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My app for :iconpmd-explorers:

Team Celestial Eventide

Taiyo the growlithe-
This adventurous young growlithe is ready for anything. Of course, she isn't from Tao Village. In fact, Taiyo actually traveled a long ways from her home at Daybreak Plateau. Reasons why she came here to Tao Village, well, will be revealed later. Anyways, just be careful as to not have her too excited, or else she'll accidentally use Overheat and as everyone knows, that'll have some disasterous effects for her when it happens(especially before a time she has to be able to completely use her powers).

Have some fun facts:
Taiyo just happens to be a part of the Golden Sun bloodline. If you're wondering what the Golden Sun bloodline is, that'll be explained in due time, but for now, let's just say it's part of quite a legend.
She just LOVES the water, of course, one of the reasons for that is because of her liking how the sunrise appears above a body of water.
She wasn't always so adventurous, of course this bit of her history is also part of the little reason why she came to Tao.

Zainan the absol-
Let's see, what to say about Zainan... Well, she usually spaces out as if thinking very deeply about something depending on what's going on at the time. When asked about her past, well... she doesn't exactly like to talk about it. Of course we'll know what had happened back then in due time as well. I guess you could say also because of her past, she can be very shy or nervous around those she barely knows, but don't worry, she'll open up eventually and show everyone what she really can be: a kind, gentle soul that needs some time to heal and that's really caring for those who are in need and those who are her friends.

Zai(as Taiyo usually calls her) often worries about her teammate when the young growlithe gets reckless and/or hyper, and when the absol voices her concern, Taiyo just jokingly retorts with something like "You're not my mom!" or something like that.
Like Taiyo, Zainan came from a far away place that is currently not known much about at this time, as only a few truly know about it.
She also has an occasional dream or vision of her past.
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Gale's Secret (previous): [link]
Application: [link]

For :iconpmd-explorers:

….I THINK this has to be my longest comic page ever…XD With 23 panels~

I couldn’t color the whole thing though, since that would take too much time. ;3 ANYWAY!

So it begins….

I spent Mission 2 introducing my team to you guys and showing all of you their personalities, relationships, etc, and during Event 2, I gave you a tiny bit of story: Something about Solitaire and an unknown problem with fireworks, and a Solace-flashback. But it’s still not much.

Now with Mission 3, the TRUE story begins. ;3

If you guys saw the intro to my team ([link]), you should all know about Sol’s suppressed memories, and that one sentence that she was able to remember. Now I can finally expand on that. ;3 Well…obviously, Solitaire never got over it….knowing that she had once known someone, yet she managed to forget all about them, bothers her to no end….
So that’s pretty much her number one goal: find a way to regain those lost memories of that pokemon. But there’s one problem that also troubles her: if she regains those memories, will she also end up regaining the memories of that unknown, scarring event as well?

As for Solace….he just wants her to forget all about this “regaining the lost memories” idea (…pun not intended). He really doesn’t like seeing her think about it so much…especially since she has so much right in front of her. But! He doesn’t know about the whole “remembering that one sentence” business (of course Solitaire isn‘t going to tell him EVERYTHING). <:3 So he doesn’t actually completely know what she’s searching for….

Still, he just cares. <X3

I know the ending part may seem rather sudden. :3 But it must be important to him, if he’s going to bring it up just like that….

Now then, I need to ACTUALLY plan out Mission 3 now. XD I have ideas, but no script….heh heh….I’ll work on that…XD

Until then, enjoy~ ;3

PS: I must say...she must REALLY love that berry if she's actually willing to say "thanks" to Solace. :XD:
Can anyone guess what berry that is...? ;3
Sorry if you can't tell...:XD:
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Application: [link]

For :iconpmd-explorers:

And here are the other two teams! >:’3

Team Corrosive Mordant: [link])
Team Everything: [link]

Hee, they were fun to draw (first time drawing an Axew and a Skorupi…oh gawd, Skorupis…@___@ )! Sorry I didn’t color them…<XD School starts on Wednesday, so I’m feeling….stressed out-ish, and I just want to get things done quickly :XD: Hope you guys don’t mind. :aww:

Hope you guys like their entrance, too~! :D

And yup….guess we can’t believe in all of our fellow rogues….XD

BTW, since it looked like I raised some confusion in the last page with Devonshire: It is indeed the real Devonshire. :XD: And it’s not that he doesn’t care about the fake mission. I guess he believes that he already has his hands full with this very serious and important mission, and he knows he can’t just abandon it to go back to Tao Village, so all he can do is hope that his guild will be able to handle it and figure things out, especially since it’s obviously rather sketchy….

