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Sun Oct 28, 2012, 5:21 AM by jussta:iconjussta:


Skin by CypherVisor

If you're too lazy to browse through our gallery here's a small preview of some amazing photos, enjoy!

Plant Abstract II by joannakossak Mathematikoi by arctoa Sea lights by LukasSowada
universe by PatrickRuegheimer

.:.Emo, the parrot.:. by Ailedda Sweden 13 by lonelywolf2 The Kitschest Bear by abey79
The light catcher by AimishBoy

fluchtpunkt by Keischa-Assili Bridge_Study_2 by LazeeBonez Iceberg by Sigurd-Quast
Dark reflection by Nightline

All The Pretty Things by Gerry-And-Me White Series - THE MILKY NUN by Jaroslav-AurumLight WAY OF LOVE by cetrobo
s y m p h o n y by cemalsamli

Succubus by syda-ginger Trinitas: Medium by FlexDreams dear venom. by Senju-HiMe
zombie picnic by Heile

Eh... by Stridsberg On the Outside by zestkitten miniatur pt. I by Gehoersturz
Million worlds by Bojkovski

Golden autumn II by WojciechDziadosz Lines in sand by jViks Spring Vibes by Oer-Wout
Light Maze by DanielZrno

Siberian Stories by DariaPitak nayla by nikosalpha In Your World by jacqui-kate
Noonwraith by zenibyfajnie

Brooch 15 by yychanson The Crown of Good Luck by Eibo-Jeddah iced tea by Jules1983
Let it rain by gyaban

We also would like to ask you for some 'spare' points, as our group's subscription ends next month. If you're willing to help, please head to jussta's page, there's a donation widget :)

Thank you :heart:

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Please artists, take a time and read it. 

A lot of people is been asking me recently about what I do to create, how I developed my work, if I have any formal study in arts, or if it's only "talent". Oh, talent, that damn word. I don't disregard talent at all, but what I really think is that's a complete waste of time for us as artists to underestimate the value of HARD WORK. Talent is a given, Hard work is coachable, and that's all. Simple math. Here's an excerpt of text that says it all: 

"Talent is, in common parlance, 'what comes easily'. So, sooner or later, inevitably, you reach a point where the work doesn't come easily, and, -Aha!, it's just what you feared.

Wrong. By definition, whatever you have is exactly what you need to produce your best work. There's probably no clearer waste of psychic energy than worrying about how much talent you have- And probably no worry more common. 

Talent, if it is anything, is a gift, and nothing of the artist's own making. (…) Talent may get someone off the starting blocks faster, but without a sense of direction, or a goal to strive for, it won't count for much. (…) Even at best, talent remains a constant, and those who rely upon that gift alone, without developing further, peak quickly and soon fade to obscurity. (…) Artists get better by sharpening their skills, or by acquiring new ones; they get better by learning to work, and by learning from their work. They commit themselves to the work of their heart, and act upon that commitment. (…) What you end up caring about is what you DO, not WHETHER THE DOING CAME, hard or easy."
(Extracted from "Art & Fear"- David Bayles & Ted Orland)

There's no secret formula for evolving in art (sorry for that if you were expecting for one). I just study and draw everyday, and by everyday I mean every-single-day. If you're not a Frank Frazetta, a Da Vinci or a Kim Jung-Gi, I really suggest you start doing the same. 

If there's anything to talk about Talent, that's it. And this book is an amazing read if you ever had any questions about a life as an artist, and all it carries within. Go get a copy, and you won't regret yourself :)
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by techgnotic
Wed Feb 01, 2011, 11:00 PM

In researching the history of pin up art I found that before there were the “centerfold girls”
there were the “pin-up calendar girls” – the semi-nude young women in lingerie whose photographs
adorned calendars sold semi-legally from under the counters of gas stations and truck stops. In
fact, the Marilyn Monroe nudes that established the “Playboy” magazine centerfold were actually
taken years before for just such a “men’s calendar.” From “French postcards” to calendars to men’s
magazines, there has always been a special relationship between photography and the male obsession
with the female form. These photos were pinned in soldiers’ lockers and even carried into combat.
The iconic pin-up images were even painted on the nosecones of many U.S. Air Force bombers.

