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Here's the [rather tedious] process I went through to paint my Nightwind of Aldrassil image (you can see the final version here: [link] ).

I think this might be more useful as an example of what NOT to do than what TO do, but it might at least be insightful and a little entertaining, I hope.

(The painting was done in 2006, but these images have sat around on my desktop since then, and I only just crafted them into a tutorial. I hope I didn't leave out important details!)

If you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them!
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Hello Deviants! My latest video tutorial is out and ready for download! [link]

Environment Design 3 builds off of that last two videos I created, Environment Design 1 & 2.

Starting off with a very loose sketch, I take you through my process of 'finding' this painting within the chaos. By using custom brushes, photography, and textures, along with good composition, perspective and lighting, I will show you how you can create a powerful and engaging piece of art.

With a run time of about two hours, this is my longest and most in depth video yet. I pack in an enormous amount of information in a short time, so get your digital painting hats on and get ready to learn like crazy!

Brushes, custom shapes, and reference included!

ALL work created in Photoshop.

Get it now and be creating majestic and dynamic environments tonight! [link]




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Here you go guys! The lineart of dragon(?) (lol, see the sketch of this fella to understand "?") of which I am very proud. I thought that it was quite a while ago when I last drew a snakey dragon :)… - Sketch of this creature

Black gelatine ballpoint pen


P.S. If you want to colour it, don't forget to add credit that lineart belongs to me and link your coloured version My :iconkxeron: coloured version

2013-08-18 done another coloured version… coloured version by :icondalekmercy:… coloured version by :icondelirium-disease:… - coloured by :iconshadrelpendragon:
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Free for anyone's use! Please read the rules marked by the red bullets before using, though. You can use it for whatever you wish as long as it does not conflict with them.

This was my submission for this contest. I didn't win, but the contest was still the perfect motivation to make more line art.

It is a PSD file (download link is on the right), which is compatible with nearly all programs, but if you need it in another format, just ask! The file is huge, by the way, because the line art is about twice this size. Also, I included lots of layers labeled for your convenience. It should be pretty easy to understand, but ask if you have any questions. :)

:bulletred: You may upload your version here on deviantART as well as other sites, but you must give a link to my profile and/or original line art AND give me full credit for the line art.
:bulletred: You may alter the line art AS LONG AS you link to the original that is mine.
:bulletred: If you upload your version, DO NOT submit it as a print, for the work is not entirely yours and it would be considered stealing since you intend to make a profit from work that is partially someone else's.
:bulletred: Making points or otherwise money adoptables with this is also prohibited. Making free adoptables such as draw-to-adopts is okay so long as you credit me for the line art.
:bulletred: if you upload your version, please send me a note or comment with a link to it so I can see it! :meow:

I'd appreciate it if you can follow these rules. They are not hard!

Art: :icondracoflameus:.
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a detail from his illustrations for Ludovico Ariosto's (very) long poem Orlando Furioso
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here's a quick breakdown process of my painting 'Procession.'

you can get the two hour video tutorial( with commentary) here: [link]

facebook: [link]
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How To Install Paint Tool SAI on Linux and get pen pressure to work

 **********[UPDATE 3/02/2014] **********

I'm really sorry that I haven't been responding to comments in the past 3 months. But I'm very happy to see that some people have stepped up to help others who are having problems with their setup - especially Superblobmonster, you're awesome. If you are having a problem, I won't be able to help in most cases since I've already put the entirety of my knowledge on this subject in this tutorial. I especially can't help if you're using a version of Linux or the Bamboo tablets that I don't have since I won't be able to reproduce the issue. But, if someone wants to donate space and host a completed VM (~20 GB) that has SAI and all these steps below setup, please send me a note. I think this would help a lot of people. I'll update this message if we set something up. 

*************************** **********

I own a Macbook Pro but I found that Paint Tool SAI (PTS) was just the best tool for getting art done. The next best program was Fire Alpaca, but it had serious problems with crashing. I found that I could run PTS on my make using Wine or PlayOnMac, but when I did this, PTS would not use my drawing tablet's pen pressure. Thus rendering my Bamboo Capture tablet pretty much useless. Next I tried using my tablet in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 (which I used to use for work). It worked, but turning on either version of Windows would drain my mac's resources to the point of hair pulling uselessness. Hence, most of my artwork is still done on pen and paper.

