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_______Concept: Wasserball____________
_______Execution: Alec Deluxe__________

    Silke and her brother Wolfie (a name he preferred over the too-formal "Wolfgang") watched intently as the mouse stuck a hose in the cat's mouth and cranked the nozzle, filling the cat with helium. The cat's body swelled up like a balloon until its mouth came loose, causing it to shoot through the air in unpredictable directions.
    Silke giggled and looked away from the TV screen to her brother. He did not seem to share her amusement. In fact, his face had turned beet red, and he shifted uncomfortably on the carpeted floor where they sat.
    Usually Wolfie shared her sense of humour. So what was he reacting to? Unless…
    "What's the matter?" she asked.
    "No, I don't want to inflate!" he exclaimed, before his hand shot to his mouth.
    Silke threw back her head in laughter. Her brother had always been terrible at keeping secrets. "Who said anything about making you inflate? Is that what you want?"
    Wolfie looked at the floor, his face so red it was almost ablaze. "No, no," he muttered, but he knew he had said too much. His sister could always see through him, and he resented it.
    Silke walked up to the television and turned it off. The good part was over, anyway. "Let's see if we can blow you up with the tire pump in the garage!"
    "That's stupid!" Wolfie said. "That wouldn't work! Anyway, I don't want to inflate!"
    Silke paid no attention to his protests. She walked outside, confident that Wolfie would follow.
    He did.
    Silke entered the garage and found the electric tire pump. Wolfie protested pointlessly as she set it up for him. "I don't want to do this," he repeated. "This is dumb! I'm not going to do this!" But he never left the garage.
    Silke just smiled and held the pump toward his face. "Put this in your mouth."
    "No!" he said.
    Silke shrugged. "OK, we won't do it." She hummed to herself and began to walk away.
    "Wait!" Wolfie yelled out. "We should at least try—!"
    Silke walked back, handed him the hose, and waited until it was secure in his mouth before she flipped the switch.
    Wolfie's cheeks instantly puffed up and his eyes widened. His comical expression made Silke burst out laughing. Soon, Wolfie's belly bulged out from under his shirt. "It's working!" Silke cheered. "You're blowing up, just like in the cartoon!"
    Wolfie just stood there amazed, watching his body inflate. His belly doubled in size in moments. He rubbed it in disbelief.
    "Are you going to have a baby?" Silke mocked him.
    Wolfie, in position to respond with the hose in mouth, simply continued to grow, stretching out of his shirt, causing the button on his pants to rip free. As his belly kept rising, his chest and his sides also began to blow outward, taking on a spherical shape.
    Silke giggled at him. "You're a balloon!"
    Indeed, his arms and legs grew shorter as the air filled him up more and more, making him look increasingly ball-shaped. Wolfie began to flap his turgid arms, realising that they were too plump to bend. He felt himself losing control over his own body, and he squirmed a bit in protest...but didn't spit out the hose. And so it went on and on, his extremities getting smaller as ball-shaped body grew even rounder.
    There were occasional loud rips and pops as seams and stitches of his clothes burst open, eventually sending most of his wardrobe to the garage floor. Fortunately, his highly elastic underwear stayed on, preserving an ever-so-tiny bit of his dignity.
    All the while, Silke giggled in delight, even clapping when Wolfie had achieved a truly round shape. His pudgy hands and feet stuck out, and his puffy face was all that remained of his human form.
    "Mee-muff," he mumbled over the hose.
    "What's that?" Silke asked, pretending she hadn't understood the word "enough."
    "Mee-muff!" he repeated.
    "Wait, let's see how big you get!" Silke told him.
    Wolfie flapped his puffy hands as much as he could. "Mm-uhhh!"
    "Wait, wait," Silke said, watching her brother get even bigger.
    Several long, tense moments passed, and Wolfie began to look nervous. "Moff!"
    "Just a little bigger," Silke said calmly. "And a little bigger."
    The hose pumped on. Wolfie expanded some more.
    "And a little bigger," Silke said softly.
    "Mmmph! Mmmph!" Wolfie mumbled, his hands too stuffed even to wave in protest.
    "Just…a little bit…bigger," she said.
    Wolfie growth slowed down. Little squeaks began to emanate from his body.
    Silke watched in amazement as Wolfie got so big that Silke had to crane her neck to see his face. He had to be at least two and a half meters wide.
    And still Wolfie got bigger…and bigger…and bigger… Until—
    The hose popped out of Wolfie's mouth, dropping to the garage floor.
    Silke turned off the hose. "Oops! Looks like you're full! How do you feel?"
    The answer was "about to burst," but Wolfie couldn't get the words out of his puffy cheeks. "Ubba da buss!"
    "Now what to do with you?" Silke mused. She looked around the garage and found some twine, which she tied around one of Wolfie's stubby hands. "Now you're my toy!" she beamed. "Let's take you outside!"
    "Uffsuh?!" Wolfie spat out.
    Silke opened the car door on the garage—Wolfie, now perhaps three meters wide, was too big to fit through the human exit—and with a push, she rolled Wolfie out onto the driveway.
    "This is fun!" she exclaimed, before grabbing the twine and running down the sidewalk, with Wolfie bouncing on the ground behind her. Silke giggled the whole time, looking back and seeing her brother-balloon bobbing along behind her. It was the biggest toy balloon Silke had ever had, and she intended to show it off to the neighbourhood kids.
    Much to Wolfie's dismay, the first girl they encountered was Sophie, who was a wild little brat, even though—and he would never admit this—Wolfie found her kind of cute.
    "Silke! Where did you get that huge balloon?!" Sofie asked.
    "It's Wolfie!" Silke giggled back. "I blew him up! Look!" She tugged on the twine and brought her brother closer, then rolled his face toward Sofie.
    Sofie laughed for what felt like hours as Wolfie felt his face turn red.
    "Your brother's a balloon?!" Sofie finally gasped, stating the obvious.
    "Yeah! Watch! I can do anything I want with him!" Silke jerked the twine and released it, sending Wolfie spinning in a circle like a top. The girls laughed hysterically as Wolfie wiggled and squirmed, trying to gain some control. By the time he stopped spinning, his head was nearly upside-down, facing the opposite direction of the girls, so that he could no longer see them.
    After the girls caught their respective breaths, "Hey, can I play with him for a while?"
    Wolfie's eyes shot wide open. Sofie was not known for being gentle with her toys, and she popped every balloon she ever had, whether intentionally or through her carelessness. "Uh-uh! Uh-uh!" he called out, hoping that Silke could hear him on the other side of his massive spherical body.
    If Silke heard him, she completely ignored him. "I don't know—I'm not done playing with him yet."
    Sofie took off the bracelet she had on her left wrist. "I'll let you wear my lucky bracelet!"
    Wolfie wiggled around some more. "Uh-uh! Uh-uh! Uh-uh!"
    Silke took the bracelet from Sofie. "All right," she said. "But make sure you bring him back by five, because he'll be expected at home for dinner."
    Sofie smiled devilishly and pounced on the twine that made Wolfie her newfound toy. She grabbed the twine and immediately dashed down the sidewalk to her home, pulling Wolfie behind her.
    Wolfie bounced on the ground, scraped against trees and branches, felt his tight, taut, fragile skin get battered and prodded. "Fffillll-feee!" he called to his sister, but in moments he was a block away, bobbing in the wind.
    Silke waved to her brother. "Have fun, you two!" she called out. She looked at the bracelet that Sofie had given her. On it was an inscription.
    It read, "Let the dawn's air fill you and make you light as a kite."
    Silke giggled again. She felt lucky already.
Commission I did for my good friend Wasserball. Hence, a rare non-popping story from me.

I have to admit I'm a bit of a pussy here: In Wasserball's idea, the kids are 10 and 7. In the end, I left out the kids' ages, because I know some people are REALLY weirded out by kid inflation; and this would allow them to, I dunno, picture them as intellectually stunted "tweenies" or some such thing. But if you're not bothered by it, and you're interested in such things, well... the kids are 10 and 7.

And I use the word "dinner" as a synonym for "supper." Those of you who use "dinner" as a synonym for "lunch"--what the hell is wrong with you people?! What perverted mind thinks of things like that?! (I'm kidding. Sort of.)
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I just sat in the restaurant waiting impatiently. My friend, just set me up on a blind date. He knew I never would've asked someone out on my own, so he took the liberty of asking someone out myself. Of course, she didn't even show up, so now I was just sitting at the table feeling like an idiot. Just when I was about to get up and go home, there was a girl that suddenly came through the door. "Um... I'm looking for Carl?" The hostess pointed her in my direction. She quickly slipped into my booth with a sheepish look on her face. She was wearing a form-fitting red dress that came up to her knees. She was decently chubby in all her places, but her breasts were really pushing the limits of her low cut dress. "Hey... sorry I'm so late... I had some problems getting ready." I was still upset from having to wait for so long. "So... you're Carl? Your friend told me a lot about you. So... even though I had some trouble getting here, I was really looking forward to this..."

I looked at her for a moment, and I decided that I should at least try to have a good time about this. I nodded. "Yeah, I'm Carl... Funny, he never said anything about you..."

The girl chuckled for a moment. "Right... I guess he wanted to keep it a surprise... My name's Lucy. You know those places that make those helium tanks for balloons? Yeah, I work there." There was some sort of twinkling in her eye, like she knew something, but she didn't want to tell me. I thought nothing of it. "So, why don't we get a look at that menu? I'm starving!"

Lucy immediately picked up the menu, and she looked it over. Luckily, we were paying for our own meals, so I didn't have to worry about that. It was a good thing, too. She ordered at least three meals! "You think that's enough?"

Lucy chuckled sheepishly again. "Sorry... I skipped lunch. I told you I was starving." Something suddenly occurred to her, and she got up. "Um... could you excuse me for a second? I've got to go to the ladies' room for a second." I sighed and let her go. I couldn't help but watch her as she walked off. I could definitely see why my buddy would set her up with me. While she was gone, the food finally showed up. Her entrees took up a good portion of the table. I was briefly thinking that she left me here when she finally came back. "Phew... that could've been bad..." She jumped. "Oh, cool! The food's here!" She quickly sat down and she put a napkin on top of her dress. Oddly enough, now that I was looking at it, her breasts seemed smaller. Before, they looked like they were about to burst her dress open, now they were at a more modest size. Was I just seeing things?

I finished my own meal before she did. There wasn't really much to do after that except watch Lucy eat. Even though she said she was starving, she was eating patiently and politely. Though, what really caught my eye was the light that was catching her skin. Oddly enough, if I looked closely at her... it looked like I could see through her. I could barely make out her swallowing her own food. Now I was even more confused. It was probably just a trick of the light. But I couldn't get the thought out of my head... Lucy sighed with contentment. "I think that's enough... I'll just save the rest as leftovers.

I looked at her oddly. She had a lot of food, but any normal person would at least be a little bloated. "Where do you put it all?"

Lucy giggled. "If I told you, you wouldn't believe me..." Not long after that, we both paid and left the building. "Thanks for doing this, Carl. I had a wonderful time."

I couldn't help but smile. "It was nice meeting you. Would you like to do this again?"

