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Not really an animation, just a proof that I'm still alive.

Don't have a name for this character, so for the time being he is just called Leader. Can be seen in the background of Exile, on the left.

While drawing this vector I came to the point where I don't know how the rest of the picture should look like. Perhaps I will get an idea later. And finally make a decent animation with a dragon.
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This is an early alpha of my upcoming game/interactive story. If you need help to get through the cutscenes, it is all using the mouse. Click the NEXT button to go on through the cutscene. I know some things look wierd and out of place i am working on fixing everything to look great for the final.

as of the vectoring just send me a note with a link to some of your vectors and i will get back with you on that ASAP, and as for the voice acting i would like for you to report to the journal for it here for information: [link]
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PS: Click in the arrows! 

LINK [Taluthus comission Png version :3 by YUI-HII]  

OooH!nice dragon :3333 this is my favorite comission :333
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Access new levels over the menu!

Hello dear Deviant! Having a week holidays from Military I've decided to start a bigger project: a Flash-game!
It's a little jump n' run platformer I named Sonaworld.

Left - Right  -> Walk
Up               -> Jump
A                 -> Attack (3 combos + Jump attack)
S                 -> Special attack

Playthrough Level 1, Hugo:…
Playthrough Level 2, Neo:…

My goal for this game is not only to make a simple jump n run, my goal is to include people's sonas in it.
If it's just for enemies, for playable characters or even for endbosses, your character could be in a game!
Sounds too ambitious? Play the WIP, a working base is there already.

What can you do to get a spot in the game?

So far, nothing. I'll first have to finish some levels, maybe add some friend's sonas first, so I can estimate
if and in what dimensions this is comissionable. The worst case scenario is, that this is getting a jump n run with
a few, selected people. What I know for sure: This is going to take a lot of time and is going to be more of a side-project
I'll always be working on for a bit.

Please report bugs/greater fps-drops if you find some! ^..^


Last Update 01/01/14


Only two level/character playable atm. More to come!

....2 Characters (Hugo / Neo)
Sliding on walls
3 Comboattacks
1 SpecialAttack
1 Jumpattack
Working Movements (Collisiondetection, Physics, Damagedealing)

....3 Levels (Cave, Heaven, Forest)
Events (Moving platforms, Spawner, Doors, Keys, Items)

....8 Enemies

Loading parts
Loading levels
Non-redundant coding with classes

Background music


Adding Levels + Character
Adding Events + Enemies
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Hey, Prince Charming should have knocked first. 

My Liara as done by Lord Dirk on FA:…
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And finally, after nearly a month of sleepless nights working, delays, and gremlins, it is complete. *passes out*

Many of you may remember :iconlentoto:'s animatic of Titanic with Lyra and Bonbon which was here on Deviantart awhile ago. Well, unfortunately they took it down for unspecified reasons. But it was such a striking and emotional animation that I rather wanted to do something, so I contacted them with an inquiry of my own, to which they gave me permission to create this- an entirely redrawn Flash version. ^^

It's also sort of a belated tribute to the 100th year since the R.M.S. Titanic sank in the North Atlantic on April 15th. As well as an homage to the two Titanic movies, "A Night to Remember" (1958), and of course, "Titanic".

Now, I'm not much of a shipper, but I think Lyra and Bonbon fit the two roles perfectly, it's hard to imagine two mares better suited for eachother.

You'll also notice a few OCs in there, they belong respectively to *Sibsy, =XxRikujoMaramexX, *FlockofFlamingos, *Kawaii-Kochou, and ~pastery. Sorry if some of them aren't exactly prominent. XD

If you have an old or slow computer with lag, ~DalirPL was kind enough to upload it to Youtube. ^^

YT Link: [link]


Original Animatic ~ *LenToTo
(Go check them out! Lovely style and brilliant artwork)

Remastered Animatic ~ =Icaron
Music is a music box version of "キセキ (Kiseki)" by GReeeeN

MLP ~Hasbro
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Spike is hungry for gems (as usual). Help him find some!
This is a simple platforming/sidescrolling test game for the game engine I'm working on to hopefully create a longer, more complete MLP game in the future. Enjoy!

There are quite a few bugs! If (when) you encounter them, please let me know in the comments. Getting temporarily stuck in walls/rocks (especially when flying) is a pretty common one.


UPDATE 1/29/2013: Wow! Over 83,000 plays!? It means so much to me that people continue to play this and demand updates! Although I've continued to improve the underlying game engine for use in other projects, the dynamic (custom colored) sprites in this game cause significant performance problems in Flash. That's why I haven't updated this game in 1.75 years, even though I said I would. :( And you may have noticed the games I have released since have used non-customizable character sprites (Pinkie Pie, Twilight, Fluttershy). I hope to at some point release another game that allows you to customize your character, but having dynamic sprites in Flash makes things difficult. I've been considering releasing a standalone (downloadable) game, and if I'm able to, I hope to have customizable characters. Until then, you'll just have to enjoy this game!

I do have a question, while this game won't be getting any more significant updates, I could possibly create a few more maps (the premise would be the same; collect gems). Would you be interested in this? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks again for playing! -InfinityDash


UPDATE 5/1/2011: Thanks for all the comments everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I still plan on working on this, I've just been really busy lately. I've tried to fix most of the bugs that have been pointed out (especially the "get stuck in wall and slowly move upwards" glitch), so when I upload an updated version those problems should be gone.

Also I realize that there is another flash game engine being worked on, and it's a "true" flash engine (whereas this is actually a Multimedia Fusion game running in flash [btw, if you're at all interested in making 2D games, and you don't know about Clickteam's Multimedia Fusion, I highly suggest you look into it! (nested parenthesis ftw)]) but I figure there's no harm in having more than one 2D game engine out there...

Oh yeah, last thing, regarding UNICORN MAGIC. I'm having trouble of thinking of ideas for for this that will work in this type of fast-paced 2D side-scrolling environment . Any suggestions, let me know!

In the future I plan on releasing the engine when it's more or less finished.

(I noticed sometimes this game has pretty bad slowdown here on the DA page, I think's it's due to the ads on the site... if it's moving unbearably slow you can try playing it here instead.)

Check out some other stuff at
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A stereoscopic version is here:

The animation can be controlled with the arrow keys (It may be necessary to click on it first)

Made in Zbrush, Maya, Aftereffects and Flash.

Model downloads are available here: [link]
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In Low-Res style like to Amstrad you play a yellow snake
and when you bite your tail you make a box
There two style of game:
-You must make many box to get a score
-You must catch a little critter on a Red box
there 17 level, the diffuculty is to block with the box you made, and the other difficulty it's the little pink critter can make box too héhé

you play with Directionnal PAD
"automove": repat the last mouvement
"Info": it's to show or mask the info of the level and tips
"boutton UP near the Score": it's to reset the level
the green boutton "CODE" in Left corner: if you past the first level you can to save your level position and your score with this code
>to start a game with the code when you arrive on the picture of the game clic on "CODE"
Good Games
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This is my idea of what trixies life is like in general.

Main Song: Massive Attack - Live with me

Youtube version for those with a less beefy pc:


Extra walk/run cycle from drud14:

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