of bathroom floors
mixed with the medicine she never needed. She had
The Disappointment.
One day she caught me staring, smiled, walked over, and hugged me...
she smelled like a lonely night.
As she pulled away she looked me dead in the eyes and said,
'Don't worry abou

TruthShe has a writers hands,
Quill-pricked fingers and palms
Stained with ink - she leaves
Traces of her soul on everything
She touches.
Her antebellum eyes betray the
Scars scattered on her ribcage - they
Can't cover all the fingerprints
Time has left there, stark and
Unyielding under moonlight tainted
By fluorescents.  
[She's a used canvas,
But she'll never let that stop
Her from being her own brand
Of truth.]
cardio.each octopus has three hearts,
two to pump blood to the gills,
the other to pump
to the rest of the body.
such great efficiency that
if someone were to break their heart,
they'd still have two more tries
to get it right.
lying on our backs on the floor,
i think about us and marine life
and nothing while
I let my hands do the talking,
say the more important things.
and i trace his scars with my
fingers and mind,
red ropes of recovery,
resilience that's faded to pink.
when he tilts his head to the side
and waits for me to speak, i think
this is how i'll find you through the mess
the sea of bodies
someday when everyone's the same
and i only have one heart,
not two or three
and at that moment it pounds,
loves him with everything it has.

:thumb335011493: Glossi.
This is a poem
for lip gloss
and the pre-teen
who wears it
and the old woman
who tried.
This is for
sparkle and stick.
For bodies like
candle wax.
For all the boys and girls
who would breath in
those scents
when the wick turned black.
Before their hair
turned grey with ash,
and their eyes fogged over
from the naked heat.
Before young love dies
and is buried in a shoebox,
with a little pile of rocks
to mark where it was.
This is for
the scared little boy
who spent all his time
sniffing candles.
While pretty girls
lay on autumn hills,
and even the crickets play
in major key.
With their noses
face down in the soil.
With their discarded jackets
on the grass, limp-
and making angels.

Autumn AutopsyAs lovers,
we were reckless;
chasing fireflies
in a field of mines.
We traded kisses
and carefree caresses
for shrapnel
and blackened skin.
Short moments
stolen pawned
at the cost
of darker afternoons,
the twilight
of the dying season;
We didn't ask,
we never questioned
the interest
of our expenditures.
I shed my skin
in the Autumn of youth,
peeled back
the viscera and
bared the bone --
Rising up,
a scarecrow of worms
and raw meat,
amongst the stalks
of reddened corn.
she clings
to dusty artifacts,
shelved trinkets
wrinkled sheets
laden with memories
of decaying potency;
The wisps
rising from the cooling wick
will never be
as sweet as
when the flame
burned brightest.
note 02I wish men 
were made out of more 
than just 
you'll never love me with that kind of head
Clichei. true love
& you were that one famous line
of a love poem – 1863 sonnet
scripted down your spine, verses
of sternum & shuddering heartbeat.
i remember the sheets twisted blue
as the eventide, your eyes like thelassia,
that species of ocean grass. we swayed
to the music of galaxies colliding.
our song was the day the tides
finally curled round the moon's face.
ii. cancer
eventides, thelassia eyes, moon
great and heavy as that one lucky coin
that refused to land, to grant a wish
or let luck decide for us. there were
star crabs scuttling under your
oragami skin. & i never realized
all the ways that you folded
until the doctor came back &
you folded into yourself,
iii. heartbreak
please don't tell me it was disease.
please don't mention the fact
that there was a constellation
blossoming underneath your skin
as if it excuses the metaphor
of your candle-eyes dimming.
i was there for the treatment.
you weren't, rag-doll girl. you
hung limp as wet clot

