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Percabeth Ch.1

Questioning the old days

"ugh where is he…" I stared down the road from Thailia's tree, Pelos the dragon was coiled around it guarding the golden fleece that Percy and  I had taken from the Sea of Monsters years ago.

I heard hoof steps coming towards me, I looked back to see it was Grover. "C'mon Annabeth, Percy probably just isnt coming today." I just sighed "but he promised me he was, he even called me yesterday." Grover just looked at me a little confused and just said "Annabeth you'll see him once he gets to camp you don't have to wait for him, Seriously you've been here since breakfast and you missed lunch, you sure your alright?" I stood up "Alright Grover have it your way." I started to walk down the hill and Grover left muttering something about Juniper and some flower. I didn't pay any attention to him and just went to the beach.

I sat down staring at the sea questioning everything that had happened between me Percy over the past years we are both seventeen now and he probably has a mortal girlfriend, last year even though after we had beaten Kronos, we had gotten thrown into a lake by our friends and we had just stayed at the bottom for almost ten minutes, we had decided that long distance relationships wouldn't work especially for Half-Bloods because we cant use cell phones without basically shouting at a monster "HEY IM RIGHT HERE COME EAT ME!"

I started to think more and more about Percy and if he still had feelings for me, he probably didn't most boys find someone new within weeks of the last one that he had a thing with, Thinking of that almost made me cry, I heard the conch horn go for supper "gods how long have I been here" I muttered to myself as I stood up I whiped the tears  out of my eyes and started off for the marble dinning pavilion.
Well its short but i sorta stoped like half way through the last paragraph for supper and forgot where i was going with it (dun worrie i thought of a diffrent plot!)

they should be all about this size but i dont know if im going to keep it in Annabeth's POV tell me what you think

(c) Rick Riordan owns all the characters and whatnot that will be placed in the story
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"Crap, my head is on fire."
"Move your feet Wally, you're hurting me!"
"Is everyone alright?"
"Does anyone know what happened?"
"Shut up!" Robin finally hissed. He carefully scanned the room around them. "We're in some sort of holding cell; we need to figure a way out of here."
"Holding cell? How did this happen? We would have noticed someone kidnapping us." Miss Martian wondered aloud.
"That's not what matters now. What matters now is that we get out of here alive." Aqualad studied the room closely. "Robin, hacking and escape techniques are your area of expertise. Do you have any thoughts on our current situation?" He asked. The team looked to their youngest member.
"I'm trying now but this one's tricky. It's almost exactly like Bat- got it." The cell's doors slid open and the six youths darted to freedom. "I'm working on the alarms but there's no way of knowing if they haven't already been set off." Robin warned.
"Then we keep moving." Artemis reached behind her expectantly only to find that her bow and arrows were missing. "Crap, I'm unarmed!"
"We'll make due." Aqualad said in his usually calm tone. They continued moving through the dark, carful to remain in sight of each other.
"Uh guys? We may not be getting back home as simply as we thought." Wally said. They had finally reached a window.
"Oh my god." He heard one of the girls gasp. They could clearly see the shape of the Earth orbiting so far away from them. They were in space.
Robin had managed to pull up a basic floor plan and hesitantly lead them through the maze of hallways and corridors.
"From the looks of this, there's a flight hanger in the north. We get there, we jack a ship and we jet outta here." He said. The team agreed that that was the best plan any of them had yet to come up with.
They got as close to the hanger as possible when their captors finally decided to put and end to their plans.
"After you break into our hideout you decide to just bail on us? How messed up is that?" They heard a familiar voice ask.
"Flash!" Wally cried. "Oh thank god, this is just some stupid training exercise that Bats is making us do." He almost seemed to be jumping for joy.
Robin however, had picked up on the older man's apparent confusion.
"Flash, you were supposed to take them back to the holding cell, not carry on a conversation." Batman came up behind the man clothed all in red, the other founders close behind him.
"Batman! Why are you putting us in a prison?" Artemis demanded angrily.
"Guys? Something is seriously wrong." They noticed Robin slowly backing away. "I get the feeling we're not in Kansas anymore." The team began to back away from their would be mentors, the threat of captivity almost too distressing to bear.
"Hey now, no need to get defensive. If you'll remember, you're the ones the suddenly appeared here." Superman stepped forward trying to appear as nonthreatening as possible. They were just kids after all.
"Scatter and take defensive positions! They're not the League!" Robin shouted. Kid Flash grabbed Artemis and the two disappeared in a yellow and green blur. Miss Martian turned invisible and Superboy charged the man of steel.
"Get the others and get out of here!" He shouted. Robin and Aqualad both broke into a sprint, Superboy was indestructible, if any of them was able to handle himself, it was him.
To say Clark Kent was surprised would be an understatement. He'd been enjoying a nice meal with the other founders when the six children had appeared seemingly out of thin air. Before a fight could even be fought, the youths had suddenly fallen into an unconscious state which bewildered them all. Batman had insisted on putting them in a holding cell until further notice. None of them had expected them to escape so easily.
So when the one wearing the all too familiar S shield charged him and managed to tackle him to the ground, Clark could barely contain his shock. He quickly regained his head and managed to throw the teen off him.
"Get after the others! I'll stay with this one!" He shouted. Flash took off after the yellow speedster, Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern took after the green girl. Batman, Wonder Woman, and Hawk Girl chased after the last two.
Wally could feel the man dressed as his uncle gaining on him. He had to get Artemis to safety or at least find her bow. He knew she wasn't defenseless without it but she sure as heck was a lot better off with it.
"KF!" He heard Artemis yell at the top of her lungs. "Turn back, I saw my bow!" Wally didn't respond but turned around to show he'd heard. Artemis managed to direct him back to where he was sure they'd the started. Everything looked so much different with the lights on.
"There, there it is!" Wally snatched the bow off the wall and passed it behind him. "You can let me off, just slow down enough for me to tuck and roll. Set me up right in front him, Wally and I may be able to hit him."
"Got it! Get ready!" Artemis braced herself and as soon as she felt Wally slow, she slipped off his back and fell hard into position. She swung her bow up and released a flurry of arrows.
Flash had not expected the girl to jump, nor had he expected the sudden barrage of razor sharp arrows to come flying his way. He was able to dodge all but one which sliced deep into his left arm as it flew by. Still, he kept his footing as he passed the girl and continued his pursuit of the boy.
M'gann did not wish to fight her uncle J'onn, even if it really wasn't her uncle, she still had no desire to fight him. She stayed towards the shadows carful to conceal herself as she searched for a ship. They needed a way off the deathtrap satellite.
"There you are. Your camouflage requires work." She heard the man with her uncle's voice say. Miss Martian let down her invisibility and stared at the two men before her.
"Don't fight, we don't want to hurt you." The Green Lantern said.
M'gann touched her fingers to her temples and began a mental assault. The Green Lantern cringed under the force but the Martian did not.
'You are strong, no doubt. But you are raw and untrained.' He thought to her. M'gann tried to block him out of her mind but cracked under the sheer power of the older man's assault. She promptly lost consciousness.
"Robin, the others?" Aqualad shouted. He matched Hawk Girl blow for blow.
"I've lost Miss M and KF's down but the others seem fine!" Robin shouted back. He continued to dodge both Batman and Wonder Woman, jumping from rafter to rafter.
"He won't stay still!" Wonder Woman cried exasperatedly.
"Keep on him, he can't keep it up forever." Batman watched the boy skillfully dodge one of his batarangs with a gymnast's finesse. The boy seemed to know every move before Bruce made it, none of his gadgets were a surprise.
"Aqualad, Superboy's down!" Robin leaped past Wonder Woman and clean through Batman's legs. "We have to jet, now!" Suddenly, and arrow came flying only to be deflected by Wonder Woman's bracelets.
"I found a jet, let's get outta here!" Artemis took off past them. Robin and Aqualad followed. The three of them would have to regroup later. Maybe they could get Roy's help.
"I think that's quite enough." Unexpectedly, they were engulfed in green light and levitated off the ground.
"No way you're a legit Green Lantern." Artemis hissed.
"I assure you, I am in fact 'legit'." John said.
"This kid is fast, like ridiculously fast. It took me forever to get close enough to grab him." Barry Allen entered the main room of the Watchtower with the younger boy thrown over his shoulder.
"KF!" Robin shouted in alarm. J'onn soon appeared with Miss Martian and Superman with Superboy.
"You look worn out. He must have given you a run for your money." Hawk Girl commented.
"He just wouldn't go down."
"This is that last time we'll ask nicely. Identify yourselves and who you're working for Green Lantern commanded.
Robin and Aqualad glanced at each other before coming to a silent agreement.
"I am Aqualad, this is Robin and that is Artemis. You are holding Kid Flash, Miss Martian, and Superboy." He introduced.
"'Kid' Flash, whatda ya mean by that?" Flash asked.
"He is Flash's partner. They fight crime together." Aqualad explained.
"I don't have a partner kid. None of us do."
"You aren't the Flash. Our Flash would never attack his own nephew." Robin said. He carefully gauged the man's reaction.
"Nephew? I don't have a nephew." Flash said hesitantly.
"Oh he's just trying to get in your head." Green Lantern said.
"No I'm not, am I Barry?" There was silence in the room. The Boy Wonder instantly knew he'd been correct.
"How do you know my name?" Barry demanded crossly.
"You're my best friend's uncle. I've been to your house loads of times." Robin said. He studied the older man. "Kid Flash is your partner. You both work together in Central City."
"Perhaps it is magic. Maybe we should call Doctor Fate. He could tell us what is going on." Wonder Woman suggested.
"She could be right." J'onn agreed. "I will go call for him." He glanced at M'gann one last time before leaving. They would have a lot to discuss with the sorcerer when they saw him. There was simply no way the boy's story could be true. Right?
New Story which is also on FF under the same name.
Young Justice (C) DC Comics
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Wesker's hand was tightening around Chris's throat. I knew he was about to kill him. I saw the window behind Wesker and remembered the cliff that started immediately after. The thought was in my head and I would do it. Chris had only moments left before Wesker would kill him.


