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Here we go…now it starts…>8D
Side Mission 1: Save the eggs from Arbok! ;3
More like take them back, but whatever. : D

I think these side missions (for now) are mostly just going to show you my team, their personalities (you finally get to see Solace in action…XD), and their relationship. How they are, overall. XD No “storyline” stuff just yet.
Unless I think of something.
But yeah. Hopefully I’ll get these done. ;D

Now then…I haven’t really planned out their home. I realized this when I made this page and thought “Crap….what does it look like…?” XD But since I didn’t want to spend a day/hours thinking/planning it out, I decided to just……quickly design something. I’m sure I’m going to fix it later, but for now, here you go~! :XD: I know, it kinda does suck, but! I want to post these pages quickly (though, this one did take me a while. Stupid backgrounds that take up time…).

…well, I feel like I’m still having trouble creating pages quickly. >> I just don’t know how….D:
But this page felt easy, compared to the Intro. XD

And about Panel 7.…

….uuuuuh, I don’t know how to draw Solitaire’s “eyelash patterns” with her eyes closed….D:
I looked up references….but somehow, they didn’t make sense. XD Or at least, didn’t work for her.
So….yeah. XD Deal with it…?

That’s all! :’D Solace is being cute, and Solitaire is being abusive.
Ooooh, what a team~
Enjoy. XD

Application: [link]
Introduction: [link]
Next Page: [link]

For :iconpmd-explorers:
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I'm in the middle of moving and being unbelievable busy right now, but I thought that just because of that I needed something to relax my brain. So I try to complete the 30 days pokémon challenge with sketchy style! Let's see how this will work out...

The themes are going to be:
Day 01: Favorite Pokemon
Day 02: Least favorite Pokemon
Day 03: Favorite starter Pokemon
Day 04: Favorite Eeveelution
Day 05: Favorite legendary Pokemon
Day 06: Most terrifying Pokemon
Day 07: Most adorable Pokemon
Day 08: Most amusing Pokemon
Day 09: Favorite Pokemon type
Day 10: Least favorite Pokemon type
Day 11: Favorite new Pokemon from Black & White
Day 12: Favorite Pokemon attack or move
Day 13: If you lived in the Pokemon world, what would you be?
Day 14: If you were a gym leader, what would be your specialty?
Day 15: Favorite region in the Pokemon world
Day 16: If you could live anywhere in the Pokemon world, where would it be?
Day 17: If you could be any Pokemon, what would you be?
Day 18: Favorite Gym Leader
Day 19: Favorite Elite 4 member/Champion
Day 20: Favorite Pokemon Professor
Day 21: Favorite Pokemon bad guys
Day 22: Favorite Rival
Day 23: A Pokemon which reminds you of a friend
Day 24: A Pokemon you’d find useful in real-life
Day 25: A Pokemon based on your favorite animal
Day 26: A Pokemon that is your favorite color
Day 27: Favorite Pokemon game
Day 28: What did you nickname your rival?
Day 29: Favorite Pokemon tune or song
Day 30: Most nostalgic element of Pokemon
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Oh Solace….XD

I’m honestly not sure if he purposely did that…or if he really is an idiot. XD

Either way….he’s a cute idiot. :’D

Rushed with the backgrounds~ I’m going to be a doing that a lot, so don’t mind me….XD I really want these pages out. Hope you guys don’t mind. :3

And if you’re wondering why Solitaire didn’t hit Solace after he called her “deary”, that’s because she’s kinda used to that one. Since he calls her that very often. XD And it’s not some kind of weird, “possessive” kind of nickname, so it’s (somewhat) all good. XD

Also! Solitaire in the last panel isn’t supposed to really have eyes (only her eyebrow and markings) . It adds to her expression. XD So don’t ask about that.