eight things about growing up.eight
I told my brother I was going to be a fairy when I grew up. Or a bird, or sprite – something with wings so I could touch the clouds.
I learned that fairies weren't real when I was six, after I tried to jump off a parking structure to see if I could fly.
That day I also broke my leg in three places and saw an angel's face in the clouds. (And don't tell anybody, but sometimes I spend all day looking for him.)
My neighbors back in Denver had a son who was a schizophrenic. After he went off his meds for the third time, he painted the windows red and told his wife she had to abort their baby because it wasn't human.
A year later, I heard that he was arrested after pointing a hunting rifle on his family. It was loaded, but he didn't pull the trigger because his mother said she trusted him.
I guess love is kind of like that, too.
Seattle didn't come until I was fifteen, in October.
My family and I took a boat ride on Friday. We listened to the captain
of history and poetry.your kisses
      are the radical starlight
      of starfish washing ashore.
your fingers
      are starving, aching magic,
      kaleidoscopes colliding over my skin.
i am
      the girl
      who speaks in punctuation
      instead of words,
      the girl
      who writes history into poetry
      in attempt to take back the past.
you are
      the boy
      who speaks in circles
      through my silence,
      the boy
      who dwells the poetry of history,
      echoing th
society is warped like a two-by-fouri used to hide behind pages, hide in between the three-punch holes and the
too-straight blue lines on looseleaf
paper because that's where i thought i belonged: among the blankness
of ideas i felt but didn't hear, touched but didn't see – oh, they
touched me, they brushed against my eyelashes like
dandelion seeds tumbling through the ether, and the
wind ripped them from their stems and flung them
into the world and then they finally
realized: this is who i am supposed to be, no, this is who i am and nothing
can change that, not even when i find myself pummeled by tsunami
waves that crush houses like we crumple all the wrong words into little balls with our
little fingers, our little fingers that
curl into fists and punch glass windows until the panes have
shattered into a million pieces like the pieces of our hearts and we're left
breathless and bleeding and oh-so-sorry that the
world can't leap out of its orbit and tango with the black hole in
the middle of the milky way b

the dying star of your memoryupon returning home
i unzip my weary skin
and push my hands deep
deep into the startling bloom
of my intestines
where each calamitous minute
has crystallized
minute gems of doubt
piercing my bowels
of course, I remove them
only to fix each damning diamond
into the ceiling above my bed
a constellation of regret
and i am an early-morning cosmonaut
sleeplessly orbiting
the dying star of your memory
even then(exhausted by shame)even then
        (exhausted by shame)
i felt the pull
        (the undeniable grasp)
of my other self
following the rain through
narrow prison windows
to fill the ravine of my mind
with the color of your skin
whose freckles
lead my blood to my hands
        (lead your name to my lips)
                to write(say)
"if i am a criminal
         (as all who live are)
remove my reflection
stain my skin grey as time
do all within the reach of justice
         (lifeless words carved on stone)
to tear away my tongue
and murder my protestations
on the concrete floor
i still bleed red"
and behind the exhaustion of my eyes
my greener self
         (beyond the mysterious, infinite


With mama by ValvadorSleeping bearded vs. baby skin by iNeedChemicalXAnia... by unisexbluess
You Can Write Me A Love Song... by theresahelmerRare white raven 2 by xxsimplicity-stockCat by FlexDreams
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ID#8 by SorenWrang9 In The Afternoon by torivarnWhat a family! by Fall-of-rain
Avatar LOK | Mako by elysiagriffinMadison Loftis IMG 9008pscc x900 W by WizardincTo run away. by HQheart
Orange autumn roses by Anastasia-RiWraith by Mareritt-fra-Myr:bigthumb335626380:

Digital Art:

Kuss by ZeitzeuginVenus by ZhraydeBlack Rose by Design-By-Humans
Fishing by VEKTTORI scream by kamezisWitchblade Amaha Masane by kamillyonsiya
woof and birdie by NovawuffCommission - Uke-Gurl by Fancy-TrampDEXTERRRRRR by Rachel-deRegt
:bigthumb339996848:Shy shy by LambiiMistress Cloud by KLanier
Harley by SachaLefebvreFlutterdash and Rainbow Shy by KP-ShadowSquirrelLord of Chaos by LindaMarieAnson
Day Bringer by sanguisGelidusMother of Stars by DuskDiamondLady bird by CarolinVogt

Traditional Art:

Jellyfish kiss by GemmaGuerreroHan Solo Ballpoint Pen by AngelinaBenedettiSun and Night by SayuriEyes
Aphrodite, Adonis and the blood red Anemone by axelliewow, it's lovely by Fukaribonding by ScottMan2th
Agapornis by agnes-cecile:bigthumb340911099:Balance. by OdeliaToder
The Key, portrait of a woman. By RasicART by RasicARTMoon by SiljaVichI smoke to die by EternalBeautyTrueArt
Castle,circles..castle,circles by MashmuhMoleskine 30 by LucyJOrchardwtrclr.jrnl.4 by Chuckie-T
A Magician's Map by MiniDumplingxDHey Joe by Marie-EstherDeidara by lana-llama
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12-11-12 Edit.
Hey-o again!
Since some pieces are getting done- Let's do this:

When you're finished with your gift, send your giftee a note and introduce yourself! Hooray-HUZZAH!

On the 25th, I'll round up all the pieces and link them in this journal.



It really does my heart good that so many of you were willing to participate. Word got around that other secret santas closed early, so mine was a nice backup.
Oy~ I love each and every one of you.

Pish Posh. NOW.
A few of you have noted me with specifics on what you'd like drawn. If you HAVEN'T, then just make sure your santa can figure out something relatively easily.

..Oh Heck. Let's just throw me in there too. A few of you asked for it.

Boop. :iconashlmet: And now I'm on the list. Unfortunately I'll know my santa, but at least I can surprise one of you <3

AIGHT. I'll note All of you individually with details on who you will be santa-ing for. How am I choosing? via the PUT ALL THE NAMES IN A HAT TECHNIQUE.

...It's a fedora.

Until LATER!


A few days ago, :iconcat-breath: suggested that I host a "Secret Santa" event. It's time to call it into action!

If you've responded to my comment on your page, GREAT~ If you're just a passer-by, GREAT AS WELL.

The secret santa is a little organized get-together. Comment on this journal by 12:00AM December 8th(which can be interpreted as 11:59pm December 7th) and I'll add you to this journal with an assigned number. That same day I'll note you with the number of the person you will be "Santa" to, and you can draw a gift from there! Post your gifts on or around the 25th!~

EDIT: If you want your Santa to draw something specific, write me a note with your request and I'll be sure to pass the word along!

Your gift can be big or small-..a sketch or-...well..whatever you want!

Let's spread some good cheer around this Holiday season~

5.:iconeskiwolf64:secret santa to odjit-banafrit by Eskiwolf64
12.:iconbubbletea-coyote:Secret Santa: Ravenclaw Christmas by Bubbletea-Coyote
14.:iconkellypony:{Secret Santa!} RichPaperJashinist by KellyPony
17.:icontrezilla:Dec 23nd, 2012 by trezilla
19.:iconfatlilaslim:icewing-wolf Secret Santa UuU by FatLilaSlim
21.:iconchvckles:Arienne Fallon~~~~~ by chvckles
27.:iconcat-breath:Secret Santa for Natalie by cat-breath
30.:iconglass-spork:Secret Santa Gift for___Flamelish by Glass-Spork
31.:iconveeceethatsme:Secret Santa: gryrofox12 by VeeCeeThatsMeSecret Santa: sw3rv3 by VeeCeeThatsMe
32.:iconflamelish:Maddie the Werewolf -1 WIP- by FlamelishPokemon Ranger -2 WIP- by Flamelish
34.:iconmontemarte:Secret Santa neon-apoctiliptic by Montemarte
36.:iconthaikiuchiha:Secret Santa by ThaikiUchiha
41.:icontixtox:Lady by TixTox
42.:iconsunstar-pwns:InAssumption - Secret Santa by Sunstar-Pwns
44.:iconanimefreakalert2:SECRET SANTA by AnimeFREAKAlert2
45.:iconchucifer:Secret Santa for meli-chan3~! by chucifer
48.:iconmaskums:Secret santa: Kettin by Maskums
51.:iconellie-belly-bear:Secret Santa: Emowolf64 by Ellie-Belly-Bear
53. :iconmira-chii:
54.:icontheartisticpanda:Merry Christmas/Secret Santa by theartisticpanda
55.:iconmelancholickink:Max Secret Santa Gift by MelancholicKink
56.:iconskylare-neko:*[Filled in for by :iconflamelish:]
57.:icondolcemelodia:Secret Santa - Rotten Dotty by DolceMelodia
62.:iconkalabadi-hallaj:Merry Christmas 2012 AKA Milaad-e-Issa (A.S) by kalabadi-hallajMerry Christmas To all Muslims Mllaad - E - Issa by kalabadi-hallajMilaad-e-Issa (A.S) AKA Merry Christmas 2012 Color by kalabadi-hallaj
63.:iconpinkplaidrobot:*[Filled in for by :iconveeceethatsme:] XD by DarthDovahkin
66.:iconrenotara:Secret Santa Gift by Renotara
67.:iconkiora13:From my Umbreon to yours by Kiora13
79.:iconnighthawke07:Casper by Nighthawke07
80.:iconhellofancypants:Secret Santa Gift! by hellofancypants
83.:iconkettin:Secret Santa Drawing - Nightmare Before X-Mas by Kettin
84.:icondonjaun:*Journey In2 Christmas Gift for BlackglE123 by DonJaun
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im so done with danganronpa