I charged at Wesker. I couldn't let him kill the man that had been my partner for a decade. Chris was the closest person to me, the only person that knew all the horrors I had seen, the only one who had been there for me when my father died. He was the man I loved.

The force of my charge knocked Wesker back. The sound of glass shattering was loud in my ears as Wesker crashed through it. I tried to stop my feet and push away from him so he fell and I didn't. He continued out the window to fall down the cliff.

I couldn't stop myself quick enough and fell foreword. I didn't fall as far out as Wesker. I threw one hand against the rocky cliff and caught myself.

"Jill!" I heard Chris call out. I realized I was just out of his view.

"Chris..." I tried to call back. My voice cracked in fear. I was going to die. My arm was beginning to hurt from the weight of my body pulling at it.

"Chris...!" I called again. "Chri..s..." He was my last concious thought before my mind blacked out and my hand slipped.


I held my head in my hands. So many thoughts rushed through my mind. "Why'd he have to die?" I said out loud. No one was there to answer me.

Tears began to flow from my eyes as there were knocks on the door. I stood without wiping away the tears, not caring who was behind the door.

I opened the door without much energy. Chris was standing behind it holding some grocery bags.

The look on his face quickly changed to concern as he came in and dropped the grocery bags.

"Jill! What's wrong?" I realized I had been looking down at the ground when he put his hand on the side of my face and tilted it back towards his. He used his thumb to wipe away my tears. "What happened?"

"Dad... He's gone..." I was hit with the reality. I clenched my stomach and began to sob. He pulled me into his arms and we sat on couch. I buried my face into his shoulder. He held me to his chest as I cried myself out.

I wasn't used to crying, much less sobbing. When I did cry, I always felt scared and unprotected when I cried alone. But in his arms I didn't. He made me feel safe.

X~x~End Flashback~x~X

My eyes were slow to flutter open. "Where...?" I mumbled and sat up. I rubbed my forehead as I looked around the room.

"Jill! Your awake!" Suddenly I found myself wrapped in a pair of large muscular arms. They were Chris's arm. I leaned into them, glad to be alive.

"How am I still alive...?" I felt disoriented but it was quickly going away seeing as he didn't remove his arms from around me.

"I caught your hand just before you fell." He murmured quietly. He was still holding me tight to him, and (had I not just had a near death experience), would've been reveling in it.

I felt a blush start on my face. "Thank you, Chris." I leaned into his embrace.

"Thank God your alive. I was so scared." He trailed off. He took my hands in his and took a deep breath. "Jill, I gotta tell you something." He locked eyes with me.