Now comes the good part. The good folks who made PlayOnLinux have added a patch to their program* that allows pen pressure to work with PTS when running it in Linux. Now, I'm not a linux user, but the promise of running PST on an OS that wouldn't kill my system resources was too good to pass up. And boy I'm glad I tried it. After a day of scrounging around the internet and pulling information form various incomplete resources, I managed to get Paint Tool SAI running on Linux AND my Wacom Bamboo Capture's pen pressure works! Please note, that this is a rather recent development for PlayOnLinux. Last month (June, 15th 2013), they finally patched the program so that pen pressure would work with SAI (sadly, the patch did not work for PlayOnMac… I tried it).

So now, without further ado. Here are the steps that I took to get Pen Pressure working in PaintTool SAI running on Linux:

1) Install Ubuntu 12.04 with VMWare tools…

Other versions of linux may work, but I haven't tested any of them.

For this step, you must have VMWare Fusion… If you don't have it or can't afford it, then you may be able to find some other way to install Linux. I can't help you with that, but don't give up! There's lots of information out there so you may just find another way!

2) Next, download and install PlayOnLinux for the Precise version of Ubuntu. You can do this all from the terminal window in Ubuntu (can't find the terminal window? Click on "Dash Home" and type "terminal" in the search box). Open a terminal window and type the following commands :

wget -q "" -O- | sudo apt-key add -

sudo wget… -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/playonlinux.list

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install playonlinux

(NOTE: if you used the vmware image I linked to above, then your sudo password is "password". I strongly recommend you change that as soon as possible)

3) Install your drawing tablet's driver. I'm using a Wacom Bamboo Capture…

4) Now we need to install the right version of Wine in to PlayOnLinux so that PaintTool SAI can use the pen's pressure sensitivity.

- Open PlayOnLinux.
- go to Tools-> Manage Wine Versions and install the version named "1.5.5-SAI". The list wasn't in order for me, so scroll through the whole thing until you find it.

5) Download the PaintTool SAI installer file form the official website:

- Just open the installer file and it should automatically open in PlayOnLinux.
- In the Installation For Paint Tool SAI window, change the Installation Folder to "C://Program Files/PaintToolSAI" then click Install.
- I named my virtual drive "SAI" and my program "Paint Tool SAI"

6) Now, you also need to download and unzip the cracked version of SAI:

You need this because there is a bug in PlayOnLinux that will not allow Paint Tool SAI to start if you only us the official install program. PTS thinks it needs Admin rights in order to check for previous versions of PTS. If the link is broken, just google search for Paint Tool SAI Free Full. (I do not advocate using unlicensed software. You should buy a license of PTS and support the fine people who made this awesome program. We are only using the cracked version here because I've not found any alternate method to instal PTS in PlayOnLinux and be able to use pen pressure. Maybe they will fix this bug someday).

7) Now that PTS is installed, we need to configure PlayOnLinux to use the right settings in order to use our pen's pressure.

- in PlayOnLinux, click Configure
- Then select the virtual drive named "SAI"
- under the General tab, change the Wine Version to 1.5.5-SAI
- now under the Miscellaneous tab, click on Open Virtual Drive's Directory. this will open a finder window (no idea if linux users have a different name for this).
- in the window, go to "drive_c" > Program Files > Paint Tool SAI
- Now you want to copy the contents of the cracked version of PTS over the contents of this folder. Make sure you overwrite the existing files.
- Next, open file misc.ini that is the root of the Paint Tool SAI folder and change TabletMouseSimulation = 0 to TabletMouseSimulation = 1 (if you fail to do this, the pen will twitch about the screen all on it's own)
- close the window now, you're done here.

8) In PlayOnLinux, select Paint Tool SAI then click Run. You're PTS should work. I'll edit this as required to make the instructions more clear.

[UPDATE!] 08/08/2013

One of the unfortunate problems with the setup above is that you cannot set your table's buttons using the Wacom Graphics Tablet window under System Settings in Ubuntu.

