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"Congratz kid, you graduated"

Song link: [link]
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Comission for: :iconditzyazzy:,
Comissions are open: [link]
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i knew those sketches would get me back in a fur-swing.

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.........Let's give this one last go, shall we?


Round Directory::
ROUND ONE :: Passed!

Name: Amadeus Wesker
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Height: 6'0"
He's a bit of a boisterous guy, generally loud and friendly. He used to smoke, but he stopped after Nairi was born, and took to having a toothpick in his mouth at all times instead. When he's around his daughter he makes an effort to tone it down, considering she's rather prone to getting ill when she's over excited. He's very protective of those close to him, and has a tendency to overreact whenever anything that could have had the ability to harm his daughter occurs, much to her dismay. He knows Nairi has a general understanding of what happened to her mother, as she was definitely old enough to remember the events surrounding her death, and she's taken it all very well and in her stride, but he's terrified of having the same thing happen to his little girl, and thus, he'll continue watching her like an overprotective daddybear.
Brief History:
Amadeus used to be a a champion tier martial artist, until he met his wife and settled down. The two of them frolicked and did many a lovey dovey thing together up until their daughter was born. She never quite recovered from the experience due to her weak constitution. The three of them lived happily together, up until his wife died not too long after Nairi turuned five. Both Amadeus and Nairi have since then mostly recovered, though their lives have changed significantly, and are happily dancing along as they continue their exsistances.
- His wife, Alaina, was a very well known concert level pianist. She worked in/owned a small, local music shop and would teach kids how to play the piano free of charge
-Unlike his daughter or wife, Amadeus has no sense of rhythm and cannot sing to save his life. He does like music, though
-His wife was very pretty. VERY VERY PRETTY. YEAH.
-Has no interest in being remarried. At all.
-may or may not be slightly colorblind
-Very very protective of his daughter
-Nairi is very very friendly, and curious, and if she manages to get away from her dad she will ask you many questions


Name: Kaluah
Species: Emboar (Shiny)
Gender: Male
Nature: Jolly
Characteristic: Strong willed
Ability: Blaze
Moveset: Smog || Flame Charge || Arm Thrust || Head Smash
- Is sometimes unaware of his own strength- he's just very friendly- he really doesn't mean to knock you off your feet.
- Can usually be found at either his trainers. or his trainer's daughter's side.
- Amadeus got Kaluah when he was 10, on the eve of the day of his birth
- Kaluah has probably kept Nairi out of as much trouble as her dad has.

Name: Collins
Species: Steelix
Gender: Male
Nature: Relaxed
Characteristic: Often lost in thought
Ability: Rock Head
Moveset: Stone Edge ||Earthquake || Roar || Toxic
-He's a very lazy boy
-dislikes battling, he'd rather watch the clouds
-are you familiar with Ferdinand the Bull? That's basically Collins in a nutshell
-freakishly protective of his trainer and family. If you threaten them you will get a face full of suddenly not relaxed, very very angry steelix.
-Was formerly owned by his late wife

Name: Julep
Species: Shieldon
Gender: Female
Nature: Sassy
Characteristic: Very finicky
Ability: Sturdy
Moveset: Stealth Rock || Fire Blast || Metal Blast || Earthquake
-Was given to Amadeus by a close friend
-she likes belly rubs
-she likes most kinds of attention, really
-usually keeps Nairi company when Amadeus is busy
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Yep more made. This time because i blame Connie for showing me hers :I

I cant help it guys this is funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Anyways short profile times ~

PS - Always open for note RPs we can make up our own stories ~

Name: Davina (please she prefers Davie)
Age: 16yr
Pokemon: Politoad
Status: Highschool Student (part of a typical Jock Tomboy Girl cliche -- think of buttercup from PPG but nice)
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 115lbs
Personality: Spunky, Reckless, Stubborn, Excitable, Adventerous, Fiesty, Fighter, Quick Mouthed, Rebellious, Competitive.
A highschool student who just got her drivers liscense. She adores driving her motorized scooter (those kind that are like motorcycles but scooters lD ) at high speeds. Despite being on the Soccor and Volleyball team she does have problems with keeping up her well being by how many careless acts she does. She's easy to convince in doing dangerous things. Fireball while at it she loves a good tussle and enjoys messing with people. However she does have a bit of a girly side like you'll ever see that though ~ Despite her tough tomboy likeness she does get a little akward around boys she finds attractive but covers it up by being a jerk to them. So if she's mean to you she likes you lD In her free time she likes to bother a friend of hers who works at his sisters comic shop. His names Jonsie the drifblim and she happens to look up to his sister Elliot for how tough she is.