"What is it?" I asked staring evenly into his gaze.

He bit his lip. "That... uhhh..." He trailed off before starting again. "That I... ummm....ugh... Dammit! I feel like a highschooler!"

"Is that it?" I smirked trying to lighten the situation.

Chris frowneda and answered, "No. This is what I wanted to tell you." He pulled me in closer and before I knew what was happening, kissed me.

My eyes opened wide in surprise but the next moment I succumbed to the kiss, enjoying every second. His kiss was sweet and his lips were gentle as they caressed mine. I taunted him, gentle touching my tongue to his lips for less than a second.

When we broke apart, I realized that I felt a way that I usually didn't.
I felt safe.

I squeezed Chris's hands, which I realized were still in mine. I smiled at him and got one in return.

"We had better report back to HQ. Then we can head home and get some rest." He put an arm around me as we walked away.

There it was again. I was safe.
Took all day to write this! I hope you liked it. I've wanted to write one where she survives for a while so here!

Characters are property of Capcom
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There was a button beneath Leonardo's desk. He'd noticed it a few minutes ago, for the first time, upon reaching under his desk. He'd found it by accident, chasing a dropped pen; it had fascinated him since, distracting him from his work every time he'd directed his eyes at the cluttered mass of papers amassed on the cherry wood. Everything did that, though; work was just too boring.

The button, though, was special; or Leonardo told himself it was. It was a button; a red button, placed beneath his desk without his foreknowledge, just primed for an accidental touch; it filled his imagination with possibilities, straight from his artwork. Perhaps it was a secret button; capable of turning men into women. Perhaps it shot a call to the police; or some secret agents, who had been tied to the last owner of his desk. Perhaps his desk had some amazing, legendary ex owner; despite the fact that he had bought it new.

His fingers clutched at his knee caps, resisting the urge to crawl forward and depress the red shelled button. He had work to do, and couldn't afford to be distracted. "The possibility of an alien work force desperately awaiting my attention does not outweigh my responsibilities as a working man," he said out loud. "I cannot afford the distractions of a useless button…. Even if it would be less distracting if I just hit it…. And my hand's alrady reaching for it…"

The button was lightly cool to the touch, though nothing that couldn't be explained by its shaded position. Gathering up the courage to face actual work once his mission was complete, he squeezed his eyes shut, and pressed the button. It slid down, with a slight click; nothing else happened.

Disappointed, but not particularly surprised, Leonardo moved his attention back to the desk, starting to focus his attention on the actual paperwork; there were a few drawings to the side that he didn't have time for, and  which he lacked the motivation to actually complete.  More pressing was the actual paperwork, and he stretched his hands behind his back in preparation for them. Something intercepted them, pressing back with a bouncy resistance that increased the more he pressed.

He tilted back his head, more surprised, though hardly disappointed, to see a woman standing behind him, looking down. Her hair had been placed in a very tight bun, the severe look complimented by the frown at her face. It lightened some when he removed his hands from her breasts, the perky flesh bouncing back to its proper dimensions and filling the tight blue blouse out better than many woman he'd seen. He let his eyes rove across them from his reclined position, dropping down with curiosity to the tight skirt before she made another cough to bring back his attention.

"You called, sir?" she demanded,

"I did?" Leonardo asked. Her frown deepened, and he righted himself hurriedly, smiling disarmingly. "I mean, of course I did… um...?"

"Baily. You pressed the button for me, correct sir?"

"Yeah; button. Um... You're…" he glanced about, trying to place the name; and what he had been doing with a button that would call her.

"I'm your secretary, sir," he said, her voice obviously strained by patience. She raised an eyebrow as if expecting him to say more.

"…I have a secretary?"

"Everyone has a secretary, sir. We're just really good at hiding the button." She sat with a tight lipped button, on a chair he didn't remember having; it was high backed, with a red velvet cushion that made his own wooden chair look like the crap he already knew it was.

"…Where did you get the better chair?" he asked, abandoning diplomacy for the sake of clarity.

"Would you like one, sir? You have to specify what you'd like your secretary to do, you know; simply ringing the button isn't enough."

"Oh. Right… um… I want… um… I have a secretary?" he repeated, leaning forward eagerly.

Baily rolled her eyes, putting on an indulgent expression. "Yes, Leonardo; everybody gets one. Now, what do you need?"

"How do you get to be a secretary?" he demanded,  pushing his chair towards her; his papers lay forgotten on his desk; or heavily ignored. She seemed to notice, eying them behind him as she spoke absently.

"It's not so much something that you become," she admitted. "It's just… what you are." She touched the bun on her head self-consciously, apparently considering what to say next. "Most of the time,  you just wake up one morning, alive, and feeling a need to serve someone; which sort of sucks. So we don't make ourselves easy to find. The system's too easy to abuse – we prefer to do our work in our own way."

"And now that I've found you?" He moved his chair forward a little, making small squeaks as the wood scraped against the floor with each push.

Baily shifted her feet from side to side, leaning forward; instead off eager, she seemed to be bracing herself for his next words, rooting her feet into the ground. Rather than eager, she seemed to be bracing herself for what was going to happen next.

"Can you do my work for me?" he demanded, pointing at the table,

The secretary stared at him, and then shook her head. "Sorry. Secretaries help with the work; but they don't actually do it. We just fulfill your basic needs…"

"Oh…" He frowned. "What if you weren't a secretary anymore? Could you do it that than? Can I order you not to be a secretary anymore?"

"Technically, but it's not really that simple, the number of secretaries has to equal the number of humans, so when you-"

"I want you to stop being a secretary so that you can work on it," he interrupted. "And because your job sounds sucky as hell."

Her mouth moved, but no sound came out; she crumpled to the floor in slow motion, like a puppet who's strings had been cut, first to her knees and then to her face, hands sprawling disgracefully towards the floor.

Leonardo wanted to rush towards her, but he couldn't bring himself to move as he wished; instead, he stood gracefully, almost as surprised by the smoothness of his motion as the fact that he'd moved at all.  The world seemed larger about him for some reason, his head heavier. Something smooth brushed the back of his arm, but he couldn't turn towards it. His focus was entirely on the girl in front of him, his vision only seeing things peripherally; his arm looked smaller, from what he could tell, though his clothes didn't feel big. Something blond laid across his shoulder, and he realized eventually it was a strand of hair. Perhaps one of Beth's, having fallen loose from her bun.

