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A Simpsons' Christmas

Marge: Homie, can you go down with the kids to buy a Christmas tree? I have to do the Christmas shopping. (Christmas the year before had been not much short of a failure due to the fact that Homer forgot to do the Christmas shopping)
Homer: Do I HAVE to??? *Homer moaned*
Marge: It's Christmas tomorrow, and I don't want this family to have another 'crisis'. *Marge glanced sternly at Homer*
Lisa: Can we Dad?
Bart: Yeah, c'mon Homer!
Homer: But I wanna watch the game!
Marge: Homie, please? *Marge waited for Homer's response*
Bart: Nevermind Mom. Just let the fatso watch his gam-
Homer: WHY YOU LITTLE! *Homer strangled Bart*
Bart: ACK!! URRK! GACK!!!
Marge: HOMER! You're going to get that tree and no more television for the rest of the day!!! 
Homer: D'oh!
Lisa: Thanks Mom.
Bart: Come on big boy! *Bart laughed at Homer*
Homer: Watch it, boy! *Homer opened the front door and walked outside*
Lisa: Can I pick which tree we get, Dad?
Bart: NO! Mom said "I" could pick the tree!
Lisa: She did not!
Bart: Did so!
Lisa: Didn't!
Bart: Did!!!
Lisa: DIDN'T!
Homer: Break it up you two! Marge doesn't want you two arguing at Christmas!
Bart: Sure thing big daddy-o! *Bart grinned at Homer and pulled a face at Lisa*
Homer:  BART! *Homer opened one of the back doors of his car*
Bart: Outtatheway Lis! It's my turn to sit on this side! *Bart mumbled the word 'Did' as he shoved Lisa out of the way*
Lisa: Stupid brother. *Lisa put her seatbelt on*
Bart: Homer... Think ya could move your seat forward? B'CUZ IT'S CRUSHING ME!
Homer: I've had ENOUGH of you boy! *Homer put the key in the ignition and turned it*
Bart: Are we there yet?
Homer: NO! *Homer glared at Bart with an expression of rage*
Lisa: Can we just go, please Dad?
Homer: Yes, Lisa. We can go now. *Homer looked at Lisa quite calmly*
Bart: Forgot something! Wait up, Homer! *Bart started to get out of the car*
Homer: OH NO YOU DON'T! YOU'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE, WE'RE GOING TO GET THE TREE AND THAT'S FINAL! *Homer leaned into the back, grabbed Bart, pulled him back into the car and locked the doors*
Bart: But I need to get m-
Homer: Can't hear you boy! *Homer started singing a loud and annoying tune*
Lisa: Yet another 'perfect' Christmas... *Lisa sighed*
Bart: Tell me about it... *Bart sighed loudly*
This is the prologue of my fanfic first called "A Simpsons' Christmas", I hope you like it!

Three things I have to say:

Number one. Yes, I know it's not December.

Number two. I originally got the idea to write this fanfic, from the drawing "Christmas Teamwork XD" by :iconsideshowboblover:.

Number three. SideshowBobLover, I hope you like it, and a very merry (late/early) Christmas!!!

Click links for Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3
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A Simpsons' Christmas

Chapter 1
Homer: Everyone ready? *Homer stopped singing*
Lisa: Yes, Dad! *Lisa looked at Bart as if to say, 'You better say yes!'*
Bart: No.
Homer: OK then! Off we go! WOOHOO!!!
Bart: I thought you didn't want to come!
Homer: That's in the past, boy! Just like "The Ghost of Christmas Future"!
Lisa: Dad, don't you mean "Past"?
Homer: Past what?
Lisa: The Ghos- Oh never mind! Can we go now!
Homer: Go where?
Lisa: Urgh! To get the Christmas tree!!!
Homer: Oh right! *Homer laughed*
Homer: Why… Won't… You… Work… *Homer tried to start the car*
Homer: COME ON! *Homer banged his fist against the steering wheel*
Bart: Problem?
Homer: If this is another one of your pran- *Homer's car started*
Bart: I didn't do nothin'! *Bart grinned a big cheesy grin at Homer*
Homer: Let's see what's on. *Homer switched on the radio*
KBBL: 102.5 FM, KBBL here, making your day… average. First up is a once in a lifetime opportunity to win a lifetime supply of bottled water! To enter the prize draw, all you have to do is give us all your personal details, then you might have a chance of winning!
Homer: Mmm… Lifetime supply of bottled water. *Homer drooled*
Bart: Uh, Homer… You don't even like water.
Homer: But they made it sound so tasty! Must. Send. Personal. Details. *Homer skidded the car sideways*
Lisa: DAD! THE ROAD!!!!!!
Homer: Oh, yeah. *Homer swerved the car… into a tree*
This is the first chapter of my first fanfic, "A Simpsons' Christmas". Before you read it, make sure to read the prologue! Sorry that I didn't post this sooner, I've been so busy!!! Anyway, enjoy!

Click links for Prologue, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3
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"Uuuggghh...." Groaned a young, hungover redhead as he pushed back his long bangs. 'I should really stop accepting Benders drinking challenges...' He thought to himself as he leant back in his chair and ruffled his hair some more.

"You should really get a haircut, Fry." Stated Leela rather bluntly as she scrunched up her nose in distaste and tugged at his hair.

"Yeah, Fry... If you want I once slept with a hairdresser so I can get you in for cheaper!" Amy chirped excitedly as she flipped open her phone.

Fry looked between them both, sighed and then shrugged, "I don't know..." he started with uncertainty. "Hey, Bender..." He said slowly as he span in his chair to face his dozing, robotic best friend. "What do you think? Do you think I should get a hair cut?" He asked, pulling at his long locks with a questionable look.

Bender glared at his hair, stated a sharp "I don't care." Then stood from his chair and stormed out the room.

Fry stared after him with a rather puppy-like expression.

Leela sighed beside him, "Bender really is starting to worry me..."

Fry nodded and looked back toward the door Bender just left through, "yeah..." he mumbled quietly before spinning back round and slumping onto the table.