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 27, 2013, 9:48 PM



thEY WwER e  E cL aS S  mATE s om FG
thEY w E r E frIEnd S

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star by ChuruPii:iconethereal-artbook::iconethereal-artbook::iconethereal-artbook:star by ChuruPii

Get your art published amongst some of the top artists on deviantart such as
:iconchancake:, :icontituslunter:, :iconvmbui:, :iconyamio:, :iconelsevilla:
and more!~

"To raise money for charity, we're making an Artbook in which artists will be given the chance to draw a page (or double page) each. All profits raised will go directly to the RedKite, a foundation that works closely with children living with cancer, helping families financially in these tough times."

Ethereal-artbook is currently holding a contest where winning entries will be published in the artbook and will receive a free copy!

There will be four winners, each winner judged separately from the four categories available; green, blue, yellow and red

So what do we have to draw?
The theme for this book is 'Our Earth'. Whatever you see on our Earth is allowed.

:bulletgreen:Green could be images of forests, summer, spring, jungles, plains etc.
:bulletblue: Blue could be winter, oceans, skies, night, water, etc.
:bulletred: Red/pink could be sunsets, flower fields, volcanic environments, fire
:bulletyellow: Yellow/orange could be autumn, deserts, beaches

We are looking for a variety styles! This book is not only open to 'anime/manga-style' artworks!

Pink Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiserPrizes:  1st x 4 ★ ☆

♦ Artwork in Ethereal ArtBook
♦ Free copy of the book
♦ 300:points:
♦ 3 month premium membership

- (donated by The-Average-Alex )

Pink Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiserWinners will also be asked for an original artwork to fit on a 2.25'' x 3.5'' custom poker-sized card to be included in the Ethereal art book trading card collection.

Pink Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiserWe are also looking for more prize donators! Donate something (excluding llamas) to have your name in the book!

This contest ends: 10th May, AEST

Contest 2: Points Raffle!

You can also win an additional 1000:points: just by sharing about the news on your journal and commenting in this journal with the URL linking us to your journal so we'll know.!

One winner will be drawn randomly, but you MUST let us know that you have entered in the comments in this journal or your name will not be entered.

What to put in your journal?
Must at least contain our group icon which is (without spaces) :icon ethereal-artbook: and say that winners will have their art published.

Examples:… | australian-deviants.deviantart… |…

Raffle Ends: 20th March, AEST

For more information about the project please visit this page:…

*Terms and Conditions apply.
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A mere eleven years ago, deviantART met its humble beginnings. Since that time, we've grown to be the world's largest online art community, but even a site as massive and established as deviantART had to start somewhere. We never forget those few small sparks that launched deviantART to be where it is today, and that's what we're celebrating during our birthday season.

