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Similar Deviations
Wooden Dock for Mac OS


XWindows Dock 2.0 by eos08

Rocket Dock by ArKaNGL300
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A shelf background for Finder. Compatible with Mac OS 10.6's icon spacing.
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I finally got around to making a custom Finder background to go with my current Metal Muku fetish. This is a 2,000 pixel by 4,000 pixel image to be used with the typical settings (128 pixel icons & 10 pt font). Remember to adjust the spacing so they all line up. And it's an 8-bit PNG to keep the file size down (900Kb) for speed. The download includes a corrugated board background as well. Here's a quick visual tutorial on how to setup Finder for these backgrounds. If you like these you should also try my Metalik Muku theme and Metal Muku iTunes 9.1 traffic lights mod. Enjoy!
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Twitter for Mac 1.x only.

Twitter on the Mac App Store [link]

twitter wood icon [link]

full preview [link]
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Nanobar is a minimal and lightweight Bowtie / Ecoute theme, which condenses all the information and playback controls you need into a small and sleek bar that takes up hardly any space, blends right into your workflow and does not distract you from what you're really doing.

Nanobar is placed in the corner of your screen (which comes in especially handy if you have your dock set to 'always visible' and have some free space down there anyway) and displays the current song's title and artist, along with an album artwork thumbnail. Its semi-transparent background acts as a progress bar, allowing you to monitor the current playback position with ease. Clicking Nanobar will cause it to elegantly extend and display a set of playback controls, which are easily re-collapsible through another click.

In addition, Nanobar comes with an extensive configuration file, which enables you to toggle various features of the theme, such as replacing the album artwork thumbnail with a pixel-perfect 'music note' icon or enabling rounded corners on all sides, in case you wish to place Nanobar somewhere else than in the corner of your screen. To access it, navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/Bowtie/ for Bowtie or ~/Library/Application Support/Ecoute/Themes/ for Ecoute, find Nanobar in the list of themes (QuickLook can help you), right-click it and select Show Package Contents, and finally open up configuration.js.

I hope that you enjoy Nanobar and that it turns out useful in your 'everyday computer usage' (which is why I created this in the first place, to achieve that goal for myself). If you've got any questions or feature requests, please let me know!

Enjoy! :)

Update: Version 1.1 released
This update adds new functions to toggle the player controls by hovering the theme (rather than clicking it) and to automatically snap the theme to the corner, as well as a more efficient method to use the maximum of the available space for long track names. Please note that the update only applies to the Bowtie version of the theme, as the Ecoute Theming API is currently unavailable and I need it to port the new changes to Ecoute.

Deviations used in the preview image:
iMac .psd by ~Nemed
Crowsnest by =IvanAndreevich (permission granted)
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OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 FTMM / SArtFile : Download - Beta Release -

OS X Lion 10.7.4 FTMM / SArtFile : Download

OS X Lion 10.7.3 FTMM / SArtFile : Download

Finder Toolbar icon Minimal Mod / Original : Download

Screenshot Preview : I'm Addicted - NEW! -

OS X Lion 10.7.2 Default SArtFile : Download

Sidebar icon (AirDrop, All My Files) : OS X Lion Default icon
Titlebar icon (Desktop) : Silverscreen by Bogdan Mihaiciuc
Folder icon : Hycons by Gómez Hyuuga
Font (Sidebar, Titlebar) : Calibri
Wallpaper : OS X Lion Versions Background

Menubar icon Pixel Mod : Preview / Download

Mac OS X "SnowLeopard" 10.6.x : Finder Toolbar icon Pixel Mod

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Hi dudes and dudeless! :la:

Here I made a Wooden Background with shelves for Application Folder of Mac OS X Snow Leopard or whatever you'll use it!

It can contain 123 icons of Apps, for options of it look on preview file.

Hope you like it, digg it, grab it, use it, twitt it or whatever it! :D
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A little something I was playing with this morning. I am thinking that I could use this on my desktop to display time and date with the use of Geektool :P


Make sure you set up both images (inside the zip you will find the clock and the reflection png files) at 400x300 px on Geektool and play with the font and sizes until it fits. I personally used Lucida Grande at 96px for the hours and minutes and 24 px (I think) for the date (except for the month wich is 12 px if I remember well).

It's also important you add the elements in this order: clock first, then information with the right commands and finally the reflection image (which is is better with only 45 or 50% of opacity).

That'd be all.

Hope you like it!
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This is my MOD iBooks BG for Finder. I think it's a good background for DVD collection. Soon i will add some other colors and variants.
Update 14.04.10
- Add new BG ( 6 columns and 22 cells = 132 Icons for 128*128px)

How to customize the icons >>> [link]
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*Allucard9 & ~palobo proudly present

VOLUME INDICATOR | Built for geektool

Photoshop KungFu by *Allucard9
Coding mumbo jumbo by ~palobo

This is a simple script that updates a series of beautifully crafted images to reflect the current volume level.

The script has been optimized as much as possible so as to cause little to no impact on system performance. Nonetheless there is always room for improvement so if you spot a bug or improve on the script please let us know.

Other than that... Enjoy. We had fun making it for you all!


Update v1.1
- Script now uses geeklet names rather than IDs making initial setup easier;
- There is now a landscape and portrait version.
- Script now accommodates for other images (Read instructions)
- Updated instructions making them clearer and fixing some errors report by users. Thanks ;)
- Now with a Quickstart Guide ;)
Please let me know if you have any troubles with this update

The script isn't working. What's wrong?
- Make sure you have a refresh rate set.
- If your path has spaces then enclose it in quotes.

How can I troubleshoot errors?
Open the script in applescript editor, change the volume and click on run. Usually the error is simple but if you have trouble the note me and I'll do my best to help

People, the graphics here belong to Allucard9 so if you wan't to use them in your projects then you need to ask him for permission, however the applescript that puts it all together is GPL so you can use it with your own graphics ;);)

All I ask is maybe mention or let me know if and how you used my script. I'd love to see it!

Mountain Lion Fix

Mountain Lion change the Volume Output integers ever so slightly so in order for this to function correctly in ML you will have to rename the foreground images accordingly. Here's the list to help you out

  1. 0.png

  2. 6.png

  3. 12.png

  4. 19.png

  5. 25.png

  6. 31.png

  7. 38.png

  8. 44.png

  9. 50.png

  10. 56.png

  11. 63.png

  12. 69.png

  13. 75.png

  14. 81.png

  15. 87.png

  16. 94.png

  17. 100.png

UPDATE - Lion Fix
To all those who are having troubles getting this working under Lion ~Sam-Pa has figured out a solution. My thanks to him. Once I have time I will update the instructions and original script in the download with this information

  • This has been tested with Lion and geekool from AppStore

  • If you are not able to open the .glet files check here: [link]
    To Summarize:

    You have to get GeekTool Helper out of the package, copy it to the Applications folder, change the Open With on all .glet files to that, then delete the GeekTool Helper app from Applications again.

  • ~Sam-Pa's revised and corrected version of the script can be found here: [link]

Known Issues

  • Every time GeekTool runs the AppleScript via osascript, both the .scpt and .plist file gets written to, regardless whether the volume has changed or not.

Once again, Props to those who helped and contributed towards VolumeBar Indicator

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