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Something interesting and somewhat new. :)


WOW... I, Jhoy E. Meade, got a DD.

:party: :dance: :party:

Thanks to everyone for faving my work, to :iconslavetotrends: for putting it up for DD and :iconsatania:
for featuring it.

Thanks again to everyone for stopping by. :icongrin--plz:


I can not thank everyone for your fave vote, so this is for all of you.

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Here is the next chapter's wallpaper.

This one features the boy who is part fish. His name is Husky. The girl in the background is called Nana. She has her own wallpaper coming up soon if not next.

So far, this has been the hardest one for me to turn into a wallpaper.

I've also made two sizes. Both are for wide screens. Sorry. One is 1280x800 and the other is 1440x900.
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I'm temporary out of photos, so I give you gold instead. :D

Same starting point, kinda, as this one.

But I would like to think that there is a lot of me in here as well for this one.

See yeah.
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Something blue for my friends that like blue. :)

I got this from the same base pram that I used for this one.

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Hello +Anima people.

I didn't realize how long it was since I've made one for these. I told myself that I had to come back, I'm just sorry it took me so long.

I've spent the last 3 or so hours at this. There were alot of trials and errors. (I think I used that wrong or my mom has been saying it wrong for years)

Well as you can see it's Senri this time. The tree I got along with Senri himself. Remember I can't draw. At least not until I get my hands a drawing tablet.

Well I came up with everything else and spent over an hour cleaning up and colouring Senri so he fit into the picture as much as he does.

Good? Not good?
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Here you go. The next Husky wallpaper.

I got a bit more adventurous with this one.

I have a zip for this one. It's a set of two. One is 1280 and one is 1440.

I think it came out rather well.

I'm going to move my others of the set over to this category so they are all in the same place. :)

Any comments? Just one little one?
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EDIT - Jan 5th 2015

I've read over the story and found an error that had me correcting bits in all the chapters. 

I've created a working Table of Contents and bookmarks. 

I've also made a new back cover, corrected some typos and changed some of the formating. 


This is a side future story to "Daddy's Acceptance". 

Now, if you are just finding this story, I hope you like it. Please leave me a comment. :)

If you are interested in finding out more about Alex, Eddi, Ben and Keven please read my first story. 

Daddy's Acceptance - Book by jemgirl
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Yes, I pulled myself away long enough to make my next +Anima wallpaper.

I've have most of the parts, I just have to get around to doing them.

Since I ran into a fan of Cooro, I decided to get to it.

I hope this is ok. I may redo this one. I feel like my last wallpapers were better than this one, but my vision didn't look so good in the flesh. Sorry.

But I'll let it be, it may grow on me.

Any comments? Any one?
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“Want me to ride the bus with you to your house? I have everything with me,” Kim asked as we walked down the hall after our last class of the day.

“You can go ahead, I'm meeting up with Keven,” I told her.

“What for?” she asked.

“I'm about to find out who he's been all lovely dovey and trading texts with,” I told her.

“I thought you already knew,” she told me sounding puzzled.

“You know who it is?” I asked her.

“Well yeah,” she said just before we exited the main doors of the school. “You know too,” she added as she looked around the front parking area of the school.

“No I don't,” I argued. “Keven said the same thing, but I don't know who his girlfriend is,” I told Kim.

“Wow,” she said as she turned to look at me wide eyed.

“What?” I demanded of her.

“No wonder you don't know,” she said when we came to another stop at the foot of steps and out of the flow of  other students trying to leave the building.

“Is Keven giving you a ride or are you catching the next bus?” she asked throwing me for a small loop.

“He's giving me a ride he said,” I informed her.

“Then I'll catch the first bus out then. I'll meet you at your house,” she said before she lightly jogged over to the, still parked, big yellow bus that was filling up fast.

“JASON!” I heard someone shout. I looked around and saw Keven as he waved his arms to get my attention. I honestly think that he forgets that he's one of the tallest kids in the school. He didn't need to use both hands to make me see him. I looked around as I walked to him to make sure that I wouldn't walk into anyone else on my way over to him and his shiny big truck.

As I got closer I saw this other guy walking towards him also. He looked like the dark haired boy I saw him hanging out with now and again. Now that I see him up close I think I met him at one of Keven's games. Bill?

“Jason, this is Ben and Ben, this is Jason,” he said.

