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Kawakami, Emii

She's finished!!! . . . I think. XD

I own nothing, I just put together my O.C..
WIP - > Work in Progress :D
MMD - > Miku Miku Dance


{HAIR}: Techarts3D [link]
Texture: Me
{EYE TEXTURE}: g123u [link]
{SHIRT}:My edit of LAT Winter Miku [link]
Texture: Me
{SKIRT}: LAT Winter Miku [link]žion=&q=mmd+lat+winter+miku#/d3cgngx
Texture: HeartlessInu
{BASE}: Lat Winter Miku [link]žion=&q=mmd+lat+winter+miku#/d3cgngx
Texture: Me and Lat
{SHOES}: Shioku-990 & my edit of Miku's boots [link]
Texture: Me
{COLLAR & SHOE ACC.}: Techarts3D [link]žion=&q=mmd+collar#/d3aplf2
{HAT}: Shioku-990 [link]žion=&global=1&q=mmd+nekomimi#/d3akoyu

: . . So, Downloading Guidelines . . :

* -> Not required to credit me, but don't claim her either
* -> Can edit and redistribute
* -> Do not self-claim if it's a color change, but go ahead and credit the owners if you made a different character with an original edit.
Comments disabled by owner.
Coment if you download;D Please

Model by;
~Danthrox and ~GrayFullbuster21


:bulletyellow:Credit us if you use
:bulletyellow:Send me the link back


DL only for friends
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i couldent think of a pose for her so there you go! heh heh.
since my other edit (which is teto) got alot of views faster then i expected, i wanted to do another zeze miku edit c: which is this one. i LOVE how the model turned out :D and skrillex is awesome too! yes im listening to skrillex while typing this :trollface:.
the skirt has over like a billion bones O_O and does'nt lagg MMD. how amazing is that? yet, the ones that barely have any physics do...what? ok im typing alot of random stuff right now

Model: [link]

Base, Boots, and Hair: Zeze Miku
Top: :iconvocaloid98: and Animasa
Bottom: :icongeekachuu:
Fans: :iconanimeaiko1:
Hair Ties: :iconfbandcc:

Stage: :iconsachishirakawa:

MME: Butterflies and Diffusion 6
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Model: Princess Yuuki
Download: [link]

Video Example (Someone made it, I loved it so posted it as the models example) [link]

*She has working dress and hair physics (They took long enough to attach @.@)*


Base: [link]

Hair: by :iconxdeliciousdemise:

Outfit: Made by self in Blender [link]

*and yes, I forgot about shoes, oh well XD*
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TDA Nari Ver. 01
Base from *Pink-Heart-Pri
Credit to Piron and TDA
Boot and Shirt from Punk Luka
Jeans from ~JNayH
Hair Style from ~MMDFakewings18
Nari Kiel and Edited by *SakuraKiel


Do not say that you made this model!
Do not take parts from her or I'll know it!
If you use her, please link back x3!
Comment if you download!
And told me if you use her :3!
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Well here she is. my Winter Solstice Beiku model is complete and ready to be shown!

This is my very first time entering the MMD-Mall's MOTM contest so I hope I do well now that I feel confident enough to join in so all or nothing I'd say!

You can watch her dance to the motion Six Trillion Years and a Night by IA here at youtube: [link]

Now to properly credit the parts:

Head: Kio Miku
Body: Kio/Redstone swimsuit Yowane Haku
belts: Kio Yowane Haku
Kimono shirt top and back bow: :iconkanahiko-chan:
Glasses: TDA Append Miku
Front hair: Eto Rin
Back hair: Mix of IdolM@ster and Nakao
Neck ring and charm: LAT append Rin
Dress Bottom: Nakao China Miku
Front bow: Narita Kaiko summer ware

Headset, boots, shoes, visor, and textures: :iconanimenebula003: (made in metasequoia and GIMP)

Textures on Dress and shirt are a floral design found on Google.

Hope you like her and enjoy! :D
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I check my List of Models! And i Forget to do an image of this modelxD


:bulletpink: Model by ~KasugaKaoru
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>no edit
>no redistribution
>no abuse with the model (using it for r-18 picture, violence, gore, illegale stuffs...)
>credit me and the oc owner
>enjoy it
>do not steal spas, texture nor toons
>fav/comment if you download

Zip= [link]
Rar= [link]

top: [link]
skirt: [link]
butterflies: [link]
hair: [link] + [link] + [link]
base: [link]
shoes: [link]
bracelets: [link]
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watch in action…
OK! When I first made this it was a few years ago before I knew about crediting and stuff. Basicly I'm changing the rules.
--New Rules--
*Crediting me is NOT a requierment, but I would like it because I EDITED this model:…
*You MUST credit :iconr3flecti0nofdarkn3ss: because she made the model and I'm glad that this didnt get taken off for my non-creditation.
*It would be nice to see what you've done ^^
*Go to the original model and see if R3flecti0nofdarkn3ss has any rules for her model. (I dont think it douse)
All in all credit the original model maker R3flecti0mofdarkn3ss (and me if you want but you dont have to ^^)
I also used some hair from... well I cant remember it was like 4 years ago...
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TA-DAH!!! >:3

:iconspongebobrapefaceplz: :iconthinksplz: I did it!


Base: :iconkanahiko-chan:
Hair: :iconjj-panda-chan:

Outfit: :iconfalse-prophetess:

Tiara: :iconxdeliciousdemise:

Shoes: :iconjnayh:

Comment if you download

:iconakitaneruxx: :iconthinksplz: I don't want to repeat =_=

enjoy, free to edit just credit me still

There is one shoe part of the straps or whatever that like looses off whenever she dances and you know..move her left left. And there can be skirt glitches but it can be placed normaly. That's mostly it :\ like i said I'm not good at PMD but it's kind of better than nothing :iconblushyplz:


This time no password.


:iconmikurapefaceplz: :iconsaysplz: COMMENT IF YOU DOWNLOAD!

:iconneruplz: :iconsaysplz: COMMENT IF YOU DOWNLOAD

:iconakitaneruxx: :iconthinksplz: And yet I repeated..=3=
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