He felt odd, though; his stomach gurgled, and though he couldn't see it, he felt it tighten along with his waist; his hips stung, with an inner pressure pushing out at them. As he started to walk towards the girl, his legs carried a new motion to them, matching the thickness as they slipped tightly in front of each other; the motion gave his hips a sway, and caught at his manhood, which slipped like rubber between them as it slid up into his groin.   His arms, hairless, bent down and scooped the girl up. His bottom, tightly hugged by the pants, felt different than it normally did. Giving it a little wiggle as he moved, he carried the girl to his wooden chair, his delicate fingers carefully arranging her until it looked like she was sleeping there. Touching her head, he undid her bun, leaving the hair to hang loosely about her shoulders. He didn't know why, but he didn't have to know why; he was no longer in control of his own movements

Finishing, he stepped back, his hands flying up to his hair. Long fingernails worked at longer strands, tying them into a bun like the one he had released, and surprising him with the sheer length and weight he had to work with, unprecedented previously. He felt the skin of his face tighten as he worked, the bones shifting as a new pressure began to build inside his chest, beneath the nipples. With his focus still on the girl, he noticed the lumps developing beneath his shirt, stretching out the cloth until two breasts stood beneath a skin tight blue skirt.

The former secretary in front of him woke, slowly at first, but quickly looking up. "Gotta work," she whispered. "Gotta work. What am I working on? …temporarily forget who I am, but I gotta work!"

She  reached for the papers, and the drawings, paused, and glanced behind her. "Who are you again?"

"Your secretary, Leia," she said. The strings binding her seemed to slacken; she was limited in what she could say, but in control again.  Uncertain what that meant for her, but hopeful that it would be interesting, she settled into the vacated chair. "Everybody gets one."
A zap on :iconaoshi01: for :icontg-wall-attack:

Last time, I was slightly uncertain (after the fact) if my number generator had said 5 or 6. So (Despite being fairly certain that it had said six by the end), I decided to do number 5. ^^

Hope everyone likes. :D
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Leaves made a crunching sound when they were crushed by light feet, clad in gently used black combat boots. The woman sighed loudly as she stopped, not three feet away from a tombstone. Her bright blue eyes read over the epitaph, tears burning at her eyes.

Jill Valentine


In loving memory

She held her breath, then exhaled. It came out jagged, clearly the woman was close to tears. She inhaled sharply, then held it in until it hurt, then let it out again. A breathing technique she developed to stop her from crying. It worked- most of the time, anyway.

She kneeled down, touching the gravestone delicately. She wore a long sleeved black T-shirt with a gray, sleeveless jacket over top of it, the inside soft and fluffy. She matched it with a pair of worn jeans. They were faded and had holes on them, but she didn't care. She never wore bright colors on days like these.

The sound of rough footsteps was behind her, but she didn't move, didn't look away.

"Claire," A gentle hand was placed on her shoulder comfortingly. "How'd I know you'd be here again?"

"Because you always do, Barry," She smiled softly, looking up at him. He wore a button-up white shirt and black dress pants. His hair had a few gray hairs popping in here and there, and he was still in good shape.

"You're not the only one who misses her," Barry stated. "We all do."

Claire sighed, looking at the ground. "Believe me, I know. Have you seen Chris lately? He's not taking it so well."

"None of us are, Claire," Barry chuckled humorlessly. "Kathy's been pouring herself into her work. Jill was like a daughter to her. And Polly and Moira miss their Aunt Jill." Barry smiled, recalling when Jill first met the kids back in 1996. Moira was only 4 and Polly was about to turn 6. They loved her immediately, declaring her their new Aunt. They called her that ever since.

"Chris went back to his drinking," Claire mumbled, remembering that after he was kicked out of the Air Force, he would get drunk on a daily basis to numb the pain. Only now it was much worse. "It's not fair, Barry. Why the hell does this have to happen to us?"

Barry leaned down, gathering her in his arms. "I don't know, but, if it wasn't for Jill, you'd be mourning Chris right now. Or worse yet- both of them."

Pulling away, she sobbed quietly. "But why? After eight years of not knowing where he was, why did Wesker have to be there that night? It's unfair!"

"I wish I had answers for you, kiddo." Barry sighed, sitting down in the grass next to her.

"So, how was work today?" Claire suddenly asked, changing the subject.

Barry shrugged. "Normal. Polished the guns, prepared the ammo."

After Raccoon City, Barry decided not to fight against Umbrella because he wanted to protect his family. However, he helped Chris and Jill track leads and gather weaponry. They remained close, visiting each other frequently. After the B.S.A.A. was reformed in 2005, Chris and Jill recruited him. He worked in the North American branch, preparing weapons for the soldiers.

Claire, on the other hand, worked in TerraSave, helping out survivors of biohazard outbreaks. She frequently visited Sherry Birkin, the little girl she'd saved in Raccoon City, who'd grown-up way too fast. She stayed with Sherry as they performed daily tests on her to try and create a G-Vaccine.

A sweet, yet sad voice called behind them. "Hey guys," A young woman, only a year younger than Claire, walked over to them. She wore a light green tank top with tan capris and combat boots.

"Good to see you, Rebecca. How have you been?" Barry stood up and hugged the young woman.

"Decent. Been having a hard time dealing with... you know," she said quietly. Rebecca's hair was similar to what it was during her time in S.T.A.R.S., except it was longer and she moved part of her bangs in front of her face.

"You're not alone," Claire replied. "But how's work?"

Rebecca smiled. "I love it. The soldiers are really nice to me and they tell me interesting stories. It's the best job ever."

Like Barry and Claire, Rebecca decided not to return to the fight. She went back to college, earning her Doctorate degree within 4 years. She acted as Chris and Jill's personal doctor during their fights against Umbrella, and remained close to them. Much like Barry, they asked her to join the B.S.A.A.. She jumped at the offer, first starting out as a medic in the North American branch. Soon, they promoted her to the head doctor at the European Headquarters. In 2002, she also rekindled with Billy Coen, and the two married in 2004. With Barry's help, Billy's name was also cleared.

Claire smiled. "That's sweet, Becky."

"Yeah, thanks. So, Claire, did you hear the news?"

She raised an eyebrow. "What news?"

"About Carlos? Carlos Oliveira?"

Barry and Claire shook their heads. "No. Last I heard he joined the South American branch of the B.S.A.A. after Jill died. She kept asking him to join but he always said no," Claire spoke.

