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Hi guys.

It's a flash, so RIGHT CLICK and ZOOM IN to check out the details if you so please~ Additionally, the 'Download' button will provide you with a larger view, which you can also zoom in on to see more at once. (That's my recommendation.)

But to the point - any Riku and Xehanort's Heartless (aka Ansem) together. That's my OTP. I like SoRiku and SoRiKai as much as anyone else, but these two together are simply my 'one true pairing'. Don't ask. Just think about it. It doesn't take much thought.

I actually run a fan site for this pairing - [link] - so if you're not afraid and slightly curious, go check it out. It's been up for almost two years now, going on 2000 pageviews. To those who know me, its no big secret I like this pairing. It's just not something I'll immediately mention to someone I've just met~

Hope you enjoyed. Flame and I'll laugh at you happily. I'm still basking in the awesomeness of what I've created. And my hands hurt like hell. And I'm hungry. Goodnight. ^__^


Ansem, Riku, Xehanort, lots of cool darkness and heartless critters (c) Nomura, Disney, Square, etc.

Also. DeviantART. Yes I'm talking to you. I like drawing in Flash so you better start allowing Flash files in other categories. =/ This is in no way animated, interactive, a movie, an intro or any of the other categories that Flash files are allowed in and its certainly as hell not going to sit in my scraps. Kthxbai.


I've seen this posted on tumblr without credit to me. >/

Because some people fail to read the rules posted on my profile and on my line art gallery I've been forced to return to every deviation individually to post this notice: If you're going to color my artwork you MUST link back here and you MUST NOT submit it to ANY groups. Doing so voids my permission for you to color it and as such I will have to report it as theft from here on out. You ARE allowed to color my art so long as it does NOT end up in groups AND you link back. Not that hard is it? If you need a transparent .png it may or may not be available, but there's no harm in asking.

One day I plan on redrawing this. I won't be giving out a png of this particular piece. Yet.
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well here she is hope you all enjoy her :D

DL - [link]
pass is not required with this download
this model works on MMD directX 7.39 i don't know if she works on any of the older versons of MMD

until the next update :salute:
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Yeah! It's been a long time since I updated this animation...
I've done a new background and added some new scenes. I would love if someone wanted to fandub it :)
I will try to make more scenes, but I'm a little busy right now... My bad...
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The white prophet ! Adelyn ! ^^

Hi guys ! 8D
I try my new type of comic x3 Sorry if isn't with the best quality, I dunno why is it sooo ugly ! "; n ;
The reason of this ?
- For show "correctly" my participation to Smirkaotik's contest :… = go go go ! D8

- Because I wanted to use her before the comic//SHOOT ! >w<
- Because I have to do it, THAT'S ALL ! >.<"

Well, wish you will like it ! :3
Enjoy !

PS : Yeah, this is Arthenilis at final ! 8D *run away*

No flames/insults/bashing in the comment please. Isn't necessary and it's just stupid.
If you hate KH, yaoi, yuri, OC, couple of OC, OC x KHCharacters, or these characters or anything else, you can yell somewhere esle but not here. I DON'T CARE.  Yet I accept all opinion.


Credits :

© Silith2002

Models :
"Adelyn" - © Smirkaotik :iconsmirkaotik:
"Adelyn weapon" - © Smirkaotik</b> :iconsmirkaotik: (made by © Silith2002 :iconsilith2002: )
"Arthenilis" - © Silith2002 :iconsilith2002:
"Neoshadows" - © KohakuUme6 :iconkohakuume6:

Stage :
"Station of awakening" - © Kazuki9484 :iconkazuki9484:

Programs :
└Microsoft Office Picture Manager

All belong to © Square Enix © Disney © Kingdom Hearts
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I seriously hope this works..

don't blame me for this.. it's my first flash ever x'D

It took forever to upload x'D
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please work, please work, please work.....

okay i took off my retarded loading bar and play button, hopefully it'll work now? geez


professor layton (c) level-5
music is a mixing of O Fortuna - Carl Orff
and the professor layton theme. from professor layton.
ending scene is from [link] professor layton trailer with fake subs. XD WONKAAAA
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This is one of the image i did for my flash that I'm working on right now.
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:noes::megaphone:Latest UPDATE!: New clothes! April/01/2011.
Bunny dress up!!!!
Hope you like it! teehee

Adding later more stuff, but if you have any ideas please, please, PLEASE share because I sorta ran out of them,... or I have an art block with this specific dress up... :iconypdunnolol:

look what I did :iconyphurr:
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The motion for candy candy :P

Mamama-p Gumi
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Sora's Gaze: Animation

hope the thunder didn't scare you XD

Don't get your hopes up yet, guys...

We're not there yet LOL. It's only a test. Is it apart of something bigger? maaaayyyybe.
yes this does happen later in the SleepOver comic, but since nothing's actually happening, it's not a spoiler I dunno if I can actually call this "Animation"
-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
LOL at my straw rain, and bad animation.
Time taken: 1:30 ( it shows )

I was looking to test how it would go, if I drew some frames in flash, then transferred them over to PS to line and color, then put the whole thing together in Flash.

Well I learned a few things LOL.
-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1) Flash sucks ass when it comes to drawing. Then again, it is a vector based program, so I should have expected that. (my hats off to you :iconjohnsu: I dunno how you do it )

2) it's difficult to translate and clean up those lines in PS * I prefer my animation to be fluid

3) Flash does handle images from Photoshop well, though. Meaning I can keep high quality from PS in Flash when I compile all of the "frames"

4) Movie clips are handy as hell

5) flash can randomize certain effects if you know action script

After this experience, I've found that it IS very possible to do a more complex project by animating the old fashioned way:

If I drew my frames on actual paper (meaning I'd have more line quality control, thus equaling more fluid animation) , scan them in (dear god, the work), color and edit them in photoshop, and compile it into flash for final edits, preloader, to handle smaller loopable effects, plus sound and music.

I could realistically do a bigger project (or at the very least, a demo)

Of course if you guys know of a better way to make use of what I have, I'm all ears LOL. ( keep in mind I have CS 3, not CS 4 or 5 meaning no handy animation feature, and Image Ready would still act the same way that Flash would in this situation, only it's better)

TL;dr : I messed around in flash + photoshop, and found something useful for future animations.

Tools: Tablet, Photoshop CS 3, Flash

Sora (c) Tetsuya Nomura/Square Enix
"Animation"and art by: JC
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