Lucy smiled back. "I would love to go out again sometime!" She wrote down her phone number on a slip of paper and handed it to me. "Call me whenever you want." She smiled and started walking away.

I started walking over to my car, but I stopped when I saw her walking out of the parking lot. "Lucy? Where are you going?"

"Hmm? Oh, I'm just going home. It's quicker this way."

"You're going to walk home? At this time of night?"

"Oh... yeah... I'm walking home." She sounded like she was hiding something again, but I didn't press her.

"Do you need a ride? I could take you if you want..."

Lucy paused to consider it. "Sure, why not?" She came back my way, and she hopped in the passenger's seat. Lucy would give me directions to where she lived. It was a small three-story apartment building in the suburbs. Naturally, it was in the exact opposite direction than where I lived. Once I pulled up, she beckoned for me to follow her.

"No, I should probably get home. I've got a long way to drive..." I replied.

"No, I insist... you can stay here for the night. Besides, I'm making up for making you wait for so long..." I parked the car and followed Lucy inside. She pulled out a card from her purse and used it to unlock her door, kinda like a hotel door. Lucy opened the door and let me inside. "Well, this is my home."

I took a quick look around. "Nice place you've got here."

"Aww, it's not that nice... but thank you." Lucy smiled. "Why don't you get settled in the guest room? I've got a surprise for you. I think you'll like it." She said with a wink as she went off to what I assumed was her own bedroom. I went into the door that she directed me to, and in this room was... absolutely nothing. It was a completely empty room. Is this some kind of joke?

After a moment, Lucy came back wearing only a bra and a pair of panties. I think my mouth was wide open. Aside from her... very sexy body... I noticed that she had the weirdest looking belly button I've ever seen. I couldn't place my finger on it, but it looked familiar... "Um... Lucy?"

"Oh, this isn't what it looks like. I don't do that kind of stuff after the first date."

I wasn't sure what to make of her comment. I decided to point out the most obvious thing. "Um, Lucy, this is an empty room. How am I supposed to sleep in here?"

"Oh, that's the surprise I was talking about." She pulled out some sort of air tank into the room. "So... promise you won't get freaked out?" I silently nodded, now thoroughly confused. "Well, at least try to keep an open mind..." I watched in shock as she opened up her strange looking belly button, and she put a tiny hose inside. She twisted the valve on the airtank and it started hissing. Before my very eyes, she started getting bigger and bigger. Her belly started inflating first, but then the air moved up to her breasts. I just watched as her body inflated to gigantic proportions! I could barely see her head behind her beach ball sized breasts! And her belly was even bigger! When she was big enough, Lucy closed the valve, shutting off the air. "Hey, could you do me a favor? Could you pull the hose from my valve and close it?" I just stood there in awe, but then I just did what she said. "Thanks." She noticed my expression. "So, I guess I should start explaining. So, I'm a balloon girl. Well, I guess I'm not a girl anymore. I turned 20 last month, so I guess I'm a balloon woman now."

"So, all this is..."

"Normal? Yeah, pretty much. Though, I only really do this when guests are over." She winked at me. "You wouldn't believe what I went through to get ready for this date. I accidentially popped myself, and I was deflated for hours. You wouldn't believe how hard getting myself blown up all over again was... And after that, it took another hour inflating myself so then I would look hot enough in that dress. But of course, I ended up using too much helium, and I had to deflate myself a little bit in the bathroom."

"So I wasn't just seeing things!"

"Yeah, I noticed that you had some suspicions back there..." She paused. "You don't think this is weird, do you?"

I paused. "You know what, it is a little weird..." Lucy's expression fell. "But I love it! This is... incredible!"

Lucy softened up. "You don't know how much it means for you to say that... I... haven't had much luck in finding a boyfriend that was into this kind of stuff."

I sighed. "That's another thing we have in common."

Lucy smiled again. "Well, then, allow me to be your cozy bed tonight..." I froze up. "Come on... you know you want to snuggle up with me..." After another moment of considering, I hopped onto Lucy's inflated belly. "Oof, easy... I don't want to pop again..." I tried to get comfortable. She was very, very soft... "Feel free to snuggle up with these..." She said, holding her breasts. "I won't mind." I hesitated for a moment, but then I rest my head on one of her breasts. Lucy giggled quietly when she felt my head on her breast. As I dozed off, I felt that this was possibly one of the greatest feelings ever. Me and my balloon girlfriend.
Well, it just so happens to be the birthday of one InflatablePiggy128! I've been teasing him with a story of a balloon girlfriend, so... here you are! Of course, since he currently lives in England, and he has drastically different hours than mine, I really hope he gets to view this on the day of his birthday...
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     Adam waited with his mother while she knocked on the door of his best friend's house. Jack opened the door after two knocks, and she smiled cheerfully. "Ready to go to the pool?" The afternoon was clear and bright, perfect for swimming.
     "Almost," Jack said, "come on in!" He led them into the kitchen, where his mom was emptying the dishwasher. She looked up as they came in. "Oh, hi, Margret!" she said cheerfully. "Hey Mom," Jack said, "didn't you want to tell Miss Johnson about that dress?"
     "Oh, you're right!" she replied. "Marge, you have to see this!" The two women started to leave, but Ms. Johnson paused in the doorway. "You boys don't mind waiting a moment, do you?" Jack shook his head cheerfully. "Nope! I need to finish getting my stuff. We'll come down when we're ready!"
     He and Adam bounded up the stairs and into Jack's room. Both boys were already in their swim trunks, and both had their towel bags packed; Adam's was slung over his shoulder, Jack's was sitting just inside his door. "All right," Jack said, plopping down on the edge of the bed, "they'll be talking for at least a half hour. What'd you want to show me?"
     Adam opened his bag and took out a box of candy. "These," he said, holding them up. "Fantastic Fizzler's Candy." He shook two pieces of candy out of the box and tossed one to Jack. It was bright blue and the size of a large piece of Nerds candy. Adam tossed his piece into his mouth, Jack following suit. A moment later, the candy started fizzling away in his mouth, like pop rocks times ten. "Ha!" he laughed, as the tingling sensation bounced around his mouth. "That's not all," Adam said, gulping. "Swallow it." Jack hesitated only a moment before he, too, swallowed the candy.
     He laughed again as the fizzy feeling moved down his throat and into his stomach. He felt the candy popping and fizzing inside him. Adam grinned. "Wait for it," he said, and Jack looked at him quizzically. A moment later his look changed to surprise, and he let out an enormous burp. "Ha!" Adam laughed, and then he burped even louder than Jack had. Soon both boys were laughing and burping with enthusiasm.
     The candy wore off quickly, though, and after a minute they'd calmed down. Adam gave Jack a mischievous look. "Bet you can't  eat a whole box at once." Jack laughed "You're on!" He picked up the box, dumped the candy into his mouth, and swallowed.
     This time, the fizzy feeling was so powerful he gasped and clutched his belly. It felt like he'd swallowed firecrackers! He let out another burp, but it was a small one. He groaned as his stomach filled with gas from the fizzing, popping candy. Why couldn't he burp? The pressure was building, and he clutched his stomach.
     Adam was worried by his friend's distress. He'd thought it would be harmless! He hopped over to the bed by Jack and started to say something, then paused. "Hey! Look at your belly!" he said instead. Jack looked down and lifted his hands. His stomach was starting to bulge. "Ooh... I can't burp!" he said. "I can't let it out!" He tried to push his belly flat, but it only made the pressure worse.
     Jack flopped onto his back as his stomach began to inflate. It was already a smooth round dome, and the pressure was still increasing. Soon it was as big as a cantaloupe, then a watermelon, then a beach ball. Finally, the Fantastic Fizzlers fizzled themselves out. Jack lay on the bed, panting.  He groaned, rubbing his belly. The skin was tight and taut, like a balloon. Adam was staring in shock. "Are you all right? I didn't know it would do that!" he said, feeling guilty. It was all his fault, for bringing the candy and making Jack eat a whole box...
     Jack was calming down. "I'm... I'm fine. I'm okay. I'm... actually, this..." he trailed off, still rubbing his belly. He tried to sit up, but his belly was in the way, and he settled for propping himself up on his pillows. "Wow. I'm huge." Adam pressed his hands on the tight skin. "I know! You're like a balloon! This is so cool!" He pressed an ear to Jack's belly, and his eyes widened. "I can still hear some fizzling..." He tapped the skin lightly, then a bit harder. "Wow. That sounds weird."
     Jack leaned into the pillows, savoring the feeling of his giant, round belly. It actually did feel good. Then he opened his eyes. "Hey... did you bring more than one box?" he asked. Adam looked at him, puzzled. "Yeah. Why?" he asked, but Jack only grinned up at him.
Please take a moment to answer the poll in my Journal. It will help me when considering what to write in the future.…
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Warning: Male inflation

Matt stormed back into his apartment. This was just not his day. He was late for work at the lab, got caught in a chemical explosion and had who-knows-what dumped all over him. He was drenched in an awful-smelling substance that he couldn’t get off, even with several showers and hours of scrubbing in the washroom. He decided to go home early and thankfully his boss had given him permission.

 He opened the fridge and grabbed a beer, downed it, and then went into his bedroom. He took his dirty clothes off and dropped them on the floor, and went into the bathroom. He turned on the shower and got in, letting the water run down him. He shut his eyes and let himself soak.

Matt got out of the shower and dried off, then ignored his clothes and just went back into the main room and flopped on the couch. He turned on the TV and just stared at the images, not really focusing on them.

He scratched his stomach, the somewhat pliable flesh squishing underneath his fingers. Matt rested his hand on his stomach, and then looked down. He felt his belly coming out farther, and not just when he breathed. He saw his hand moving upward as his stomach began to grow. He then began to feel tight, his belly stretching to accommodate the pressure beginning to mount inside.

He groaned slightly as he began to feel heavier, his stomach pushing outward. His eyes widened as he felt his rear swell, pushing into the couch. He looked down at his arms, which had also begun to grow. He let out a strangled cry and stood up, only to fall as he heard sloshing inside of him.

His body began to swell faster, his chest going the same route as his stomach, quickly making his middle a half-circle. His back began to bulge out, merging with his rear and completing the circle within a minute.

Matt tried to right himself, but his arms and legs were being sucked into his body as it swelled outward. He grimaced as his skin got tighter and tighter, stretch marks appearing on it. He let his head flop back as he became completely immobile, his body still growing. He began to press into the couch, and Matt feared he would pop on the sharp corners. He began trying to roll himself, which was simpler than he thought, and rolled away from the couch, feeling safe for the moment.

He was still swelling, touching both the couch and the TV by now, and panic began to grip him. If he didn't stop inflating, he might pop on something, or he would reach his maximum capacity. He already felt tight, like if he inflated one more inch he would burst.

He heard the phone ring, and then go to voice mail.

"Matt, this is your boss. That stuff that got dumped on you? For some reason it makes your skin act like a sponge, and soaks up any liquid you get on you. All those showers you took will make you swell up like a water balloon, and we're not sure when it ends. I'm sorry I couldn't reach you until now, I was stuck trying to help the others." The message ended, and Matt realized the others probably exploded.

He let out one small whimper as his body swelled that last inch.