Yeah. XD ANYWAY! Now the serious stuff can begin….>:’3

Whoo~ Now I need to plan out more of the comic script *hasn‘t planned out any of the script after this page*…XD But after I sleep…..night!

And enjoy~
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I'm in the middle of moving and being unbelievable busy right now, but I thought that just because of that I needed something to relax my brain. So I try to complete the 30 days pokémon challenge with sketchy style! Let's see how this will work out...

The themes are going to be:
Day 01: Favorite Pokemon
Day 02: Least favorite Pokemon
Day 03: Favorite starter Pokemon
Day 04: Favorite Eeveelution
Day 05: Favorite legendary Pokemon
Day 06: Most terrifying Pokemon
Day 07: Most adorable Pokemon
Day 08: Most amusing Pokemon
Day 09: Favorite Pokemon type
Day 10: Least favorite Pokemon type
Day 11: Favorite new Pokemon from Black & White
Day 12: Favorite Pokemon attack or move
Day 13: If you lived in the Pokemon world, what would you be?
Day 14: If you were a gym leader, what would be your specialty?
Day 15: Favorite region in the Pokemon world
Day 16: If you could live anywhere in the Pokemon world, where would it be?
Day 17: If you could be any Pokemon, what would you be?
Day 18: Favorite Gym Leader
Day 19: Favorite Elite 4 member/Champion
Day 20: Favorite Pokemon Professor
Day 21: Favorite Pokemon bad guys
Day 22: Favorite Rival
Day 23: A Pokemon which reminds you of a friend
Day 24: A Pokemon you’d find useful in real-life
Day 25: A Pokemon based on your favorite animal
Day 26: A Pokemon that is your favorite color
Day 27: Favorite Pokemon game
Day 28: What did you nickname your rival?
Day 29: Favorite Pokemon tune or song
Day 30: Most nostalgic element of Pokemon
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Yay I got to join the club!!!!

Team Name: Team Dream

Team Leader?:Chi
Likes: Food, adventures, meeting new people, bugs ans flying.
Dislike:Rudeness, Laziness, Worthlessnes, and Cowards.
Inspirations: Her "Parents" and Gunpowder the Gabite.

She is a bold Piakchu on the search to find her true parents who were apparently Rogues. Her adopted parents are Org the Electivire(a Merchant) and Aida the Tabunne/Audino(a Rescuer). She treats Violet like a little sister. Later when given an accessory voucher she brought a pair of Flygoggles to show her love of flying.
Her original story was that she meet Elesa's(the 4th Gym leader in the Pokemon Black and White games) Zebstrika in the village. He gave Chi a treasure from his travels(the Bolt Badge) which inspired her to find more like it and become a rogue. She would wear it on her 24/7. As much as I liked this story I had to get rid of it because 1. Your not supposed to create your own accessories and 2. It would be difficult to explain how a Pokemon came from the human side of the Pokemon dimension and somehow went back.
You can see her first design in my Deviation "Some Sketches" in the top right corner.

Teammate Leader?-Lez
Inspiration :An old friend

He is an extremely lazy Absol. He prefers to sleep all day and come out at night. Before he meet Chi he lived alone. He would go out at night for a few hours to steal other people's treasures so he doesn't have to find them on his own. Deep down inside he wants an adventure so, now he travels with Chi. Despite the fact that he hated her when they meet. He is afraid of bugs.
He was originally a Zorua but there are too many of them already. Then he was a houndour but I didn't completely like it. Other that he's the same.

Teamate: Violet the Violet Elgyem
Likes:Chi, new things and :?
Dislikes: Being Mute, loud things, and :?