"Fry!" Leela growled angrily with a swift kick in his side. "Don't just sit there! Go after him! And don't you dare come back until he feels better. Got it? Good." She quickly commanded before picking him up out of his chair, shoving him forward and kicking him square in the ass and out the door.

Fry hissed in pain as he picked himself up and rubbed his backside. He sighed annoyed as he looked around, already giving up. His shoulders sagged as he pulled his sluggish form down the long corridors of the planet express, and poked his head into every room. "Ah Bender isn't anywhere around!" He exclaimed in annoyance.

But, just as he was about to give up completely and head off to the employee lounge for a quick beer and nap, an oddly melodic whistling tune came flowing in from the small supply closet down the hall. 'Bender!' Fry yelled out internally, obviously excited that he'd managed to find him and ran for the door.

He leapt the last few steps and landed with a soft thud just short of the door. He took a quick, deep breath before reaching down toward the handle. "Huh...?" He mumbled quietly as he stopped his fingers on the handle. His ears had only just pricked up and noticed how the melodic whistling had somehow become extraordinarily melancholy. It didn't take but a few mere seconds for that whistling to turn to quiet sobs.

Fry's heart sank and his fingers shook around the handle. He took a deep breath, swallowed hard and threw himself into the room.

Fry picked himself up and stared down at the silver Mexican. The silence soon grew heavy as Bender glared back up at him, his large robotic eyes looking absurdly puppy-like.

"Bender...Are you...?" Fry's speech trailed off into a low groan as he pulled his fingers through his lengthy bangs and kicked he closest box. And then hissed in pain as he leapt backwards and hit his head on yet another box.

Bender couldn't help but laugh at the huge sack of meat's stupidity.

"Ah, so you haven't lost you sense of humour then." Fry said with a smile as he lifted an empty box of his head.

Bender huffed and spun round on his box so that only his back was facing Fry.

Fry sighed and sat next to him on the box, "Bender..." He started as he looped his arm around the cold shoulders of his metallic best friend. "Are you okay?" Fry asked in a quiet and very concerned voice.

Instantly, the robot lost all will to fight and sagged against his friend. "Yeah..." he mumbled, "now."

Fry didn't really get what he meant but was just happy that Bender was okay again now. Fry quickly laughed, smiled wide and threw his arms around the big lump of metal excitedly, exclaiming loudly "Yay!"

"Now how about we get some beer in you eh?" Fry joked as he stood slowly started pulling himself away from the robot.

"...Nah not just yet" Bender groaned as he pulled Fry back into him and snuggled closer to his squishy chest.

"Hey! I'm not some pillow!" Fry complained as he wiggled uncomfortably.

"Shut up, yes you are. Now stop wiggling!" Bender commanded bluntly as he leant in harder in order to keep the stupid meatsack still.

Fry sagged, defeated. "Fiiine" he sighed, making sure to really drag it out.

He may have looked fed up on the outside as the heavy metal robot lay in his lap. But inside he was laughing happily that his bestest friend was finally back to normal. Okay, and just a little on the outside too.
So yeah this is some pooy cutey fender foooor~ :iconqueen-of-insanity:



I'm very, very, very, veeerrry sorry this is so late! I really did write this a while ago! And I reeeally did mean to post this aaaages ago! But I have been very sicky and over worked lately! But I hope you like this piece of poop I wrote for you! :D I also drew you a picture but my scanner still wont work -sigh- LOVE YOU! <3 -tackleglomps-

Fry and all other characters are respectfully owned by Matt Groening
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"...Aaand 100! Okay!" Hermes exclaimed happily as he leapt to his feet from his stretching pose. The same huge smile was still plastered all over his face from the morning when he put on his old limbo outfit again and, though a bit snugger than before, it still fit nonetheless!

"So this is where little Hermes has been hiding then, aye?" A deep, sensual voice mocked from behind him.

"Barbados!" Hermes yelled angrily as he span round to face the much taller, sculpted hunk. His scowl would have sent shivers down any tax payers' spine.

Barbados, however, just laughed in his face. "That is quite the face my friend... And quite the outfit too!" He laughed again, a thick smirk stealing his lips causing his deep chocolate eyes to sparkle menacingly.

"Why you...!" Hermes' blood boiled and rushed straight to his head. He balled his hands into fists and had to quickly turn his gaze away, that's when he noticed: they were completely alone. "Huh? Where is...?" He asked, mostly to himself, as his eyes lazily gazed around.

"Oh she went out to buy some new shoes, my friend." Barbados answered his inner question quickly and easily with a smirk still beaming down, oozing substantial amounts of testosterone.

"I am no friend of yours, Barbados Slim!"Hermes spat at him, each word laced with pure acidic venom.

Barbados's whole face fell into a deep frown. "Now why you got to say such mean things Hermes?" He said in a particularly whiney and yet somehow still mocking tone.

Hermes took in a deep breath and turned around and simply walked away, completely ignoring the tall, muscular man following him with his deep chocolate eyes.

Hermes stepped up to his faithful ol' limbo pole and began doing some quick stretches. He threw out his left leg as far as could and with a grunt followed and overstretched arm, all the way down to his toes. 'And two and three and four and five' he chanted to himself mentally.

He sprung himself up and clapped his hands together to begin star jumps, 'And two and three and four and five' he chanted mentally to himself again.

Then he quickly squatted down and threw out his right leg as far as he could and with a low groan he followed with an overstretched arm all the way down to his toes, 'And two and three and four and five' he chanted to himself mentally yet again.

"Well you sure are still flexible there, Hermes." The tall dark man who had, till then, been silently watching with a smirk lay thick over his large lips.

Hermes couldn't help but redden slightly as he seethed- but still refused to dignify him with any kind of response.

Hermes quickly stood himself up and took another deep breath. He began tipping himself gently backwards and not before long he was shimmying himself under the low bar, a large smile slowly creeping across his face.

"Well how cute..." Barbados mocked as he smirked down at the flustered Jamaican, an inch from his face.

