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This is my last girl since..... fiuouuuuuuu don't know ! Have to work on this creation and want to start a new project :)

more here -> [link]
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It's me! Twice!!! :p
Most awesome souvenirs ever.
The guillotine edition figure of Arno and 1 of 500 square enix Punished Snake proto's.

Gamescom was awesome! !!
Thank you Ubisoft! !!! :D
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Another piece I painted up. I also resculpted the face on this Davey Jones 12" action figure.
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Some doodles inspired by
[link] : )
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25 cm / 9.8 inch
Her head is made from a museum quality artificial Burrowing Owl skull from BoneClones, realistic glass eyes, black lashes, and English viscose braided hair in a black hair net.
She wears a beautiful black felt Victorian riding hat on her head (attached to her hair).
Her body is sculpted from Creative paper clay over a messing rod and tube skeleton covered with Aves apoxie for durability.
She is wearing lace underwear and stockings underneath her dupioni silk dress with embroidery.
Her Victorian riding jacket is made from black velvet with two part sleeves, two point collar and a double row of pearl buttons.
She also wears a beautiful lace collar with a cameo set in a gold tiffany setting.
In her hands she is holding a golden cage with a polymer heart painted with Genesis heat set paints in it.
Her riding boots are made from soft lambs leather with pearl buttons.
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• Name: Sherri Jane Ray Rundstrom

• Species: Hybrid - Canine dragon mixed with a Belgian Hare

• Gender: Female

• Age: 19

• Body Type: Humanoid

• Distinguishing Marks: Piercings - Industrials at the tips of her ears; three studs down the outer side of each ear; large plugs close to the base; lower lip pierced in the center - usually a ball but will sometimes place a ring in.

• Clothing/Accessories/Equipment: Anything without sleeves - plaid, button up, tank top, usually cut off at the midriff. Tight, colored jeans, loose boots, lots of leather and bracelets - fingerless gloves, and her piercings.

• Demeanor: Very confused, typically, with an air of confidence and a slight complex about power, very violent towards oppressive attitudes from others. Quite agreeable if not a little pushy when it comes to friends.

• Manner of Speech: Slight accent, hinting at Irish descent.

• Quirks: Nervous habits of chewing on the inside of her mouth, her fingers and pulling on her hair. Also playing with her bracelets and pacing when uncomfortable.

• Brief History:

Sherri (prefers the name Janie) grew up with her mother, Abel Rundstrom, away from the city. She was the oldest of her siblings - three adopted brothers and a biological sister. Feeling cramped and trapped away from the world she began to rebel - expressing it first in her appearance from piercings to her choice in clothing. She grew a deep fascination with weaponry and music as she grew up, eventually leaving the home at sixteen. For some time she bounced from job to job, making her rent and working on getting a General Equivalency Diploma after she'd decided to quit school on a whim for needing work. She eventually got herself into a small garage band and a steady job, which would bring you up to present day. She still talks with her mother, but doesn't return home often.

Schadenfreude by Shi-Adopts  Original design from :iconshi-adopts:

character (c) :iconbatteriebaby:
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7.9 x 7.9 x 7.9 inch
Enough! her skull is a real Bearded Barbet skull with glass eyes and lashes.
Her hair is made from high quality black English viscose adorned with antique gold gilded ornaments with a red garnet.
Her body is sculpted with paperclay over a metal frame.
Enough! is dressed in berry red vintage embroidered silk and many layers of beryy red tule finished with tiny Swarovski crystal beads and silk bows.
She is posed (permanent) on a heavy granit base.
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Name: Honey
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: Human- 5'8 animal tiny, mouse sized
Animal: Honey Possum

- tail can be used like another arm
- Very fast
- Good Sense of Hearing and Smell

-very timid

Personality: Honey is very timid and takes a long time to trust people. He is vibrant and fun loving. He almost always wears a large hat and tucks his tail into loose fitting jeans if going out into public. Though in private he wears bare minimum to be acceptable. It is not unusual for him to be seen using rinse out dye in bright colors for his hair. Once you get to know him he is very loyal, and sticks close to the few people he knows.

Likes + Dislikes:

+ Music

+ Punk and rock themed things

+ Loves honey and nectar

+ Being taken care of.

+ cuddling

+ reading

+ being close to people

+he loves being pampered, such as hair and nails done


- loud noises

- threatening images/ people

- Maliciousness

History: Honey, isn't sure how he got here from the out backs of Australia. Nor does he remember much as to how or why he changes.
Family: N/A

Lover: (To Be Added)



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James The Dog on FA will probably hate me for doing this to him, but I'd say he has had this ignominy coming for a loooong time! You could say it is payback for that pic he commissioned of him pushing a snoozing fox (me) into a swimming pool XD.

Foxes > Dogs - personified!
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It's done^^ Here it is, new chara for my manga, he will one of enemy and he will very strong. He's from shaman's race (powerfull and mysterious race^^) and he is a leader. Anyway his design is diffrent rest of my chara, he has got strange body proportion (like all members of his race) I mean very long and skinny limb, face and full body. But now it doesn't matter.
Hope you will like KaaBoo ^^

Nareszcie skończony. Nowy chara do mojego komiksu, jeden z przeciwników głównych bohaterów. Nazywa się KaaBoo i pochodzi z rasy szamanów (szamani u mnie są jako jedna z ras) o tej samej nazwie co jego imię. KaaBoo jest liderem swej rasy i oczywiście jest najsilniejszy mimo wątłego wyglądu. Różni się od moich dotychczasowych postaci anatomicznie. Najbardziej zbliżony jest do Chronosa. Charakterystyczna budowa rasy szamanów KaaBoo cechuje się długimi bardzo kończynami, które są jednocześnie baardzo chude i wyglądają jak u reumatyków bardzo często, tak samo jest z twarzą. Noski są charakterystycznie zadarte do góry (dlatego zwykle rysuję 2 kropeczki u nich jako nosek). Jeszcze dojdą 2dwaj osobnicy z jego rasy, którzy też odegrają swoją rolę. Jednym z nich jest dziewczynka o imieniu PiKi, którą mam już na szkicach i czeka na tabletowanie a trzeci będzie wieeelki gość, którego imienia w tej chwili nie pamiętam :( ale sobie przypomnę.
Tak czy siak mam nadzieję, że KaaBoo mi się udał i że przypadnie wam do gustu jego nietypowy wygląd ^^

Another pic from this series

(c) monstee '09
"Adventure With KOKO"
All rights reserved... <b>
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