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Serial number: FRM-04 T-S
Code name: Rainhound
Unit type: custom frontal raid model
Operator: Alzo Sheltz; Independent
Dimensions: height 24.0 meters
Weight: 58.0 metric tons
Armor materials: Hi-density hybrid composite
Powerplant: Dummy-zero fusion reactor
Armaments: micro missile pod x 2 (15 missile each); S-17 ram shotgun; FR-33 sub-railgun, mounted on right shoulder; shield, mounted on left shoulder; shift cutter x 2, stored in both arms, folded forward in use


A custom mech for :iconeyetypher:'s MUGEN game. Well, actually I already registering Zleive for his game but I though this one is more suited for the game (with more weapon and all) hope he will accept it^^

Rainhound's rival => Bugwrath ([link])

Rainhound (c):icona2ure:(me)
visit my mecha gallery =>[link]
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I don't know if i will make this thing blue, but i like blue and i decide to use it on this "spec paper" here. Well this are not to detailed specs but i will come up with for this, it's kinda hard for me to switch from characters to machinery like this, which i did not concentrate on for some time.
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First attempt at painting Mecha without doing any clean line art (just a rough sketch). Still a work in progress. I call this bad boy the Dreadnaught.
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This is a rough mech design that I made on Friday with the input from the watchers of my Mecha Zone page on Facebook. Thanks everyone for your interaction. Basically, they listed some cool mech ideas and I took my faves and bashed them in to this. You can see all the comments and my slightly looser first pass drawing here --->>> [link]
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Here is a mech I designed for a game that is currently a work in progress.
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This actually is a collaborative work for a novel entitled "vanguard", where the concept of illustration is triggered by a friend of mine named "Vinko Satrio" also as the author of this novel and I am here as an illustrator as well as "mech designer"
Here's a brief description of the work above is based on the idea of ​​the author .. (But may change)

Haze Reiter Ex-G (Ex-Gharuda)

Unit Type: Prototype Assault Vanguard

Height: 18.64 meters

Weight: 79.83 metric tons

Armor Materials: Carbonated Avalon Alloy

Power Plant: Smir (Reinforce Solar Integrated Mirror) Generator System

Equipment Features: ICU (Integrated Unit Crest), Modem Link (For 2-combatant pilot system, to help activate the ICU), ELF (Enforcer of Living Force) System, Leaf System (Note: similar to Phsyco Frame), Wings of Garuda mode (mixing of Fire, Wind, and Light Crest Elemental Power)

Armaments (optional, and not all the parts installed in based type)

Beam 2x Katar (mounted on Garuda's Right and Left Arms) and is specifically for all types including "based type"

sparingly (High Energy Mega Thruster) 2x Cannon (mounted on Garuda's Right and Left Arms; charged by the help of Wings of Garuda Mode) This mode applies to space mode.

Wireless Leaf Blades 2x (at Garuda's Right and Left Hips) to this part is also optional.

Reflector Shield 2x (mounted on Garuda's Right and Left Arms)

WABC (Wide Area Cluster Beam) 2x (activated by Wings of Garuda's Smir Generator System) à note: similar to V2 Gundam's Beam Wings, this part applies to space type.

Pilot: Daniel Anarta

Here's a description of the existing part on Ex-G:

1. Hydraulic spring: spring is exactly like the kind of "up side down", this spring also serves to dampen excessive vibration in harsh terrain during the battle.

2. Thruster stabilizer: This is actually a kind of mini-throwers who serves as the outer space, where part of this work adds to mobility as well as stabilize the Ex-G in space, some of these parts are also in some other parts of the body such as the shoulders, chest, back, and so on. But for the "based-type" that is grounded type, the thruster is covered with special rubber seal, and the main engine thruster also has not been installed for this mode.

3. Cradle beam (beam Katar): This is the holder untuksenjata beam that is close combat, since this beam has a shape that is large enough, and therefore designed a special folds so that this beam could be at capacity in a limited space, but since almost all the space in the arm used for mounting the beam, then the special motion system at hand does not use hydraulic propulsion as the legs, but uses an electric motor system independently on each joints, there is also a spring on the hydraulic arm as in the feet, is intended that when shot, the vibrations generated weapons do not damage the joints of the arm, hydraulic spring also serves as a stabilizer for the accuracy of the more accurate shots.

4. Cooling: This is a holder for the main engine radiator, because this part is very risky, so in this section is also coated by a layer of bulletproof.

5. Additional Weapon holder: holder that works for additional weapons such as the gatling gun, rocket launcher (SAM), and others.

6. Additional cooling: the cooling function is almost similar to the previous, but this does not put on a radiator. has the task of optimizing cooling.

7. Jammer: useful to randomize the radar signal opponent.

8. Spot Scanner: useful to optimize the target lock, so the presence of the enemy could be quickly known.

9. Radar: useful as a detection target, and is useful also as an amplifier jammer.

10. Armor Plate: thickness and has a special material made of "Carbonated Avalon Alloy" so that it remains strong but lightweight, has a form of armor that is "angled" or "tapered" so that they can reflect enemy projectiles and in minimizing damage to the inside of the main engines. This armor will also be installed reactive armor.

11. Knee pad: useful to protect the joints of the feet, and also as a counterweight when the position of "kneeling" in this section will also be installed reactive armor.

12. Rail binder: Useful as a divider joints, it is useful to enhance flexibility in the legs when moving.

13. Hydraulic Protector: This recall risky part is damaged, therefore it is necessary protective able to cover the joints on the soles of the feet.

14. The hydraulic spring bBelakang: have the most extreme point of the curve, this allows Ex-G to perform the complicated positions like kneeling.

15. Rail spring: hydraulic system with a rail system, will minimize vibration and make mobility more stable, this rail system can be locked "when certain".

16. Cockpit: The place to hatch located on the rear cockpit, but still opened in the atasmya, but basically the position of the cockpit in the middle, with a position in such a way that allows the cockpit to escape in an emergency.

17. Main Thruster: This is used thurster only limited to jumping and sliding, allows to perform a responsive motion dodge.
thruster above there is a slot for an additional part on setipa different types.

18. Reflector Shield holder.

19. Emergency Floodlight.

20. Rear Floodlight. * Function part 19 and 20 can also be as Morse code.

I'm sorry if my english bad....TTwTT
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Was thinking of making this a one-time-appearance character, still deciding for it's exact role.

Height: 200 meters
Weight: Unknown
Armor: Non-existant, skin appears to be made of extremely resilient organic matter. All weapons used against the creature seem to cause no damage.
Weapons: Unknown.
Abilities: Storing infinite ammounts of memory and data in it's body, distortion of space, disrupting power fluctuations in machines, creates small energy balls, 9 meters in diameter, capable of leveling entire cities, changing shape into a organic-looking spaceship, traveling at speeds thought to be impossible by modern science.
Energy level: Unknown. Creature does not seem to give off any kind of signatures.

It is unknown who built this giant, when was it nor where it came from. All that is known is it's mission: To record the history of the universe and gather data about it's galaxies, stars, solar systems, planets and lifeforms through the infinity. Despite it's peaceful, curious personality, it posesses incredible strength and fearsome powers, and will perceive slightest provocations as an attack, especially if someone tries to tamper with the data it collected.

Character and art by me.
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I'm glad to report that exams are finally finished for this year, and I'm now able to get back to this particular project. Since I've mostly been working on weapon models, I haven't really had time to render anything nice-looking, so here's this for now. The lighting effects are a combination of the light settings, rendering style, and a some touch-ups in GIMP.
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Robot concept.

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Ya había echo bocetos de robots antes , pero este es el primero que termino
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