Playboy 1938 by walker1812Marilyn in white by salvatoredevito20s glamour girl by mEtZGERbRauTRosie The Riveter by Miss-Drea

Why the male obsession of covering his walls, jackets, cars, advertising, gadget skins and
screensavers with photos and artworks depicting variations and arrangements of female anatomy?

At least through the “Playboy” era (1960s-70s) the depictions of the female were extremely “objectified”
– the “quality” of the female subject’s body parts taking precedence over any other information about the
subject. But something interesting happened as the generations progressed. Pin-up art has greatly evolved
not only from how idealized females are depicted, but also in that so many women themselves are now the artists
creating pin-up art.

The Little Mermaid FTF 2012 by J-Scott-CampbellLara Croft TR underworld by illyneLady in the Red Dress by blacklashjoUnderworld - Selene by beethy

Furthermore, the pin-up models themselves are no longer mute, anonymous “objects” for manipulation –
they have their own identities, websites and businesses based on how they choose to represent their female form.

When young men choose pin up totems of their preferred pop culture prey to adorn their man-caves these days, the
“pin-up girl” ideal is more likely to be closer to Lara Croft or Gina Carano or the Kate Beckinsale character in
“Underworld” or Milla Jovovich in “Resident Evil” than to some full bodied but otherwise expressionless model. Even
the most macho men today seem to want their “dream girl” to be smart and tough and resourceful.

The pin-up image has greatly evolved from a fluffy slice of “cheesecake” to a self-reliant, self-defined, physically
fit female whose hotness is exceeded only by her ability to kick any unworthy man’s butt. As more and more female artists
create pin-up art, and more female models for this art become self-empowered in co-creation of the “message” going out
from this art, the more the “objectification” past can be redeemed by the “empowerment” future – and the wonder and power
of the female subject – body and soul – can be free to evolve ever closer in its depiction toward ultimate revelation.


Because of the comments this article is generating, many directed at the “voice” of the article instead of its subject, this has turned into a great opportunity to talk a bit about the process of these articles and why they are presented the way they are.

The purpose of my essays and articles on HQ is to shine a spotlight on amazing artists on deviantART as well as all of the different types of art represented on our site and hopefully spark real dialogues between deviants and others.  Sometimes this works “too well” and community members take me to task for pushing some sort of private agenda that would better be suited to my personal journaling.  But I have no agenda other than to provoke the lively exchanges that, like this one on pin-up art, are giving off such great passion, heat and light.  The shared comments, especially from contributors like SparrowSong, are the other half of what the “articles” are about.

The articles are not personal “think pieces” or statements of official deviantART opinion or policy about “positive" or “negative” art.  The articles are meant to bring out your feelings and opinions.  In this pin-up piece I was worried that my own, sometimes buzz-kill, feminist sentiments (especially when it comes to objectifying women into sex toys) were going to overly darken my notes on “pin-up” - -  a major field of art on deviantART - - and make me look biased against it and its artists.  I obviously bent the rhetorical stick too far the other way.  I’m relieved that there’s still enough passion out there for female equality that I’d be called a sexist for not totally trashing “pin-up” and its fans.

What I really wasn’t trying to say in the article is that I think “pin-up” used to be sexist, but it’s all good and even empowering of females now with sexism “gone.”.  I thought I was saying that pin-up objectificaton will always exist so long as testosterone exists, but now at least there is a substantial portion of it that at least values (or intends to value) other aspects of the female subject (i.e., leadership, independence, physical and mental acuity, etc) and these were completely absent in pin-up just a few decades ago.  I always look to the rays of light emerging from the darkness, rather than the depressing persistence of the darkness.

What started out as an invitation for all of us to express, yet also question, our feelings and personal thesis about the validity, purpose, intent, and artistic merit of nudity in the arts (and subsequently our everyday lives) quickly turned into a wildfire global conversation that ran across every age, race, religion, gender, and ideology we have on the Earth Sphere. Just an incredible conversation that had a significant impact on many of us in the community who were following each and every comment.