For this year's community event, we're embracing the idea of starting small and creating something amazing from just a few quick sketches. We've started this work for you and challenge you to finish it with the pizzazz that only the best art community in the world could do. Let your imagination run wild!

We've given you a random combination of lines in the downloadable pack below. Your challenge is to look at the drawing creatively and find an object or scene within the randomness to bring a whole new meaning to the piece. Use these few lines to bring this skribble to life!

Download Template

What do you see when you look at this skribble? Maybe you see two unicorns engaged in an epic battle of survival. Perhaps you see a desert oasis, filled with palm trees and delicious drinks. Or could it be that this is the lost underwater kingdom of Atlantis? However you're inspired, we want to see it!

You can do a lot with this skribble. You can print it out and use traditional methods to craft your entry. You can digitally recreate it into a masterpiece. Your creation is completely up to you!

Submit Artwork
  • The skribbled lines must appear in your entry exactly as they appear in the download. You may not move or alter these lines in relation to each other.
  • The original lines must be clearly visible. No covering up or deleting these lines! You may trace them, but we must be able to easily see the original lines in your work.
  • You may rotate the set of lines as a set of lines in any direction you'd like within your entry.

  • Apple iPad2 (16GB)
  • Wacom Intuos4 Medium Tablet
  • 8,000 deviantART Points
  • a deviantWEAR hoodie of winner's choice*
  • and a one year Premium Membership to deviantART.
(*depending on availability)
  • Apple iPad2 (16GB)
  • Wacom Bamboo Pen+Touch Tablet
  • 4,000 deviantART Points
  • a deviantWEAR T-shirt of winner's choice*
  • and a 6-month Premium Membership to deviantART.
  • Apple iPad2 (16GB)
  • Wacom Bamboo Pen+Touch Tablet
  • 1,200 deviantART Points
  • a deviantWEAR T-shirt of winner's choice*
  • and a 3-month Premium Membership to deviantART.
  • 22 Semi-Finalists will each receive 1 Month Premium Memberships to deviantART

This contest begins August 1, 2011 at 12:00 AM Pacific and ends August 22, 2011 at 11:59 PM Pacific. Semi-finalists and winners will be announced shortly after. There will be 3 prize winners and 22 semi-finalists.

This contest is international and open to every deviant who is at least 13 years of age and a member of deviantART. Membership to deviantART is free. No purchase is necessary to enter the contest. Contest is void where prohibited by law.

Enter as many times as you wish, but you can only win once. Entries must be made after the start of the contest. All contest entries must be submitted as a deviation to: Contests > 2011 > 11th Birthday Contests > Skribble.

Read the rules

Winners will be judged based on creative use of the lines, artistic merit, and cleverness.

Submit Artwork
Browse Entries
11th Birthday Events
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Mon Oct 14, 2013, 6:52 AM

Balaurul Toamnei by 00BlacKBerrY00To the Skies by ElixiateFreshness by elisamoriconi
:thumb253692293:parrots lovebirds by LatyshoffaAnd Michael you would fall... by mimeko
:thumb254098554:Bubble's by Anatis-OcellataDolphin by Ofride
Untitled by Clarae19Apples and Pears by aliaaearly fall by dlockett2
thinking of.... by intotoWanderer in Brennenburg by Aurasamain the rain by deejavufight485
young swan 2 by VincikMargaret in the sky by nini-poohFeel the Wind by lyllopop
Bird Queen by katiediazzTatami Room by Diesel74656
Shy by Hane-chanSteam locomotive Pm36-2 by czajkaSuburbia by gato-en-el-tejado
olavsoeka - Damned demise by SiljaVichPatience by DawnstarWPlaying a Melody by Salaidard
Psyche by NativusSea Patterns by SiluanSDS D MD-500's by hover-art
Gloom Gardens by Lithium-TearsAvalon  - notebook cover by Si3artBy night by Vasylissa
Punching In A dream by SiberianBrakesAstras by ShukriaThe garden of Chi by Tung-Monster
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Respect on deviantART

Fri Apr 12, 2013, 2:43 PM

What is Respect?

