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Feel free to use it, this is free, Free, FREE :evillaugh:

:thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

If you can make your own avatar, I made this especially for you :happycry:

Enjoy to use 20 background, 8 emote body and liek 30 face :excited:
You can add some text too :faint:

I hope you like it :glomp:

Free example :

------------------------------ More FLash Game ?

My other flash game :

More and more flash game...
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!!! Newest UPDATE V8+ here : [link] !!!
!!! Newest UPDATE V8+ here : [link] !!!
!!! Newest UPDATE V8+ here : [link] !!!

*Random button addet! The random function is also mapped to "r" on the keyboard. Thx again Holy-Sparks for the idea ;)
*addet Roselucks cutiemark (thx Boltmatt for the pic)

*fixed Roselucks button color
*shortened some texts
*set the alpha of buttons with cutiemarks in BG to 90% so they're better visible

*I'll start this right away as 4.1 since it has the "press [s-key] for stop"-function from the "alt.V4 demo .1" included
*addet a simple preloader
*56 new quotes (7 new characters)
*fixed the color of the mlp:fim logo

It seems you can't download the board if you use the "internet explorer" because there's no "save as" option when you right-click the download button. Try it with "firefox" instead (worked for me)

+++++ mp3 download: in the description of the newest version [link] +++++

Some soundclips have interference on it. That might not be fixable. At least I can't.

Thank you all again for the praise, llama badges, favs and your help/suggestions ;)

Also thanks to the people who made the bg vectors. Sry I didn't ask you if I could them for this first, but I don't know who made them (got all from ponychan/google pics)
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