One other angle I edited out of the article at the last minute: there is a direct thread from the Pin-up era all the way through to the insurgent Cosplay movement currently raging across the globe. The comment from $Dollwithagun presents first hand perspective regarding the pin up centric, barely there outfits, and decidedly erotic undercurrents permeating the Con circuits along with the meteoric rise and integration of the cosplay aesthetic into the mainstream of our pop-culture narrative.
To this point, Heidi and I returned from a fact finding mission at Dragon Con last year with multiple eye opening experiences illustrating this surging phenomenon.

I would like to extend this invitation to you to share responses to this article with links to artwork, sources, statistics, etc., that strengthen and support your positions and thoughts on any matters related to this now diverse conversation, and I will then update this article next week highlighting all of those well thought out and detailed responses.

Questions for the Reader


Many of you have commented about the inclusion of weapons as props in today's pin up art.  What would you say is the ultimate impact of that element on the viewers experience?


What female pin-up from movies, comics, fashion, etc, has always best represented your idea of the ideal female?  How much of your choice is based on sheer physical attractiveness and magnetism, and how much on other factors (what you know of her ideas and attitudes, her causes and concerns, etc)?


How much “political” thought ruins an artist’s muse?


Would you consider posing for a pin up if asked?  Do you think that posing for a painitng or drawing is different than posing for a photograph?


Do you feel it’s a generally positive thing that female artists create powerful independent female characters in their art that are still ultra-sexy and alluring?

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The Resource Roundup #2

Mon Nov 21, 2011, 5:00 PM by mattdanna:iconmattdanna:
The Resource Roundup is a regular feature showcasing some of the best resources deviantART members share with the world!

Whether you're a beginning artist or seasoned pro, deviantART's Resources Gallery is an inspirational and benefitial asset for art creation.  Take a look at a few of the incredible submissions below – they might help enhance your next artistic creation!


My Awesome Pencil Brush set by Denki89RANDOM BRUSHES by dweddleUnderwater Realistic Bubble PS by FrostBoCloud Abstract set by VPDesign by droz928Tree Brush - Brushes Pack by WinerlaDrops Splash and  Rain PS by FrostBoStitch in Time by gothika-brushStar Brushes by kuschelirmel-stockFractal Brush Pack 02 by above-and-beyond


Metallic Spiderweb Texture VII by Melyssah6-StockThe smell of love by nihilist-0corroded landscape by awjayPaper Pack 3 by dieratlight texture by Insan-StockAcrylic Gold Paint Swirl Stock by Enchantedgal-StockLocal Texture: Three by One by Beyond-OdditiesSun comes up-texture by iNeedChemicalXGlitter Bokeh by FallOutGirl9001TEXTURES 7 by Inthename-Stock


Sharpie Wig Dyeing Tutorial by FireLilyCosplayPen Tool Tutorial by Popo-LiciousCopic markers tutorial by mary-dreamsDreamy Photo Effect Tutorial by Planet37How To: Constructive Crits by RipfangDragonPhotoshop Animation Tutorial by detransRealism Tutorial - Esp::Eng by Calaymo3ds Max Planet Tutorial by hoevelkampIce tutorial by NakubiScarypet's 'ROCK'ing tutorial+ by scarypet

Lightroom Presets

Indian Summer - My first LR preset by DorottyaSLR preset: Purple Nature -free by kakiii2 Universal .RAW presets .LR3. by TylerFortierPhotoLightroom Presets - Package 1 by dzutrinhGeneral Workflow Lightroom Preset of 12 by Lady-ToriLR preset: Vintage by NatashaSmithPhoto

Stock Photos

Stairway to Heathens - Exclusive HDR by somadjinnStock - Grey Crowned Crane 2 by AmandaDrage25 Aquatic Plants in PNG by FrostBoMushrooms by simfonicUnder the Downtown Bridge by krissybdesignsstockExplosion Stock - Set 2 by JosiahReevesStacy Facial Expressions by StacyBasye Old Walls by Burtn Milk4 by 4t0m1c-w07f Clock I by Black-Ofelia-Stock

