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Similar Deviations
Deep inspired by a screenshot of OtisBee [link] I have created a wallpaper for my desktop based on this components:

Flower of Sounds: by Pascal Ackermann [link]
and this
Dark Wood wallpaper by zygat3r [link]

Please don't ask for this wallpaper, I'll not share it because I do not own any rights on parts of this wallpaper!

OS and DE: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with GNOME2, Compiz, Emerald

Apps: Clementine, Nautilus, AWN, Conky, Screenlets, CoverGloobus

Folder icons [link] (recolored by me)

Icon set: by me

Conky Theme: [link]

CoverGloobus: [link]

GTK theme: [link] and Emerald theme: [link]

Lyrics screenlet: [link] and impulse screenlet: [link]

Ubuntu System Panel: [link]

AWN theme and panel by me, all graphics manipulated with The GIMP. ;)
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Thanks to all who have helped me to improve my desktop... thanks my friends! :)

KDE 4.8.3 / Bespin style
Thanks to Thomas Lübking for the latest implementations in bespin! :w00t:

Wallpaper: Grungy 2 by Alexander-GG (colored by me)

Dock background from : Urban Dock by Hombremaledicto

Buttons in win deco and panel styles by Th3R0b (small mod by me)

Thanks also to CraazyT for inspirations and sending me ... things! :lol:

Conky and CoverGloobus themes by me (be released soon)
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ArchLinux running gnome-shell 3.4. Plain and simple just as I like it.

- Midori
- Nautilus
- Avant-window-navigator

Wall: [link]
GTK theme: [link]
Mutter theme: [link]
Shell theme: WIP (Not sure if I'll release it because there are plenty of similar themes out there already.)
Fonts: Ubuntu and droid sans. (Using the infinality font patches with the OSX setting.)
AWN theme: Custom.
Icons: [link]

I must say Midori is a nice little browser. The only downsides are some bugs and the lack of some settings. (And that some addons won't work with js disabled globally.)
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OS: Ubuntu 12.04 x64

DE: Gnome-Shell
Wallpaper: Orangeby :icon1md-tastless: [link]

GTK3/ Widow Decoration: Pre-Installed in OS
Gnome-Shell: GNOME-Shell - Ubuntu Precise Pangolin - Radianceby :iconhalf-left: [link]
Covergloobus: Curl for Covergloobusby :iconluisperu9: [link]
Conkyrc: Gotham Conky Mod-Updateby :icontheb4rd: [link]

Docky: Greyscale: Pre-Installed in Docky Dev PPA

Apps: Calculator
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Because every detail matters.


Please consider a small donation (1$ goes a long way) via PayPal to ""


GrayRevenge GNOME Shell theme. This theme is supposed to work on Gnome 3.4 (and so on Ubuntu 12.04), so probably it doesn't fit older versions of gnome-shell (ie 3.2 or 3.0). I strongly suggest to install Aller font (as shown below), otherwise the theme will not look properly.

GrayRevenge suite (GTK2, GTK3, Unity, Conky, Gnome-shell, Cinnamon): not available yet.


Font in the preview: Alte Haas Grotesk

Gnome-shell font: Aller



Extract the zip file and move the 'GrayRevenge' folder to ~/.themes . This path is usually where GNOME Shell user themes are stored. Now, use the Gome-Shell theme extension to select GrayRevenge theme.

To install Alte Haas Grotesk font and Aller font, download and extract the zip file and put all the TFF files in your ~/.fonts folder.

Compatibility: GNOME 3.4 and over.
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OS: Ubuntu 10.10
DE: Gnome 2.32
Wallpaper: Woods by :iconkauppinen90: [link]
GTK2 & Metacity: LaGaDesk-N12-evo by :iconlagadesk: [link]
Icons: AwOken by :iconalecive: [link]

Docky Theme: Transparent, preinstalled in Docky Dev PPA.
Covergloobus Theme: ToolTip2 for Covergloobus by :iconbigrza: [link]
Conky: Minimal Grey Conky by :iconmmesantos1: [link]

Apps Running: Gnome Image Viewer
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KDE SC 4.10.4 BE::Shell - Bespin

I promised to a friend that I would drank a glass of wine for him.
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Description & Infos:

Gnome-Shell Theme: eOS 1.2 Jan 28 2012

Thanks to *0rAX0


ElementaryOS is a GNOME Shell theme, which gives your GNOME desktop an Elementary feel.

I ported a lot of features from Dan Rabbit's mockups and actual eOS parts, like: Plank, Pantheon Shell, Wing Panel...

Link: [link]


GTK Theme: Egtk

Murrine engine is required for this package.
Nautilus elementary is HIGHLY recommended. There WILL be visual glitches without it.
+ dropped Aurora engine
+ new xfwm4 theme
+ misc bug fixes
+ dark by default

+ New Breadcrumb and Modebutton style for Ne
+ New Dark Panel style with Dark Menus.
+ Revised Midori sidebar
+ All new Murrine Buttons
+ Scrollbars drawn with Murrine instead of Pixmap
+ Kicked Equinox Engine
+ Smaller file size and cleaner code
+ Closed 26 launchpad bugs
+ Brighter colors
+ New Progressbars
+ New Listview style
+ Tons of XFCE lovin'

Link: [link]

Window Manager Theme: eGTK

All credit goes to the elementary team & DanRabbit.

Link: [link]


File Manager: Marlin 0.1

The sexiest fish in the large sea of file managers, Marlin is well-designed whit a focus on speed, simplicity, ease of use.



Icon Theme: Faenza Cupertino

Just recoloured the original Faenza folders ([link]).

You must have the above icon theme installed, as this theme only replaces the original folders.

If you prefer the Faenza-Dark version, you can edit the index.theme file and replace the third line with the following:

All credits go to tiheum ([link]). Thanks for the beautiful icon set!

Thanks to John 007

Link: [link]






Bookmark Vertical Gray
Bookmark Vertical Black

- Play/Pause Button Invisible



Conky: Time Circle Revisited

Date - Time - CPU - RAM - HD

Thanks to londonali1010
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Okay so I'm kinda bored today and messing around with different settings and decided to hookup a second monitor that I had laying around( that I'm not showing in my scrots right now). I know it's rather macish but I don't care I love this look :D

OS: Chakra Linux
DE: KDE 4.8
Bespin theme is cupertino.100a that comes with svn in the presets folder ( I tweaked it)
Plasma Theme: (Mine) "WIP" Colored it Gray with a slight gradient. Still working on the theme. It's kind of a mess right now. Added the YaWP to the center of the panel.
Icons: Mak-Lion Taste [link]
WP: [link]
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Well, it's been a while since my last deskshot and I've been a bad lazy boy for not releasing the styles which I promised to release soon! I do not make any promises no more, but I'm gonna share them with you all eventually. Anyways, hope you like the shot :)

Distro: Arch as always
DE: KDE SC 4.8.3
Plasma Theme: Redo
Widget style: custom QtCurve by me
Windeco: Soothe by lassekongo83 (used via Smaragd)
Conky: Conky-Colors Board and Slim modes with custom fonts
Dock: Daisy

Ask if you need anything else.
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