Name: Gardenia
Age: 20yr
Pokemon: Mudkip
Status: Unemployed (Currently looking for work)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 169lbs
Personality: Carefree, Peaceful, Energetic, Graceful, Dazzling, Mellow, Lazy.
Lazy girl just finally making it out on her own away from her home with overly eager parents to kick her out. She needs to grow up man! So she's just got a shabby apartment and is looking for a job. She's very mellow and enjoys listening to her music so much she only takes off the headphones in her sleep or in the shower/bath. Otherwise she's rocking out to her dance euro music at all times. She's a very good dancer mind you and loves to go clubbing with her friends that share her apartment with her. Though there no help in finding her a job they help her out till she can find one, or until one of them pushes her to work at a fast food place like the others. Her odd names comes from the fact both her parents were and still are, hippies. She was raised with all that peace and love and well her parents being one with nature. She gets embarrassed by them easily.

Name: Martha
Age: 25yr
Pokemon: Bidoof
Status: Librarian (for
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 155lbs
Personality: Nerdy, Silly, Quiet (when working), Talkative (when not working), Odd, Kind Hearted, Easily Angered, Pushover.
The school librarian at Jonsie and Davies highschool, this girl is a total pushover. Yet she's positive and always gives the best of the day with helping kids out and reading her books. Despite her more dull hobby she's quite a talkative gal and has a problem playing video games too much. You'll secretly see them on her computer when shes pretending to work. Though if she gets caught by the princple he'll have her head and scold her constantly. She's pretty quirky and often speaks a lot, speaks fast, and randomly. She also likes her buckteeth seeing no problem with them. However she does have a temper if you push the right buttons and she'll curse you out before acting like it never happened. What a odd woman.

Davie, Gardenia, and Martha (c) :iconruhiana-chan:
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This is one of those Gijinkas from my doodle sheet:


Name: Kaylee Luvs
Age: 28yr
Birthday: May 23rd
Pokemon: Luvdisc
Gender: Female
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 139lbs
Bodystyle: Petite

Personality: Motherly, Wise, Hopeless Romantic, Naive, Hopeful, Patient, Stubborn, (add more later)

Kaylee was born to a average family, being a only child her parents ran a orphanage in a large city. She would help and befriend the kids, but always had felt bad when they would have to get new mommys and daddys.As a kid she was a natural flirt, and still is even to this day. Teasing and being affectionate was her thing, and often would tease any new boy that came into the orphanage if they were around her age. But when she was 8 she met a boy who she had instantly clicked with. They did EVERYTHING together, the problem was he was a trouble kid (though Mr.Cool to her). Despite this she still hung out with him for years to come. When they were 10yrs old he had saved enough money to end up buying her and him matching pendants, saying that he promised to marry her one day. But sadly this didn't last forever at age 12 he had a family adopt him. So giving him a goodbye kiss in secret he promised to find her again and left.

Years however passed and Kaylee still waits for the boy who gave her the pendant. Now a Private School preschool teacher, she runs a radio show during the night called " Time with Love " where she helps give romantic advice.

Will she find him or he find her?

- Romance Advice Giver
- Good at telling how somebody is feeling
- Sings Pretty Decent

Fun Facts:
- She Can't cook, always orders out.
- Loves the summer time, and Swimming
- Always Gets excited about Relationship Gossip
- Subscribed to four diffrent Relationship Magazines for the Gossip
- Enjoys Gossip in General
- Flirts often, though will never commit unless its the boy from her past, thus leaving her a single virgin.

Kaylee (c) :iconruhiana-chan:
Luvdisc (c) PKMN/Nintendo
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Ok guys, get ready for a sob story. Sorry it's so long, I just started thinking of his personality and realized he would need a reason to be like this sdrfhjbdfkhb. You don't have to read it.