Okay! We’ll meet Arbok in the next page. : D

Til then~

Application: [link]
Previous: [link]
Next: [link]

For :iconpmd-explorers:
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Yeah, I finally finished something. It took me only one year from starting this til it was done. :’D *epic fail*
Rule Nr. 3 was something about ‘finish your drawing during the time the song plays’ but since I am a stingy perfectionist about my art, I thought ‘screw that rule, I’m not gonna put up halfdone sketches’ and so I did the sketches during the songs and then cleaned, linearted and coloured them. =w=b

Crap. I have to much sadness on my playlist. >w>;

Rihanna – Cry

…This time was different
Felt like, I was just a victim
And it cut me like a knife
When you walked out of my life
Now I'm, in this condition
And I've, got all the symptoms
Of a girl with a broken heart
But no matter what you'll never see me cry…

It’s my Lady, having a broken heart. ;w; She just ended a very unhappy affair with Lucky, the Typhlosion who cheated on her with Banana Pancake, the Furret. But don’t worry, she will get over it and surely find a new love one day. After all, she deserves to be happy. <3

Breaking Benjamin – Anthem Of The Angles

…White walls surround us
No light will touch your face again
Rain taps the window
As we sleep among the dead
Days go on forever
But I have not left your side
We can chase the dark together
If you go then so will I....

The Aeons. Latios and Latias. Their story in the fifth pokemon movie is ever so sad, but also ever so beautiful. ;3;

Monrose - What You Don’t Know

…What you don't know
Is that I lie awake
Wishing you were here tonight
What you don't know
That I love you
long before we were alive
Cause how would you know, how could you know…

Mewtwo… His story is also sad. Kinda always standing in Mew’s shadow. He is so angry and full of tension the he doesn’t even notice how loveable he actually is. :’D And I’m sure he has a soft and lovable spot. :3

Celtic Woman – You Raise Me Up

…When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary;
When troubles come and my heart burdened be;
Then, I am still and wait here in the silence,
Until you come and sit awhile with me...

Beauty and her partner Moonlight. Before Beauty evolved, Moonlight didn’t like her. He thought she was cowardly and whiny, and annoying. She was more a bother to him then anything like a partner and lover. But once she evolved and proved that she could also stand for herself, he fell for her and now they stand beside each other in a strong relationship.

Secondhand Serenade – Your Call

…Stripped and polished, I am new, I am fresh
I am feeling so ambitious, you and me, flesh to flesh
Cause every breath that you will take
when you are sitting next to me
will bring life into my deepest hopes, What's your fantasy?
And I'm tired of being all alone, and this solitary moment
makes me want to come back home…

It’s Simba, my Luxray. (Yes, I know. The choice of nicknames for my pokemon is just sooooo imaginate. >w>; )
He is Lady’s secret admirer. Ever since he was a Shinx and meet her for the first time he fell for her. :3 He had been patient for a long time, but soon his chance will come and he will stand by her side, make her happy and dry her tears at night. <3

Muse – Time Is Running Out
…I won't let you bury it
I won't let you smother it
I won't let you murder it
Our time is running out
You can't push it underground
You can't stop it screaming out…

Houndoom and Delcatty. This time none of my own pokemon. I choose them for the song because they fit as a hot, deconstructive couple. I can see them fight a lot but also making it hot and steamy at night. >3>

Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger

…So many times, it happens too fast
You change your passion for glory
Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past
You must fight just to keep them alive...

Uhm, yeah. Just Raikou. >w<

Skillet – Awake And Alive

…I'm at war with the world 'cause I
ain't never gonna sell my soul.
I've already made up my mind,
no matter what I cant be bought or sold.
When my faith is getting weak,
and I feel like giving in,
you breathe into me again...

Suicune. <3 Next to Lugia my favourite legendary pokemon. Here I’m going with Suicune from the Pokemon Special manga series. Fits so well with the lyrics of the song.

Simon And Garfunkel – Bright Eyes

…Is it a kind of shadow reaching into the night?
Wandering over the hills unseen or is it a dream?
There's a high wind in the trees a cold sound in the air,
and nobody ever knows when you go and where do you start,
oh, into the dark...

Eevee and his older brother Flareon. The little one witnessed his brother fighting the pokemon of a human. He lost and got caught. Since then Flareon is out of Eevee’s life and the little one hasn’t seen him again. ;w; -sad story, needs to have a happy end-

Disney – God Help The Outcasts

…I ask for nothing
I can get by
But I know so many
Less lucky than I
Please help my people
The poor and downtrod
I thought we all were
The children of God…

Absol had always been kind of an emo-pokmon, right? :’D This one is even worse since it is shiny. >w> When you are different to the others you are almost always an outsider… Even in the world of pokemon with it’s friendship-lasts-forever stuff.

