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Finished [link]
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How to get the right proportions when drawing a portrait?

:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: :iconfbplz: Ilojleen Art at Facebook

Tutorial: how to draw noses? by Ilojleen Tutorial: how to draw the mouth by Ilojleen Tutorial: how to draw hair? by Ilojleen Tutorial: how to draw an eye? by Ilojleen Pastels + black sheet of paper by Ilojleen Tutorial:how to hold a pencil? by Ilojleen 

According to the poll I created, you wanted to see the tutorial How to get the proportions right in a portrait? the most. I hope you find it helpful :aww: The knowledge that the tutorial contains is based on my own tips and a couple of general advice.

Huge thanks, lloveandsqualor and MJMcCaul for helping me with this tutorial. My English isn't that good to write such a long text with no grammar, style nor vocabulary mistakes. Your help is much appreciated :heart: Therefore, I dedicate this tut to you!

Drawings that you can see in the tutorial:

Michael C.Hall as Dexter by Ilojleen Robert Pattinson by Ilojleen

:iconflag-poland: POLSKA WERSJA TUTAJ:…
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Hey everyone...I decided to create a blog on wordpress just for drawing tips, since Google docs keeps upgrading, which changes the whole appearance.
You can find me at or click here [link]

This is a TIP GUIDE that I have been adding to since 2010 and is basically everything I think I have learned about drawing. It includes materials and tools I use, with illustrations. It is a Google Doc so it will change and grow over time, so be sure to bookmark the link [link]
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I wanted to kill two birds with one stone. Not only does this show and explain the process behind The Hutch but I also shared many very useful tips I've picked up through my experience (mostly discovered on my own). Yes, it's long, but so is a lifetime.

In this tutorial, I talk about:

:bulletred: Holding the pencil
:bulletred: Shading
:bulletred: Planes and tones
:bulletred: Depicting and reading form
:bulletred: Layering pencils
:bulletred: Erasing

There's also a short FAQ section!

Not only that, but it shows dozens of progress photos for The Hutch! In essence, this tutorial has been undergoing plans for some months now. Now I just hope people will like it.

I would like to take this moment to remind you that the purpose of a tutorial is to be spread between people, so please do so if you found it useful and/or interesting :D Thanks for reading.

For those interested in learning more I am writing a book about portraiture such as this tutorial. To give me ideas and such, please see this poll and comment as you please: [link]
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As part of "May long week madness" I have gone crazy and will be releasing a veritable landslide of stock images! So enjoy my friends and tell your friends!

Model: AK-47

My stock usage rules: [link]

If I list a model's icon on DA, it'd be kind of you to drop them a tag or a note letting them know you've used them, so they can see!

If you like this stock set drop me a line and let me know. I have many more poses from this series.

Thank you for your support

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Humm it's an awsome photo that i found (i didn't know where sorry)
But i just want to put this photo because for me, it's " WOAW"
I hope someone enjoy as me!
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Here is the Borus portrait explained in steps. (Press download for bigger image.)

:bulletblue:1. Linesketch, try to find the essence of the character in this phase.

:bulletblue:2. Add a layer underneath the lineart and start to bash in some starter colors.

:bulletblue:3. Add a layer on top of the lineart and refine the features, paint away all the line art or erase the lineart.
When that is done, merge the layers of the character (not with the background!)

:bulletblue:4. Mirror the image. This way you can spot mistakes easier.

:bulletblue:5. Fill in the background and possible foreground. I also changed the colors here with color balance while having the character layer selected.

:bulletblue:6. Work on the lighting and keep in mind that there is also bounce light. You can see the blue hues on the face.

:bulletblue:7. Use your personal favorite paint technique to make colors blend, this can be done by a smooth or textured softbrush or with a etching pattern.
In this step I also added something called a Rembrandt triangle. It's the triangle highlight underneath the eye to show a more accurate depth.

:bulletblue:8. I wasn't satisfied with the face angle. It's never to late to alter your painting for a better image, don't be afraid to start all over.
I used a photo of myself to reference the new angle of the face that was more interesting to me.

:bulletblue:9. Refine the new look and work on some contrast.

:bulletblue:10. This guy's skin isn't smooth, but aged, tired and damaged, working on those details really adds up to the realism.
I also enhanced the highlights to create more contrast.

:bulletorange: 11: Extra edited step. The featured didn't line up with one another, making his face asymmetrical. The facial expression wasn't so interesting as intended so they had to be be made more pronounced. Another edit was done to the colours as well applying the old rule of yellow, Red Blue. (fine out what that is here:…

:bulletblue:Done. Go through every detail and make the areas of less interest less detailed. You can use the blur tool and sharpen tool to enhance those areas. Moving the channels in your image can give it a slight 3D effect.

Borus. (edited.) by Suzanne-Helmigh

Good luck!! Let me know if have any troubles or questions :)

This entire progress can be found on my livestream channel.…

You can send in your work to: helmighs (at)
for reviews and paintovers on 'What's up! Wednesdays.' livestreams
Ever Wednesday on 19:30 (7:30 pm) Amsterdam time.
Find out what time that is for you on :…

My website:
Official Facebook page of Caldyra:
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Another one of these. Link and note me if you use.
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For terms of use, read journal. To download full size, click download
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