Name: Aaron Chambers
Gender: male
Age: 18
Height: 5'10"
Personality: Aaron is very kind and forgiving. Through his pokemon, Angel especially, he was able to overcome his moderate depression. Despite this he still lacks confidence and is fairly sensitive. Aaron is very shy and can have trouble meeting new people. Not that it really matters though b/c his pokemon will always have his back.
Brief History: Aaron lived in the Unova region. Growing up he never really experienced any pokemon though. His parents had nothing but disdain towards them so he was not allowed to have on as a pet, let alone go on a "pokemon journey".
Aaron was shy from the start so the school social setting was always a problem for him. When he was young his shyness and wealth eventually singled him out to the point where his classmates began picking on and bullying him.
Throughout his childhood he had several nannies that were switched out over the years. All of them were kind and generous, but none of them could replace the mother and father he desperately wanted the attention of.
His parents always wanted him to be very successful at everything he did (grades, sports, friends, etc...) so were often disappointed in their generally average son.
With problems at home, school, and most everywhere else, Aaron fell into depression by the time he was a teenager. He began cutting by the time he was 14 and started getting piercings as sort of a subconscious "notice me" type thing. By the time he was 16 he was planning his suicide.
On a particular night Aaron was cutting when a Banette appeared from his closet. Although he was startled he didn't resist when she came up to him and hugged him.
Aaron thought the Banette would leave soon, but she stayed for days. During her time there she stole and hid Aaron's razor and spent every moment she could with him. Being a ghost type she could easily hide from any maid, butler, or (on rare occasions) parents.
Eventually Aaron couldn't live without her and with her help he was able to overcome his depression. He named her "Angel" after she had acted as his guardian angel.
At 17 Aaron left his parents home to have a small journey in the Unova region with Angel (and eventually Sophie and Charlotte). At this point his parents considered their son a failure and were even considering "trying again".
When Aaron learned of the Sixfold League he was eager to learn more about pokemon and battling.
Misc: Aaron would never admit it, but his favorite genre of music is country. He actually has been to a doctor about his depression (he did so during his journey), but was assigned no medication b/c Angel was already doing more than any medication could.



Name: Angel
Species: Banette
Gender: female
Nature: Bold
Characteristic: Thoroughly cunning
Ability: Insomnia
Moveset: Return, Shadow Ball, Toxic, Thunderbolt
Misc: Angel was originally a prankster. She would travel along and scare innocent people and pokemon usually by following them to their homes and scaring them as they were about to fall asleep. However she stopped this lifestyle after finding Aaron.
Originally she was going to scare him by hiding in his closet, but after watching him hurt himself she couldn't bear it. Instead of scaring Aaron she comforted him. What originally started out as support developed into a close bond.
Angel is very protective over Aaron; she doesn't want him to get hurt. She also holds grudges very easily (but I think this would be a common Banette trait). She's a good battler, but is more relentless than Aaron would prefer. Usually she will use ways to trick her enemies or incapacitate them in some way. Charlotte is like her younger sister and she'll often get in fights with her.
During the day she will always be near Aaron, but during the night she enjoys wandering around and watching others sleep (once a creepy ghost type, always a creepy ghost type! c; ).
It's a mystery why a Banette was in the Unova region, but Aaron never asked, and she never said.
She wears a pink choker.

Name: Sophie
Species: Swoobat
Gender: female
Nature: Gentle
Characteristic: Likes to relax
Ability: Unaware
Moveset: Charm, Heart Stamp, Roost, Aerial Ace
Misc: "Let's make friends, not war" would mostly describe Sophie. Because of her gentleness she isn't the greatest battler. She believes all problems can be solved through patience and understanding. She is often a peace maker, especially whenever Charlotte and Angel get into a fight. Sophie enjoys meeting new pokemon/people and talking to them and/or keeping them company--often she will convince humans to pet or cuddle her.
As a Woobat, she met Aaron when she began cuddling with him. She enjoyed Aaron's kindness and began following him around until he caught her.
Sophie is abnormally small for her species and wears a white bow/bowtie.

Name: Charlotte
Species: Deino
Gender: female
Nature: Sassy
Characteristic: Somewhat stubborn
Ability: Hustle
Moveset: Bite, Double Team, Earth Power, Headbutt
Misc: Charlotte is like a child off "Toddlers and Tiaras"--though a bit less extreme. She can be a sassy brat when she wants to. Charlotte will take advantage of others' kindness and use it to make herself look innocent--she often does this when she taunts Angel into fighting, and making herself seem like the victim when Sophie calms them down.
When Aaron isn't around, Sophie will stay with Charlotte to make sure she doesn't get into any trouble (namely biting others and starting fights). Although the youngest of the group, she is the most independent. Charlotte uses scent and sound to find her way around, often following her sisters' and Aaron's scent/voices. Even though she's a brat, at the end of the day she loves her family very much.
She was orphaned when very young and met Aaron when he was near Opelucid City. She bit onto Aaron's ankle and refused to let go until Aaron had to capture her in a pokeball.
Charlotte is still young so she is small and fairly weak. She wears a green ribbon. And yes, the spots shown in the drawings are her only spots.


