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[SHEE-va DE-la-ROH-see SE-lee-ah]
:bulletblue:Chiva Delarossé Svhelea
:bulletgreen:24 year old Male
:bulletpink:Bird of Paradise
:bulletyellow:First Prince and Heir to the Svhelean Throne.

Chiva possesses an innocent, charming personality. He is easily able to make friends if he so pleases, though he can also be shy and introverted.

Self Esteem: Not High
It can't be said that he has low self esteem, but it definitely cannot be describe as high. Chiva can be constantly unsure of himself, and needs reassuring constantly.

Physically Hypersensitive
Chiva is sickly in a sense, having a ridiculous condition that makes him sensitive. He can't talk for more than five or ten minutes at a time without his throat tearing; a small bump will give him a bruise; sneezing will give him a nosebleed without fail; falling down a single flight of stairs will break his ribs.
His personal doctor, Leica, has to follow him everywhere to care for him, and his bodyguard, Miu, is dedicated to protecting him.

-----------Chiva, as the first prince of Svhelea, has the Royal Insignia(top right) tattooed on his stomach.

Chiva, Leica, Miu © :iconokayilie:
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Cys Nabelle and family © :iconokayilie:

:bulletblue: Mira Nabelle (38) :bulletblue:
A widow, divorcee, painter and the landlady of Silver House. She has a preference for strong men, as evidenced by her two husbands: a strongman and a tiger. She's hit hard time recently, divorcing her second husband after discovering that he was abusing her oldest son.

:bulletpink: Cys Nabelle (16) :bulletblue:
Not capable of loving a woman, Cys is openly homosexual.. It's apparently quite a big thing for the Nabelle's. Fortunately -- or not? -- this family's connection to the rest of the Nabelle's(namely, Cys's father Reginald) was cut off when Reginald died. As such, this family isn't as close to the rest of the Nabelle clan.

:bulletred: Jae Nabelle (8) :bulletred:
A cute, innocent little boy on the outside, his true personality is that of a knowing observer. Being the youngest has its benefits. He's spoiled by his older brother, and basically ignored or brushed off by most or all of the adults. They don't pay much attention to him, so he's presented with the chance to stay quiet and listen. And by listening, he knows.
Unbeknownst to his brother, Cys, Jae knew all about when Cys was being abused by their stepfather, and was the one who secretly met alone with his doctor(from when Cys had to get a prosthetic eye) and pushed for a full-body medical check.
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• Name • Shinoda Suzu 篠田 鈴
• Age • 18 years
• Birthday • 14th March [White Day]
• Moe Point(s) • Blunt; blushes easily; a very very tiny bit of a bully; childish despite appearances.

• Personality •
:bulletred: Blunt and straightforward with his opinions, which may border or cross the line into childishness.
:bulletblue: Little or no sense of humor.
:bulletpurple: Blush shows up easily on his extremely pale and fair skin.
:bulletgreen: Likes having the upper hand, so bullies when he gets the chance. As such, has a thin mean streak in him.
:bulletyellow: Not a morning person.
:bulletpink: Doesn't particularly care what the general community thinks of him.
:bulletblack: Biting fetish; watch out!

• Background •
Suzu was born an albino, to parents who were, in all probability, young and none the wiser to the horrible crime of abandoning their baby. Found by two women, Suzu was quickly adopted into their family. The two women moved to England for business purposes, and so Suzu was raised from a very young age in jolly old England. His parents, originally of Japanese heritage, opted to move back to Japan for a short while. They decided to give him a Japanese schooling, even if it was just middle school onwards.
Soon, however, business called again and his mothers moved back to England. Suzu remained in Japan, staying alone in a rented apartment. His parents paid for his living expenses, but Suzu disliked staying indoors studying all day(despite his sensitivity to the light), so he got a job. Still indoors... but what the hey.

• Likes • Gummy bears, usagi ringo(apple slices cut into the shape of rabbits), fairy tales.

• Dislikes • Milk chocolate, coffee, overexposure to sunlight.

