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UPDATE: For those interested, I made another flash kinda like this one. Here's the [link]

[X]Learning how to use Flash
[X]Get an awesome thing from egophiliac
[ ]Make a cheesy joke about a list and world domination

I can now put an 'X' in my list of stuff to do before I die. Before this project, I thought I'd NEEEEVER understand Flash and such like that so I'm really happy that I've actually made something from it now :D

Anyways, about the flash/comic/thing, I'm sure some of you will go, "BUT THE CMC WILL NEVER BREAK UP LIKE THAT!! THEY ARE PFF 4EVAR!" All I have to say is that I know that they'll never really split up like this but I'm mainly using the CMC as a metaphor.

This flash took me a while to do. I would guess that it maybe took around 1-2 weeks to actually do(that's with me working and hanging with friends most of the time).

If you want to share this around then be my guest. Just make sure that I get credit from it at the least! :P

Hope you guys like it!

ALSO! I forgot to add this in the credits. The adult CMC were originally done by :iconkraysee:(this also includes the cutie marks).

---Holy shit! EqD: [link]
---Also, 16k
---Now it's 23k...just...holy shit
---11/01: 26k I'm still surprised that I get messages from this o.O
---1/15/13: 30.5k God damn.

Alright you guys, I'm going to clear some things up:
---"THE CMC WOULD NEVER DO THIS! The mane 6 are all different and they're still friends! Just because the CMC got their cutie marks doesn't mean they would separate forever!"
-------Now, I know this is true. People have brought this up and it is a good point. There's a reason why I used the CMC and made this a sad ending. I'm sure some people will relate and know what I'm talking about. I know this logic is flawed...please don't say that in the comments...I'm fully aware of this

---"Why a hammer?"
-------Well, the cutie mark for Sweetie Belle was actually done by Kraysee and I wanted to make the CM's as simple as possible. So that's why the hammer.
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Finally, after spending entirely too much time on this, it's done!

The Cutie Mark Crusaders, performing the chorus from "Beep Beep", by Schnuffel Bunny

Entire thing (rigs, backgrounds, animation) created in Flash CS5 by me.

EDIT: sorry, sync wasn't working for too many people. Here's the version without seamless looping on the audio, because desync is more distracting than that.

EDIT2: Now with better (stereo!) audio!

"Beep Beep" is Jamster/Jamba! ringtones - original audio from here: [link]
:iconmlpfimplz: and the Cutie Mark Crusaders are of course :iconhasbroplz:
Animation by me!

On Youtube in 1080p: [link]
On EquestriaDaily! [link]
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And finally, after nearly a month of sleepless nights working, delays, and gremlins, it is complete. *passes out*

Many of you may remember :iconlentoto:'s animatic of Titanic with Lyra and Bonbon which was here on Deviantart awhile ago. Well, unfortunately they took it down for unspecified reasons. But it was such a striking and emotional animation that I rather wanted to do something, so I contacted them with an inquiry of my own, to which they gave me permission to create this- an entirely redrawn Flash version. ^^

It's also sort of a belated tribute to the 100th year since the R.M.S. Titanic sank in the North Atlantic on April 15th. As well as an homage to the two Titanic movies, "A Night to Remember" (1958), and of course, "Titanic".

Now, I'm not much of a shipper, but I think Lyra and Bonbon fit the two roles perfectly, it's hard to imagine two mares better suited for eachother.

You'll also notice a few OCs in there, they belong respectively to *Sibsy, =XxRikujoMaramexX, *FlockofFlamingos, *Kawaii-Kochou, and ~pastery. Sorry if some of them aren't exactly prominent. XD

If you have an old or slow computer with lag, ~DalirPL was kind enough to upload it to Youtube. ^^

YT Link: [link]


Original Animatic ~ *LenToTo
(Go check them out! Lovely style and brilliant artwork)

Remastered Animatic ~ =Icaron
Music is a music box version of "キセキ (Kiseki)" by GReeeeN

MLP ~Hasbro
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edit: I uploaded the file with no effects, but its fixed now ^^
edit: fixed the description
edit: thank you for the feature EQD! [link]

Song: Acousticbrony and mandopony - Loyalty

seperate GIF's of dancing ponies:
Pinkie Pie [link]
Vinyl Scratch [link]
RainbowDash [link]
Luna [link]
Derpy [link]

if you liked please consider commenting, fav, watch or liking me on facebook ^^ [link]
...if you want to ... ofourse :3

make me a happy pony :D

I have been a brony for 1 year now. so what other way to celebrate than with a PARTY ^^

this year has just been amazing, life changing and eye opening
thanks to everyone in this great community and all the bronies out there!!

I based the dancing ponies on my friends from the MLI forum
the bloodstain is the remains for one person I obliterated in another animation ^^ check it out! [link]

hope you liked it ^^

MLP is property of :iconfyre-flye: and :iconhasbroplz:
My Little Pony is a product of hasbro and I do not own any rights regarding its use.
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iOS: AppStore

I had too much free time.