“Hey,” I just said before my eyes started to look around for a girl to start walking towards the truck.

“Nice to meet you,” Ben then said pulling my eyes back to him when he held out his hand for me to shake. Rather out going isn't he? I thought to myself before reaching out and shaking his hand. I didn't shake hands much so it was kinda odd for me, but not so bad.

“Good,” Keven said. He looked back and forth between the two of us as if he was expecting something for a bit. “Ok, let's go. Hop in Jason,” he told me. I moved to open the back seat door just to realize that there wasn't one. We would all have to squeeze into the front seat together.

It turned out not be that much of a squeeze after all. There wasn't much wiggle room but we all had our own  space and I think resting my arm on the window helped. Ben was sitting next to Keven and we all stayed quite as Keven drove us off of the school's grounds and out into the bordering neighborhood. I was starting to think that we were dropping Ben off before we picked up his girlfriend who would turn out not to be a student at our school.

“So where are we going?” I asked either of them, but really Keven.

“To your house,” Keven told me.

“To my house?” I asked a little surprised. “What happened to meeting your girlfriend?” I asked him in turn. I heard mumbling coming from their side of the seat, but neither of them said anything to me until Keven had pulled over to the side of the road and stopped in front of a Wendy's.

“I don't have a girlfriend,” Keven said as he turned towards me and looked completely past Ben. “I have a boyfriend,” he told me before my mouth opened to ask him what he was talking about.

“Oh,” I said instead as I blinked a few times. It never occurred to me that he was gay. I never thought to ask or to tell. I just thought that everyone knew that I was, except my folks of course. I never had that 'gay sense' everyone said that gay guys had. He was popular, girls were always trying to get him to go with them until he picked someone last year, then they just let him be. Did they know he was gay, or that he just now had someone?

“Oh,” I said again. I now looked at Ben. “You?” I asked him.

“Yeah, me,” he answered.

“Hi,” I said from my side of the truck. I was mortified.


“See ya,” I said to the shiny slightly gray colored truck and everyone who was in it. They both waved at me before Keven drove off.

I had seen Kim sitting on my front porch when Keven had pulled up in front of my house. I quickly turned around, opened and closed my front gate before walking towards her. She held out her hand when she thought that I was close enough to start cursing her out. Which I actually almost did. How could she not tell me?

“Here is a list of everyone I know in our school that is gay,” she said. “I left off the lesbians,” she informed me as I took the list from her and she stood up. “Keys please?” she asked as she held out her hand and waited for me to give them to her.

I reached into my pocket in search of keys and felt my iPod first. I hadn't turned it back on since I left home this morning. I found the keys after I found a stick of gum that I still had in my pocket since I got it from Kim a few weeks backs on our way to her house by bus. I was slowing making my way inside as I read the list that Kim gave me. It was a long list. She even had a list of the guys that were in the class ahead of us that had already graduated. Keven turned out to be one of five guys on the rugby team. She had Cole on the list along with his two friends. She didn't give names, she just had Cole Matthews and his two close friends. When I got down to ninth grade she just had a general note.

Most of those young boys look so gay that I can't tell who is or isn't and they haven't come out to anyone I know either.

“Do you know for sure that all of these people are gay or are you just guessing?” I asked her once I had finished. I looked up and saw that I was standing in the front hallway. I turned around and closed the door behind of me before walking into the kitchen where I heard the fridge door being closed.

“I know,” she told me before she drank whatever it was she had poured into her cup.

“And how do you know?” I asked as I placed my bag on the table. I walked around her to get something to drink out of the fridge myself. I pulled out two kinds of dip before I laid my hand on a bottle of lemonade.

“You know Alex?” she asked me as she placed her cup down on the counter top.

“The Alex in our semester? Yeah,” I told her.

“He's the sex addicted gay kid in school. At lest he use to be,” she started. “Around the time that Keven started to be so sweet to someone, we had seen him hanging out with Alex a few times. We thought that they had hooked up and that Keven was holding on to him until we saw Alex with this new, short, red headed kid. After a few weeks we realized that Keven hadn't fallen for Alex, but his friend Ben. The new red head was a freshmen that year and his name is Eddi,” she had been explaining this to me as she looked through my cupboard for all the chips we had.

“Ok, that explains Keven, but that does not explain the other people on this list,” I informed her as she started to dip one of the purple chips into the salsa.