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Quick tip for comic artists -- print out your scripts with a really small font (Calibri 8 works for me), make the margins bigger (I put 2 inches on the right side). I use all that extra space to doodle the lay-outs. Having the entirety of the page script on one sheet of paper really helps in feeling out the "shape" of the page, if that makes sense.
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My G spot is back. So I decided to put such a beautiful pics of great photographers.


back by maya78My G spot by Najdaplease hold. by walruskungfuIn Praise of the Lower Back by mjranum:thumb97524474:back. by ochirasexy back by GalaGankina:thumb124102235::thumb117562385:back to basics by Never-let-me-go:thumb73554110:back by xlivingpurexThe Back Side of Life by littlecateye:thumb91684134::thumb59935087:back by JunkImpressionBack by bOnnasseBack by kellyfaeryBack Lighting by Pelegrin:thumb109368239:Choking God by RaVeNuS9Back by extinguishedartTalk to my back by Nuoga:thumb116297737::thumb86204051:I hope tonight by sivel12001On my back by KnowlieTouch My Back by suxy1980Stop Looking Back by xsleepysarahx:thumb80691527:Back by SlightlyWicked413:thumb64373153:Back Shadows by belladivineBack to the present 2. by 0o-unkn0wn-o0:thumb111020932:Back by SecondRainBack by Taxidermis:thumb96923883:Her Soft Whispers by RiannaBearzMy back by P3RS3PHON3Stretching by HallowedCarnalityNo, Woman No Cry by RiannaBearzTurning Back by jbanaciskiNeva Dinova by Charlotte-Jane:thumb131185540:Back. by MarulauLet's Trade Skins by ERIN-booplay delicate by rubiestoneback to. B L A C K by xxstarryeyedBack+Spine by DoomweaverThe Back by EarthBoundArt1back by sadafadil:thumb77638037:
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my favorite photos found in july.
anyhow i don't get this article centered... sorry. :(
please fave this article if you enjoyed it.

<da:thumb id="281986348"/>Delicately built by Kokopa_Breeze of Summer. by Bloddroppe
Chasing Our Dreams by GregoriusSuhartoyo
Mysterious Bride by pamcuezFairy Tale by Piddling_gold III. by Bloddroppe
peace.II by Altingfest
She's still dreamin' by Lukreszja.From Ashes.IV. by Psychosomaticcwater  beauty3 by Grinch7

hold on by Megsonin forest by TheAutumnLeavesPlease, don't ever stop searching. by saratheresee
Shelter by PawelMatys
Make a wish by Kara-aRoller coaster Bug's by diensilverAmbience by Sortvind
coral by Enaston
Summer Night Swimming by Pajunen<da:thumb id="255852248"/>White Night by MartinStranka
Sail! by Meravigiliosa
let life rain on you by jfphotographyRaspberries by JeanFansweet dreams by dorguska
The Creek by Nelleke
<da:thumb id="311441904"/>alien by PatriciaDThe girl who became lost in her dreams by nile-can-too
your last wish by wolf-minori
motion by michellis13Girl With One Eye by TheAppleScientistHiding by astridle
cocktail time by Orwald
Catching Light by TamaraWillWishes by HopesOnAir<da:thumb id="78428222"/>
Time by NataliaDrepina
Karita by MiriamJanus_everytime I see you in my dreams by StephanieSchneiderD r e a m s c a p e  -  I I I by StFamous
Fallen by ZanaSoul
Sudden Fire by FlorentCourtyWhat comes after day by EmersonStemlonely soul by werol
Domes by dSavin
two girls by delskooobutterfly by beyondimpressionChasing airplanes by iNeedChemicalX
Country Life by Nelleke
somewhere secret by kittysyellowjacket4040 by ivanova-dashaSiren's Song by imitate-rain
la danse chez toi by Rona-Keller
by the beautiful sea. by gloeckchenVenice Nights II by IsacGoulart<da:thumb id="307049718"/>
Lover of the Light by imitate-rain
An'li by eulalievarenneTwo years ago. by gloeckchenUnder the water by meriirem
bring me summer, by CaitlinWorthington
leah by payleyjean_in the garden of eden by StephanieSchneider_lavender words bring lavender tears by StephanieSchneider
Almost... by kelc
<da:thumb id="313370819"/>Breath II by HopesOnAirOih is in the car II by pedraxas
I will never speak of days by gloeckchen
Run by kittynnMoments Like These by PhotographsByBriHappy Day (5) by platen
Bird. by Yvonnne92
Zebra by SabrinaCichyThe way it all falls. by CaitlinWorthington

come and get me by jfphotography<da:thumb id="309307122"/>silence is everywhere by Rona-Keller

