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Deep inspired by a screenshot of OtisBee [link] I have created a wallpaper for my desktop based on this components:

Flower of Sounds: by Pascal Ackermann [link]
and this
Dark Wood wallpaper by zygat3r [link]

Please don't ask for this wallpaper, I'll not share it because I do not own any rights on parts of this wallpaper!

OS and DE: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with GNOME2, Compiz, Emerald

Apps: Clementine, Nautilus, AWN, Conky, Screenlets, CoverGloobus

Folder icons [link] (recolored by me)

Icon set: by me

Conky Theme: [link]

CoverGloobus: [link]

GTK theme: [link] and Emerald theme: [link]

Lyrics screenlet: [link] and impulse screenlet: [link]

Ubuntu System Panel: [link]

AWN theme and panel by me, all graphics manipulated with The GIMP. ;)
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Thanks to all who have helped me to improve my desktop... thanks my friends! :)

KDE 4.8.3 / Bespin style
Thanks to Thomas Lübking for the latest implementations in bespin! :w00t:

Wallpaper: Grungy 2 by Alexander-GG (colored by me)

Dock background from : Urban Dock by Hombremaledicto

Buttons in win deco and panel styles by Th3R0b (small mod by me)

Thanks also to CraazyT for inspirations and sending me ... things! :lol:

Conky and CoverGloobus themes by me (be released soon)
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OS: Ubuntu 12.04 x64

DE: Gnome-Shell
Wallpaper: Orangeby :icon1md-tastless: [link]

GTK3/ Widow Decoration: Pre-Installed in OS
Gnome-Shell: GNOME-Shell - Ubuntu Precise Pangolin - Radianceby :iconhalf-left: [link]
Covergloobus: Curl for Covergloobusby :iconluisperu9: [link]
Conkyrc: Gotham Conky Mod-Updateby :icontheb4rd: [link]

Docky: Greyscale: Pre-Installed in Docky Dev PPA

Apps: Calculator
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Not much to say, I'm sick today, temp closer
to 38 degrees celsius so this what I whooped
up. Anyways, it's friday so I had to post.

Oh! almost forgot... yeah, now noisy bg instead
of metal/wood. It's not as intrusive but still
not as boooooring as just a gradient.

Have a nice we!
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My cloud is at home... ;)

DE: KDE 4.8.3 with Bespin

Wallpaper: Simply Cloud Wallpaper by ~solutionall [link]

Icons: KFaenza [link] and mixed from many other icon sets

Folder icons: Folder Replacement by ~bogo-d [link]

Plasma: Fushigi Plasma by ~gomezhyuuga [link]

Apps: Cairo dock, Conky, Dolphin themes by me

Buttons in win deco by Th3R0b :wave:
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Description & Infos:

Gnome-Shell Theme: eOS 1.2 Jan 28 2012

Thanks to *0rAX0


ElementaryOS is a GNOME Shell theme, which gives your GNOME desktop an Elementary feel.

I ported a lot of features from Dan Rabbit's mockups and actual eOS parts, like: Plank, Pantheon Shell, Wing Panel...

Link: [link]


GTK Theme: Egtk

Murrine engine is required for this package.
Nautilus elementary is HIGHLY recommended. There WILL be visual glitches without it.
+ dropped Aurora engine
+ new xfwm4 theme
+ misc bug fixes
+ dark by default

+ New Breadcrumb and Modebutton style for Ne
+ New Dark Panel style with Dark Menus.
+ Revised Midori sidebar
+ All new Murrine Buttons
+ Scrollbars drawn with Murrine instead of Pixmap
+ Kicked Equinox Engine
+ Smaller file size and cleaner code
+ Closed 26 launchpad bugs
+ Brighter colors
+ New Progressbars
+ New Listview style
+ Tons of XFCE lovin'

Link: [link]

Window Manager Theme: eGTK

All credit goes to the elementary team & DanRabbit.

Link: [link]


File Manager: Marlin 0.1

The sexiest fish in the large sea of file managers, Marlin is well-designed whit a focus on speed, simplicity, ease of use.



Icon Theme: Faenza Cupertino

Just recoloured the original Faenza folders ([link]).

You must have the above icon theme installed, as this theme only replaces the original folders.

If you prefer the Faenza-Dark version, you can edit the index.theme file and replace the third line with the following:

All credits go to tiheum ([link]). Thanks for the beautiful icon set!

Thanks to John 007

Link: [link]






Bookmark Vertical Gray
Bookmark Vertical Black

- Play/Pause Button Invisible



Conky: Time Circle Revisited

Date - Time - CPU - RAM - HD

Thanks to londonali1010
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So in this shot I added the bottom panel with icon task manager and the pager I'm really liking this look and it's totally work functional ;)

OS: Arch Linux
DE: KDE 4.8
Theme: bespin (my black-n-white) WIP
Plasma Theme: Black (by me WIP)
Icons : Kawoken [link]
Wallpaper: [link]
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Well, it's been a while since my last deskshot and I've been a bad lazy boy for not releasing the styles which I promised to release soon! I do not make any promises no more, but I'm gonna share them with you all eventually. Anyways, hope you like the shot :)

Distro: Arch as always
DE: KDE SC 4.8.3
Plasma Theme: Redo
Widget style: custom QtCurve by me
Windeco: Soothe by lassekongo83 (used via Smaragd)
Conky: Conky-Colors Board and Slim modes with custom fonts
Dock: Daisy

Ask if you need anything else.
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Elementary OS Jupiter

Clean desktop
Full desktop

Wallpaper : Last Hope
Visual Style : Elementary
Dock : AWN ; skin : Sharp (template from Sharp Wallpaper
Icons : Elementary, Suave.
CD Cover : CoverGloobus ; skin : Mini mod by me
Widgets : Pidgin screenlet ; skin : Ocarina Dark by me. (I use the Pidgin Karmic status icon theme by ~ssfantus1).
Calendar : Conky ; skin : Conky Flag mod by me.
Net Browser : Midori with Hello?

Misc : Global menu for Gnome and Webkit Plugin for Pidgin.
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This is my Black-Grey-Blue bespin Preset that was requested. So here you go ;)

OS: Arch Linux
DE: KDE 4.8
Plasma Theme: (Mine) "WIP" Colored it black with a slight gradient. Still working on the theme. It's kind of a mess right now.
Icons: Mak-Lion Taste [link]
Dock: Cairo-Dock/GLX-Dock
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