"Eh!" Hermes gasped awkwardly as he tried to regain his balance after the shock of the muscular male looming over him so close to his face. Alas though, Hermes was not quick enough to collect himself and the tall, dark man quickly leant down closer and pressed his large lips against the little mans, staring him down as he does.

Hermes pushes up hard against the stone chest and only ends up pushing himself down to the floor. Hermes quickly squeezed his eyes shut, ready for impact but Barbados was far too quick for that. He had caught him easily with just one of his strong arms. (Although, Hermes would probably have preferred the crash landing.)

"Got you" Barbados laughed, his deep voice echoing in the small room. Hermes face flushed a deep maroon as the large man scooped him into a bridal hold and kissed him softly on his forehead before roaring in laughter again.
Short and sweet ne? C:
I hope you liked it! I definitely enjoyed writing it! Hahaha! <3

Barmes~! I was originally going to call it herbados. But that would just be silly.
So this is for the very awesome-o :iconmissuspatches: a long while ago now ^^; oops. I wonder why I never posted it.... *sighs* god knows... I'm so fail OTL

Futurama, Fry and all other characters are respectfully owned by Matt Groening
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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Moveset:

Gender: Male

Species: Robot

Game Series: MegaMan

First Appearance: MegaMan (1987)

Health: 900,000 HP Points

Voice Actor: Cole Howard

Power Ranking (Out of 7)

Intelligence: 3
Strength: 4
Speed: 5
Stamina: 4
Energy Projection: 7
Fighting Ability: 4


Designed and built by Dr. Light, MegaMan fights against the evil Dr. Wily and his Robot masters in order to protect the world in the year of 20XX. He's often companied by a robot dog by the name of Rush, and always has the support of his sister Roll and Dr. Light. His main weapon is the Mega Buster, an energy blast that's powered by solar energy.

Assist Alpha: Full Mega Buster Charge Shot (Shot, Forward)
Assist HC: Rain Flush
Assist Beta: Tornado Hold (Shot, Tilt Down)
Assist HC: Rain Flush
Assist Gamma: Wave Burner (Shot, Instant)
Assist HC: Rain Flush


From the top of the screen, MegaMan will teleport onto the screen, Rush teleporting after him and standing next to him.

Entrance Quotes:

#1: Alright! Let's do this!

#2: There's nothing my Trusty Mega Buster can't handle!

#3: Rush! C'mon boy, we've got work to do.

Against Ryu: You look like you've got some interesting powers. I'll just have to beat you so I can try em out!

Against Morrigan: Your powers seem not from this world, I wonder if I'll be able to use them…

Against Zero: You're like no robot I've ever seen before! Your technology is amazing!

Against Tron Bonne: Uhh…sorry Lady…I'm not the person that you're looking for.

Against Iron Man/Sentinel: You must be one of Wily's new Robot Masters. I'll take care of you quickly.

Against Akuma: Your power levels are off the charts! I'd better be careful with this one…

Against Felicia: Awwwww…what a cute kitty-cat, just gotta stay away from the claws…


Attack Layout:

Ground Level

Standing Light: Straight Punch (40,000)

Standing Medium: Upper Punch (54,000)

Standing Hard: Mega Buster Shot (70,000)

Standing Special: Double Leg Kick (80,000)


Crouching Light: Low Kick (43,000)

Crouching Medium: Backwards Kick (53,000)

Crouching Hard: Sliding Kick (75,000)

Air Attacks

Air Light: Straight Kick (45,000)

Air Medium: Overhead Kick (58,000)

Air Hard: Mega Buster Shot (70,000)

Air Special: Axe Kick (80,000)

Unique Moves

Slash Claw (Forward + M) (55,000)

Rush Adapter (MegaMan's Secondary Jump)

Rush Coil (MegaMan's Super Jump)

Rush Jet (In the air, Double tap forward. MegaMan's Air Dash)

Mega Buster Charge Shot (Hold the H button to charge Mega Buster and make the projectile more powerful) (1 second Charge = 85,000. 2 second charge = 100,000)

Hyper Sliding Kick (While holding Down, Hold the H button for 2 seconds and release) (100,000)

Top Spin (In the Air Down + S) (85,000)

Super Arm (MegaMan's Throw using Gutsman's powers) (80,000)

Special Moves

Tornado Hold Close  (Qcf + L When the weapon is attached) (100,000)

MegaMan's main projectile in MVC2 aside from his Mega Buster, when the weapon's attached, MegaMan will drop forward a small fan that'll blow wind upwards and cause damage to the opponent.

Tornado Hold Far (Qcf + M When the weapon is attached) (100,000)

MegaMan will launch a fan that'll blow air in an upward pattern, causing damage to the opponent. This weapon can only be used when attached, and is the standard weapon attached when the match starts.

Hyper Bomb Close (Qcf + L When the weapon is attached) (115,000)

When this weapon is attached, MegaMan will launch a bomb forward at a short distance, blowing up upon contact with the ground. This weapon can OTG downed opponents and cause a ground bounce.

Hyper Bomb Far (Qcf + M When the weapon is attached) (115,000)

When this weapon is attached, MegaMan will launch a bomb forward at a long distance, blowing up upon contact with the ground. This attack can cause a wall bounce if the distance between the opponent and the wall is short.

Flame Sword Slash (Qcf + L When the weapon is attached) (100,000)

The melee weapon of MegaMan's switchable weapons, MegaMan will do a downward slash with the Flame Sword, expelling flames in the forward direction as he does so. This is made to be a Melee weapon that can be comboed into, but the fire the weapon gives off can get opponents from a small distance away, and therefore can act as a projectile too.

Flame Sword Dash Slash (Qcf + M When the weapon is attached) (100,000)

MegaMan will use the Flame Sword to do a dash attack, going a good distance across the screen. The weapon can only be used when equipped, and the sword gives of small fire flares as a somewhat projectile just like its close range version.

Laser Trident (Qcf + H) (95,000)

MegaMan will launch forward a Laser Trident from his Mega Buster. This projectile causes a electric hitstun and goes through the opponent, going all the way off screen whether or not it actually connects with the opponent.