Born by fly10Siren by Tatiannnadanse macabre by M0THart
Torments granted by gras by NataliaDrepina
sunset by Minchee<da:thumb id="306583161"/>............... by naked-in-the-rain
The cocoon surrounds you... Embraces all by LukasSowada
in forest by TheAutumnLeavesA Summer Dream by Phatpuppyart-Studios
my favorite photos i found in july. :)
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dA love for everyone! #35

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 13, 2012, 3:16 AM

:dalove:         :la:         :dalove:         :la:         :dalove:

As the title suggests, this news article's goal is to spread the dA love into everyone's heart! You will find here a little bit of everything, from awesome interviews with talented artists, art features, group promotion to random deviants' features. I hope you will find this informative and entertaining!

Interviewed artist: Inna-Vjuzhanina :iconinna-vjuzhanina:

:bulletyellow: Tell us what defines you as a person.

It's my upbringing that formed my set of values and believes which consequently define what I do. And each person is judged by his/her deeds, right?

:bulletyellow: How did you found out about deviantART and why did you join the community?

I guess once I found an artwork of one great 3D artist on Internet and luckily it had his dA address. I came to check his gallery and was absolutely taken aback. Naturally I didn't want to miss a single update and so I created an account. Few months after I started experimenting with 3D myself, but soon realized I couldn't get enough of "creative freedom" in this medium and started making my first steps in digital painting.

:bulletyellow: When and how did you discover your passion for art?

Probably that was since childhood. I just never took it seriously and never though it would become such a great passion in the future. When it actually turned into passion… I guess sometime after joining dA. When you have wonderful people around you who appreciate what you do, who are always ready to help with advice, give a meaningful critique and who can share your passion, you find yourself falling in love with art more and more until it becomes the love of your life. :D

Ariel by Inna-Vjuzhanina

:bulletyellow: What inspires you the most and when do you think your creativity is at its maximum?

My inspiration is a funny thing. I jokingly call it "a coconut from an outer space". It just appears out of nowhere, hitting you on the head and your mind starts to act on its own, forming a new concept with a lightning speed. Like thousands of pieces joining together and voila, you have a new concept along with irresistible desire to paint it right now.

And my creativity is at its maximum at night, definitely at night. In the daylight the progress on the paintings is ridiculously slow and I have loads of factors to distract me, while night has some special magic when there's just me in my artistic world and nothing else.

:bulletyellow: What do you think you'd be doing if you hadn't chosen this path?

Before I turned to digital painting I've been trying clothes design, photography and 3D. So I guess if I hadn't fallen in love with digital painting I would be doing some of those. Probably photography, it's my number one fave after painting.

:bulletyellow: What do you think it's your most meaningful deviation and what makes it special? Does it have a story behind it?

Ah, that's definitely this one: Mommy told to burn it... Love has different forms and the idea was to show a very unusual one. A child always loves his mother and does what she tells to do. So what if a loving child turns out to be a dragon and his mother wants to see the ashes of the city that refused her a refuge once? Mommy told to burn it down, must obey.

Mommy told to burn it... by Inna-Vjuzhanina

:bulletyellow: Do you have any insecurities regarding your art?

Sure thing. There's no such thing when an artists riches a limit and he understands – Ok, that's it, I'm the king of the world now. You never stop learning, no matter how good you are. Obviously when you only begin the number of things you find out is much bigger, but there's no full stop in this story. And naturally when I need to paint something I've never done before I don't feel sure of myself. I always postpone that part of painting as long as I can, crazily detailing all the other parts until there're nowhere to "escape". Bad habit. But the more you practice, the less insecurities you get.