• Extra •
:bulletblue: His hair is naturally white and his eyes are naturally pink, since he's an albino.
:bulletred: Sleeps with a plush toy resembling some sort of... strange long-eared, pink-and-blue-shelled turtle with a furry tail. When he wakes up especially groggy, he ends up bringing it outside with him.
:bulletgreen: His English school friends goaded him to pierce his bellybutton. Ever since, though, he's harbored a secret fear of piercing guns and sharp, needle-like things in general.
:bulletblack: He has two older brothers(Kimura Maya, 24 and Kimura Shuji 20) as well as an older sister(Shinoda Yun, 24). All his siblings were adopted. His parents are both females(Shinoda Natsu, 34 and Kimura Mei, 32)
:bulletpurple: His name(Suzu 鈴) means 'Bell'.
:bulletyellow: Likes perfume. *lolhaha*

Suzu © :iconokayilie:
(((Anyone who can tell me whose surname I stole gets brownie points. <33333)))

First CVirus joined. Then Sayucchi joined.
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A redraw of this pic. Just for kicks.

--> [link]
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Dedicated to the first few online friends off the top of my head. Drawn mostly from memory(except for Sodesuka MadameNyx, for whom I had to search for a reference).

These friends include people I've talked to more than once about more than "wow that picture is cool".

Above, then left to right:
:iconcvirusproductions: (?)
:iconfragilesteps: (M.I.A.)
:iconnightforest: (I will recognize you if you introduce yourself to me, anywhere, as "the snuggliest man on Earth)

People I wanted to add but had to omit because of lack of space and time(Dialga and Palkia, help me now =u= ) :

Actually not sure if they would be offended/confused if I added them:

Wante to add, but dunno how to draw them:

The End.
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"Hahaha isn't Bunny a curious little thing?"


Name|| Kait BRIDE17 "Kate"

Age|| 25

Gender|| Male

Race|| Steam-powered Automaton

Faction|| Traveller

Height|| 6' 3" (192 cm)

Weight|| 160 lbs (72 kg)

Weapon|| Anchor

Magick usage||
Mid to High-level Imagineering
-------= Can use some instances of high-level imagineering, but usually utilizes mid-level imagineering magicks instead.

He's a bit of a busy-body when it comes to people, and loves to guess what others are thinking, though he doesn't always get it right since he has a habit of guessing often. He loves long-lasting bonds and connections because of his amnesia("if he forgets some he can remember the rest" mentality).
Said amnesia is brought on by his need to drink at least eight bottles of water everyday so that his steam engine works. If he doesn't drink enough water, he'll slowly stop functioning and the steam he vents will slowly become less and less, consistently slowing down his movements and coherency. If he's completely dehydrated, he will shut down.
When and if he shuts down, he gets a case of amnesia: the severity of the amnesia(how much he forgets) varies randomly.

He's very strong even for an automaton in terms of physical strength(which would explain how he manages to swing around a huge, heavy anchor in a fight).

Kait was built by a 17-year old girl, "The Lady", in her lonesome shack in a forest unreachable by simply walking on foot unless you didn't mind the interruption of several obstacles(such as man-eating plants, a moat-like river, serpents, etc.). She worked three years to complete her first creation, Kait. He was originally designed after a fictional character in one of her story books, who roamed the land seeking danger, adventure, and gold, finding love and friendship along the way. And, he was designed to be fitted to her. He was a BRIDE. Just for her.
However, The Lady soon grew sad of seeing Kait's face: he was, she understood, not a perfect replication of the man in the storybook. She had grown to see, accept, and love that. But deep inside, she saw -- or imagined she saw, in any case -- a great desire within Kait, to travel the world as the man he had been based off had done. So, she made a decision. She would give herself a time limit for his company.
Carefully, she pieced together her second automaton: a puppy. The time she had taken to build it -- 2 weeks -- had been her 'time limit'. She christened it BUNNY00-X, and presented it to Kait. She then instructed him to go out into the world, travel, explore, discover... and never return.
Kait had been developed as the perfect partner, whether or not he had any 'feelings' to her or anything like that. And as the perfect partner, he was obedient. He perched the puppy on his shoulder, kissed The Lady's hand, and waved goodbye. He walked out into the world, the puppy staring, back at the shack they were leaving behind, over Kait's shoulder. Neither said anything, but as soon as Kait had stepped out of the Forest Where They Lived, he held Bunny up high over his head and grinned. "We'll be back," he said mysteriously.
Bunny, of course, said nothing, and licked his nose.
Kait laughed.

Going back on her word, The Lady accepts Kait as a visitor every so often, though she perseveres to turn him away firmly if he returns three times in the same year.
She has since built two more automatons who take care of her in her shack. She is, at present time, 42-years old. Still very weak, but still very alive.