Needle Cannon (Dp + L) (110,000)

MegaMan will launch five small needles from his Mega Buster, the needles moving very quickly and dealing small damage alone but good damage when all of the needles strike the opponent.

Wave Burner (Dp + M) (130,000 Total)

MegaMan will emit a flamethrower from his Mega Buster, waving it up and down as the flames travel through the air to damage the opponent. This attack can OTG a downed opponent as well as even catch airborne enemies as well. This attack also nullifies small projectiles.

Mega Uppercut (Dp +H) (110,000)

Another returning ability from MVC2, MegaMan will do a rising punch, his fist alit with blue energy. This is MegaMan's form of the Shoryuken in a sense. This attack can be air comboed into.

Ice Wave (Qcb + L) (90,000)

MegaMan will emit a wave of Ice energy across the floor, this attack going the entire distance of the screen and moving at a moderate pace. Upon contact with the opponent, the opponent will get a frozen stun state and the wave will continue going until it's fully gone across the screen.

Thunder Wool (Qcb + M) (95,000)

MegaMan will shoot a piece of Thunder Wool from his Mega Buster up into the sky, the Thunder Wool then striking down to the ground and spreading along the ground like a small shockwave. The ground shockwave causes a paralysis effect while an airborne opponent hit by the lightning bolt striking from the Thunder Wool will get a ground bounce state.

Hornet Chaser (Qcb + H) (80,000)

MegaMan will launch a Hornet from his Mega Buster, the Hornet then homing in the opponent and striking them. This attack works a lot like Dante's Standing Light projectile, in the sense that it takes a moment to home in on the opponent before attacking.

Jewel Satellite  (Dpb + A) (Spin = 50,000. Projectile = 75,000)

This ability requires half a hyper bar in order to use. MegaMan will summon forth the Jewel Satelite, surrounding himself with jewels that'll protect him from damage. The Jewels can withstand one physical attack and two projectile attacks. The Jewels also hurt to touch, so just standing next to the opponent with this attack activated will hurt them.

Change Weapons (Down  + Down + A)

MegaMan's Qcf + L or M attacks can be changed by activating this ability. This'll summon forth an Eddie, who'll drop you the power you want depending on the attack button used. L will give you the Tornado Hold, M will give you the Hyper Bomb and H will give you the Flame Sword.

Hyper Combos

Rain Flush (Qcf + AA) (270,000)

MegaMan will release a Rain capsule up into the air from his Mega Buster, the screen then being engulfed in a downpour of green energy. This attack is completely screen-filling, meaning it'll even hit opponents up in the air, an ability that Full Screen hyper combos like Okami Shuffle lacked.

Rush Bomber (Qcb + AA) (Bomb = 60,000)

MegaMan's assist HC, he'll call on Rush to activate his Rush Bomber form, Rush then flying up into the air in his Rush Jet form and dropping bombs on the opponents. Every time you push an attack button, he'll drop a bomb. This is almost like MegaMan's version of Kitty Helper.

Eddie Summon (Down + Down + AA)

MegaMan will summon an Eddie to the screen, who will then walk over to MegaMan and give him a Power chip, increasing his health. This attack can be stolen by opponents, and also shows off a comical MegaMan life bar when MegaMan heals.

Level 3: Hyper MegaMan (Dp + AA) (420,000)

MegaMan's trademark Hyper combo throughout the MVC series is now his level 3 Hyper combo. MegaMan will emit a small field of energy around himself, extending outward a certain distance before disappearing. If the opponent is in the radius of the energy wave, Rush, Beat and Eddie will all combine with MegaMan, turning him into Hyper MegaMan. MegaMan will then ignite a giant Energy blast from his Buster, Continuously smash the opponent. Hyper MegaMan will also launch missiles across the screen as he does so, adding in even more damage. When the attack finishes, MegaMan will transform back into his normal self, all the partners dashing off in different directions.

Victory Pose: MegaMan will give a peace out to the screen before teleporting away.

Victory Quotes:

#1: I can't wait to try out these new powers.

#2: Dr. Light will be happy about these results…

#3: Minimum damage taken…that's a good sign.

#4: Good Ol' Mega Buster, what would I ever do without you?

Against Sentinel/Iron Man: Nice try Dr. Wily, but your robot's treachery ends today!

Against Zero: I guess we know who has the better technology.

Assist Quotes:

Call Partner:

"Help me out!"


"Let's go!"

Last Person Switch Out:

"I've got this!"

Color Scheme:

Color #1: Blue

Color #2: Red

Color #3: Green

Color #4: Black

Color #5: Yellow

Color #6: Black & Red

I hereby give Capcom full rights over this moveset and are welcome to use this in any way/shape/form that they desire.
I know I said I'd be making Mega Moveset Month, but it turns out I've got some stuff I've gotta do in the upcoming weeks, so I'm sticking to 5 MegaMan Movesets, one for MegaMan, one for ProtoMan, one for Bass, one for Dr. Wily and one for Vile. Enjoy everyone, and sorry about no Mega Moveset Month.
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Ruby Heart

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Moveset:

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Game Series: Marvel vs. Capcom/Darkstalkers

First Appearance: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (2000)

Voice Actress: Brina Palencia

Health: 925,000 HP Points

Power Ranking:

Intelligence: 4
Strength: 4
Speed: 5
Stamina: 5
Energy Projection: 4
Fighting Ability: 5


When the camps of Marvel and Capcom characters were fighting their battles amongst each other, a villain named Abyss emerged and began attacking and destroying life on the planet. Ruby Heart, the captain of a magical flying ship, learns of Abyss' power and plans and goes to the camps, speaking to both sides and telling them of the threat. The heroes and villains then agree to join forces and defeat Abyss and save the world from decay.

Assist Alpha: Schwazaille (Direct, Front)
Assist HC: Mille Fantomes
Assist Beta: Sublimation (Shot, Up)
Assist HC: Mille Fantomes
Assist Gamma: Orb of Power (Extra, Instant)
Assist HC: Mille Fantomes


Ruby Heart will be sitting on a treasure chest, tying the laces on her boots. She then stands up and kicks the chest away.