If you need to modify your tablet's setting, you will have to use the Terminal window, and a command called "xsetwacom". This is a pretty powerful little command, but I feel it's VERY poorly documented.

xsetwacom works, but any changes you make using it will be lost as soon as you unplug your tablet. Not very handy, huh? So, here is my work around solution. We're going to create a Shell Script that will setup the tablet for us. This way, we need only run the shell script after plugging in the tablet and it will do the rest.

First, lets setup the Shell Script. We'll use my tablets settings to begin with, then I'll talk about how you can modify it to suit your needs.

1) Open a terminal window and type: vi
2) Once inside the Editor, type i. This will allow you to insert / start typing your shell script.
3) Paste the code below into the script.


DEVICE="Wacom Bamboo 16FG 4x5 Finger touch" ;
echo "Turning OFF Touch.";
xsetwacom set "$DEVICE" touch off;
DEVICE="Wacom Bamboo 16FG 4x5 Finger pad" ;
echo "Setting Pad's Physical Button 1 to CTRL+S.";
xsetwacom set "$DEVICE" button 1 "key +ctrl s -ctrl";
echo "Setting Pad's Physical Button 2 to CTRL+Z.";
xsetwacom set "$DEVICE" button 9 "key +ctrl z -ctrl";
echo "Setting Pad's Physical Button 3 to Shift+PgUp.";
xsetwacom set "$DEVICE" button 8 "key +shift Pgup";
echo "Setting Pad's Physical Button 4 to Shift+PgDn";
xsetwacom set "$DEVICE" button 3 "key +shift Pgdn";
DEVICE="Wacom Bamboo 16FG 4x5 Pen stylus" ;
echo "Setting Pen's Lower Button to Pan";
xsetwacom set "$DEVICE" button 2 "key +space";
echo "Setting Pen's Upper Button to Right Click";
xsetwacom set "$DEVICE" button 3 3;

4) Exit the editor by typing an Esc then : (colon) then wq! and enter.
*This will write the changes to the file and bring you back to the terminal.
5) Make this Shell Script executable by typing: chmod +x

Whenever you want to load these settings, open a Terminal window and type: ./
* your tablet must already be plugged in before you run the Shell Script.

Customizing your buttons

I have a Bamboo Capture, which has 4 buttons on the pad, and 2 on the stylus. Unfortunately, xsetwacom doesn't label the buttons in a way that appears to make sense. If you are not using a Bamboo Capture, you'll need to play with xsetwacom (or use Google) to find the IDs for each of your buttons. If you have the same tablet that I have, you're in luck! Here are the button IDs for the physical buttons starting from the top-left:

Physical Button | Button ID in xsetwacom
pad Button 1 | button 1
pad Button 2 | button 9
pad Button 3 | button 8
pad Button 4 | button 3

pen button 1 | button 2
pan button 2 | button 3

I recommend setting the buttons' actions using xsetwacom in a Terminal window in order to test your changes. This way, you'll see the errors and quickly be able to modify your commands.

To set the top button on the left side of my tablet to "Undo", I have to modify that button's action using a Terminal window and running the following command:
xsetwacom set "Wacom Bamboo 16FG 4x5 Finger pad" button 1 "key +ctrl z -ctrl"

Let's break down that command into it's parts:
xsetwacom - we're calling on xsetwacom the execute the commands that follow
set - tell the command that we are setting an action. There is also a "get" command, but you don't need it here.
"Wacom Bamboo 16FG 4x5 Finger pad" - this is the name of our device. Specifically, it's the name of the tablet and it does not include the stylus of the touch pad. You can find out the name of all the Wacom devices by running the following command: xsetwacom --list devices
button 1 - this is the xsetwacom button ID that is listed above.
"key +ctrl z -ctrl" - this is the action we want the button to execute when pressed
NOTE: You need the keyword "key" at the beginning of your list of actions, otherwise you will get this error: Cannot parse keyword '+ctrl' at position 1

About the Action Commands:
There are 2 kinds of actions commands: mouse clicks and keyboard shortcuts
1) Mouse Clicks
There are just three values: 1 for left click, 2 for middle click, and 3 for right click. You may have noticed that I set the 2nd Stylus button to a right click in my script: xsetwacom set "$DEVICE" button 3 3
2) Keyboard Shortcuts
These commands make user of the + and -.
+ means "Press and hold this button"
- mean "release this button"
If you don't use either, it treats the command as if you pressed and immediately released the button. Please note that all commands mapped to a button are automatically released when you release the physical button you've mapped them to.