Not much is know about Violet since she arrived from space. She is highly curious of her surroundings and likes to find out how things work. She cannot talk due to the fact that she doesn't have a mouth. Instead she uses a series of beeps using her "hands". She likes Lez greatly but he does not return the feelings because he sees her as "a weak Psychic type" and "annoying" Chi is like a big sister to Violet. They spend a lot of time together.
Hated Elygem, now I love it! Hated its evolution, now I love it!


1st Mission:[link]
2nd Mission:[link]

Event 1:[link]


Pikachu, Absol, and Elygem©Nintendo
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Remember! This is a Collab Comic between me and :iconalchemist-wolf:. We used roleplay to determine the dialogue for this comic, so everything is planned out. ;3 She makes and uploads a page….I make and upload a page…..etc. ^^

In this page~

Kelsea’s Shadow Ball from the previous page hits Solitaire, but since it’s a ghost type move and Sol is a dark type, it’s not very effective….Kelsea continues to attack Sol with Swift and the Sneasel finally decides to attack back with Faint Attack. She runs at Kelsea and abruptly disappears, only to appear right behind the eevee to attack her. Kelsea uses Quick Attack, but is interrupted when Matthew and Solace show up. They argue for a bit, but Matthew comes up with the idea to have the two teams work together….

Yep. What shall they do…? C:

This page took….well, I actually lost track. XD It took a while to make…
And because we’re on a tight schedule, we have to cut down on stuff, so….no pretty backgrounds for yooooou~ XD But it’s okay. These crappy, dark backgrounds will let you concentrate on the characters and what’s going on. :3
And the rest of the pages after this one will have no color. ;3 But once we finish the last page, and if we have enough time, we’ll do out best to add as much color as we can. Hope that’ll be okay. :3

Ah, Kelsea, you definitely said the wrong thing there…XD Never accuse Solitaire of committing a crime, especially if it’s stealing (if you’ve read the intro to my PMD comic, then you should know why). ;3

Yep! Enjoy! X3

PMD team Apps:
The Night Baskers (my team): [link]
The Alchemists: [link]

For :iconpmd-explorers:
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So yeah, this is what I've been working on pretty much all of last week @_@ good lord I greatly underestimated the amount of time this thing would take |D

Anyway, since moving from my Pokemon account, my Pokemon ocs have been greatly lacking origination. So this is every single one of the ocs that I have in my Pokemon-oriented canon (for now at least, lol XD) which takes place in an area called Neon City. Since moving accounts I've weeded out quite a few characters that I no longer need/use.

full ref- [link]
Adopted from :icongalaxy-chan:, Naloshay was one of my first Pokemon characters, as well as one of the ones I use most often. She's headstrong and serious, but somehow ended up being close friends with Candy. Night is her mate. She didn't always live in Neon City, but moved there with Night from her home village in the mountains~

Still need to do an actual ref for this guy >.>; I gave him an earing lol~ He's the strong silent type, ans Naloshay's mate~

full ref-[link]
Another character I've drawn quite a bit, Spring is a shy Latias who owns a flower shop near the edge of town near a place called Everbloom Field~

full ref- [link]
Adopted her from :iconchibizoroark: fairly recently~ Lalla lives near the center of Neon City. She often hangs around Spring, not only because she's a Latias, but she also enjoys the company of flowers. Lalla is much more outgoing than Spring though, and when she's not at Spring's flower shop, she's shopping in town and chatting. Her name means "Tulip" in Persian~

full ref- [link]
My only normal colored character, lol XD Cid is a helpful Raichu who likes just walking around town chatting with others~

While I've drawn this guy quite a bit, I don't have an actual reference for him, huh D: He was adopted from :iconperky-pikachu: He's a "minechu" meaning that instead of generating electricity, he makes explosions XD He quite enjoys doing so, too~

full ref- [link]
My old Pokesona~ She's the founder of Neon City and resides in the Black Moon Mansion at the western part of the town.