Entrance Quotes:

#1: When evil's on the rise, this is what you choose to do to save your world?

#2: Fools like you aren't worthy enough to be world saviors.

#3: There's no time to fight like this, we have to get to work!

#4: Why does it always have to resort to violence?

Against Ryu: Young Warrior…we meet once again.

Against Wolverine: It looks like you're still a vicious brute…just like before.

Against Hulk: I don't think anything about you has changed Banner…

Against Dr. Doom: You're a fool Victor…a great big fool…

Against Strider Hiryu: To think how much you've grown since I last saw you…

Against Galactus: You're the threat I've been seeking. Now is the time for me to take action!


Standing Light: Straight Punch (45,000)

Standing Medium: Overhead Kick (60,000 Two hits)

Standing Hard: Anchor Slice (78,000)

Standing Special: Anchor Uppercut (85,000)


Crouching Light: Low Kick (47,000)

Crouching Medium: Spin Kick (61,000)

Crouching Hard: Whip Strike (75,000)

Air Attacks

Air Light: High Kick (49,000)

Air Medium: Straight Kick (62,000)

Air Hard: Overhead Kick (80,000)

Air Special: Anchor Smash (85,000)

Special Moves

Schwarzaile (Aura Dash) (Qcf + A) (50,000 per hit)

The move Schwazaille works exactly like that of Jon Talbain's Beast Cannon, an aura dash attack can help her dash across the screen and do damage upon contact. Ruby can do up to three hits by comboing two more attack button inputs and aiming using the analog stick. The direction that the attack starts depends on the attack button used, L being that of straight in front, M being an angled dash climb up into the air and H will send her flying straight up into the air. This attack has good durability and can survive some connections with projectiles, although projectiles like Plasma Beam and Uni-Beam will cause her to be knocked out of her attack.

The second and third redirection can go in any way that you wish, the attack having a fully effective 8 way dash style. This attack also moves very quickly, being able to get behind the opponent for easy combos as well while using assists.

Sublimation (Dp + A) (95,000 – 120,000)

Sublimation is not only Ruby's only projectile, but Ruby's way of keeping the opponent at bay and away from her. Each input will put the attack a different spot on the battlefield, L being right in front of you, M being center screen and H being on the far side of the screen. Holding the attack button down during the input for a moment will cause the height that the water pillar will travel upward, holding the attack button for two seconds will result in the pillar being able to have full anti-air abilities and bring any opponent in the air come crashing into the ground.

This pillar can cancel out almost any projectile in the game, and can also be used against opponents who are prone to keep-away to make sure that spammers aren't safe against Ruby. This attack can also OTG, and does a much better job at continuing combos as an assist than the actual attack. The assist of Sublimation will say localized to the opponent, but only be able to home in on opponents who're on the ground.

Rafale Canon (Hcb + A) (150,000)

Ruby's command grab, and one of the best possible command grabs in the game. She'll use an anchor attached to a chain that'll pull the opponent in, tying them up before shooting them away using a cannon blast. The L version of this attack will go half screen using the chain, making Ruby's command grab the best in the game when it comes to distance. M will aim upward and work differently than her L attack, throwing an anchor up into the air like a trap, bringing the opponent down into the ground upon contact. H is a new form of command grab that makes for an even more useful command grab than her L Rafale Cannon. H will see Ruby using a whip and spin it around her, going a good distance out and even going up high enough to possibly catch airborne opponents. The distance in which the attack can catch the opponent greatens as it goes upward, making this a very dangerous attack against characters that are used to using the air. Upon connection with the opponent, Ruby Heart will slam the opponent into the ground using the whip, causing an off the ground bounce that can be comboed into afterwards.

Fantôme (Down + Down + A)

One of Ruby's more useful moves to wear down characters, Ruby will summon forth a treasure chest that will rattle as it hits the ground, out comes a ghost that will wear down the opponent's hyper bar if they get caught. This is very effective against characters that need a lot of hyper bars in order to be really effective. She can summon the box anywhere from in front of her to the middle of the screen using the 3 attack buttons, and holding down the attack button for a second or two while performing the attack will allow the ghosts to suck away the opponent's hyper bar even faster, H being able to summon two ghosts at once if held down.

The ghosts themselves are invincible to attacks and will need to be dodged if they come out of the chest, but it takes a moment or two in order for the ghost to pop out, and the crate will disappear if Ruby takes any damage while summoning this attack. This attack is very dangerous but in return gives a lot back if it connects, for opponents can't gain meter if they have the ghost latching onto them.

Magic Float (Qcb + S)

Ruby Heart's flight ability, given to her using the power of magic. This flight form is a good way for continuing or starting combos, not to mention her dash attack can be used from the air as well.

Hyper Combos

Flammeile/ Hyper Schwarzaile (Qcf + AA) (75,000 per hit)

A super-powered version of her aura dash attack, Ruby Heart will be able to dash around the screen at super-high speeds as she does damage to her opponent. The aura that surrounds Ruby covers more distance and has a much larger hitbox, not to mention it can be linked into over twice as many times as the regular attack. This attack also gains a speed and power boost which means it's difficult to control, and has some attributes that it didn't have in MVC2.

This attack can now hit downed enemies causing an OTG bounce upon contact and is fully capable of being put into Ruby's combos, basic or advanced. It's also has at least one hit of super armor on it and cannot be so easily knocked out of it like before in MVC2. Also available is that it can be comboed into right after her level 3 if you time it right.

Mille Fantômes (Down + Down + AA) (285,000 max)

Like the attack she possessed in MVC2, Ruby Heart will summon forth a large golden treasure chest onto the stage, out from it will spring tons of ghosts which, unlike the actual Fantomes attack, the Ghosts will cause a burn effect if they connect with the opponent, causing serious damage. This attack has a fairly slow start-up and the only real chance to stop this attack is hit Ruby while the chest is ratling. If the opponent hits Ruby during this state, the attack will cancel out itself.