There are a lot of commands here, so begin by typing the following command in a Terminal window (it will list the modifiers that are available to you): xsetwacom --list modifiers

Here is the output of my modifiers (chances are good they are the same as yours):
userubuntu:~$ xsetwacom --list modifiers
20 modifiers are supported:

46 specialkeys are supported:

Keep in mind that this list does not include regular keys such as "S" or "space", but you can use those keys as well.
In the shell script above, replace the commands that are inside the double quotes with your own set of keystrokes. For example: you might want your top button to be "Redo" instead of "Save". The shortcut for Redo is Control+y. So you'd set button 1 to "key +ctrl y".
xsetwacom set "$DEVICE" button 1 "key +ctrl y";

Please note that not all keys work for commands. I tried using [ and ] but they didn't work (nor did they throw an error when I set them as my action). Paint Tool SAI uses these brackets to Increase and Decrease the pen size - a tool I find very handy. To get around this limitation, you'll need to setup the custom shortcuts in Paint Tool SAI to a command that xsetwacom will recognize. In this case, I set the Increase and Decrease the pen size command to Shift Pageup and Shift Pagedown.

I hope this wasn't too confusing and was actually helpful. I know it's a lot of information, but one you get everything setup, it's really easy to use your tablet with custom settings.

Side Note:
There was some rumbling the internet about some sort of config file you could setup under /etc/X11 so that your settings would auto-magically be set when you plugged in your drawing tablet, but I was never able to come close to getting that to work (if you know how to make this work, please feel free to comment below).
Good luck!
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Model : Juice
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Hello, and thank you for viewing.
Before using this stock, please read our TOU.
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Today I want to share one of my deepest insights into human behavior that I always try to keep in mind.

If you learn the 2 rules described and explained below, if you absolutely live and breathe them, you will wield immense social power. You will be able to understand and solve a lot of social issues - including a great many of the threads on the "help with life" forum here on dA. It's because all of these issues are just different manifestations of these 2 fundamental rules. I encourage you to actually learn them or even print them out.


The 2 Rules

Rule 1: "If someone is angry, they are actually hurt. If someone is hurt, they are actually feeling a loss."

Comment 1: Generally, loss means that an expectation of someone has not been met. To resolve someone's anger and feeling of hurt, you must understand their loss and address it.

Rule 2: "Whatever any human has ever said to another human is at its base either one of these two things: A warm/loving thing, or a cry for help."

Comment 2: It may be hidden below many layers and not look like it, but if someone is not warm/loving to you, they are crying for help. It is also not apparent to them, either.

Note: Rule 1 and rule 2 are not separate, because expressing anger is not warm/loving, so it is a cry for help.

Some Examples

Example A: If someone believes in something or knows something to be true, they wish others to believe or understand the same. This is especially true if emotions are attached to it. If, however, they are confronted with other people disagreeing, they will lose the idea of a perfect world or environment, where everybody agrees with them and their feelings. This loss results in their feelings being hurt, which may or may no result in anger, which (if expressed) is a cry for help.

The above example is a highly general one, meaning it fits to an insurmountable number of possible scenarios. It does, for one, encompass all belief vs. science drama that has ever occurred and will ever occur. In fact, I think any drama resulting from disagreements is caused by it.
Below, I give some more concrete examples.