I saw another inflation story about a woman who got dumped in something and got really thirsty and inflated because she drank so much. I'm sorry if I'm stealing, I really only remembered that story when I was near the end.
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Don't scream, breathe. Breathe. Close your eyes for a second, gather your thoughts. Blue. Blue all over. All I see is blue. Everywhere. Calm down. But I'm blue! Calm down! It's all just a prank. Just someone's idea of a joke. It's blue, it's shiny. It's just some kind of paint. They must have put a dispenser in the shower head. What? Look, just get back under the shower and wash it off. No one will ever know.
His hands shaking, Ben quickly turned the shower tap on. He jumped back in case the head only shot more blue paint. He saw only clean water (or the closest imagining of it) and thrust himself under the cleansing heat. He stood there, eyes closed, scrubbing at his arms, his legs, his body with force that should have set him on fire. The soap was quickly worn down to a sliver and fell lifeless to the tiled floor. The water stopped flowing, leaving only steam monoliths to hang in the humid, strangling air. Ben's arms parted the steam like a falcon's wings breaking through the clouds above. Blue wings…
His chest tightened. He ran to the grubby mirror above a nearby sink and wiped away the obscurity of the steam. His jaw hung open, his throat so dry and empty from panic that it couldn't manage a scream. No. Please, God, no.
It's not paint.
He clawed at his face with his fingers. His brows curved and his lip began to quiver out of genuine fear. He rubbed his chest, as if feebly trying to remove whatever affliction had cursed his skin. All he could really do was stand there, nude, shivering and vulnerable, and stare at his smooth, muscular, flawless, peacock blue body. It was as if he'd been dyed blue from the inside out. He didn't know any sort of sickness or disease that did this to people. What kind of demon had possessed him? He knew for certain, though, that he needed an angel's healing hands.

No one to the left. No one to the right. All clear. Time to move.
The grounds were dead silent, as if each student had simultaneously returned to their dorms. Ben half expected that, since he'd seen the state of hypnosis that most had been in throughout the day. He'd begun to suspect that something wasn't quite normal about Hanson College. Students in vibrant clothes shuffling around in a trance, ducking in and out of dark classrooms and lecture theatres, participating in sports that few of them were even scarcely decent at. Teachers that either didn't care about their job, or cared a little too much about their students. And who puts a university in Frankenstein's castle in the first place? The only thing that seemed normal was the lousiness of the cafeteria food. On top of that, he had been mysteriously turned blue at what was apparently a cellular level. That seemed hardly regular, even for a freshman.
Ben dashed across to a side entrance of the main building. He ran up the stairs, and in through the open glass door. Open? He quickly hid beside a trophy cabinet to compose himself. Back in the change room, he'd tossed on his usual T-shirt and jeans, while his athletics gear was thrown into his bag. His jeans and shoes covered his legs completely. His T-shirt meant that he had to carry his bag against his tummy, with his arms partially concealed in and behind it. He'd found an old Yankees cap in his bag, though it wasn't exactly a mask. The visor just sort of obscured his blue visage from the nose up. All it really covered was most of his hair, which was of course its usual nut brown. There was clearly no explaining how all this happened, but maybe the nurse could try treating him. Perhaps it was simply an allergic reaction? To that macaroni and cheese maybe. Maybe he'd overdone it at athletics practice? He did manage to become some kind of contortionist after all. That's never happened before. Oh God, what is happening to me? He pounded the wall with his fist. There was a loud gurgling. His stomach was churning, maybe from stress, maybe from hunger. Whatever the cause, he began to feel quite unwell. Great, just what I need right now. Ugh, feels like I ate a zoo. Only one thing for it.
Ben got to his feet. If he was going to heave, he'd do it in the nurse's office, where there'd most certainly be a bucket, strategically placed for just such an occasion. He looked round each corner before going round it, walking quietly despite his rubber-soled shoes, and keeping his arms concealed as best he could. The eerie dark stone corridors seemed to stretch for miles. This wasn't a school, this was three cathedrals put together. At least it gave him more of a chance to hide. Then again, from what? He didn't even run into a janitor. The whole place was more devoid of life than that book store on 23rd Street. There didn’t seem to be as many shadows lurking in the corners, even though it was approaching the twilight hours. Strange echoes seemed to come from all around. Ben may have even been spooked by the surroundings alone if he hadn't been preoccupied with his current state. He found a sign at the end of a hallway, near a lecture theatre. It directed him towards the nurse, but it pointed in the direction from whence he'd just come. Damn it's easy to get lost in here.

Who'd have thought that the words 'Sick Bay' would be so refreshing to see? After the nightmarish maze of corridors and stairways, Ben couldn't have been more relieved. He thrust a blue hand out in front of him and swung the door as far open as the hinges would allow.
"Excuse me, ma'am. I don't know if you've ever seen anything like this before, but…ma'am?"
He looked around. A bed, a sink, a desk, anatomy charts, a mirror, two chairs, all monotonously coloured and grubby from use, all enclosed by four grey stone walls, all worn, cracked and filthy. A shadow in the corner that seemed to flicker ever so slightly. No one else. Just a blue boy and a silent gust of stale air.
He didn't know whether to laugh or scream or cry or just faint on the floor. His one hope of someone telling him what the hell was wrong with him, dashed completely at the very last moment. Totally drained of energy, Ben sat in one of the old brown wooden chairs, dumping his bag on the floor. He glanced at the desk. Not even a stupid note to say that she'd gone for coffee. He kicked the bed and threw his cap to the ground in defeat. He examined his arms. The thought crossed his anxious mind that he would be blue forever, for the rest of his life. The very notion made his stomach churn. So much that it felt like he'd just eaten a bad burrito. He squirmed a little in his seat. It wasn't just his nerves, he actually was feeling nauseous. Bloated even. Maybe it was just gas? Right now, he prayed for his life that it was just gas. His stomach groaned a little too audibly to be normal. Something was tearing him up inside.
He got to his feet. He scanned the room for the nearest trash can. He ran to the foot of the bed and bent over the little grey metal bucket. Here it comes…. A belch that could have sunk a battleship, then silence.
Ben opened his eyes and looked into the empty trash can. His heart suddenly relaxed, as if a vice that held it had been smashed apart. He let out a great sigh of relief and straightened up. A new vice captured his heart. His eyes widened. His hands froze, just trembling a little in midair. That wasn't there before. He stared down at the bulge under his shirt, the blood rushing to his head as he grew ever tenser. This wasn't just a lump; this was the size of a melon, jutting out as if he'd been smuggling a portable TV in his shirt. Only one option. Lift it up. Just do it quick like a band-aid. He gripped his T-shirt with his fingers. A moment's pause. Up it went like the unveiling of a sideshow. If his jaw was open before, it was touching the ground now. That wasn't a smuggled portable TV. It wasn't even a melon. It was Ben's stomach.

Big, bulging and bright beautiful blue. He hardly found it beautiful though. Nothing attractive about a round, protuberant blue belly. Not by his standards at least. This just kept getting worse and worse. Ben was starting to feel glad that the nurse wasn't here. She would have run off by now, screaming 'Demon, demon!'. Though it went against his better judgment, something possessed him to extend a finger and prod his belly, once, twice. It gurgled again. He felt it again. The sickening churning, the rising of gas and fluid alike. There was no stopping it. Just as the bile climbed his throat, it relinquished itself as another loud burp. Yet the feeling continued. Worse still, his bloated stomach started to grow larger. And larger. And larger still. His stomach was growing before his eyes, pushing against his shirt, expanding like a balloon. It wasn't stopping, nor did it show any signs of slowing down. Please, no, don't do this to me. His stomach wouldn't listen; it just kept on growing. It quickly reached the size of a soccer ball, but it didn't stop there. Soon, it resembled a blue watermelon peeking out from under his T-shirt. It looked like it wanted to reach the size of a beach ball. It began to strain his belt; it was actually beginning to hurt. It wasn't just his stomach, though. The back of his jeans was starting to tighten, heralded by an odd creaking sound. His butt was growing just like his belly. Twin balloons quickly filling with air, filling out his jeans and causing them to stretch dramatically. His legs soon followed suit, his thighs bulging against his pants as if testing their durability, as if trying to break free. They were beginning to succeed. A small rip appeared on the left leg of his jeans; they were tearing at the seams. He grew frightened that his body would do the same. Got to get out of here.
Come on, you have to get out!
I'm trying!
What's the matter?
I'm stuck!
He tried to just walk through the open doorway as normal; the outcome was anything but. He pushed again and again, but something impeded his movement. A downward glance proved that although his head was in the hallway, his legs remained in the nurse's office; his hips were too wide for the door frame. His legs and waist had distended so far that he was too big to fit through. He shoved and groaned, but each attempt was as futile as the last. He gritted his teeth as he felt a further squeeze. He was already too big for the doorway, but he was still growing. He'd be impossible to budge, or worse, the pressure on either side of his skin would become too much…. He very nearly started to cry at the thought. The sickening squeak of skin against denim against wood. He wasn't stopping. He had to move. It was now or never.
He put both hands on the frame and clutched it tight. He positioned his feet as though about to perform a pole vault. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He mustered all his strength and heaved forward. Heaved again. And again. And again. The pain was blinding and intensified with each push. He had to keep going. Another shove. He slid forward suddenly. The massive blue balloon of his abdomen was safely through the doorway. Now for his legs. Another push and a further wave of pain. Oh God, please don't let me explode. He took a few more quick breaths and gritted his teeth. He pushed again, and he began to feel some movement. Come on, come on. Another push. Almost. He bellowed like a wild beast and gave one final mighty shove. A strange rubbery noise, then a loud pop. Too much momentum. He reflexively held his arms out in front of him, letting his hands hit the wall instead of his precariously swollen stomach. Through slightly blurred vision, he sighed and tried to smile. He was free. He wasn't back to normal, but thank God he was free. Now he knew how mothers felt.