Level 3: Level 3: Pare-tonn're (Dp + AA) (445,500)

Ruby's level 3 is a hyper combo that starts with a dash, but isn't a dash done by Ruby herself, but by a giant ship coming into the foreground of the stage and smashing into the opponent. Ruby will then order the command to fire, the cannons on the ship all aiming at the opponent and firing at a rapid rate. This attack goes on until all the cannons fire at once at the opponent, causing an explosion to end the hyper combo.

This attack has a few frames of invincibility when it starts up, and Ruby Heart is officially out of reach after the ship passes by her, giving her some room to recover if the attack is blocked by the opponent.

Victory Pose:

Ruby Heart will stand with one foot on top of a treasure chest, raising an anchor into the air as she then surrounds herself by the crew of her ship, including her two partner characters.

Victory Quotes:

#1: Now that's how you fight as a team…

#2: Being a captain, I need to know how to lead my crew to victory.

#3: Now that this is over, how's about we discuss stopping the real threat?

#4: To think that the Abyss incident wasn't nearly as bad as this.

Against Ryu: Don't be losing your way anytime soon young warrior…

Against Wolverine: You're way too violent for your own good…

Against Dr. Doom: You'd think someone as brilliant as you would think to get rid of something that would be such a threat to you.

Against Strider Hiryu: You seem to have gone rusty over the years…

Against Galactus: You're just another destroyer who tried to get in my way. You're not my first threat, and you won't be the last…

Assist Quotes:

Call Partner:

"Help me out!"


"Give me everything you've got…"

Last Person Switch-Out:

"I've survived through worse than this…"

Color Schemes:

#1: Blonde Hair, Aquamarine/Aqua Blue

#2: Brown Hair, Red/Maroon

#3: Bluish Grey hair, Blue/Indigo

#4: Red Hair, Purple/Deep Purple

#5: Purple Hair, Black/Dark Grey

#6: Black Hair, Green/Forest Green

I hereby give Capcom full rights over this moveset and are welcome to use this in any way/shape/form that they desire.
The French Pirate of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 makes her way to the battlefield of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 not only as a representative of the original series, but as a Darkstalkers rep as well. She's a strong rushdown character with abilities that can become quite technical in the long-run. She's alot like her MVC2 self, but she's still different all the same.

Enjoy Everyone! :3 Ruby Heart over Jon Talbain! She's an all-round better character AND female! We need more girls! Keep the Werewolves out and let the Pirate girls (Not to mention French, Oo-la-la) in! Come on and show your Support for the MAIN CHARACTER of the last Marvel vs. Capcom title!

More Favs = Character Endings for Arcade Mode and MORE! :la:

Theme Song: [link]
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Don't Go Breaking My Heart
(Sung by Homer and Marge Simpson and Peter Griffin and Lois Griffin)

Homer Simpson: Don't go breaking my heart
Marge Simpson: I couldn't if I tried
Homer Simpson: Oh honey if I get restless
Marge Simpson: Baby you're not that kind

Peter Griffin: Don't go breaking my heart
Lois Griffin: You take the weight off of me
Peter Griffin: Oh honey when you knock on my door
Lois Griffin: Oo I gave you my key

Both: Woo Hoo Nobody knows it
Homer Simpson: When I was down
Marge Simpson: I was your clown

Both:Woo Hoo Nobody knows it
Nobody knows it
Peter Griffin: Right from the start
Lois Griffin: I Gave you my heart
Oohh I Gave you my heart

Homer Simpson: So don't go breaking my heart
Marge Simpson: I won't go breaking your heart
Both: Don't go breaking my heart

Peter Griffin: Nobody told us
Lois Griffin: Cause nobody showed us
Peter Griffin: Now it's up to us baby
Lois Griffin: Oohh I think we can make it

Homer Simpson: So don't misunderstand me
Marge Simpson: You put the light in my life
Homer Simpson: Oh you put the sparks to the flame
Marge Simpson: I've got your heart in my sights

Both: Oohh Hoo Nobody knows it
Peter Griffin: When I was down
Lois Griffin: I was your clown

Both: Oohh Hoo Nobody knows it
Nobody knows it
Homer Simpson: Right from the start
Marge Simpson: I gave you my heart
Oh Hoo I Gave you my heart

Peter Griffin: Don't go breaking my heart
Lois Griffin: I won't go breaking your heart
Both: Don't go breaking my heart

Both: Oo hoo Nobody knows it
Homer Simpson: When I was down
Marge Simpson: I was your clown

Peter Griffin: Right from the start
Lois Griffin: I Gave you my heart
Oo Hoo I Gave you my heart

Homer Simpson: Don't go breaking my heart
Marge Simpson: I won't go breaking your heart
Don't go breaking my
Don't go breaking my
Peter Griffin: Don't go breaking my heart
Don't go breaking my
Don't go breaking my
Lois Griffin: I won't go breaking your heart
Homer Simpson: Don't go breaking my heart
Don't go breaking my
Marge Simpson: I won't go breaking your heart
Peter Griffin: Don't go breaking my heart
Don't go breaking my
Lois Griffin: I won't go breaking your heart
Homer and Marge Simpson, Peter and Lois Griffin Singing Elton John and Kiki Dee's Song about love.
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Lisa Marie Simpson

Age: 15
Occupation: Student at New Springfield High School
Parents: Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson
Siblings: Bart and Maggie
Friends: Allison, Alex, Samantha
Enemies: Sherri, Terri, Jessica
Crushes: Colin, Luke, Jesse
Hobbies: Playing saxophone, reading old novels

Lisa is just your average teenage girl. Well, an average teenage girl with an IQ of 167 and large vocabulary. Now attending high school, Lisa's gotten more popular, along with a couple of friends. Even now, she's still tormented by Sherri and Terri, but occasionally brushes it off. Becoming more like her mother, Lisa takes up some of the family duties and always tries to get them to eat vegetarian meals. Until now, her past starts haunting her and she finds her life going down the drain. But the one thing that bothers her the most: not having a boyfriend.

