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                                   A Summer in Scales
Accidents can cripple, hurt, and cause destruction. Well a little known fact is; accidents can also reveal secrets… dark secrets. Some secrets we keep to save others… some we keep just to save our reputations.
Then we have secrets that are kept to protect ourselves from serious harm. I learned this the hard way; now here I am standing before three creatures of legend. Shaking and in fear for my life… just because I had an accident.
The day started off like any other day. My small suburban neighborhood was silent like it should be. The forest that was behind our community was alive with only chirpings of birds and other various animals.
I was laying in my front yard soaking up the heat of the day; hoping that summer would go by slowly without anything too exciting. The sun was directly overhead meaning that it was noon.
Suddenly the sounds of someone running disrupted my sweet solitude. A familiar voice was yelling "Bent… hey Bent!!!"
I turned my head to see my best friend Kyle running towards me, waving happily. Smiling I returned the gesture and called back in a happy tone "Kyle what's up!?!"
He did not answer until he was at my side; panting he replied "Nothing much… just… wanted to hang out with you on the first day of summer."
This made sense since we had plans to stay over at his place for the first couple of weeks of summer. Energetically I jumped up and stood with Kyle. He stood around five feet, six inches, with blonde hair, green eyes, and a body of a runner.
"Okay cool Kyle… um… I just have to get my stuff and we can walk to your house if you don't mind." I stated in a tone that suggested that I wanted to leave quickly.
He nodded and we walked to my door. I grabbed the door handle and twisted it open so the door would swing open. The reason I was going to stay at Kyle's for the first couple weeks of summer; was not only because he was my friend but because my parents were away on a business trip.
I walked down the stairs to the basement, which was the nicest part of the whole house seeing as it was the man-cave and the game-room. Taking a left turn I traveled down the mini hallway to my room and there I grabbed my duffle bag that held everything I would need for two weeks.
The bag contained Clothes, Xbox three-sixty games, one hundred and fifty dollars, and to guarantee that I would stay up all night, it contained three Redbulls. My left hand grabbed the handle of the bag and I lifted it up. Putting the straps onto my shoulders I turned to face Kyle who was staring at my wall; I glanced over at what he was looking at.
Kyle was staring at a poster with my favorite game series character killing a huge golden dragon with a long spear. "Oh yeah… that game is going to come out really soon." I said noticing that Kyle seemed upset.
"Why… why is it always the dragons that are evil?" He asked with his face showing disgust.
I shrugged and replied "Kyle I have no clue… but the games are fun."
Grunting he said "Can we just GO already…? I am feeling kind of upset right now."
Nodding I signaled to the open door and we left my room. Back up the steps and out my front door; we were off to Kyle's house that was about two blocks away from mine.
It was a good idea to keep a close eye on Kyle when he was emotional; he was a very unpredictable person. He did not say anything to me and kept his head down to avoid eye contact with me.
'Why did the poster upset him?' I thought to myself silently. We rounded a corner and started up the driveway to Kyle's home. This was going to be the first time I actually got to go into his home.
Even though we were really good friends; his parents never wanted anyone inside his home. I was surprised they agreed to let me stay for two weeks but I wasn't going to ask why.
Kyle opened his front door and we entered, I was instantly awestruck as I seen the place was like nerdville. Dragon merchandise was everywhere; from posters to little pewter statues.
Now I understood why Kyle was angry at my poster… and I also understood why his parents wouldn't have anyone over. "So… please don't tell anyone… Bent do you hear me, don't say a word about this." Kyle begged of me.
I nodded showing I wouldn't say a word to anyone. Then I asked "Why didn't you tell me before?"
He looked around nervously and grabbed my arm; he brought me over to the couch. I sat down and Kyle stood in front of me. "Bent… this is supposed to be a fun weekend okay?"
Grinning I replied "Of course… so what are you so nervous about?"
"Well… my parents are gone on a business trip too… and they have no idea you are here." He said looking around.
I was shocked… Kyle was a goody-two-shoe. He never went out of line and this was far out of line. I remembered the time his parents threatened to ground him for being five minutes late.
"Uhhh… Kyle… this is not going to be good when are they due back?" I quizzed him.
Shuffling nervously he said "Not for two weeks… but they think I am over at your place."
So it was the old switcheroo then… his parents thought he was at my place and my parents thought I was over at his place. No parents for two weeks… and I got two houses to stay at. This was going to be the best summer ever.
Kyle saw me smirking like a maniac and quickly said "No… Bent we are not doing anything too crazy… umm maybe we should just play videogames for the whole two weeks."
I shook my head and replied "No Kyle this is a once in a lifetime chance. Your parents never let you do anything or go anywhere… now is your chance to LIVE!!!"
Leaping off the couch I jumped onto Kyle and we fell to the ground. I got him into a headlock then he rolled and now I was on the ground. My right foot shot out and hit a shelf.
A loud *CRASH* sounded and we stopped wrestling. I got up and looked at a smashed statue of a green dragon. "AHHHHHH… OH GOD WHAT HAVE WE DONE!?!" Kyle screamed; completely horrified.
I reached out and grabbed the head of the dragon. Suddenly a powerful energy ran through my arm and I yelled out in fear "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!"
My legs locked and I fell down to the ground withering in pain. I heard Kyle say something but I couldn't understand what; I was too focused on the green scales growing on my arms.
I started to grow and my pinkies on both my hands retreated leaving me with only four fingers. Then my nails on both my hands and feet grew longer and harder. My shoes exploded revealing draconic paws; a pressure built up in my face.
My nose was smashed flat it seemed and my face was stretched into a draconic muzzle. Teeth cascaded out of my mouth and were replaced with fangs. The green scales had completely covered my body now.
Cracking and popping noises came from my neck; my new draconic head was pushed up as my neck grew longer. Then a feeling like my tailbone was being stretched like taffy; came and I swished something behind me.
I turned my long neck and saw that I had a tail; sharp ridges ran down from my neck to the tip of my tail. Two new appendages grew from my back and out of instinct I flapped them.
It then dawned on me… I HAD WINGS!!! I looked over at a mirror and saw what I had become. I had a yellow underbelly, forest green scales, and golden eyes. For ears I had sail like flaps that could pick up different sounds depending on what position I moved them.
I stuck out my tongue, which was now forked, and inspected my new fangs. My gaze turned to where Kyle was standing; now there stood a yellow anthro dragon. "Bent… the most important thing right now is not to panic." The dragon said
"Wh-who ar-are you?" I asked scared for what had become of Kyle.
"Bent it's me… Kyle… I have a LOT of explaining to do so get comfortable." Kyle the dragon said motioning for me to stay calm.
I Curled up and waited for Kyle to start talking; he began saying "I am not human… no one in my family is."
Suddenly I snorted and some flame came out of my mouth. I looked away embarrassed and replied "Please continue then."
Nodding he continued "Bent… we are dragons in disguise… now you just broke a cursed object that my mom had since she was a little hatchling. I think you were changed by that curse."
"No really Captain Obvious to the rescue," I said in a tone that dripped with sarcasm.
Kyle shook his head in an annoyed way and replied "Shut up and listen… you can't go home because if you are revealed; we will be too. There is no way mom and dad are going to let that happen."
I suddenly realized that I was never going to see my family ever again. Then I had an idea "Wait… you can look human so why can't I?"
He sighed and looked at me sympathetically saying "Because of my type of bloodline… we have the special power that no other dragons in the world have. We have the capability to look human."
Just when I was about to argue; the front opened and Kyle's parents walked into the house in their human forms. Kyle's dad was the first to see me and he exclaimed "KYLE WHO IS THAT… WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?!"
Kyle turned and faced his parents and replied "Dad… mom…. What are you doing home early?"
His mother ignored the question and commanded "Kyle… answer us who is that?"
"Guys… Bent got the curse… that statue was finally smashed." He answered his panicking parents.
I was shocked when they just sighed and Kyle's mom said "Hello Bent how are you… not too good I am guessing."
Shrugging I replied "Well… this is kind of awkward… you are dragons then?"
All three of them nodded and Kyle asked "Mom is there a way to undo the curse… I mean we can't just take him away from his family can we?"
She grunted and stated "You two went against our rules and Kyle you knew the reason why we never had friends over here."
I stood up on all fours and said "Okay… so I can't go home; so what am I supposed to do then?"
This time Kyle's dad answered "You will stay with us… welcome to the family Bent."
I then knew that this was going to be the most interesting summer of my life.
Okay here is something new... I just hope that it was worth it. I enjoyed writting this one... but I might continue with a part two... WHAT SAY YOU!?! That means that you have to COMMENT what you think.
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*BEEEEEEEP* "You have got to be kidding me… they set an alarm… today of all days?" I mumbled still half asleep on the old green couch in my father's living room.
There went my plan for sleeping all day… but they were going to have to deal with Mr. Grumpy-Dragon all day now. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" screamed my little eight year old brother.
My ear fin twitched in pain from the sudden loud noise and I rolled over throwing the pillow over my head. Why did they say it was my birthday anyways? They should now us dragons are hatched not birthed like humans… its hatchday to me. I settled in my new position and attempted to go back to sleep.
This plan however was foiled as my little brother's friend got up and screamed with him "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!"

"Oh god no… it begins… can't I just sleep through this day?" I moaned
They giggled as my little brother played with my tail and jerked on it trying to get me out of bed. I had to get these kids off of me and I had a plan. I growled lowly and said "Forget cake… roasted children sounds good."
Just like I predicted they screamed and ran off to find a place to hide. I wouldn't really eat them but it was noon. I normally sleep till one… today was my "special" day so I was going to sleep it away.

Then I forgot about the kids' backup… dad. "Okay lazy lizard… get up… you are going to get up and celebrate your day." He stated and tore the blankets off me.
Grumbling I rolled off the couch and onto all fours; the kids looked at me from behind a partway opened closet door. I smiled and growled at them; slowly stalking towards them like I was hunting. They screamed again and ran off in different directions; I looked at dad and he just shook his head saying, "You have got to stop doing that… you are going to scar them for life."

"Good, then maybe they will not wake this dragon up when I wish to sleep." I chuckled; dad rolled his eyes and walked off into the kitchen.
My stomach growled and I walked to the kitchen as well. I made a beeline straight to the fridge and opened it. My eyes fell upon a package of bacon and my stomach voiced its opinion. "Okay bacon you are mine… but I am not cooking today sooooooo." I said as I grabbed the package of bacon and ripped it open with my black claws.
"Bottoms up on the hatchday boys," I proceeded and dumped the sweet delicious meat into my maw.

Flavor exploded and I purred as I ate the raw food. "Oh you didn't just do that… how could you do that… gross animal." I turned and saw my dad's fiancé, standing in the kitchen's doorway, glaring at me.
I sighed, trying to hold back some inner feral desire to attack her, saying "Morning you to you too… wow I forgot how wrinkly you humans are without the playdough and makeup."
She squealed and her hands flew to her face in a desperate attempt to flatten out her face. Then she replied "How dare you… you… you animal… GO EAT SOMEONE."

I grinned "Gladly… and it looks like a close target is right here trying to hold her face from falling off because of so many fake plastic surgeries."
Falling to the floor laughing, I watched as she turned on her heel and left the kitchen. "There went the bathroom," I thought to myself. My thought was confirmed as the bathroom door slammed.
She would be in there for hours; trying to fix her mask… it's not October… its June. Still she would win the costume contest without her fake display of powder and other coloring.

I knew, from the minute that dad met her, that she was bad news. Her family had a terrible business… one that put me in danger. They were all Dragonslayers… did dad care though? Heck no; he sees a pretty face and he melted for her.
Well I can promise you, this dragon, will not have this around me… mom still sends me here anyways though. Anyways back to my day… I shut the fridge and trotted outside and lied on the cool damp grass.

The sprinklers sprayed the grass not too long ago and the bright and shining sun radiated down on me. My red scales reflected the light and my yellow scrutes felt the heat. I smiled happy to be me and closed my eyes.