"Did something happen to him?" Barry asked, concerned. No one kept close contact with him, yet he would help with Umbrella whenever they needed it.

"Nothing bad, I promise." Rebecca reassured. "You know that girl he was dating? Michele, I think it was. Well, turns out he proposed to her last week. He wants us to come to the wedding."

"Oh, and he said he loved Jill. My ass..." Claire said bitterly.

"You're only mad because you wanted Chris and Jill to get married," Rebecca spoke in a matter-of-fact tone.

"So? I know I joked about it a lot, but you know they loved each other," Claire retorted.

"That's true. I've never seen him as happy as he was with her, married or not," Barry chuckled.

"Speaking of Chris, where is he?" Rebecca asked.

"Not coming," Claire answered sadly. "He usually comes by here, though. A little too much."

Rebecca sighed. "He's taking it that bad, huh?"

Barry shook his head. "You have no idea."

"Do you think we could go see him?"

Claire rubbed her temple. "Trust me, you wouldn't want to see him right now."

Rebecca sighed, closing her eyes. "I could understand why he's taking it so hard. He feels guilty, doesn't he?"

"Yes, but he won't even listen to me anymore," Claire said. "I've been trying to get through to him, but nothing."

"For Chris, that's saying something," Barry pointed out. The Redfield siblings would always help each other out. Claire helped Chris after getting kicked out of the Air Force. Chris practically raised Claire, and helped her out after Steve's death, which hit her pretty hard.

"Jill was like a sister to me," Claire spoke softly.

"Me too," Rebecca added.

They all fell silent, just staring at the empty tombstone.

After a few moments, Barry spoke up. "What time is it?"

Rebecca checked the clock on her phone. "Almost 5:30."

"Hey, maybe Kathy could cook up something for us to eat? It would help take her mind off things," Barry suggested.

"That sounds great!" Claire exclaimed, getting up. "Let's go!"

Rebecca smiled, "Would you mind if I invite Billy, too?"

Barry shook his head. "It's no problem."

The three of them piled into Barry's car, chatting on the way there. Barry, Claire, Rebecca, Billy, Polly, Moira, Kathy, and even Chris sat and enjoyed dinner together. They did this at least once a month together, catching up and spending quality time with the friends they still had left.

However, they couldn't help but feel like there was still a missing piece, lost, gone, until one day it would be found again.


Pairings: Slight Chris/Jill, Rebecca/Billy


I decided to write this as my take on what happened to the characters we don't see anymore- Rebecca, Barry, Billy, Carlos. Originally, this was going to be a drabble, about 100-200 words long of Claire visiting Jill's grave, but I scraped the original and wrote this. I thought including how close they were during the time when they lost Jill would be good. If you follow me on Tumblr (links on my bio) then I might remake the original drabble and post it on there. Possibly will be posted here.

I don't own Resident Evil, its characters, or any other trademarks.
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I will not die, I'll wait here for you
I feel alive, when you're beside me
I will not die, I'll wait here for you
In my time of dying
~ Time of Dying, three Days Grace


March 7, 2009

Inside an active Volcano

Kijuju, West Africa

Wesker growled in agony and anger as he stumbled backwards. Chris and Sheva kept their eyes on him, as well as their aim. The rock beneath them started to shake as the lava bubbled, causing all three of them to lose their balance.

A piece of the rock under Wesker broke off, then it became too weak to support his weight, and split into smaller pieces. As a result, Wesker tumbled into the lava, his screams heightening.

The sound of helicopter blades overhead caused the B.S.A.A. agents to look up. As predicted, a helicopter was flying above them. They could just barely see Josh Stone staring at them through the cockpit, and Jill Valentine in the back.

Relief fell over Chris, seeing the beautiful newly-blonde had come to save him.

Someday I'm going to repay you, Jill...

"Grab on!" She screamed as she shoved a ladder out so the two could climb up.

The rock they were on was slowly being enveloped by the lava, soon to be completely eaten up.

Chris grabbed the side of the ladder, steadying it so Sheva could get up. She began to climb up as the rock shook again, causing Chris to stumble. Regaining his balance quickly, he jumps up and grabs the bottom of the ladder just before the rock below him disappears, and hurries to climb up.

Sheva reaches the top, grabbing unto Jill's hand that was outstretched to help her in. They looked at each other briefly, Jill nodding her head inside the chopper as if to invite her in.

The women peer over the side, grabbing Chris's arms and heaving him in. He lands on his stomach, and Jill helps him sit upright, as Sheva looks out into the lava one more time...

"CHRIS!" Wesker screamed out in pure, blind rage. He no longer cared about his own life, or his goals or ambitions, only getting his revenge on his hated nemesis. His infected left arm shot out, the lengthy tentacles latching onto the landing skid of the chopper. He pulled with all his strength, shuffling around in the lava.

The force caused Chris, Jill, and Sheva to tumble over inside the helicopter, groans of pain erupting from all.

"Hang on!" Chris warned.

Wesker's pulling was relentless, trying to pull them down with them, and they continued to roll around.

"Chris, Sheva- use those!" Jill breathed, pointing to a wall on the other side of them where two RPG's were mounted.

Sheva stands up, moving over to them. She takes one from the wall and hands it over to Chris, who peered over at Jill, a feeling of unease in his heart.

"Jill, take this," He offered, handing the rocket over to her.

"What?" Jill questioned, a look of confusion crossing her face.

"You've been in this as long as I have, Jill," He explained, taking her hand. "You deserve to end this as much as I do."

Another jolt shook the chopper, and Chris grabbed her to make sure she didn't fall.

"No time to argue! Just do it!" Sheva yelled at them, handing the second rocket launcher over at Chris.

Jill sighed as they placed it over their shoulders and got ready to end their former captain's life.

Chris looks over to her with half a smile on his face. "Ready, partner?"

She smiled back, "I'm ready, Chris."

With that, they looked through the scope, finding Wesker swimming in lava.

"Take this, Wesker!" Jill said, locking onto him.

With a simultaneous pull of the trigger, the rockets propelled from the launcher, colliding fatally with Wesker's head, decapitating him. The lava surrounding him exploded in a fiery blast, causing Chris and Jill to shield their eyes.

Sheva smiled slightly, before stating, "That was for our fallen brothers." She turned to look at Chris and Jill, who stared down into the lava together.

