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the simpson
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Mordekhay88 y yo jugando al sins of a solar empire: rebellion xD
quejándome del zumbido del micrófono que le anda mal jajajajja

PD: Dibujado por :iconmordekhay88: para mi. chan xP
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Traditional art version:…

Actual Name: Mordekhay
Biological Age: About 11,000
Heigh: 6,45 feet ( 1,96 meter )
Status: Alive

95% based on me

Basado 95%
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Somewhat similar to the situation where a person mistakes deafness for rudeness as I talked about with this pic [link] , this is a typical reaction people have when they see us conversing in American Sign Language.

It’s also a spoof on the movie, “The Sixth Sense” in case you don’t get the joke. :giggle:

Please note, in the Deaf community we spell "Deaf" with a capital D when referring to people who are proud to be Deaf, whereas "deaf" with a lowercase d refers to anyone who cannot hear.

Sketch art of Toby by :iconshembre:

Sketch art of Katie by :iconkaisertiger:

Background by :iconkourukon:
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Mordekhay (c) :iconmordekhay88:
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the Simpson FAMILY
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This is concept art for one of the three main characters of the comic I'm working on called "Perilous Planet". Her name is Lisa Wynn, and she's an Arctic fox. She's a Lieutenant. Originally, I planned on this character being a weasel, but I decided that her role would be better played out as an Arctic fox. This didn't come out exactly as I wanted it, but it's a much better depiction of the character than the weasel version of her that I drew earlier (HERE). I'll also be adjusting the character poster I made to reflect her species change HERE.

I made a couple adjustments to my usual methods and style to try to get a more natural look. I also decided to get in some fur painting practice while I was at it. It's not that good. I haven't practiced it much, and I didn't spend much more than a few hours on the fur, so I didn't expect it to come out very good anyway.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the drawing. I hope others will like it, too. I really appreciate feedback people have been giving me on my work, and it really helps me progress, so feel free to a comment. I'm very grateful when people do. Even if it just to say "Cool" or "Nice" or anything of the sort. That's much appreciated also. :) (One of the style adjustments I made was actually based on someone's earlier comment, and I must say that I agree that it made this character look a little more natural.)

Download for higher resolution (2550 x 3300).
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12 days left to get this funded and make it a reality! (Totally bought a copy for me and a copy for my niece XD )

Monsters dont have to be scary. Who knows, you might find a cool new friend in the pages of this book! :3

YOU GUYS SHOULD GO BACK THIS AND/OR SPREAD THE WORD! I am very excited for this book and i have always liked Akonite's works. :3 SO. GO DO IT.

copy/paste from :iconakonite:'s submission (image posted with permission!)


Hey folks!

Many of you know that i've been working on a kids book for quite some time. Well... THE TIME IS NOW!

My kickstarter for the project has gone live! Its a collection of childrens poetry based around the crazy creatures that live in Akonite's mansion!

Check out the website here:

And, if you can, please help support making my dream come true by pledging to the kickstarter drive here:

The book is written by me and features illustrations by :iconlikeshine:

Thank you for all your support!!
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Something is not right here
is racking my mind
it's all around me, I feel it inside
like I'm locked in some prison
and my world is a lie
chills my emotion, blinding in my eyes

Let go of your anger, empty your mind
return to your senses, accept what you find
you are here for a reason
cut through these lies
lives are in danger, open up your eyes!

Reach for the answer - digital rain
take your chances and taste the pain

open up your mind
don't trust your senses
you have been blind - digital rain

Awaken the sleeper - digital rain
dig down deeper and break the chain

let the truth flood in
tear down your fences
the search begins - digital rain

I've entered the real world, I know what to do
the search is over, the prediction is true

Many millions of people exploited like slaves
but you can release them
from their digital graves

Let go of your anger
empty your mind
return to your senses
accept what you find
you are here for a reason

Open up your mind

Cut through these lies

Don't trust your senses

Lives are in danger

you have been blind

Open up your eyes

digital rain

-I've entered the real world

awaken the sleeper

-I know what to do

digital rain

-the search is over

dig down deeper

-the prediction is true

and break the chain

-many millions of people

let the truth flood in

-exploited like slaves

tear down your fences

-can release them

the search begins

-from their digital graves




Algo no esta bien aqui
Acumulandose en mi mente
Todo al rededor mio, lo siento dentro
Como si estuviera en alguna prision
Y mi mundo fuese una mentira
Helando mis emociones, cegando mis ojos

Deja ir tu ira, vacia tu mente
Regresa a tus sentidos, acepta lo que encuentres
Estas aqui por una razon
Corta todas esas mentiras
Vidas en peligro, abre tus ojos!

Alcanza la respuesta - Lluvia Digital
Aprovecha tus oportunidades y prueba el dolor

Abre tu mente
No confies en tus sentidos
Has sido cegado - Lluvia Digital

Despierta al durmiente - Lluvia Digital
Excava profundo y rompe la cadena

Deja a la verdad fluir dentro
Derriba tus barreras
La busqueda ha comenzado - Lluvia Digital

He entrado al mundo real, se que hacer
La busqueda ha terminado, la prediccion es verdad

Millones de personas explotadas como esclavos
Pero tu puedes liberarlos
De sus tumbas digitales

Deja ir tu ira
Vacia tu mente
Regresa a tus sentidos
Acepta lo que encuentres
Estas aqui por una razon

Abre tu mente

-Corta esas mentiras

No confies en tus sentidos

-Vidas hay en peligro

Has sido cegado

-Abre tus ojos

Lluvia Digital

-He entrado al mundo real

Despertar al durmiente

-Se que hacer

Lluvia Digital

-La busqueda ha terminado

Excava profundo

-La prediccion es real

Y rompe la cadena

-Millones de personas

Deja la verdad fluir dentro

-Explotadas como esclavos

Derriba tus barreras

-Puedes liberarlos

La busqueda comienza

-De sus tumbas digitales

¡Lluvia Digital!
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Ran out of space with this one. Inspired by the Little Shop of Horrors movie
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