:bulletyellow: Did art ever helped you to deal with your life problems?

I don't think so. I mean art is what brings me joy and excitement, but I never seek for a refuge in the world of my mermaids, dragons and superheroes. When there are problems – like real serious problems – my spirits are too low to fully put my heart and soul into the painting and I just can't work in any other way.

:bulletyellow: What is the one thing you always wanted to do but never got a chance to?

Are we still talking about art or I can spill out the list of my life dreams? :D I believe the first option would be more appropriate. Ok, if seriously - when talking about art and things you want to try there's no such notion as "no chance", it's more "too lazy/not sure how/don't want to waste time for all the attempts… etc." If you really want to do something you seek for the ways, not excuses. Personally I've always wanted to do a little comic, but the mere thought of how much time it will take immediately puts the idea into the "maybe some other day" box. So it's just laziness, probably I don't want to do it as strong as I think.

Esmeralda by Inna-Vjuzhanina

:bulletyellow: A few words for our fellow artists?

Well apart from obvious and the most important advice – being patient and practicing a lot – I would advice not being afraid of making mistakes. Make them. Only your own mistakes will give you a real understanding of how the things should be done right and why exactly it is wrong. When you start you read loads of tutorials which tell you – do this and never do that. But until you do that very forbidden "that" you won't understand why it's a bad idea to use it. Or quite on the contrary – find out that for your own style this and that trick can work just perfectly. Develop your style, don't be afraid to experiment and never stop mastering your skills. Art is a magical thing, so never stop bringing magic to people. :heart:

Jasmine by Inna-VjuzhaninaLara Croft T-Shirt Design by Inna-VjuzhaninaAngelina by Inna-Vjuzhanina

Photography Feature

:thumb337533600:joana by alfred-georgRedhair and the music by irisabout:thumb337394233:
Bound by luciekoutChizuru -7 by zingrubyGoodbye V by Moosiatko

Traditional Feature

Lost Macaws by caramittenBronze Forest Dragon View 2 by RavendarkCreationsUndertow by Blackpassion777Through the Veil by SteveGriffith
Coo by enjoiPANDAS:thumb337381840:I love the fall by LuckytenEunjung by Wilverein

Digital Feature

Rabbit on the Moon by iya-chenFrankenface by GrimbroSea Serpent (Ananta) Level 4 by jubjubjediInnsmouth Brute, by DaveGrasso
Phoenix by aditya777Adele by UnoduEternal by rajewel

Literature Feature

ColorblindI gave away my name today
and it might be a metaphor, but I think
we only remember the quietest suicides
the walls are thin enough to listen
as the angels try to scratch free;
bloodied fingernails and God says everyone
screws up, sometimes
I'm waiting for a silent night.
I only ever believed in solid ground
and depressions' tides, and sometimes,
those little wounds I nursed deep
within my vocal chords (because
my voice is dying, too)
I can see the beautiful people, now
overdosing on their own opiums of
self-acquittal and dissolution
they ran out of ways to ask for help.
I'm fragile, but my glass ribs
aren't holding much
and I'm through trying to find something
different, because it's scary to know
what exactly's the same
yesterday I was someone else and
tomorrow I'm further into inevitabilities of
who I promised I'd never be--
I'm waiting for a happy ending,
but if you love something
you let it go.
BirthUntil the ovum opened like ghost skin,
Pooled like the ocean
And poured from my mouth.
I wasn’t aware of how god-like
We sinners could easily be.