Example B: Tom drew a picture he likes and is proud of. Jerry says it sucks, or some variation of it. This causes Tom's pride, time and effort to be lost. This loss causes Tom's feelings to be hurt. This causes Tom to be angry. Any expression given by him in this state is a cry for help. Jerry can appease Tom by understanding this loss and acting appropriately.
However, there is a common other direction such a situation can go into. Instead of being angry at Jerry, he may be angry at himself, at the world, at the universe, or perhaps at his crappy bed, which led him to sleep badly, which led him to draw badly. How the anger is expressed and how his brain shifts the blame to something doesn't have to be connected to the picture.
Why would he be angry at his crappy bed, when it all started with a picture? How can one understand this behavior? Again, rule 2 comes to the rescue. Tom is crying for help. Maybe he is poor, which results in a crappy bed, which results in a crappy sleeping experience, which results in a crappy picture - in his rationale. Tom may be crying for help about his living conditions and poverty, because it is on his mind and weighs heavy on him, even if it has no direct link to his picture. He is making an elephant out of something else that started small. If someone has a big issue, such as poverty, any little issue that may have nothing to do with it can still lead to it anyway. If there is a strong need to cry for help on the other issue, then the situation will shift there. It is important to recognize this other issue in order to understand Tom and what he is going through. Then you can act the right way and address the real issue. Miraculous things can happen to people if someone manages to follow this.

Example C: Let's say your mother runs a flower shop. Let's say you are planning a big event of some kind and need decorations, foods, and maybe a cake if it's a wedding. There are many companies you contact to provide different things. You do, however, order flower decorations from another shop than your mother's.
Since she runs a flower shop, it is safe to say your mother loves flowers, has great pride in her work and is good at her craft. Putting the right flowers + colors together is an art, too. By not asking her, for whatever reason, example B may take place. Also, since you are her son, additional loss occurs due to her additional emotions attached to you in many forms. She may imagine that you do not love her. This intense additional loss causes an equally intense additional anger and an equally intense additional cry for help. In general, among loved ones, such as immediate family, all responses are increased due to the additional emotional ties.
To resolve any such issue, you must again try to imagine what loss has occurred, then make sure you undo it. You should tell them unmistakably that you love them. If there is a logical explanation, give it quickly and simply. They will not simply take it and need reassurance. Just say again that you love them and be serious about it, and don't forget to smile warmly. Also address their cry for help and ask how you can make it right. If you do it correctly, you will undo their loss, undo their anger and they will likely mumble an answer as to what you could do. It never fails, because you understand the fundamental rule!

Now from a real thread last year on the "help with life" forums, put in simplified terms.
Example D: Alice and Bob are in a relationship. Problem: Bob constantly talks badly about others, especially people that Alice knows or mentions. He also has the tendency to explain things, even if he is not asked. Put short, he has an overall negative attitude and appears to try and elevate himself intellectually.
First: This is not a warm/loving response, therefore Bob is crying for help.
After asking further, I uncovered that Alice is at university and has a good outlook in life, while Bob is a fairly uneducated guy without much outlook in life.
As expected, this fits rule 2. Many people know someone like Bob. And most people are mystified by his behavior. Most people would drop him, and it may very well be the right thing to do for you. However, it is invaluable to understand what is going on. People don't behave this way at random - the two fundamental rules are at work.
There are many things that play together here. Bob is, for example, trying to feel better about himself by talking badly about others. This way, by comparing his imagined worse version of the other person to himself, it makes himself look better. Or, to put it simply: If Bob is a 2 on a scale from 1-10, and Jake is a 9, then Bob will suggest that Jake is a 5 or less, in order to make the difference smaller, so he can imagine himself being better than he really is. This is a defense mechanism in order to protect his own self-image and his own emotions. Bob has lost what he has never had, a good life, an outlook to a great future, and he may imagine Alice to leave him to embark on her own future. This loss causes hurt, which in turn causes anger, which feeds right back into his talking badly about others.
There may or may not be more levels to Bob, but the situation should be clear at this point. Also, it is unlikely that Bob can be helped in his situation, as it is his whole life, education and intellect that causes it all - which is why I suggested earlier that dropping Bob may be the best option for you at some point.

This concludes my rulebook. Feel free to point people on the "help with life" forums or anyone else to this deviation.
And remember, rule 3 says that not using rule 1 and 2 leads to the dark side of the force eventually :) :) :)
The 2 most powerful rules when dealing with social issues.
It's not just about how other people behave, it's also about how you behave yourself. If you find yourself in any situation where you are angry, you can use these rules to analyze your behavior and find a root issue, which you can then address.
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I do these to promote my massive creature project called Monsters By Email: [link], which is a great opportunity for Artists, Game Masters, Publishers and Creature fans.

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