full ref- [link]
Adopted her from :iconcharacter-shelter: quite some time ago, haven't drawn her much since D: Velvet here is a proper lady, or at least she tries to be. Her parents are rich, so she's often seen shopping, spending her parent's money.

full ref- [link]
Another one of my most used characters~ A cheerful and personable Ampharos, Candy runs the Mareep Heavenly (cookie if you get the reference, lol~) clothing and accessory store. She's good friends with Naloshay, despite their conflicting personalities.

full ref- [link]
haven't drawn him very much, unfortunately D: Other than a few doodles and a comic that I'm never going to post at least |D He resents being a Gardevoir, and as such holds a bit of a grudge against Gallades. He's pretty polite most of the time, but can get really sarcastic if you tick him off enough.

full ref- [link]
My Pokesona~! X3 She's probably my favorite of all these guys, plus I really like drawing her, lol~ She's very shy and reserved, only opening up to her close friends. She absolutely adores cute things and as a result her house is full of stuffed Pokemon.

full ref- [link]
Sky was designed by Clumsy F on the GTS+ forums~ She wants to fly~ Or be a pilot~ Or something that involves being in the sky XD

Haven't made a ref for her or Cari yet.... I should probably do that lol >.>; Lily is the gentle motherly type, always making sure to look after her little sister~

Lily's little sister. Energetic and a little mischievous, as younger siblings usually are |D

Lunaria was my very first Pokemon character ever~ Strange I haven't done a ref for her yet |D
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Mission 4 start ~ Previous ~ END

She hadn’t left the room where Yasi had been granted a temporary shelter since returning.

Of course, she’d been to see Nye. He’d still been unconscious, and Zooka had been too guarded to let her near, but Remedy had assured her that he would recover. He’d had stitches put in his shoulder and aside from the blood loss and exhaustion, he was healthy enough, and with rest he’d be back to normal in no time, she’d said.

Having heard this, and having safely gotten Encyladus back to Cyclone, Syrren had had every intention to just leave the village again and not return. She’d started off south already, before Cyclone had intercepted her. He’d told her she was being stupid, and that she should at least wait until Nye came round, before running off. She’d reluctantly accepted his offer to stay with him. She’d given PK and Shroomsworth a false name (coupled with removing her usual ribbon), and despite a couple of suspicious stares, had remained most inconspicuous.

She spent most her time pacing in the room. Cyclone and Encyladus had quickly tired of her fretting, and spent most the daylight hours outside or in other parts of the Merchant hut, running errands, or in Encyladus’s case getting friendly with the much larger, chillier temporary resident of the fountain.

Cyclone promised that he was checking frequently how Nye was doing, but she suspected he was hiding the details. She didn’t know whether to interpret her own suspicions as paranoia or genuine reason to worry. Either way, it had been nearly a week, and there had been no real news. She was getting frustrated, but she still couldn’t bring herself to go see them again.

Tonight was particularly dark. The moon was waning, and clouds passed lazily across it. The light streaming through the window was not enough to keep anyone awake, and yet she still couldn’t sleep. Even Cyl’s snoring wasn’t the cause.

She just lay there, unfeeling, no sleep coming to soothe her from her well-worn worries. She listened to the noises coming from the rest of the busy hut. Rustling, shuffling, loud talking about private affairs. One voice seemed to be engaging in a rather heated argument, but she couldn’t hear a second participant. Perhaps the violent violet reptile had lost her temper yet again.

Her suspicion that PK was the shrill voice was confirmed quite quickly. The simple door flew open and in burst a ranting Kecleon, her usual purple colouring flushed with crimson hues.

“This jerk Rogue who keeps stealing our food,” she spluttered, “he’s come to our front door casually demanding to see you three! No way am I letting him in! How the hell do you know them? Get rid of them, now!”

“Rrgh, uh, what’s going on?” Yasi raised his head slightly and blinked blearily. Unlike Syrren, he’d been fast asleep.

“Get rid of them!” PK repeated “The little fluff-butt is insisting I let them come in here, but no way are they getting into my hut-”

“Madam, I am as outraged as you at this rudeness, however I cannot help feeling sympathy for the creatures outside.” Shroomsworth had clearly heard the din and come to investigate. “They are being most patient, and I believe Mr. Yasi can be trusted to ensure they behave appropriately as guests. Allow them audience in the common room, there is not much mischief they can get up to there.”

