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Daria’s meadow

This is the first drawing that I would never do without DA. The above three, Monnalisa, Gregory House and homeless warrior, are all children of DA and somehow they owe to DA their existence, but this one in particular is all branded DA.
For the first thing the reference is a photograph that Daria Pitak [link] kindly allowed me to use, and you can see the original here:
Thanks again Daria.

Secondly, it is a drawing that took me a lot of commitment. I would not have thought of doing, for the amount of time, before seeing many artists struggling with the same time’s problems.
It 's the fourth of the 'new series' and is a portrait. I really liked the look of the original photograph and the way the light play on the beautiful face full of freckles.
I did my best and I tried to capture her original beauty, I hope I have done a enjoyable job.

start: 20 August 2012
End: 27 September 2012
Total time: about 70 hours
Paper: Fabriano watercolor art, 300 gr
Dimensions: 30 x 45 cm
Pencils from 6b to 6h and watercolor pencil

I apologize in advance to all those who will be so kind to faving my drawing: this time I can’t thank you all one by one. For the last two drawings I had to spend two weeks in front of the computer without having time to draw. It 's something that makes me very happy but is too demanding because I have (luckily) many friends.
However, to answer all your comments and I thank you in advance for the fav that are always very welcome

My works was feautured here:
Amazing artist by ivy-ashe [link]
Features From Worth-DDs Group #17 [link]
showcase traditional feature: people and portraits [link]
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Portraits of an 'old' man. Online photo reference. Pencils on watercolor paper Fabriano.
30 hours, A4 size

Other drawing:
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Grafito (para medios tonos y fondo)
LŠpiz de color (o puntillas) blanco y negro (-Polychromos- de Faber-Castell)
Tinta blanca y negra (Staedtler, aplicada con estilografo)

Papel Canson Mi-Teintes Gris (160g)
60x48 cm / 23.6x18.8 pulg.
Sobre 150 Horas
Modelo: Mi sobrina Daniela

Graphite (for halftone and background)
Black and White color pencil (-Polychromos- of Faber-Castell )
Black and white Ink (Staedtler, applied with stylograph)

Gray paper Canson Mi-Teintes (160g)
60x48 cm / 23.6x18.8 in.
About 150 Hours
Model: My niece

You can see details and a W.I.P. here: [link]
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Pencil, as usual, on watercolor Paper Fabriano.
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After the portrait of House I said to myself: Okay, letís draw
something more relaxing in A4 format, something that does not require a lot of concentration. No way, the original photograph of the portrait you can see above kept calling me and begging me to draw it.
I couldnít resist.

The original is an Impressive portraits full of emotion by Lee Jeffries, photographer based in Manchester, England. He created some amazing photographs that depict on the faces of the subjects a world of emotions

It was challenging. I could not draw for more than an hour. The required level of concentration was such that I had to distract myself not to go crazy. The result is this, and I am satisfied (rarely happens) Hope you like it

I love the man in the pic, his eyes proud, tough and dignified. There is no trace of resignation, on the contrary, seems he wanted to challenge the future and destiny to do their best to bring it down

The drawing took me 30 to 40 hours. I was so focused that I often lost track of time

I used my usual and trusted Fabriano watercolor paper, a4, 300 grams (Fabriano Artistico, hot pressed, satinata), so all you see is black graphite (the sheet is obviously white, since there are no blacks paper for watercolor)

Mechanical pencil (from 6b to 6h)

UPDATE: My work is feautured here:
Earth's Treasures! [link]
Pencil [link] by ~Swapneil
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Here is my new work, the second after I started my adventure on DA.
Up to now, this is the drawing that took me more effort. It is not the most difficult or the most intense, but perhaps that's what I feel more complete. It 'a drawing that I needed to do to give something to the television's star that gave me so much in recent years, House is a character 'credible', although uncommon and the series, from my point of view, has the best television scripts.
Farewell, House, I owe you one: D

Pencil on watercolour paper
Size: 38x28 cm
Time: 55 hours

This drawing is feautured here:
#CelebrityPortraits's 'Best Of' feature for the month of August! [link]
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WIP - [link]
Details - [link]

50.0x50.0 cm
Mechanical pencils 0,35 - В; 0,5 - В, 2В; graphite pencil 8B

Photo by ~DeviousClown - [link]
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Charcoal, carbon pencil and white pastel on Canson grey paper.

Was a bit of an experiment in technique so any suggestions/critique is welcome. Cheers
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Here I am, this is me. Some people have asked me if that was a pictureof my id, others have t old me that they couldnít find the drawing in my gallery, so I decided to feauture it.
Iím not Brad Pitt, Iím not Sean Connery and Iím not even Sean Pitt: D
Iím for sure the least interesting subject of all my drawings, but thatís me, and by the time I learned to love me a little ', so I love a little more the people.
This is part of my Ďoldí (before my DA subscription) series.

Size: a4
Watercolor paper Fabriano
Time: 30 hours more or less
Pencil, off course
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As always, I'm far from happy with this and will try to improve some area's when I've completed some of my commissions.

I had a real struggle with the blanket texture but saying that, with so many long breaks between drawing sessions the whole thing was a struggle.

Edit Due to numerous complaints from whining deviants I've increased the size of this.

Time taken: Roughly 50 hours over about 4 months, 20 bacon sandwiches, 30 cups of coffee and 5 sessions with a psychiatrist.

:bulletblack: A4 Mellotex
:bulletblack: Staedtler Mars Lumograph & Tombow Mono 100, 5H to 4B
:bulletblack: 0.3 Mechanical Pencils HB & 2B
:bulletblack: Blu-Tac & Tombow Mono eraser.
:bulletblack: Q-Tips

Ref used:[link] With kind permission from CathS


I'm entering this into the Improve Yourself Challenge at :iconblackandwhiteclub:

I'm using this both to encourage me to start drawing again, to develop my level of realism, improve my rendering of hair and tackle at least one new texture such as fabric.

:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: Any one found using my work without my permission will be forced to listen to the Barney song on a continuous loop for a full week. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
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