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Решила попробовать что-нибудь новенькое, вот что из этого вышло
Получилось, как всегда, всё плохо)
Всем добра и лета ^^
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This is what I was working on last night... This were the lines I had already drawn so far... from now on I have to find ref photos or use my own hand for the hands. That will be the major point....
She looks a bit fatso... but I don't know if i caught the perspective right. Please let me know if you see anything out of place. I hope you like it, I especially thank Dragnaguard :icondragnaguard: [link] for the help with the tutorials on the digital inking.

Ref photos:
top: [link]
legs(a bit): [link] (the girl with her hands on her knees)
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I've been applying a new technique on this one... a technique I learned from a coloring tutorial, and I can't quite figure out if it looks good or bad... It consists in creating a gradient map that you will use to shade the picture. I am giving it try but I don't know if it's going the good way. Any critique accepted.
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I've been working on the hair and it's taking me quite a long time, given the fact that I am still practicing my inking technique and that the original size of the picture is 1890*1811. At these dimensions, it gets difficult to draw straight long lines. I haven't yet found a ref photo for her hands :confused:, so I guess I will use the models on like number six here [link] (I definitely praise this site :worship:).
Things are getting pretty tricky with the perspective and all... and it's going to get trickier with the colouring :sniff: :no:
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Well, it sure took a while, but I finally remastered what is arguably my favourite drawing, [link] from five years ago -- Thought it was time I took my half-decade of prowess and redo it with my delicious tablet and Photoshop/Illustrator skills.

Also, I fixed those chunky shoes, which had been bugging me for ages, so now they're saucy pink converse, (so happier feets), and the coat looks more like an actual coat now -- also, I've littered the walls with more recognisable art, and just made the whole thing look a bit busier -- hope you all like it ♥
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Lineart & Colouring by - AlexejPetrow
Work in - Paint tool Sai

Carin Levine belongs to - Masashi Kishimoto
Naruto by - Masashi Kishimoto

| - 2012|
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aye i tried lmao

[Shiraishi, Sayuri]
白石 小百合
"That looks nice."


[Height]   175 cm                               [Weight]  58 kg                         [Eyecolor]    Green
[Haircolor]  Platinum Blonde                          [Bloodtype]    B                    [Birthday] 04/17


[Year]    III                    [Class]   3-C                    [Club] Swim club
[**ID#]         416569               [GPA]        2.7                   [Locker#]


 Confident | Outgoing | Friendly | Hardworking | Independent | Materialistic | Stubborn | Optimistic

*She's prone to switching/changing of hobbies, some things just bore her out easily.
*Hardworking (when it comes to activities that interest her, or when she has a ready goal in mind you can bet that she'll fight for it.)
*She's the type to place her interests as top priority, so she often comes off as a selfish or an arrogant person. 
*Enjoys attention and compliments. Likes being under the spotlight.
*Gives people compliments often. Whether she means it or not however...
*A good liar.
*Has no trouble following the rules, but not a stickler for it either.
*If you're looking for someone to have a fun day with, Sayuri is the person to hang out with.

Sayuri is a young girl with a lot of passion and confidence, if there's anything that she wants to achieve, then she will work for it with utmost sincerity and care. She is not easy to discourage, a force to be reckoned with, and incredibly stubborn, which leads people to having the impression that she is arrogant and selfish and though it's not far from the truth, she is capable of looking after people she truly cares about. She may not be the first friend you'll have, but rest assure she'll be the last one to leave. She's the type who becomes very supportive of the people she likes, and will not hesitate to fight their wars for them.

It's not easy to pique her interest, and she's always on the lookout for exciting things, having low tolerance for things that don't interest her or activities that she deems to be boring. As an individual who highly values her independence, her inner insecurities and doubts are issues that she will never let others know. Sayuri is critical of herself, moreso to herself than she is towards the people around her.


Sayuri grew up in a simple home with simple luxuries. Her mother works for the local post office and her father was a salaryman. Their family's early years were simple and uneventful, perhaps the only memorable events in her life was the addition of her younger brother in their family, and the separation of her parents. Sayuri's parents divorced a few years after her brother was born, which led to her father leaving their home, though they are still allowed to visit him, and he still aids them financially. Her parents' divorce was peaceful and clean and her disappointment at them didn't last long, as she quickly lost interest over their issues, instead, she decided to focus into becoming a fully independent individual. She recently began modelling under a small agency, a job she enjoyed immensely, though her mother disapproved of it first, she relented in the end, only if Sayuri can maintain a good academic standing at school. Gaining her easy-going father's approval was not very difficult. Juggling part time work and her last year of highschool is not going to be easy, but with unwavering optimism and hopes for an exciting year, Sayuri looks forward to the challenges that will dare bump heads with her. 



[Part time job] : modelling

- Folds long sleeves (as seen on the app. habit.)
- She is often mistaken for a foreigner.
- She's not very good with children, and she does have little patience for them.
- She's not very good with small animals either.
- She just began modelling, so she's not popular or well-known yet, but she's working hard!
- Values appearance. Likes good fashion, but dislikes conformity. She enjoys looking good as much as standing out.
- Enjoys sports and SHOPPING :iconluvluvplz:
- Her grades are average at best. She excels at different kinds of sports however. 
- Wears her skirts short on purpose. (folds it if it's too long for her liking) (sorryshesatotaldiva)
- Secretly interested to cooking, but because she's not good at it, it's an interest she decided to keep to herself.
- Enjoys horror movies.
- physically strong as a bulldozer

(come headcanon/rp with me plos)
* Saitou, Akane 
* Kobayashi Mao
* Moriyama, Kodama
* Kashima, Homuro

RP Methods:

TBH I prefer headcanons over rps, cus i like to draw things out of headcanons haha.
But rp style-wise, i prefer script.


sorry if the layout looks messy... uhh i dont know how to fix stuff haha i haven't used DA in a while.
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Phew! Finally, some hands... I am still pondering if i should draw her some clothes on or not... except for the panties, ofc... I couldn't help it and I made her boobs bigger :love: I am still working on the hair :cries:
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If you remember my kanu arising, I have worked a little on the outline, because I wasn't satisfied with the lines I drew with the pen in Photoshop and neither with her position... It's not finished, but it's really really late here in Bucharest (about 3 am) and I wanted to submit it no matter what.
I'll post the other improvements as soon as I can make them.
Done in Photoshop CS2 with Wacom Bamboo tablet.
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Покраска лайна
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