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Wspomnienia gejszy nie zrobiłyby na mnie wrażenia gdyby nie ona. Złożony, cudowny charakter, ogień w czystej postaci.
Co do tapety to uważam że jest słaba. Nie podoba mi sie, zrobie nową.
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psyclon nine clock for rainmeter
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Wallpaper ©
Wallpaper terms of use. Read before downloading.
By downloading this pack, you agree to these terms.

:bulletblack: You can download and use as a wallpaper on the device(s) intended.

:bulletblack: Do NOT use my wallpapers for anything else.
:bulletwhite: :bulletblack: This includes, but is not limited to:
:bulletwhite: :bulletwhite: :bulletblack: New wallpapers
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:bulletblack: Do not claim, redistribute, or upload anywhere. Please link directly back to the individual page on devART and not just the download file. This especially goes for wallpaper/icon/customization sites.

:bulletblack: If you upload a desktop screen using one of my walls, please link to it so others can also download it.

See my journal for more info.


4:3 + 800x600 / 1024x768 / 1152x864 / 1280x960 / 1400x1050 / 1600x1200
5:4 + 1280x1024
16:9 + 1600x900 / 1366x768
16:10 + 1280x800 / 1440x900 / 1680x1050 / 1920x1200

I think DA needs a clear-cut "Holiday" category for wallpapers.
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Samantha was retiring when I first got into AG, and I really wanted her. But before I knew it, she was gone. When Felicity and Elizabeth were retiring, on my b-day, I got Elizabeth. So, on Christmas, I was expecting Felicity. But when I opened the box, I found the one doll I loved, but wasn't on my wishlist. It was Samantha. I was so happy to have her, so I made this to honor her!
Made with deviantART muro
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A new wallpaper for you guys and girls out there :D
I hope you like it and download it, if you do, dont forget to :+fav: ^^

Stocks by:
:iconashzstock: :iconabsurdwordpreferred: :iconmimose-stock: :icon5-more-minutes: :iconeverythingisinstock: :iconnight-fate-stock: :icongeoectomy-stock: :iconchop-stock: :iconstickfishies-stock:

DOWNLOAD for wallpaper in many different sizes!
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its me in sailor moon costume so happy halloween everyone
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Yes i know this isn't my work but i wanted to share this collection of screen-shots i took for reference on this particular outfit of hers. I wanted to share the screen-shots for those who want to make a cosplay of this outfit. I got all of the screen-shots from this youtube video [link] which was posted by averageasian4292 on so all credit goes to him/her and the origional creators of Hatsune Miku
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Yet another Lady Gaga GIF made by meeeee

More of my GIF's & Icons:

My Lady Gaga GIF's & Icons I

My Lady Gaga GIF's & Icons II
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DO NOT Manipulate/Rip/Steal/Edit/Take Apart these dolls or post them on any other site without my explicit permission!

Please do not ask for parts from this doll!


To prove that I am indeed working on the Updated Precure since I've been talking about doing it for quite awhile: here's a preview! Not only does it have the 2012 Cure Black, but also the Cure Black from last year, 2011, and the "Sailor Cure Black" I did back when I first started dolling (roughly 2008 or 2009).

FYI: The Sailor Cure Black was posted in 2010 on my first Dollz Page, BUT I started dolling before then on a different, and currently deactivated, dA account before moving to this one ;)

SSMU! Project (c) ~SSMU
Pretty Cure (c) Izumi Todo
Part of the 2011 hair (c) thedollpalace
2012's arms (c) *BlackDragonRedRoses
Aside From:
- the original SSMU Base (minus 2011's eyes)
- Sailor Cure's Outfit
- 2011's earrings, part of the hair, chest bow and chest bow pendant
- 2012's chest bow pendant, arms (*BlackDragonRedRoses's arm edits) and head (again minus eyes)
Everything else was pixelled by myself from scratch :heart:

I'm quite proud of the progress I've made over these few, but fine years :love:

The rest of the precure and other few surprises are on their way to being finished! You can see the progress on them all here: [link]

Enjoy! :heart: Feel free to ask questions :)
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UPDATE : Download it again for those who missed the x64 bit file!

Now For Windows 8 Consumer Preview - Beta x86 and x64 bit (8250 Build tag) :

- Many thx to WarrenClyde ([link]) for sending me the x64 bit file from his system. I appreciate this! :thumbsup:

Inspired and produced by :

Check also older versions :

V.1 for Windows 7 x32bit and x64 bit (Non SP1, SP1) :


V.2 for Windows 8 M2 (7955 Build) :


V.3 for Windows 8 M3 (7989 Build) :


V.4 for Windows 8 Developers Preview :


1. Thank you :

First of all i want to thank all of those who inspire me, respect my work and give me the strength to continue what i do !! Thank you also to Vishal Gupta for featuring this work on ASKVG : [link] We featured also this work on our Blog [link] and on Instructables [link]

2. Important :

Donít forget to make backups of your old files first !!!!

3. Instructions :

This is for the x32 and x64 bit System. Explorerframe.dll files that are provided are animated with 2 types of animations (rectangular and position), so select one of the two provided files and replace the old file in System32 folder of Windows directory. This can be done after taking ownership of the old file, renaming it to explorerframe.dll.bak and make the replace with the new file.

4. Taking ownership :

To take ownership of files and folders in Windows 8 Consumer Preview you can use the provided tweak that will give you the option to take ownership when you right click on a file or folder or drive.
When you use take ownership on a folder, it will take ownership of all the files and subfolders inside the folder too. So simply merge the .reg file provided in the specific folder. You can also remove it if you want using the other .reg file

After this you must refresh explorer :

(a) Run task manager, stop the process of windows explorer, make a
new task, write explorer and hit enter or go to run command and write "TSKILL EXPLORER"

Animations can be shown on the below things :

(a) Windows explorer icons (any preview type selected it has
a different animation style)

(b) Shell texts

5. Support - Testing - Bugs :

Fully tested by me and proved its stability on its fast animation speeds especially if your PC is well built and fast. Bugs not found and i believe this version will be stable too as previous builds like Developers Preview, Windows 7 etc..

6. Preview : [link]

Enjoy it and thx again for all this support guys :)

P.S : For any problems, questions etc. feel free to contact with me and tell me what went wrong.

This is a registered and copyright property© copyright - All Rights Reserved.
MCN : W3PJ7 - ADRL5 - FSTRH ( Registered & Protected)

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