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This is my entry in the Fancraftic 2 Contest. - [link]

This is Buckbeak the Hippogriff from Harry Potter and the Prison of Azkaban (movie and book).

He would probably go in the Artisan Crafts > Custom Dolls Category.

He started life as a Breyer G2 galloping TB ([link] ) I cut off his head and legs, added an eagle head, claws and wings and painted him in pastel chalks with minimal acrylics on his legs and face.

He took about 9 hours total to complete.

And Buckbeack wins MOST CREATIVE! See FanCraftic 2 results here! [link] WOW!

10/19/08 Updated with cool new piccie that I took and he maybe part of the HP Art Project! :)
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Portrait done in PS CS5 with a Wacom Tablet. Approximately 10 hours.
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I thought I'll be spontaneous and give it a try :D
Saw the contest unfortunately just this evening.. wished I would have seen it earlier ;)

Here is my submission for the Scribblenauts Unmasked Contest - and I chose to draw Supergirl - finished this piece in roughly 4 hours!

"Supergirl is a legacy name used by female super-heroes involved with Superman and the Superman Family. The primary and original version is Kara Zor-El, Superman's cousin from the planet Krypton. She has been a member of the Justice League and the Legion of Super-Heroes. The name has also been used by Matrix, a shape-shifting creature from a Pocket Universe who would later fuse with a woman named Linda Danvers developing angelic powers. Power Girl is the Earth-Two version. Supergirl was created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino, first appearing in Action Comics #252. (1959) "
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The Witcher Fanart.
Clay / Plasticine with a metal framework.
The height of the sculpture is about 30cm.
The time I needed was 2 days.

And no, I can't paint this material...
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It was just another routine doctor’s visit...
Manifesting inside of you, under your skin, unbeknownst to you or others, it is all too late before anyone even realizes what is happening.
And then the real question, what IS happening?
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~2 hours

major fail on the hand, among other things, it was fun to take a crack at folds/clothes
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Mwahahaha. Another for the Kick Yourself contest entries. Please read all the description; some of the talking is quite interesting today.

Original on left: Spirit of Blood/Bloodlust
Submitted: December 2, 2007
Probably half an hour to an hour</b>
To what atrocities will Bloodlust lead you now?

New Version on Right: Suddenly
Two hours.

1. All Digital Paintings, Drawings, Pixel Art, 3-Dimensional, Vectors, and Vexel images

Tools: ArtRage 2.5, graphics tablet, SAME crappy computer

Concept:Both strongly influenced by the urge to try and draw manga, and Lady Snowblood (which is my favourite manga series ever, ever, ever :D ). Also in red/black/white moods.

I seem to have a thing for white faces, black hair, red lips and green eyes (Yes, the old version here has green eyes, too, but they aren't very clear) such as for the Smoke and Sunlight pictures recently >.>

Also, a thank you to ~ryuuseisui, who I was sort of colouring pictures for, and started me trying to sketch my own. I believe Kanda Yuu was of some small influence (and that is definitely their fault, as I barely noticed Kanda in the only volume of D-Grayman I ever read)

Both focused on faces, and hair which becomes soaked in blood, and a lot of abstract bloodiness. Also, both are experiments in tools I don't usually use, interestingly - the left was using the airbrush; the right, the felt pen tool and all it's settings.
(I don't use the airbrush nowadays, because my canvas sizes are at minimum, twice as large, and my computer simply cannot cope with the airbrush's demands)

Improvements and Changes

Composition! The old version is pretty much just a face and a filler background in order to call it finished, and while the background has some merit, the overall composition is dull and basically a backdrop/standard portrait shot. And the face is too small.

Canvas sizes and resolution are larger (this one was small by my standards, as it's more of 'quick sketch experiment' than 'fullscale project' (... like the Waterborn repaint I'm attempting )
This means there's a lot more detail, and I can actually do more with the picture.

Colour sense - about the same, but sort of composition related, the white spot in the dark picture didn't work very well. The new one is much more balanced.

Movement! And an actual sense of story (I hope!) The left is... inexplicable, really, there's nothing HAPPENING. There is a back story, but ...
Versus, well... do I need to explain any of what's happening in the right?

Drawing skill
...I hate drawing manga, because the proportions are off, which means I end up tearing my hair out trying to work out if the facial features are right. But here? I have a recognisable face (and she's meant to be all calm and serene - I did try for 'manic grin' but I figured calm was creepier in the end. It added a whole counterbalance of peace to the violence of motion.)
...hmmm. 'Violence of Motion' sounds like a title :ninjaplot:

There's a whole body there, more or less - indicated by the shoulder, and posture and arm and hand... I didn't not draw it because I couldn't (as in the first) I didn't draw it because it worked better this way</b> as hidden in the background.

oh yes... HAND! Just because it's sort of abstract now, doesn't mean I didn't have to draw it!

Blood spatters! Those were experimenting with the felt pen settings (Softness and wetness), plus a little glitter tool for the drops at the end.

Ummm... I think that's it, anyone else see other improvements?
Critiques on improvements?

All my Red, Black and White Paintings

Visit my Zazzle and RedBubble Galleries
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I made it just in time. Oh, I was so worried whether I'd be late or not. This is my entry for the Fantasy Earth Zero contest~~ It's my first time taking part in any contest. It's the Sorcerer~~

And everything was against me today, when I was so worried about being in time! First, my pen tablet didn't work this morning (it worked perfectly yesterday). I tried everything: downloading every driver etc again, shutting the computer a dozen times, and finally I did a new user to my computer, and then the pen tablet finally worked! D: Then, when I was Livestreaming while drawing this, the Livestream Procaster didn't work! It did all funny things: small screen sizes, hiding the chat, etc... and finally I got it to work somehow... What a day. :''D And thank you to everyone on Livestream for company!

SAI, Photoshop
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Be careful where you sail, the tides are not the worst of the danger out there.
A charcoal drawing if two mermaids and their handywork behind them.
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What's the ugliest truth about Big Tobacco ?

truth Contest®

My category is Undead:

1 in 3 teens who begin smoking eventually die from tobacco-related disease. Not undead. Dead dead.

My piece is titled "Freedom?"
The explanation goes without saying, but can be interpreted in many ways.

"We try to escape and find solace through our man made-substances, but after a while, who is in control? Who really feels the pain from the obsession? Restless. idée fixe. Severed. Burned.

Freedom? A Family Photo

My Aunt who is like a mother, grandmother, and dad to me is a Breast Cancer Surviver.

This is dedicated to her.

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