-------= Kait catches fish, hunts animals, and sells the meat to towns he passes by. He does not require animal flesh for sustenance, and so doesn't keep any on him at any time. However, in extremely dry places he may store the blood and thin it with a little water for emergency use. If possible, he disposes of it once he's back in a water a-plenty place.
Kait has no need for furs to keep warm, either, and so sells on skins as well. However, should he find his own furs getting a bit dirty or the like, he keeps the prettiest-looking furs of the lot to himself.

:bulletgreen: Memories
:bulletgreen: Friends/People
:bulletgreen: Exploring and discovering new things
:bulletgreen: Shiny objects(he thinks they're really pretty when they sparkle in sunlight)
:bulletgreen: Bunny's key (see: "Shiny objects")
:bulletgreen: Cool, windy places, with a view of a lake, river, or ocean when possible.

:bulletpurple: Hot, dry places
:bulletpurple: Forgetting
:bulletpurple: People forgetting he's an automaton (it's not difficult to miss the steam, which becomes an almost completely transparent white when he's content and relaxed) (it makes him sad)
:bulletpurple: People asking/wondering about his right eye (it's sewed shut, like the character in the storybook, but The Lady always called it ugly and Kait's developed a trauma)

:bulletred: His serial number, BRIDE17, is not actually anything more than a label. There were no BRIDE automatons before him: The Lady simply gave him that number because it was her age at the time of his completion.
:bulletblue: Surprisingly(or not), he doesn't seem to care if you mistreat Bunny, since Bunny is an automaton and is particularly difficult to break since the parts are all so close together in a compact object. However, he will react if you notice Bunny's keyhole or go straight for Bunny's key.
:bulletred: Bunny's key is attached to a string around Bunny's neck; both of which are hidden under his fur.
:bulletblue: As an automaton he can't actually get scars, but The Lady designed him with them "because they make [him] look cool".
:bulletred: The back of his neck and his left thigh also have 'scars', but they are not often noticeable because they are covered by his clothing.

Kait BRIDE17 © :iconokayilie:
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Suzu will finally come back after 'sick leave'.

Shinoda Suzu © :iconokayilie:

Tried to write 'cursive' in the panel where Maya is on the phone, 'cos he's speaking english.

Aneki -- Like the better-known 'aniki', but used to address an older woman, like a big sister in a gang.
Okaasan -- No typo. Means mother.
"Urusai, baka-nii" -- Shut up, idiot brother. was going to be more interesting, but because I left the idea to sit overnight, I forgot it.
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:star: :new: Redraw 2015:
 Balance Pg_1:: REDRAW 2015 by OkayIlie

To be honest I forgot that I wouldn't be here for your birthday. So I did this. ;u; I had no idea what to draw.

Happy Birthday! O3O"

Maybe when I come back, I'll draw more pages. ^_^" But this is all I can do for now.

This short comic thingy is based on xVerdelet's short writing, "Balance" (…).

Arthur 05© :iconxverdelet:
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I realized too late that he looked girly because his shoulders are too narrow.
....whatever, man...

Name|| Diego Delmonté
Gender|| Male
Age|| 27 years
Species|| African Wild Doggie
Staff Position|| Vice Principal

Sexuality|| STRAIGHT -----------:bulletred:- BISEXUAL ------------ GAY
Birthday|| 6th November
Height|| 5' 5" (167 cm)
Weight|| 134 lbs (60 kg)

Likes|| Smiling, jokes, games, good tricks/schemes.
Loves|| Milkshakes, guessing what other people are thinking.

Dislikes|| Distasteful jokes/tricks, sweet foods, being wrong.
Hates|| Thunderstorms, heights, his tail being touched.

Personality|| Diego takes pride in doing things his own way, even when it may not be the best of ways. Fairly open-minded and willing to listen: Diego is friendly and easygoing, able to brush off both insults and compliments with relative ease(he may come off as either arrogant or modest). He considers himself easy to talk to, and enjoys a good laugh as well as any other. In fact, he might enjoy a good laugh better than any other. He's always up for a brilliant or strange scheme or plan, even if it means bending the rules a bit: so long as it doesn't involve heights.
Since taking up the post of Vice Principal at Charter-Mays Academy, he's been told that he's not up to the task. Secretly annoyed, he finds himself subconsciously working harder and harder. Afraid of being wrong, he strives to be a perfectionist in his work, but otherwise doesn't seem to care.