Bartholemew Jojo Simpson

Age: 17
Occupation: Student at NSHS, asst. manager of Android's Dungeon
Parents: Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson
Siblings: Lisa and Maggie
Friends: Milhouse, Nelson, Ralph, Otto, Donny, Samantha
Enemies: Shelby, Principal Skinner, Sideshow Bob
Crushes: Gina, Alex, Jessica
Hobbies: Skateboarding, collecting comic books

If anyone in Springfield heard about Bart Simpson, they would immediately identify him as 'America's bad boy'. Now at 17, Bart's straightened up and is thinking about college, but everyone knows he is still mischievous at heart. His everyday role is to make sure that the Android's Dungeon is always selling more than it did back then. Even the most loveable people have their problems,which could affect his future. Meeting up with two girls from his past and falling for one now, plus having a long-lost friend show up, Bart's going to have to become an adult and make the right choices in life.

Margaret Jane Simpson

Age: 8
Occupation: Student at Old Springfield Elementary
Parents: Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson
Siblings: Bart and Lisa
Friends: Gerald, Katrina
Enemies: Rodney, Audrina
Crushes: Tomas
Hobbies: Painting, playing online games

Now an 8 year old, Maggie is glad that people can finally understand her. People often mistake her for Lisa, so she still wears her bow and has her pacifier on a chain. However, her personality is far different from Lisa's. She's outgoing, naive, and cute as a button. She's always seen with her two friends Gerald and Katrina, obsessing over the school heartthrob Tomas, or having two bullies ganging up on her for no reason. With all the problems going on with her and her family, Maggie just wants to help everyone as much as she can, but will it get her into trouble?

Homer Jay Simpson

Age: 45
Occupation: Vice President of Nuclear Power Plant
Parents: Abe and Mona Simpson
Wife: Marge Simpson
Children: Bart, Lisa, and Maggie
Friends: Lenny, Carl, Moe, Barney
Enemies: Frank Grimes(deceased), Mr. Burns (so much more, but that's going to take forever -_-')
Hobbies: Drinking beer, hanging out at Moe's

Not much is different about Homer except that he's lost a few pounds and has more hair. After Burns retired along with Smithers, the plant has a new owner named John Stoolwell, who gets along with Homer. Everyone knows Homer's not perfect, but is there something that he's hiding that could hurt his relationship with his wife?

Marjorie Simpson

Age: 42
Occupation: Homemaker
Parents: Clancy and Jacqueline Bouvier
Siblings: Patty and Selma
Husband: Homer
Children: Bart, Lisa, and Maggie
Friends: Manjula
Enemies: Helen, Mindy, Lurleen
Hobbies: Cleaning, painting, taking care of her family

Marge is still the same pushy and patient mother everyone knows and loves. With Bart leaving the nest soon, she tries her best to spend time with all of her children. Being very protective of her husband, she makes sure any woman with eyes for Homer turns the other cheek. But Homer might have had enough of this attitude for once.

Jessica Lovejoy

Age: 17
Occupation: Student at Tesla's School for Girls
Parents: Timothy and Helen Lovejoy
Friends: Sherri, Terri
Enemies: Lisa, Gina, Alex, Allison
Crushes: Bart
Hobbies: Breaking cars with bats, causing mischief
First Appearance: "Bart's Girlfriend"

After spending 7 years at a boarding school, her father's finally decided to let her spend her last year in Springfield. Of course, she doesn't get a warm welcome after the incident 7 years ago that caused everyone to think of her as "the devil's daughter". Her mistake made her change her attitude and learn to appreciate everything around her. Will this be enough for the Simpsons, especially Bart, to forgive her?

Milhouse Van Houten

Age: 17
Occupation:Student at NSHS,Kwik-E-Mart employee
Parents: Kirk and Luanne Van Houten
Friends: Bart,Nelson, Donny
Enemies: Martin
Crushes: Lisa, Samantha
Hobbies: Playing the bass

The weiner kid we all know has finally grown up to be less gullible and naive. The only thing that hasn't escaped him is his undying love for Lisa. Fate turns when he meets his elementary school sweetheart Samantha Stanky. The feelings that he had locked away now come to roost, but is it stronger than his thoughts of Lisa?    

Allison Taylor

Age: 14
Occupation: Student at NSHS
Parents: Wesley and Judith Taylor
Friends: Lisa, Alex, Samantha
Enemies: Sherri, Terri
Crushes: Donny
Hobbies: Playing the saxaphone, reading
First Appearance: "Lisa's Rival"

Allison and Lisa may have had a bit of a rocky relationship in the beginning, but now they're the best of friends. Most of the time you'll see them together playing the sax like there's no tomorrow. Everyone thinks of her as a good straight-A student who works hard and is always cheerful. But what will happen when she starts falling for a bonafide bad boy?

Alex Whitney

Age: 15
Occupation:Student at NSHS
Parents: Chester and Lenore Whitney
Friends: Lisa, Allison, Samantha
Enemies: Jessica, Gina
Crushes: Bart
Hobbies: Shopping, talking on the phone
First Appearance: "Lard of the Dance"

If there are two things Alex can't live without, it's her cell phone and credit cards. She's still aiming to be a fashion designer when she gets out of college. Although, under that shining exterior hides a girl with a traumatic past. Her secrets might be eating her up enough to end it all. Can anyone try to keep her from taking things a bit too far?

Samantha Stanky

Age: 17
Occupation: Student at NSHS
Parents: Stanley Stanky
Friends: Bart, Lisa, Allison, Alex
Enemies: Jessica, Gina, Nelson
Crushes: Milhouse
Hobbies: Reading the bible
First Appearance: "Bart's Friend Falls in Love"

After a couple of years at an all girl's school, Samantha's father let her go to New Springfield High School. Despite Bart breaking her and Milhouse up, she easily forgives him. Though not aware back then, Samantha realizes she's not the only one Milhouse has eyes on. But more importantly, does she still feel the same about him?