Why are the ponies 8-bit?
> Because I'm lazy to make animated vectors for the Mane 6.

Why aren't all other graphics 8-bit too?
> I couldn't find 8-bit Changelings and the background didn't look very good in 8-bit style.

Pony sprites by :icondesktop-pony-team:

Feel free to use this game on your personal website if you want to.

I hope you didn't forget to use the secret cheat code :iconderpy-plz:
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my second comic!

this is based on the song "dicen" from jarabe de palo, im still experimenting with my comic style, this time i went in a whole diferent direction, something more touching and way more produced, it takes a lot of time to make it look like this though, so i should look for ways to produce faster.

leave your critics and coments below! and thanks for checking out my art


900 faves!!! thank you guys so much! lets see if i can finally achieve the 1000 faves in one pic!

1000! finally a piece with 1000 faves!!! that is so awesome, thank you so much to everyone that supports me!
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Click the random picture for thingy.

The Wedding Climax in a Minute or so as a video game like gif thing.

No I don't care that some things are incosistent with the actual episode. This was done for shit and giggles and practice. I just wanted to draw ponies damnit, that should be enough reason! And this idiot finally understood how animating in Photoshop CS5 works. =]

Well..this was supposed to be originally a comic that was supposed to be up last Tuesday. BUUUUUTTTTT. Stuff happened, work, I got sick, Skype and more stuff. And it somehow ended as a gif. Yeah,


Since I've been asked. The individual images that compose this gif. Considering a weird approach I took to creating the frames, a lot of the completed images weren't saved. Here's what was, and some of the drawings without background and effects.

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Update 1.6:

Update 1.5:
Added inbetween head movements.
Fixed googly eyes.
Fixed Loading screen

Finally done! after 3 days of work, I finished animating these fan voices! yay!

you can find the original voice actor here!
Go give her some love, and check out her songs while you're at it!

Know anyone else willing to voice an animation? send me a note and I'll keep in touch!

Statue by SirCxyrtyx
Celestia by Lextsy
Background by ZuTheSkunk


Lyra: Hey Bon Bon!

Bon Bon: Hey Lyra!

Lyra: Guess where I Went today

Bon Bon: Where'd you go?

Lyra: I went to cloudsdale to see the best young flyers competition!

Bon Bon: Oh That's cool!

Lyra: Yeah! And this pony named Rainbow Dash one and she was so awesome and it was so cool! She saved the Wonderbolt's lives! They almost died! It was crazy and-

Bon Bon: LYRA!

Lyra: What?

Bon Bon: Did you just say that you went to cloudsdale?

Lyra: MMhm! It's so awesome there you should go sometime!- Oh- But if you do, don't look over the side, you'll get really sick. Don't ask me how I know that.

Bon Bon: Lyra, you're a unicorn.

Lyra: Yeah?

Bon Bon: Unicorns can't walk on clouds...

Lyra: Yeah...

Bon Bon: Coudsdale is in the clouds..

Lyra: Yep!

Bon Bon: Do you... want to explain that to me?

Lyra: Heh, there are lots of things I do that I don't really want to explain.
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The new and improved version!!!

Now with:
-Correct anatomy
-20% more Rainbow Dash
- Changed "your" to "you're" (Thanks for catching that guys!)

and much more...


Now on EQD


Translated into Polish by Xyz72:

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:iconmlpoctaviaplz: Let's just say she's always there whenever I need her.

Inspired by the fan video:"Epic Wub Time: Musicians of Ponyville" Youtube linK:"[link]" not by the part of Bass cannon, but by the part of the two mares lives in the same house. There's a lot of differences between them, one is refined and classy, another is rather wild and boorish(at least in fanon). So there's may be a lot of conflicts between them just as the video depicted. Thus I wonder why Octavia consider Vinyl her friend. And suddenly this story comes up to mind.

I like comic, especially colored comic,. so I decided to draw one just like my previous 4 koma. But the story came up to mind is a bit long, I'm not sured how to present them. I still manage to finish it in the end, but I'm not sured if it suit for the story. Anyway, I think I still need to try different kind of way to draw a comic and find a best way for my art style.

(note: English is not my native language. Please feel free to correct me)

Update in June 5:
Oh my Celestia!:O. Over 17,000 view and 500 favs in one day?! How is it possible?:omfg:

I don't know what to say. Not just because I'm not good at words(Not to mention I'm not a native English speaker) but I'm totally amazed by what my small comic had done. Well, I think all I could say is thank you. It is such a pleasure to be able to participate in MLP fans community. Thank you very much.

Update in June 6:
Thanks, everyone. And thanks EqD for willing to feature this little comic.

Through the feedback, I notice there's different way to call Octavia's nickname, for example, Tavi. As a foreigner, I don't really understand the differences between Octy and Tavi. To me they are all just nickname which are used in close relationship. Could someone explain them to me, please?

Thank you very much!:)

Update in June 9:
Thanks Jenetikitty, Blade10000 and Argofinkal for answering my question. ^_^
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