"Morning Draky," a sweet and smooth feminine voice cooed.

I turned my head and saw a light blue, slim, and beautiful water dragoness in front of me. She walked over and lay down beside me; she sunk in close to me and our bodies touched. It was as if she was made to rest to my side; I smiled and nuzzled her.
She giggled and I replied "Morning Granice… what brought you over here?"

Looking at me with sarcastically hurt eyes "Can't I visit my boyfriend on his hatchday?"
Then without warning she nuzzled me back and we sat there with our heads resting on each other's. Her beautiful sapphire eyes still took my breath away whenever I gazed into them. I felt like roaring with joy because at that moment I was complete… this was the greatest gift ever.
The moment, however, was destroyed when the evil dragon-murderer came out and yelled "Your father and I are going out… do we need to put a collar on you; so we can tie you up to a tree?"

Right when I was about to shout a smart back at her; Granice looked at me and smiled. "Draky I didn't know you had a witch in the house… I thought it was supposed to land on TOP of her?" Granice said loudly, making sure dad's fiancé would hear.
"I am under no obligation for not hurting YOU… you ugly winged snake." She retorted to Granice.

That was it… right then I snapped. My feral mind came back… the very one I had fought since I discovered my true mother and family. A blood curdling growl escaped from my throat as I stood and walked over to her.
My muzzle hung inches from her squishy, gross, human face. "You will not talk to her like that… and if you even try to touch her… you will lose everything you ever cared about. I will leave you strapped to a rock as you watch me roast it all."

She stared in fear, unable to speak. Maybe I did go feral… but right then it didn't matter; she threatened the only thing in my life worth living for. I felt Granice wrap a wing around me and our tails intertwined; showing she was with me.
"Yo-you a-are cr-crazy y-you m-m-monster," she stuttered.

I felt my anger spike and I had to fight the inner instinct to rip her throat out. "Drackon… honey… remember you still have me; don't let the feral win… what would I do without you." Granice begged into my ear fin.

My eyes closed and I took some deep breaths. "Get out of here… go out with dad… but if you do this again… I swear." I said calmly… too calmly to the witch.
When my eyes opened she was gone and I sighed with relief that I had avoided an encounter with my feral side. Granice nuzzled my neck and I turned to face her; she smiled and stated "I have a surprise for you."

I grinned and replied "I know you do… you are here with me… you are all I will ever need."
Pride swelled in my heart as I looked at my future mate… she was my soul mate and that is not something to be taken lightly. The connection we had was deeper than any emotion or physical feeling. It went deeper than spiritual too… there are no words invented by humans to begin to describe Granice and I.

Some humans claim to have this connection too but that is a lie. They do not know true love; we get one mate and that means we have a connection. That is not to be lied about… human hearts are too corrupt to know to love. Yet "love" is a human word… so yes they might feel "love" but not what we dragons feel for our mates.
Granice turned and stalked off down the street with me following. I loved this small town… it only had three hundred people; which was perfect for me. Ever since I turned into a dragon, after finding out my true mother was a dragon, humans gossiped too much for my liking.

They fail to understand that, us dragons, are just like humans… the only difference was looks and thought process. I picked up my pace and walked side by side with Granice. "Where are we going anyways?" I asked looking at her as we walked.
By nature she could go Bipedal but when she was around me; she walked on four legs since I was a born quad. Returning my gentle gaze she answered "You will see soon enough."
I chuckled and joked with her "A little mysterious are we?"

She smiled and kept walking until we entered the forest. Instantly I felt relieved to be away from the human pollution; Granice was not affected as bad as I was. She grew up differently than I had. She was raised by dragons that resided in some far distant mountain range.
There was apparently a whole civilization of just dragons there. I couldn't live there on the grounds I was raised by humans and Granice decided to stay with me. While I thought about this, I heard the sound of a waterfall close by. Smiling Granice said "I found this spot awhile back."

I was getting ready to ask her what she meant; but was awestruck as we strolled into a clearing. A waterfall fell into a clear, light blue, pool below; jaw hung open as I stared. "Do you like it…? I find it romantic," she asked.
"Granice I… I love it… romantic; yes it is." I replied
She stalked into the water and looked back at me saying "Are you coming?"
I laughed and said "Yeah I am… happy hatchday to me."
This is my hatchday... I had a good time. Granice made it the best so you should be thanking her for my joy. Thank-you all for the hatchday wishes. Times are getting better for me and I hope my writing is too.
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Memory Loss

"Oh my head…" I said as I sat up "Where am I?" I asked realizing that I was in a dark, damp cave. Light was shining at the end of the cave; I got up and ran towards the exit. The cave exit was very wide so I had a clear way out; outside the cave was a vast forest. The moon shone through the trees and a gentle breeze blew, the night air was warm.
I spotted a calm blue lake, I walked over and seen my reflection in the water. My messy brown hair, green eyes, and well tuned body, all looked back at me. The water was cold as I washed my face off, "Who are you?" I heard an angry female voice say. I turned around and seen a girl about my age standing by a huge pine tree.
"Oh thank god someone that can tell me what's going on." I said standing up, "Actually you better explain to me what you are doing here." The girl commanded of me, she had black hair, blue eyes, and a slim but muscular body. "I am sorry but I just woke up in a cave and I can't remember a thing except my name." I said
The girl moved with surprising speed, I was pushed up against a tree with a knife to my throat. "Please I am in no mood for lies human just tell me what you have done to my boyfriend!" she yelled at me, I looked at her and started to laugh. Then I said "Ok funny seriously though where am I." she looked at me then said "You really don't know where you are do you?"
"Nope… not a clue, so please remove the knife and tell me who told you to do this prank." I replied, she stepped back crossing her arms she said "Ok what do you remember then… uh what's your name?" "The names Cullen and nothing except I am fourteen." I told her, she nodded and said "Ok well I am sssssorry about the knife my name isss Granice."
I nodded in response then asked "Why are you hissing seriously that is annoying… you aren't one of those people that think they are a demon or something are you?" Granice laughed and replied "No I jussst have a ssspeech problem ssssometimessss." I leaned back on the tree, "Ok I am sorry if I offended you." I said lifting my arms in the air to show that I was sorry.
As I did lift my arms my right sleeve slipped down revealing a dragon tattoo on my forearm. Granice again pushed me against the tree but this time without the knife. "Where did you get that tattoo… and who are you reall…" she started to say but stopped, Granice backed up with her head cocked to the side starring at me. "Oh no… oh no… it really did happen." She said to me
"What? What happened… what's going on?" I asked starting to panic, "Ok time for me to explain and you have to believe me." Granice told me, I nodded and waited for her reply. "You are not going to believe me but I know who you are. I am your girlfriend and you are not Cullen your name is Drackon." Granice explained to me, I laughed and replied "Nice yeah right honestly what kind of a name is Drackon and you and me going out? No that is not even possible you aren't my type."
"Not your type what are you talking about you seemed very into me before this memory loss came into the picture." She said to me "Um well how did I get memory loss then?" I asked feeling very smart, "Ok now it starts to get weird… we were warned that since you lost your mother at birth that the human side of you would try to take over." Granice stated
"Whoa whoa whoa… hold on what do you mean my human side?" I quizzed Granice, she shuffled her feet and looked down at the ground. When she looked at me I was standing completely straight ready to run away from this weirdo. "Okay let's calm down now and just come with me." She told me, something about her voice calmed me down and I started to follow her to the cave.
We entered the cave, we stopped when we reached the pitch black of the cave. "Okay um why did I follow you in here I can't even see you?" I asked now feeling stupid that I followed a stranger into a dark cave. "Becausssse what I have to sssssshow you might ssssscare you." She told me, I noticed her hiss was back "Okay what's going on please don't tell me you are going to kill me?" I begged
I heard her laugh but her voice seemed deeper still girlish but with a deeper throatier tone. "It'sssss ok jussssst wait outsssside for me." She commanded, I turned on my heel and walked out of the cave. Leaning against a tree I waited for her to come out. "Now when I come out do not freak out jusssst ssssstay calm and maybe we can fixxxx everything to the way it wasssssss." I heard her call out, "Okay you are starting to make me seriously scared now." I said, I heard movement coming from cave then it suddenly stopped.
Granice said "Close your eyes that will make it better." I laughed then said "Ok captain creepy," gently I closed my eyes. I heard something come out of the cave and walk over to me. I felt hot breath that smelt of meat blowing on my face. I smiled and said smugly "Oh cool you got me a dog because it sure smells like it."
"Okay open your eyes but do not run away promise me you won't ok?" Granice pleaded me, I sighed and said "Ok I promise," I opened my eyes. I came face to face with a huge blue dragoness; she was at least eleven feet tall and had a wing span of around twenty to twenty- two feet.
She was slim with three toes on each paw, but what I was looking at was her muzzle that was right next to my face. I made a very manly war cry that was like this "*meep*," "Please do not be afraid of me, also try to remember who you are I thought maybe this will refresh your memory but I guess not." The dragoness said
"Uh… I uh…," I started to stutter, she sighed blowing hot air into my face. I panicked and ran straight for the top of the huge hill that the cave led into. I looked back to see if the dragoness was following me but she was nowhere to be seen. I bent over to catch my breath when I made it to the top.
Suddenly I heard someone say "So you thought you can outrun a dragon?" I looked up to find the dragoness standing in front of me. I was trapped between a cliff and a dragon; slowly I started to back up. "Ssssstop… sssserioussssly there issss a cliff behind you." The dragoness warned me, but I kept backing up not listening.
I thought that I had more room to back up but my foot slipped off the edge. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH," I yelled out reaching to grab the edge but it was too late. I hit the ground and blacked out not hearing anything but a terrible *CRACK*. I first noticed the pain in my leg, groaning I opened my eyes to see that I was in the cave.
There was a fire going beside me, I looked down to find my left leg wrapped in some cloth and a makeshift splint. My leg was broken there was no doubting that; still I tried to get up and sneak off to find some help. I stood up using the cave wall for support; I gently put my right leg down on the ground. In pain I fell to the ground and heard a *tssssk tssssk* from behind me.
Turning I found the dragoness curled up with her head sticking straight up looking at me. "So is that how you treat someone who helped you with a broken leg?" She asked accusingly, "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh…," I screamed, "Sssssssssssshhhhhhh be quiet stay calm." The dragoness said.
I screamed at her "Back… get back beast or I'll… or I'll…," "Or you will do what? You are so tiny, plus you have a broken leg I think you would be better off letting me take care of you then to argue and call me a beast." She replied, she did have a point though I was in no condition to even try to fight or escape for that matter.
"Well you seem to be realizing that all you can do is stay here with me." She said, I nodded in fear as she got up and came over to me. Quickly I scooted up against the wall and started to beg "Please don't eat me please don't I will do anything." The dragoness smiled and replied "You will do anything I want?" I nodded and confirmed by saying "Anything just please don't eat me."
She chuckled and asked "I am not going to eat you why would you think that?" I started to shake uncontrollably and I tipped over having a mental break down. "Oh its ok please stop shaking and calm down I am a friend ok I will not hurt you." She said in a soothing voice, I felt myself relaxing again and just lay on the ground relaxing.
"There see that's better… you must be thirsty, wait right here I will go get you something to eat and drink." The dragoness told me, I waited for her to return doing nothing except lying down. Around ten minutes later she returned with a bucket of water and a couple of rabbits.
She set the bucket down by me and started to gut and clean the rabbits. While I drank water from the bucket the dragoness cooked the rabbits. When I finished drinking she handed me a rabbit to eat, I dug in I didn't even notice the dragoness watching me with an amused expression.
"What… what is it why are you looking at me like that?" I asked, "Oh nothing it's just that you eat without manners." She said chuckling "So… I uh… so what why do you care?" I asked trying to defend myself, "Oh don't be offended it's just funny because you eat like me that's all I meant to say" she replied
"Oh ha oh I see…," I muttered, suddenly wind started blowing outside and a storm was coming in. "Oh that storm is going to get really bad." She said, then she started to shrink and grow smaller till she could walk on two legs. Her front paws changed into a more hand like structure and she became an anthropomorphic dragon. She was about my size, "I can make a bed for you but I have no blankets so you will probably be better off retaining heat with me." She said
"You mean cuddle... with you… you're kidding right?" I asked, she just shook head and started to smile. "Come on I will help you up," she said to me, very gently she put my arm around her shoulder and I limped over to her pile of hay. I laid down on her bed and said "This is not going to be comfortable at all."
She giggled and replied "Oh I think this is going to be way more comfortable then you think." Just then some lightning flashed, Granice jumped beside me and snuggled into me. "Really a dragon that is afraid of lightning?" I asked amused "Hey shut up when you had your memory still you never made fun of me." She replied
"You never did explain why you think I am a guy named Drackon or what you meant by my human side." I told Granice she sighed and said "Okay listen I don't think that you are a guy named Drackon I know." I nodded waiting for the rest of the story, "As for what I meant by your human side is that… well you might not take this news very well but…" Granice tried explaining but kept looking away shifting uncomfortably.
"What, what is it just spit it out it can't be worse than everything else that happened today." I told Granice, she just looked away then back at me saying "You are not actually human," "Um if you haven't noticed I am human right now in front of you," I said back to Granice.
I turned over on my good leg to look at her and she replied "No you are not… Drackon is your real name and you are a dragon like me." I started shaking my head saying "No I am human and there is nothing to prove otherwise," Granice sighed and shifted closer to me.
I tried to scoot back but my leg flared with pain. Quickly Granice snatched my arm and asked "Okay so you think you are human but do humans bleed like this?" As she said it Granice cut my arm with her claw. "Ow… what does that prove!?!" I screamed in anger, Granice just dropped my arm.
"Look at your arm," Granice commanded me, I looked at my arm to see that green blood was coming out of my arm. "What the hell is that!?!" I yelled in fear, Granice gripped my shoulders and said "That is ichor the blood of dragons and that proves you are a dragon." I shook my head, saying "No… no, no its not possible," Granice gave me a sympathetic look.
Thunder shook the air outside causing Granice to jump and scoot closer to me. "You should get some sleep I am tired and you look terrible." Granice said in her soothing voice, I nodded feeling my eyelids become heavy. It wasn't long before I was out cold.
*BOOM* I sat straight up on the bed of hay, I looked around and seen that it was only the storm outside. Suddenly I felt really itchy, I started to scratch everywhere my body felt like it was covered with moving ants. Granice was still asleep next to me, I couldn't take it anymore I had to get up and move.
I jumped up itching like crazy, I could barely see since the fire went out but I heard Granice get up. "What are you doing… and how are you standing?" She asked me, I realized that my leg felt perfectly fine and all my weight was on the broken leg. "I don't know but I feel like my skin is crawling." I told Granice, she walked over to me and started circling me.
"Why are you circling me," I asked scratching my back, "Oh only if you could see what I can see and by the looks of it you will soon… after you are done transforming." Granice said in a smug voice, "WHAT, no please stop it… what's going on!?!" I screamed panicking; Granice backed up and stood in the dark so I couldn't see her.
Suddenly I felt my shoulders split in two causing me to cry out in pain. Two new appendages grew from my split shoulders; they were just like arms the "fingers" of the arms stretched out. A thin membrane with veins grew between the fingers creating wings. Just then my hip popped sending down to the ground, I felt my shoes start to rip.
I opened my eyes watching as the cave started to get brighter. My arms were being covered with dark red scales; it was the same with the rest of my body. Snapping sounds came from my legs as they started to elongate, I got onto all fours and seen that my feet were now becoming paws.
My hands popped all of the bones shifting becoming paws, I closed my eyes as the scales started to reach my face. My intestines started twisting and shifting, my stomach clenched causing me to vomit out ichor all over the floor. My spine started to grow; both my neck and tailbone grew in length.
Granice stepped back farther as I began to grow, some bones shattered and were replaced by new ones. "AAAAAHHHHHH… uhhhhhhh!," I moaned in pain, my face stretched into a muzzle. The cave started to grow smaller around me, soon the only thing left untouched were my eyes.
Suddenly a stinging sensation came to my eyes, tears poured down my new muzzle. When I opened my eyes I could see clearly, Granice had changed into a full dragoness again. She was smiling and asked "Drackon… do you feel better?" I turned my head saying "I… am… not… Drackon, okay get that through your thick skull."
"My skull isn't as thick as yours apparently… do you even know what happened to you?" Granice questioned me, "No I don't have a clue what happened… the cave shrunk and so did you." I answered; Granice chuckled and walked over to me.
"I think we better go to the pond," she said to me, I followed her to the pond watching her walk and thinking to myself "Wow she is really pretty… how come I didn't notice this before?" "Ok now before you look into the pond and see the real you just don't freak out it will only make matters worse." Granice told me
I agreed and slowly started to look at the pond, I seen a dragon looking back at me. Then I realized that… it was my reflection, staring in horror and amazement I was frozen. "Ummm… so what do you think we should do now?" Granice meekly asked me, I sighed and replied "Well… I guess you and me need to do some catching up."
Granice smiled and said "Really that's… that's great, what made you change your mind?" "Well we I had a relationship with you once… so why not give it another chance." I explained with a grin on my muzzle. Then Granice leaned in close to me and our lips locked under the full moon.