Meme done by me.
Pokemon belongs to Nintendo.
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Complete poketeam ref(colored+commented+stories).More pokemon characters may appear later,but these are the main ones lol
:bulletred:Warning:image HUGE.I'm not responsible for any exploding computers or injuries caused by those explosions. XD

I am sorry for taking so long to finish that;and all those un-replied comments.Im kinda lagged this vacation(spending more time with the family,preparing new drawings for another expo,and i cant sleep too late anymore.Mom have been always telling me that,but now the doctor told me the same.Then i got serious lol.)
Sorry,I'll try to reply all the comments,to be quicker in the art trades and submit more stuff.
Also,I'm going to travel july 20th.But don't worry,I'll be back(i've always wanted to say that hurr durp)


:bulletorange:The trainer:
Age:??? (Pokemon world is Neverland.Ash is 10 since 1997 XD)
Hometown:New YorkCastellia city
Born in a big city,Lulu and his pet Oshawott have always lived in a quick and stressful way of life(only coffe would keep us alive lol).One day,thinking about a carreer and observing people working in the city,she(I) realized that each day seemed shorter and more stressful than the day before,and she wouldnt stand so much pressure.So,she decided to be a hobopokemon trainer and started her journey,taking her pet oshawott(Zudomon) with her.
random fact:When coming back from school,Lulu always watched anime with Zudomon.Watching digimon made Oshawott think he were a digimon.Also,watching pokemon also inspired Lulu to go on a journey.

The team:

:bulletorange:Zudomon:Lulu's pet,first friend and starter pokemon.Very loyal to the trainer,and still a great friend,but refuses to enter the pokeball.Used to watch tv a lot.Especially after evolving,he thinks he's a digimon.Carries a hammer around

:bulletgreen:Mustache:First caught pokemon.Was found around the city as a lillipup,playing with a stick.The playful pup,however saw something more interesting:A pokeball in Lulu's hand.He jumped and caught the pokeball.And was accidentally caught. XD He is the typical loyal,friendly and playful pup.

:bulletgreen:Ryu:He tends to think he can do everything by himself.His dream was to beat Elite four,even without a trainer and team,and was found training in a dojo at night,trying to master his hadouken technique. xD
Challenged Lulu for a battle and lost,and after that,he was convinced that teamwork is needed,and offered himself to join.

:bulletgreen:Absol:Was captured in the Rocket's hideout.Finding out she was going to be a Rocket's slave,she tried to escape right after leaving the capsule.When she was cornered,she saw a shy guy cloaked ninja infiltrating the rocket hideout and helping her beat the executives.After beating team rocke,that inspired her to be a ninja.She still can't resist and steals some stuff,though.

:bulletgreen:Poera:An interesting fact is that he was born at the miltank cafe.Got him in a trade with *tiaamaito.He always like to go back to Miltank café with Lulu and the team to drink some MooMoo capuccino,a special from the café.

:bulletgreen:Staraptor(aka "Thirteen"):This is a real story.My cousin and I made a bet:if he were able to clear Kirby 64 within 24 hours without my help,he would get a Blissey.And he did it(the last crystal to find,from aqua star is a very tricky one.)
So,he won the blissey and traded me a Starly.For some reason,I got quite attached to that starly,and trained her XD
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Next: [link]
Application: [link]

For :iconpmd-explorers:

FINALLY! I got to finish it. XD

Sorry….with school starting and all (and me being nervous about it…), I couldn’t work on it much. D:
Heck, I spent 4 hours on the first panel, since I was nervous about Open House. XD And it STILL looks icky.

But luckily, the drawings got better. :XD:

So! Finally some serious stuff! D: And action!