“Are you forgetting that they stole from us? And destroyed our stand?” The Kecleon’s scales clouded to yet a darker hue of red-purple..

“The Vulpix is injured at present, madam, and the little Whimsicott seems more concerned for his wellbeing than theiving from us.” The Breloom lowered his head and whispered to her, “besides, we may be able to negotiate repayment of their debts if we are hospitable. With interest added, of course.”

“Hmph. Alright then. You three-” she looked at Cyl, who was still snoring loudly, totally oblivious to the fuss. “Uh, two. Get down there. Be quick and get rid of them though.”

Syrren hesitated, but Yasi gave her a substantial nudge with his leg as he stumbled sleepily toward the door. “Come on, Magpie.”

She padded behind the Tropius, slowly and silently. Her eyes stayed fixed on the ground, and she didn’t say a word. They moved down the corridor that lead out into the main hall, blinking in the bright lamplight.


She didn’t raise her eyes. She couldn’t help smiling a little, sad smile. He was okay. He was awake-


She was nearly knocked her off her feet, and a paw wrapped itself around her in an awkward half-hug.

“I forgive you.” Her shoulder felt wet. He was crying. She didn’t know what to say.

“I know you weren’t yourself when it happened. I’m fine now! There’s nothing to worry about.”

She felt as if her voice had left her. She could only whisper back, “I can’t stay here anymore...”

“No! I’m not letting you leave.” He tightened his one-legged hug and buried his face in her long mane. “I didn’t want you to get killed by Tivoli because I didn’t want to lose you!”

“... I don’t... trust myself... “ she was barely audible.

“I trust you.” Nye looked straight up and caught eye contact with her. “I know you could never do this again. And it’s not even because I can sense your emotions... because I can’t.”

This took her a little off guard. “You... can’t? I thought...”

“I’m not a perfect extrasensor, Syrren. There are limits. You are naturally defended against psychic abilities.” He sighed. “You pushed yourself too hard, and that’s why this happened. You have limits too, you know.”

“But... I still... can’t...” She averted her eyes once more. “I was... out of control...”

“Syrren. Did you?” He glanced at his own bandages. “Did you finish it?”

“No, of course not... how could I... have...”

“Exactly.” He grinned. “You remembered.”

“I... I’m sorry... I couldn’t forget...” Tears were streaming down her charcoal face now. “I didn’t mean to... All I could think of...”

“I know. Myna.” He hugged her tighter still. “You don’t always have to keep things to yourself. I’ve been there too, remember. We remember, always. But we have to move on, okay?”

She couldn’t speak. She just put her paws around him and hugged him back, at last, crying tears that she’d held back for years, relief emanating from her. She could let her grief go. She wasn’t alone.

Yasi and Zooka had settled and simply let the two speak. Zooka had settled against Yasi’s leg in a tense sort of recline; he’d been ready to spring into action if Syrren had done anything, and had clearly been listening carefully.

“Why does Nye trust her?” he whispered to himself.

Yasi lowered his chocolate head down to Zooka’s height. “Because he’s right, she’s never going to do it again.”

“How do you know?” Zooka pouted. “Are you a fancy-pants Future Seer as well?”

“No.” He just smiled. “She hadn’t let go of her past. It became lust for revenge, which is why she went out of control and attacked Nye. Now, she’s accepted everything. She can move on. I’m glad...” He smiled, though it seemed tinged with sadness to Zooka.

“What on earth did she even need revenge for?”

“...Myna...” Yasi frowned a little.

“Zooka?” Nye and Syrren had broken their hug, both looking significantly tear-stained. He’d turned to the little puffball, having heard the gist of the other conversation. Nye turned his crystalline green eyes back to Syrren, catching her crimson ones. She gave a tiny nod, the unspoken plea understood.