The End
Ok so against my better judgement I let this story out into the public. I seen that many didn't like the swearing I am not getting rid of it completely I am just holding it back for only when it's necessary. This one does have kissing in it "Eww" I know many hate that and I feel this story isn't even close to good enough for good people like you. So I feel that romance stories are not my thing I could add to this making another part to the story but it's up to you if I get enough people saying they want more then I will add more. So thank you for reading and look out for more short stories like this one coming out soon.
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Low, dark grey clouds hovered over a wide, short brick building. Wind shook the few trees that stood in the small green yards that lay on either side of the two doors that made up the main entrance. A long gazebo, with a tin roof, hung over the entrance, support from two brick columns held it up. On each side of the doors, four windows peered out from the building. Orange and brown leaves blew down the street, around the numerous cars parked on the curb-side of the road.

Rustling from the leaves echoed through the eerily quiet town. All life seemed to have disappeared from the streets and outside world. Nothing moved or made a sound. The silence was broken by the fall of footsteps on the concrete sidewalk. A teen, dressed in a red winter-coat, blue jeans, and a pair of gray and green Nikes, quickly ran towards the big building. This is where I introduce myself.

My name is Kelian Nunguesser; I am a resident of Tempton, Mont, States United. I ran like a mad man until I reached the double doors of the brick building. Tempton high-school, my least favorite place in the whole town of Tempton, it was a small high-school, but it still functioned like a big school. High pitched squeaking, from my damp shoes, rung through the empty halls. Posters with smiling people dressed in graduation gowns, leered at me as I rushed past.

Two men yelled at me when I dashed by the small school office's door. "HEY, QUIT RUNNING!!!" Like always, I ignored them and sprinted ahead till I reached a door with a little red sign that read, "Mr. Hughes thirty-six". The door creaked when I opened it and thirty faces looked up from their books at me. A brown haired boy with hazel eyes, smiled proudly and said, "See I told you he would show up. I believe you owe me ten bucks Reece!" The small blonde haired male, beside him, sighed as he handed over two five dollar bills.

I rolled my eyes and replied, "Thanks for betting on me again Brad." A hand firmly gripped my shoulder and its owner calmly stated, "And yet again, here you are, disturbing my class Mr. Nunguesser. Go sit down." Mr. Hughes released me and I walked over to my seat that was –as always- saved for me. The rest of the class went back to chatting and waiting for the teacher to resume. To my right a huge grin was plastered to my friend's face.

"What do you want Terral?" I asked in a mildly annoyed tone. He shrugged and flicked his head back to get the hair out of his eyes. His tongue ran along his lips and he took a breath before saying, "I hope you studied for this test." A small smile broke out across my face and I chuckled, "No I didn't, but let's wing it!" We looked at each other and grinned. We both knew this was my least favorite subject, and that meant we were going to fail this exam.

Mr. Hughes walked back into the class with a stack of papers. His short grey hair shimmered in the light and his eyes were squinted while he handed out the tests. With a sharp snap, my test was placed in front of me and Mr. Hughes loudly announced, "Don't try to fail this one too, it would be a shame if your classmates thought you were highly ignorant."

I glared back, "And it would be bad if they thought the teacher was over confident or cocky even." The class buzzed with excitement and echoed, "Ooooohhhhh, someone has an attitude." I whipped around and growled, "No I don't… be quiet." Mr. Hughes left and I reached into my pocket to retrieve my lucky pen. Immediately I set to work. Silently I thanked the world that the quiz was multiple choice.

Scratching of pens and pencils resounded through the deathly quiet room. I became nervous and realized that I knew little to nothing about the functions, jobs, and parts of a cell. Terral exhaled loudly and ferociously erased half of his page. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. It was important to stay calm and breath, I might remember something if I just focused.

Nothing came to mind. No miraculous illumination of the cell revealed itself to me. I did then what every reasonable person would do, I started filling in random answer bubbles. When I had finished, I strolled to the front of the class and set my test into the tray on Mr. Hughes cluttered desk. The thought of how big of a fire hazard it was, made me chuckle. Being a pyro had its advantages, like finding a catastrophic fire, amusing.

Shortly after I sat down, the bell rang and the class scuttled off to their next class. Terral and I went to gym class. Mr. Flich, a tall, average looking man, announced that it was weight lifting day. I groaned, today was proving to be a tedious one. The rest of the class blurred by and before I knew it, I was in World History. My right arm smashed into my desk as I went to sit down. A giggle made me turn to my left. A girl with blonde hair smiled and teased, "Smooth."

"Thanks Ash," I rubbed my bruise and she continued giggling. Across the room, Terral waved his arms, trying to catch my attention. Pretending to not see him, I opened my bag and grabbed the notebook I used for taking notes in. "Kelian… KEEEEEEEELIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAN!!!" Terral threw a book and hit my left shoulder. "KELIAN!"
With an almost physical snap, my patience broke, "WHAT TERRAL," I yelled at him, "I will walk over there and stick this book up your," A call from the hall interrupted me. "Kelian, do ten pushups for your profanities," A man stuck his head in the room and Terral cheered, "Yay not me for once!" The man glared at Terral and said, "Terral, ten for you too, mind your own business."

A tall boy jumped up and exclaimed, "Yes, not me," the man's hands went over his head and he groaned, "Realan, what the heck, do ten for not minding YOUR business." "Awww but Mr. Buski, I wasn't doin' nothin'," Realan whined. Mr. Buski shrugged and left. The three of us got down on the ground and started to do our pushups. "Kelian, we are going to drive to the jetty at lunch," Terral told me. After we finished, Ms. Fargo preached about long lost civilizations –that, to me, should have stayed hidden- and cultures.

The bell later rang and I bid my teacher farewell. I followed Terral outside to his shiny, blue Nord L one-sixty. He opened the door to the box-shaped cab and hopped in. While I crawled in, Terral pushed trash and other miscellaneous objects out of my seat. "All right, time to go for a nice cruise." We grinned when the engine fired up and together, we sped off down the road.

Houses of all shapes and sizes flew past. I tried to count them as we drove by but Terral took a right turn onto a dirt road. The urban population started to thin out as more trees out numbered the homes. Ahead of us, a vast spread of trees grew densely together. Terral proceeded down the road and soon the gravel turned into a bumpy, unused trail. "Terral," I shifted uncomfortably as we went into the dark forest, "We are not allowed to leave the town, it's the rules."