:bulletred: He's scared of thunder and lightning. (Astraphobia)
:bulletgreen: He's scared of heights. (Acrophobia)
:bulletpink: He's allergic to chocolate.
:bulletorange: He has trauma of his tail being stepped on. As such, he's especially on guard when sitting on the floor.

:bulletpurple: Early Childhood:bulletpurple: Constantly teased as a child, Diego was withdrawn, shy and afraid of interaction. Very different from the Diego of the present. He had only one friend in his whole school: a cow-girl named Cyra. They stayed friends for four years, until Diego turned ten years old and a new bully terrorized the school. The jaguar-boy teased him especially for only hanging out with a 'sissy girl', harassing both Cyra and Diego until Cyra moved away a year later. Diego was left to bear the brunt of the bully's teasing himself, and -- still not confident enough to stand up for himself -- Diego turned to self-mutilation and binge-eating. He moved away from his hometown when he was 14, but habits had been made and habits, as we all know, are difficult to break.
:bulletred: Teenage Years :bulletred: He quickly stopped binge-eating when he found no joy in it, but continued to slit his wrists throughout his teenage years from age 14 until the age of 17. By then, he stopped slitting his wrists and instead began taking drugs he got from the bad boys of the neighborhood. He was especially attached to Amphetamine, or rather: "Speed". His single mother discovered his drug habits at last and pulled him away from the world of stimulants at great cost. He spent the next three years(until he was 20 years old) in therapy. His therapist processed him through a method which brought Diego back to Earth without the use of Speed, though Diego has since retained his easygoing personality. With a bit of help from said therapist, he overcame his drug use and decided that he wanted to go to university. His mother, whose ice cream business has since improved, agreed to finance his studies.
:bulletyellow: Adulthood :bulletyellow: For the next four years(24 years old, so you can keep count) Diego worked hard to make up for lost time and simultaneously achieved the qualifications needed for him to obtain a teaching license and a mathematics degree. (He also took psychology on the side; but really, that was just a hobby...) He made friends as well -- no longer subjected to the cruelty of mindless children -- and enjoyed life for once. He taught mathematics for two years at Dareven High School, then received a black-bordered letter that informed him that his uncle had recently died of a heart attack. In his will, he had left his position of Vice Principal of Charter-Mays Academy to the only other educator in the family: Diego. There was some dispute over leaving the position to a newbie teacher just because it was in the previous Vice Principal's will, but the dispute quieted down a little when the new Principal -- Max Curry -- was decided on by a similar method. Sort of.
:bulletgreen: Present Day :bulletgreen: Diego considered rejecting the Vice Principal position to opt for teaching mathematics instead, but an encounter with a to-be student named Cys Nabelle* prodded him into staying at Charter-Mays, convincing him(by way of jeer and taunt) that Diego was just running away from opportunity.

*Possibly my second character.

Notable In-History Relationships||
:bulletpink: Mallory Delmonté -- Mother (48 years old) -- Owns a home-made ice cream store.
:bulletblue: Trucy van Houten -- Sister(26 years old) -- Stay-at-home mother of two boys.
:bulletpurple: Varnell van Houten -- Brother-in-law(28 years old) -- Sales Director of a fabric company.
:bulletgreen: Donald and Darren van Houten -- Nephews(5 years old) -- They like cooking.
:bulletyellow: Cyra -- Childhood Friend (XX years old) -- ???
:bulletwhite: Cys Nabelle -- Acquaintance? (16 years old) -- Student at CMA
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Bailey Berry-Dee © :iconokayilie:

It was surprisingly difficult to come up with Familiar-related abilities.

:star: For people who are interested, I came up with Bailey's idea by realizing that this was (probably?) every young artists' dream....
Or was it just me? Hahaha. x3

Bailey Berry-Dee

God - Familiar

The Imagineer



Primary Ability||
"Imagineering":: Imagineering is letting your imagination soar, and then engineering it down to earth.
Bailey is able to bring his imagination to life, bringing creations to the real world from the realms of his mind. To do this, he must convince himself that whatever he's imagining is real. With this sort of power, he would be able to summon forth a creature or being with immense strength and immortality... if he so believed in such a perfect creature. Which, fortunately, he never has or will.