"That was for S.T.A.R.S.," Jill muttered happily.

Falling into their seats, the chopper took off, heading for the B.S.A.A. base in London.

Jill couldn't help but give an adoring look towards Chris when he wasn't looking.

You did it, Redfield. You saved me. You saved the world.

Song: Time of Dying
Artist: Three Days Grace
Pairings: Chris/Jill

Always Be Here-
My Fanfiction-

This is for a request. They wanted a alternate version of the RE5 ending where Chris and Jill kill off Wesker instead of Sheva and Chris. For those of you that read Sacrifice, this is just a remake of Chapter 22: The Final Curtain.

Anyways, sorry for lack of updating. Haven't been in the mood to write lately, among other things. Sorry for the length of this chapter. I know it's short but I did my best to make it a little longer. Anyway, read and tell me what you think! :)

I'm running out of ideas/inspiration, so if you have any requests/suggestions for a story, let me know, I'd appreciate it!

I don't own Resident Evil, its characters, or any other trademarks. Otherwise, this is how it would have ended.
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It all started with the shaking. That was how it always started.

Someone was gently shaking her shoulder, whispering her name over and over. She knew the voice and she knew who she would find standing above her if she resolved to open her eyes. The aching disappointment she would feel later, when she awoke, that tore her heart in half as easily as if it were made of flimsy paper.

She did it anyways because any glimpse of him, unreal or not, was better than nothing.

Annabeth peeled her eyes open. She peered up through her slit eyelids, felt her chest tighten; there he was, within touching distance, standing above her in all his glory.

A thought registered in the depths of her half-awake mind, and with it came surprise. He was much clearer than the image her mind usually conjured up in the dreams. She was not complaining, however, no matter how much she was sure the visualization would cost her later.

She focused on his face. A face she thought that was as beautiful as any god's, though she would never tell him that. His mouth was slightly pulled up at the corners in a small, yet kind smile. His eyes—a color she still had yet to pinpoint exactly for they were much more than just green—glistened with tears.

She stared at him in wonder and fought the exhaustion trying to force her under. She would keep her eyes open because if she shut them, lost sight of him, and woke up, he would be gone. She would make this figment of her strained imagination last as long as she possibly could.

Amazingly, the only thing she could mutter to her beautiful illusion was, "Are you crying?"

He reached one hand up, the hand not resting on her shoulder, almost absently, and wiped at the corner of his eye, brushing his thick lashes as he did so.

He choked on a laugh. "I…guess so." He spoke softly. "I really missed you."

She sighed. "I miss you, too."

His eyebrows scrunched together in that adorable way she loved and her chest tightened. He knelt down so that he was eye level with her. "Miss me?" He sounded bewildered.

She nodded sleepily. "Mmhm, I can't wait to see you again."

He stared at her in confusion. "I—but—Annabeth, I'm standing right here." He felt her forehead. "Are you feeling OK?"

She frowned; her dream boyfriend had never acted like this before.

"I'm fine," she murmured. And she was, she was better than fine. She could actually feel the warmth radiating off of his skin, his soft hand brushing the hair from her forehead. There was only one factor that kept pulling her down…"but, you're not real."

He cocked his head to the side. "What?"

She felt a pang of irritation. Did she have to keep repeating herself?

She forced her eyes to open a bit wider. "You're not real," she said insistently.

When he just kept looking at her she felt herself begin to get angry. The frustration helped keep her from slipping into the clutches of awareness that were desperately trying to force her awake.

She sat up and looked him in the eye. He stared at her, wary and incredulous. "You're a figment of my imagination, a generation caused by images stored in the memory," she recited the definition of a dream slowly. "Not real."

He opened his mouth to speak but she cut him off quickly. Seized with panic, fueled by her exasperation, she grabbed him by the arms and hefted him on to the bed with everything her drowsy body had.

He grunted in surprise. She had somehow spun him so that his back faced her and then crushed him to her, her arms locking around his waist like metal bars.

If she held on to him, she reasoned, then surely she could keep him from slipping through her grasp again, from disappearing once more.

He began to struggle, but that only made her tighten her grip. She felt a deep sadness descend over her.

"You're only a dream…" she could hear the dazed sorrow in her voice. She buried her face in his hair, the soft strands tickling her nose in a familiar manner. "My favorite dream," she sighed, "And my worst."

She yawned and relaxed against him, as if he was a child's teddy bear. She was vaguely aware of someone flailing underneath of her.

"—Not a dream—" he gasped. She felt him prying at her fingers. "—and—you're—crushing me!"

She frowned. "What are you talking about?" She squeezed him. "Stop moving."

He wheezed, "—I'm—real!"

The reality of the situation crashed down on her then, like a bucket of ice water thrown at her body, drenching her from head to toe.

Annabeth's drooping eyelids snapped open. She immediately released her strangling hold over him.

He rolled away, between her arms, and coughed and gasped, taking in great gulps full of air. She watched, with a tinge of embarrassment, as his purple face faded back to its normal shade.

"Geez, Wise Girl," he took a breath, "'thought you were gonna kill me for a second."

It was as if the ice water had been absorbed into her body, turning it numb. She could only stare.

It could not be possible. Percy could not be here. They had not reached the Roman camp yet…or had they?

Eight months…

Her head swirled with all of this and more. She forced her lips to move. "You're here," she whispered. "You're seriously here."

"Yes," he smiled. "That's what I've been trying to tell you." He reached out hesitantly and stroked the side of her face.

"I don't believe it," her voice was no more than a whisper. She pulled her eyebrows together. "Why didn't anyone wake me up?"

He chuckled and suddenly she knew that it was true. As if his laughter had been the key, she could truly see him there, lying in front of her. She felt it in her heart. Her throat began to burn.

"They tried; at least that's what they told me." He grinned that irresistible grin of his that made Annabeth either want to hit him until he was black and blue or kiss him until speaking in complete sentences became a challenge. "Personally, I think they were just scared. You're not always the happiest person when you get woken up."

Something tugged at the corner of her lips, something she had not felt in what could have been a lifetime. A smile. He was here, he remembered her, he was sitting her joking with her as if nothing had ever happened.

Perhaps, nothing really did happen—nothing that truly mattered. It was not awkward between them unlike what she had been bracing herself for. He was still her best friend, her boyfriend, she could see it in his eyes.

He still loved her.