Respect, in a nutshell, is "to show regard or consideration for." (per

You can show respect when arguing with or disagreeing with someone. It is simply giving another person consideration for their thoughts and opinions. While you may not always agree with everyone you meet, that doesn't mean you can simply trample over all of their thoughts and opinions without regard for their feelings, experiences, knowledge, etc. But it also doesn't mean you have to agree with them.

Take time out to BREATH before commenting on something. If it upsets you and you feel the need to curse at or belittle a person (or their work or rights), stop yourself and ask if you would feel okay if someone did the same to you. Chances are, if you wouldn't want to receive a comment or reply like that, you shouldn't leave it in the first place.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. by ashesto ::Respect:: by mimblewimble :thumb159665325: I Respect by ReverseTheEclipse Respect my art by TransparentGhost Respect Stamp by mintyfreshbrain Respect by PracticallyGeeky I respect all art stamp by Sinister-Starfeesh

What is Tolerance?

Tolerance, in a nutshell, is "a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions and practices that differ from one's own." (per

Like respect, tolerance doesn't mean you AGREE with anyone, you simply allow that person to exist and be happy in the best way they know how (no matter how silly you think it is). You can be tolerant while educating on a topic, while disagreeing on a topic, and you can be tolerant even while arguing with someone. It really isn't that difficult.

But no one can tell you what you SHOULD or MUST tolerate in life. For example, you should never tolerate anyone bullying you or harassing you. You shouldn't tolerate people disrespecting you, and you most certainly should not tolerate people trying to harm you. But you should not disrespect those people or let your own wealth of tolerance dry up because of a few intolerant and disrespectful individuals. Just remember, like respect, if you wouldn't want it done or said to you, don't do it to other people.

support tolerance by unused-nick :thumb197473228: Tolerance by SweetLolitaDoll :thumb154082698:

:star: Respect and Tolerance on deviantART :star:

There are several different times on deviantART (and most any social site) where you will find intolerance and a lack of respect. Even the most respectful and tolerant of people have emotions and feelings who will break down be intolerant or disrespectful sometimes. We are all human. We are not perfect. But that should not stop you from TRYING to be tolerant and respectful at all times. And if you find yourself becoming intolerant or disrespectful, it is okay to apologize (an apology is not a sign of weakness, guilt, shame, etc).

:damphyr: Copyrights
Copyrights create a huge divide on nearly every part of the planet and on nearly every website. The bottom line is that each artist has the option to CHOOSE whether or not use the protections given to them when it comes to their art: its use, its distribution, its availability, etc. Copyright law, especially on US-based sites like deviantART, is something that simply must be tolerated. Why? Because it is the law in the USA, and when you use services rendered by providers working out of or off of US-based servers (or through US-based companies), you are bound by US law (even when you are in another country). So it comes down to respect: Respect the artist if they choose to use the protections given to them by US law. Respect them if they choose to not use those protections (as an example, follow their rules for they types of usage they do allow). Just because you don't like or agree with copyright protection or the choice of an artist to use or not use that protection doesn't mean you should be intolerant or disrespect the artists and their art.

A Copyright Briefing (New Updates 3/5/13)I am not a lawyer. I do not know everything there is to know about copyright law and cannot assist you with legal matters. I have studied copyright extensively and written many DMCA Takedown Requests for myself to successfully get the illegal use of my work stopped. This article is in no way comprehensive. It does not include 100% detail on copyright laws. If you want more information or just want to browse more of my writing on copyrights, please go here.
Copyright and "Theft"
Why sharing can be illegal.
There is quite a bit of confusion about copyright law, the DMCA, fair use, de minimus, etc. And rightly so. I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt when I come across what appears to be a "theft" issue. Even people in the United States, the home of the DMCA and one of the strongest supporters of

:damphyr: Fandoms and Fanart
You may run into this a lot... You find a fandom you don't like or a 'hater' of your fandom finds you. Yes, we all will enjoy different things - from soup to fabric patterns to, you guessed it, ART. And part of art and being respectful of artists and their work is understanding that just because YOU don't like a particular show or character does not make that show or character bad. It does not invalidate the artist or their art. And it most certainly doesn't open the floodgates for you to say and do whatever you want because YOU don't like it. You don't have to view it if you don't like it - tolerate it's existence and stay away from it. If you can't do that, at least give respect to the artist and don't flame them for enjoying something you don't enjoy. The same goes for art that you don't think is done "well" or art that is "good enough" to be on an art site. We are all at different places in our lives with different skill levels - respect those artists who are still learning (ALL OF US).