He ignored me and drove on. The vehicle came to a stop in a small clearing with tall grass and a dead tree right in the middle. Its gnarled, twisted limbs resembled a skeletal hand breaking through the surface of the earth, reaching for freedom. I knew this place, we were in the Clearing of the Corpse. Legends and tales spoke of this place as being a nightmare land.

Terral sensed my uneasiness, his jaw clenched and he stared at the tree with both hate and respect. "Get out Kelian," my eyes widened to the size of dinner plates, "What, are you serious!?!" He sneered at me and repeated himself but his tone had become deeper, demonic even, "Get out… NOW!!!" In a panic, I threw my door open, and jumped. My feet landed unsteadily, causing me to collapse to the ground.

Our eyes locked. My heart froze in fear; Terral's eyes had become pitch black, without any white or a pupil. The door slammed shut by an unseen force. Roaring from the truck caused me to jump. The vehicle turned and headed at me. I rolled out of the way. Terral flew back up the trail at a crazy speed.  Watched and felt the crushing force of despair and hopelessness press down on me. I was stranded; it would take me hours to walk back to Tempton.

"You will not be going back to Tempton. Not for awhile." A feminine voice gently said behind me. Slowly I looked behind me. I bit back a shriek of terror. Standing ten feet from me, was a scaly, two legged lizard. She stood about my height and had wings, a tail, and two white horns that angled out behind her head. Her dazzling light green scales could have hypnotized any foolish person that stared for too long. Two silver eyes gazed kindly back at me and I relaxed enough to stand.

Shakily I questioned her, "Why can't I return home? Do you plan to eat me?" She moaned and rolled her eyes, "Why do you humans always assume that we are going to eat you?" In answer, I shrugged. Then she spoke again, "No, I have no plans to harm you. I am here for your help actually."

"Who are you, since you are asking for assistance; I think I have the right to know who you are." I replied with my arms crossed. She smiled –revealing white, sharp fangs- "My name is Tremeá. I suppose you wish to know what I am as well?" I nodded and she put her hands on her hips, "I am a dragon."

A loud snort of disbelief escaped my throat and Tremeá glared at me. "What, are you serious? You don't believe me?" My tongue ran across my lips and I said, "Dragons don't have arms or walk on two legs." Tremeá opened her mouth and a loud rumble sounded from her throat. With only a millisecond to spare, I fell to the ground as a burst of green flames –that closely matched the color of her scales- erupted around me. "Is that enough proof for you, or do I need to find a knight and eat him? I would rather not, I am on a diet."

Standing, I brushed myself off, "Yeah, looks like you need to be on one," I smiled and got ready to duck for cover. Tremeá idly picked at a loose scale and replied, "Either you are really brave, or just really stupid," She looked up at me, "I go with the second option." Quickly my smile disappeared and I sighed, "Okay, jokes aside, explain what you want from me."

She walked closer and stopped when she was just a few steps away. "I want nothing from you. I need to work through you actually." Wind rustled the tall grass around us. Again I quizzed her, "What do you mean by that?" Her tail swished back and forth behind her, "What you just saw in your friend, the darkness in his eyes, was an alien being. It is known as anti-conscience, a form of evil that has only one goal, to destroy life."

I shuddered at the thought of Terral being possessed by an evil influence. Tremeá saw my fear and took a step closer, "My kind is sworn to destroy them and save life from being consumed. There is only one problem," my hands rubbed together in a nervous twitch. "What is the problem," I asked her. "This plane is not the main source of their power. It is on another reality, similar to this one." The wind picked up and leaves blew in a flurry around us.

"How will you get there?" I waited a few seconds as she thought. Her wings rustled and she simply stated, "We are going to use your connection to your alternate self and build a bridge between us and the opposite dimension." It sounded so easy, "Why me? Why not choose someone else?" Why was I being chosen for this job and not someone with better endurance or at least a handsome face?

"Because you and your alternate self are closely intertwined with dragons," she closed the small gap between us. Her hands gripped mine tightly and the world began to spin. I felt nauseated; my eyes slid shut. Once the weird sensation left, I slowly opened my eyes and discovered Tremeá was gone. Instead, I was standing in a clearing by a river. The dead tree was gone and the path had become a used trail.

In my right hand, a small tribal talisman lay. It had etchings all over its body and two eyes stared up at me. Suddenly Tremeá's voice said, "Don't lose that." I spun in circles, desperately looking for her. "Stop that! I am a part of your aura now, my physical being is gone." She scolded me, "So you are stuck in my head for good?" I placed my hands in my pockets. "Well it is a little more complicated than that, but in a way, yes." She calmly explained. Sarcastically I replied, "Oh that is just fabulous. Where are we?" I shuddered as I physically felt Tremeá's body.

It was as if we had somehow become one. I moved an invisible tail and wings, and she could also move my physical being. "We are on the planet earth. The country is known as The United States of America, the state is Montana, and the town is known as Fort Benton. Here you are called Cullen Noonkester."

Memories of my alternate life rushed through my mind. I never did any of these things, yet I did. "How are we going to fight the anti-conscience?" Tremeá shifted slightly and answered, "Through the spread of creativity and imagination. Free thought destroys their influence. Here, reading, writing, and other creative arts are dieing at an alarming rate. We will write and help contribute using your imagination and my draconic writing style."

An urge set in. I had to write. Ideas of stories surged through my mind and Tremeá encouraged them to keep flowing. "Who am I?" I queried, Tremeá answered in a mysterious tone, "At times we are Kelian Nunguesser, others we are Tremeá, but now, we are Cullen Noonkester. The names do not matter, you have joined me and that makes you an agent against my enemy. You are a part of the legacy of dragons now."
I know... it has been awhile. I never left my writing, I have been writing this entire time I have been gone, sad to say, most of my stories went to the trash. I think I have what I like to call, restless writer syndrome. I can't go a day without working on something in my vast pile of projects *wink wink*. ANYWAYS, here is a story that includes myself and... well, myself. It may have a part two... if I don't throw it away. Hope you all like it.
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A Dragon Impulse
Part 1

A letter… that is all it took for my life to be turned upside down. I had to make a decision between a friend and a passion. The choice between keeping that friend or destroying him.
I should explain what happened. On May fourth, 2012, dragons returned to the world. Not all people were a hundred percent human; a bloodline ran in people all around the world the world. This bloodline was of course draconic; for some reason the gene was reactivated in a bunch of random people.
Changing people of all ages, races, and gender into dragons. They are capable of speech and do not eat people for they have kept their intelligence. Still some humans did not trust these creatures, these men and women were called The Hunters.
Standing against the dragons; they only accepted the best fighters to slay these beasts. Claiming that the dragons would rise and destroy humans it left the remaining humans uneasy. How could one not fantasizing about fighting dragons… even if your best friend was one.
"Now the diameter of the circle is B solve for B please Arkos." Mr. Brong an old, white, quadruped dragon; said to my friend. "Please don't call me that Mr. Brong," Arkos asked the teacher. I chuckled looking at my friend; here a seven foot, grey anthro dragon, getting worked up over a name.
"Since you find it so funny, why don't you come up here and explain what you think about humans not being superior anymore." Mr. Brong said smugly pointing at me. I got up from my desk and walked to the front of the class.
Mr. Brong scooted back and urged me to proceed. I looked at the class seeing around thirty dragons and only two humans including myself. "I think that since dragons became the superior race, it means being human is a gift." I announced to the class.
All of the dragons including Mr. Brong started laughing and pointing at me. It reminded me that a couple months ago the idea of being a dragon would have gotten the same response. Mr. Brong wiped his muzzle on a handkerchief and asked "What makes you say that lad?"
I chuckled and said "Because if you are a dragon you can't do this," after I said that I started to do the LMFAO shuffle the best dance move I knew. Mr. Brong snorted and said "So you think we are moving impaired then Cullen?" As he said my name I cringed; the thought of a dragon like him knowing me personally creeped me out.
Mr. Brong laughed in a raspy, hissing voice "Arkos my lad I don't think your friend likes dragons." Arkos sighed and replied "Mr. Brong please just call me Arky," Mr. Brong gave Arky a funny look, and then sighed as the bell rang.
Arky and I were walking home when he said "Dude you really embarrassed me when you exclaimed all that crap to the class." "Lighten up Arky it was a joke okay!" I exclaimed throwing my arms up. Something else was bothering him and I wanted to know what.
"Alright Arky what's up," I asked, he stared down at the ground and said nothing. "I know something's up you never act like this unless something is up." I told him, "Just wait till we get to my place okay." Arky said.
I was not thrilled about going to Arky's house; every time we went there it was all about dragons. As the big change began Arky's parents changed and soon Arky followed. Mr. and Mrs. Tremblow felt sorry that I haven't changed; they felt certain that I was a prime candidate for the change.
The change brought new everything; but the worst was the name changes. Soon as more dragons came the original dragon born dragons came out of hiding. They were really old, most still holding a grudge against humans.
The ancient ones, as they are called now, claimed that dragons of this new age shall shed their human names and take on a new life. Then everyone forgot the new age dragon's names as they were replaced by draconic ones.
Everyone knew that their name was changed but they couldn't recall their previous one. Shortly after Arky had his name changed he asked everyone to call him Arky instead of Arkos. As we walked up the front steps to Arky's house I hung my head in fear of what his parents might have for me today.
The door opened revealing two smiling dragons in the doorway. Mr. Tremblow, or Farkus by his dragon name, said in a cheery tone "Welcome home Arkos," Arky just sighed and said nothing. Farkus was like Arky except since dragons could change from being anthro and full dragon Farkus was always full dragon.
Diran or Mrs. Tremblow was always full dragon too she was a creamy white color; her eyes were deep sea blue. "Hello Cullen, what brings you to our nesting grounds today?" She asked me, "He has been really depressed lately I brought him here to cheer him up." Arky answered for me.
Farkus and Diran moved from the doorway, Arky led the way into the house with me trailing behind him. From the outside the house looked tiny but inside it was massive. It was designed to be like a cave, no rooms, no windows, and all the walls plus the ceiling was made from stone.
Inside was hot and humid. The worst part was there was no furniture, only bare floor and no electricity. "Arky how can you stand living in a cave dude?" I asked, Farkus over heard us and started to chuckle. "Really its more comfortable than you think," Arky replied.
Diran walked over asking "Arkos are you hungry," Arky perked up and said "Yes I am… but please mom, call me Arky." I shifted my weight to my opposite foot and said nothing. "Arkos be happy with who you are and accept what you are." Farkus said.
Calmly Arky told Farkus "I am happy with who and what I am I just like being called Arky." Diran looked at me and said "I am sorry Cullen but we don't have anything to cook the meat with or any human food." I shrugged and said "Its fine I don't feel hungry," Diran gave me a sympathetic look.
We talked for a little while until Arky's mom came back with three freshly killed jackrabbits. Arky ate the rabbits while I practiced my LMFAO shuffle. After he had finished eating I questioned Arky "Okay out with it, what's been bugging you?" Arky swallowed and gave me a hard gaze.
Blood covered his talons and muzzle; it reminded me that if he wanted to he could kill me in a second. "Really it's nothing… it's just stupid," Arky mumbled. Farkus turned his attention to us; he was attentive to what Arky had to say.
Sighing Arky said "Okay we have been friends since… kindergarten?" I nodded and urged him to proceed "Well I'm a dragon… and well you are a… a human." "Somehow I knew this was coming." I said starting to get mad; Arky walked over and went to put his paw on my shoulder, but I flinched away from any contact.
"Look Arky I better get going," I told him; I headed straight for the door. Outside the sun started to set; Arky followed me out and said "Oh come on I meant nothing by it," I shook my head and felt my temper snap. "I CAN'T STAND DRAGONS!!!" I screamed at him.
Arky stopped with his paws up in surrender. Several dragons walking down the street turned and looked at me with disapproval on their muzzles. Quickly I turned and ran into the forest. I found my little camp in a matter of minutes.
With no parents I could live however I wanted. I had no idea who my parents were or even if they were alive. The streets raised me with a harsh hand; I couldn't even go to school until they opened an all access public school.
It never bothered me though; not having parents. To me it seemed like parents didn't let you do anything. Skipping dinner I settled in for the night; I had no idea that my life was going to get thrown out of control.
Here it is everyone part one of a series I had planned since I first came here I am surprised that it is going to be longer than anny series I have ever done so enjoy!!!
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                                        Draconis Rock

Rock 'n Roll… that is the only thing that I live for. Loud music, head banging, partying… it was all for the spirit of the music. My parents disowned me for my unnatural love for ear bleeding loud music. They called it trash, but I call it my life force.