Oh my goodness you guys, I'm so sorry for that incredibly long story dfjvhbskhb. And then all those long pokemon descriptions. I don't think I've ever had such a complex group of characters. Idk, I just really want these guys to basically be a family--not just a trainer and his pokemon. c':
Anyway hear's my boi toy NPC and I hope you like him. u v u;;


Pokemon (c) Nintendo
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Name: Sabine Martineau
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Height: 5'9"
Hometown: Nreole

Passport: [link]

Pokemon war paint reference: [link]
formal wear: [link]
winter outfit: [link]


She can come off as overconfident to potential rivals as she is extremely competitive, she can be rather mean to people who annoy her and is fond of starting fights, however she has a good sense of humor and is usually friendly when there are no battles at stake and the other person watches their mouth. Despite her competitive nature, she is not a sore loser and gracefully accepts defeat, often expressing admiration for the winning trainers pokemon and asking advice (only when the battle is over though, she can get mighty fired up in the midst of a battle).

If you get her angry watch out, she throws a mean punch and has a strong idea of what's right and wrong. She's hotheaded and always prefers a good fist fight to diplomacy despite the clever tactics she is known for in her pokemon battles.

sabine is always at her best under pressure, whether it be in a battle or a barfight. however She is more comfortable fighting ten sevipers deep in a swamp then mingling with high society at a fancy party, that's just not her kind of thing.

Battling techniques:

Extremely serious when it comes to battling, Sab trains her pokemon to make the most of their strengths and weaknesses and favors status changing moves such as toxic and sleep powder. Her pokemon respect her and rarely disobey orders when they can see she's in a serious mood.
Sabine strongly believes that size and brawn don't always win battles and when her stunky showed a reluctance to evolve, she instead concentrated on training him for speed and evasion tactics. Louis has confidently taken down opponents many times his own size.


On her off time Sabine likes to explore the bayou with Blueberry and her sketchbook and draw the many wild pokemon that appear. She has a particular fascination for bug types.

Brief history:

Born and raised in Nreole by her mother and father.
Sabine speaks a little french taught by her nreolian father but retains her Australian accent from her mother who tragically died of an ekans bite when Sabine was 8.
On her 10th birthday instead of a starter pokemon, her father gave her a pokeball and told her to go catch something, she returned with a caterpie called Cupcake.
One particularly cold winter when she was 18, Sabine returned home with her newly caught cubchoo to find her father was gone, her neighbors reported never seeing him leave the house.
Sabine has lived alone with her pokemon in her fathers house ever since.
Despite her fairly tragic past, Sabine rarely mopes and hates the idea of people dwelling in misery, she strives to be the best she can be and finds sadness to be a waste of her time.

-She paints different designs on her vest, gloves and shoulders depending on her mood.
-her pokemon usually wear war paint into battle.
-She has no tolerance for idiots and people who don't take battling seriously.
-Her favourite food is apple pie.

- Best friend is Roxy Redstripe [link]
- Boyfriend is Jamie McCallin [link]
- Ex boyfriend in Remy Bernard [link]


Cupcake the butterfree
Gender: Female
Nature: Calm, capable of taking hits
Ability: Compound eyes
Moves: Sleep powder, Bug buzz, Solar beam, Acrobatics

Cupcake is Sabines first pokemon and was raised from a caterpie. She has incredible eyesight and never misses a target. Cupcake has slightly different wing marking than a Kanto butterfree. She's very friendly and enjoys meeting new people and pokemon

Louis the stunky
(pronounced Louey)
Gender: Male
Nature: Hasty, hates to lose
Ability: Aftermath
Moves: Smokescreen, Double team, Toxic, Night slash

He loves to battle and despite his adorable appearance, he's very good at it. He's not easily startled and rarely releases his stench (thankfully)
He stays out of his pokeball most of the time.

Blueberry the beartic
Gender: Male
Nature: Naughty, loves to eat
Ability: Snow cloak
Moves: Surf, Icicle crash, fury swipes, superpower

Blue isn't quite as experienced as the other pokemon but makes up for it with enthusiasm and raw power.
He's best buddies with Louis and loves to play. Blue is a big sweetie and loves getting his belly rubbed.