Give Respect Get Respect by GBIllustrations

:damphyr: Bullying
Bullies are everywhere whether you like it or not. Sometimes they are called "trolls" or are said to be "harassing" other people. Either way, bullying people into agreeing with you or changing your mind is not tolerant or respectful. Encouraging other people to do bad or illegal things simply because it is how you think and believe is not respectful. Blocking someone because their opinion is different from your own is also not respectful and shows a great deal of intolerance. And joining in and mobbing a person because you don't like how they do art, their fandom choice, the colors of their character, etc is not right and very disrespectful (and often simply hateful). Just don't do it.

Spirit Day Poster 2012 by KobayashiHisa

:damphyr: More...
There is no end to the types of disrespect or the available encounters that could produce disrespect or show intolerance on deviantART. Those are the top three I see on a regular basis here on deviantART and are usually "hot buttons" for many people (much like politics, religion and sexuality are considered 'sensitive' subjects that should be avoided in 'polite company'). Other times you may see, be a victim of, or find yourself engaged in respect and tolerance issues such as...

:bulletpurple: Style of art by an artist
:bulletpurple: Medium of art by an artist
:bulletpurple: Poorly written or just plain rude comments
:bulletpurple: Unfair or outright ugly critiques
:bulletpurple: Level of skill of an artist
:bulletpurple: Spelling or grammar of a user
:bulletpurple: Cussing, name-calling or defamation
:bulletpurple: Users mobbed for blocking or reporting spam

The list goes on and on unfortunately. And it will never stop growing so long as people choose themselves above everyone else. This is the real world - even online. You need to show and have respect and tolerance. NEED - not have, but need. It is needed for this site to continue to grow, needed for new artists to be able to spread their wings and try new things, needed for veteran artists to be able to network and grow businesses, and it is needed to be able to educate others and share your own thoughts, experiences and knowledge with the world. Without respect, no one will listen to you or take you seriously. If you don't care about that now, know that eventually you will - and you will have regrets later if you don't already have them now.

Respect and Tolerance by Chrysalislover

#CreateRespect is a group dedicated to helping deviants become aware of disrespect and intolerance in the deviantART community and correct it by starting at the source - you, me, him, her, them, etc. The change starts inside each of us.
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I wanted to thank everybody that stopped by for my recent Disney/Star War crossover post a few days ago. I was not expecting that post to get so much attention and it was very, very surprising. What was even more shocking was the Daily Deviation which left me kinda speechless.

The most common question that my message box has been flooded with is," Am I making more?"

The answer is ...YES!

I was going to move on to different projects despite having other crossover ideas. So due to demand, I'm currently working on the next one and there will hopefully be a few more.

So thanks for all the favs, watches, comments, llamas, and compliments!!! Stay frosty!
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Ahhhh so I finally completed one of the few big projects I've been working on this summer!

I've been working with a fantastic multi-talented lady who's been in the industry for years as an actress, writer, and was the producer for shows such as The George Lopez Show, Everybody Hates Chris, and recently Austin and Ally on Disney Channel. She's been writing a script for a kid's television show and hired me on to do the character art.

She has scheduled a meeting with Disney Jr. for next week and will be pitching her idea alongside my artwork! We're hoping that they'll like it, because if so, I might get a chance to be hired on to do more art for it! Even if that doesn't happen, we've made plans to do a children's book series that I will get to illustrate.

I wish I could show you what I've done, but I can't yet due to being under contract. It's very exciting and I really hope things go well. Wish me luck!

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