Nothing would stop me from buying CD after CD of the stuff. It was funny because I would go home and my mother would yell, "JASON YOU SPENT YOUR CASH ON THAT CRAP AGAIN!?!"

I would just nod and rush past her to my room so I could listen to my new disc. I am sixteen; don't I deserve my own lifestyle different from theirs? Many parents would disagree but the kids thought different. Parents were controlling and that will never change.

One thing that would change though was bands. At a point in time the band would be really hot and awesome but then the next day it was replaced by another. The music business was a fast and dangerous place.

It was unpredictable and you couldn't begin to try to map where you would end up if you went into it. I found this out the hard way. My love of music brought me to almost every band out in that genre of music. I guess it was only fate that I found the band "Draconis Rock".

In a way, I really didn't care for the band itself but the music was fantastic. The only thing that held me back from becoming a huge fan was their costumes. I mean come on who dresses up as dragons to sing Rock 'n Roll? To me that was a huge turn off. Still the music kept me coming back for more.

It was a good idea for me to keep my love for the band a secret since no one I knew liked dragons. If my friends found out it would only ruin my good reputation. I kept the CDs stashed under my bed in a lock box so no one would stumble across them by accident.

So it was easy to hide my love for the music and the band. That was until they were making a live appearance in my home town. The tickets were cheap and my parents were going to be gone for the weekend. There was no reason for me not to go. As soon as I could, I bought my ticket in secret and waited.

I was so excited to go that, the night before the concert; I sat in bed unable to sleep. My mind thought of how sweet it was going to be to hear the music in person. I finally fell into a shallow sleep and when the sun rose I quickly jumped out of bed.

My feet pounded down the stairs and I slid into my seat for breakfast. "What are you so happy about… you know it's Saturday so you can sleep in right?" Dad asked as he looked over his paper at me.

"Yeah I know… I just have plans with a friend so I am trying to get ready early." I replied as plainly as I could. Dad set his paper aside and sighed deeply.

Dad stared at me for a bit then finally broke out saying, "I know you probably like this girl and that's great but I just want you to be safe and if you must engage in any activities be safe and use a…"

"NO NO NO NO NO…" I quickly cut him off before he got the wrong idea, "It is a guy I am hanging out with so there will be none of that… jeez dad you are a perv."

He shook his head and went back to his paper. I waited patiently as mom walked out with three plates of bacon and eggs. "Thank-you," I said as she set my plate in front of me and I began eating quickly.

Mom looked at me curiously but then just shrugged and started to eat her share. When I had finally devoured my food I stood saying, "Okay bye guys I am off… see you two when you get back from your weekend trip."

Without even waiting for a reply, I dashed out the door and checked to see I had my wallet. In my other pocket was my ticket to the concert. Today was going to be the best day of my life… nothing would go wrong because everything was set in stone, or rock I should say.

My watch indicated that I had a solid twelve hours before the concert since it started at eight p.m. and it was now eight a.m., so it was safe to say I had a lot of free time. To make time fly by, I walked to my favorite album store in town "Crystal Records".

They had it all, from techno to classical, if you wanted it they had it. Plus it was the only store around with cheap prices, band gossip, and some novelty T-shirts with the band logos on them. Yes sir that was my favorite place to be.

I hung around there so much that I had become well known to everyone that ran the place. So it was no surprise that when I opened the door a pretty blond at the counter said, "Hi there Jason!"

Her beautiful eyes drilled into mine and it took all of my willpower to hold contact. In a steady, but nervous, voice I replied, "Hi Cristine… whats up?"

God was on my side today; my voice didn't crack in fear at all. She smiled and drummed her fingers against the counter. "It's slow today, I am glad you came in… did you hear that freak band, that dresses like dragons, is in town today?"

Nodding I said, "Yeah… what creeps those guys are, who would want to see them."
"If they didn't wear those costumes I am sure they would get more popularity around here." Cristine sighed and chewed her gum.

If it wasn't obvious I had a crush on this girl… since the first day I met her I had a crush. Over time it was easier to talk to her and now it was possible for us to be friends. Now she talked like she hated a band I loved –I got the costume thing though- and that meant we had less in common.

We talked for a good two hours about how her school stuff was going and that sort of stuff. I checked my watch again and decided to move on. "See you later Cristine," I walked out the door and she waved.

"Now what shall I do for ten hours…?" I started to think and that was when an idea hit me.

"The concert… I can go spy on it and see if I can see the band members out of costume. No one has ever seen them out of costume… I could be the first person ever!"

With that thought in mind, I started running to where the concert was being held. It took me twenty minutes to reach the old abandoned building on the outskirts of town.

"Hopefully they didn't make it yet… I can sneak in and hide in the rafters to watch them." I thought to myself.

The building itself was three stories tall, missing every window, and had been abandoned since the seventies. Originally it was a factory of some sort… not sure what for but it didn't matter. I saw the front doors were missing and I stepped inside.

A sick smell of mildew and damp wood filled my nose, "Oh this is sick… how can I rock out in here?" I asked

Quickly I surveyed and saw that no one had arrived yet, still I didn't want to push my luck. Without hesitation, I made a desperate climb to the rafters. Once I got up in the dangerously high beams, I walked carefully across them and hid where I thought it would be easiest to see the band.

I was excited and filled with adrenaline; I was going to be the first person ever to see the band without costumes on. Every five minutes or so I would check my watch to see time move incredibly slow. "Come on… hurry up and get here already!!!" I said impatiently.

After two hours of sitting and waiting, I was finally rewarded by the sound of a van pulling up. I hunkered down lower into my secret spot and watched. I heard some grumbling and sure enough a grey anthro dragon walked in carrying two amps.

"I should have known… they wore their costumes all the time in case anyone ever saw them while they traveled"

Disappointment scarred me and I watched with less interest as two dragons, one green and one brown, walked in carrying pieces of a drum set. "Zor where do we set up the drums at dude?" the green dragon asked the grey dragon.

He looked at the green dragon and answered, "Right there behind where you play bass, Gress."

The brown dragon followed the one named Gress and together they started setting up the drums. Then a loud belch signaled the entrance of the final member of the band. A black dragon with red horns walked in holding a guitar case and he smiled at the others.

"CRUZON!!! Dude seriously you are slow as hell getting out of the van." Zor exclaimed.

Cruzon smiled and tossed the guitar to Zor and retorted, "Oh whatever man… just remember that I am the face for this band."

Chuckling, the brown dragon turned and replied, "Yeah you are the singer… you are the face only because you get the front."

"Oh Trey… you are one jealous creature… must be because your mother was a cat." Cruzon burst out laughing

Trey looked at Cruzon with murder in his eyes. "MY MOM WAS A FLAMMIE NOT A CAT!!!"

When he yelled it sounded almost perfectly like a roar. "What the hell is going on," I watched quietly in fear.

"HEY… you two knock it off, we have stuff to get set up." Zor commanded.

Cruzon shrugged and sat down on an amp, his gaze surveyed the room. "Man this place would be sweet to bring some dragonesses down to."

Gress turned to face Cruzon and said, "Your dating sense is messed up dude… seriously who would bring their girl here?"

"Only the ones that have the girls that like to party man."

I nodded to myself in agreement then stopped to think of what he just said. "Flammies for moms… dragon-like roars… dragonesses for dating… oh my god these creeps are actual dragons." I said quietly in horror.

"HEY LOOK… I found a roman candle left over from that party." Cruzon took out a long
candle-like stick and lit the fuse with a small breath of fire from his muzzle.

The three other dragons looked at him in surprise. "CRUZON NO, STOP WE HAVE EXPENSIVE EQUIPTMENT IN HERE!!!" They all yelled together.

"Hahahahaha pyro make it go… BOOM!!!" he aimed the Roman candle at Zor and it hit him dead in the chest.

I thought that would knock him down with pain but instead Zor stood there with a hole in his shirt. "Not cool Cruzon just," he was cut off as another blast hit him right in the muzzle.

The two others just watched as Cruzon unloaded on Zor and finally he ran out of roman candle. "Um… yeah we will stay out of this one," Trey said and backed away.

"Cruzon… that was… oh who gives a crap, LETS GET READY TO ROCK!!!" Zor roared loudly.

My hands flew to cover my ears to protect myself from the loud noise. I had to get out of there and fast. Gress suddenly spoke and said, "Guys its time for this dragon to go take a leak."

He walked out the doors and I watched as the three others set up. Everyone was distracted and now was my chance. Silently, but quickly, I moved out from my hiding spot and went across the high beam.

Once I reached the spot I could descend at I crawled down and reached the bottom floor. Now all I had to do is dash out the front door and I would be home free. My leg lifted, ready to sprint but a clawed hand gripped my shoulder.

I froze in place, fear made my heart pump faster than it should have been pumping. Then Gress's voice came from behind me, "Oh hey little buddy… where do you think you are going?"

He spun me around to face him and I held back a scream. It was easy to tell that it was no costume he was wearing. "I-I-I was… looking for m-m-my wallet I think I l-l-left it here." I stuttered.

"Or you were here spying on us on that rafter right there," he pointed right to my hiding spot and I knew it was game over for me.

Forcefully, he led me back over to the others. "Guys meet our number one fan… what's your name kid?"

I felt helpless as four sets of dragon eyes were on me, "Jason… Jason Merville."

Cruzon stared at me oddly for a long moment and finally spoke, "So… are you another wannabe dragonslayer?"

I shook my head and replied, "N-no sir."

"Oh look he called me sir… how cute… can I just eat him?" Trey looked at him and shook his head.

When I looked at Trey I was shocked at what I saw. Instead of scales covering his body, fur was in place of the scales. I felt a mood shift and I fell to the floor laughing.

"What is he laughing about?" Trey asked, looking at me like I was crazy.

Between laughs and gasps for air I stated, "You… are covered… in fur… LIKE A CAT!!!"

Cruzon started laughing too, "Oh that is terrible when even the scared human laughs at you Trey!!!"

"HEY… kid if you don't shut up… I will make you regret you ever started laughing." Trey warned me.

I couldn't help myself, it was too comical for me. "KITTY KITTY KITTY KITTY… get your meow mix HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" and yeah maybe that was a little overboard.

Trey pounced on me and hung his fang filled muzzle over my face. "Okay kid… say one more thing about how funny I look… I dare you."

He relaxed his face and I could see that some fangs stuck out of the sides of his snout. "Oh god… I smell tuna on your overbite…," I threw my hand over my mouth but a giggle broke free and I knew it was my last mistake.

"Okay wise guy… YOU PISSED ME OFF!!!" Trey roared in my face and my eyes closed.

Cruzon said, "Kitty has anger management problems… kitty is a biter."

Sure enough that was what Trey did… he bit me right on the arm. He stood letting me go free and I jumped up clutching my bleeding wound.

"OW WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?!" I yelled at him.

Everyone just stood there looking at me with weird expressions set on their muzzles. "Why are you all staring at me for?" I asked and Gress suddenly announced, "Oh now you did it Trey… good job… what are we supposed to do with him?"

Sarcasm dripped from his words and I started scratching my arm. "Um… we just leave him here." Trey said looking at me.

A terrible itching sensation rolled over me and I started scratching like mad. I looked at my arm and saw yellow fur growing on me. "AHHHHHHHH WHATS HAPPENING TO ME," I shrieked whilst itching myself.