Gina Vendetti

Age: 17
Occupation: Student at NSHS
Parents: Isaac and Carol Grant
Friends: Donny, Maggie
Enemies: Jessica, Alex
Crushes: Bart
Hobbies: Being on the run, baseball
First Appearance: "The Wandering Juvie"

No one really knows what happened to Gina after her little stint with Bart and juvie. The only thing that she's memorable for is her fiery temper and tendency to make anyone her bitch. When she shows up back in Springfield, the Simpsons are happy to know she's finally got a family who loves her. Bart however, won't rest until he finds out what she's been doing these past 7 years.


Age: 18
Occupation: Boxing instructor, student at NSHS
Friends: Bart, Nelson, Milhouse
Enemies: Principal Skinner
Crushes: Gina, Allison
Hobbies: Football, boxing
First Appearance: "The Debarted"

After leaving Springfield for unknown reasons, Donny comes back to make up his final school year. Bart wastes no time with hanging out with him and making up for lost time. Surprisingly, all the girls at school remember him and have their eyes on him. He already likes someone, but notices the only girl who doesn't fall for him. He's going to have to show his sweet side in order to win her heart.


Age: 15
Occupation: Student at NSHS
Friends: Bart, Allison, Alex, Donny
Enemies: Milhouse
Crushes: Lisa
Hobbies: Playing the guitar, drums, bass, piano, trumpet
First Appearance: "The Simpsons Movie"

Ever since the dome disaster seven years ago, Lisa and Colin have been stuck together like glue. Ok, that's a lie. Colin moved back to Ireland after the incident and returned last year but with a girlfriend. Despite their rocky relationship, he's going to try and win her back. What will happen when he finds out that he's not the only one vying for her attention?

Jesse Grass

Age: 20
Occupation: Junior at Springfield University, environmentalist
Friends: Laura,Luke
Enemies: Donny, Bart
Hobbies: Gardening, sharing his moral outrage
First Appearance: "Lisa the Tree Hugger"

Jesse isn't getting into as much trouble as before, but his thoughts on the environment are still as strong as ever. He's had a couple of girlfriends, but most of them only want him for his hunkiness. Although, he still thinks about the little girl who went to great lengths to win his love. Even though deep down she knows it won't work out because of their age, but what are his views on it?

Luke Stetson

Age: 19
Occupation: Cattle wrangler, sophomore at Springfield University
Sister: Clara
Friends: Jesse, Laura
Enemies: Milhouse
Hobbies: Taking care of horses, running the Lazy I Ranch
First Appearance: "Dude, Where's My Ranch?"

Trying to make the Lazy I Ranch a place of less cruelty to animals, Luke visits Springfield to give a lecture to the local high school. There he meets Lisa and remembers the events that made him break up with her. He apologizes, hoping she won't resent him for his cold words. All he has to wait for is her reaction and answer.
Hello folks! Yeah, I actually submitted something. As some of you know, I've been wanting to make my own Simpsons fanfic and so far I thought of a summary. Here it is:

"It's 7 years into the future of Springfield and its citizens are still the same as ever. Even now, the Simpson family are still the talk of the town and thought as 'the happiest group in Springfield'. But what happens when old friends and flames show up all of a sudden along with deaths and disasters?"

That's what I have so far. I tried to make it as appealing as possible so as soon as you read the summary, you'll want to read it. Since it's the future, I made the characters older and gave them new designs. To check them out, go to my 'The Simpsons' gallery.

If you read this and like it, I would appreciate it if you gave me feedback. I want to put this on but I want to make sure if I need to fix anything for this. What is definite is that this will not go on until after June 17th, when I will have more of a free mind to type a story. Enjoy! I will love you if you do the following above ^3^!
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I am alone...
No one talks me...
I feel sick for loneliness...
It is killing me inside...
I don't know what to do...
I am annoying, but I don't know why!
People hate me for that!
Oh, no!
I AM DEAD!!!!!!

I am all the time sad
Sadness is like death
I am jealous too...
I am a shame!
I hate myself!
My sins are killing me...
No one can help me... I AN CONDEMNED TO PAY FOR ALL THE ETERNITY!!!!!! :'(


I am sad, but I cannot cry
I am alone in the dark
There's no light
There are no angels
I think this is a poem, so this is my first poem...
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Disclaimer: I do not own Slenderman and/or any of the characters that will be shown in this story. And neither it is related to the game itself.

Chapter Three: The Promise

       The next day, the whole class was surprised to see me unharmed and not scared at all. I told them about my new friend and everything he said to me. What I didn't expect is a big laughter from them. It seemed that they don't believe me and lost my mind in the woods. After that, they began to tease me more so I decided to keep this to myself and never speak of this again. But I would still go to the woods during lunch not just to escape from those bullies, but also to meet up with Mr. Slenderman. I told him what happened earlier and he said that let them be. Do what makes them what they think they are happy with and leave them alone for a while.

       So every day, I went into the woods during lunch and after school to meet up with him. Every day, we ate lunch and play together. I drew a lot of portraits of me and Mr. Slenderman, and I even made him a crown of flowers. He always blushes whenever I say that it looks good on him. The day ended as we sat by the meadow, watching the beautiful sunset and wishing the day would never passed away.

       "Mr. Slenderman, if one time I disappear, will you look for me?" I asked.

       "Why of course I will!" He bravely said to me. "You're the only friend I have so of course I will look for you. And no one's going to stop me."

       "Promise me." I demand.

       "I promise. Cross my heart" He said as he smiled.

       "Thank you. You're also the only friend I have so I knew I could trust on you"

       The sun sets away and we look up to see the beautiful full moon up in the dark blue sky. We bid farewell to each other and I had to go home.
       What I didn't expect is that I will really disappear from him.
Hey there guys. This is the 3rd chapter of the sequel *youdon'tsay?* and I give a little Nastu-Lissana effect for the promise part and for those who don't know what I'm talking about, watch Fairy Tail. Also, this would explain the chapter cover.

and then my special Thank you message: :iconbonehatter: for your Little Ms. Sarah Marrie :D

EDIT: Chapter 4 is out and we're down to 1 more chapter before the year ends.

Chapter Two:[link]
Chapter Four: [link]
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