Secondary Abilities||
"Puppet Presence":: 'Close your eyes. Channel your thoughts... can you see?'
"Puppet Presence" allows Bailey to use his summoned creatures to have an omnipresent knowledge of things around them. Basically, he sees through their eyes at will.
"Healing Saliva":: By literally licking his wounds, Bailey is able to heal his wounds more quickly than a normal person. The downside is that, without any assistance, any injuries that Bailey sustains heals at a third the rate of a normal human.
E.G.: A fractured arm that takes 2-4 weeks to heal will patch itself up only in 6-12 weeks(1-3 months) for Bailey, if he is unable to apply his healing saliva to his injuries.
"Density Control":: Bailey is able to decrease his own density(not those of others). At its lowest, Bailey's decrease in density allows flight and a ghostly, phasing intangibility. Other usefulness include being able to float like wood on water.


A pink and blue flip-cellphone with diamond-shaped sequins.

:bulletblue: Childhood -- Imagineering :bulletblue: Bailey's powers did not surface until he was 5 years old. His mother was an abusive drunk, and his father was a criminal, constantly stuck in prison cells. When his father was home, he took to sexually torturing Bailey which, when coupled with his mother's verbal and physical abuse, didn't do much for Bailey's foundation. Often locked in his simple bedroom with nothing to do, Bailey took to playing games with himself... quietly, of course. His mother beat him when he made any noise. If he had nothing better to do, Bailey slept. Or, at least, he tried to. Nightmares came to him regularly, and they were so vivid and frightening that Bailey was afraid to sleep. One night, he awoke from another nightmare, only to find that his imaginary monsters had travelled into the real world with him. Terrified, he hid under his blanket and wished very hard: "someone will save me..."
He met Tiki for the first time.
:bulletgreen: Teenage years -- Healing Saliva :bulletgreen: Because of British Compulsory Education laws(and several visits from Education Officers), Bailey was lucky enough to go to a government school where he learned basic things like Maths, Science, and English. Bailey avoided his classmates, though he made a few friends who accepted his talking to a strange, apparently motionless doll(Tiki) in public. Bailey also avoided going home to see his parents, and shuffled between friends' houses. Eventually, however, he felt unwilling to pressure his friends and their parents to take him in, even for just a night, and took to the streets. To cut a long story short: Bailey was assaulted and roughed up by a bunch of thugs, and broke both his arms. He lay in a pool of blood, and by happenstance, a cat limped nearby. It stopped and started to lick a large slash on its hind leg. Bailey, intrigued, watched until it went away, then tried it himself. Voila. Well done.
:bulletpink: Godhood :bulletpink: Bailey was very good at a game, called "Last Man Standing". His abilities enabled him to plan his moves in advance, and anyone going against him was subjected to a long wait before they could lay their hands on him: and even then, their meeting was dictated by Bailey himself, only when he was ready for them. Otherwise, Bailey escaped often from fights and left it to others to cut them down. Going through walls, flying, using his familiars for recon, and such other skills, allowed Bailey to steer clear of brawls.

Personality-wise, Bailey is mentally underdeveloped*; Bailey has the mind, principles, and morals of a child. As such, he's rather selfish, fearless, and a bit of a showoff, potentially proud of himself for the smallest of things. He can be be very unsympathetic(courtesy of his childhood foundations), immature, and spontaneous: characteristics that allow his ability to work with tremendous effect.
Fortunately for those around him, Bailey is also peculiarly realistic. His spontaneity helps him imagineer the most complex of creatures -- with very *'logically possible' attributes and characteristics -- in seconds.
However, it can and should be noted that Bailey is a lonely man by nature. He prefers the company of his imaginary friends rather than that of other people, and most often will only have a smile for you if you have a compliment(or anything just as interesting) for him.

*Being mentally underdeveloped does not mean he is retarded. It means his reactions are often not appropriate to his age
*Logically possible here means that it may not make sense for one of our Real-Life creatures having that sort of attributes, but Bailey has convinced himself that it's possible with his own set of logical rules. Anything he doesn't know does not affect him.
I.E. See "Additional Information" :bulletred::bulletpurple:

Additional information||
:bulletred: Tiki, Bailey's primary familiar, does not have any organs besides a heart and lungs. The rest of its body is a whole bunch of blood vessels, nerves, etc. It does not need to eat or egest, because it's 'belt'(which actually grows on it) allows Tiki to photosynthesize. As such, Tiki has to stand under a bright light source(not necessarily the Sun) for at least one hour every day.
:bulletpurple: Because Tiki essentially uses the features of a plant to keep going('sunlight as food'), Tiki also releases oxygen and takes in carbon dioxide accordingly.

carbon dioxide + water ---sunlight-→ glucose + oxygen + water

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