"Oh great… another kitty… Zor I can eat this one right?" Cruzon asked and stared at me.

Zor watched also as the hair started to take over my whole body. Claws pushed slowly out of my finger tips and the smell of vanilla wafted off of my body. I could feel my teeth become fangs and one stuck out of the corner of my mouth.

Something pushed out of my pants and I gazed in horror at a new tail that was mine. Everything was happening so fast that I didn't realize that I grew to be the size of the others. With the new body, I became digigraded in my stance. My face started taking on the effects of the change now.

Human ears were replaced with long furry ones, my face pushed out into a muzzle, and soon all human characteristics were lost. Scrutes had grown on my stomach and then the last things grew from my back. Four feathered wings pushed out and made their presence know to the world.

"Oh my god… I am… A FREAKING FLAMMIE!!!" my voice had grown deeper and I shocked myself when the loud growl escaped my throat.

Trey walked over and helped me sit down on an amp next to him. "This is a permanent life lesson bud… treat others how you want to be treated."

I looked at him and felt tears come to my eyes. "How am I supposed to go home like this?"

"Well," Zor replied, "you can't go home… we will take you in don't worry."

The group nodded at me and Cruzon commented, "And I will show you all the females you

would ever need… all dragonesses no flammies because I refuse to even talk to those."

Trey rolled his eyes and retorted, "Oh yes listen to the guy that got punched in the muzzle for calling a girl 'Mrs. Sexy'."

"She couldn't take the complement well… too bad for her."

Gress patted my back and I sighed depressed. "Hey man… we will take care of you don't worry about it, its all going to be fun from here on out." Gress reassured me.

I smiled weakly and roared, "ROCK ON THEN!!!"

That was the moment that changed it all for me. I messed up but something good came out of it… yeah I know I look like a cat –trust me Cruzon won't let me forget it- but I still have some pretty weird and amazing friends now.

We rocked out there and I played a bit of bass with Gress. From there we went to Phoenix, Arizona, I met my first dragoness there and was almost beat by her because I mentioned Cruzon's name. It shows that he gets around a lot more than we thought.

I write this as we travel to Dallas, Texas… so yeah Dallas here we come. Remember… treat others how you want to be treated. It's good advice… because now Cruzon gets two cats to torment.
I worked on this quickly so I know its crap. I wanted to get it over with so I could move on to other things. All characters belong to me :icondrackon-druvious:

I hope you like it and thanks for reading.
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Dragonslayer's Twist

Smoke filled my nostrils as I took a deep breath and looked around at the halfway burnt down town. My sword swung idly from my side as I strolled into the inn; inside soot covered villagers were yelling about a dragon destroying their town and what they should do about it. The town's elder rubbed his wrinkled forehead and finally stood saying
"Please good people please silence," and everyone did; so he continued "It is obvious that we have two options… one beg the queen to forfeit some knights to our cause or two we pack and leave."
Again chaos broke loose as the villagers heard what they thought was their only options. I pushed my way to the head of the crowd and jumped up onto the stage that the elder was sitting upon.
"OR YOU HAVE OPTION THREE," I yelled and everyone stopped to look at me. I felt pride rush through me as I stood tall in my dragon skin boots, gauntlets, tunic, and shield.
The elder looked at me and finally signaled for silence "Who are you mysterious stranger?" he asked
Chuckling I replied "I am your solution to this dragon scum that has brought destruction to your good town."
This answer brought on a wave of awed chit chat amongst the citizens and the elder once again signaled for silence.
"What do you charge for this burden," the elder quizzically asked fearing a high toll.
"My services are free," I replied watching as all of the villagers jaws dropped. The elder looked at me and sighed saying "You… fight this beast free of charge for what purpose good dragon slayer?" My cheeks turned red as I remembered that this was always the hardest part to explain "I was… cursed, one could say, by a dragon long ago I must kill at least five and twenty of these beasts to cure myself."
The crowd remained silent as it watched me now as if I carried the plague into the room. "This curse… how does it affect you?" the elder asked in wonder; I shook my head and responded "Tis does not matter to you… after tonight I will have killed the fifth and twentieth dragon… freeing me of my curse." I had to hurry this counsel up for daylight was running thin and I was going to need the sun.
"I must be going… please no one follow me for I will promise you that death will only follow." I announced as I headed for the door; the crowd parted as I walked out of the large door of the inn. The mountains which housed the dragon were at least a day away. From the looks of the sun's position in the sky I had about three hours left of daylight… after that the dreaded night would fall. I needed to escape the town as far as I could before the sun fell… then my curse would take effect.
Three hours later I was on a trail heading to the mountains through a thick forest. This trail was a favorite to goblins and bandits; my hand never left my sword as I proceeded. A sudden rustling to my right made me draw my sword and my body fell into a defensive position. "I ssssssmell a dragon… *sniff… sniff* what isssss a dragon doing here in my foresssssst?" a deep raspy voice asked; the sun was falling quick and I knew I had to get this thing out of my way before my curse took me.
"Show yourself goblin… let us see each other before night fall," I called to the goblin. The bushes parted as a gangly green skinned creature that sported red eyes hobbled out of the bushes. "How… I thought I sssssmelled a dragon… no I KNOW I sssssmell dragon." It hissed in an agitated tone; the sun had now completely disappeared and I knew I was too late. A growl escaped my throat as my sword fell to the ground. "N… no… not now," I gasped as my body started to grow and my leather armour started to meld to my skin.
A pattern that resembled scales formed on the leather armour; my teeth sharpened as a muzzle pushed out. Cracking came from my tailbone as a tail grew; the armour had become just scales as it spread everywhere on my body. The scales turned from black to a red in seconds; my hips and knees popped as I was thrown into a quadruped stance. My changes quickened and soon I was standing in the forest as a large red dragon.
The goblin screeched in terror and ran for his life; I felt the same depression that I have always felt since the first time I changed. I knew I had to find a place to hide or risk being attacked… I was after all the most hated creature on the globe. I smelt a damp cave near my location so I snatched up my sword in my jaws and moved towards it. Memories of my first dragon encounter started racing through my head…
I had been hiking with some friends of mine… I can't remember how but I had become separated from them. A freak snow storm had blown in from nowhere it seemed… all I had on was my pants, simple tunic, and boots. The cold, the terrible terrible cold; it was painful as the little shards of ice struck my bare arms. Ice had formed on the small mountain trail that hung over a thousand foot drop to shear death. My foot slipped; my body was thrown to the edge of the drop off.
Luckily I had the strength to stop myself; it seemed I was done for even though I saved myself. The ice had sunk in to my very core; my breath came out forming a mist. My eyes closed and I passed out.
The next thing I can remember is waking up, to find that I was quite warm… too warm in fact. I tried to sit up but instantly I was overcame with nausea. Moving was impossible for it felt as if my limbs were lead.
"Help… me… someone please," I choked out between labored breaths.
"Oh… he wakesssss… a future meal… or more?" A feminine voice hissed.
I groaned at the mention of becoming someone's dinner. Then suddenly without warning a warm hand stroked my face and sang in a rough, ancient language. "Do not worry… I wassss only jessssting with thee." She said giggling.
"My eyes… will not open," I rasped; again I felt her soothing touch run across my face and over my eyes. A feeling that resembled cool water running down my face; washed over me, easing my discomfort.
"My, my, my… your family was very cruel weren't they?" the voice asked in a tone that held pity along with anger. Quickly I became confused… how did she know about my family and how they raised me?
Slowly feeling was restored in my limbs and it proceeded with freeing my eyes. "What do you mean my family was cruel… who are you?" I asked as I carefully opened my eyes. From what I could see and feel; I was lying on the floor of a cave by a fire. Without much more caution I moved to see who was kneeling beside me.
What met my gaze still puts fear into my heart to this very day… A sapphire blue, anthro dragoness gazed down with both love and hatred in her eyes. I was repulsed but also drawn in by her beauty as well. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" a shriek of terror escaped my dry throat.
"No please stay calm!!!" the dragoness commanded me; I did just the opposite of what she asked of me and I tried to stand. Again I was overcome with nausea and fell back to the ground. I vomited onto the cave's floor.
Quickly after I threw up I turned my gaze of terror back to the dragoness. She had walked even closer so she was standing over me now. "Do you expect me to clean that mess up?" she asked in a semi-joking tone.
Out of instinct I shook my head; I tried to answer her but my lips refused to work with me. The dragoness just stood shaking her head and turned walking back to the back of the cave where I could not see her.
After what seemed like an hour she returned and sat next to me. "You despise dragons and yet you seem… I don't know… different from other humans." She said to me while stroking my head; I was frozen in fear from the contact.
"Tonight I am giving you a curse… not that you did anything wrong but it is a test for you. It will test if you would kill others for your gain." The dragoness stated with a frown on her muzzle.
I started to crawl away but she stopped me by stepping on my pants. "Tonight young human you will live two lives… one human and the other dragon. Until you kill twenty and five dragons you shall live by day human and by night dragon." She spoke in a deadly serious tone.
My hair stood on end when she started growling a kind of chant and made motions over me with her paws. My insides twisted and sweat trickled off of my forehead; sickness overcame me once again and vomit rushed out of my open mouth.
Spots flashed in my line of vision and I tasted blood in my mouth. Face first I passed out on the floor; and I could hear the dragoness say "We will meet again… and I look forward to our counsel then."
From that night on I lived like I do now… but back to the present. I slowly opened my eyes and stood up in the cave I had hiked to. My sword was back at my side and my armor was once again as it should be.
"I get that dragon TODAY," I announced in a happy tone while I stretched. Then I heard something behind me chuckle and say "I bet you have waited a long time for this slayer." That voice… it sounded so familiar.
"I have… but I didn't know I was going to get to kill YOU as my twenty and fifth dragon." I replied as I turned around to face the dragoness from the mountain's cave. She was standing so she would block the exit making escape impossible.
"Oh really… I get the honor of being the dragon to free you from your curse?" she asked in a mock tone of surprise. My hand fell to the sword at my side as I nodded and smiled.
"Yes you devil… you do get the grand honor," said I as I drew my sword. She smiled and stood tall; throwing her wing's back with pride. She cleared her throat and replied "I am the one that cursed you and you have no reason to slay anymore dragons… I have seen you and I will grant you your reward."
Like last time she chanted a blood cooling chant and I fell to the ground in pain. Time seemed to pass quickly as I felt myself growing and my wings, tail, and muzzle return. I was not becoming human for good but instead I was becoming a.... DRAGON!!!
Tears fell from my eyes after I was reverted into a dragon; I looked at the dragoness and she smiled. "I warned you it was a test and you showed me that you only care for yourself… so because of your selfishness you are to become what you despise and fear… for the rest of your life." She sentenced me
"NOOOOO… you are evil… turn me back before I kill YOU!!!" I roared at her. She turned and started to leave the cave but she stopped and replied "Oh by the way if you ever feel lonely… you know where to find me… it will be nice to have a new male in the area."
Without warning she spread her majestic wings and flew off. I was stuck as a dragon… with no one. So what do you think I did? I flew after her and we spent the rest of the day flying and circling each other.
Okay so I quit writing as you can see obviously... well my excuse for this one is that my group needs more stuff in it. So I am saying I DIDN'T DO THIS FOR YOU PEOPLE... okay you got me I did it because you people are awesome and you deserve to see that I still will write. I know I am terrible but HEY I don't care what you think. I am here to have a good time and if that means I will post stuff here that is crappy and doesn't make sense... then so be it. Thank-you all for reading my stories and please have fun with whatever you do. :D
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Snake Ring