Oh, someone get this belt off of me!
The thin but oh-so-sturdy leather belt of his jeans constricted his middle, which now resembled an hourglass. These pants were getting very uncomfortable. He just wished that his waist could be free of the leather and denim stranglehold. He tried to hunt for the buckle, but it was lost beneath the unhindered portion of his belly that bulged up and out from under his clothes. Someone save me.
A loud, high-pitched creak, then a snap. The buckle hit the floor with a tinkle that echoed through the empty passage. Another snap as the fly gave way. Ben felt as if air returned to his lungs after endless minutes of struggling. The round blue blimp now flaunted its fullness, and continued to expand with nothing to hold it back. His flawless abs were destroyed by the fleshy balloon as it grew and deformed his torso. His fine musculature was further tarnished by his now rapidly expanding pectorals. They were like blue airbags on his chest, pumping up with each passing second, with no hint that they might be stopping. He couldn't resist the temptation to reach up under his shirt and touch them with his fingers. Like his stomach, they seemed soft and flabby at first, but soon became taut like footballs. Another ripping sound told him that his T-shirt didn't have long to live in one piece. He felt it gradually split across his back, which was now even starting to match the shape of the front of him. This sure was some allergic reaction. Nothing like he'd had before, nothing like he'd ever seen. He just wanted to know what the hell caused it, and what the hell he was turning into. He knew he still needed to find help. It didn't matter who from, just as long as they stopped all this, and soon.
Walking with legs like tree trunks was not as easy as comic book heroes made it out to be. Especially when those tree trunks were still growing. Ben's legs had swollen to such a size that his jeans had split almost completely open at the seams. They were quite literally hanging by a thread. His shirt felt like it was soon to cross the same threshold. Each stride was a lunge forward, struggling to maintain any notion of balance. He held his arms out to either side to try and keep from tipping over. Slowly he made his way down the hall, step by annoyingly difficult step. He just hoped his ankles could bear his new weight. You look ridiculous, you know. Well how am I supposed to walk when I'm turning into a giant balloon animal? Cut me a little slack here. His wide, awkward gait quickened as he gained confidence. See, now I've got the hang of it. Yeah, but where are you going? Wherever there are people. Wherever there's someone to help me.
He was so purposeful in his advance that he didn't notice his arms growing fatter along with the rest of him. They became stiff and compact, remaining outstretched as they couldn't move in any other fashion. The sublime physique that had earned him glances over girls' shoulders had deteriorated to tightly-packed fat of some description, and that fat proceeded to flourish in a liquid form, transforming him, little by little, into a human blimp. The very concept spat in the face of scientific reasoning. Ben was no biologist, but he knew that people rarely turned into living blue balloons by themselves in less than half an hour. As he lumbered forward, he heard fluid sloshing about inside of him. It just seemed to be a source of liquid that kept flowing from somewhere in a visceral cavity, swimming about and filling him up. There must have been a hell of a lot; he still hadn't stopped growing. What's that taste in my mouth? Sort of sweet, fruity. Blackcurrant? Strawberry? Blueberry, that's the one, blueberry.
He froze on the spot, denying the forward momentum he'd built up, a huge sessile mass. His eyes fell upon his chubby blue arms. He looked past his swollen chest to his enormous round belly. It groaned indignantly. The sight of himself finally jogged his already troubled mind.
Oh my God. I'm turning into a…a….
"I'm a freakin' blueberry!"
His voice carried through the building as if it were an ice cavern. Thankfully there were no avalanches nearby; Ben was not in the mood for running. He was a giant fruit. He wasn't swelling up, he was ripening. It was just like that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. The gum in his bag. But he didn't eat it. Then what the hell was causing all this? Wait, if this is like the movie…then I'm going to…oh no. No way. Oh no, I can't explode, I can't. I wasn't meant to go like this. Who says? Shut up, I'm through listening to you. Fine, be like that. Go ahead and burst, blueberry. Shut up!
He had to get out of here. He looked everywhere for an exit. No luck at all. He suddenly noticed he was significantly heavier. Still growing. Growing faster even. Not much time. Getting hard to move. Oh man. I'll be bigger than the corridors soon. He needed somewhere to rest, somewhere he could fit comfortably, fast. A second later, he found the answer to all his prayers.
"The gym."
He gathered up the last remnants of his strength and managed one final charge towards the great double doors. One last push along the home stretch. Unable to put his arm forward, he forced open the doors with his abdomen. He waddled with all the speed he could scavenge until he reached the middle of the huge waxed wood floor of the basketball court. He planted his feet and ground eventually to a halt. He was not a minute too soon.
A few moments after this, his clothing completely gave way. His shirt tore open, his jeans were obliterated. His tighty whities weren't quite strong enough and snapped like a flimsy rubber band. Even his shoes were reduced to ribbons as his feet bulged and stretched to several sizes larger. His torso became completely round. His limbs lost all resemblance to their former shape. They were even absorbed into the main ball of his body, vanishing until only his swollen hands and feet were visible. The massive blue sphere just grew and grew, ripening into a gargantuan human fruit. His now relatively tiny head rose higher and higher off the ground. He couldn't see past his middle any more. His skin felt so tight, and it was getting tighter with every inch he gained. He couldn't stop. He was going to…. Ben closed his eyes.

A gruesome low squeak to signal his mortal flesh's limit.


He opened his eyes. He looked around. Up at the ceiling. Around the walls. Down at the floor. He couldn't see much down there, his own bloated blue body was blocking the view. He could just make out, though, that he was now about twenty feet high. A big, round, twenty-foot human blueberry, with only a head, hands and feet protruding from the gleaming smooth surface of the giant fleshy, liquid-filled orb. I can't feel my arms. He flapped his hands a little and waved his hidden feet about. He still had control of the discernible parts of his body. What the hell did his innards look like though? What about his muscles, his skeleton? It was impossible, yet it just happened right before his eyes. This was beyond the principles of science. This was something more sinister at play. Whatever it was, he knew he'd be damn sore tomorrow morning.

A creak of hinges echoed through the gym. The double doors opened once more, revealing a now miniscule figure (compared to Ben, that is). The doors closed with an odd silence despite their size. The figure stood in front of the entrance, his gaze fixed on the freakish behemoth that awaited him.
"You were smart to come here. Plenty of space."
It was when Ben made out the face of his visitor that his eyes widened. His jaw fell open.
Chapter four of Berryboy. The part that most of you have been waiting for.
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The library was quiet except for the rustling of pages and the quiet hum of the radiators. Sasha was sitting in one of the comfy large couches set up for the library patrons reading a book. The lithe red haired girl had a pencil behind one ear and her gold hoop earrings glittered in the few lazy beams of sunlight that trickled through the windows. At her side in the adjacent seat a small toad with golden eyes. His name was Mr. Tibbles, and he was Sasha's familiar, a creature that lived to help her cast spells. Or at least that was the theory. Mostly he provided quiet companionship and kept the bugs out of Sasha's house. Both he and Sasha were here to study the books of magic in the library, for Sasha was a modern day witch, and unlike the silly portrayals of warty old women on broomsticks, she had to work hard and long for her magic.

It was a normal library, but all libraries had sets of books of magic for those wizards are witches in the local area. The reason normal people could not find them to use was mostly due to the fact that the magic books were disguised as books with titles like "Mr. Henderson's Big Book of Fun Math Problems" and "Sewing with Cat Hair" The one Sasha was reading currently, while actually a book of exotic spells to cast with herbs and fungi, had a cover that stated the book was a "Hilarious Romp through the Fun-Filled World of Long decimal Story Problems"

Sasha was about to flip the page when the book was lifted right out of her hands, making her squeaks softly in surprise. Before her stood a beefy, blonde young man with blue eyes, It was for Sasha unfortunately, her next-door neighbor Michael. He was abrasive, rude, and as thick as a brick. He was also holding her book, albeit upside-down and squinting at it with his sky blue eyes. "Wow, you can' actually believe this stuff is real" Michael grinned. "Heehee, no wonder everyone thinks yer so weird!" "When you cast yer little play spells, do you have to go out into your backyard naked and burn incense?" "If so, tell me when so I can watch!" Michael ruffled Sasha's ringlets of red hair with his hand affectionately, making static electricity poof up her normally manageable hair into a frizzy mess. Sasha's face was now about getting as red as her hair.

"For your information, this stuff is very much real, and beyond your mortal comprehens....oh no, don't sit...." Sasha  warned Michael  to late as the muscular boy plopped down in the chair next to Sasha with the book, the chair that had been currently being enjoyed by Mr. Tibbles. There was a sad, sorta deflated squeak, like a depressed balloon committing suicide by deflation. "Oh no, my poor little pet" moaned Sasha. She gave Michael a push trying to get him off the flattened amphibian, but her strength was not nearly enough to move the heavy jock. She hissed a little to herself, if only Michael would move his fat ass, she could rescue Mr. Tibbles. His stupid, blonde fat ass...

Sasha's eyebrows rose as she had a wonderfully, nasty little idea. One that would let her rescue her toad, and teach the blonde lunkhead a lesson in how to treat girls. Michael was constantly bothering her, thinking he was God's gift to females. Yeah, he was cute, but he knew it, and preened about it way to much. "Micheal, you really ought to be nicer to me" "Heck, you should be a lot nicer to all girls, just because your handsome does not mean you can act however you want and people will still like you" Inwardly Sasha was mumbling the words of an old spell she had once memorized. It had seemed useless at the time, and she had only learned it for a lesson in spellcrafting. However this seemed one time it would be worth it.

"This book doesn't even have pictures in it, not sure why it would even interest you" mumbled Michael leafing through the magic book, completing ignoring Sasha's admonition towards him. He sighed and chucked the book at Sasha's head playfully. "Play with yer little pretend spells, I'm going to go work out" he flexed for her in his sleeveless t-shirt, running his hands over his biceps just to tease Sasha. Truth be told, he did not feel like working out right at this moment. He felt a little ill, like he had eaten something that did not agree with him. It was starting to give him twinges of pain, like he had overeaten.

"You feeling alright big boy?" Sasha murmured cutely with a slight smile seeing the golden haired hunk leaning a bit while walking. "You might want to come back here and sit with me, you do not look well at all" Beside Sasha Mr. Tibbles had climbed out of the cushions, looking as pissed of as a toad could look. He was prepared to hop down onto the floor away from that horrible chair where the horrible human had sat on him, when Sasha invited Micheal back. The poor toad gave a sharp croak of dismay as Micheal plopped back down on the chair gratefully. "Oooh, Sasha, I had tacos for lunch, I knew it was a cheapo place, I didn't think it would give me food poisoning though"

"Don't worry" Sasha cooed, putting her hands on the young man's shoulders and giving him a comforting squeeze. Yeah, she was pretending to be nice, but was actually doing it to feel up Micheal's body to see if her little spell was working. Under her slim fingers, she rubbed his shoulders, noting that his normally taunt muscled shoulders felt softer, and that Micheal's sleeveless shirt was starting to look uncomfortably tight, instead of just douche-bag style tight. "You're pretty healthy, you should just stay here with me till the feeling passes" Sasha felt a little thrill of excitement seeing Micheal's cheekbones softening, his masculine face imperceptibly smoothing out.

Micheal moaned a bit, feeling pained. The shoulder rub from Sasha was comforting, but he still felt ill. Worse, his clothing was starting to feel tight and constrictive, making him feel hot. He reached out to a nearby bookshelf, pulling out a slim volume and fanning himself with it, trying to cool himself off. That is when he noticed his wrists and fingers on the back of the book. The back of his hand was puffed up, and his fingers looked like swollen sausages. "Augh!" "Sasha!" "I'm having an allergic reaction!" "I need to get to a hospital!" He started to rise from the chair, freeing Mr. Tibbles for a second before Sasha pushed him back down by putting her hand on his (now softer) chest.

"You stay right are not having a reaction...its a spell...from me, yes, a real spell, from what you call "fake magic" Sasha grinned a Cheshire cat smile, her red bands glinting in front of her eyes as she stared down the terrified boy. "You are a complete jerk, and you are way to big for your I simply decided to make your body match yer personality" Micheal stared at her, mouth agape, like he was trying to process this new turn of events. Dumb as always Sasha thought. While Micheal made noises like a motorboat in third gear, Sasha squealed softly to herself seeing the jock's formerly smooth toned stomach puff out under his shirt, the white fabric riding up slowly over his now chubby belly, first just revealing a bit of flesh, then starting to slide back over Micheal's gradually growing gut.