“I... I’m sorry, Zooka... I won’t run away from it. I... know...” she sniffed a little. “I can’t ask you to forgive me, but can you...” She didn’t know how to ask it. She’d put him through the same terrible pain that had caused her to lust for revenge. The poor little thing... he’d already had a tough life, basically orphaned, stolen, and never knowing close friendship. And now, this...

The tired little Whimsicott stumbled reluctantly toward the Absol he’d respected so much before this had happened. Keeping his head lowered, he sidled up to Nye, whom he’d been convinced he could never care for, before now.

“I can forgive you, Syrren.” he said in a tiny whisper. “But I can’t trust you yet...” He looked her in the eye. He saw her sincere expression, but the image of blood flecked across her face, dripping off her slasher, flashed across his memory still too clearly. He turned away.

“I keep remembering it when I see you, Syrren. I don’t want to but I do.” He tried to blink back the tears, not entirely successfully. “I want... to go back to the way things were... but it won’t.”

“Change is normal, Zooka.” Nye hugged the little sheep up to his chest gingerly with his bandaged leg. “Not so long ago, you were a stubborn, selfish, nervous little fluffball who hated my guts. Now... you bravely stood up to your mentor. The last thing I remember is you, telling her to stop. And she did. You saved us both.”

Zooka looked up at Nye. “I... don’t understand, though. All this time you’ve been asleep in the medical tent, you... you kept flinching... like you were having nightmares? And you always mumbled her name. I thought you must be terrified of her...”

Still watching silently, Yasi grinned to himself. He had a feeling Zooka had misinterpreted this. He’d omitted this detail from his reports of Nye’s progress to Magpie, because he knew she’d misinterpret it too. Looking at her dismayed face, he knew he’d been right to leave this out, but now that Nye was awake...

“No, no! It’s not like that!” Nye looked quickly between Zooka and the shocked Syrren. “I... I wasn’t dreaming of being attacked or anything. It wasn’t me, anyway...” He recoiled a little at the memory. The dreams still seemed all too vivid. “I... kept seeing... I kept dreaming that Tivoli got you, Syrren.”

“You... what...?” She was clearly lost. “But... what does that have to do with...?”

“When I passed out, the one thing I was terrified of was that you wouldn’t stop. That you’d try and confront that monster. And... that...” His hoarse voice became even more gravelly. “That... he’d rip you apart...”

She just didn’t have a reply to that. She’d attacked him and he’d still been more worried for her than anything. She just gathered both Zooka and Nye gently into her mane. “Thank you both,” she whispered. “I was a fool to forget what matters most. We won’t be losing each other anymore.”

Zooka relaxed into the familiar chest, feeling drowsy. He wasn’t mentally assaulted by memories now, he just felt relief. Nye was right, it wasn’t going to go back to the way it had been before, and he’d always be different now. It would be weird, but it didn’t have to be a bad thing. He even thought, maybe one day, he’d be able to trust her again.

A subtle cough and a rustle of leaves interrupted the group hug.

“I have something for you two.” Yasi pulled a ragged, folded black scarf tied neatly in a red ribbon from beneath the large white scarf on his own neck. He craned his long neck forward and offered the parcel to them. “You don’t look right without it, Magpie, and Zooka, you need to stay incognito to be a real thief!”

Nye grinned as the two of them accepted the gifts, and then, squinting, noticed Yasi properly.

“You...” he contemplated, staring hard at the Tropius.

“Ah, yes. I suppose we never were properly introduced, Nye. You were rather quiet on the flight back. You can call me Yasi.”

Nye continued staring, his jaw hanging a little slack now. “You... are they...”

“Hmm?” Yasi tilted his large head.

“You have... bananas.” Nye was clearly drooling now.

“Ah... yes, you must be hungry, you haven’t eaten in days!”

Hungry? That was an understatement.

“Arggh! No, not the neck! Ack!” Yasi struggled as a blur of tan fur leapt at his jaw and wrenched a fruit roughly from it. Nye landed awkwardly, wincing as weight crashed onto his bandaged leg. He felt his wound pang, and blood stained the white bandage, but the ripe fruit held all of his attention, and he gulped it down roughly, teeth gnashing and tongue slurping.