The unforgiving sun scorched the sandy desert below; any creatures that could live in this environment had found some form of protection. It was noon the hottest part of the day a time when you really were not supposed to be wandering the desert without water. Poor James had no other option though as sluggishly moved through the bare wasteland wandering in a blind direction that he hoped would bring civilization. James knew that the chances of civilization being in the direction of which he was traveling were very small; so small in fact that James had wrote his last words in his front pocket in case anyone found him out here.
"Why I just didn't stay home eludes me… Minnesota would be nice and cool right about this time of year." James said aloud to himself; loose sand slowed him down even further as he traveled to what would more than likely be his immanent death. "I wonder if they shall serve tea this afternoon?" James pondered; the heat and dehydration were finally affecting his mind. James suddenly stopped… "My luck has turned for the better… finally ladies and gentlemen finally… WATER!!!" he screamed madly as he ran toward the oasis that he saw in front of him.
Leaping forward and into what appeared to be water James fell to nothing more than just sand. He just lay there thinking to himself that life had been cruel his entire twenty years of being… why should it stop now? In complete anguish James started screaming and punching the ground in front of him. "DOES ANYONE CARE ABOUT ME!?!" He cried to the heavens; then in what would appear to be an answer the sand that he was laying on started sinking and James followed suit. As he continued to sink up to his shoulders panic set in; in complete terror he started thrashing and kicking which only resulted in him being pulled down even faster.
It was like being sucked into a vacuum when James was completely submerged. He couldn't breath, he couldn't see, and there was no possible way to move. He kept sinking for what seemed to be a lifetime and many thoughts passed through his mind but just like the loose sand he was unable to retain anything he thought of as it just sunk through forgotten. Just as all hope was lost James felt he could breathe again and he felt himself falling through air not sinking in sand. *Thump* James had fallen to a cool rocky floor; quickly he sat up and looked around the only thing visible in the pitch black was a clear blue pool of water that illuminated through the darkness.
Afraid that he was hallucinating again, James slowly crawled to the water and gently put his hand in the liquid. Surprise washed over him as he realized that he could feel the pool and it was very cold… perfect for him to drink. James got in a comfortable position and started drinking the water… for once it seemed that James had caught a break. A noise in the underground cave disrupted James sense of calm; realization hit James like a truck as he came to terms that he might not be the only thing down here.
Tension seemed to rise in the cave as James could hear the thing coming closer and closer. Against common sense James cried out "Who's there," the thing stopped and from the sound of it's breathing it was way too close to be safe. Then it spoke "Pleassssse don't be afraid I jusssst want to talk okay?" James listened to the voice and decided that it was definitely female; "She just wants to talk where is the harm in that?" He thought to himself. "Okay you want to talk, I will talk," James said to the woman; she seemed to be very shy but finally she replied "I want to come forward but promisssssse me you will not freak out?"
James thought that was a weird question but he promised not to and waited for her to come forward. His heart stopped as two bright yellow eyes emerged from the darkness which was then followed by a snake-like humanoid. "Uhhhh… please d-d-d-don't eat me," begged James. She seemed hurt by this but still proceeded forward and slithered over to James; James looked her up and down trying to decide what this thing was. The lower half of this being was that of a snake a long tail that provided movement. The upper half was human like with arms and a female body with a female cobra head.
Dark brown scales covered her entire body and she stood to be six feet and eleven inches tall. "I won't hurt you… here let me introduce mysssssself, my name isssssss Athena… what'ssssss yoursssss?" Athena said soothingly; James stared into her eyes and was surprised to find them not frightening but pleading… as if asking for a friend. He cleared his throat and stated "My name is… uh… my name is James," it was hard to concentrate with her gaze staring right into him it seemed.
James suddenly thought to himself "She has the gaze of a cobra that's it… wow a half human half snake." Athena stared at him a bit more before finally asking "Sssssssso how did you get here… I mean it'sssssss not like thisssssss isssss a popular ssssspot to ressssst?" The question reminded James of the unfortunate way he had came to be in the desert. "Well I was vacationing here in Egypt when my girlfriend dumped me and stole my stuff; she headed back to America without me. I couldn't take it anymore so I ran out here not even thinking about the heat or which direction I was heading."
Athena shook her head replying "She underestimates companionship," James looked up from the pool of water and back to the snake-girl. "What do you mean?" he asked her and she explained "I have lived down here my whole life after my parentsssss left me and I have not sssssseen anyone sssssince. I learned Englisssssssshhhhhhhh from the booksssss I wasssss left with but I alssssso learned my native tongue which yesssss, would be sssssssnake."
He could tell that she was very lonely having no contact with anyone and there was nothing he could do to help her. "That is terrible, why would they leave you if they are your parents?" he asked appalled by her parents actions; Athena sighed and answered "It'sssssss what all nagassssss do, they leave their children behind but I wassssss left alone becaussssssse I am more human like then naga." James nodded and realized he had seen her kind before but they were just legend to others around the world but right now he was holding a conversation with one.
"Why are you more human than the others to me you seem like the ones I have seen drawn pictures of on the internet?" James queried Athena; she looked down to the ground and sadly admitted "My father wassss a human and my mother wassss a naga… between the both of them my father was the nicessssst but my mother cared for me more." Life, it seemed to James, was worse to this nice person than it had ever been to him. Slowly James reached out and gently patted her scaly arm, to his amazement she was silky soft.
She flinched at first but she seemed to enjoy the contact as he continued to pat her. "I am sorry I feel really bad that this has happened to you… if there was anyway I could help you I would. I must be going though my plane is leaving shortly if you could point me in the right way I would greatly appreciate it." He said; Athena looked sad because of his sudden decision to go but she told him where to go. James was leaving when suddenly Athena called out "WAIT," quickly she slithered over to him and held out a ring that resembled a snake holding its tail in its mouth. "I want you to have this… so you won't forget me." She said; James took the ring and replied "Thank-you and no I will never forget you… I am sorry I have to go but I have school and work that is waiting at home for me."
Tears fell from Athena's eyes as James walked through the cave; he felt terrible for leaving such a nice person but he knew there was no way he could stay with her. As he slid the ring on his finger James wished in his head "I wish there was some way to be with her she really is lonely… only if I could give up my responsibilities that I hold so I could stay here with her." Before a minute passed James did not realize that life was going to give him and Athena a break.
Slowly black scales pushed out of James's skin and James stopped. His arms were becoming covered with the scales as they spread all over his skin. He cried out in terror as they reached his face; with an audible *THWACK* James fell to the floor and seen that his legs were starting to meld together. Athena rushed over when she heard the commotion; she gasped when she saw her newfound friend covered in scales and sporting a six foot long snake tail instead of legs.
James's head started popping and cracking as it took on the form of a cobra's head. From the side of his head to his back James felt what would be the poison glands for the king cobra push out and grow. His teeth took on the form of fangs and his two incisors became hollow and elongated; quickly they filled with his venom. The only thing left untouched during the transformation was James's eyes. He could see perfectly in the dark and with his new forked tongue he could taste smells.
"What… jussssssst… happened," James hissed as he stood on his new tail; he was at least eight feet tall now and he now looked down upon Athena. "I am not ssssssure… are you angry at me… I sssswear I had nothing to do with it." She cried; James just smiled and embraced her in a hug saying "No I could never be mad at you… we were meant to be together and now we can be." Athena smiled with him and to celebrate their new life together they embraced in a kiss that sent shivers down Athena's spine. She would no longer have to live alone for she had found someone that cared for her.

The End
This was a request by :iconsassydragon18: and it was quite an experience I have not even heard of what a naga was before I did some research. Not my usual stuff but I hope she likes it I am not too sure myself the tf was short but I wanted to get to the good stuff you know the mushy happy ending where everyone will go home and be like "Awwwww that was so cute." Seriously though I thought it was fun and interesting to write so thank-you all for reading and have a good night.
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                                    Slayer's Son

Light, from an open window, gently filtered down onto a mess of brown hair. The owner of this hair was hidden under a blanket, on a bed. Sighing, the sleeping lump, in the bed sat up and the blanket fell down to reveal a boy almost going into manhood.

He rubbed his tired eyes, and stretched his slightly muscled arms. When he finally managed to fully open his eyes, he looked around the room. It wasn't very big but it was enough to house him. A dresser stood against a wall, beside the door.

This was his main concern. Slowly he got out of bed and made his way over to the oak dresser. Without much care, he selected from the dresser, a white cotton long-sleeved shirt, brown pants, and a pair of wool socks. As he was dressing, the boy's eyes turned to a note on top of his nightstand, by his bed.

Quickly he finished with his clothes and moved to the note, which read;

We have set off for Vermon late last night, we will return shortly, a week at most. Please listen to Arctavious while I am away, I know he seems to be a bit thick skulled at times, but that doesn't mean you should be ignorant about his lessons.
Yersof will resume your training with you, also, when we return. Now I beg of you to rush over to Beker and pick up some supplies. Do what you will with whatever coins are left, but do not buy anything from the weapon's master.
If you need armour or a weapon, I taught you haw to forge one yourself. I expect you will craft them; we do not buy weapons that we can forge. Besides ours are stronger, lighter, and faster, there is no reason to waste coin on their petty wares.
Please listen to me for once… do not go into the forests. As you have heard, dragons have been spotted in there. I know you, you will try to find one and hunt it… do not do that. Your time will come to prove yourself, but that time hasn't come yet.

Seneran snorted and tossed the note back down onto the table. His father was right though, he had to admit, going out into the forest alone was suicide. Without a hunting group, traveling into the woods was a very dangerous task. He turned around and walked back to his door.

He turned the brass handle and the small, pinewood door swung open, revealing a large living room. He strolled out into the room, his feet tramped over a few bearskin rugs that were very soft to the touch. A fireplace, made from large, rounded stones, stood against the main wall.

Heads and antlers, from past trophy animals, were hung on every wall. Seneran picked his boots up from a large rack of footwear. Then he sat down on a wooden seat and began lacing up his boots. The chair creaked with age as he readied himself for the day.

The window across from Seneran glowed with sunshine and it promised to be a beautiful day. This was a rare occasion, the sunny day and clear skies, because of the consistent rain that fell here in Greser.

After he had his boots on and laced up; Seneran stood from the chair. He walked over to a table that contained a bag of coins. The coins clinked together as he tied the leather pouch to his belt. His boots thumped against the floor as he walked over to the enormous door that led outside to the world.

Bird calls and a calm breeze that smelled of wild flowers, greeted him as he exited the building. "Morning lad," Seneran turned to see Arctavious sitting on the porch, "You off to do your father's chores he has for you?"

Seneran smiled kindly and walked fully out onto the porch, the door closed behind him. "Yes I am off to Beker… I believe I am supposed to visit with Greke for the supplies?"

Arctavious took out a large pipe from his leather bag beside him and lit the tobacco inside. He took a puff from it, and then answered, "Yes Greke would be the one to talk to about the supplies… he does, after all, have the best deals in the area."

"Also, do I pick up the usual supplies? You know the beans, cloth, sugar, salt, and the sorts?" Seneran stretched and looked back at Arctavious.

He smiled in return and nodded; his fur clothes and red hair was always a common sight. "Get the main stuff such as that… but are you going to get it after or before the festival?"

Shock teased his mind as Seneran gasped that he had forgotten about the festival. The summer festival was the biggest celebration that Beker had to offer. Rubbing the back of his neck, Seneran replied sheepishly, "Um… I forgot about the festival truthfully."

Chuckling, Arctavious looked at the boy and said in a teasing manner, "How are we supposed to believe you will have our backs, if you can't remember a huge event such as the festival?"

They stared at each other for the longest time; then they burst out laughing. "I guess you have a point… but if we were battling a beast, I am sure I would remember then."
"Alright," Arctavious said, "It is best if you headed off, we don't want you to get in trouble for not getting the supplies but celebrating."

The chair rocked back and forth as he sat in it. "Right, I am off then. I will be back late tonight then." Seneran said as he merrily left the porch and waved back at Arctavious.

The warrior grinned and muttered to himself, "That boy is going to be one hell of an opponent on the field."

Cotton glided on the breeze and Seneran watched with meager interest. He was eager to arrive at Beker, so in order to keep this journey from becoming dull, he let his mind wander.