"No, yer a lier!" yelled Micheal, attempting to stand up from the chair. His center of balance was upset from his new gut though, and he fell back to the chair clumsily. His t-shirt was now digging into his chubby flesh, the neckline digging into a rapidly expanding set of shoulders and the arm-holes getting filled by creamy soft flesh. Sasha could see dimples forming in the back of Micheal's elbows, and the jock's chest was pulsing outward from his chest, his formally muscular pecs softening, rounding, and swelling like balloons on the boy's chest. Micheal's formerly taunt butt was expanding in the chair, oozing out the side slats of the wooden seat, effectively trapping the fattening blonde boy into the seat.

"It's no lie,,,,and most people would be smart enough to notice that something more then a little allergic reaction was happening to them by now" stated Sasha, enjoying the scene of the handsome young man swelling up like a balloon. Sasha winced a bit as Micheal's pants gave up the fight against Micheal's burgeoning butt and shot the button of his jeans across the room. His thighs were fattening up nicely, giving the ex-jock a nice pear shape. His jiggly rear currently looked like the blonde was smuggling two basketballs in his groaning jeans, and each cow-like thigh was as big around as Sasha's entire body. Micheal's gut was slowly but surely pooling into his lap, effectively covering up the torn crotch area of his broken jeans with his own tanned flab.

Micheal's arms were covered with hanging slabs of chubbyness, and his pecs were now full fledged breasts, each one sagging down from its own fat-filled weight. They were starting to rival Sasha's in size, and she was a rather top-heavy girl. They evidently were still growing too, as Micheal's straining t-shirt finally snapped, letting his massive belly and breasts to flop out into the cool air of the library. Sasha sauntered over to the helpless fat boy and climbed up on him, straddling his flabby gut with her slim legs so she could lean in close to the bloated young man. "Now come on, say you are sorry and I will stop this...unless you want these to keep growing" Sasha gave Micheal a squeeze on his right breast, making it jiggle, and making Micheal flush red with embarrassment.

"Sorry for what?" exclaimed Micheal confused. "I mean...ah....yeah, I'm sorry, stop it!" Sasha rolled her eyes at the idiotic jock. "That's not gonna cut it, you don't even know what you did wrong!" Sasha gave a girlish growl, intensifying the spell she had placed on the blonde jock beneath her. She could feel his belly redouble its efforts in growing, actually lifting her up and away from Micheal, his own fat flesh making his stomach lift her up. His pudgy arms were now barely able to lift themselves up, and his butt was pressed up tightly against all sides of the chair. The was another horrendous ripping sound, and the ashamed fat boy felt his jeans burst, letting his burgeoning flesh free.

He was more then simply just fat now, or even obese, the blonde was pretty much approaching immobility. His massive swollen gut dwarfed Sasha, and looked as big and soft as a beanbag chair. His breasts poured over his stomach as if wishing to catch up to its size, each one as round and massive as a watermelon. Micheal's face was wreathed in layers of fat, covering his cheekbones completely and giving him at least three chins. His shoulders were round puffs of jelly, topping swollen arms where the flabby elbows were drooping over his forarms. His rear was massive, each cheek a squishy hemisphere of boy-flesh, round and big as a beachball. His thighs were thick as oil barrels, and even his hands and feet were fattening up, the appendages starting to look like balls of flesh topped with stubby fingers and toes. There was a creaking, crackling sound, and the chair beneath Micheal gave way, not so much collapsing as literally exploding.

"Alright!" "Okay, I am sorry I was such a jerk!" "I don't mean to be such a jerk, the only reason I bothered you all the time was because I had a crush on you and didn't know how to tell you!" Sasha gave a squeak in surprise, lowering her hands down in shock. "What?" "I...uhhh...." She shut down her spell, the huge young man's body beneath her giving one final spasm of growth before it stopped. " did learn a valuable lesson...and...well" Sasha flushed down at the naked, immobile boy beneath her. "I think you're kinda cute this helpless and sweet, like a cherub"

"Well?" "Can you change me back now?" "Umm...I said I am sorry" whimpered Micheal, his rounded cheeks wobbling as he talked. "You said if I was sorry you would fix me" Sasha tittered nervously, the first flush of misgiving on her face. "I...ah...said I would STOP it,,,,not reverse it...mostly cause there is only one way to reverse it." she stammered. Micheal gave a frustrated grunt. "And that is?" the ex-jock whined.

Sasha smiled shyly. "A good, long diet"

Amid the groans of Micheal, the splinters of chair around his butt stirred, and a very flat, very pissed off toad crawled out from the wreckage. This....had not been a good day for Mr. Tibby.

My contest entry for :iconluv333: 's story contest of her characters. While it does have a fetish, ie, weight gain, its very clean. so I don't feel as if I need to mature filter it. Just....don't read it if you dun like chubbeh bois. :3

Yeah, it probably has spelling errors. All I have on my computer is wordpad, and it doesn't have spellcheck.
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A Special Drink

Jack was a typical teenaged kid. He liked to hang out with his friends, play some videogames and refused to do his homework. Jack had blonde hair and green eyes. His smile melted the hearts of all the girls in his grade and he was just going into his sophomore year.
Recently, there had been a strange case that had happened at his school. There was a kid named Wide Will (or at least that’s what nickname they gave him) who had inexplicably gained hundreds of pounds all within a matter of hours. He had graduated last year at 872 pounds.
There were pictures of his fat face posted all throughout the school. Jack tended to ignore them. What was so great about some dumb fat kid anyway? And it was probably all rumors. No one could gain hundreds of pounds in a DAY.
He closed his locker a little harder than necessary in frustration with the fat boy posted everywhere. He jumped a bit when he saw that a girl had been standing behind his locker door. She was smiling at him, blushing a little.
Holding her books to her chest she said, “Hey Jack…I just found out that we’re lab partners.”
He blinked. That’s right. There was a science fair tonight, and his chemistry teacher had assigned partners last week. He had been sick, so he didn’t know who his partner was. He studied her briefly. She was pretty cute, but a little on the nerdy side. He gave her a small, non-committal smile. “Right. And you are…?”
The girl screeched a laugh, throwing her pigtails back. “How silly of me! I’m Anne!”
She shook his hand vigorously and then turned to leave. “Oh, I almost forgot.”
Anne rummaged in her bag for a moment and then pulled out a corked vial. She held it out to him, her face very grim. “Now, this is our entire project right here. I’ve been working on it for months now, so don’t lose it.”
Jack didn’t take it. “Why would you give it to me? I lose everything!”
The girl smiled in a dangerous way. “There is one part of the experiment left.” She giggled as she tickled his flat stomach. “And I can’t WAIT for it to be finished!”
She thrust the vial in his hand and skipped away, whistling and laughing. Jack looked at her and shook his head. She was crazy. He looked at the vial and saw that there was a small note wrapped around it. Leaning against the locker, he unrolled the note and read it.





He shrugged and started the walk home. At least he didn’t have to do any of the work himself. He had figured that he was just going to fail the project. Anne was a miracle solution.
Minutes later he was turning the key to his house door. It creaked open and he made his way to the fridge. He pulled out a pop and sat at the table. He shook the vial and poured it in. It had been a tiring day at school, and he was going to be up all night with this stupid science fair thing. What could better than extra caffeine?
“Bottoms up.” He said and drank the whole cola in one gulp.
He leaned back in the chair and burped. Too much fizz, not enough pop. He closed his eyes for a minute, actually feeling more tired than before. Then, the next instant he felt super charged. As if electricity were coursing through his body. He shot up out of the chair and ran around the table. He started jumping up and down and up and down. When he landed the third time, the thud was a little louder than usual.
He could feel bubbling in his stomach, and he put his hands on it. Was it his imagination…or was his stomach bulging out a little? The bubbling in his stomach increased and he burped again. What was going on?
He sat back down, hoping he would feel better. His hands were still holding his stomach and when he sat down, he noticed something weird. At first, Jack thought that he had been holding a pillow to his stomach. There was something soft there…no, it couldn’t be.
Jack grabbed at his bulging belly and was shocked to find that it was round and soft. His stomach kept bubbling for a few more seconds and then it stopped. He exhaled. Whew. It was over.
After a moment, Jack heard a slow creak come from the chair. He looked down and saw that his hips had become so filled out that he took up the whole chair. His belly started BALLOONING.
A sweat broke out on his forehead. Was this the side effect that Anne had been talking about? Him getting…HUGE? He tried to sit up and get out of the chair, but it was too late. He was sandwiched in place from his fat thighs.
His belly was still growing at an alarming rate. Now, it rested on top of his lap, starting to push the elastic limit of his gray sweatpants. Jack ran his fingers over it. It was strange, but it felt…good.
Jack’s enormous stomach was rounding and filling out.
He leaned back in the chair, closing his eyes and moaning. Why did having a huge gut make him feel so good? His fingers ran over its smooth surface, enjoying the feel of the tight fabric stretched across his massive gut.
His fingers found their way to the ever-tightening elastic waistband of his sweatpants. Allowing his fingers to work their magic, he moved under the band and, with some effort, pulled his big belly out.
It flopped onto his flabby thighs and jiggled for a few moments. God it felt good to have it out of those pants. The band had separated his bulging stomach into two halves, the crease occurring at his belly button.
Jack ran his fingers over the fault line and jiggled the lower half. Was it his imagination, or was he getting bigger still?
He heard a nasty creaking sound and closed his eyes. The next moment, the chair snapped beneath his immense weight, and he flumped to the floor with a loud boom.
“Great,” Jack muttered. He had landed on his flabby back, so the fall hadn’t hurt. However, his enlarging gut made it hard for him to roll back over.
Grunting with the effort, he rocked back and forth—his fat so soft and jiggly. He stopped trying to get up and instead enjoyed the feeling of being immobile. Suddenly, he WANTED to get bigger. He WANTED to no longer be able to move at all.
As if catering to his demands, his belly swelled up some more. His now fat fingers grabbed at the fat, enjoying each second of it. As he looked over, he couldn’t see his feet anymore. The giant mound of flab that was his belly towered over him. He grinned and playfully sent it jiggling again.
There was a knock at the door and Jack tilted his fat head to look at the clock. Jeeze! It was already time for Anne to come and pick him up!
With great effort, Jack rolled over and to his fat knees. Panting, he slowly made his way to a standing position. Placing his hands on his love handles, he stretched—allowing his big belly to push outwards.
He waddled his way to the door, unaccustomed to all the extra weight. Winded, he opened the door. “Hello, Anne.” He smiled, dimples going into his fat cheeks.
Anne clapped her hands happily. “Hooray! My solution worked perfectly!” She danced around the larger version of Jack.
“Jiggly Jack! Jiggly Jack!” She chanted and grabbed at his belly and shook it.
He didn’t protest. Subconsciously, he was furious with her. But, the way that her hands felt on his gut sent those thoughts flying. He closed his eyes again and smiled.
“So this whole getting huge thing…was that a side effect…or the main experiment?” Jack asked as he rounded on her.
Anne laughed again. “The main experiment!” Her face became mock-serious. “And I quote: ‘I propose to see how fat I can make my partner in one evening’. The class laughed at me, but I promised them that I would!”
Jack crossed his pudgy arms over his widening gut. “Your hypothesis was to see how fat I could get?!”
He poked at the giant overhanging belly. “Well, I think you covered the hypothesis…and then some.”
He lifted the giant flab up and let it fall, watching it jiggle for a few seconds after.
Anne watched too and seemed almost mesmerized. She snapped out of it and began pushing into his flabby back. “Come on, come on! We’re going to be late!”
Once outside, Jack saw that Anne had brought a van. Smart. With a lot of effort from both parties, Jack was shoved into the main part of the van. It was a tight fit, but his large, squishy butt just made it.