“Well,” she started to say with something in her mouth. She stopped talking to chew some more before she tried again. “Well,” she said sounding clearer. “Thanks to you I found out about Cole and his friends for sure. They were a maybe until now. My friends who hang out over at JB's a lot told me about the boy couples they saw hanging out there and the public library is starting to become popular.” She stopped for another dip, this time with a white chip. I drank from my bottle as I waited for her to continue.

“There was also the time when the out guys, were talking to other out guys about their time with Alex and how his system worked. That had us talking for weeks. Especially when we kept finding out who had already gone through his system,” she opened her eyes wide for a moment to add emphasis.

“Who are 'we'?” I asked her I pulled the purple chips towards me and snagged the container of guacamole that she hadn't touched yet.

“The yaoi club?” she asked me. Again there was that sound in her voice as if I should have known that too.

“I know that there is a yaoi club, I just didn't know that you joined,” I told her.

“I was a member before I met you,” she told me.

“Fine,” I said as I gave up. We weren't forever friends, just fast ones. “So maybe you can tell me what Cole's friends meant about something being Alex's fault?” I asked her as I remembered where I heard Alex's name recently.

“Oh that. It was a few weeks into Alex's couple-hood with his boy Eddi. He was so short. It took us a while to get over the fact that he didn't end up with Keven after all. Anyway,” she said when she realized that she had strayed from what she was suppose to be telling me. “From what you said and what we kinda knew, it seems that they were some of the guys that would pick on Eddi when he first got here. Keven seems to be a friend of Eddi and might have gotten him to met Alex through his system and in turn told him that Eddi was being picked on. The school as a whole seem to like Eddi, so most of us would stop the others guys when they were picking on him, but it all stopped one day. Alex must have had a talk with them or something. Maybe he had proof of something they did and blackmailed them into laying off Eddi,” Kim wondered out loud.

“Maybe,” I said. I felt so out of it. That is what happens when you move into the tenth grade, in a new school, in a new town. “Grab the food,” I told her as I took what I had into my bedroom. While I was in there I took my headphones from around my neck and placed them into their case that was on top of my tall dresser. Kim walked in as I was wrapping the cord around the base before leaving the room for my bag. When I walked back in she was looking at it.

“Do you want to use them before we start?” I asked her as I sat down on the floor and reached for the dip and chips again.

“Where did you get that pictures from?” she asked me while I dipped into the green stuff. I looked up and saw her pointing back at the headphones, but I knew that she was talking about what was next to it.

“It was on the school's website. It's like two years old,” I told her. She turned and looked back at the picture that I had of Cole next to the headphones he had given me.

“So why do you want him to be your BF?” Kim asked as she sat down next to me with her chips and dip, that she placed between her legs on the floor.

“Besides the fact that he likes me?” I asked her.

“Yes, besides that,” she countered. I shrugged my shoulders. I ate as I tried to come up with a way to tell her what I only felt.

“He apologized. I'm sure a lot of people would say that he took too long, but he had very good reasons,” I said as I now defended him. “And now that I know that he never meant me any harm, I kinda see anything he did to me kinda differently now,” I answered her.

“Just make sure that you really do like him and not just want to like him when you talk to him next week,” she told me as she pulled another chip from her bag.

“Unlike you, I promise not to jump him so hard he loses a shoe,” I said with a wide grin on my face as I looked at her in my attempt to end this on a fun note.

“He didn't have all his clothes on yet, never mind shoes,” she told again as she blushed all over.
Ok... see.. they are getting longer.

I forgot I did this so early in the story. I'm going to change what I was going to do in chapter 10.... but just a little. :)

So do you like how the story is going? :)

The Gift - Chapter FiveIt was all disjointed, but I still felt good. I felt horny high. First we were at the front of the bus. His hand was pressed into my back as I waited for the door to open. Then we were in the back of the bus as the driver went right by my stop. I was looking into Matthew's eyes as he raised his hand to my face. I closed my eyes and I felt his knuckles as he slid the back of his hand along my cheek.
When I opened my eyes again I was sitting and he was looking down at me and the bus was empty, but still moving. For some reason I wasn't afraid that we would crash or anything. Then I was standing again and we were back at the front of the bus. I don't know if I was waiting for the door to open, but everyone was there again. The bus driver, Betts, who always sat in the front seat, and Matthew's father who was sitting outside in his expensive car.
The only thing different was that I don't think anyone saw us. In fact on one else was moving or even breathing as far as I can tell other than