Ambra the Shelgon
Gender: Female
Nature: Quiet, alert to sounds
Ability: Rock head
Moves: Protect, dragonbreath, zen headbutt, flamethrower

Newest team member, caught in Ladon after a battle with blueberry. Very shy yet eager to please Sabine.
She has so far proved useless in battle and it is unlikely that she will be used in the tournament until further training. She has a serious problem aiming her attacks.


SXL Events:

- Sabine attended the ball with a friend, Gareth from Ladon.[link]

- Round 1 completed [link]

- Caught Ambra the Shelgon in Ladon
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//had this rotting away on my wip folder for some time now. I never got to finish it til now :iconmingplz: and i havent really thought deeply about the things i drew but yeah this is just how Haku's derpy life goes i guess--:iconcannotevenplz:
my idiot son :

5-9 years old : so, early years of Tomo was filled with blood, sweat, muscle pains and bruises. As soon as he learned to walk (well not really lmaoo), his father whipped him into training martial arts. He'd often retaliate and cry but what else can he do with his stubborn, merciless and optimistic oyajiiiii-- his mom wasnt home much so lmfao he aint got noone to run to.

10-12 years old : His dad died then and that was a huge blow (ofc since he's like everything to him; he wasnt attached to his mom as much as he was to his dad okok). It was a rather tough time and to add to that, he and his mom moved overseas; near to where she worked as a fashion designer.

13-16 years old : He was home-schooled while his mom was busy with work. This was also the stage wherein that rebellious spirit comes in. Feeling lonely just by himself in their flat, he'd go out in the city and usually gets involved in street fights. He'd mostly win the fights due to his past training. This was also around the time he met Allesio; yup. street brawls made them hommies. yeah. lmfao i think. :iconomgcryplz:

16-19 years old : When he got tired of always fighting meaningless fights, he'd often study on his own and pick up his mom's works. He got interested in fashion since then and maybe jsut used that as an excuse to get closer to her. this lonely kid. /weep it worked though. lmao. His mom asks his opinions on things from time to time.

20-24 years old : Current Haku. Fashion Food and Travel enthusiast and a die-hard shopaholic. Though he has moved out, he visits his mom from time to time. He travels around the world--travel expenses sponsored by *cough*Alessio*cough*--well, he gets good information from his travels and deals with the Family's public relations. ( amgg he should be in a food network channel or something rflmaoafhfhas )

25-28 years old : IDE--what idk if he was mature but he must be mature by now lmao. amg he's still travelling and ripping a hole in the Family's budget. He's got contacts all over the world. i guess. idk. /crey

29-33 years old : He's really mature now is he. aksfakjfa look at that adult hairstyle--is it even, anyway, he has his own office now. lmao and prolly runs a clean business hahaahahjdkashfak he still supports the Family wholeheartedly. yup.

34-37 years old : I-DONT-KNOW- Haku is soft-hearted and definitely not cold-blooded despite his appearance and demeanor. So yeah, he settles and have a baby boy with idk--amgggggg :iconomgcryplz:
Anyway, he's a nice parent who reads stories to his kid okok
:iconmeowthderpplz: ( imean this can totally change depending on-- circumstances)

idk really know if i'm sane when writing this but yeah ehe--:iconmingplz: sorry for the wall of text OTL

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Maaan I wasn't gonna join but I did.

There's just so much to Ulrich I didn't get to show you guys, and it makes me sad, because I have him thought out. SO HERE'S ANOTHER GO.

For :iconsixfold-league:

Name: Ulrich Wulf
Gender: HM I DON'T KNOW male
Age: says he's 24
Sexuality: Bi
Height: 6'1"
Hometown: Celadon City, Kanto
Personality: He's rich, but not a snob. However, he will throw his money around to impress the current person he's pursuing. But if they don't like it, he'll stop. He's a smart guy, and knows when and how to seduce people, among other things.
The side to Ulrich most everyone will see is the flirty, sexy prince charming.. but there's a whole other side to him. He's a manipulative guy, and will do most anything to get what he wants, whether it be pay someone off and threaten them in any way. But again, he usually doesn't let this slip around people.
He pretends to like all of his "friends", but he believes they only want to know him so he'll buy them things. He feels he has no true friends, which is why he doesn't care about doing horrible things to them. Does most everything for attention, but won't make a fool out of himself.
He's a pretty heavy sex addict, likes to lose himself in such things rather than drugs. It makes him forget about how abandoned and depressed he really feels.. thanks to his family issues. Which he will not discuss. With anyone.
Ulrich has a HUGE ego, and will constantly praise himself. Also extremely vain, talking about his looks, among other things.. Quite vulgar in his humor, or even when speaking of himself, likes to use pick-up lines- it makes him laugh.
Rarely gets mad, though when he does, doesn't voice it. An icy smile will do, or a threatening look. If he's really upset, he'll burst into tears. But doesn't cry in front of people. Ever. If he is crying, usually in private or in front of a single person. However, it is still a rare occurrence.
When he loses a battle, he won't cry. He will be very angry. He'll give his opponent a look saying 'Oh, you're in some deep shit now.'
Hardly ever cusses!!! If he does, he'll say 'Pardon me' or something to that effect. Though if he's mad, he won't apologize for his 'rudeness'. Doesn't bother him when other people curse.
If someone tries to use him for their own advantage, Ulrich will NOT be happy and do whatever is in his power to get back at the person. Most anything at all, really.
Will hit on most anyone over or at the age of 15. This includes males and females, no one is safe from him. He'll flirt and touch them constantly, in hopes of getting them in bed. He will throw his money around, but if they don't like that, then he wont do it. He's an educated guy and knows what to do and how to do things. He will pretty much do anything except humiliate himself. But if they ignore him too much, he'll get annoyed and give up, completely ignoring them.
Though Ulrich likes to flirt, he isn't really interested in sleeping with the person unless he finds them attractive. Don't worry, he doesn't have TOO high of standards.

New to Corus, Ulrich doesn't really like it there at all. He only moved there because his father did, to try and learn about this Mirage company and their pokeballs. It's a business venture, really.

History: Raised by a rich father and mother, though his mother died due to circumstances Ulrich will not speak of. His family has been an executive in the pokeball making industry, so you can imagine how rich they are.
Ulrich had a normal childhood, but when he was eight, everything changed. Then he grew into the man he is today. He doesn't have a good relationship with his father.
Ulrich's father bought him a Kabuto when they first started reviving them from their fossils. So, Ulrich started his hand at pokemon battling. He isn't very good at it, but manages to get by. He also tries his hand at coordinating, which he is a bit better at, but not amazing.
Ulrich was raised with lots of schooling, and is a pretty knowledgable guy. He's not an idiot.
Misc.: sexsexsex

:pokeball: Pokemon
Pokemon #1:
Name: Undine
Species: Kabutops
Sex: female
Ability: Swift Swim
Nature: Brave
Move set: Aqua Jet, Mega Drain, Slash, Metal Sound
Battle style: Undine is more of a strategist in battles. She's the smartest one on Ulrich's team, and will do her own thing if she think it better than Ulrich's command. She prefers physical moves, loving to use her scythe-hand-things and dealing tons of damage. She likes to go on the offensive.
Other info: -likes being a bit dressed up
- been with Ulrich since he was six. Ulrich's first pokemon.
-Doesn't like giving up, wants to impress her trainer at all times.
-likes to be praised
-pretty old since form a fossil
-likes to fight to prove herself to Ulrich. Also likes being in contests

Pokemon #2:
Name: Grumps
Species: Lairon
Sex: Male
Ability: Rock Head
Nature: Rash
Moveset: Iron Head, Take Down, Rest, Bulldoze
Battle style: Grumps likes to take the offensive immediately, hating being brought out of his pokeball. He'll rage around, risking himself to any damage whatsoever, as long as he can hurt the opponent, wanting to hurt them badly. If made fun of for his underbite,all hell will break loose. He is a HUGE risk taker, and doesn't really think. Doesn't listen to Ulrich.
Other info: -grumpy, likes to sleep
-if awoken, will go on a rampage
-has an underbite, portruding lower teeth
-slow since he's heavy, but strong
-doesn't particularly care for Ulrich

Pokemon #3
Name: Big Jim
Species: scrafty
Gender: male
Nature: naughty
Ability: Moxie
Moveset: swagger, head smash, payback, hi-jump kick
Battle-style: Whatever looks good.
Misc: He's a ladies pokemon. Takes after Ulrich. it's quite a sight, really.
-favorite pick-up line: You're just my type.
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