The van had a hard time getting them to the school. Jack was now larger than ever, barely able to stand. He looked out the window and saw a forklift waiting for them. Had Anne known how huge he would get? He was impressed with her planning.
Anne parked the van and opened the door. “Just hold tight for a minute.” She paused. “Not like you really have a choice anymore.” She grinned and ran over to the forklift.
Jack looked over his titanic gut and saw what she was doing. “No…no no wait wait wait!” He held up his fat arms and waved them; sending jiggles all down his body.
Anne turned the forklift and eased it into the side of the van. There was a metal platform underneath Jack that he hadn’t noticed in his initial shoving into the van. Anne expertly went under the platform and lifted him up and out of the van.
Jack was on his fat back now, lying there as his belly got bigger and bigger. He couldn’t sit up if he wanted to. From what he saw overhead, he noticed that they were heading into the gym. He was placed down onto a soft bed.
He heard a whirring of engines and the bed moved vertically, so that it was more like a chair than a bed. He could now see in front of him…barely. He folded his fat arms gently on top of his stomach. He was comfortable here.
There were gasps and shocked mutterings from his peers and teachers. Parents and children alike gathered around him. Anne rushed to the front of the crowd. She smiled as she opened her arms proudly. “I give you…my Science Fair Project!”
Jack couldn’t help but smile as those who were in complete disbelief felt compelled to touch his fat. They hesitantly went up to his enormous figure and poked at him. He laughed when it tickled.
He looked up to the lights, patting his giant gut. He let out a resounding belch and smirked. He was immobile. And he loved it.
The picture is from Entity. (I don't know what that is

But here is the second story! YAY!

It's about a kid who trusts too much in his lab partner for the Science Fair...and the fun that ensues.

Let me know what kind of stories you guys are looking for! I can try and make anthro or BBW stories too! Cause hey...I am all for ANYONE GETTING HUGE! :D
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Winston Thackerly was never gunning for a win. Be it how fast he could do something, how much taller he could make things and how well he could do anything, if he could "win" it, then more than likely you'd never see him trying. Not that he was lazy, he just knew his limits. So it came as a bit of a surprise when he won something without even trying. The young teenager was greeted with a golden laced letter saying how he had won entry to a factory tour. In style which was for unfitting Winston, he took the word "win" and thought of nothing else. He hadn't entered anything or exerted any effort, but why was he going to complain?

When the date of the tour came, he was a bit anxious. With no one surrounding him, no fanfare, and a factory which seemed quite empty and baron, he waited at the gates, dressed up in a neat blue outfit, with trousers and a button up shirt. His tension subsided once another sign of civilization came along in the form of a girl in a tight red dress, who came from inside the factory.

"Welcome, lucky winner!" she chimed as she unlocked the gate, swinging it open for her guest. He hesitantly crept in, the girl just giggled to herself as they entered the factory. Surprised, Winston looked around the factory. It seemed almost abandoned, no sign of life coming from the nearby machines and the natural light was the only thing that gave the insides of the factory any colour. Winston, needless to say, was concerned.

"This place is... nice..." he muttered.

"It's my own factory. My Daddy bought it for me and I wanted to show it off to the world." she confidently stated.

"Well, it could use a tiny bit of paint here and there, I must say." Winston under-exaggerated.

"It's not that bad. It created this." the girl whipped out a piece of gum from her top pocket.

"Gum?" he questioned.

"Try it!"

"Uh... I'm not quite sure..."

"If you don't like it, you can have your money back."

"Wait, I have to pay for it?"

"Nope, it's free!" The girl chuckled, "That's how confident I am you'll like it!"

"Well... okay..." Winston plucked the gum from her hand and chewed. "It tastes of blueberries!"

"Well duh, it's blueberry gum." The girl said in a joking way. The boy kept chewing, without noticing the sudden change which the girl didn't seem to want to reveal to him.

"Can we get on with the tour? I'm feeling kind of funny and could use the walk..." he groaned

"Weeell... yes and no..."

"What do you mean yes and no?"

"Well, no, not yet, but yes, you have a big butt!"

"Big..." the boy gasped in surprise when his backside started to balloon inside his trousers. He was speechless as the girls giggles grew louder.

"I always liked my boys with a bit more junk in the trunk."

"What the... heck is happening to me!?" The boy shrieked as he noticed the extreme discolouration to his skin as his body carried on inflating around his whole anatomy. "I'm having an allergic reaction or something! Call a doctor!"

"Doctor? Why a doctor? You're not in pain are you?"

"But I'm a gigantic..."

"You're not hurting, are you?"

"That's not the point!"

"But are you in pain?"

"No! But I'm swelling up into a gigantic balloon!"

"Swelling up, yes, gigantic, you could be bigger, balloon, nope. Blueberry would be more accurate."

The boy continued to wimper as his arms and legs sunk into his body. His clothes stretched tightly, with tension that looked explosive, but they remained intact whilst his inflation drew to a stop.

"There! Now you've stopped swelling, doesn't that feel better?"

"C-change me back! I don't want to be a blueberry!"

"Well the doors right there. Leave if you want to."

"But I can't go out into the public like this! I feel like I'm gonna explode all over them!"

"Not unless I poke you with a pin." The girl giggled. To the boy it seemed menacing.

"A p-pin!? Oh no, don't say..."

"Oh heavens no. I don't want to stain my dress, do I?"

"Get this stuff out of me!"

"Well, maybe... but I'll strike you a deal." The girl started to get serious for a second. "Consider this inflation your trail period."

"Trail period!? I'm a big blueberry! Change me back!"

"Okay, compulsory trial period. I guarantee you will love your new body within the next few days. If you don't, I'll change you back. Deal?"

"Well..." the boy's head started to cycle round the idea. If he was going to get back to normal, he might as well humour her. At least he'll be back to normal and not splattered in a huge blue liquid mess. "...o-okay. Just... be careful."

"Oh I will!" The girl giggled. With one strong push, the boy ended up rolling, and with that, the "trial period" began.

The boy was rolled, straddled on, poked, prodded, body slapped, wedged into tight situations and generally just taken advantage of by the girl. In the night, he was rolled into the equivalent of a closet for sleep, and then rolled off the next day. He never left the factory, but the pleasure that came from being a blueberry seemed to naturally increase. Silent protests went into wimpers, wimpers went into sighs, sighs went into sniggers and sniggers went into belly laughs. As the girl had predicted, Winston the blueberry was going to enjoy his new found life. Finally, the girl entered where Winston had been kept during his stay and asked him:

"So, do you want to be juiced?"

"Oh, heavens no. I've finally gotten used to my body and, to be honest, it's a hundred times more entertaining than my old, boring life. Besides, you're kind to me... if not a bit rough."

The girl's signature giggle came out more sincere at the news. "Well, good... because I forgot to tell you. After 2/3 days, it's impossible to juice a blueberry."

"What...!?" he gasped.

"Yeah... sorry about that. But at least you like your body, right? Even if you have to keep it forever?"

Winston could only sigh, then let out a soft laugh, "Yeah... so what's on the agenda today?"

"Well..." the girl rummaged inside her pocket, "How about I stick you with a pin?" Winston let out a small yelp and the girl let out a grin. "Just kidding..." the girl placed the pin back in her pocket, and patted it, as if maybe it'd be good for future use.
I labelled this on the journal I made recently as "Male Violet and Veruca", even though that was honestly the skeleton for the story, and not even that.

A request for :iconeqbal: as part of my short story requests. Sorry for the lazy title, I couldn't think of anything better.
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It felt like Kyo's head was rattling as he slowly groaned, feeling something hard against his sitting tush as he slowly opened his eyes.  The night before he had met with his sorcerer friend Logan.  The two had a night that must have been epic.  Since Kyo couldn't remember a single part of it as he groggily woke up.  As his vision cleared he got the feeling he was home, though where in it he wasn't sure.  As he was too busy still shaking the cobwebs out of his brain.  As Kyo got back to his feet, where he realized he still had on the dress clothes and red tie he was wearing the night before.  “Man still look like a mess...”  Kyo muttered to himself as he awkwardly tried to dust his clothes off with the palms of his hands.  Still though his mind was hazy, and when Kyo tried to move on his own two legs they wobbled him into some kind of large reflective wall.  Putting an arm out to support himself against this wall, Kyo rubbed his forehead.  Only he realized after a moment the wall felt very... smooth.  Almost like some kind of ceramic, which was weird as he was pretty sure none of the material in his house was made out of the stuff.  

As Kyo swore to himself that, whatever exactly it was that happened the night before, he would never do it again.  A sound of creaking that was from the front door interrupted that train of thought.  Instantly Kyo realized the fact that he knew who it was.  “Mom!  Dad!  I'm home!”  His little sister Rika was home from school, and today was supposed to be the day Kyo promised he'd buy her a doll as a good grades present.  “Man she's going to be upset.”  Kyo reminded himself dejected.  After all he hated letting her down.  Her cute face just drooping down in sadness, it was always hard to watch, especially as her older brother.  Kyo leaned up against the wall, trying to figure out what he'd tell her.  He still had money... hopefully, maybe he can just take her to the nearby store and let her pick one.  Might be a little disappointed by the lack of surprise but at least he won't break his end of...

He heard her gasp suddenly, and without warning something large and very firm, yet gently wrapped around his entire body.  Kyo gasped suddenly losing his breath and complete thought process as he struggled.  In all his drunken stupor he still had no idea what was going on until whatever it was coiled around him suddenly brought him up to a very large and easily recognizable face.  “This doll is amazing!”

Kyo suddenly felt his head clear up as he looked around.  That ceramic wall, a cookie jar.  Kyo wasn't just in the kitchen, but he was in the kitchen in a very very tiny size.  Groaning Kyo shut his eyes, already all the horrible things he wanted to do to Logan for this were getting put in a list and prioritized.  “It feels so real.”  Rika suddenly rubbed the side of Kyo's face and hair.  Making him stop with the murder planning and get back to the problem.  “Oh no sis its me Kyo, no I'm not a doll I'm just like shrunken.  Here if you can just...”  Kyo instantly realized she wasn't hearing him very well as Rika's eyes lit up with youthful joy.  “Wow its like a living doll!”  Rika's naive nature was normally very adorable, but here it was only going to result in something horrible for Kyo.  He continued to try and plead with Rika that he was in fact her brother when he suddenly felt his stomach rumble.  