She had never felt such elation. "At least I don't drool when I sleep, unlike a certain Seaweed Brain I know."

His face lit up when he hear the old nickname, like how a firework brightens the night sky.

She attempted to close the short distance between them, but was stopped gently, her lips barely an inch away from his.

"I'm surprised." The words come out in breaths, warm and recognizable. "You didn't even ask if I remembered you or not."

She smirked, she had a feeling he was going to ask that. "That's because I already know," she stated simply. "Do you honestly think I'd kiss you if I thought you didn't?"

"Probably not," he agreed. He leaned in, close to her ear, as if they were sharing a secret. "Here's something I'm sure you don't know." she held her breath, waiting to hear the rest."I never forgot you."

The whispery words sent a shock through her system. A shiver made its way up her spine, and then she found herself kissing him with every emotion she held inside of her. Anger, shock, disbelief, loneliness, relief, love, ecstasy…

Too soon, she had to break away as a yawn forced its way up her throat. When she looked over again, she could see her boyfriend appeared mildly insulted.

"Nice to know I'm a good kisser," he grumbled, though she knew he was not really upset. He was practically bouncing with excitement. Annabeth envied his energy.

"Oh, quit whining," she muttered as her head fell against a pillow. She closed her eyes. "You know I missed you as much as you missed me."

She felt him reach out and begin playing with a stray lock of her hair, twisting and untwisting it around his finger over and over.

"I know you're tired," he began quietly. She opened one eye, dreading the but that was sure to come. "But they're all waiting for us out there." She heaved a sigh as he began shifting away from her so that he could stand.

And there it was, responsibility, they had a duty to go out there and start preparing for whatever was to come in the following months. It was not fair, she deserved to have a few hours spent with her boyfriend.

"Hey," she said quickly, tugging him back on to the bed. "I'm sure they won't care if I took a quick nap." She looked up through her lashes. "Mind keeping me company?"

She could see the indecision plain on his face, two warring choices fighting to be made. He bit his lip, glanced at the door, then back at her.

Annabeth was suddenly filled with an inexplicable amount of fury. She hated whoever was making him nervous, hesitant to stay with her when she just got him back.

She tried to inflict as much emotion as possible into her voice. "It's…been awhile since I've had a good night's sleep."

She ignored the wince that came from him after that, but it was true and anyone could see it. Dark circles stood out like bruises beneath her eyes, the skin around the edges pulled taut. It was the result of many sleepless nights spent planning, stressing, and sometimes, even crying. It was why she had collapsed asleep just hours before, and why she was desperate for rest now.

She watched her side win out over the other. He swallowed, looking as if he were drowning in guilt. "I—you know what, they probably won't mind."

He sank back down and wrapped his arms around her waist. She snuggled against his chest, smiling smugly to no one in particular.

"They can handle things," he muttered. It sounded as if he were trying to convince himself.

A sigh escaped her lips. Sleep, in his arms, it was all she wanted right now.

Just as she was on the verge of unconsciousness, he spoke up again. "So…your favorite dream, huh?" She felt him smiling into her hair.

This was usually the moment where she punched him and told him to keep his mouth shut. She resolved that she would still punch him.

AFTER her nap.

You know what's weird? How easy it is to come up with ideas in the shower. o--O Yeah, strange enough, that is where this idea came from.
This is thinking way way WAY outside of the box as far as reunions go, and i'm not expecting anything like this to happen in MOA, but i figured i might as well put it on here.
I still fail at coming up with title names... -__- anyways, please comment, criticize, and all that stuff
I laughed out loud when i was writing the part about Annabeth squeezing the life out of Percy, i'm such a dork lol

I should really write something other than Percabeth...haha
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Percy POV

I woke up to the sound of waves crashing, but what woke me up was that wave crashing down on me. I was more grateful than ever for my uncanny ability to stay dry. However, when I looked over at Annabeth lying next to me in the sand, drenched and shivering, coughing up seawater, and glaring at me, I was sad that she didn't have the same power. She sat up and hugged her legs to her chest, pulling her damp, blonde curls into a ponytail. She hadn't even brushed it, and sand covered some strands, but it was still the most beautiful hair I had ever seen.

"P-Percy—" she stammered, shaking from the cold.

"Um... yes?" I answered, trying to sound casual.

"W-why didn't we go..." she began, teeth chattering. "Higher up the beach?" Gods. Why didn't we? Suddenly, I recalled the conversation the night before.

"This was your idea, remember?" I smiled crookedly. She stared at me blankly.

"Well I kn-know nothing about the tide, I thought you would!" Annabeth complained.
I know nothing? I should have recorded that. She's never going to say it again.

"I do, I can control it, Wise Girl," I reassured her, looking like the smart one for once. It wasn't going to last, though.

"Then why didn't you?" She demanded, her eyes narrowing.

"I was, er, asleep," Annabeth gave me a 'you've-got-to-be-kidding-me' look. Then she surprised me.

"It's okay," Annabeth decided. "At least you're dry."

"Yeah, I gue—" I was interrupted by her lips on mine. My brain went with the retreating tide.

She scooted closer to me, still shaking. Her wet hands wrapped around my neck, the water falling from her fingertips and evaporating when they touched my skin. I could already tell that this was going to be the greatest two weeks of my life.
These two are awesome, as is their creator Rick Riordan.

And if you have any suggestions for the title, they would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks to ~ENKILLA for the current title.
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Coach Hedge wasn’t, perhaps, the brightest of satyrs, but he was smart enough to realize that someone was going to have to stay behind and close the Doors of Death from Tartarus. No one talked about it, but he could sense that the demigods on board the Argo II were each inwardly resolved to be the one to stay behind, the one to save Percy and Annabeth. Each of them was convinced that they weren’t important enough to continue on with the quest. Their emotions were incredibly easy to read.

  The only one who seemed reluctant to be anywhere near Tartarus was Nico, the son of Hades who was the newest addition to their quest. To Coach, Nico seemed terrified, worried out of his mind for Percy and Annabeth, and he was only barely keeping it together. Yet Nico had that same resolve, he’d made that same decision to be the one to stay in Tartarus. Even after everything he’d been through, all the horrors he’d seen in that hellhole, he was willing to go back in order to save his friends.

  So why wasn’t Coach willing to do the same thing?