Degue is attacking! What will happen?! DX

Oh, btw! Sorry Etsoree. I know Samuel and Horus aren’t on this page much. XD But:
1: I drew those panels while I was still in that nervous stage…I really just wanted to get the panels done with, so I cut them out. XD
2: I’m trying to give Nirvana some screen time. For certain reasons. XD
3: Trust me! They weren’t needed for this page, but they will be needed for the next few pages. :3 ESPECIALLY Horus~

So…DEFINITELY my first time drawing a Terrakion….XD It was interesting….

And for Panel 2, those lines are supposed to represent the earthquake obviously. Like a seismograph. C:

Also…I’m both happy and sad that we were given a 1 week extension. XD Cause:
1: I was HOPING for an extension in the first place, since I wasn’t going to make the original deadline.
2: Now I have more time~
3: If it wasn’t for school this week, I could’ve uploaded quite a few pages by now, and I would’ve been a lot closer to being finished…..<XD And if that had happened, along with the extension, I probably would’ve finished….possibly….
But who knows if I’m going to finish now, since I JUST finished this page. <XD Eh. I’ll just see. :3

Anyway, enjoy~
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Prize art for :icongamegirl0: for being a part of my pokemon contest <3

There is her as a trainer and her two pokemon Absol and Misdreavus as you wished!

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:iconsparklesplz: :iconpokejinka-park: :iconsparklesplz:

Yes, this is another app //sob

I promise to do some real artwork after this :iconokayfaceplz:

I havnt watched or played pokemon in over 5 years,, so nostalgic :icontearplz:

Absol always used to be my fave, too bad I butchered it with this ugly gijinka :iconmegustaplz:

Name: Noba

Pokemon: Absol

Age: 12

Birthday: December 13

Gender: Boy asdfadsas he dosnt look like one :iconsawbplz:

Area: Tech area

Job: Astronomer

Ability: Super Luck

Nature: Lonely

Move set: Slash, Shadow ball

Relatives: none loner


Noba has always been an observer. When he was young, he traveled a lot with his father, who taught him many valuable life necessities. He was constantly on the move and never really settled down. His father eventually fell ill and he was forced to move back to where his mother lived. Life was peaceful for a while, until his mother left him. Her disappearance was mysterious and sudden, however, Noba has no intention of finding her. He has strong beliefs about not looking back, and continuing to travel forward. Likewise, he does not harbor any past grief or regrets.

Noba has often wondered about the fate of his father, but has not yet confirmed wether he is alive or not. He does not have any siblings and is content with being alone. For a short while, after he moved to the tech area, he trained with a master astronomer. He was fascinated with the stars and would often stop to gaze up at them on clear nights. His master was a harsh pokemon and did not provide any sympathy. He taught Noba what he could until it was time for him to move on. Afterwards, Noba continued to live in the tech area.

Noba is a quiet soul who would rather observe than speak. He is fairly intelligent and strives to gather whatever information he can out of others by simply observing them. Although he rarely gets angry, he dislikes arrogant or brutal pokemon. He ussually spends his days napping or running other errands.


Soft music
Meeting new Pokemon
Naming constellations
Oran berries


Volcanic/hot places
Cloudy nights
Light pollution

Item: None

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You ruined the joke Solitaire….XD

And scarred that poor Ditto for life.

And that’s the best reason ever to pick a mission, right? :XD:

Too bad it annoyed Solitaire….

And the Ditto actually doing it made her mood worsen. XD

Which is why she’s so PO’ed in the 5th panel. :’D

That, or that was really her strategy…

Who knows. XD But she looks pretty dark in the last panel. Poor Solace. :XD:

This would’ve been out earlier, but I’ve been paying attention to other stuff/slacking off. XD But at least I finished it today.

I wanted to do the last side mission, but I don’t have time. I need to work on another comic for PMD now. What will it be about? You’ll see. ;D

Enjoy. XD

Application: [link]
Previous Mission: [link]
Her Decision (next): [link]

For :iconpmd-explorers:
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i was originally just gonna do one photo for, the new members introduction, but then i thought one page won't hurt!
....its pretty sappy lol. either way enjoy.

i havn't updated my sheet with her just yet so i apologize. still debating what kind of personality she is going to have. Either way enjoy!

i definitely gonna try to finish this rounds missions or tasks, ive just been so busy with work.

team schnapps:[link]
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