“Oh I've never seen a doll that needed to be fed before.”  Rika mentioned to herself, clearly both curious and deeply engaged on the idea.  Kyo continued to try and plead with her, trying to get her to realize that no he is in fact a person, a non-doll person.  However his voice still was hard to hear for her at his size.  So she wasn't really thinking about it, because this doll might just be pleading for food or something.  She glanced around the kitchen, seeing the cookie jar.  “Oh I know what to feed you!”  Rika with her other hand opened up the ceramic cookie jar.  Pulling out one of their mom's delicious chocolate chip sandwiches with a frosting middle.  “Here we go, open up for the choo-choo!”  Rika made an adorable train noise before not so adorably shoving the cookie into Kyo's tiny mouth.

Quickly Kyo's eyes shot wide open as his mouth and throat had to quickly make room for this monstrous thing of food, delicious food, but still.  Suddenly he felt his stomach growing under all the new intake, bloating out flabby but with some taut as it pushed against his shirt.  Kira loosened her grip on Kyo as his stomach grew out faster and faster.  Normally Kyo was someone who could eat out an entire all-you-can-eat restaurant, just as Logan, he made a bet with him on it once.   The kind of stomach a world class eater would kill for.  However already Kyo felt it grow out like he had just had a feast, and it was just one cookie, one giant, massive cookie for him.

When the cookie was finally gone Kyo's gut blubbered out big and round.  It was already putting a strain on his button up shirt, as the buttons pulled against the other side to try and attempt to contain his girth.  Kyo already felt dizzy, and he knew quickly things were only getting worse as Rika went for another cookie.  Already nauseous Kyo once again tried to do anything to get her to stop short of just plain hurting her.  Though this cookie wasn't quite as big or luscious, just a store bought packaged chocolate chip.  Kyo still felt it getting rammed into his mouth and forced to swallow it down.  As it went into his stomach he could feel his clothes stretch further and further and beginning to be more uncomfortable.  As his stomach was peeking out behind his shirt his pants strained and his underwear grew tight and clinched hard against his ground and into his butt.  His rear end also happened to be growing with his waist, making him raise up gently in her hand as the remainder of the cookie was pushed in.  

“Oh you look like you loved it!”  Rika squealed with joy, although she clearly wasn't paying attention as Kyo looked like he was going to explode, be sick, or be explosively sick.  His stomach had expanded so much it fattened up his back and he now resembled less a person and now a tiny softball shaped and sized man that had clothes on, plus limbs and a head.  Rika put Kyo down finally and sounded like she was going somewhere.  Kyo with a moment to breathe let out a belch as he did so.  He wanted to try and get away before she came back, as he knew she wasn't going to leave him alone long enough.  Desperately he tried to move, only with his legs needing to now carry an obscene amount of weight he could barely get up, leaving his body quivering as finally the first button casualty on his shirt snapped off, his pants' buckle immediately joining it.  

“Here I bet you're all thirsty little doll!”  Rika's words made Kyo groan before he gasped shocked at what she had.  Having gone to the fridge she had gotten a container of milk from it, as well as a funnel.  “Oh no no no no no no...”  Kyo now had to fend her off as much as possible.  Now even willing to bite a finger of her's if it meant escape.  Sadly she didn't have any problem stuffing the nozzle of the funnel into his mouth.  Too deep in to spit out, and with the sad realization coming that he had no way out.  Rika opened up the milk and started to pour it into the funnel.

All at once Kyo's body bloated up as he had to chug down the milk violently or else risk drowning.  His body expanded more and more into a round growing shape.  His arms and legs getting fatter and fatter until they were getting sucked into his body's overall growing mass.  Feeling everything inside of him stretch in ways his never felt before, Kyo silently began to dread what was unavoidable until amazingly it never happened.  Rika stopped, and seeing the giant blob like mass that was her doll she gently poked Kyo's stomach.  “Hm, I guess you've had enough...”  She pondered the idea to herself before Kyo's saving grace came from the front doorbell ringing.  Already knowing who it was Rika quickly put the funnel into the sink and the milk into the fridge.  “MOM!  MOM!  Look at what Kyo bought me!  Its this cool living doll thing!”

If he had to guess, Kyo was probably around double his height now, being stuffed with cookies and milk.  “If I never see another cookie in my life it'll be too soon.”  Kyo muttered to himself feeling like he was going to hurl any minute.  His body jiggled like jello, and his arms and legs were all but now completely sucked into his giant body.  Even though he had this to contend with for now, he only had two thoughts going through his head.  The first was that even though he forgot to get Rika a doll like he promised, due to whatever it was he did last night.  It was good to see her enjoying what she did get.  Secondly, and counter-actively, it really sucked to be her doll and play whatever game this was.

Still... whatever happened to Logan anyways?

The young mage continued to feel his body bloom up like fresh bread as the air inside of him expanded.  Causing his cloak to start getting caught tight around his neck and choke him.  He watched the two people in front of him, one a fair, blond haired woman wearing some white and red ensemble, holding a sword next to a large guy wearing a grey coat and black cap over his own blond hair.  “Well... this is defiantly a weird looking monster wouldn't you say Lightning?”  The guy asked looking over with a smirk, making Logan groan and shake his head, this wasn't ending well was it?
So this is what happens when yours truly ends up getting paired off to do work with one :iconblackenedkrono:.  Sincerely a very talented artist who I'm glad to be working with.  For the exchange she wanted to see her picture of the same name, seen here in link form...…

Made into writing.  Her fellow OC Logan makes a cameo along with characters whom she did some fan art for so I thought why not make them into surprise guests.

Not a whole lot to say about this one, because I just woke up and I am very tired. 
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Michelle grasped the crown of her head, her fingers slowly sliding into her short ginger red hair as she gave a frustrated sigh, the offices have been on a complete tear lately as it feels like things refuse to let up for a second on her.  Leaving her exhausted enough to lean up against the side of the bus window before her stop finally arrived.  She got off, awkwardly strolling over to her and her boyfriend's house where upon entering she couldn't get the purse and computer bag off of her quick enough.  "Sweetie I'm home."  She called out, looking around for where he was.  Takumi was in his room, relaxing on his back on the bed, with his favorite manga in his hand, "Initial D", that he was flicking though page by page, smiling a bit. Just then he glanced at the clock then notices that now was the time she would be on her way home.  So he puts his book way, then walks down stairs, to notice that she had already gotten to the door, looking exhausted as always.  "Hi ya honey." He responded with a smile and wave.  As she saw her boyfriend come leaping into her view she gave him a slightly squeezing hug, feeling his soft skin under his shirt that gave her a smile.  "Hey Takumi."  She said as she gave him a peek on the cheek.  "God you have no idea how glad I am to see you."  

As she left go she strolled into the house, going right to the couch in their very spacious living room.  Giving a groan as she made contact with the leather of the seating.  "I swear I think work's trying to kill us all."  She told him, glancing back over at him.  "I swear, I should try to learn how to be a cartoonist like you, since you seem to love it."   Takumi rubbed the back of his head, moving a bit of his brown hair, as he blushed while his girlfriend gave him a kiss on the cheek,  "Dang, again?  This is starting to be kinda depressing a bit."  He frowned as he walked behind Michelle, wearing a black shirt & jeans combo, as he sat next to her on the couch,  "Oh yeah it is, when I am doing work not just playing some game on the computer." Takumi said, smiling weakly, as he realized he probably spends too much time reading the mangas with it influencing his animations.  Michelle chuckled, leaning in on Takumi as she sighed, "See, I'd be fired the moment I try playing any kind of game at my job."  She told him with a somewhat depressed, somewhat frustrated snort from her petite little nose.  She glanced back up at Takumi and slowly started to give a little smile.  "You know what I need right now, more than anything in the whole wide world?"  She asked her boyfriend, feeling the skin on his arm, tugging it out to an unnatural length before it gently snapped back to normal.

Takumi blushed as Michelle leaned in on him  "That sucks to Hell, why would they do that to you guys?" As Michelle leaned in on him, Takumi started to get a little nervous as too what she wanted.  "Oh um, not really, honey bun..."  He responded before giving an awkward grin.  Blissfully unsure what she was talking about.  Even with Michelle giving him the hint by playing a little with his elastic powers.  Michelle frowned a bit, her boyfriend's naivety was both completely adorable about him, and at times annoying, what with having to explain all sort's of things to him.  "Well... Takumi.  I was hoping my little elastic boyfriend could maybe go get the air tank in our bedroom.  Roll it out here, and help relax his girlfriend with a little show."  She told him, her voice both exotic but gentle.  "If you're up for it of course."  Takumi cheeks flushed a deep red at her sudden request, he thought about it, if he was up to such a thing.  However remembering the whole elastic powers part of himself, he became cool with the idea.  "Oh okay sure Michelle I can do it, just for you." Takumi kissed Michelle on the cheek before getting up.  Heading up the stairs to their bedroom where he got the air tank.  Struggling with the heavy weight as he dragged it down the stairs.  "Easy, easy..." Takumi muttered to himself as he dragged it into the living room, setting it up as he wiped the sweat of his forehead  "Ready to go hun."  

Michelle smiled, strolling up to Takumi after he had brought down the tank and gave him a kiss on the lips and hug, coming in close to him.  "Thank you, you have no idea how much I need this."  As she reached over, grabbing the hose that protruded from the tank, she brought it up over to Takumi, holding the end of him in front of them.  "Well since you're the one with this going in..."  She stated, her head motioning towards the end of the hose.  "Which end would you like it in?" Takumi returned the hug in full as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.  However when he saw the hose being held up by Michelle in front of them.  He began to blush a little more as he realized the question in full and had to come up with something.  "Um, well..." Takumi smiled, scratching the back of his head.  "I'll be kind to you, as you love kissing me so much and with the hugs and all, I'll take it in the uh... backdoor." He told her as he gave her a nice little, albeit somewhat awkward wink.  

Michelle laughed a little, shaking her head before placing a hand on Takumi's cheek.  "Your call."  She told him before kneeling down on one knee.  Gently unbuttoning his jeans before reaching behind him, and pulling the back of his underwear down enough for the hose to go in.  "Aaannnddd..."  She tried carefully to just give the hose a good shove in a good few feet before standing back up.  "In it goes."  She told him, although something inside of her figured he probably knew that now.  After checking the hose she reached over to the nozzle on the air tank, holding it but leaving it alone for the moment.  "Alright time to begin, are you ready?"  She asked.  Takumi blush went up a little more, mostly from realizing what he's doing, "I...I know honey."  Takumi grit his teeth slightly, bracing for the insertion as she undid his jeans and lowered his underwear slightly until,  "Ugh..." Takumi granted when he felt it go in.  "Alright I'm ready, born ready." Takumi told Michelle with a smile.  Michelle grinned, almost in a devilish manner as she finally touched the nozzle.  "Alright... here we go."  

With that, Michelle began to turn the nozzle.  She didn't want it to be too fast at first, but not slow enough that the both of them would have fallen asleep before anything happened.  The hissing began, and immediately they could both see, and in Takumi's case, feel the results happening.  Takumi saw the evil looking grin on his girlfriend's face, and instead of being intimidated by it embraced it slightly, "Oh don't keep me waiting."  He didn't have to keep waiting as he felt the pressure in his body start to grow, as his stomach began to distend out. "Oh this feels so good."  Takumi told his girlfriend, grinning himself as he kisses her on the cheek.  

