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I'm very sorry!!! Asylum 626 was taking too long to load I had to do this.

I wouldn't be surprised if this got removed, and if it does, it's okay. As Sergei said, I only did it for "the lulz".

Do you see DERPVIL JIN in the back? :iconderpplz:

Sergei Dragunov and Tekken are properties of Namco-Bandai Inc.
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my frist skin edited

This skin lets you play with the original design of JURI HAN Super Street Fighter 4 on PC vercion,

download in:


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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 King
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Jin and Nina for win ><b!!

Edit from the wallpaper official of Namco.
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Im so addict with this gal since tekken 5 br. This portrait same to her in tekken dr though shes in her best in tekken 6 wallpaper. I used color pencils cause i dont know how do digital like CS...haahah...
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Cerberus lost any Contact to their experimental Facility on Thessia. A reconnaissance troop including Kelly Chambers, Miranda Lawson and Eva Coré was send to search for Informations what happened there.
As they arrived they first recognize that the electrical supply was cutted and only the red emergency light was activated. The Rooms was covered with blood but without any clue what happened to the Asari test subjects. It was disturbingly quite. Their footstepts were the only thing they heard.

°The troop walked through the dark Corridors, their weapons at the steady°
Kelly: What are we even supposed to find
Miranda: Something. Anything to find out what happened here
Eva: In the best case we find the test Subjects
Kelly: Did you never thought about what happened here? What could it be that take out a whole Cerberus Facility without that anyone was able to send an emergency call? And what happened to the Corpses?
Miranda: Corpses? Why do you think they are all dead? It could be an evacuation maybe.
Eva: Evacuation? Look at all that Blood. It must been an attack
Kelly: By who? Alliance? Mercenarys? Geth?
Eva: They all don't let Corpses disappear.
°Miranda walked to one of the Doors and looked in the blood covered Room.°
Miranda: So much blood. And no bullet holes. No. No Cilvilized thng could do this. Maybe the Reaper?
Eva: Why should the Reapers attack Thessia? They are all focused on the Earth. That's why this Facility is placed here
Kelly: What purpose have this experimenty anyway?
Miranda: Something with Genes and Biotic.
Eva: The tried to extract Asari DNA and inject it into native Cells to Breed a alternative biological version of the L3 Implants. Of Course we can't let the Asari go or alive.
Kelly: That's cruel. Why would Cerberus do that?
Eva: The Live is the survival of the strongest. And here we make ourself stronger.
Kelly: I can't believe... Wait! Did you hear that?
Miranda: What? I heared nothing.
Kelly: I heard someone scuffling and scratching behind us.
Eva: It was your Imagination. I told you it was a mistake to take her with us.
Miranda: Let's keep moving.
°Kelly looks scared behind her and repressed a yell°
Kelly: Aaah.
Miranda: What now?
Kelly whispering: quite
Eva still loud: Why?
Kelly: I saw a shadow.
Miranda: A Shadow?
Kelly: Yes.
Eva: What shadow? Is someone else here? who?
Kelly: i don't know. It looked like the Shadow of an Asari.
Eva: Maybe one of the test Subjects survived.
Kelly: No. It looked strange. Like several tubes were in and around her Body
Miranda: That's nonsense.
Eva: Maybe not. The Reapers know te Biotic potential of the Asari. It's not excluded that they indoctrinated the Asari in this Facility.
Miranda: But here where only used Ardat Yakshi.
Eva: Maybe they are just perfect for the indoctrination because of their Genetically annomalie.
Kelly:I suggest we proceed to the next Exit.
Miranda: Good Idea. After what the Reapers did to the Turians and batarians we are not armed enough to mess with an indoctrinated Asari.
Eva: But imagine we would kill it. We have here the perfect oppurtinity to get Samples of maybe the first indoctrinated Asari Cerberus ever enountered.
Kelly: You are insane
Miranda: I'm with Yeoman Chambers Dr. Coré. WE leave. It's not worth it to loose our lives for that samples.
Eva: You Humans are all the same. You all cling to your lives so you would even waste this oppurtinity
Miranda: Dr. Corè. EVA! This is a suicide mission. We don't know how many of them are here. You can't make out of this facility alone. We have luck if WE can make it in threesome. What would the Illusive men say if he reads in the report that you flout the Order to report all Informations?
Eva: Let's go. What you waiting for? Let's find the Exit, Send a report and call a Packup Team.
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Tekken Blood Vengeance Poster :3
From Facebook :D ;)
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A design I came up with after watching Return of Harmony, because who doesn't trust doctors?

Get it here!
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TEKKEN: Blood Vengeance
Directed by Youichi Mouri (TEKKEN 5 & TEKKEN 6 opening cinematics)
Screenplay by Dai Sato (Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex)
CG production from Digital Frontier (Capcom’s Resident Evil: Degeneration CG)

official youtube channel [link]
official movie page [link]

TEKKEN Blood Vengeance 3D
Namco Bandai Games, Bandai Entertainment and NCM Fathom are partnering to bring TEKKEN Blood Vengeance 3D to movie theaters for a One Night Only event on Tuesday, July 26, 2011 at 7:30 pm (local time). [link]
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