The Gift - Chapter OneMy newest story starts now.
This is a gay/yaoi story. So if you don't like, don't stay.
Please read my summery before leaving this page if you stuck around to read the chapter. :)
I walked into my last class feeling like it was the best day of my life. My birthday this year was just getting better and better. Before I use to hate having my birthday the week after exams. It was just in time for me to get all the bad news about how great I didn't do on most of my exams, and then to round it off, take my report card home for mom and dad to see, and sign, so I could take it back to my councilor who would place it in my permanent record.
But not this year. I had my friend Kim help me out. Over the phone, or in person, we did every piece of homework we were given and studied for every exam and quiz we didn't know we were getting. Some of the teachers try to be sneaky like that. I'm going to brag when I got home, I said to myself as I walked through the

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“What is the problem again?” Kim asked me.

“Let me go over this again,” I told her. “I found a gift box on my desk today at school in my last class. When I got home I found a small envelope in my jacket pocket and it wasn't there before I left school. It was in the same pocket as my iPod that I turned on after my last class,” I told her for the second time.

“Can you think of any time someone would have been able to put the envelope in your pocket?” she then asked me. I knew it was coming. I denied it for the last two hours. Now I had to say it out loud.

“Matthews,” I said the one word that might as well mean doom to me during this part of my life.

“Matthews?” she asked me. “Cole Matthews? The guy that punched you last year when you got into a fight with one of his friends?” She asked in a long descriptive question. “That Matthews?” she added on as if I had missed all that she said before. No one could accuse her of not being clear.

“Yes, Cole Matthews,” I told her. “He's the only Matthews I know, even if I saw his father today,” I told her.

“You saw his dad?” Kim asked as she, for a moment, forgot about the gift and envelope.

“Back on track Kim,” I told her. “We can get back to Matthews' father later,” I informed her.

“Fine,” she said. “Why do you think it was Matthews who slipped it into your pocket?”

“He bumped into me on the school bus,” I gave up without a fight.

“Bumped you so you knew he bumped you, or bumped you so you might not think anyone really bumped you?” Kim now inquired.

“The last one I think,” I answered. I didn't really think he was trying to be obvious about it.

“Next. Did you open the envelope? I don't think you said you did,” she commented.

“No I didn't open it. It said not to until I opened the gift,” I said as I picked it up again and looked at those two lines of words. The hand writing wasn't that bad. It wasn't adult yet, but it didn't look anywhere as bad as mine. It didn't look like female handwriting, which made me dread the fact even more.

“So open the gift,” she told me. “Or have you already opened it and is just messing with me?” she demanded to know.

“Yes I did,” I told her as I dropped the envelope unto my bed and picked up what was a great, if not a perfect, gift for me until I realized what the presence of the envelope meant. I wasn't doing it to mess with her. Opening the gift before hand and not the envelope, that is. I just wanted her there for when I did open the envelope. The gift won in making me open it an hour ago.

“And what was it?” she questioned me with a bit more interest in her voice.

“Headphones,” I told her.

“That's it?” she half asked sounding very disappointed. For all of the ten minutes she knew about the gift, what could she have expected it to be?

“They are Roc Nation Aviator Skullcandy headphones that cost one hundred and fifty dollars,” I told in a flat, and far less enthusiastic voice than the one I possessed when I found out what they were.

“What?” she demanded now that I gotten her attention back. “Skullcandies don't cost that much,” she told me in disbelief.

“Check on line,” I told her. “If you go to the Skullcandy website and put all their headphones in order of price, from the highest to the lowest, it will be the first one at the top,” I told her as I put them back into their box, that was inside of the gift box. The black was perfectly black. The metal gleamed from my over head light. The skull on the side, that I could see, looked at me as if it was daring me to prove that it wasn't worth all that money by testing it out.

I almost did a few times and each time I stopped myself. If I tried them out, that would mean that I accepted them. What if they were some kind of bribe or payoff for something. Something that I had no real clue about, but if Matthews was behind all this, then I needed to know why I was given them before 'accepting' them.

“You said that they were called what?” Kim asked from her end.