The Widow and the WeedThe Widow crouched down besides the skylight of the warehouse, watching the activity inside. Below, about twenty people worked with chemistry equipment. They were producing a drug known on the street as Nail. It had recently been introduced as a knock-off of Spike, although the high didn't last as long and it was too impure to make Benders or Venus from. However, it was cheaper than Spike, with only a slight profit being made off of it. The Canadian Syndicate, the group producing it, was giving up massive profits to undercut their competition. However, it was also increasing drug related deaths as well as theft and related crimes, and that was why the Widow was going to put a stop to it.
After a few minutes of observation, she had most of the information she needed. The men and women working were all gang members. Unlike many gangs, the Syndicate didn't enslave people to work in their drug labs, so she could attack without having to worry about harming innocents. The only person she di
IsolationBehind the smiles and laughter,
The sheer happiness displayed,
Behind all that layer of generosity,
The respect presented,
Conceals a loneliness and timidity in her façade,
All but shy, she still puts up that fake,
That false sense of being,
In the fifteen years of her life.
Although happy,
Although gratified,
Although caring, and although loving,
She knows she can't find where she belongs,
And that only serves the isolation she knows is deep down
A true meaning behind her existence.
In case she wonders,
In case she hopes,
In case she wishes,
In case she even dares,
She'll in the end be separated from those
That is found as her best friend.
And even then, despite immunity to keep a forever companion,
She'll discontentedly put up her sham of a pretense,
Because she'll know she doesn't belong,
Can't search for that place where she'll fit right in,
Since she's all but a 15-year-old girl,
Too young to run,
Too young to live alone,
Too young to hide,
Too frightened to scurry from the protec
EmbraceSometimes we need to stop
analyzing the past,
Stop planning
the future,
Stop trying
to figure out precisely
how we feel,
Stop deciding
with our mind and what we want
in our hearts,
And sometimes
we have to go with
"Whatever happens-happens."
Because when everything you have
is gone
you will be left with nothing
but regrets.
and for once, just once
we just stop
and smell the roses,
enjoy life,
things will be different
You will be left
with your faith
and that's all you need to embrace.

Group Feature

GimmeFeedback is the place where people give and receive critiques. Come join GimmeFeedback if you're looking for meaningful and constructive comments!

Featured artists

Please make sure to :+favlove: the article to help spread the dA love :dalove:
If you have any deviants/groups you would like me to interview/feature/promote please note me.

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Monofacture Creative`nikosalpha

Mon Oct 11, 2010, 3:15 PM by Piurek:iconpiurek:

lodestone by nikosalpha meliphagidae by nikosalpha nayla by nikosalpha
mon by nikosalpha c-rain by nikosalpha ground by nikosalpha
Raspberry by nikosalpha Valentine by nikosalpha chocolips by nikosalpha
back by nikosalpha wear by nikosalpha dalida by nikosalpha
was by nikosalpha b-rain by nikosalpha :thumb88678305:

:bulletpink: CathieGraphy: What is the biggest lesson you've learned in your photography journey so far?

:bulletblue:`nikosalpha:Photography is a time-freezing technique that works very impressive when used by more than one people at the same time. I started photography, seeing it as a diary medium but I realised is much more than that in the process.

:bulletpink: maxiride: How do you catch the natural behaviour? Do you ask your models to pose or just behave as they wish?

:bulletblue:`nikosalpha:What natural behaviour? Most of my photos are posed and they don't pretend to be natural. I guess I just take enough photos so I can just select the most "relaxed-looking" ones later.

:bulletpink: oO-Rein-Oo: What kind of light equipment do you use for outdoor shootings?

:bulletblue:`nikosalpha:When I am outdoors I just use natural light and several kinds of reflectors 95% of the times. I'd like to "play" more with mixed light (artificial and natural) but I don't have the right equipment at the moment.

:bulletpink: maxiride: How much heavy is the retouching with the computer to correct the photos?

:bulletblue:`nikosalpha:The post work is quite heavy I'll have to admit. I think is equally important as the shooting itself. Light tweaks, body&face modifications and special effects. I will have available online some of it for a new project of mine.

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Pues... Hola... eh.... un journal hecho por ocio... Y mas que nada me sentia un tanto emocionada por ello. Hoy saque mi primer titulo tecnico... lo resibi al fin... :iconcryforever:

y eso... me pondre las pilas a terminar los miles de regalos de navidad y ya el viernes ir aun bar karaoke...

y eso.. debo decirlo :iconmelasudaplz:  lo hago de aburrida y porque no tengo ganas de dibujar...
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  • Playing: net? :B
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  • Drinking: jugo de toronja redonda!
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