“You could have been a little more gentle!” Yasi gasped. “Or just asked! ...Oh.” He lowered his head down again and inspected the blood soaking the Vulpix’s bandages. “Hey, you broke your stitches.”

“It... was worth it...” He sighed as dizziness overcame him. “That was... delicious...”

“I think you guys better get going.” Yasi hissed. “I’ll keep them distracted!”

Sure enough, PK had heard the commotion and come crashing down the hall once more. No doubt Shroomsworth would be in hot pursuit. Syrren and Zooka were wearing their signature accessories again and were bound to be recognised.

“Yeah... let’s go...” Nye started toward the large wooden doors, but didn’t get very far before he tripped on his bad leg once again, and landed face-first on the wooden flooring. “Ach!”

“Come on, Zooka!” Syrren shouted, before realising the Whimsicott had already rushed over to Nye and started heaving him up awkwardly. She realised that this was how things would be now; same fleeing the crime scene, but Zooka didn’t need to wait for her instruction. He’d become independent of her. She wasn’t sure she liked it, even though she’d always found his dependence a burden... it had still been nice to feel needed.

She shrugged off her thoughts and leapt over to Nye. “Come on, I’ll give you a lift, you shouldn’t even be out of the medical tent yet!”

“I want to go home, okay? It’s warmer in the Den.” Nye struggled back to his feet and awkwardly climbed on Syrren’s back.

“You need your stitches put back in... but for now, we’ll go to the Den. We’ll get you seen to when it’s warmer, Nye... you do still feel a little too cold, for you...”

“I knew you looked too familiar!” shrieked a voice from behind her. “You were with the mangy fox the whole time!”

“Let’s go!”

She skidded out onto the icy ground outside, pelting toward the Creeping Forest, towards the home she’d been avoiding for so long. Behind her was a tailwind, on which floated the little puff of a cotton sheep.


Okay finally done, gonna move onto m5 now at last! I'll be posting a little extra on the whole m4 thing over at the team tumblr or if you want to ask stuff go ahead and do it there. Thanks for reading dudes!
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I've been calmly working on this for the past 3 days, and I'm so happy with how it came out. ^^

This is a picture of my Absol (Hakumei, meaning "Twilight" in Japanese) and Chingling (Lucky) that I caught in Pokemon Platinum. And yes, there's a story behind these two. :3

Hakumei was born with a purple eye, making him different from all other Absol and was often teased by other Pokemon in the area. When his father was killed by a group of wild Abomasnow during a blizzard just two weeks after he was born, his mother was left to look after him alone. She taught him that love and kindness was very important in life, however a few years later she came down with a terrible illness and eventually passed away, leaving Hakumei all alone.
Distraught from the loss of both of his parents, he was now convinced that the rumours that Absol brought misfortune to the world and so he fled further into the mountains to live as a 'lone wolf' and locking away his former kind and caring nature with a colder, serious personality.
That was when he encountered Lucky, who was being bullied and pushed around by a group of four Graveler, and after seeing the torment that the poor Chingling was going through he decided to save her. In return for his act of kindness, Lucky insisted that she accompanied him in the mountains as his "lucky charm" and to help him find his true personality again after locking it away for so long..


Oh, how I suck at describing things. xD Would be better if I just turned it into a story. o3o
Also, I seem to be moving away from Paint and using Photoshop a lot more often now. :3
Anyway~ enjoy. ^^

Absol, Chingling (c) to Pokemon, Nintendo, etc.
Hakumei, Lucky (c) to me. 8D
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Phew….I had fun with this page, honestly. : D Lots of stuff going on~
And I’m feeling a lot better! I’m still a little sick, but I can think straight now. I think. XD


Poor Nirvana…D8> This is why I tried to give her some screen time. <X3

But looks like things aren’t going too well….Degue is really strong. D: Oh no…Solitaire is trying to distract him. >> Wonder how this will go….

Also! I think you guys have noticed that I added some lines to Degue’s face…I never knew that Terrakion had them. XD So I fixed all of the previous pages too. ;3

Enjoooooy the action! D8
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