“Roc, spelled R O C, Nation Aviator,” I said in answer to her question.

“They look wicked,” she softly exclaimed. She must have found it and was fawning over its picture. “You gotta open the envelope now,” she told me. It wasn't a suggestion. She was telling me to open it. I looked at it, thought about it for another minute before I picked it up. “Well?” she asked, believing that I had already opened it.

“I haven't opened it yet,” I snapped back as I now turned it around and started to open it with the phone wedged between my ear and shoulder.

“Well hurry it up,” she insisted. Obviously she had forgotten who all of this could have been from. It was just a stiff paper that seem to have been folded into a square with writing on all four sides. I skimmed over it as I looked for where it started.

“Well?” she asked again.

“Cool your horses,” I told her. “I'm about to start reading it,” I said as I now found the start of it.

Happy Birthday Jason.

I hope that you like your birthday gift. It took me a while to figure out what you would like, but after seeing you mostly glued to your iPod, even when the teacher wasn't looking made me think that you may like these. I was going to get them for you last year, but I thought that it would work against you during test time, so I got you something else.

I never gave it to you because of the fight I had set up. I was suppose to come to your rescue and have you notice me, but everything went wrong. You fell forward when Bill ducked at the wrong time and your face crashed into my fist.

I stopped reading aloud as I read that part over again.

“It is Matthews,” Kim breathed on the other end. “Continue,” she prompted me.

“Hold on,” I said as I reached where I left off and started to read for her to hear again.

I wanted to apologize, but you tried to hit me back at first, then you just avoided me whenever I came close to you. Then somehow the teachers all started to protect you when I even looked in your direction for too long during class. So I decided to give it time. We had three more semesters to go, so I thought I had the time. The teachers were bound to find another cause to take care of, and in time you wouldn't be so on edge.

Well I thought you wouldn't be, but maybe this would help that a bit more. The headphones that is. I never thought that it would have taken a year for me to really try something. Anyway, last week was a test to see if you still hated me. I wasn't happy that you kept your distance, but most the hate seems to not be there anymore.

Be grateful Jason, I won't be in class tomorrow. In fact, I won't be in school at all for a week. My grand mother is dying. They think she will be dead in a day or two and they wanted as many of us with her as possible for when she passes. Then we are having her funereal two or so days later.

I'm just about out of room, so I'll tell you the last thing I have to say and you will have a whole week to think this over. I like you. I mean I like you, like you. It was why I asked my friend to start the fight with you so I could save you. I liked you then and I still like you now.

Oh, no matter what your answer is to that, you can keep the headphones. They are a sorry for the whole fight thing.

Bye.  Cole Matthews.

Good God!
Leave comments. I want comments. You can tell me anything. 

The Gift - Chapter Three"Cool headset," Keven said when he saw me in class on Tuesday. We didn't have a class together on Mondays and Wednesdays by the way, so this was the first time he had a chance to see them. "Was that the gift?" he asked me as he sat down.
"Yep. Sweet ha?" I asked him already knowing that he thought that they were. They, the headphones, were currently hanging around my neck with the music still playing. Because they stood out so much, I couldn't have them on anymore during class like Matthew had predicted, but as much as I was 'glued' to my iPod, I had stopped playing it during exams and such a while back. It turns out that I was able to concentrate a bit more when I wasn't remembering what the next line in a song was.
"Very," Keven answered. "Did they come with a card or something?" he asked as he turned towards me in his chair.
"No, not really," I half lied. I hadn't come up with an answer for Cole's unasked question, so until I did I wouldn't let anyone know that the headphones were f

The Gift - Chapter OneThis is a gay/yaoi story. So if you don't like, don't stay.
I walked into my last class of the day feeling that it couldn't be any better. My birthday this year was just getting better and better. Before I use to hate having my birthday the week after exams. It was just in time for me to get all the bad news about how great I didn't do on most of my exams, and then to round it off, take my report card home for mom and dad to see, and sign, so I could take it back to my councilor who would place it in my permanent record.
But not this year. I had my friend Kim help me out. Over the phone, or in person, we did every piece of homework we were given and studied for every exam and quiz we didn't know we were getting. Some of the teachers try to be sneaky like that. I'm going to brag when I got home, I said to myself as I walked through the door and saw the teacher coping over the last of the grades into a book.
This was the easiest class I had this yea

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