  I’m the chaperone, he argued. Somebody’s gotta stay and keep these cupcakes in line. Logically, Nico would be the best choice to go to Tartarus. He wasn’t a member of the Seven and he wasn’t the chaperone. It would have to be Nico.

  At least, that was what Coach told himself. In truth, he was too afraid to admit that he would have to be the one to stay behind. It made sense. Nico and the others would be badly needed for the remainder of the quest. They were the next generation. And what was Coach? A useless, retired satyr who, for all that put-on bravado, was really just a coward. A coward because he was too afraid to step into Tartarus for Percy and Annabeth.

  When they finally arrived at the Doors of Death, all the fear he’d been feeling solidified into one, waking nightmare. The gates were flung open, the absolute worst that Tartarus had to offer guarding the entrance to the Pit. An eerie red light seeped out of Tartarus and into the House of Hades, illuminating a collection of beasts so horrible Coach was sure he would have nightmares for the rest of his life. The stench coming from the Pit was like an entire graveyard that had been unearthed and left to rot in the summer sun. A cacophony of screeches and howls echoed through the cavern. How had Percy and Annabeth survived this?

  Yet somehow, they had. There they were in the distance, limping as quickly as they could to freedom, a horde of half-formed demons hot on their tail. As they stumbled toward the doors, any demigod not engaged in a fight for their lives reached for Percy and Annabeth, struggling to pull them through.

  But at the last second, Percy resisted. He shoved Annabeth toward the other side, toward Epirus and Hazel’s waiting arms.

  “Go!” he shouted. “Go, Annabeth. You have to get out.”

  Coach realized what was happening. The other demigods were wrong: it wasn’t any of them staying behind. It was Percy. He could feel the emotions rolling off the young demigod: fear, and determination. As terrified as Percy was, he wasn’t about to let anyone—especially not Annabeth—die for him.

  “No!” Annabeth screamed. “No, not without you!” She tugged on his arm, struggling against Hazel’s attempts to pull her out.

  Percy managed a weak smile, his face a mask of pride in the bravery and loyalty of his girlfriend. Yet he was covered with scars, and his sad eyes seemed to hold the weight of the world. Tears streamed down his dirt-stained cheeks.

  “I’m not leaving you,” Annabeth insisted, her own eyes filling with tears. Her voice shook like a leaf in a hurricane.

  Hazel paused in her pulling, unsure of what to do.

  Ignoring Annabeth’s persistence, Percy drew his sword and whispered in as steady a voice as he could manage, “Don’t I get a kiss for luck?” His voice broke, more tears streaming down his face. “It’s kind of a tradition, right?”

  As Coach’s heart shattered like glass, Annabeth seemed to realize there was no arguing with her boyfriend. She wrapped her arms around Percy’s neck and kissed him, one quick, deep kiss that seemed to say so much.

  “Come back alive, Seaweed Brain,” she sobbed.

  That was all it took. As Percy turned to face his imminent death, Coach Gleeson Hedge decided that he wasn’t going to be useless anymore. He realized it was his job. This was what he had signed up to do: protect these reckless, headstrong cupcakes no matter what. He was going to give these two kids, these two troublemakers, a chance to live and be together.

  With one massive, kung fu goat kick, he sent Percy and Annabeth tumbling through the doors, taking Hazel down like a bowling pin. Using all the strength he could muster, Coach pushed hard on the Doors of Death, bringing them together with a resounding slam, and cutting off his only escape to the mortal world.

  He took one last look at the doors, rising up before him and disappearing into the gloom, and took a deep breath. He turned around.

  Steeling his courage, he shouted at the monsters circling and shrieking around him, “COME ON! BRING IT ON, UGLIES!” Heart pounding, wooden club held high, Coach Hedge charged into the fray, into the last fight of his life.

  At last, he’d done something worthwhile.
Oh, boy. It's sad, I know. I'm sorry. But I feel like Coach has a lot of doubts about himself. He just wants to prove himself, and this is how he's going to do it.

Listening to this song while you read it doesn't help: [link]

Characters (c) Rick Riordan/Disney Hyperion Publishing
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Percy's POV:

"What's that, Percy?" Annabeth asked me. She was looking over my shoulder to see what was on the computer screen.

"I have no idea. The Stoll brothers told me to go on here," I answered back. I took another look at the website. It was like a short story with chapters almost like a book.

"" She read out loud. I shrugged. Apparently it was in my point of view.A story about Annabeth and I. She started to read it.

"I took a good look at the girl I bumped into. She had long wavy blonde hair, and stormy like grey eyes. Her body was so nice. She had all the curves that a guy could ask her. A nice large chest and behind. Man I just want to stick my pe-" I quickly pulled the plug on the desktop and it shut off. I turned around and saw Annabeth bright red blushing, but....she had her knife out and a certain...spark was in her eyes.

"I'll kill those too." She muttered. With that she stomped out of the room.

"Hey Annabeth! What's wro-GAAAAAA!!!!" I heard Rose yell.

"I just hope no one else know's about this stuff." I thought.

Nico's POV:

"Hey Nico. What's that you got there?" Thalia greeted and pointed to my laptop. I sighed.

"It's some stupid thing that Travis and Connor wanted to me to read. Apparently it's about when we first met," I answered bored. She sat down next to me.

"Ohhh. Sounds interesting." I began reading out loud. It was in my point of view for some odd reason.

"'Hey there 'di Angelo.' I turned around to Thalia Grace, the most feared and yet sexiest girl in Camp Blood High. She had jet black hair, lots of mascara on, punk rock clothing on, and the nicest body a guy could ask for. All I did was turn around and ignored her. That's when I felt her presence behind me. 'Awww. Why do you have to be so cruel to me Nico.' She wined and whispered to me. That's when she gave my butt and tight squeeze and left before I could say anything. I could feel Nico jr. ris-" I hastily closed my laptop. Thalia was fuming and I felt like I could literally touch the evil aura coming out of her. She started walking away.

"Where are you going?" I asked scared for my life. She cracked her knuckles violently.

"To kill the Stoll Brothers."

2 hours later....

Travis's POV:

"Hey Travis?" Connor asked me.

"Yeah Connor?"

"How did we get stuck in this closet with only hello kitty pajamas on?" I sighed.

"'Cuz we messed with Thalia and Annabeth."
Sorry guys for not being on in such awhile!!! Tell me if I should put a warning on this! Hope you guys enjoy it like I did!

Percy Jackson characters (c) Rick Riordan
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