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This is my second Steampunk attempt, and I'm really going back and forth on this one on whether to keep it myself! It has so much character and charm, not to mention lots of girly "sparkle" added to it!
You can buy it here: [link]

The chain is 23" long, there is about 7" hanging from the middle of the 23" chain. This extra 7 inches does not add to the lenght of this chain. I can shorten this if you would like. The chain is a 1960's stainless steel necklace that I bought from a lady in her 80's. The chain, even by itself is beautiful and unique!

Attached as a pendant is a late 1800's face from a pocket watch. Vintage pocket watch gears adorn the clock face. Holding the pendant to the chain is a brass fairy "sitting" on a crystal ball. That crystal ball was taken from one of those old guardian angel pins...remember those? That fairy is connected to the chain by 2 pocket watch gears.

Hanging on the bottom of the pendant is a vintage sterling and crystal earring, with crystals in blue and green.

The middle of the necklace is adorned with 2 sets of Aurora Rainbow crystal free form beads and very vintage Swarovski blue crystal beads in two is a rondell and the other is (not sure the term)a disco ball? :) The matching earring in the middle has 2 more pocket watch gears.
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If I were to loose my eyesight... it would be the END of my world!

My talent is photo-manipulating and I make a living from doing it, which i LOVE!... but ironically, sitting in front of a computer screen for so long is going to cause my eyesight to deteriorate in the long run... this is my HEAVEN meets HELL!
In the image I've got myself removing my own eye to try and reflect this.
Hope you like!
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The conflicts between good and evil are often fought on the mind's battleground. This image is based on Ophelia, a character in Shakespeare's Hamlet. Being heartbroken and at the edge of suicide, she drowns after she falls from a willow tree. I've substituted the willow tree imagery, a symbol of sorrow, for lotus flowers, a symbol of revelation and rebirth. In the end the battle she faced, good and evil as depression and calm, was internal. Only in death would she find peace.

Hope you guys enjoy
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My entry for the Wacom contest. My idea for good and evil. I wanted to use betta fish(aka: siamese fighting fish) swimming underwater. The water in constant turbulence. Also I wanted Betta fish not only because of their amazing colors but because it's in their instincts to fight one another.

This one is much more simpler than the other two images. This one is closest to my original idea when I started brainstorming for this contest. I love the bright and vibrant colors of this piece. I wanted more chaos and more peace illustrated for the fish but I thought it would crowd the image more. So I left it like this. I hope adding more than one entry of something simiar is allowed. They aren't exactly duplicates....

:+fav:s are appreciated! :heart:

Inspired by Avatar the Last Airbender yin and yang koi: [link]

TIME: 9+ hours
TOT: Corel Painter IX and PS CS3
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peace & war.

this is something i'd made,
i hope you like it,
and please subscribe ! :D

byebye. :D
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An entry for Wacom's "Bring Your Vision to Life" Contest, Good Versus Evil. At face value, St. George is the good force, eradicating the evil power of the dragon who plagues a nearby village. But can these roles be reversed? What right does George have to slaughter an animal who is merely living in concordance with its nature? Can the dragon help what it was made to be, even if that goes beyond simply killing for food? Is St. George's God rooting only for the humans, or for all of Creation?

(This is more of a rhetorical commentary of the picture above, not necessarily an invitation for an open debate.)

I've read the rules pretty carefully, and it doesn't look like you can't submit pieces you've already uploaded, just ones that have been commercially published. If not, oh well, they'll just disqualify me.

Anyway, this remains my favorite piece I've ever turned out to date, and it goes along with the theme, so I removed my watermarks and altered it a little and decided to submit it.

My current Wacom tablet is still alive, but I'm waiting for the day when it kicks the bucket, and it would be awesome to win a new one.

As with the original picture, I drew inspiration for the composition from *nJoo, with the utmost respect.
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Dream with me. Once again.

In this pic I wanted to remember sweet and warm feeling of dreaming with one, who was close for me.
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Brothers Vs. Sisters- the everlasting conflict of "Good" and "Evil"... ;)
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Look in the mirror...

...and you will see your other self. Evil lies naked within all of us, we just have to pay attention to it. Many a times we are quick to point out the flaws of others, but remain ignorant of our own actions. More often than not we choose to neglect reflecting upon ourselves.

So is evil really that far off?

If we do not keep it in check it will eventually taint and consume us whole. Thus it is a constant battle of good vs evil.


I'm bad at expressing things figuratively, so i went for the straight ball.

- Angelic and demonic side, well you get the drift. Straight forward enough.
- Almost naked demonic side, represents that evil lies naked within ourselves.
- Closed eyes for the angel side to represent ignorance.
- Tendril like things swirling around the connected palms represents the taint creeping in.

cliche....but i hope i get my message across clear enough ^^ ;;

Thank you in advance for your comments and favs in showing your support!!!
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in the reality, even i believe they have tried their best..

'Good' not always win against 'Evil'

its not about symbolism, its not about comparison
between Good and Evil

could they change it?
they just need more practice for next time :p

or maybe, try to win in different way :D

this piece is reflection of myself,
you can say, i experienced it in.. different way xD

"wanna be good" and "hero wanna be" though sometimes the reality is different,
i have no special ability like a fiction heroes

but being "lost" is one of great experience
by experience, spirit, and more practice, hero will be the real hero
isn't it?

so if you lose something in your life against the "evil" in your life
just remember this, and hope it will bring back your spirit to fight

A true winner knows the taste of defeat.

being good is good, enter the contest for good, but i might not win against all of the damn awesome entries haha..
well.. everyone could just give a try xD
and you could do that too :)
there's always be a chance to be win or lose
result is nothing
but you, is a hero for yourself, when you try your best

sorry for the poor english
im so hopeless :|

:+fav: and comment are really appreciated
its a big support for me :D
thank you so much :blowkiss:

guys, please dont bother with the costumes
its only to show the "hero-wanna be look"
which is i always see arround. like peoples wearing their hero costume, football player costume, basketball player costume, etc
just because they love those "heroes"
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