First he thought of all the things to do during the festival. There would be coins left over from getting the supplies, and if he was really lucky, he could lower Greke's prices even further. That would allow him to gain more coin to spend during the celebration.

The bumpy path was lined with leafy trees on either side. Wagon tracks from travelers and traders were imprinted into the dirt. Seneran kicked a rock with his heavy boot and watched it skid across the path.

His father would be mad if he didn't get the supplies first. This was because Seneran was a little loose with his money at times. He would have to buy supplies first and find a place to stash them so they wouldn't be stolen.

Quickly, to avoid being trampled, Seneran jumped to the side of the road as a knight on a horse sped by. "He is heading to Beker it seems… wonder what caused him to move so swiftly?" He thought to himself.

The road seemed to stretch forever. Time seemed to slip by slowly and Seneran wished for trip to take less time. If only if he had wings. That was ironic; his very future was set on hunting beasts that had wings. This was a choice made for him at birth; he had no control over it.

He had his "joining" when he was born. A name was not even bestowed upon him until he joined his prey in blood. The joining was dangerous and risky. Men that had fought in gruesome battles, died during their joining. It was also a sickening process but it gave power that normal men did not have.

In order to be a Slayer, a bowl of dragon's blood would be required. Then your hand would be cut on the palm, after that you would be required to stick your hand into the bowl of blood. Seneran shivered as he thought of what came next, the dragon's blood would enter your body and consume your human blood. This was risky because it could consume you entirely, killing you in a second.

Viewing it like this, Seneran was lucky to have lived through it. He was only a baby when it was performed on him. The effects of it were tremendous though, Seneran never experienced life before he lost his human attributes, but he knew he was capable of doing things no man could.

For example, he could smell an animal a hundred yards away, see very well in the dark, run without tiring for a couple miles, and move very quietly. His agility was inhuman but his appearance was human… for the most part.

Sadly, as everyone around him thought, Seneran had attained some draconic features. His eye's had a gold iris and his pupils looked like they were becoming slits. The incisors, in his mouth, were almost fang-like and could tear through meat with ease. Seneran also acted differently too, such as he would growl when angry or fall asleep in a curled up position.

The reason behind the draconic behavior and looks was a mystery to the Slayers. Although they had a hunch it was because of Seneran being introduced to the dragon blood at such an early age.

Life was good for Seneran though. He had good instructors to teach him combat, survival, alchemy, and all of that stuff. Is father was away most of the time though, due to the fact that the Slayers had grown tremendously. His father was a guard to the leader of the Slayers.

Before he was born, the Slayers were only four men. Then the king announced he would fund the slayers, but only if he got to put one of his men in charge of them. Seneran's father and his three friends agreed to the terms. It went from there; many brave men joined or died trying, but still the number of the group grew till it stretched over the whole empire.

Everything would be perfect; only one thing was missing from Seneran's life. His mother, she disappeared one night after his third summer. He didn't know much about her, only she was pretty, kind, and loved his father very much.

This didn't bother him at all, if his mother needed to pursue life without them. Then so be it; he wouldn't let her take him down. He smiled as the sound of daily life in Beker could be heard. His feet pounded on the ground as he sprinted into the town.

The buildings were older, made from whatever wood could be used at the time and had thatched roofs. Tents and festival ornaments were being hung around the city. The coble stone streets were filled with people and a few wagons. Turning into an alleyway, Seneran took a shortcut to Greke's trade shop.

He spotted the old building ahead and ran to it. The old, pine log trading shop was a good sight to see after the long winter. The shingled roof, missing a patch of shingles here and there, stuck out over the sidewalk. The two front windows watched as he approached; Seneran opened the door and the odor of furs, tobacco, meat, and many other supplies wafted into him.

A man with grey hair, dressed in a green travel cloak, and with green eyes, stood behind the counter of the shop. He paid no attention to Seneran, and looked down at a book that was open before him.

"Hello Greke… did you fare well this winter?" Seneran asked as he strolled up to the counter.

The old man looked up and smiled, "I did well, as one could say, and my inventory has tripled." He said in a excited and merry voice.

Hearing about his enlarged inventory, Seneran thought to himself, "Good that means if his inventory has grown, I will be able to talk him down to lower prices."

Greke quickly closed his book and stored it under the counter. "Now what can I help you with young man?"

"I need the supplies my father and I always get please Greke." He untied the money pouch from his belt and hid it in his pocket.

Standing up straight, Greke brushed the front of his cloak off and replied, "I can do that… does twenty coin sound fair?"

Seneran looked at him with wide eyes and said, "You normally charge forty at lowest… you must be doing very well Greke."

"I am; and I also understand it is festival time so you might want to keep as much coin as possible."

Nodding, Seneran pulled out twenty gold pieces and paid Greke. "Do you know of any place I could store these supplies…. I don't want them to be stolen while I am at the celebration."

Greke grinned and answered, "I will drop the supplies off at your house… I need to talk to Arctavious anyways."

Seneran wondered what Greke wanted with Arctavious but pushed it aside and thanked Greke.
"It's no problem Seneran; now go on and have a good time at the celebration." Greke said
kindly, Seneran took his leave and waded out into the crowd of festival goers. "I know what I am going to do first," He said as his heavy coin pouch clanked in his pocket.
Here it is... the first chapter of my novel I am working on. I hope you like this story, I know i am having a great time writing it for your enjoyment. Thank-you for reading and have a good day/night.
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A Dragon Impulse
Part 2

The sun felt good on my face; slowly I crawled out of my sleeping bag. Morning dew on the ground moistened my dried hands. I quietly slipped on my shoes; suddenly something fell from my hoodie. It fluttered to the ground; I reached down and picked up the object.
I was holding a letter in my hand. It contained no name; the only thing on the envelope was a dark sword. Without even thinking I already knew who wrote the letter. The most secretive group to walk the face of the earth; The Hunters.
My hands shook as I ripped the letter open. Carefully I slipped the message out of the envelope. It read "Announcing your opinion like that can get you killed. What you did was stupid and reckless; still it took guts. We could use someone like you; if you think you can take the heat."
My first reaction was shock; the world's greatest dragon slayers wanted me. Of all the people left after the change they wanted me. Only if I could take the heat though; they literally meant it too. After all dragons have fire breath, fire never scared me; to me fire was just a gas.
Excitement ran through me; what was I going to tell Arky? Not the truth, telling a dragon that you were going to become a dragon slayer is not a smart idea. He was my friend though… no he was a dragon he is my enemy.
Arky proved that yesterday; I was sick of those lizards taking everything over. I wanted the world to go back to normal; the way it was supposed to be.
I put the note into my pocket; quickly I got dressed and headed to the Hunters headquarters. It was a bad idea to walk through town to get to the Hunters; so I took the forest route.
The trip was boring; all I could do to keep myself occupied was think about what I was going to say. Something snapped behind me, quickly I span around to see nothing in the area.
I turned around and came face to face with a knife. The owner of the knife was buff and tall. A scar ran down his right eye, he was sneering at me. "What business do you have here?" he asked in a gruff voice.
"Uh… I have a letter… in my right pocket." I replied shaking. He pulled the crisp letter from my pocket and read it. With an amused expression on his face he looked me up and down. Finally he said "Come with me," I did as I was told and followed him.
We traveled deeper into the woods; moving very quietly for some reason. There was a clearing ahead, but in the clearing was a… a dragon. From the looks of the dragon it was an ancient one. Suddenly the buff guy threw the knife to me and pushed me into the clearing.
Fear coursed through my veins; the dragon was massive and had silver scales. Bearing its fangs the dragon stood to full height; it had to be at least twenty feet tall. My knee's started shaking, sweat rolled down my face.
The giant beast snorted at me like I wasn't worth the effort. Anger rushed through me like hot fire; I threw myself to the left. The gap between the dragon and me was quickly closed as I rolled towards it.
I had caught the dragon off guard and took my chance. As fast as I could I ran to the wing of the dragon; leaping I barley caught the wing. The dragon panicked and reared up; I almost fell from its back.
The knife in my hand was slipping; I jumped to the neck and held on. I held onto the neck with one arm and brought the knife up with the other. The knife came down with tremendous force.
Blood sprayed everywhere and the dragon collapsed onto the ground. I jumped off then realized that something was wrong; the dragon's blood was black not ichor green. No it wasn't blood it was oil; the dragon was a machine.
"Ha ha ha ha good work there lad I am impressed." The guy said to me, "What did I just kill," I asked. The man replied "A machine designed to act and fight like an ancient dragon."
What he just said made my head reel, "The ancient ones are the hardest dragons to slay though." I said, "Yes and you just got one, that robot has been slain by one other person." He told me.
He turned and headed back to the forest, I followed him. "My name is Travis by the way," he said to me; I looked at him and replied "I'm Cullen, so… who was it that killed the robot?" Travis turned with a smile on his face.
"Me… ha ha ha we test new recruits and see how they react in the face of danger." Travis explained, we walked until we reached a cave. "Well I deem you good enough to be a Hunter but we will have to talk to Thogar first." Travis said.
The cave was warm and dark; Travis knew where he was going though. We reached a solid wall at the back of the cave; Travis put his hand on the wall and said "Dragons are the bane now I have slain them; gain me entrance through their pain."
With that the wall split in two and slid open to gain us passage. The corridor was lined with bricks; torches lit the way to a throne. On the throne sat a huge guy that made Travis look tiny.
We reached the throne, "Thogar I have a recruit… he just took down the automaton!" Travis exclaimed, the man known as Thogar looked down at me and said "Have we met… I think I recognize you."
I shook my head and replied "I would remember seeing you," Travis and Thogar started laughing. I could not picture Thogar grocery shopping. "I approve of this kid… Travis you shall be his mentor and fellow dragon slayer." Thogar announced.
Travis nodded and motioned for me to follow; we walked through a door into an underground courtyard. Travis led me to a pit that was filled with white hot fire. Slowly Travis pulled a branding iron out of the flames.
"Hold out your arm," Travis commanded me. I did as he asked and closed my eyes waiting for excruciating pain. The iron touched my skin but it felt… cold; "What in the hell… how are you not branded?" Travis asked.
Amazement hit me when I opened my eyes and seen that there was no sign of being touched with white hot metal. I smiled and said "I don't know but that is too cool," my excitement quickly vanished as fire erupted from my arm.
"Ahhhh," I screamed "What's happening to me!!!" Travis stepped back and watched me become engulfed in red flames. The flames felt good and warm on my body; as soon as they came they were gone.
I stood up from the floor and dusted myself off; "Hmmm… you are fireproof interesting." Travis said in a calculating tone. "Um… so what does this mean then Travis?" I asked; he shrugged and said "Tonight we are taking back the northwest part of the forest." I smiled and replied "Do I get to fight with the Hunters?"
"Are you kidding with your fireproof abilities you are going to help me lead them into battle!" he said excited; there was no way to express my joy so I stood and listened. Travis walked over to a weapon rack; he threw me a sword and a knife.
"You seem to know how to fight at close range so you will be an asset to our group." Travis told me; I strapped the sword and knife to my belt. We waited for night to fall upon the forest; the rest of the Hunters gathered around Travis and me. "Listen up today I have met a very interesting kid." Travis started his speech.
Everyone turned and looked at me like I was a circus attraction. Travis cleared his throat and continued "This young man is called Cullen and I can see that you noticed he doesn't have a brand on him. That is because he has the ability of our greatest dragon slayer."
Suddenly the crowd gasped and started talking all at once. "Calm down… yes he is a great fighter and is fireproof. He will be leading us into battle." Travis reassured everyone. Travis grabbed my arm and led me to the front of the group. I started walking to the war zone.
It wasn't long before I seen dragons flying overhead and seen some already on the ground staring right at me with pure hatred in their eyes. I had my work cut out for me because my teacher Mr. Brong was waiting for me.
I did it two parts in a day ok so here we go the story is starting to pick up and I am seriously into this series we are not even close to the middle. This is my longest series I plan on writing.
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