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Hollywood Undead

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Just another pair of shoes of mine I just had to decorate with Hollywood Undead.

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I didn't make this up. I found this off and just had to post this up! It's soo cute![link]
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Hiding in my closet
With my doll in my arms
I close my eyes and
Cover my ears, and
Pretend that nothings happened
Usually daddy just hits
Mommy once or twice,
But I keep hearing her
Screaming and she begs
Him to stop, I
Hear him say that he
Hates her and he
Wants her to pay
I whisper a prayer for mommy
Because I don't know
What to do, suddenly
I start to cry and
Hope God helps her soon
I hear mommy give a scream so loud
Then it's silent....quiet as a mouse
I slowly come out of my closet
And start looking around the house
There I see mommy
On the kitchen floor,
Lying face down with
Blood all around her
I cry so hard while
holding my doll tight
My daddy is standing
Over her and in his hand
The bloody knife...
He looks at mommy
Then back at me
He looks crazy and
He says ever so softly
"You're a witness."
And I know what's coming
My daddy  starts walking
Towards me, with murder
In his dark eyes...
This is the story on
How me and my mommy died...
Stop abuse in families! :skullbones:

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:bulletblack:The photo used for this poem does not belong to me. I found it off Google.:bulletblack:
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The hollywood undead band as wolves :P
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Enjoy this Hollywood Undead icon! Feel free to use, no need to ask me! =D

1,000 Viewz! Woot!
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This isn't my best work, but i just got bored one day and wanted to dedicate something else to Evanescence!
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I saw this photo>>[link] and had to draw it because it reminded me of the Evanescence unreleased song "Solitude". It's one of my favorite songs by them :heart:
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  • Mood: Rant
Note* *I did this rant on account someone requested it and of past experiences. I am not friends with any kind of people I describe in this rant**

Now for those that have seen my old rants about facebook, Lady Gaga, Twitter, partying, sluts & manwhores, etc. etc., well I'm back. And I'm back on the subject on facebook, but not really facebook itself, but the whores it contains on its website. How many times have we seen this on facebook?>>:iconduckfaceplz:...yes, the damn duck face!!!! Or even better, how many times have we seen girls put up a nice decent picture of themselves and write as the caption "I'm FATTTTTT in this picture!" or "I look so ugly in this shot!! :("...I have a question, WHY THE HELL DID YOU PUT UP THE DAMN PHOTO IN THE FIRST PLACE IF YOU DIDN'T LIKE IT YOU DUMB--grgsdhuhfuyh!!!!! Girls today, not all, but most are like a cronic rash that won't stop itching on the ass of the world. Seriously, girls, stop looking for attention when it's so f*ckin obvious you're looking for attention!!!
      Now the other f*cking thing that bothers me about these girls on facebook are not just their retarded duck faces they make, not just the attention whorism they portray so obviously to the whole damn world of facebook, but their FB statuses. Here's a list of popular statuses these girls write. #1) Every five seconds they write about their boyfriend and how much they love them, even though they already started dating a week ago (and they call their BF "boo" or baby" in their stauses. GRRRRRRRRR!!! Hate those pet names!! :frustrated: ) #2) These girls write about stuff that even a rock wouldn't care about. Yes, you are going to the movies with your friends, so do millions of other people!!! #3) If they are having a bad day, they make sure EVERYONE of their friends knows. And when I mean EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE on their friend-list. They write about how they're sad, and when someone asks them about their problem, they write back "I don't want to talk about it"...THEN WHY THE HELL DID YOU POST YOUR PATHETIC LITTLE STATUS ABOUT YOUR SADNESS IN THE THE FIRST PLACE!?!?. #4) If the girl is single she writes about how she wants a decent guy in her life, well, making your profile picture a shot of your boobs hanging out and pictures of you and your friends getting wasted and high at parties aren't really going to attract a gentleman. This isn't damn rocket science!!!! And when these girls write their statuses, th3y eNd uP wr!ttinq l!ke th!s becuz th3y th!nk !tz c00L.
   Well that's all I could think of for these facebook girls and their obnoxious existence...

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In the dark I hide
Under the bed
As I watch his
Shadow go by
He's looking for me
So he shuts the bedroom door
He doesn't want me
To escape like I did before
These chills running
Up my spine, are
Causing me to panic
And cry at the same time
Daddy said he
Would stop drinking
Daddy promised that
He would try, but
I guess everything Daddy said
Was nothing more then a lie
When Daddy gets drunk
He goes crazy and
Hits and screams
He beats mommy
Until she's unconscious
Then he goes looking for me
I hear his footsteps
Throughout my room
He looks through my closet
While screaming,
He's staggering and swearing
He wants to beat me black and blue
Daddy then screams loudly
He bends down
And looks under my bed
There he finds me
"There you are!" Daddy says
He pulls me out
By my hair, instantly
He starts beating me
Without a care...
An hour or two go by
The beating is finally done
I'm lying on the floor
I'm bleeding and fully numb
My eyes are swollen and my head hurts
But I know Daddy
Is standing over me
He walks towards the door
Just before he leaves the room
He turns around and
Looks at me then slurs
"Emma, ya know Daddy loves you."
He shuts the door quietly
Leaving me on the floor,
Blood leaking along with tears
He might come back later
And beat me some more
My breath is getting shorter
This doesn't usually happen at all,
But the rooms starting
To spin and I can
Barely see my walls
I know what's next,
I know what's coming,
I know it's the end
Daddy if you want to beat me
You'll find out soon enough
That I am dead.......
Against family abuse all the way!!

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:bulletblack:I do not own the image to this story. I found the picture off Google.:bulletblack:
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