Michelle giggled a little at the kiss she got from him, "Yeah I bet it does, I really am jealous of you baby."  She remarked to him, seeing his stomach start to puff out.  Almost as if he was hiding a beach ball under his skin his belly was puffing out in a roundish shape, taking the side as they too were growing outward to accommodate his size.  She gave his belly a playful little smack, nothing intended to hurt him by any measure, but just to hear the noise it made, a noise not unlike a dodgeball hitting a wall or floor.  She giggled a little at it.  "I love that sound it makes."  She told him as she felt his stomach growing larger, spacing further apart his shirt and jeans.  "Oh are you now, want to be like big ol' me."  Takumi joked as he winked at her once again.  Feeling his belly puffing out slowly he tilted his head back with that grin, just in heaven at the moment.  "Mmm feels so good."  He said out loud as he rubbed his stomach while it grew, laughing along with Michelle when she bopped it to make the hollow sound.  "Yeah me too.  I love it."  

As Takumi grew out, his backside started to puff out as well, as well as his lower half with his legs starting to split out with the air going into them.  Thankfully when Takumi had moved in with her she had the money to get him specially made clothing, it wouldn't break or tear on him if he stretched or... in this case, inflate.  Since he had trouble with that before.  Michelle continued to rub his stomach, moaning at the feel of his skin stretching out, his body growing bigger and bigger.  "Baby I want you to be big, I want you to be the biggest balloon this world's ever seen.  My big puffy balloon, all for me and me alone."  She told him, her hot breath on his cheek.  She started to reach for the nozzle.  "You think you can handle it?" Takumi moaned himself as she continued to rub him which was making him really hot.  Feeling his body start to go into a starfish sort've shape and his ass even begin puffing out Takumi's cheeks once again started to get a little pink in hue.  "Mmm oh I want to be big for you, just for you and only you.  Don't stop babe, I want to keep on going forever." Takumi blushed a little more, realizing what he just said and slightly embarrassed by it, however when he saw her motioning towards the nozzle he gave her a knowing nod.  "Go for it, I'm more than ready."  

As Takumi basically gave her the go ahead Michelle reached over, grasping the nozzle of the air tank and giving it a sharp twist.  The change was immediate, as suddenly what was happening to his body slowly was now really picking up steam.  As his body really started to puff out his legs and arm started to take in more air.  He also began to become taller, thankfully their living room had a very high roof as Michelle backed away slowly, still rubbing his body along the way to remind him she was there.  "Oh you must feel so big don't you?  My big balloon, just so massive and powerful."  She told him, at this point the thrill of everything was starting to make her lose track of what she was even saying.  The moment being just too powerful for her to keep composure.  Takumi could immediately feel the change in the pressure as it rushed though his body.  The thrill of not only growing bigger and bigger, but seeing his girlfriend practically being driven crazy by it all was a real rush, "Oh i do honey, I love it, I'm will be only yours forever.  I might be big and powerful, but so are you." He told her as he could tell she was living a dream at the moment, even if it was vicarious.  

As Takumi grew larger, every direction of his body puffed out, causing his arms and legs not only to grow larger but to slowly be absorbed into his ball shaped body, with his neck just starting to do the same on him.  Michelle couldn't wipe the smile off of her face.  Just clinching at his body as it grew out, starting to just make contact with the couch and recliner as it also began pressing up against the air tank.  Michelle couldn't speak anymore, the thrill of it all just left her awestruck as she continued to feel his body grow against her.  Takumi watched his body sucking in his limbs, hearing and feeling how his girlfriend was just loving it.  "Oh I'm getting big, it's just so wonderful." He said out loud knowing it was going to make the experience better for Michelle.  However in his mind, he knew he wanted Michelle herself to join in, as he thought of that, he touched the couch, recliner, & the tank, all of which he could feel as he grew bigger and bigger.  As Michelle was now almost completely leaning in on Takumi and his simply giant balloon body that continued to puff out in all directions.  

Her ecstasy was cut short by a small straining noise, it wasn't anything horrible, but it did remind her of the actual honest to goodness situation being presented.  She glanced up to Takumi, where she realized he had grown so big that she couldn't actually see his face.  "Takumi?  Baby?  Are you doing alright?"  She asked, sounding just a bit nervous, but it was hopefully not too clear in her voice for his sake.  Takumi remained in bliss as he kept growing bigger, however he too heard the creak on top of feeling his skin start to tug a bit back in resistance.  It was especially then when he realized he couldn't even see her.  "Oh Michelle turn it off." Takumi called out to her, slightly embarrassed he let himself get so big without any self control.  "I'm fine for now Michelle, just turn the damn thing off."  Michelle gave a knowing nod, even if he couldn't actually see it at that point.  She reached over to the knob on the tank.  It did always look a little rusty, and while they never noticed it back then...  


They sure did then.  "Oh...shit..."  Michelle muttered to herself, as she looked at the broken knob in her hand and hearing the hissing still going.  It took a moment of processing but she realizing that Takumi was in serious danger.  Immediately she began clinching at the tank where the nozzle was, trying to turn it shut with no success.  Takumi blushed, and began to be very nervous when he heard a snapping sound and Michelle swearing. "Honey?  What happened?"  Takumi asked as he heard the hissing still, needing a moment to process and realize he was still in danger, now full on in panicking mode as he grew larger.  "Ohhhh my..." Takumi suddenly had an idea, but was embarrassed to say it as his cheeks really started to burn red.  "Take it out my ass Michelle, that might work... I think."  Takumi told her, really stressed out in more ways than one.  Michelle stopped trying to twist the broken remain of a nozzle, realizing his plan might work and after having to actually get around the huge mass of Takumi's body found the hose.  She grabbed it, giving it a violent tug with nothing happening.  Either he was inflating too large and it was stuck, it was under too much pressure to come out, something was causing it to not work.  "I... baby it isn't coming out."  She called up to him as she continued to tug on the hose one more time before stopping, backing up, and trying to figure out what to do.  "Ohhhh shit!"  As Takumi was panicking he could feel his head start to sink into his body, usually the big warning that he was getting way too big.  He tried to wiggle the hose out himself, with no luck, as he tried to think of another way out, with still no luck.  "Damn."  

Michelle was frantically glancing between the hose, the tube, and the location on Takumi, formerly his rear end if it wasn't stretched out so much to lose it's shape, where the hose was going in.  She frantically tried to come up with a way to fix the problem.  Finally she got it, she patted Takumi on his body which wasn't giving nearly as much as it was before.  "Oh I got it, just hold on I'll be right back."  She called up to him before running around his massive frame and out of the room.  Takumi felt the pressure in him growing very dangerously high as he realized she was leaving him, making him very worried he might not be able to hold on, having her come back to a large pile of shredded rubber.  "Oh Michelle just hurry and do it, I can't hold it much longer." Takumi heard her rush out of the room, going around him as he sighed. "I really hope she does..."  He said more to himself as he had to hold back the urge to cry, "I...I...I really don't want to pop!"  

Takumi didn't have to wait long, because even in high heels Michelle practically ran the 100 meter dash in record time, grabbing a plier and running back to the living room, where she immediately clamped it to the broken nozzle and with a grunt and as much strength as she could muster, yanked the valve on the tank closed as the air finally stopped going into her boyfriend.  Panting from the exhaustion Michelle looked down for a moment as she rubbed Takumi's body.  "Honey it's okay... I..."  She finally looked up, "Whoa..."  Takumi was, by all extensive purposes, giant.  Their living room was around 15 feet high, and his slightly submerged head was coming close to the ceiling.  Michelle had to take a few steps back to see all of him.  "Wow honey I... I know I said I wanted you big but... wow."  Michelle could only let out as she stared up wide eyed at Takumi.  Takumi immediately felt the difference when the pressure was shut off, as he panted from the exertion.  "Oh my word," Takumi finally could breath and he sighed in relief, glancing over himself, amazed and in a strange sort've way, impressed with himself.  "I know, I'm simply epic right now.  You should try it next time honey. you'll love it." Takumi told her with a smile, trying to see if he can see her, only realize that he wasn't.

"I...uh..."  Michelle was drawing a mental blank at the moment, she knew he was the one with the elastic power not her, but for a moment she considered what he said before shaking her head and regaining her focus.  It was then another question arise, how exactly would she be able to get on him.  Finally she came up with an answer that called for another quick trip to the garage where she put away the pliers and grabbed the ladder she used to use to change the light in the ceiling (Of course now she just has Takumi stretch up and change it himself).  As she placed the ladder next to Takumi's body she hurried up, seeing the sheer mass of his body as she went up higher, higher, and higher.  Finally she got to the top, taking off her heels as she gently climbed onto his body, feeling it give slightly as she crawled carefully up to his slightly sunken head.  "Hey... guess that got carried away a little bit."  She shyly said, cringing a little as she put a hand on his face.  "Yeah, I guess." Takumi responded as he felt a bead of sweat fall down his forehead.  Looking at her, than at himself gave him a mental image of her ballooned out, but he had to repress the mental picture, least he got a boner and have it roll him around or something.

As she climbed the ladder and walked on him Takumi smiled, just happy to see her again after that worry. He tried to get his lips out to kiss her, only to not get any success out of it.  "Don't worry about it Michelle, all is forgiven as far as I'm concern."  Michelle started to lean in for a kiss but realized quickly that it wasn't going to work quite so easily.  What with his head somewhat sunken into his body.  So taking a moment she awkwardly got onto her stomach and shimmied on his body over to where they were face to face.  "I'm so sorry Takumi baby, is there anything I could do to make it up to you?"  She asked before going in for the kiss.  Takumi blushed slightly as he watched her awkwardly get into position to kiss him, another sign of how massive he was.  However it was then as well he got a plan.  Well, how badly do you want to be a balloon your self?"  He asked as he brought his face close to hers, trying not to give his plan away too much.

"Mmph?"  Michelle in her kiss didn't think any of what Takumi said to her, not until at least she suddenly realized that he meant it seriously.  In an instant all the air that was originally in him was now going into her and fast.  She tried to scream, whine, shout, anything to get him to stop, but suddenly him putting a hand on the back of her head stopped her, and after a symphony of hissing, puffing, and her clothes ripping off of her.  She was now the colossal size he was before.  She was simple flabbergasted as she looked around to seeing nothing but her own inflated body.  " did you..."  she rambled, trying to find an answer to this amazing thing that had just happened to her.  Takumi knew deep down she wanted to be the balloon herself, so when she tried to fight he he kept with it, blowing more into her.  When is arms was able, he stroked her cheek as he held her head in place.  When her clothes tore off he had to keep his focus least he stopped to get a look.  Finally she reached his size from before, he stopped and held on to her, in exactly the same spot she was.  "Oh honey it was clear you wanted this, I could tell."  He told her blissfully unaware of what the actual question was, while he stroked her cheek smiling.  "I..."  Michelle could only stare on blankly for a moment before she realized Takumi was stroking her cheek.  She tried to come up with an explanation, she wasn't elastic like him, how could she be like this?  Did he do something to her while she was asleep?  Has being around him so long done something to her?  Did he.... 'Oh forget it.'  She thought to herself, moaning softly as she enjoyed the moment.  Takumi smiled as she stopped fighting it, just giving into the feeling.  "I knew you'd like it."  He remarked as he leaned forward rubbing his cheek against her's.
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